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More than what experts and high-tech enthusiast can testify, turning videos from YouTube to MP3 audio, gives you a powerful entertainment experience, when you are offline or without internet connection. Some people may not agree there’s time when you can go offline but guys who love outdoor exercise, hiking, games and adventure, live it every day. In a rugged environment where your only connectivity is GPS, a cool MP3 format killer playlist, streaming out from your portable MP3 player, smartwatch or phone, can keep you motivated, and pushing your limits for hours. YouTube is an unlimited resource for entertainment. How can you get your favorite music video from YouTube to MP3 high quality songs, or ringtones for offline playback in your device(PC, Android, iOS)?



In the recent days, if you want to enjoy the best of YouTube mp3 music, you don’t need to go too far, or take hours to rock it out. There are tonnes of tools to convert YouTube video to MP3 and MP4 as well.

MP3 was, and is probably still the most widely used audio file format for closed to 3 decades. You discover that almost all devices supporting audio playback applications can open MP3 files. The wide support and the use for MP3 audio is the reason many young people easily convert YouTube video to MP3 audio.

Moreover, to download YouTube MP3 takes just a few seconds before the audio music plays in your portable Youtube mp3 device. Again, smartphone ring tonnes is one big reason that also makes people to use Youtube mp3 converter for mp3 download. After downloading the Youtube to mp3 music file,  you can set it up as ringtones in smartphones.

A lot of devices can play YouTube mp3 audio podcast, audiobook, or songs. It is nothing new that even an eReader can open and play MP3 music. Windows and MacOS have built-in capability to play MP3 audio songs right away, without a need to install a third-party software or converter.

That is why a window 10 PC can play MP3 songs by default, in the Windows Media Player, while the macOS plays MP3 sounds in iTunes. Even, Phones can open and play MP3 music files seamlessly, without special apps installed or applications dedicated to MP3.


Best YouTube to mp3 converter, cutter, downloader, add-ons (extension) and players
Img: Best YouTube to mp3 converter, cutter, downloader, add-ons (extension) and players


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What Is An MP3 File anyway, and is it useful?

An MP3 file is purely an “lossy” format audio file the uses an irreversible algorithm for file compression. There are lots of algorithms and techniques to compress and decompress audio, video and image data. But the irreversible MP3 compression methods greatly reduces the quality of the original audio data.

The lossy compression algorithm can convert a 30MBwave audio file(WAV) into about a 3 MB audio. This MP3 technology causes audio files to lose some quality of sound, especially when you’re converting from a lossless file format.


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What is your favorite or best youtube to mp3 music downloader and converters
Img: girl enjoying mp3 music converted and download med from online YouTube channel



Benefits of mp3 audio file format – Smaller audio file size

The mp3 audio data compression ratio is not fixed, so you are absolutely free to compress the files to desired size. Know that less compression maintains better quality while too much compression will give poor audio quality. That means you can compress and pack hundreds of digital audio songs into one tiny space.

The Low data or smaller file size is a more reason why you can have thousands of song in one tiny chip or disc. YouTube is an endless world of video music . If you want to stay accompanied with best entertainment when working, or working out at the gym, you can download thousands of YouTube video to MP3 music collection.

Here are the advantages of converting your videos from YouTube to mp3 file format


Beware,  Mp3 is not dead!

What is your favorite or best youtube to mp3 music downloader and converters
What is your favorite or best YouTube video to mp3 audio file downloader and converters?

Despite stopping continuous support, MP3 will become even more popular and powerful than you can imagine. So converting YouTube to MP3 is an easier way to collect a lot of Audio songs currently. Many youngsters, artists, fitness enthusiasts, outdoor lovers  love the YouTube to mp3 experience.



Why download YouTube MP3 or use YouTube to MP3 converter?

Between YouTube to MP4 converter and YouTube mp3 converter, why do you need a YouTube to MP3 conversion then? Here are the plenty reasons a YouTube converter is absolutely important in the smart digital industry.


1. Conversion and download Offer YouTube MP3 offline playback

One of the greatest opportunity that most people and music lovers want to have is to listen to their favorite MP3 songs offline. Offline playback is the choicest where one does not have access to the Internet or online YouTube platform.

There are good YouTube to MP3 converters that can save your killer MP3 tracks for offline listening in mobile and PC. The offline stored YouTube mp3 songs provide smartwatch and smartphone owners, variety of incoming call ringtones, sounds for alarms, and other notifications.


2. YouTube To MP3 Saves a lot of storage space

If your device is filled with YouTube videos and larger media files, you can probably run out of space when you desparately need it. It pretty annoying if you want to store memorable photos,  and there isn’t any memory space for more images.

YouTube to MP3 extraction softwares will convert, compress and reduce the size of your video music and podcasts into light shareable YouTube mp3 files.

More importantly, you can efficiently download many audiobooks, and podcasts into a tiny space, if you convert them to from youtube to MP3 audio format.


3. YouTube to mp3 Conversion Maintains the original sound quality

Podcasts, audiobooks, and music are not enjoyable if they lose their original sound quality. There are genuine, YouTube video to MP3 converter program than can prevent loss of the original sounds quality.

There are plenty, but not-easy-to-find YouTube to MP3 apps that will not diminish the MP3 audio quality even after download is complete.

You must weigh the trade off between quality and file size, since audio file compression affects quality and size. All just depends on your purpose for YouTube to MP3 conversion.


4. YouTube converter does faster audio mp3 conversion and MP3 download

Standalone Converters have a high conversion and file downloading speed than YouTube downloader online. If there is one drawback of YouTube videos extraction,  it that they require large space, time, and bandwidth to make a simple MP3  download.

Besides, a lot of time is spent loading and buffering the YouTube videos and the songs. No body, even you,  wants to spend several minutes, up to hours downloading YouTube music in MP3 format for offline playback.

When you convert media contents from mp4 to MP3, you save more time loading, and that helps to enhance conversion and download speed.


5. YouTube converters Maintain a good network connection when streaming

If you don’t like to experience network fluctuation effecting your music streaming, you got to use a YouTube to MP3 converter. They help to ensure your video and music stream smoothly under reliable network connection.


6. A YouTube To MP3 converter supports background audio streaming

With YouTube to MP3 converters, there is no limitation in having music stream with media playback in the background. Remember that YouTube app does not allow soundtracks to play in the background, for some devices like Apple iPhone and android gadgets.


Verdict: Overall, YouTube to MP3 converters are economical

Offline playback, when there is no internet, saves you money in buying more data or bandwidth. Is not a greater benefit saving you extra money?


Is Youtube To MP3 converter or MP3 Download, illegal?

Let us figure out if YouTube MP3 audio conversion and download are illegal?

It depends on the YouTube video. Some videos are intellectual properties and copying them without owner’s permission is absolutely against the law. If you are the owner, and the proprietor of the media content, you have no restrictions in any way you choose to use your YouTube videos.

But if the third party video is copyright protected, it will be an infringement to convert and download it to other media formats. YouTube only allows people to download their personal videos, YouTube videos in the public domain, and non-copyrighted videos.

Before diving in, though, let’s get one thorny issue out of our way.


Is this type of conversion and download legal?

That depends on the video. You can certainly convert and download your own personal YouTube videos, as well as public domain and non-copyrighted videos.

Just search YouTube for “public domain” and “non-copyrighted” content. But you can’t legally convert and download copyrighted videos without the owner’s permission.


YouTube to MP3 Legal Warning from Google

Here is a warning from Google’s spokesperson: “Our Terms of Service prohibit the downloading or copying of videos on YouTube without explicit consent from the copyright holder. Once notified of an infringing tool or service that allows the downloading of a YouTube video without permission from the content owner, we take appropriate action.”



How YouTube to MP3 converter and MP3 downloader work

YouTube to mp3 audio file format
Img: understanding YouTube to mp3 file quality types: YouTube to mp3 320kbps sounds better than YouTube to mp3 192kbps


1. YouTube to MP3 Audio or sound qualities

As seen already, MP3 is a compressed audio file format. The YouTube MP3 audio file size is usually low because YouTube to MP3 lossless compression cuts some elements of the uncompressed audion.

Here’s the drawback,  the audio data loss affects the original audio quality. The poor quality can be unnoticeable, and almost imperceptible if the mp3 file had a higher bitrate.


Which MP3 bitrate should I choose?

  • 48Kbps:  48Kbps Mp3 music roughly sounds like a cheap radio tuned to an AM station during a thunderstorm. You like it?
  • 96Kbps : they use the compression in 3G phone to transfer voice. Too poor for music 🎵
  • 128kbps : you can’t enjoy great mp3 music here, even in low-quality loudspeakers or headphones.
  • 192kbps : good enough for music listening in computer speakers, and smartphone.
  • 256kbps : great music quality
  • 320kbps : overall best audio sound quality for mp3

Sound quality is measured in KBPS or kilobits per second, that is used in serial data transmission devices. The lower the bitrate (KBPS), the  more they eliminate data in the YouTube to MP3 file compression process.

So when converting YouTube to MP3 audio music, choose a YouTube to MP3 high quality format.  Selecting options like the YouTube to MP3 320kbps format results in a stunning high quality conversion than picking the YouTube to MP3 128kbps for audio output quality.

The trade-off is to get your favorite YouTube to MP3 songs that won’t take up plenty of space and without any deterioration in audio quality. Most artist and music lovers often choose to change their YouTube video to MP3 320kbps as the option that is close to the original audio output.

It will be bad if your YouTube to MP3 converter has already decided on their default output, without giving you a chance to choose your preferred YouTube to MP3 file quality.

YouTube to MP3 320 KBPS is acceptable audio quality for any favorite MP3 music. When converting YouTube videos to MP3 audio, don’t hesitate to choose 320kbps to optimize sound quality and 128kbps (CD audio quality) should ether lowest bitrate you should ever consider.

Although it will take more storage space, there is always a chance to expand device memory. One of the Best YouTube to MP3 320kbps converter online, is the loader.to.



2 . Use YouTube to MP3 Safe conversion tools

To be honest, there are good guys to help you get your favorite YouTube to MP3 music without strings attached. These good-will people have YouTube to MP3 no-virus converters and downloaders. You can take advantage of these fantastic tools.


Is converting and downloading YouTube to MP3 safe?

It is sad to say, but there are many black hat guys out there who will build free online YouTube to MP3 converters packed with malware. The web is filled with many of these bad guys offering free services nested with phishing threads.

Beware, because making YouTube to MP3 offline songs from their websites can harm your computer, phone, and internet devices, with hope to copy data that suit their interest.

Display ads is a usual way the most online web service providers earn money. A YouTube to MP3 online free converter and downloader may has no ads.

So they could potentially launch cyber attack or send cyber threats to cause security breach on users’ devices, as they visit and open such platforms.

Such threats multiply when you convert, download the YouTube to MP3 audio, and when you save, copy, and transfer the music files to other devices. read our list of top safe youtube to mp3 converters.


3. YouTube to MP3 encoder –  encoding and compression

Lossy format encoding eliminates some data from the original recording while lossless encoding technology removes nothing. Although most YouTube to MP3 encoders still compress lossless audio, it uses a complex algorithm keep every single bit of data while reducing the MP3 audio file size.

An original song that is average lossy encoded at 128kbps bitrate can occupy or take 3-4MB in size. But the same song encoded to a lossless format might take as big as 30MB while keeping every quality of the original file. Lossless encoding sacrifices storage for sound quality. Unfortunately, it is not all MP3 players that support the wonderful lossless encoded audio file format.


4. YouTube to MP3 No Limit

Would you like a YouTube to MP3 software that restricts the number of YouTube clips to download? Obviously not. I like a YouTube to MP3 shark that allows is unlimited file downloads.

Depending on your kind of YouTube videos, you may sometime like to convert and download YouTube to MP3 without limit. Different YouTube to MP3 converters support different lengths of YouTube videos and a good choice is to use YouTube to MP3 unlimited downloaders.

There a are many tools that extracted audio from YouTube videos that are 1-hour long. Unfortunately, they will fail to bring down a 10-hour long video from YouTube to MP3 audio.

Movies are longer and lengthier, so to download those several hours video, choose a YouTube to MP3 downloader with no limit.


4. YouTube to MP3 edit features

A YouTube to MP3 converter and downloader that features a built in MP3 editor is a big bonus. Such editing features can help artist and people to create, remix and trim audio MP3 files before and after download. There many reasons why you would want a converter to include YouTube MP3 cutter.

You don’t need the whole video, except a portion of it in your audio presentation or educational use.

You want to create fun and get a good laugh with friends? A lot of YouTube videos /audios have funny parts. You don’t need the whole compilation, so you may cut out and share with friends and get a good laugh.

Actually, if you are so creative, you will discover there is an endless amount of YouTube videos you can convert to MP3 audios, trim and make them part of a great media content.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of solutions to crop and convert YouTube videos to MP3 clips for enjoyable offline listening. Among the YouTube to MP3 trimmers you will see in the next section, iTubeGo YouTube downloader is best recommended tool.

It produces output songs with original audio quality, is extremely easy to edit MP3 music tracks, very safe with no virus, and works faster. It will perform conversion, editing, download task at speeds 10x faster than other YouTube to MP3 programs.



 Best free YouTube to MP3 converter online websites

Do you have that deep love for audio music and does not want to download, install and use the YouTube to MP3 converter apps or softwares in your device? It is pretty simple.

Irrespective of your device, as long as it can connect to the Internet, you can use free YouTube to MP3 converter online to download a lot of digital audio songs.

If you are going to engage in fitness activities that would require you to listen to your favorite or killer playlist, just use the various free tools or online converters.

Perhaps, you can download audio from YouTube videos and covert them into podcasts. If you are an artist, you may convert and download your YouTube videos to MP3 audio and share to your followed over social media.

Whatever is your purpose, using some absolutely free online YouTube to mp3 extraction tools can be helpful to you.


Best YouTube to MP3 online converters

Easy MP3 converter

This online application helps music lovers do unlimited YouTube to MP3 conversions at no cost. All you need is to grab the video link and add it to the search box and it will automatically convert your YouTube video to MP3 with a lot of quality options to choose from. Here are the five different MP3 qualities you can choose: 64kbit, 120 bit, 192 bit, 256 bit and 320 bit. While easy MP3 converter supports and has good compatibility with most browsers, no user is required to create any online account before downloading the YouTube MP3 audio files.


YouTube to MP3 converter

This is One of the top rated free online tool to convert YouTube videos into MP3 audio file format. The website is very easy to use, and moreover, it is free.

One good thing is that it opens seamlessly in any web browser in your device, be it chrome, internet explorer, opera, Firefox, Safari, and even android browsers in mobile phones.

Why I like this free YouTube to MP3 converter

  • Offers high quality YouTube MP3 audio up to 320kbsp
  • Needs no registration. The site does not even ask you to provide your email.
  • No software installation is required for you to get your favorite songs ready.
  • You get unlimited YouTube to MP3 conversions and downloads
  • Besides being free, this online YouTube video to MP3 converter works at high speed. Converting and downloading YouTube to MP3 online takes just few minutes.
  • This free online YouTube converter allows you to do save and upload the files to cloud storage.


Top rated YouTube to MP3 converter for PC

(desktop software for windows, Linux, macOS)

YouTube is a vast repository of music and videos, and you can access them from any device including Windows PC. Withered are many online website services for making and extracting audio from YouTube videos.

But the thee are excellent, native based, non browser-based tools for the computer. They all can rip MP3 music from multiple YouTube videos, and some are free, requiring no registration to need to hold an account.

Here are some best YouTube to MP3 converters for windows.


DVDVideoSoft YouTube MP3 converter

DVDVideoSoft is a free YouTube to MP3 converter than can rip audio in MP3 format, from online YouTube videos into your Windows PC.

The YouTube converter does not take much effort or many clicks to get the job done. One exceptional feature I admire in DVDVideoSoft if the ability to skip download if the YouTube MP3 file already exists.

The YouTube to MP3 Windows software allows you to save video thumbnail and output your generated MP3 audio files to iTunes playlist. The programs also allow download via proxy, paste the YouTube video URL to clipboard automatically.

If your business is all about music collection, you can bulk downloads, if you buy but the premium version of the YouTube to MP3 converter for under $100. The only pain-in-the-ass is that it gives only one output format.


Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom

Freemake Boom is One of the best YouTube to MP3 converter that allows you to share your MP3 audio tracks on social media like Facebook or Twitter. The way the YouTube to MP3 boom works shows you don’t need to open your computer’s browser.

You need to just type the name of the artist or the song into the search bar and the YouTube converter will immediately collect the matches and display on the desktop. There’s no need for searching, copying and pasting video links from YouTube website.

The output of the YouTube video conversion is the MP3 format, which is default settings for this all-in-one YouTube music software for Windows. As a result, users aren’t allowed to choose or customize their output MP3 audio format.



Off-Liberty -browser-based YouTube to mp3 for windows

Offliberty is a free web-based YouTube to MP3 converter for Windows. One thing that annoys people using some online YouTube to MP3 converters and downloaders is the too many ads placed on them.

Sometimes, ads about single men and women in your area will pop up. Those kind of advertisements needed to be limited to only adult websites.

OffLiberty YouTube MP3 conversion website is clean, has a friendly-interface, and free from those annoying ads. You can quickly turn any YouTube video into MP3 audio for download, or you choose to download the entire online video.


Any video converter(AVC) – best free and versatile YouTube MP3 converter for Windows

AVC allows you to make audio out of YouTube video file format easily. The tool is absolutely free to use your windows PC and extract audio clips from websites. This converter looks versatile, capable of managing many audio extraction from YouTube videos on the go.


4K YouTube to MP3 converter and downloader

Best youtube to mp3 converter for windows PC -4k-video- YouTube downloader online
Img: Best youtube to mp3 converter for windows PC -4k YouTube video downloader online.

There are plenty of general-purpose YouTube Video to MP3 converters around. But this 4K is a dedicated software, built specifically, for extracting audio from online video. The 4K YouTube to mp3 program can run on Windows PC or Mac if installed.

If you want the mp3 converter to work ad-free, buy the premium version with three personal licences, for under $20. Or, you have to download YouTube playlists and channels, and accept to receive future updates related to the 4K software.

The YouTube converter does not only extract and make audio from YouTube, but from many other websites, including Facebook and SoundCloud.

You would need to copy the YouTube website link to the original video online, and click the paste link button. Depending on your choice of music file support, the 4 K downloader can turn downloaded audio into MP3, M4A as well as OGG files.

Choose the download location and the quality. There are many file quality options to choose, ranging from.

  • Original quality
  • High quality
  • Medium quality and
  • Low quality

Click on the YouTube to mp3 extraction button and where it will be converted and save to, in your Windows PC or Mac.


ClipGrab – simple YouTube to MP3 converter

Clipgrab other one of the easy-to-use YouTube to MP3 for Windows computer. You are required to install the converter’s software into your machine. When it is already installed, it is inactive by default.

When you copy a YouTube video link, the program will immediately detect it on your clipboard and automatically get activated. When you paste the video link, you got an option to download the mp3 audio file.


WinX HD Video Converter Delux

If you want to get the most powerful software for extracting MP3 audio files in your personal computer, winX HD is the best video converter. It is paid video to MP3 converter under $50.

I love the Windows software because it can transcode, and edit the video you want to change into MP3 audio. The Windows mp3 converter can trim and traduced the size of your downloaded YouTube video files.

Being so powerful and capable of downloading music and videos from over one thousand website, the HD video converter is easy to use and fast. You just need to copy the YouTube video URL from online and passed into the program.


MediaHuman – Free YouTube to MP3 converter for Windows

MediaHuman is a free software you can install on Windows PC. The video YouTube converter has a lot of advanced features. File conversion is as simple as copying and pasting the YouTube URL into the desktop program, then clicking on start download.

You can see the progress of the process by a bar graph displayed on the interface. When the download is complete, click on locate downloaded file button in the software. This opens the file explorer so that you can find and play the audio.

If you have a different use for the converted YouTube MP3 file, there is an option to add it to your iTunes library, automatically.

This YouTube to MP3 software can also allow automation of links pasting and downloading. There are also more general options and preferences which you can set.

For example, you can play with iTunes settings, change audio format, alter download path and folder, and also adjust the network bandwidth.

These features don’t come free, for less than $10 annually fee can earn you a turbo boost mode, which will drastically reduce your converting and downloading time to less than a minute.

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EaseUS – YouTube to mp3 no limit

Make your YouTube to MP3 convert with no limit, with EaseUS MobilMover. If you want a YouTube to MP3 320kbps quality output. This fee iPhone data transfer software, besides having unlimited length, it converts YouTube to MP3 with various qualities.

The EaseUS is a YouTube to MP3 converter that supports highest quality (320kbps) that MP3 codec permits, including 128kbps and 256kbps.

The program can download audios as well as videos from more than 1000+ websites.

The video YouTube to MP3 long audio downloader toolkit works for windows PC and the MacOS. It’s easier to use anyway, you can install it in your PC machine (Windows or Mac), launch it and choose video downloader.

Copy and paste the video in to the address bar, select MP3 as target output format and tap download. You can still turn downloaded YouTube videos into audio with this software.


YouTubFab Youtube MP3 converter

This is Another YouTube to MP3 no limit solution for several hours Oncle videos. YouTubFab is a powerful tool to extract audio from videos, which supports all web browsers.

This YouTube to MP3 unlimited length can extract both MP3 and MP4 files from YouTube for a flexible online enjoyment.

Besides, YoutubFab is pretty fast and convenient YouTube converter for downloading videos and audios at specific resolution and file size.

Yes, it is absolutely a free YouTube downloader online, available for use in PC, smartphone or tablet, although it does not keep your conversion history.

They designed the YouTube MP3 app with an algorithm which allows you to freely convert no-copyright protected files in the following options.

  • Download YouTube to MP3
  • Download YouTube to MP4
  • Download video only.

The unlimited solution only works for YouTube online videos without the copyright to playback on Windows, Mac, iOS and android devices.

YouTubFab is trustworthy since it integrates most to all the features used in YouTube video ripping tools.

This youtube2mp3 is a good audiovisual download tool that delivers up to four resolutions for each file format.

Besides being a YouTube to MP3 no limit downloader, I like it because the YouTube converter and downloader is, free, and does not rely on third party plugin or software extension.



YT2MP3 – YouTube to converter

One YouTube to MP3 music converter that allows you to listen to the converted MP3 file before downloading is YT2MP3. It is a well optimized, and easy YouTube to MP3 online converter too, that works in mobile phone, tablet, computer.

There is a limitation in converter’s MP3 quality. This YouTube to MP3 site can’t convert more than 1hour (3600sec ) video, to avoid overload. Because of this limitation free YouTube video to MP3 can take Max 30 seconds to convert 5 minute video file.

The converter outputs the highest quality audio, with quality variants including 32kbps, 64kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, and 320kbps. You not required to install any Windows software, mobile app or make any registration.

All you need is search your favorite YouTube video, copy (Ctrl + C for Windows) the link location. For mobile phone, users can open the YouTube app and play the video. there, you can tap on the share icon and copy the link and paste in into the convert box and click download.


Y2MATE – YouTube to MP3 converter

If you want to convert music in no time, y2mate is the best YouTube mp3 converter tool to try out. The application is not cluttered with ads as some absolutely free YouTube to MP3 converters are designed.

If you love YouTube MP4 video musics, changing the MP4 to MP3 is exceptionally quick, and easy. You can extract your MP3 audio from the YouTube song videos in higher quality than the competing YouTube converters and downloaders.

Except you are on a wrong site, you won’t be asked to create any account to convert YouTube videos to MP3 320kbps audio file. More importantly too, you just need Internet connection and a good browser – chrome, Safari, Firefox, opera and you get your killer music playing offline.

It is not only a YT to MP3 program. Y2mate is a versatile YouTube downloader online tool that will convert and download videos and audios from multiple videos site. If you ask for a Facebook video downloader, or a Twitter video downloader, this one is good YouTube video to mp3 converter to test.

In addition to turning Vimeo Instagram and social media videos to standalone or offline media files, Y2mate supports all modern devices. You know, MP3 is a media format that works in all devices (Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS) without trouble.




How to convert YouTube video to MP3 audio file

Let us see how to convert video on YouTubetomp3 for free online.

  1. To make YouTube videos into MP3 files, click or copy and paste the link https ://savemp3.app/en/ into your browser. It will load the free online YouTube to MP3 converter page
  2. When the online inverter page opens, Go grab the url of that particular YouTube video you want to turn into audio. Generally, YouTube video links have this format –  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Bvddd4z3nGE
  3. Come back to the converter site and paste the url into the youtubetomp3 website box. Then click on the button Go
  4. When the YouTube video has finally loaded on your screen, check around, you will see a drop down menu(little angle down)
  5. Click open the drop down menu, choose the best MP3 quality for your audio music. You will find Many audio qualities like like 320 Kbps MP3, 256kbps MP3, 192kbps MP3, 128kbps MP3, and 64kbps MP3.
  6. The higher the bitrate, the higher the quality of the sound But it depends on you. You your storage device has limited space to hold the music, you should consider selecting a lower bitrate, so that the MP3 compression will greatly reduce the audio file size.
  7. So choose your MP3 quality (your best option) and click the convert button.
  8. Wait for few seconds up to a minute, depending on your network and Internet speed. When the YouTube to MP3 conversion is done, three buttons will appear on the page.
  9. Clicking on the The very first button will download the YouTube MP3 audio file into your device.(check it in the download folder, in your gadget).
  10. The second button links to the a QRcode below the buttons. Clicking it will generate a unique QR code which you can scan with your mobile smart phone and listen to the audio music, anytime anywhere.
  11. The last button allows you to save the YouTube MP3 file to an online storage drives like Dropbox, Google drive and more.



Why is YouTube to MP3 converter not working?

Sometime, it take longer to download YouTube mp3 audio. If it is not converting and downloading, here may be the reasons

You want to have the right tools that can help you get and listen to best audio portion of your favorite YouTube videos offline.

Sometimes, the desktop software, online website, or the extension YouTube video converters, and downloader won’t strip out the audio from YouTube to MP3 file.

The process may fail before it saves it into you computer or mobile device, because YouTube doesn’t allow you download adult site content and copyright protected YouTube videos. It just depends on the YouTube video.


Best YouTube to MP3 cutter and trimmer softwares

Youtube to mp3 converter, Youtube to mp3 ringtone, Youtube to mp3 free online tools
Img: Youtube to mp3 music splitting software.

It is not all the time that you need the long YouTube video. If you just want a portion of it you can edit, cut or trim before downloading. If you want to perform a Youtube to MP3 online edit before extraction, Here are few YouTube to MP3 cutter softwares to try.


ItubeGo YouTube to MP3 trimmer and downloader

iTubeGo is a YouTube video downloader online, with features that would allow user to cut and download the video. It is our best YouTube to MP3 trimmer and converter because :

  • The YouTube mp3 editor can cut and at same time convert online videos . Great for downloading cropped music parts.
  • The edited MP3 audio file comes out in the highest bitrate 320kbps(close to original audio quality output)
  • Also, the YouTube mp3 converter has variety of video and audio formats you can choose
  • The iTubego can edit, convert and download any video file from major websites
  • The build-in online browser can trim the YouTube mp3 clip while at same time, playing it.
  • The YouTube to mp3 app Works with latest version of PC. You just need to download and install it on your computer
  • The YouTube to mp3 application trims, convert and download YouTube to MP3 at speeds faster than other programs
  • The YouTube to MP3 downloader is safer, more easier to use


How to turn YouTube to MP3 in iTubeGo

Here is how to use the YouTube to MP3 cutter converter

  • Download (official webpage) and install the video editing software on your PC or Mac
  • Launch it, go under preferences and choose Audio as the download type with default output MP3 format.
  • Using the build in YouTube to MP3 search browser at sidebar, search for the video you want to cut and convert to MP3 audio clip
  • There is a progress bar under the video playing. To trim the video time, move the bar to section out the video into the required time duration.
  • Click on cut button and The video between the bars will get cropped, timmmed, converted and downloaded into your computer.


BigConverter – online YouTube to MP3 cutter

If you want to trim MP3 videos into high sound quality audio files rated at 320kbps bitrate, try bigconverter . This YouTube to MP3 converter and trimmer is not only for YouTube, it also works as social media video converters.

It is then no surprise that Bigconverter would edit, convert and download Facebook videos, Twitter, veto and more video platform websites like metacafe, dailymotion .

Bigconverter is a good YouTube to MP3 trimmer for cutting songs into ringtones. It can edit the YouTube to MP3 converted file further, to slice and extract the desire MP3 lyrics.

Another cherished features here it’s that the YouTube to MP3 cutter supports cloud storage. You can safely store your funny, educational and comic YouTube short video clips files into Dropbox, or oneDrive.


YT cutter software

Another converter that Aldo allow users extract favorite scenes from YouTube videos is YT Cutter and downloader. When you trim and download the YouTube movies online, you can save the cropped portions easily into your device.

You have the option to export your resulting files as videos, MP3 audio, or animated GIF files. The YT YouTube video editor is programmed to work with high cropping precision, works online only and no account creation is required.

The online video cutter supports many files types including MP4 files for videos, m4A and MP3 for audios. No support for mkv, OGG or mov.


Kapwing mp3 editor – online audio trimmer

Another awesome video to MP3 converter with a wonderful MP3 editor is Kapwing. You just need to upload the video, the audio or paste the YouTube video url, or audio file link you want to split.

The Kapwing user interface is friendly, no ads, and takes few seconds to cut, and trim audios extracted from free online YouTube video clips.

This video YouTube to MP3 file split tool works amazingly in iPhone, android phones and PC (Windows and Mac). Why I love this free online video editor and maker is because

  • It Allows slicing audio into multiple tracks
  • It Let’s you overlay one audio track on another
  • It Can trim podcasts, create new song without paying for it
  • You can easily edit voice recording and, favorite songs into ringtones
  • It Allows you to delete unwanted clips, and joint MP3 files together as one with a perfect sound.
  • It Outputs YouTube video to MP3 audio files without watermarks
  • It’s a full browser based YouTube video editor, which can cut inline, overlay text, generate subtitles, in addition to easily shortening the length of MP3 music.


Best YouTube to MP3 extension programs

Let us discuss The best and reliable YouTube to MP3 extension for chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet explorer and opera. Without installing any application,   all-browser-compatible youTube to MP3 extensions  can help you download YouTube video to any media output, of high quality in a PC computer. Besides, YouTube to MP3 extension are safer and easier to convert YouTube to MP3 audio than installable softwares.


iTube HD video downloader – YouTube to MP3 chrome extension

YouTube to mp3 software - this iTube HD is an amazing YouTube to mp3 extension that does more than just make audio from a video file-
Img: YouTube to mp3 addon software – this iTube HD is an amazing YouTube to mp3 extension compatible with chrome Firefox and safari.


You can turn YouTube videos into high quality MP3 format with this iTube Video HD addon. While it automatically detect and support downloads from every website, the program works well in chrome,Firefox and safari.

Whether you are on Facebook, dailymotion of whatever video site, the extension will display “Download” so that you can easily click to get the video downloading to MP3 in the background.

The YouTube to MP3 Firefox extension downloads even 4K videos, and other ultra HD format videos with losing quality. There is more to it, you can export the media file to iTunes library or transfer the MP3 music files to other handy portable devices.

You just need to download and install the iTube youtube to MP3 extension into your Mac or window PC and install it into the Internet browser. The  offers private mode where you can also convert YouTube video to mp3 and even download secret videos.


Aimersoft Video Suite – top rated YouTube to mp3 add-on

Video suite YouTube to mp3 extension program for chrome Firefox and safari
Img: Video Suite Video suite YouTube to mp3 extension program for chrome Firefox and safari

This Aimersoft video Suite  is one of the most powerful YouTube to MP3 converters, packed with advanced features. This extension converter can trim, edit, do water park and subtitles,before it converts the video to MP3, all at no cost to you.

The YouTube to MP3 extension supports over wide range of video and Audio format, plus converting YouTube to MP3 at 90x faster speed.

It can compress large video file into small size file without diminishing the media quality. This YouTube to MP3 add on for browsers seam to work like a standalone video downloader software.

Besides being packed with watermark editor, subtitles editor and a cutter, it still rips and burns CD and DVD with little effort. Look deeper and you will discover that this YouTube to MP3 extension software has a GIF maker, video player and a built-in screen recorder.


Video2MP3 YouTube to MP3 chrome extension

Video2MP3 YouTube to MP3 chrome extension Here is another good YouTube to MP3 addon for Firefox , chrome, and safari Internet browsers
Img: Video2MP3 YouTube to MP3 chrome extension is another good YouTube to MP3 addon for Firefox , chrome, and safari Internet browsers


Here is another good YouTube to MP3 addon for Firefox , chrome, and safari Internet browsers. Simple to install, video2MP3 YouTube to MP3 extension works straight to download YouTube videos to MP3 format.

On YouTube page, the video download button appears under any YouTube video you open and you have the option to click and convert it to desire format.

I can describe this YouTube to MP3 extension as a top notch browser based converter since it performs the task faster. The addon program supports conversion to MP3, MP4, FLV, 3GP and other amazing format for various platforms.

Many uses have questioned if video2MP3 YouTube to MP3 extension is safe. I can tell right to your face that the mp3 converter extension is safe to use in your computer, since it does brings some pop up windows displaying ads, cheat contents.

I don’t know if the YouTube converter contains spyware, or viruses, but you should install a powerful antivirus on up your personal computer before installing this YouTube to MP3 extension to your browser.


Advanced YouTube to MP3 converter extension Firefox

Advance YouTube to mp3 Firefox extension - YouTube to mp3 extension program
Img: Advance YouTube to mp3 Firefox extension – fast, many media format, secure and free

Looking for a YouTube to mp3 converter Firefox compatible? You are right here, this YouTube to mp3 downloader Firefox compatible app, exceptional works fast, a d has many media formats.

With just one click, this advanced YouTube to MP3 extension for Firefox can change your favorite YouTube video, and save MP3 music and MP4 video from it.

The Firefox addon works fast to get audio music from YouTube, thanks to its fast cloud support. The YouTube to MP3 browser-based program can support ads block plugins too.

When YouTube to MP3 extension automatically detects video on a website, the extension icons changes to green color, indicating a downloadable video link.

Click on the icon to view the video file info, choose your favorite output format and click download.



AllTube Downloader – YouTube to mp3 extension edge

AllTube Downloader is a YouTube to mp3 Microsoft Edge extension that works to download video and audio from popular websites. The media website include the popular YouTube channel, social media like Facebook, Instagram. It works too on Dailymotion, and Vimeo, SoundCloud, Facebook and Instagram.

All you need is to visit the media page hosting the video. A convenient way is to head over to www.alltubeplayer.com and search the video there. As the video page comes up, the alltube Youtube to mp3 extension icon will become active.

In the list of vido qualities, listed down a small window, choose the best options and click the Download’ button for the video quality, located at the bottom left of the browser window.

One thing about this YouTube to mp3 extension edge supports is that it works pretty fast, and it will initiate the media file downloading almost immediately. This will be displayed at the bottom left of the browser window.


YouTube™ to MP3 – YouTube to mp3 extension opera

YouTube™ to MP3 - best YouTube to mp3 converter extension opera - use it to convert YouTube videos to mp3 without installing anything
Img: YouTube™ to MP3 opera addon or opera web browser compatible


If opera is four most favorite browser, YouTube TM to MP3 is a truly simple to use, but powerful YouTube to MP3 addon opera goes with.

Unlike pure standalone YouTube to MP3 downloaders, this YouTube To MP3 extension opera supports, can convert, download and stream YouTube video to MP3 files, in the background.

The YouTube to MP3 opera addon automatically detects when you are on a video page, and places an in-page MP3 button below the video window, just under the video title.

The opera YouTube MP3 extension also give you option to change from the default MP3 quality(128kbps) to your desire sound quality(320kbps is excellent) Up to 5 different options of MP3 audio qualities are available.

Finally, one advantage of installing this YouTube to MP3 opera addons is that you can batch convert multiple YouTube videos to MP3, and download them.


About extension

Some Chrome extensions from the Google Web Store may not let you get your YouTube mp3 killer playlists ready. So you would want to try installing android apk from the Google Play Store.

Beware, that it is in the Google PlayStore where Google has shown a more and tighter grip regarding services that supports offline video viewing.

Youtube to MP3 Android apps

Android smartphone users love music, and one click is enough to save their favorite videos to MP3 in the phones memory offline playing. Here are APK Android files that can convert and download YouTube mp3 in your android phone


SaveFromNet Youtube to MP3 app for Android

Youtube to MP3 downloader app for Android

SaveFrom.net is a very cost-free and safe to use Youtube to mp3 converter app for Android devices. This free tool is capable of saving and organizing all your media contents in one place. You should consider thus SaveFrom Youtube mp3 downloader app for Android if want to organize your videos, and audios nicely.

SaveFrom doesn’t only work on YouTube channels for movies, videos and Audio musics. You can also convert and download media from social media platforms, in just one click.

Very few YouTube to MP3 apps for android work quietly in the background, but SaveFrom an download while you chat on Whatsapp. Go ahead, Install the SaveFrrom.net YouTube to MP3 apk file, the process is seamlessly fast, and the interface or dashboard is very user friendly for offline video and audio playback.

One last note, the YouTube mp3 download app manages media files and convert videos to both MP3 and MP4 compatible with most audio player devices in the market.

  • Works on Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,
  • easily downloads non-copyright protected YouTube video or playlist.
  • Totally Free of Charge
  • Downloads live streaming videos
  • video quality supported: several formats including mp4 and webm.

Savefrom.net is a free Youtube to MP3 downloader and the best YouTube to MP3 android app to get media content from online websites. The Sacefrom.net YouTube mp3 download application is also the best organizer for any media content stored in your android device. Makes your video and audio files easy to locate, easy to play, share, rename, and delete, in just one click.


How to install Youtube to MP3  app on android

Can you turn YouTube videos into ringtones? Go to YouTube and then copy the link of the video which you want to be made as your Android ringtone. From there, go to Audio cutter online and then paste the YouTube link. ... From there, choose to download the ringtone which you have cut in. Save the ringtone in your cloud and then you can use it on your Android device.
Img: Can you turn YouTube videos into ringtones?
Go to YouTube, search and copy the video link to paste it on an audio cutter and download it as your Android ringtone.


You want to download YouTube mp3 on phone, it’s not hard, except your phone has a problem.

To install and use the YouTube to MP3 converter app on android, follow these steps:

1. Go to official website or to Playstore, search and download the apk file
2. On settings, scroll down to security and select unknown sources.
3. Click to Install the Youtube to MP3 video downloader app on your Android smartphone.
4. Open your YouTube to MP3 app to download videos right from the Youtube with the share function.


YouTube to MP3 iOS devices(iphones and iPads)

If you own an iPhone and iPad, you may think you got no such restriction since Apple and Google aren’t exactly the best of pals. However, be assured that even the YouTube to MP3 iOS apps may not be readily available in AppStore and if they are, they’re prohibiting YouTube to MP3 downloading. If the apple device-supported application is not an infringement tool, then the app makers are expected to play by Google’s rules.

That is why most YouTube to MP3 apps for iPhone and iPads may be banned or fixed and require jailbreaking of device as a probable workaround.

If you don’t to jailbreak your device, try subscribe to premium YouTube premium services as you do with Netflix and Hulu.

Or you try this Other workaround, go to you PC desktop and buy AnyTrans ($39.99 annual fee for a single computer, Windows or macOS). It is a desktop file manager with integrated video downloader, made for iOS devices.

It can support up to 900 websites including YouTube channel and Facebook social media. When you have downloaded the video, It’ll transfer it to the iPhone by a USB cable. You may try out this free iOS file manager app – Documents by Readdle.


How to download Youtube to MP3 without App?

If you don’t want to install YouTube to MP3 apk file, or YouTube to MP3 software in your PC, there are two possible ways to convert, videos on YouTube to MP3 and download the audio file format into your device default storage folder.

1. Use YouTube to mp3 Extension

Install and use helper browser based YouTube to MP3 extension program. You are not installing to your computer or device memory. You are installing an add-on onto your computer Internet web browser.

2. Use  YouTube to mp3 online website

Go straight to the inline Video to MP3 website, add the YouTube video link of the music you want to save. Then click button or icon that will trigger the download process.


YouTube to MP3 Players (PC, iOS, android, online)

Over a billion people use YouTube every month according to Google. From jazz, reggae, Christian music, country music, movies, cartoon entertainment, YouTube is a place to listen to them freely.

I sometime want to listen to music offline, without Internet connection, while exercising or stepping. It suffice to convert YouTube to MP3 and transfer or play them to MP3 players.

MP3 players support lots of audio file formats -MP3 audio, WMA, WAV, AAC, OGG, M4A, FLAC, … What audio file the MP3 supports decides on the quality of sound you get. The overall sound quality depends on your sound systems too.

If you are going to use an MP3 player, even if the bitrate of the YouTube MP3 file is lower, you still get much music if you use the headphones that came with the player. All depends on the built in capability of the YouTube MP3 player in the device.


How to transfer your youtube MP3 musics

You have use converters and downloader to get your music, how do you enjoy your killer playlist in the go?

How to transfer YouTube mp3 music to mp3 players. Here are ways you can copy your YouTube MP3 songs from computer to portable digital player.

1. Use windows media player

  • Connect your MP3 player to computer with USB cable, and the computer automatically detects and installs the drivers.
  • Open the Windows media player and click sync button, at top right corner off the window.
  • Drag and drop you YouTube MP3 playlist, to add the audio files to player.
  • Click start sync, disconnect or eject the player, after the MP3 media files are transferred or load to it.
  • Leave some second and the player will auto scan the YouTube MP3 files recently copied.


2. Windows File explorer

A Windows file explorer can help you transfer your audios from YouTube to MP3 player quickly and easily.

  • Just connect you MP3 song player to PC by a USB cable, and locate the older holding all your downloaded YouTube MP3 songs
  • Lanch or open the file explorer and you will view your MP3 player recognized as a “Removable Disk” or just “MP3 player”.
  • Like you do with memory storage USB devices, double-click open it and locate the music folder in your MP3 storage device.
  • Move back into your computer, copy or drag the folder holding your YouTube songs, into the player.
  • Wait for the transfer to be complete, before you safely remove your YouTube song MP3 player.


3. iTunes

The last music transfer from Windows computer to MP3 player is using iTunes library.

  • If you don’t have iTunes installed in your Windows PC, download it in the windows store and follow the in-screen prompts to install it.
  • Launch the app and you will discover that iTunes will audio scan your computer for music and copy them to the library.
  • If you don’t see your YouTube MP3 songs folder in there, find it inside the Windows explorer,
  • drag and drop the entire music folder into the iTunes library.
  • Then connect your MP3 player by USB to the computer
  • In the iTunes library, copy the music files to the MP3 player memory and wait till the copying is done.


Portable MP3 players

You can carry modern MP3 players with you. The electronic devices are small, portable and you can just clip them to your clothing if you are walking or busy doing some handy tasks.

Since modern MP3 players have storage memories, to handle large amount of audio Ike’s. It suffices to transfer the audio songs into the portable MP3 player and there you go.

Some popular MP3 players include

You must ensure to check the type of audio format your digital audio playing device supports. I believe a user manual or the manufacturer’s website can give you that information.


Digital audio player platforms –  YouTube to MP3 players

you already take then advantage of YouTube online downloader and converters to rip and collect plenty audio files. What if you can’t afford or want to use a standalone audio player like the ones we just listed above?

If you can’t buy a separate music player, you can still rock your favorite audio music, listen to your audiobooks, and podcasts, using independent installable softwares in your PC, iOS or android phone.

Before you can use the audio playing programs, you must first download and save the media files into your personal computer or smartphone. These devices have build in capabilities to browse your device, locate stirred media files, and play MP3. There are more advanced apps to give your MP3 audio sounds, a great boost, and a feel of real live music experience.


1. Windows media player – built-in YouTube to MP3 Player for Microsoft PC Windows

Window media player - beat YouTube to mp3 player for windows pc
Img: Window media player – beat YouTube to mp3 player for windows pc


Microsoft developed this Windows media players for purpose of playing audio, video and image display on PC.

While the media files are stored in your Windows computer, you need just select the playlist or sound track and right click, choose play with and under the drop down menu by the side, select Windows media player.

Or you first launch your Windows media player from the menu and you open files from top left corner menu off the software. There, you can browser through your PC, select the audio files or playlist and love automatically loads to screen. This software has most of the music control features like volume control.


2. VLC Best YouTube to MP3 Player for PC, android and iOS devices

VLC - the best YouTube to mp3 player
Img: YouTube to mp3 playback – VLC YouTube to mp3 player

VLC is a free and open source, cross-platform multimedia player. Over the years, this wonderful tool has been perfected, to play mist multimedia files and use many streaming protocols.

Music lovers, cannot doubt the ability off this player, it is simple, fast and powerful enough to play any quality video and audio file. It players everything from files, webcam, and streaming videos.

With VLC, you don’t need any codec, because it plays most codecs including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MKV, MP3, WMV, and WebM.

More importantly, the VLC to me, looks like a universal player, since it works on all devices – android phones, MacOS, Windows, iOS, and even UNIX.

You never get bored with adware, spyware, and there is no user tracking off any sort. Moreover, you can easily customize it to your wants. You can add skin, create new skin with the editor and also install extensions.


YouTube to MP3 ringtone makers  for android, iPhones and PC

Ringtones are sounds played on phone, to notify an incoming call, message or alarm. If you want a new ringtone in your smartphone, plenty websites sell premium ringtones but if that is costly. If you can’t find a good ringtone from popular online portals, you can make your own.

The more interesting part is that, YouTube is the biggest source of entertainment, so many people just convert YouTube to MP3 ringtone and customize them. Making a perfect song or ringtones from YouTube is surprising easier. So we will show how to turn YouTube audio clips to mobile phone ringtone.


How to make YouTube to MP3 ringtone

1. Convert YouTube video to MP3 format

Search YouTube, copy url and paste in into one of the converters for your device . Select MP3 and convert to MP3 file

2. Trim the MP3 file

The converted and downloaded audio can’t serve as ringtone. You need a YouTube to MP3 cutter, trimmer, or editor. MP3CUT(mp3cut.net). Trim to shorten the audio length so that it rings for 15-20 seconds

3. Set the YouTube sing as your phones ringtone

  • Enter your phones settings,
  • Go to sound and vibrations
  • Under ringtones menu, search for ringtone
  • Select a new audio file
  • Set it as a ringtone



Know that if you don’t want to make a ringtone yourself, you have to download one. You can download YouTube ringtone via online YouTube to MP3 converters.

If you don’t want installation of files into your device, you can still download YouTube ringtones using browser extensions. The YouTube to MP3 ringtone extension is only installable on your internet web browser – Crome, Firefox, opera, Microsoft edge, or safari.

If you can’t use any of these, you can create a YouTube to MP3 ringtone using a music recording system or studio program.


Best YouTube to mp3 ringtone iphone, android and pc
Img: Best YouTube to mp3 ringtone  converter for iphone, android and pc


Downloading YouTube MP3 ringtones on phone and laptop

Now let us discuss YouTube to MP3 ringtones converters for android, iPhone and computer. These tools will help you choose YouTube media files and turn the to MP3 ringtone in your iPhone, android phones, Windows and Mac computers.


Snappea for android YouTube to MP3 ringtones downloader

Snappea is a YouTube to MP3 ringtone converter for android phones. You simply have to download this application and install the apk file. The Snappea for android app, can extract MP3 ringtones from platforms like YouTube and dailymoton.

If you are using it at night, the app has a night mode feature, which becomes automatically active when you get into a dark room. No strain in eyes.

More exceptionally, the YouTube to MP3 ringtone app for android also multitask, and works in the background. You can be enjoying favorite songs in snappea player while doing other tasks.

  • Go to official snappea site, with your android phone,
  • Click to download and install the apk
  • Enable unknown app download under security, in settings
  • When installed, open it and search for your favorite MP3 ringtones and download it
  • You can also look for good video song, and convert the YouTube to MP3 ringtone
  • set it as your android phone ringtone


MP3 cutter and ringtone maker

This mp3 trimmer and ringtone creator android app is both a YouTube to MP3 cutter and a YouTube to MP3 ringtone maker. The app is absolutely free and available at Google Playstore. Apart from cutting, audio lengths, the android app can also mix and merge two audios into one.

Unfortunately,the YouTube to MP3 editor app has ads display on the interface. When you have downloaded and installed it from PlayStore, open the application, select MP3 cutter and give it permission to your device folder.

Choose the converted file, drag the play head and set the audio time according to your need. If it’s longer, it won’t ever play till the end, as a ringtone. Set the YouTube song as your ringtone.


Snappea YouTube to MP3 ringtones iPhone and computer

Snappea YouTube to mp3 ringtone online converter for iOS devices (iphone and ipad) and computers,
Img : Snappea YouTube to mp3 ringtone online converter for iOS devices (iphone and ipad) and computers.


Snappea can also do YouTube to ringtones download on your computer, and iPhone. The online downloader turns your YouTube media to MP3 and MP4 at no cost to you. There is no Snappea iPhone app , so you got to use but the online downloader. It is very lightweight and faster website. The site can get you files in various resolutions and formats and it supports playing video too.

  • Visit snappea online downloader
  •  Search the YouTube video or YouTube MP3 ringtone from the search bar. Or paste the url of the YouTube media file
  • Confirm the browser prompt
  • Download the YouTube MP3 ringtone on your iPhone or laptop


Clideo Online YouTube to mp3 ringtone maker

Clideo YouTube to MP3 ringtone converter require you first download your video and save into your device storage.
Img: Clideo is a YouTube to MP3 ringtone convertee – download your video and save into your device storage.


Unlike apps to install, Clideo works online in the browser to convert YouTube videos to MP3 soundtrack as ringtone in phones. Unlike other YouTube to MP3 sites, this YouTube to MP3 ringtone converter require
you first download your video and save into your device storage.

  • Open the Clideo YouTube MP3 ringtone app
  • Click on Choose file button. This lets you pick the already downloaded file from your device.
  • upload the video to the Clideo tool. Clideo supports upload from Google Drive and Dropbox too
  • Edit and convert the YouTube video into a ringtone. You can trim the soundtrack to extract only a small portion. Just set the start and end time, using the slider and then cut
  • Choose the output format as MP3, but you could pick FLAC, Mm4A, OGG, WAV if need be.
  • On the YouTube to MP3 ringtone maker, click “cut” to Extract the fragment as ringtone
  • Save the file to device memory, or to cloud storage, and listen to your new ringtone.
  • You can always edit back if you feel the sound quality is not impressive.




Wrap up

There are times you just want to listen to your music offline, without need to watch the video display. If you want to download audio from YouTube videos, and listen to them while walking to office or exercising, converters are tools that can readily turn your YouTube videos into MP3.

The best YouTube to MP3 converter that will work for you depends on your device type, capability and what you need the audio files for.

There is no much worry if the YouTube MP3 audio files is saved within the app, as long as you intended it for offline playback. You would need to convert and download the YouTube video to MP3 audio music if you want to merge, integrated or mix the file into other media related projects.


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