Is Y2mate By A Good Video/Audio Converter And Downloader in 2023?

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Is downloading videos from YouTube one of your favorite activities? Y2tmate is a popular and free application that allows you to download both videos and audio files directly from YouTube and other websites. Most people visit this site to pull down their favorite audio songs and videos, create youtube playlists and there, keep themselves motivated and entertained when exercising indoor and outdoor, and when doing some house chores or office work. Keep reading about this Y2 Mate downloader and converter.

For downloading videos, here’s Y2MATE Y2MATE Official Website:

The application is good to convert and download youtube videos and audio files within moments. Inherently, the Y2Mate application works as a y2mate YouTube video converter, y2mate YouTube video downloader, and as y2mate YouTube to mp3 converter :

 Y2mate youtube downloader - Is Y2mate safe to use? YES and NO YES Y2mate is a very popular online site where people convert and download their YouTube audios and videos.  Converting and Downloading YouTube songs through Y2mate is safe for the user. If it is threats you are worried about, Y2mate com website is designed to allow users download files through safe browsing.
Is Y2mate youtube downloader safe?


Y2mate YouTube video Converter

Y2mate is a video youtube converter . The Y2 mate can change audio and video file types to different formats. If you use it on YouTube channel, y2 mate can rip mp3 audio from YouTube videos, or change YouTube videos from one format to standard MP4, for example.

It is just perfectly Ok if you refer to Y2mate as a YouTube converter – converter mp4, since it converts youtube to Mp4 online on many devices like iPhone. Unlike Y2mate, other free online video downloader websites offer limited youtube video to mp4 download.

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Y2mate YouTube to MP3 Converter

Y2mate also works as a YouTube to mp3 converter. It is useful when you want to extract songs from YouTube channels and freely play in your mp3 players when exercising or doing other activities. The app can also convert a downloaded video in your phone, or computer.

You can also download some y2mate mp3, favorite clips and use them as ringtones in smartphones, create long youtube playlists of songs for offline use. All you need, is to provide the YouTube url and Y2mate app will convert videos in just few minutes.

Mp3 devices are common today. They good news is, you must not own a an aidio player. Your phone can play Y2mate youtube converter songs automatically, and any other smartwatch, can also save and play mp3 audio songs.


Y2mate YouTube Downloader

Y2mate online website, and android app download YouTube videos and audio files. It also works on multiple video  websites. However, Y2Mate com’s primary function is to download videos and audios directly from YouTube in various file sizes, types and video quality.

One amazing thing is that it offers batch download. You can use Y2mate YouTube Downloader to do unlimited download of multimedia files,  in a queue at the same time, although it will slow down your internet speed.

Apart from YouTube, Y2 mate com also downloads youtube videos and mp3 audio files from famous streaming websites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and YouTube. If you have your favorite YouTube videos, Y2mate is one of the best video downloaders whose free version can get you as many videos as you like.

Plus, your favorite video, Ringtones, wallpapers and games are just the media files you can save absolutely free, with youtube video downloader.

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Features of Y2mate YouTube video downloader & Converter

Is Y2mate safe to use? YES and NO YES Y2mate is a very popular online site where people convert and download their YouTube audios and videos.  Converting and Downloading YouTube songs through Y2mate is safe for the user. If it is threats you are worried about, Y2mate com website is designed to allow users download files through safe browsing.
Img: Screenshot of Y2mate free online video downloader website


Y2mate File types – Audio and Videos

Y2mate is one of the best choice YouTube video and audio song downloaders. You can convert from one video format and file size to another, and you can also extract various formats of audio songs from your favorite YouTube videos directly.

As of now, Y2mate is my favorite and the first choice media tool I used to download YouTube videos to different audio and video formats. You can get varieties of audios files, videos and ringtones directly from Y2 mate even faster than it is  for competing sites that download online videos and audios.


Y2mate com website safety

Many users have concerns on device safety when they visit Y2mate to download videos and online audio. This is a usual problem for people who go to download online videos and songs.

Is Y2mate safe to download online videos on your device? YES.

 Y2mate is a very popular online site where people convert and download their YouTube audios and videos. Converting and Downloading YouTube songs through Y2mate is safe for the user. If it is threats you are worried about, Y2mate com website is designed to allow users download files through safe browsing.


Y2MATE by How to get Y2mate Videos At Without adverts
Img: – website application to convert and download online videos and audios


Is Y2mate safe without virus attacks? NO!

Y2mate is not really safe and can be one of those potentially harmful websites. Accessing Y2mate may not be safe because of third-party sites linking to There are potential risks being attacked by malware and viruses from third-party sites and malicious software, which can indirectly harm a user’s computer.

One of those many Y2mate pop-up ads can potentially be linked to unwanted apps and if you click the download links or visit the video sites, or accept automatic installations, you may get some malware.

To facilitate your access to, they may encourage you to install browser Y2mate extensions or some kind of Y2mate add-ons to your system applications. Although they promise to make downloading YouTube videos a 1-minute step process, they can be  vulnerable to infect your device.

Such Y2mate files may contain bogus scripts. The most common way to get viruses into your device is to visit untrustworthy sponsored links, redirecting to some funny online games platforms, adult site and survey pages.

You just have to be careful when navigating the internet, because these third-party programs can send malware and viruses to attack, track information about your device, gather your personal information and will use the data for identity theft and lose of money and digital property.

While using your Y2mate, if you feel there’s unwanted programed installed behind your back, run anti-spyware and make a full scan of your device. You could find unwanted components.

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 Freemium or Paid Y2mate com?

Is Y2mate Free or paid program to download or convert videos? You can use Y2mate com  site for free but would be an infringement if you use it to download  copyrighted videos. You’ll never have to pay any cent to use their services.

Because it is a completely free online video downloader app, one misconception people have is that the free version of Y2mate com is a scam. That is not it. Y2mate is one of the popular, best video downloaders for free download of music, videos and ringtones.

The online video downloader can rip thousand of online audio and video files from youtube channel.  It is a real service that offers unlimited conversion and free download of videos and audios from YouTube and other video websites.


Y2mate Device and OS compatibility

Y2mate com–is one of the best YouTube Converter and downloaders that supports all device types. Y2mate is fully compatible with all devices – computers, tablets, iPads, and mobile phones. You can utilize the Y2mate to convert and download YouTube videos to MP3 files on many operating systems, including PCs – windows 7 & Windows 10, Mac or Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad and more. Apart from Y2mate, there are plenty free YouTube downloaders for PC, MAC and Smartphones.


Y2mate com File formats

Y2mate supports easy converting and downloading for all video formats such as: MP4, M4V, AVI, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3, WEBM. You have the option to download any y2mate video from YouTube to any of the file formats above, on

Mp3 is a perfect way to save a collection of killer playlist songs, favorite YouTube soundtracks and store thousands of them in a small space for offline listening and playback.


Y2mate output file quality

Y2MATE by How to get Y2mate Videos At Without adverts
Img: Save videos, music files and ringtones of various formats with Y2mate

Y2mate com is an ideal online website that lets users convert & download favprioe videos from YouTube in high quality (HD quality) resolution.

You can download your movies and video with the following output video info – 1080p (.mp4), 720p (.mp4), 480p (.mp4), 360p (.mp4), 240p (.mp4), 144p (.mp4) and 144p (.3gp)

Again, as y2mate YouTube to mp3 converter, you can download MP3 music too, with many different quality including 128kbps, 320kbps, 64kbps, 96kbps, 192kbps, 256 KBPS.



Y2mate – Is legal to use?

People use Y2mate to download some videos, movies, or audio music from YouTube for offline playback and listening or watching. But is it legal to download YouTube videos using Y2 Mate?

According to YouTube user policy, downloading YouTube videos for your personal use is not illegal in any way, even if you use Y2mate online tool to facilitate the process. YouTube has countless loyalty-free video/audio resources and if you are downloading them, it is NOT ILLEGAL.

However, if you use any other means or y2mate to download and use someone else proprietary and license-required videos for your commercial reasons without license or permission from the owner, that is illegal and a copyright infringement. The police may come knocking your door at 3AM, while you still have pants down.

So, the y2mate converter and downloader programs, add-ons, and apps don’t seem to matter a lot here. It is how you use the resulting videos from the sites.

Know that before you go downloading the YouTube videos through y2mate com, you’d better ask permission or the consent of the author.


Y2mate browser Support + extensions

For browser compatibility, Y2Mate is fully compatible with the latest internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera and more. While it supports most popular browsers, it even has y2mate extensions and add-on for those browsers.


Y2mate Multisite support

Y2mate com works with many video sites. If you want to bring down videos or online audios from sites different from YouTube, Y2mate can do just that. It supports plenty of sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Also, think of movie and entertainment platforms like Netflix, HBO max, and Amazon prime.


Y2mate Cloud Storage

Y2mate online video downloader supports converting and uploading the multimedia files to cloud storage like your Dropbox and Google Drive. This is great when you don’t want to use up your PC storage, or phone storage to hold more data.

Moreover, you can convert your proprietary media content using Y2mate program, into storable and incorruptible file formats. If the videos and audios have sensitive information, it is risky keeping them on your computer or phone.

Converting and uploading your audio and video with y2mate potentially eliminates the risk of virus’s attack, and easy content access by unauthorized people.

Is Y2mate safe to use? YES and NO YES Y2mate is a very popular online site where people convert and download their YouTube audios and videos.  Converting and Downloading YouTube songs through Y2mate is safe for the user. If it is threats you are worried about, Y2mate com website is designed to allow users download files through safe browsing.


Y2mate Speed

Does Y2mate Download faster or more slowly? Well, it depends on your internet connectivity and the number of request that the sends when you paste a download link.

I guess Y2mate com does not send multiple requests, or run many scripts when you click to make video download. You have to understand if website sends plenty of requests, it can slow the conversion and downloading process.

Y2mate conversion and download speed are extremely fast. You won’t need to wait several minutes get your y2mate com MP3 or MP4 files from YouTube channel.

Here is how to make y2mate convert and download YouTube videos faster. When you paste the video URL into the y2mate search box, insert “PP” after the word “youtube” in the link.

That means to download videos and mp3 files from YouTube the quicker way, your original video link becomes


Y2mate programs is a web-based video converter and downloader application online–website link : You need a browser to open it. But if you have cyber security fears, you can download standalone y2mate app for PC and get it installed in your PC.

Y2mate also has a native Android Apk file to get y2mate videos through smartphone for offline viewing. Although the online app is compatible with Android devices, you can install the y2mate apk files and have it like a native app on your smartphone.


Y2mate com User experience

As a renowned video download site, y2mate integrates with many video sharing websites. Since people of all walks of life visit the platform, get their music to play when running, and walking, it supports around 20 languages, including English.

But does have a user-friendly interface? Yes. The app is user friendly and features a large search bar where you have to paste the video link or search for your audio and y2mate video files.

The only downside

Sometimes, you’ll find pop-up adverts by the side of the y2mate com page.  Unwanted pop ups can mislead you to install malicious software, make the process have slow speed, andcan redirect you to a harmful website. The many ads are annoying, but they don’t draw over or cover what you need to read.

There are other goodies from the no-cost y2mate video downloader. Y2mate also allows you to download as many files and as you want, stop advertisements or even download y2mate software if you have online or cyber security concerns.

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How to use Y2mate website to get videos

Y2MATE by How to get Y2mate Videos At Without adverts
Y2mate Youtube Videos Downloader. Y2mate is an extremely fast YouTube converter for mp3  and mp4 files.


1. How to use YouTube to MP3 converter

Converting and downloading videos to songs is a common use for Here is how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 on the y2mate com website.

  • Open the website or app on your device
  • You’ll immediately see a large search bar
  • Type in the video or audio file keywords or enter the YouTube URL into the search box and click start
  • Choose MP3 output and specify quality you want to convert
  • click the “Download” button and hold-on for a few seconds for conversion to be completed, and the file downloaded
  • If the conversion to mp4 music file is slow, insert “pp” after the word “YouTube” in the video link you got from YouTube. That will get the mp3 files from YouTube as a faster as possible.

YouTube is not the only media content platform that supports. There are also other video sites which are popular for streaming including Facebook, Vimeo, Amazon prime, and Dailymotion. Y2mate com is also the best video downloader to get Instagram videos in your devices.

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2. How to use YouTube to mp4  Y2mate com converter

Y2 Mate is the ultimate tool for downloading unlimited YouTube videos. You want to know how to download YouTube videos using Y2mate? That is pretty staright forward. Here’s how to use the y2mate YouTube mp4 converter and y2mate YouTube to mp4 download in few steps.

  • Copy the YouTube video URL you want to download.
  • Paste the YouTube video link into the Search box, or just the video Search by name in the y2mate.
  • Click “Start” button to initiate the y2mate video converting process
  • Choose your preferred output (MP3 audio or MP4 video) format you need
  • Choose the quality of the output file
  • click the “download” button and your desired video or audio will convert and start downloading.
  • Check it in your device storage and play it for offline listening and watching.


Y2MATE by How to get Y2mate Videos from Without adverts – A free downloader tool to get movies, music files, videos in just a few minutes


Why should you use Y2mate com downloader anyway?

1. Y2mate offers unlimited conversion & download

Y2mate has unlimited Conversions of YouTube videos to mp3 and mp4 and free downloads, from thousands of websites. It allows you to get free thousands of videos files and thounsand online audio from YouTube channel and other websites.

2. Y2mate is faster

Y2mate supports faster video conversion and download. The platform uses the current High-Speed encoding technologies, so you don’t have to sit and wait much for y2 mate to convert.

Y2mate can automatically fetch data from YouTube in just few minutes than it is for other video sites. You just have to  copy and paste the download link or YouTube URL to your favaorite video. Even instagram videos are no exception. But you need to be patient to download movies that are pretty long.

3. Y2mate does ask you to create account

No registration is required before you use Y2mate. It is a free downloader for various formats of video and music files. You are never going to enter any login credentials because you don’t have to register to use If you are asked to create account before you convert and download YouTube videos to mp4 and mp3, that is probably a scam.

4. Y2mate is an absolutely free downloader

Y2mate is a free application. It allows you to freely, without paying any money, to convert and download videos and audios from YouTube. No payment is required, like other video sites do.

5. Y2mate supports many file formats with quality

Y2mate YouTube video downloader offers many or all audio and video formats with best available high-quality resolutions. The multiple formats and good audio and video quality make a big plus for most users.

6. Y2mate is very Easy to use

Besides just being fast to download online videos, Y2mate is easy to use too. You just need to paste  or type in the search box, the video link, and that will get the file ready to download, absolutely free. Y2mate is the best single click youtube converter and downloader so far.

7. Y2 mate supports cloud storage.

It would send your media content directly to google cloud or drive and other storage websites. You will never have to download an audios for offline playback, twice.

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Y2mate YouTube video converter (Y2mate 2022) Alternatives

There are many free and Open sources, great websites and apps similar to y2mate.

1. YouTube-dl

Free open source file downloader for mac, windows, Linux which uses a command-line interface. You can use as video downloader for any website.


 2. DVDVideoSoft’sFree YouTube Download

This is a freemium, proprietary YouTube downloader for mac and windows. It is a great tool to download YouTube playlist and to Convert YouTube videos to Mp3 audio. The DVDVideoSoft’s is a y2mate alternative program that has pause and multi-stream support.


3. Yt-dlp

YT-DLP is another free and open source YouTube downloader created based on the now- inactive YouTube-dlc. It works well in windows pc, mac, Linux and BSD and it has FFMPEG support.


4. YouTube Video and Audio Downloader

Free and open source (community-based platform), compatible in windows, Linux and mac. Works well with Firefox browser (Firefox download manager), with resulting formats like FLV, MP4, WebM, and 3GP.


5. Downline

Is this a good alternative? Yes, it is a free , Open Source media downloader for YouTube. It runs compatibly on Mac, Windows and Linux.  The Downline is a better alternative to y2mate since it offers video and audio quality (with 4K support).

Moreover, like y2mate, this Downline video downloader can convert video to audio and to other different formats like mp3, aac, flac, m4a, opus, vorbis, wav, mp4, webm, mkv.



Is this a good alternative? Yes, is free and proprietary for Mac, Windows, Online, Android, iPhone, Android, Tablet and iPad.

It helps to Convert YouTube videos to Mp3, download YouTube Playlist, convert YouTube videos to Mp4, and download videos from Facebook, Instagram, MixCloud, Dailymotion, VEVO, bilibili, niconico and SoundCloud.

The Savemp3 converts videos and audios to MP3, MP4, M4A in HD MP4, 720p, 1080p video and 320kbps MP3 formats


7. YTMP3

This is another Free & Proprietary y2mate alternative. You can use it as an Online YouTube Downloader which also Convert YouTube videos to Mp3. It exceptionally features a Spotify integration, all of which helps you download and listen to your favorite video or song and create unlimited playlists anywhere and one your mobile phone offline.


8. Snappea

Snappea is a 100% Free Y2Mate MP3 Audio Converter Alternative to Y2mate. Snappea is available as Android and Online  and as a free application that would let you save any video from YouTube as MP3 or MP4.  This Y2Mate MP3 audio download alternative offers different bit rates, like 128 or 320 kbps and it is user-friendly.

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How to block y2mate ads

Most websites have ads, a very popular monetization strategy. is a powerful tool but sometimes the ads are too many that they turn to hinder or lower your user experience.

To get a safe user experience on Y2mate, remove ads. It is simple to remove y2mate pop-up ads, by just using ad-blockers, like AdGuard. Moreover, some internet browsers like Opera have ad-blockers – powerful tool to prevent ads from appearing.

If you find Y2mate ads very annoying and disturbing in chrome, you can use the opera browser. Even in chrome, there is a workaround to stop ads from showing when you load a y2mate com website in your device.

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How to make Y2mate more safer

If in any case you don’t want to risk being infected with virus as a result of visiting the website, here are things to avoid. Make these a routine, when you browse around.

  • Don’t subscribe to any notifications, or
  • Disable push notifications from in browsers
  • downloading its correct  app, or extension
  • Don’t click on those malicious advertising pop-ups, or any redirects
  • If you don’t want to see ads, use  ad-blockers, like AdGuard
  • Remove Y2mate  from your browser and operating system, and use the online directly



How to remove virus?

is Y2mate safe? y2mate virus - how to remove it - how to remove ads

Read more: Is Y2mate Safe and Is Y2mate Legit For Converting And Downloading Online Videos? is a video and audio downloading website, but it promotes push notifications and sometimes unwanted ads when people get there to convert a YouTube video. The is good but what people hate is those questionable pop-ups, redirects and banners, when you accept their notifications.

The download and converter page is NOT dangerous, but it misleads users away from the purposeful video download and conversion to other unwanted programs. This calls for identity and privacy concerns for users.

The point is that, by mistake, users can install potentially unwanted programs like Mackeeper, in the middle of those many questionable advertisements. Most people even extract videos from youtube and a variety of sites using the Y2 mate download without noticing these inconveniences.

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According to users

  1. Y2mate is offering illegal video download functions, redirect to adult sites and gaming sites.
  2. People are also saying that is another YouTube video site, another version of
  3. Other friends from USA, Australia and other parts of Europe complain installing the y2mate extensions and discovering they cause redirect to pornographic and dangerous sites.
  4. All these are not good because black hat advertisers exploit promotional ads, adult content, and online gaming platforms to collect your information.


How to Remove Y2mate From your device

If these are things people have experienced using, there are things you can do how to prevent getting the adwares. I have not discovered any virus app there myself, but here is some stuff you can do to remove viruses is there is any.

1. Remove y2mate extension

Remove browser extension to stop redirects to pornographic and other dangerous sites

2. Uninstall program from windows

Uninstall any y2mate software or newly added software from your Windows. Go to your control panel, enter Programs, select Uninstall a program. Right-click on the suspicious application and select Uninstall.

3. Delete virus program from macOS

To delete the virus application from a macOS, go to applications folder, click and drag the app that is causing malware into the trash.


How to remove virus from chrome

If you had it installed in browser, remove the y2mate extension from Google Chrome. Click on the menu(3 dots at top right corner), select more tools and choose extensions. From the list of installed extensions if y2mate is the suspicious plugins or if there is any other addon, click to remove it.

  • Also Clear cache and web data from Chrome
  • Also Change your homepage on the chrome. You can do this by removing suspicious sites from startup section.
  • You can reset your google chrome


How to remove virus from Edge

For Microsoft edge, enter the top right menu( horizontal dots), pick extension and remove it from your Microsoft edge. Under the gear icon, you’ll see the uninstall, click on it. You can also clear cookies and other browser data from your Microsoft edge browser.

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How to prevent from getting y2mate and other adware

  1. Use proper web browser with layer of security to protect your privacy
  2. Browse internet with full and true anonymity. We suggest you use a powerful Private Internet Access VP. This will encrypt traffic that to and from your computer.
  3. Do regular data backups of your sensitive information to avoid loss in a crypto-malware attack
  4. If you suffered unexpected data loss, use data recovery tools

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