Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Phentermine? 10 Little Known Reasons

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You got chunky waistline, fat arms, flabby belly, heavy butts and large thighs. You have done exercises, and practiced HIIT workouts but never dropping an inch of weight from your skin. You have tried weight-loss diet, and skimmed on meals, no results. Then now, you have to switch to taking a weight loss drug called phentamine. Still no visible slimming of your body. So, why am I not losing weight on Phentermine, despite my dieting, exercises, limitations, and lifestyle changes?

My doctor placed me on a dose of Phentermine, and I cut down on my snacks and calorie intake, hoping to get skinny faster, within weeks.

My life-changing goal to lose weight and look more beautiful, active, and healthier will soon to be a dream come true, I first thought.

To my greatest surprise, one week passed, I got nearly zero-pound weight loss. The second week came, I couldn’t boost of reducing up to 3 lbs of my fleshy belly.

Now the third week is running out and I am still not certain I can’t proudly shed 10 lbs of belly fat after taking Phentermine pills.

Could there be something I am not doing right? Why am I not losing weight on phentermine, when everyone else is proud to show good weight loss results on the pills?

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Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Phentermine - obese man - I am Obese, and on a diet and not losing weight. I am wondering why am I not losing weight on Phentermine pills the doctor prescribed
img: I am Obese, and on a diet and not losing weight. I am wondering why am I not losing weight on Phentermine pills the doctor prescribed.


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First, what is Phentermine?

You are exercising every day, eating low-calorie diets, taking home made weight loss drinks with a longing expectation to get thinner body size.

Those are not the only way to lose weight and get skinnier. Phentermine is a popular weight loss drug that has proven to be extraordinarily effective on some overweight and obese adults.

Phentermine is a weight loss pill that was FDA approved since 1959, for adults over 16 years. In the 1990s, drug companies used Phentermine in combination with other weight loss pills to make what was often named fen-phen.

In this our times, Phentermine works as a weight loss pill on its own, and you will notice it comes with many names, including Adipex-P, Suprenza and more.

If you’re obese(BMI of 30+) and your doctor prescribes the FDA-approved drug intended for weight loss, know that the drug is not without risks and side effects.

Even if your body mass index(BMI) is just 28, it is still higher than the healthier limit of 18.5-24.9. So, a health care professional will probably recommend the Phentermine weight loss pill.

But if you have got some special weight related issues, other weight loss methods, including exercises, dieting and calorie-reduced dieting, may apply.

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How Phentermine is intended to work for weight loss

Phentermine works by suppressing your appetite and decreasing you feeling to get hungry. The Phentermine substance is classified under anorectics–a class of appetite suppressants.

By suppressing your appetite, you won’t eat as much as before, and that will help to limit how many calories you consume. This reduced calorie per day creates a calorific deficit in your system. This causes your body to remove and burn the fat that’s stored under your fatty, chucky skin in all body parts.

One experience with using Phentermine for getting skinny body size is that it doesn’t work the same way, at the same time, for all users. While others will immediately start looking kg of body fat, your body can become appetite-suppressing tolerant.

The end result is that you’ll find yourself not losing weight on phentermine. SO if you are eating in calorie deficit but not losing weight, there’s something wrong.

Why am I not losing weight on phentermine weight loss pills? I am eating better and not losing weight. Why am i not losing weight please?
Img: Phentermine is a stimulant and appetite suppressing pills.  I am eating better and not losing weight. Why am I not losing weight please?


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What is the effective weight loss for phentermine?

Before we talk about why someone can be eating in a caloric deficit and not losing weight, let’s check how much weight you can lose with Phentermine.

Research has shown that the average weight loss for a heavyweight person taking Phentermine is about 3.0 percent of the individual’s initial body weight in 3 months. Double this period to 6 months, and you’ll lose up to 7% of initial body weight.

In perspective, if you weigh about 200 LBS(90kg), after 6 months of continuously taking Phentermine, you will probably lose max 14 pounds or 6.5kg of weight.

Some people even achieve this incredible weight loss result within 1-2 months, while others don’t just respond to the Phentermine weight loss medication(report)

If you discover you haven’t slimmed down after consuming Phentermine in 90 days, contact a profession healthcare provider. Research has found that if you use the Phentermine weight loss pills for over a year, the effective work as appetite suppressing chemical will decrease.

Although the Phentermine drugs holds a track record for helping overweight guys to burn more fat off their chubby skin, it is proven to work best when combined with Topiramate.

It is found that phentermine and topiramate combined together can help you lose at least 5% of initial body weight. Some heavy people have lost over 15 pounds (7kg) with the combined medication.


Average weight loss on Phentermine/Topiramate

The weight loss on Phentermine depends much on the drug dosage and obese patients who received Phentermine-topiramate weight loss medication always experience a decrease in weight circumference(report). For example,

Phentermine Dose: 23mg , average weight loss : 7.8 lb(3.55kg)

Phentermine Dose : 46g, average weight loss : 16 pounds(7.3kg)

Phentermine Dose: 92mg, average weight loss : 18 pounds(9.3kg)

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Why am I not losing weight on phentermine?

Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Phentermine - find out
Img : I am exercising and eating but not losing weight. Why am I not losing weight on Phentermine? – Find out


If you discover there is no results after 12 weeks of using the Phentermine weight loss drug, that is when to stop using medication.

Here is it, FDA, recommends you quit the weight loss journey after 12 weeks, if consuming the highest daily dose of the medication doesn’t produce at least 3% loss of your body weight.

While taking the drug, if you still don’t feel the effects of appetite suppression, here is why you’re not losing weight with phentermine weight loss pills.


1. You’re eating too much food

If you don’t count how much food and calories accurately, that you are taking in, you might never know that you’re eating excessively. Too much eating is a common trigger for weight gain.

So you need to weigh your food portions carefully to make sure lack of weight loss is not the result of too many meals and snacks.

You may be eating A LOT without being aware, if

You serve on larger plates–most people turn to forcefully finish whatever portion they served on their plate. If the plate is super wide, you risk not shedding those fleshy belly fat.

If you snack frequently after meals. Taking unhealthy snacks after meals could keep your calorie intake higher, then you wonder why you’re at a calorie deficit but not losing weight.

If you take calorie-dense meals more than 3 times in a day. You may eat small portions, but if you serve yourself several times in a day, you are probably eating too much overall.


2. You’re not eating enough food

Don’t think that less food intake is equivalent to much weight loss, no!, not really. Skipping meals is devastating if you want to lose weight healthily and look skinny.

You know, that the weight loss drug Phentermine actually works to suppress your appetite, but it is not a starvation pill, just to clear the misconception.

If your appetite falls to zero, you may not be able to supply the minimal amount of calories your body requires for effective, healthier, and natural weight loss. You must have to eat to keep the right balance of calories and energy.

Note this point seriously. If you starve yourself, of fast excessively while hopping to get thinner and size, you may lose muscle mass(which is good weight loss), but the bad effect is your basal metabolism will also reduce.

Reduced basal metabolic rate means your muscles won’t burn calories readily, and you know what that means? You’ll start gaining back weight more easily. So starvation is not a perfect weight loss pathway, avoid it.


3. Your unhealthy dieting

Not eating a balanced diet, taking in calorie-loaded foods, sugars, and overall too much eating is just another reason why you are eating in caloric deficit and not losing weight still.

Obviously, your body needs proper nutrition for a perfect health. When dieting to get skinnier face, thighs and thin waistline, make sure your food includes both micro and macro nutrients. If you take in food lacking in vitamins, minerals, proteins, a bit of carbohydrate, you run the risk of malnutrition.

A poor diet may cause result in fatigue, slow metabolism, deficiencies, cravings, and potentially rebounding to too much eating. Losing weight healthily requires that your body should function properly, and not to work too hard to run the physiological processes.

Eating all variety of food, with right vitamins, ingredients will enable proper body functioning and weight loss. Eat healthily and allow Phentermine to work in a proper environment inside your body.

What I mean is that taking phentermine without changing poor eating habits will not create long-term weight loss result. Your poor habits can result in the likelihood of future weight regain.

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4. You suffer stress and fatigue

Stress and fatigue causes hormonal imbalances in your body and that is possibly why you are still able to eat in caloric deficit and not losing weight, just an inch of it.

Stress causes starvation in some people, and overeating in others and even if you can diet and create 1400 calories, you’ll still not be losing weight with phentermine.

Harvard research suggests that stress makes you to overeat with potential weight gain or risk of becoming obese. The habit of excessive eating or serving large portions of foods involves unhealthy eating style, which is counterproductive loss.

Some people skip on meals when they get psychologically stressed up and that will means, failing to provide the required weight loss nutrients the body requires.

It may not be true with you, but you have better got some stress management strategies in place when dealing Phentermine for weight loss.

If you’ve got a problem, get it addressed as soon as possible. Breathing exercises, and visiting a chiropractor for message are some popular ways you can manage your stress situations efficiently, but costly.

But if you are serious about getting the size of your waistline reduced, in stress-free conditions, you may get a massage chair for home.

Frequent home massage(even at bedtime) will make you stay motivated, in a good mood and healthier all the time.


5. You got a wrong Phentermine drug administration

Other heavy fat people lose a lot more weight on phentermine alone. Overestimation of Phentermine can cause you to barely lose a pound in a per week even if you are cutting 1200 calories and exercising.

Even if you have taken care of your stress, your diet and exercise, get a good sleep, you will be disappointed because the results of Phentermine depend on how you take it, your habit, health conditions and the dosage.

If your weight loss medication involves a 37.5mg Phentermine (standard dose), your body may be too sensitive or have no tolerance for the dosage.

A higher dosage in some individuals may cause high blood pressure, or palpitation. If you think it is overestimated for you, cut the dose in halve, down to 18.75mg.

That’s easier, just break the tablet in the middle. But you can still be on half a pill of Phentermine and eating 1200 calories and still be struggling to lose weight. Pentermine Dose is not the only problem here the drug can’t still help lose an inch of belly fat if you take it at the wrong time.

Phentermine help in appetite reduction and increased metabolic rate. If you skip or forget to take Phentermine, it is almost similar to premature discontinuation, which results in fatigue, cravings and more hunger.

If not, meet your doctor again, if you observe zero weight loss in a few weeks, and you believe you might have been prescribed Phentermine with a wrong estimate.


6. You Still Crave for Processed foods

Processed foods contain much added sugars and sometimes empty calories. You need to eat the better way, processed foods are loaded with added sugars. That is the leading cause of heart diseases and diabetes.

Sodas and processed juice taste good, but they are packed with fructose, which will just aid weight gain, give you fatty livers, cause depression, cancer and more.

This issue of added sugars is unnoticeable to most people because it comes in many names that you won’t imagine, was sugar. Your food shouldn’t be too empty of calories, it should be packed with sugar. Rather, make it rich with vitamins, fiber, and proteins.


7. You take In Little water

Drinking enough water maximizes the effects of Phentermine weight loss medication. Dehydration may even worsen the side effects of Phentermine and I believe that’s not what you want to suffer.

Drinking water during your weight loss journey help to boost metabolic rate. Taking as little as half a liter of drinkable water per day helps to boost your calories burn, up to 30% in the next hour(report).

Water has low energy and if you take at least 0.5 liter of it, it would replace your beverages, and limit much calorie intake.

Moreover, water boosts calorie burn, assists Phentermine in minimizing your appetite. How much water you drink to lose weight and look skinny depends on your individual needs, however.

8. You’re doing no exercise to lose weight

Phentermine works to slim your body size awesomely when combined with dieting and exercises. Even if you’ve got an injury, simple exercise like walking around the home, or on a heavy weight treadmill can help Phentermine achieve wonderful weight loss.

If your injury prevents you from walking, at least you’ve got arms and hands. Engage in hand and forearm exercises that will keep burning more calories in your body, which is better than doing nothing.

Your Phentermine weight loss program could also be failing because your weight loss exercise is pretty boring. Well, some big guys and other obese fitness enthusiasts choose to walk, run or jog on treadmills with TV screen for interactivity and video entertainment.

Don’t include exercises from your weight loss journey. Simple fitness cardio workouts can relieve you of stress, elevate your fat-burning heart rate, and give Phentermine some energy boost. The key is combining your phentermine with weight loss exercises.


9. You’re not sleeping properly

Lifestyle health-related issues like lack of sleep or insomnia is another bigger problem why some people still can boost of decreasing their waistline by an inch. Your appetite hormones fluctuate when you don’t get good enough sleep(report)

If you deprive yourselves of sleep, even with the phentermine taken every day, you will probably become overweight, and this is true for overweight children.

Not getting enough sleep causes your brain to crave for more food, which is unhealthy eating to lose weight, as your hunger skyrockets.

Maintain a daily sleep of 5-10 hours and you will be losing weight with Phentermine healthily.


10. Your Health issues

You want to shed close to 20lbs of chubby thigh and arm muscles , but why are you not losing weight despite calorie deficit and use of Phentermine? Health conditions is one little known reason why many people complain they are eating healthily and not losing weight on Phentermine.

If your doctor checked and found no undiagnosed health problems before administering you the weight loss pill, you got no problem. But some issues may surface only during the first week when you tried out Phentermine, and that is the reason why you are not losing weight.

For example, one woman tried Phentermine twice, and got no result, and the health specialist discovered she had an insulin resistance. Also, Leptin resistance is just not a fertile condition to lose weight with Phentermine. I am just imagining how many of this kind of health complication exist.

Some specialists may not have a solution for your health condition while you’re on Phentermine drug. Paleo diets may be a better cure for such health issues, not everyone’s body responds the same. Some people even have insulin resistance and they have successfully lost weight on Phentermine.

If a doctor detects your health challenge, and issues the right Phentermine dosage, or combines the Phentermine with another medication, you eating better but not losing weight will be gone.



How to use Phentermine to lose weight –  the right way

Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Phentermine? - How to use Phentermine to lose weight -  the right way
Img: Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Phentermine? – How do I use Phentermine to lose weight the right way?


Perhaps the doctor prescribed you the lowest dose of Phentermine. And now, you drink lots of water, maybe you walk 500 steps daily, you feed on veggie, proteins, high-fiber foods and eat hundreds of calories each day.

You even cut down on your alcohol, to consume coffee, go to gym, drink 2 liters of water daily, and reduce meat consumption.

The question is, upon these lifestyle changes and hard work, why are you not still losing weight as expected?

If you are dieting and exercising but not losing any weight on Phentermine, you may not be using the weight loss pill safely and correctly – the right way.

If your doctor has prescribed it, using the Phentermine the right way will look like this.

“Take 1 pill of Phentermine tablet every day morning for 30 days”.

Your doctor will not prescribe phentermine weight loss pills for a time longer than 3 months. Phentermine was FDA-approved for short-term weight loss and if you use it for an extensive period, the benefits will start to decline.

Losing weight with Phentermine shows diminishing weight loss results over time. You can lose, for example, 12 pounds the first month, then 8 pound the second month and 3 in the last month. It often looks awe-inspiring the first month, and you’ll lose less the subsequent months.

how to use phentermine

Here is how to use phentermine for weight loss correctly, to ensure you get a long-lasting skinny appearance.

  1. combine phentermine with other medications
  2. Combine Phentermine with intermittent fasting
  3. DO not take Phentermine more than 3 days in a week, other people use it for 2 days
  4. Take phentermine in the early hours of the day(morning), while you’ve not taken breakfast
  5. Note all limitations in using Phentermine as medication to cure your obesity


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