What’s the  best road bike helmet under $100?

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Looking for the best road bike helmet under $100 budget? You are in the right place. I am a rider, and I would share you my very best models of cheap cycling helmets.

Cycling is one of the best outdoor sports I cherished the most. I get a new experience each time I ride down the country road, or a mountainside. In addition to my outdoor cycling watche, one gear I don’t forget when going for a bike ride is a helmet- an incredible life saver. I bought a new road bike helmet last year, I love the style, the ventilators, the fit and the easy adjustments.

It wasn’t easy finding the right  bike helmet that could size my unnatural fat head, and still fall under my tight budget plan. I was actually shopping frugally, and got one stunning polycarbonate shell cycling headgear that costed around $60. It saved me money,  although it took me pretty long time comparing and reading reviews. It has never crumbled, I never crash it though,  So, I want to share with you some of my favorite and best road bike helmets that I can still purchase right now.

I will share with you which helmet I consider favorite, and budget-friendly, with a good purchase price lower than $100. But is there a good cycling helmet at a selling price under 100 dollars? You can get your best road bike helmet under $100, which is super nice, streamlined, and meets safety standards.

Even if 100 dollars looks too expensive, there are many cheap bike helmets on our list for around $50 too, which is a very reasonable price for a helmet designed with safety in mine. When you are done shopping, done also forget to pick your ideal watch for mountain biking.


best road bike helmet under $100-top picks

There is no point in paying high end money for a helmet. Wearing a cheap cycling helmet does not mean it lacks protection.

We will show you some best cheap bike helmets that cost less than a hundred bucks, built with MIPS technology, and so can deviate or scatter impact energy.

Many of them have tough shells, comfortable foams, lightweight and good head-cooling air-vents. Their easy adjustable fit system is a plus, and a great value for riders.

Here are the best affordable helmets we suggest for your road bike or mountain bike adventures.



Our Best Road Bike Helmets Under $100 reviewed

Shopping for helmets on a budget does not mean you are not going to pick a good cycling helmet for your next adventure. Infect, there are many really affordable road bike helmets in the market, although few meet the safety requirement.

But let me still ask. Why should you buy a cheap road bike helmet? To be sincere, most high-end bicycle helmets have expensive features you’re never going to need. So, buying the best bike helmets under $100 that truly fits your budget size and the shape of your head offers more value for your money.

If you are looking to wear a better quality bike helmet without paying hundreds of dollars, you are in the right place. Now let us check the budget helmets and learn how to choosing the right road bike helmet later.


1. Bell Formula MIPS Road Bike Helmet – best cheap bike helmet under $100

best road bike helmet under $100best road bike helmet under $100 - What’s the  best road bike helmet under $100?
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 After Bell reverse-engineered many helmets in the  1950s, he developed the Bell motorcycle helmets. Today, the formula MIPS road bike helmet is absolutely comfortable, and safe. Bell designed his headgears with human safety in mind, and has built a reputation for his helmet designs.

This MIP road bike helmet comes with an adjustable fit system. You can customize how you wear it, and how it fits to any head size and shape. The experience is that bell helmets are easy to wear or use.

Moreover, the integrated MIP technology is an advanced safety feature which the brand developed. The helps to reduce effects due to rotational forces on your biker’s brain, if there is an oblique impact.

Nonetheless. The budget road bike helmet has a durable construction, the polycarbonate shell is tough, and highly protective. No worries, it would keep you safer in most road cycling situation, even on the mountainside.

The float fit and the no-twist tri-glide system is easy to turn, and an excellent addition. There are various sizes available like Small (52-56 cm), medium (55-59 cm), and Large 58-62 cm). Take your head measurement accurately and avoid picking a road bike helmet that does not fit.

The color aesthetics features matte/gloss white/blue/raspberry. Helmet colors keep you visible to other road users. My take is that, you pick a helmet with a color the blends attractively with your bike and cycling outfit.

With a normal rounded shape head, the fit is comfortable and won’t flop around a rider’s head except it is narrow. The whole headgear is pretty lightweight and offers a great value for your money, similar to BELL Formula MIPS Cycling Helmet.

Reason to purchase this affordable road bike helmet

  • MIPS equipped, so rotational forces have low impact
  • Has quick to adjust fasteners for straps
  • The sweat guide pad takes moisture from the ear wear
  • straps are light, breathable, and not close to ears
  • comes with good color for visibility
  • cheaper than $100 – great price point,

The quick release fastener comes below the chin and takes time to squeeze properly. The helmet looks wide if you have a narrow head.


2. Specialized Align II MIPS Road Helmet – best safest road bike helmet at under 100 dollars

This is another great value MIPS helmet for serious riders. You won’t even know that the Align II is a low-cost road ride helmet which sells for only $50.

The design looks sleeker, with sportier flare, and more attractive. Its integrated MIPS technology offers more than enhanced protection against rotational forces so that you never get head injury in an angled crash.

Compared to the predecessor, cheap helmet really has a good fit, a bit more expensive. I guess it is worth the small price hike as compared to the predecessor. Besides, it has earned a 5-Star in the Virginia Tech Helmet Rating.

If you want variety, you got it all. The colors are classy, including white, black, and some vibrant color like glass sand, matte vivid coral wild.

Whatever your head size and shape, Align II road bike helmets have 3 sizes–Small/medium (52-56), medium/large (56-60) and the extra-large (59-62). A ride with a 58 noggin should go for the M/L models for a good fit.

If you want to connect the bike helmet straps to the chin strap, without adjusting anything, the Tri-Fix web splitter section hasn’t changed from older models.

As for comfort during solo rides, the road bike has been designed with a 4th dimension cooling system, even a pretty slow cycling speed. You still get fleshing airflow into your head. Even with sweat on your face, you still enjoy a relaxing solo ride.

Night riders would love the two curvy reflective strips behind (rear) of this Align II budget cycling helmet. They help in low-light cycling adventures.

Reason to buy

  • Easy to use headset SX fit system
  • Easily-adjustable
  • Easy to adjust and tighten in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction
  • Has a comfortable lid, with plenty of ventilation
  • streamlined and sporty for any activity
  • It’s one of the cheapest all-round helmets with Mips protection
  • best for a people with a variety of riding styles

downside: really heavy, it weighs about 360g, which is not friendly in a longer biking sport session.


3. Smith Optics Signal MIPS Road Cycling Helmet –

best lightweight road bike helmet under 100 dollars

best road bike helmets under $100best road bike helmet under $100 - What’s the  best road bike helmet under $100?

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Smith Signal is another budget road bike helmet with integrated MIPS technology, which makes it one of the best trail helmets under $100.

The road cyclists headgear is constructed very lightweight for a long hike. This cheap trail helmet is also design stylish, with polycarbonate as shell material, and very comfortable, giving a great value for the money.

Moreover, the Optic Signal road bike head protector has an AirEvac ventilation system. The 21 fixed air-vents allow you to get a consistent and decent airflow when taking a sweaty ride.

Besides letting you feel a little less sweaty, the VaporFit dial adjustment system offers up to 270-degree fit adjustment. This lets bikers find an excellent fit for any head shape and size.

This inexpensive road bike helmet has a chin strap that feels lighter, and easy to adjust. Overall, the strap is comfortable under your chin. It does show minimal twisting.

Overall, this Smith cycling helmet looks pretty good, feels good and fits lower on a biker’s head. Even if you smack your head on the pavement pretty hard, Smith bike helmet can protect you from potentially severe head trauma.

Bikers with abnormally big head still find a suitable model for themselves. If you got a huge head, Smith Optic cycling helmet is the best recommendation at a lower cost.

The Smith Optic signal has a competitive price and offers awesome value for your money. Overall, it is the best lightweight road bike helmet under 100 dollars.


  • Weight : 300g.
  • Helmet Color : black
  • Outer material : polycarbonate
  • Sport: road cycling
  • Size: x-small

Reason to buy the budget bike helmet

  • Safer with integrated MIPS technology
  • Feels lightweight on your head
  • Comfortable inside
  • Integrates easily with Smith performance eyewear for fog-free lenses
  • Easy to adjust straps
  • Available in small, medium and large sizes


4. Kask Rapido Bike Helmet – best low profile bike helmet doe around $50

cheap road bike helmet for under 100 dollarsbest road bike helmet under $100 - What’s the  best road bike helmet under $100?
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 Kash is another road bike, with super lightweight(224g), excellent aerodynamics, and added protection with MIP technology.  All these come at a price that every bike rider can afford.

The Kash Rapido is designed as an entry level helmet but has one of the highest safety standards. The air flows efficiently, for a sweat-free ride, and the up and down fit system offers the best comfortable fitting.

The street bike comes in multiple colors, so you will probably have one that blends with your bicycle style. The sleek and subtle helmet style is really attractive, with no bulk, it is just a feeling of being weightless.

With about 24 large vents, Rapido circulates fresh air while releasing the warm air from the helmet. No worries, because in your summer mountain cycling activity, your head will feel cool and fresh always.

Cycling is one of the finest sports. For riders who love handmade helmet, Kash Rapido is worth consideration, especially as it looks and feels like a high-end helmet, but only comes in at an entry-level price.

The road bike helmet is greatly designed for all riders, both beginners and experienced. Being the cheapest model of road bike helmets, it provide a superb value at a surprisingly giveaway price.

Kash is durably built from polycarbonate material for the outer shell. Users have seen this minimal profile headgear tested in accidents, breaking the shell and preventing head injuries.

Reason to purchase

  • Best for budget conscious riders
  • Has superb comfort
  • Offers excellent safety fit with MIPS
  • Well ventilated, to keep your head cool
  • Lightweight – Weighs less than 250g
  • Best for beginner riders and professionals
  • Has good fit for narrow heads
  • Has pretty good rear retention design
  • super easy tightening system

Some riders complain that the chin strap adjusters look cheaper and need you to constantly readjust them.



Specialized Echelon II Mips Bike Helmet – best durable road bike helmet under 100 usd

Looking for the best headgear to prevent a concussion upon impact? Specialized Echelon II MIPS is another low cost but reliable helmet.

The street bike helmet looks rounded, and has gained 5-Star from the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab. The sleek, well-rounded shaped and cozy style, is pretty eye-catching.

The lightweight design, plus the advanced ventilation system, ensure you never get a disturbing sweaty face in the middle of your mountain biking. Your head stays cool even if you are in a competitive or longer bike ride.

Moreover, and for a price point under 100 dollars, you can pick small, medium and larger sizes, depending on how big your head looks.

The adjustable fit system gives bikers some snug and protective fit – something that every biker needs for a tough cycling adventure.

As regards aesthetics, Specialized Echelon Ii comes in a variety of colors including green, red, purple and blue. These will match your black road bicycle.

No fear to suffer injury in case of an accident or impact. Echelon II is equipped with an MIPS head protection technology to reduce shocks in a crash or collision with hard objects.

The headgear is very reliable because it is CPSC-certified, a quality that is hard to find within a reasonable price range or under 100 bucks.

Why should you purchase it

  • Offers MIPS protection against rotational forces
  • Two years warranty
  • CPSC certified for safety
  • Earned 5-Star Virginia Tech Helmet Lab Rating
  • Offers adjustable fit
  • Well ventilated


Giro Isode MIPS – Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet

inexpensive road bike helmet - low price cycling helmet under 100 dollarsbest road bike helmet under $100 - What’s the  best road bike helmet under $100?
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Giro Isode MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet is available at a lower price, around 50 bucks. It offers good value for the money, fits well even on a bigger head and offers features only found in high-end models.

Most athletes and cyclists consider Giro not only because of its universal fit sizing for every head but because it includes the in-Mold construction that keeps it lighter (low weight). In addition, the sound constructed includes good ventilation and a lightweight but durable scuff-resistant shell.

The headgear looks pretty attractive, a suitable and great helmet for riders who love the classic style design that does not compromise comfort and safety. Unlike previous models, this is a nice helmet which does not dig into the edge of your ears. The single-knob size adjustment is a plus.

Moreover, the Roc Loc sport helmets have a MIPS system for easy one-hand operation. The one-handed adjustment helps to offer a good fit, in just at a single turn of a dial.

Plus, the Giro Isode comes with the integrated MIP technology. No matter how fast or far you are gearing down the hill, your brain is protected when riding.

Giro is credible for making lightweight, high performance helmets for cycling and snow sports. That is why Giro helmets resonate at the core of every outdoor rider’s experience.

If you aim to strive for a better biking experience, Giro helmet would offer a full hard body coverage for your head. The quick-dry padding reflectivity offers more visibility to the nearby riders and drivers. Moreover, the cheap road bike helmet is easy to clean and costs less.

The Giro’s MIPS helmet limits the forces sent to riders’ brains. Even if you fall to your side, the shell will only crack to reduce risk of concussion. If its damaged, you can easily replace it for around $50. It is a reasonably priced street bike helmet with MIPS.

Why should you order this bike helmet?

  • Has lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Has premium features at a cheaper rate
  • Easy to adjust chin strap
  • Can save your life at a little purchase price
  • Less than 50 dollars cheaper road bike helmets



Giro Verce MIPS  Women’s Mountain Cycling Helmet – best women road bike helmet under $100

affordable road bike helmet for womenbest road bike helmet under $100 - What’s the  best road bike helmet under $100?
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Giro follows stringent safety standards when manufacturing their helmets. If you want a cheap rated MIPS helmet in the women category of athletes, Giro has proprietary shell sizes even for women.

With diverse helmets styles and prices, this Giro cycling helmet is satisfactory headgear for female riders and the best women road bike helmet under $100. The design is unisex to feminine, with a universal fit sizing. That does mean female and male athletes don’t have a different head anatomy except the skull diameter.

The build quality of this is awesome with matte midnight color, universal women’s fit sizing (50-57 cm). The in-Mold construction keeps the hard polycarbonate shell and the foam (impact absorber) liner together.

Furthermore, the ventilation system allows enough air flow that keeps her head and hair aerated, cool and dry of sweat, when she’s riding on hot days.

There is the unisex Giro Verse MIPS helmet, but if you have a sister, or wife that loves bike riding, go for the women’s version of the same helmet.

The women’s version is designed with a smaller outer shell. Giro Verce MIPS busget road bike for women feels light, functional, and attractive and makes a better fit for every lady.

Reason to order this affordable road bike helmet for women

  • Easy adjustable fit system
  • Fits perfectly and is super comfortable!
  • Available in many sizes
  • MIPS-equipped
  • Lighter and cooler
  • Tough outer shell – polycarbonate



Buyers guide: What to look for in a bike helmet

How do I choose a road bike helmet? Let us quickly see how to choose the best road bike helmet under $100.

1. Padding

Your road cycling helmet may be cheap, but you still have to pick the one with a padding that will make the headgear comfortable and protective against shocks. Expensive biking helmets feel absolutely good, but not all affordable models lack comfort.

Your best pick should be a low-cost road helmet that fits snugly and comfortably. No rider would want to wear a helmet that’s uncomfortable and not worth it.

2. Ventilation

Your head will get hot in a summer riding sport. Sweating will usually occur when cycling in warm days, so a street bike helmet with good ventilation system at a reasonable price is a big catch.

A road bike helmet with many vents is more breathable and makes best road bike helmet for summer. If you are going to cycle in cold weather, a suitable road bike is one with few air vents. You should try as much as possible to balance your helmet breathability with head coverage.

3. MIPS Safety

Not many inexpensive road bike helmets have MIPS safety technology. When shopping, even on a tight budget plan, do not compromise your safety at all. MIPS equipped road riders helmets perform better in injury prevention than street bikers helmets without MIPS.

But how will you judge the level of protection between two affordable MIPS road bikers under 100 dollars? A MIPS-equipped helmet that offers reliable protection for your head and brain would have a high (4 or 5) star Virginia Tech helmet Lab’s ratings and scores.

Some non-MIPS helmets may be equipped with WaveCel, which also performs well in reducing concussion risk.

4. Helmet age

How old is the helmet? If you are going to buy a second-hand road bike helmet, be extra cautious. A helmet padding degrades as it ages out. So an aged headgear will be more unlikely to keep riders’s head away from collision injury.

Moreover, if you haven’t worn your cycling helmets for quite some times, consider buying a new bicycle helmet. The environmental condition where you kept a helmet affects its safety features. In hot areas, heat will quickly degrade the padding more than it would be in a low-temperature area.

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Are MIPS helmets really better?

MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is a safety feature designed into a cycling helmet. MIPS technology helps to reduce rotational forces from damaging our brain if there is an impact and prevent concussion. MIPS-equipped road bike helmets are effective and reliable under laboratory test, they can provide safety for road bike riders.

Is MIPS worth the money?

Headgears equipped with MIPS tend to perform better than non-MIPS helmets and have better ratings in the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab when given an impact test. Because of the advanced safety feature, cycling MIPS helmet brands like the Giro, bell, Lazer are a bit expensive than NON-MIPS.

Today, some budget-friendly helmets also have integrated MIPS technology. So if you lack the money, or is budget-conscious, it is worth choosing the cheap MIPS road bike helmets because they offer the same protection against rotational impact that expensive model would.

MIPS worth the money? YES. Even if it needs that you have to pay an extra $20-$50 for this feature, it is worth every cent because it can save your life more NON-MIPS. Nice for guys who are shopping for a road bike frugally.



What is the Virginia Tech helmet lab rating and scores?

Virginia Tech helmet Lab is a reputable research group. What they do is to rigorously test how safe a helmet is, in case of impact or collision.

If the helmets hold up under the stress, the headgear receives a rating. 5-Star is considered the best helmet rating, while a score of 4-Star is for helmets that perform very well at reducing risk of concussion.

How likely a biker suffers a concussion while wearing a helmet during a crash is also given a number. If a biking helmet is more protective in a crash accident, it would earn a Lower Virginia Tech Helmet Lab Score.


How should your road bike helmet fit?

Every cycling helmet should feel snug, but not tight else, it would be uncomfortable. You should consider not wearing a helmet that feels too tight. If the head protector feels too loose, it will probably wobble, or shift out of place when you are riding or when you crash accidentally. The best fit helmet will stay in place even when you fall and hit it against hard objects in a crash.


Is it illegal to ride a bike on the road without a helmet?

Each states has its own bike riding laws. Some state’s laws do not allow anyone to ride a bike on the city roads without a helmet. There, you will be breaking or going against the law if you ride a bike without a helmet.

Some other state has laws that forbid people under a certain age to ride a bicycle on the road without a helmet. Check the age limit in your states, but it is usually within the teenage age group 10-18 years. This means it is not illegal to ride a bike without helmets if you are already an adult.


How often should you replace a bike helmet?

Replace your helmet every 3 to 5 five years. The time actually depends on helmet usage and on what your helmet has been subjected to. If your helmet has crashed, crush, break, or crumble before upon impact, you should start thinking of the helmet replacement.

I am sure you don’t want the same helmet to fail in protecting your head in your second fall or crash. Once a helmet has undergone stress due to collision to protect you, it won’t perform well again to offer you enough protection. So if you cyclists helmet has crashed before, replace the helmet immediately.

If you have not been wearing the helmet for sometimes, replace it. The more the bike helmets sit in your garage or basement, the more it degrades and loses its ability to endure impact to protect your brain. Padding will start to crumble and therefore you need a new cycling helmet.


How to clean a bike helmet

There are moments when you will ride down the mountainside and find your bike helmet muddy and stained with dirt. A simple mixture of cold water and soap can clean your dirty helmet with ease if you use a towel or a sponge. The padding can also be removed and hand-washed. When you are done washing your cycling helmets, choose to air-dry or heat-dry it.

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