What muscles does the elliptical work?

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When training on an exercise bike, you get you lower body muscles worked: your calves, thighs and glutes. But what muscles does the elliptical work on?

If you are going to get the best out of your elliptical trainer workout, you’d got to first figure out which elliptical machine muscles is worked. You will also want to know what does the elliptical do to your muscles in each forward and backward motion. It is factual that you won’t reap any of the elliptical benefits if it does not use your muscles. So What muscles does elliptical work?


It is a known fact that elliptical machines work your entire body simultaneously, providing low impact exercises that don’t kill your knees. The cardio workouts from elliptical trainers help strengthen your heart muscles, improves your breathing capacity, facilitates fat burning and weight loss.

Ellipticals are also suitable if you wanna build muscles around your arms and lower body. The surprise thing, which is also exceptional, is that ellipticals uses and engages over 80 percent of your body’s muscles.

However, elliptical trainers and cross trainers aren’t the only cardio equipment that get your muscles toned, strengthened and worked. Treadmills, stair climbers, exercise bikes also work on your muscles. But why is elliptical cardio workouts so exceptional?

,what muscles does the elliptical work on? ,what muscles does the elliptical work going backward
Img: What muscles does the elliptical work on? What muscles does the elliptical work going backward and forward?


First, what does elliptical do?

Elliptical machines are very easy, and friendlier on your joints because the elliptical machines offer nothing but lower impact exercises. By working out on ellipticals, you never get to kill your knees, or add to already existing injuries in your legs, hips and back.

Working out on elliptical is very easy and you can use it immediately. The learning curve for using elliptical is instantaneous. Besides, they pece of equipment is easy to set up and use in the home gym.

They are safer because you never make any impact on the pedals or platform. There is never going to be any mistake of stepping your foot outside the platform. more importantly, the handle bars provide enough stability and balancing for its users.

Even if you have mobility problems, and poor posture, elliptical allow your weight to be spread over and across your legs. this prevents inbalancing during elliptical rides.


What muscle groups does elliptical work in your body?

Before we look individually, into what body parts does elliptical machine target, let us first make it general. It is the biggest help that elliptical workouts strengthen your whole body.

Elliptical trainings are similar to cardio exercises like running, walking, cycling. They are all aerobic workouts with great cardiovascular benefits.

but there is a bigger difference between these cardio exercises. An elliptical machine works, tones and targets your whole body while other home gym equipment target mostly a single group of muscles.

For example, Running, and walking primarily use and work only on your lower body muscle group. It does not matter whether you are walking or running on pavement in the outdoor road or you are using a home treadmill.

Elliptical targets your upper muscle group, your core muscle group and your lower body muscle group. On every single forward or backward motion of the elliptical trainer, each of these major muscle group work at the same time.

You already shopped your ideal home elliptical trainer, what muscles does it work anyway?


What muscles does the elliptical work on the lower body?

#1 Elliptical muscle targeted – hamstring

hamstrings, is a muscle located in your lower body, particularly behind your legs. These muscles help you do knee flexion, like bending your knee to raise up your leg.

These muscles are greatly targeted when doing hill climbing on elliptical machines. When working out, your hamstrings get toned as you press down the elliptical pedal and let it return to its starting position.

But what is the elliptical benefit for leg when your hamstring muscles get targeted? A strong hamstring muscles lets you do the natural lower body weight lifting, like walking up or down stairs. This is also quite useful during strength training workouts like squat and lunge, as well as deadlift exercises.

More importantly, and surprising to most cyclists, hamstrings enable you to walk, run or cycle uphill. Without the hamstring muscles, you can’t readily get up from a chair. It might just look natural, but its a basic and critically important fitness routine that keep your system active. You see, you might never know, but you use your hamstring muscles every single day.

Therefore there is need to strengthen this back-leg muscle. Walking, running, climbing activities can help work this muscles out. But back home, after a long day of driving around, you can use an elliptical trainer to activate and engage your hamstring muscles.

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#2 Muscle That Elliptical trainer tones – Calves

Calves are some of the elliptical machine muscles worked. This muscle group is relatively smaller, and they are located at the back of your leg running from the knee down to your ankle.

When it comes to making the various natural movements of your lower body parts, the calves are some of the muscles that contract the most. You can describe them as endurance muscle group as they contract everyday and constantly.

You calves keep support your posture. They stabilize and keep your body standing in upright and balanced position. Do not worry at how petite they appear to be, they are exceptionally powerful in every motion pattern of your legs.

Your calves muscles contract when you move forward and that build a better endurance for everyday walking, without any fatigue. Ellipticals also target your calve muscles which indirectly strengthens your ankles. This is the more reason why after you do you everyday walk, you suffer little or no ankle injury.


#3 Muscle that ellipticals work on : Glutes

Glutes are lower body muscles located justs around the bum part, at the top of your legs. When you hear people wanting to build leg muscles, more particularly, it is this fleshy muscle.

How many times have you taken a seated position today? How many time have you changed from sitting to standing position and vice versa? Human body working mechanism is quiet complex, and at same time a jaw-dropping to imagine.

Climbing, jumping, and getting up from a seat, all use your glutes. These muscles are vital in pushing or propelling your bodyweight upward.

Glutes are heavily targeted when you do an elliptical stair climbing workout. When you do other weight-bearing exercises, like running, they help tone your lower body muscles and empower your glutes.

If you already have pains, injury and arthritis,treadmill may not be suitable. An elliptical cross trainer is the best cardio machine for working out with bad legs, hip and back pains.

Do you imagine how a frog leaps by stretching its legs behind and downward? When you want to move upward and forward, your glutes, together with other muscles like hamstrings push your leg downward to build a thrust, which supports, and lifts your whole body upward.

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#4 Muscle that ellipticals target : Quads

Quads is one of the greatest muscle running from your hip right down to you knee, on your leg. Actually, the quadriceps are composed of the four muscles at the front of your thigh, which become engaged during knee extension.

Every day, every impact you make walking, or just standing, transfers your right down, through this quads muscle. As you press down the elliptical machine pedal, the quads is targeted.

If you ever want to make this muscle very powerful, or stronger, an elliptical machine is a better home equipment to exercise on.

To greatly tone your quads on elliptical trainer, set the incline to maximum. The trick to working out quads muscles on elliptical is that the higher you set the elevation, the more your quads must work to ‘climb’ up the height.

One of the elliptical benefits for legs is that movement gets easier as you work your quads more and more. Irrespective of your age(even over 60 years), strengthening your quad muscles gives you the ability to climb up flight stairs, do squat, lunges and leg extension fitness exercises, easily.

Lowering the incline level on elliptical eases your quads and reduces any climbing in every stride you make. But know that you are going to need an active quads for your everyday lower body movement.

If you want to slim your thigh, do lower body elliptical that will greatly target your quads at the front of your thighs.


What core muscles does the elliptical work on?

#5 Muscle targeted by ellipticals : Body Core

Your body’s core muscles lie in the midway between your upper body and your lower body. The core muscles are at the center, with one role of keeping your entire body upright.

Unlike the hamstrings, the glutes and the calves, elliptical machine workouts do not work your core directly. You don’t are never going to lean on you belly to use elliptical machine. In the course of moving your feet forward and backward on elliptical, your abdominal muscles maintain stabilization to keep you standing.

You abdominal and back muscles re so vital in weight lifting exercises, and in pushing and pulling objects.Bending your waist and leaning forward isn’t possible without stronger core muscles. Moreover, you posture, how long you stand, how much fitness activities you do, or baseball you play, all touch your core.

If you suffer from hip and lower back pains, workout your core muscles on elliptical without killing your knees. At the least, that will ease the pains, relieve stress, and also prevent injury. Muscles around the abs are the largest, and the most part where people want to slim excess fats.

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The question is, does elliptical work stomach or lose belly fat?

The answer is absolutely yes, although doing weight loss cardio on elliptical alone is not enough for the job. Losing belly fat and flattening your stomach only happens when you burn calories and lose weight over your entire body. You can’t sport reduce fat only on your belly muscles.

If you feel overweight, take this seriously!, It is a lot easier to flatten the tommy by combining both cardio and strength training workouts into your weight loss routine.

This will burn more calories, and reduce heavy belly fat only if you do full body workout to lose weight in all other muscles. Check out this article – Does elliptical burn belly fat?


what muscles does the elliptical work on your upper body?

# 6 Muscles toned on elliptical machine : the back

In your back are many small muscles. Your back is worked when you pull or push the elliptical handlebars. The more resistance you overcome using the elliptical movable handles, the more calories you burn on your back.

Your overall fitness looks, or physic depends on how powerful your back gets. Ellipticals train your back to withstand fitness activities like pull-ups, and bend-over exercises.

Apart from the fitness benefits, you also gain more control of your posture, as you do more exercises targeting your back and hips. Lifting objects from the floor is much assisted by the back muscles, not only the forearms.


#7 Muscles worked on ellipticals : Chest and shoulders

Your chest is at the front part of your body. The pectoral muscles around your chest get worked when you push the elliptical handles. remember that pectorals support your chest and they are considered as pushing muscles. Your shoulder blades are targeted when , bend up your arms to pull the handlebars.

A strong chest would improve your performance in all the other activities including push-ups, and bench press exercises. Additionally, a power chest facilitates how you push open doors, and lift object at home.


#8 Muscles : Forearm muscles – triceps and biceps

Elliptical handles work the arms and these handlebars move in tandem with the foot pedals. there is no weights in your hands during elliptical workout, but the movement of your arms during the exercises engages your triceps, biceps and the rhomboids.

Triceps are the largest forearm muscles you’ve got, which are located at the back of your upper arm. When doing elliptical, you work your biceps pulling the handlebars and your triceps pushing them. The push and pull help in strengthening your arms, improving your grip strength as a result.

Elliptical machines activate the forearm muscles when the arms are straightened, and ready to push or pull. When you bend your arm in an elbow flexion, to pull, your biceps are engaged and activated to contract.

Most bodybuilders participating in rock climbing, wrestling, boxing, and heavy weight lifting, desire to have bigger and power forearms muscles. Having a strong forearm is one winning tactics in combat fights like boxing, in gripping heavy objects.

You need a strong grip for rock climbing, weight lifting and pull-ups and push-up bar exercises. As a result, an elliptical is considered one of the many ways to get bigger forearms and strengthen wrists.


best elliptical benefits - Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine with Ergonomically placed grip heart rate monitors
Img: Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine with Ergonomically placed grip heart rate monitors

what muscles does the elliptical work - What muscles does the elliptical work?

Unfortunately, Elliptical can’t spot reduce a single muscle

You can’t use elliptical machine to spot reduce fat on one body part. Spot reducing certain parts of the body is near impossible on ellipticals.

So experts suggest that instead of wondering how to use elliptical machine to burn only belly fats, you should focus on using elliptical to hit major muscle groups and burn more calories.

So, if you wanted to lose weight from your fingers, and get rid of fat fingers, it is never going to happen. What is possible is that, elliptical will cause you to burn fat all over your entire body, and eventually, your finger will slim in size.

Again, if a woman wants to build or slim only bigger butts, ellipticals alone won’t help. Trimming your booty or thighs or certain areas of your body is only possible if you add resistance exercises, into your elliptical workout routine.

Don’t get into being fooled that elliptical can burn belly fats only and make you lose weight around your stomach. It is possible to train a specific part of your body, but that does not mean you are going to lose fat in that single spot.

The main reason why spot reducing is not easy on cardio machines, is because your body decides where it stores fats and it does that evenly. So you must engage both in dieting, and exercising as a whole, to lose weight in a particular part of your body like the “love handles”.

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elliptical workout benefits - Cheapest elliptical - Body Rider Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike with Seat and Easy Computer / Dual Trainer 2 in 1 Cardio Home Office Fitness Workout Machine BRD2000
img: Cheapest elliptical – Body Rider Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike with Seat and Easy Computer / Dual Trainer 2 in 1 Cardio Home Office Fitness Workout Machine BRD2000



How to tone muscles on elliptical machine

If you want to tone your muscle, the secret is to increase your elliptical’s resistance level. The elliptical piece of equipment will make your movements naturally and slower. however, the good news is that you will tone your muscles the most, as it is demanding in terms of muscle strength, to ride it.

  • Do your elliptical to tone your muscles 3-4 days a week
  • Focus on 30 – 45 minutes each of the cardio days
  • make sure you keep the resistance higher to maximize the elliptical benefits on your muscles.
  • rest for the rest of the day, or do very light activity to recover your muscles. Most people simply do different light activities to keep up burning more muscles, but at a lower intensity.


How to burn muscle fat with ellipticals

if you are gonna lose fat on elliptical, you gotta have to increase the intensity of the workout. A 30 minutes of high intensity interval training (HIIT) even at reduced resistance will quickly let you reach your exertion rate, beat your heart more, and burn more calories from muscles.

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Tips of working out muscles on elliptical trainers

  1. Don’t lean on elliptical handlebars because that will cause you to bend and reduce the work on your abs
    to tone you abdominals and thighs really well, take a backward step and bend your knees slightly forward and outward.
  2. While working out, occasionally step or stand on the tips of your toes to target your calves the most.
  3. Utilize both forward and backward elliptical movement when working out your muscles
  4. Keep good form when gliding. keep your shoulders back and eyes forward and make your hand stay at chest-height to fully activate your muscles.
  5. Don’t over work yourself. too much cardio can ruin all which you have gain doing ellipticals.
  6. Reduce your daily calorific intake from food, if you want to lose fat on your hips, thighs, butts and belly. a 500 calories reduction each day will help you lose about 1 pound of flesh each week.
  7. Keep training to boost your metabolism. the more you exercise, the more energy is used up in your muscles, and the more you may need to take in.
  8. Alternate your exercise with high and low intensity. This king of interval workout will help you quickly lose fat. When starting out, warm up your muscles with low intensity elliptical, then adjust setting to moderate, and finally to higher vigorous level.
  9. Create a dedicated elliptical workout plan and be discipline to follow it, else you’ll achieve nothing. Do at least 30 minute elliptical each day and aim to step up to 60 minutes cardio per day.


does elliptical tone buttocks and thighs?

Elliptical trainer does work and tone lower body muscles including your thighs, butts, calves and glutes. The point is that you can’t sport reduce or burn calories only from your thighs.

If you want to slim thigh muscles, you must lose your overall body fat. The question most people ask is how to get a better butt and thighs with an elliptical machine.

The intensity of your elliptical workout decides how much you tone your legs and glutes. But when you make a little adjustment to mimic and incline or uphill elliptical run, it targets and tone more of your glutes muscles.

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does elliptical make your leg skinnier?

if you want to get shapely legs, elliptical is a good machine to slim them. Set your elliptical workout to get your heart pumping faster. This increases your exertion rate and burns more calories from your lower body muscle groups.

The goal is to do more lower body elliptical workouts, that will burn more calories each day. You can mix it with lunges, squats, deadlifts, and other resistance trainings.

Higher elliptical resistance, combined with low calorie diet, and other fantastic exercises, will finally shed more body fat and slim your legs.

Seriously, make sure, you restrict your calorie intake so as to create a calorie deficit. If you don’t create this calorie deficit in your system, you will end up building more muscles around your legs.

While reducing number of caloreies you consume, focus on burning 250 to 500 calories each day from ellipticals.



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