What hand to wear a golf glove on- right or left?

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What hand to wear a golf glove on? Golf gloves go on  both hands Or just one?

Golf is a sport that requires a lot of gear and specific attire, and one thing you frequently see golfers wearing is a golf glove. Although they belong on a certain hand and may appear like part of the golf style, golfers wear them for a purpose.

What hand do you wear a golf glove on is a common query from first-time consumers of golf gloves. Golf gloves should always be worn since they provide a number of advantages, including improved grip and friction protection.

However, choose which hand to wear the glove on might be challenging at first. Knowing which hand to buy a glove for is essential before buying one so that you don’t get the wrong one. To make your purchasing experience smoother, we’ll cover all you need to know about golf gloves in this post.

Some golfers may ignore the importance of golf gloves, yet almost every professional golfer wears one for a good reason. A well-made golf glove may improve your game more than you would realize in a sport where even the tiniest detail can alter the trajectory of a shot.


Why do golfers have to wear gloves anyway?

What hand to wear a golf glove on - right or left hand?

The justifications for maybe wearing a golf glove are rather obvious.

Golf gloves can be worn on one or both hands to assist keep your hands from slipping while holding your clubs. They come in particularly handy while playing in wet weather or when your hands are sweaty.

Gloves can also lessen the harm that a round or session at the range will do to your hands. If you put a glove on one hand, you’ll probably notice that the other hand gets much more calloused than the gloved hand.

For the majority of situations, Footjoy’s WeatherSof is a fantastic, inexpensive solution.

The first is similar to why gloves are worn in other sports: to increase grip. That doesn’t mean you can learn how to mimic Tiger Woods’ flawless grip by placing your fingers correctly. Instead, the additional friction the golf glove offers will only make it simpler to keep the golf club from slipping out of your fingertips.

The grip will also assist shield your hands from damage. The first long range practice after a long winter is always uncomfortable for golfers. The hands of the majority of golfers get calluses from playing regularly. They may also hinder your play and be both uncomfortable and bothersome. Golf gloves can lessen the harm done to your hands or perhaps assist avoid it.

Why then do the majority of golfers just use one glove? That’s because holding onto the club requires the most effort from the weak hand, which also needs the most defence.

what hand to wear a golf glove on?

What hand do I wear a golf glove on? This is one of the most often asked questions, particularly among golfers who are more inexperienced.

It’s easy to figure out, kind of. Players usually just cover their weak hand with one glove. Consequently, a left-handed golfer would wear one on his right hand and a right-handed golfer would wear one on each hand.

In a similar manner, not every golfer always wears a single glove. Some golfers don’t ever use a glove at all. Some people wear two gloves—one on each hand, as Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey of the PGA Tour.

For full swings (drivers, longer irons from the fairway), many conventional players on the PGA Tour wear gloves. However, they take them off for putting and strokes near the green. A glove may interfere with a player’s ability to feel short-game strokes, according to this notion.

Due to hand positioning on the club, the golf glove should be worn on the “opposite” hand of your dominant hand.

For instance, left-handed players should wear the glove on their right hand whereas right-handed players should do the opposite. Its grip is essential for swinging since the lead hand on a golf club is the “top” hand. Because of this, right-handed people should wear their gloves on their left hands, and vice versa.


What hand do right handed golfers wear gloves on?

On their left hand, right-handed golfers often wear golf gloves. The reason behind this is that while using a standard grip, the left hand leads the swing and is positioned at the top of the club.

It’s crucial that the left hand establishes a secure grip on the club. However, you shouldn’t be sucking the life out of the club if you want to swing easily and without strain. When it happens, you need to have a strong grip and apply the right amount of pressure on the club.

The majority of us will discover that a decent golf glove provides a more effective grip than our skin, enabling us to hold on to the club with confidence and authority as we make a pass at the ball. A glove can shield the hand and shield it from developing calluses or blisters.


Which hand do left handed golfers wear gloves on?

Left-handed golfers often have a glove on their right hand. Golfers like Aaron Rai believe that wearing gloves on both hands improves grip and maintains consistency in feel between the hands.

Establishing a firm hold on the club with the right hand is essential. If you want to swing lightly and without strain, you shouldn’t be squeezing the life out of the club. When it does, you must maintain a firm grip and exert just the correct amount of pressure on the club.

The vast majority of us will find that a good golf glove offers a better grip than our skin, allowing us to hold on to the club with confidence and authority as we make a pass at the ball. The hand can be protected with a glove, preventing calluses or blisters from forming.

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What are the best gloves for male golfers?

Your game could improve if you select the correct golf glove. The best golf gloves boost your hands’ touch with the club, enhance the feel and fit of your hands, and offer you more confidence to perform the greatest swing you can. Due to their durability and extended lifespan, they also function well in a variety of settings and offer a fair level of value.


The HyperFLX is designed to combine a greater all-weather option’s dependability and durability with the soft feel and touch you would expect from premium leather, tour-style glove. The palm of the HyperFLX is made of Premium Cabretta Leather, which is intended to feel soft and comfortable and offer exceptional water and sweat resistance.

This has been paired with Powernet Mesh Knuckles and a Microvent material on the back of the hand. This exact arrangement of finer gauge elastic material is done to help with ventilation, consistency of fit, and moisture management. Overall, this glove is excellent, combining premium leather quality with technical innovation, making it among the best golf gloves available.


The top Tour players for TaylorMade choose this sleek and basic glove. It is extremely thin for optimal comfort and feel and is constructed of AAA Cabretta Soft Tech leather. The leather has a fantastic tackiness that makes it easy to grasp the club.

An accommodating and secure fit is provided by the contoured wrist band and Velcro closing tab. Additionally moisture-wicking, the wristband keeps your hands dry and free of perspiration. This fine leather glove looks gorgeous. It is among the top golf gloves currently available in our opinion.


This glove can be ideal for you if you want to present a professional image while on the course. This Titleist Golfers design has been among the greatest golf gloves available for many years and is a favorite among many of the top players in the world. For the best feel and touch, the glove is made of ultra-thin Cabretta leather. However, the satin reinforcements on the cuff and thumb make it also tough.

The overall feel is fantastic, and there are no seams that would hinder your ability to grasp the club. Because to the strategically designed holes, it is breathable, which will prevent your hand from becoming sweaty in hot weather.

What are the best golf gloves for women?
It truly should be true that your golf glove “fits like a glove,” since a poor grip and poor performance will result if it is either too tight or too loose. Manufacturers frequently use the terms “comfort,” “flexibility,” and “breathability,” since these attributes work in unison to offer the ideal fit. Players must maintain a firm hold on the club to enable them to swing it with assurance and no hesitancy.


FootJoy makes some of the top golf gloves(opens in new tab) available on the market when it comes to gloves. You can see this quality in the Spectrum since the corporation not only displays its renowned performance but also a diverse sense of style.

With its Cabretta leather cover and FiberSof back, we can see the quality. With optimum flexibility and breathability, this provides a premium feel that is suitable for all weather situations.
It is displayed in a variety of dark and light themes and comes in 10 colorful hues. There are also camo designs, tartan prints, and floral patterns, which will certainly make you stand out on the course.


The Light and Comfort Glove, which is made entirely of polyurethane imitation leather, offers exceptional comfort while maintaining a straightforward aesthetic.

There are a number of things to take into account when buying a golf glove, but the most important one is comfort. The glove shouldn’t be too loose when you’re swinging. There are no such issues because of an ergonomic, slanted hook-and-loop fastening tab and stretch-knit material on the knuckles.


Cobra might not be the first company that springs to mind when you think of a golf glove. The Pur Tech, on the other hand, exudes comfort and breathability. With soft, premium Cabretta leather, the comfort is provided by Lycra and cleverly placed perforations, and the contoured cuff ensures the best fit and feel.

It comes in white/pink or white/grey, and has an embossed logo and quality trim that give the glove an elevated appearance in a very subtle way.


What are the best golf gloves for the winter games?

Your hands are the only part of your body that make touch with your golf club, so if you start to lose sensation from the cold, it will almost surely affect how you play. The finest winter golf gloves for 2022 are made to keep your hands warm and dry so you can maintain control of the club and your game.

1. FootJoy WinterSof Golf Glove

Golfers of all skill levels may find some of the greatest equipment at FootJoy. They are particularly well-known for their premium gloves and shoes.
The supple Cabretta leather used to make the WinterSof golf gloves is durable.
For outstanding levels of grip in slick circumstances, FootJoy uses the autosuede knit palm that has proven effective on their RainGrip rain glove. Compared to most of the competitors, it delivers higher traction in wet weather.

To keep your hands warm and dry in bad weather, the glove’s back has weather shield foam fleece and waterproof structural nylon construction.

The insulating properties of the glove are improved and warmth is kept within thanks to a longer knit cuff.

The FootJoy WinterSof gloves are available in pairs to guarantee that you maintain a perfect grip with both hands and to keep both hands warm and dry.


2. FINGER TEN Winter Golf Mitts

Winter golf mittens from Finger Ten are made to keep your hands warm between strokes rather than during your swing sequence.

The Finger Ten mittens don’t need to be taken off when you swing, unlike most other gloves. As soon as you’re through, just roll it back down onto your wrists. There’s no need to take off your gloves or the mittens because they fit over them.

They are ideal for usage in all-weather circumstances with to its double-layer premium thermal fleece construction and waterproof, windproof outer shell.

It will not only keep your hands warm, but it will also partially cover your wrists and lower arms.

These attractive black mittens with the words “Finger Ten” written on top.
Finger Ten guarantees quality by providing a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the purchase.

Callaway Thermal Grip Warm Golf Gloves
The thermal grip glove exhibits the traditional Callaway excellence of design and production. Due to the interior’s fleece lining, they are warm and cozy yet being thin, light, and comfy. A microfiber outer shell protects against wind and water while preserving finger mobility.
The Opti Fit closing mechanism maintains the necessary warmth while blocking out wind and rain.

They employ a digitalized synthetic leather palm to maintain a decent feel.
The Callaway Thermal Grip gloves are fortunate in that they are sold in pairs to protect both hands. Additionally, they come in a broad range of sizes, including cadet size, to fit golfers of all sizes.


What are the best wet weather golfer’s gloves?

It may be difficult to play golf in damp conditions, especially when your grips are soggy and hanging onto the club becomes like attempting to grasp onto a bar of soap. You need equipment to assist you combat it, and some gloves have been made especially to be useful in this situation. Some of the finest golf gloves for wet conditions have improved grip on the club when wet, which may significantly aid you in maintaining control.


The FootJoy RainGrip glove demonstrates their competence. FootJoy has long been a pioneer in the market in terms of glove design and technology. It’s one of the top golf gloves available for rainy conditions. The autosuede knit palm has excellent wet traction. In fact, the grip grows greater as it gets wetter. We discovered that it’s a good idea to slightly moisten the RainGrip’s palm before attempting to maximize grip if you’re playing in the rain.

Given its low weight, crisp fit, and stretchy qualities, it is surprisingly pleasant for a wet weather glove and neatly hugs the hand. In addition to being rapid drying, as the name indicates, the QuikDry knit fabric is also breathable and flexible. On rainy days, the ball marker and tee holder is a wonderful detail that actually comes in handy and eliminates the need to fumble around in damp pockets.


These gloves are sold in pairs, but if you’d like, you may wear just one. But they complement each other perfectly and fit and feel great. They are streamlined and comfy, and the grip’s feel is not diminished.

The Storm Grip suede fabric offers outstanding traction, and we discovered that performance increased as they became more wet. It’s a lovely touch that the index finger can handle touch screens so you can use your phone, a GPS, or an electric trolley without taking them off.

If you’re looking for an excellent rainy weather golf glove, the Cobra Storm Grip checks a lot of boxes: it’s tough, cozy, well-fitting, has strong grip, and looks good. a top-notch item.


TaylorMade sells pairs of their Rain Control gloves. In rainy conditions, they provide excellent grip and a considerable amount of warmth. In difficult conditions, they really do give you a lot more confidence since you can swing knowing that the club won’t wind up trailing the ball down the fairway.

These gloves are incredibly long-lasting thanks to the flexible and robust microfiber material and the sturdy Nylon fabric used in their construction. Although they perform well, they also have a pleasant feel because they are just 45mm thick and don’t feel heavy on the grip.


Best golfers in the world

Dominant hand
Which hand they wear gloves on

Scottie Scheffler
United State Of America
Right hand
Left hand

Cameron Smith
Right hand
Left hand

Rory Mcilroy
Northern Ireland
Right hand
Left hand

Wrap up + FAQs

When playing golf, if you decide to wear a glove, you should put it on your non-dominant hand. This hand has the most influence over the club throughout the swing because it is your lead hand, hence it requires the grip provided by a golf glove.

However, you are not compelled to wear a golf glove while you play. If it makes you feel more comfortable or is preferable for particular weather conditions, you can even wear two golf gloves.

Can you customize golf gloves?

Nothing beats a set of golf gloves you manufactured just for yourself when it comes to quality. Custom golf gloves provide golfers an unmatched degree of fit and comfort and let them create the precise style they want to flaunt on the course.

How do you clean a golf glove?

Golf gloves are unfortunately prone to accumulating material and can be challenging to clean. Fortunately, if your golf gloves get some mud and dust, it’s not the end of the world.

I suggest soaking your golf glove in a pail of cold water before cleaning it. Pour some detergent onto the area and give your glove some time to become used to it.

After that, remove any loose dirt blotches by scrubbing. Let the glove soak for a little while longer if there are any persistent stains before giving it another scrape.

Your golf glove may be properly cleaned before being rinsed with water. There are two reasons why the rinsing procedure is crucial.

First, soap may cause the material of the glove to harden. Second, if the soap isn’t rinsed out of the glove, it can stay there and leak through your fingers when you try to hold the club.

After washing and rinsing your golf glove, air drying is the best method for drying it off. You might as well write me a check for the same amount that you spent for the golf glove if you even consider putting it in the dryer as you’ll be wasting money.

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