What arm do guys wear watches on – Left or Right?

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What hand does a watch go on for man? Is it left hand or right hand? There has been a long debate of which wrist men should wear wrist watches on social media. A man wears watch on which hand is been a debate for decades. Both left arm and right arm are good to wear watches, but what hand a watch goes on for man, depends on which hand is the guy’s dominant hand, his personality and styles.

In this article, we are going to see what arm a man wear his watch on and why is it considered the” right” wrist to wear a wrist watch on, as a man. After discussing what wrist to wear watch on for males, we see some left handed watches for left handed people.

What arm do guys wear watches on? Read on to find out!


What arm do guys wear watches on?

What arm do guys wear watches on? - which wrist to wear a watch male depends on which one is the dominant hand
What arm do guys wear watches on? Left or right? it depends on which arm is dominant


What arm do guys wear watches on actually? Some men wear on the left arm while other wear their watches on the right wrists. To be sincere, which wrist to wear a watch for a male person, depends on which of his arms is dominants.

If his left hand is active and dominant, he will frequently be using it to do work or perform tasks, so it won’t be pretty to wear a watch on it. As such, man with dominant left hand usually wear a watch on the right wrist.

Another category of people are those who have their right hand very active, dominant and used for performing daily tasks. A male individual with a dominant right hand wears watches on the left side.

But is hand dominance the only reasons why a guy should choose to wear a watch on left or right hand? No. There are other incredible reasons.


Why do guys wear watches on left hand?

which wrist to wear a watch male adults - which wrist to wear a watch for male adult depends on which is his active arm. Right handed people wear on the left wrist, so Why do guys wear watches on left hand?
Which wrist to wear a watch male adults – which wrist to wear a watch for male adult depends on which is his active arm.


I have a vague observation that a majority of men I see with watches, wear them on the left wrist. You can randomly select the first 10-20 guys around your office, or home or any man you come across and check their wrists. There is a higher chance that most of them have their wrist watches on their left wrist.

You might have been probably familiar seeing adult men wear wrist watches on the left hand. Some people (like me) consider the left arm holds the “officially correct” wrist where men’s watches should go on and I have good reasons. If you are one of those guys who wear watches on right wrist might and think I am using a “wrong” wrist, you are correct. Wait, before you judge, first get the reasons why a man’s left wrist is considered the “right” wrist to wear a watch on.

Most right-handed men opt to wear their wrist watches on the left side, and to wear a bracelet on the right wrist. A great way to balance their style.


why men wear watches on left hand side

it is a norm – Most Guys just follow the crowd

A majority of the world’s population is right-handed and most men are also dominant of their right hand. Since right handed guys wear watches on left wrist, it becomes everyone’s style to go with the what the majority do. The left hand has then become the “usual or correct side to wear a watch”, a norm that every young or adult man lives by in these days.

I therefore conclude that the rule of having a watch go on the left hand was “created” by a right-handed People and the majority of right-handed individuals have taken it up as a norm.

It is convenient for a right-handed man

For convenience, Right-handed guys wear watches on left hand. As a man with a dominant right hand, you’re likely going to hold the pen on your right hand to sign business papers and contract.

You’ll feel terribly bad wearing a watch on your active right arm, which you use very often every minute. You will feel very uncomfortable to twist your right wrist to pick up a pen and write or perform any task, if a watch is worn on it.

You might accidentally scratch or break the watch. So for convenience, I wear my gorgeous wrist watches on my left wrist and use my right hand to perform tasks.

It is easier to set time with dominant right hand

Watch manufacturers had in mind that their timepieces could conveniently go on left arm, that is why they placed their watch crowns on the right side of the watch case for ease of accessibility. I use my right hand to reach out to the watch crown when I want to adjust time and date. And they were reasonably to do so to avoid the trouble of removing the timepiece off your wrist to set time. The manufacturers designed their watch crowns that are easily and quickly accessible with the right hand.

Makes you check time easily

If your right hand is really the most active, it makes no sense to wear a watch on the it, because you will have to stop what you are doing with your right hand, or pull your right hand back to see time. I is really uncomfortable, and unusual to glance and check time on your right wrist, while the right hand is holding a fork during breakfast.

I adore watching action movies, particularly American thrillers. I miss John Wick, hmm. The performer is a hard-to-smile one, and he right handed in the movie. If Wick had worn his watch on his right wrist, and takes a pistol with the same right hand, it could be a complete catastrophe for his life.

Do you have any idea what would happen if he pointed the gun at his dangerous foe while also needing to check the time to see how long he has to maintain his position? He will have to pull his forearm up, taking the gun away from the enemy, just to check the time.

This is a surefire way he can get a bullet shot into his brain. A better way is to wear the watch in the less dominant hand (left wrist) and grab the gun with the right hand. It would take him just a quick glance on the left wrist to see time.

Protects the watch movement and glass

For right handed male adult, wearing a watch on the left wrist is the best way to protect the timepiece from destruction. The dominant hand does all the works, in performing tasks, so a man’s right hand is exposed to lot of shock, bangs, squeezes and more. Construction works involve hard and heavy objects, the throwing something, or raising a hammer increases the risk of destroying the watch movement or shatter the glass.

I guess you don’t want your expensive professional watch to wear out faster. If your right arm is the most active, wear your men’s watch on the left arm to prevent the movement and glass from hard shocks, from things the right hand is doing.

Watches with metallic bracelet suffer many scratches when they get beatings from hard objects. That is why most handy-men use NATO straps in their watches.



Why does a man wear a watch on right hand?

which wrist to wear a watch male adults - which wrist to wear a watch for male adult depends on which is his active arm. Lefties wear wrists watches o right hand. SO Why does a man wear a watch on right hand?
Why does a man wear a watch on right hand?


Why do guys wear watches on their right hand? Not every man is right handed, and left handed guys work dominantly with their left arm and if they have good reasons to check time conveniently, and to protect the watch, they will let their timepieces go on their less active arm.

Those men with their left as the non-dominant hand make just a minority of the world’s population. They work with their left, write, eat and do a lot of tasks with their left hands.  It is therefore normal for them to wear their wrist watches on the right hand.

Unfortunately, I used to regard males wearing watches on the “right” hand as wrong and never thought they have their reasons. Those guys who wear their watches on their right hand have their left hand more active and dominant.

Most left-handed male adults let their wrist watches go on their right hand and so, prefer to wear a bracelet on the dominant left hand wrist. All the same, that is a great way to balance their outlook.


Who is wearing watch on right hand?

Most people wear watches in non-dominant hands. I have seen some famous people while they are wearing their watch on their right side.  List of personalities wearing watches on right wrists include.

  • Jennifer Aniston,
  • Jessica Alba,
  • Cameron Diaz,
  • Halle Berry.
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Aishwarya Rai
  • Hrithik Roshan
  • David Beckham

Why does the Russian President Putin wear a watch on the right hand? Perhaps he is left handed, or may be it is just his style. But right handed people who wear watches on their right wrists usually do so to avoid watch crown digging into his skin when it goes on the left wrist.


Should a man’s watch go on the right or left wrist?

Should a man wear his watch on his right wrist or left wrist? I think which hand man should wear watch doesn’t matter at all. There are right handed people who wear watches on right wrists, and you can still see left handed people who wear their classic timepieces on their dominant left wrist.

Why did I say what side a man wears a watch does not matter? The overall reason we all wear watches, is to improve our dressing outfit, while checking time. A bad style of wearing a watch is only if it does not complement the man’s fashion attire and not on which wrist the watch goes on.  If the man can adjust how comfortable he reads time from any of his arms, it does not matter on which wrist the watch wears on.

So, what side does a man wear a watch left or right? which arm you’re wearing a watch is a matter of convenience and which hand is dominant.  Think of what makes the men comfortable wearing their masculine timepiece around their wrists. There is no point arguing what arm should a man wear a watch.


Which hand should I wear my watch on then?

which wrist to wear a watch male adults - which wrist to wear a watch for male adult depends on which is his active arm
What hand should men wear a watch? which wrist to wear a watch as a male person depends on which arm is most active.


Some guys wear a clock on their left hand, others wear on the right hand. You are still confused which hand(wrist) your watch should go on?

Question: What hand do you wear a watch on that gives you the best comfort, left or right wrist? It depends on what is your preference. Is it Convenience, protection of your wrist watch against bumps, complement to your outfit?

Some guys are totally stereotype on which wrist to wear a watch. You should not be like them. Rather, you should clearly think what you feel is the best for you personality. If wearing a watch on left wrist does not play well with your styles, feel free to make your watch sit on your right wrist.

Yeah, it is being centuries old tradition that the righties wear watches on the left arm. If it is not a better alternative for you, the right wrist is there, let your watch go on it. Just make sure your choice of arm keeps your wrist watch well protected against scratches, bangs and bumps which comes from using your main hand.

Switching which side to wear a watch may first make your uncomfortable but once you get used to it, you are never gonna want to turn back. The end point is that the style you wear your elegant wrist watch should not place any burden on your dressing, personality or on your wrist.


What is the correct way for a man to wear a watch?

You now know which hand should a man wear his watch. What if the watch faces upward, outward or inward? What is then the correct way to wear the watch? It is a rule you that wrist watches should go on the wrist,  not in the upper forearm area. So there is a correct way a wearer should wear a watch. Let us see here

  • Use the most comfortable setup and don’t go overboard
  • Wear the watch a bit down on your wrist.
  • Don’t wear watches bigger than your wrist
  • Don’t tighten your watch on your wrist.
  • Let the watch sit where you have easier access to read time
  • Wear the watch behind the wrist bone if you feel comfortable
  • Some guys, with small wrists keep the strap around the smallest part (tapers into the palm) of your wrist
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Is There Right handed and Left-Handed Watches?

Most timepieces in the market are right handed operated watches but there are also left hand watches. But the hard-to-find timepieces are left hand operated watches.

If you never know, left hand watches also called “destroy watches” have their crown on the left hand side (located on their 9 o’clock position) of their case. These watches are good and convenient for lefties to wind their watch movement using their dominant left hand.

Left hand drive watches have been gaining increased attention, even among right handed individuals and guys who go for something very unique. I will steal a minute to list you some lovely. High quality left handed watches.


Top destroy watches in the market

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Always check the watch design before purchasing

Most watches in the market are for the right-handed people, but you may get unlucky if you don’t check well during your watch selection. You might pick a timepiece with the crown at 9 o’clock position, which is specifically designed for the lefties.

What distinguishes left hand and right hand wrist watches is the crown positions. It would come as a little surprise, so as a right-handed, take the position of the crown as important interesting piece of information you must check before buying.

Some watches might support both left handed and right-handed wear. That means, you can wear them on both left and right hands and still operate them conveniently.

One thing that makes a wrist watch with crown on left hand to be unusually worn on right hand is the large crown. Sometimes, minimalistic watches with tiny crowns might just fit both left and right wrists.


Wrapping up which wrist to wear a watch male

What arm does a man wear his watch on? A man wears his watch on his non-dominant hand to protect it from damages– right hand men wear watch on the left wrist while lefties (left handed male adults) should wear wrist watches on their left wrists. Apart from that, it is just a style and preference. What arm do guys wear watches on? There is no wrong or right arm where a man’s watch should go on.

what hand do you wear a watch on if you are left handed?

What arm do guys wear watches on if left handed? Short answer: Left handed people wear watches on their right wrist.

What hand should a man wear a bracelet

What hand do men’s bracelets go on? The right. The right side is a correct arm where you should wear a man’s bracelet. As most men normally wear watches on their left hand wrists, so it is logical that guys usually wear bracelets on their dominant hand’s or wrist, to balance their style.

While there is no hard and fast rule about which wrist to wear, guys with bracelets usually wear it on your dominant hand’s wrist. It’s best to wear it on the wrist opposite your watch to avoid scratching your watch.

What does wearing a watch in right hand arm psychologically mean?

Any Psychology of wearing watch in right hand? Most people wearing watches on right hand are lefties. They use their left hand to carry out most tasks. It is also though that people who wear watches on the right-hand with face up tend are spontaneous, candid, High spirited and cheerful. You know, you can easily get along with them.

The weirdness around wearing a watch on right hand or left hand wrist, is very common with any piece of jewelry. Some people might even think you are gay, the way you wear your watch.

What is the meaning of wearing watch in left hand?

A few people wear their watches on the left hand, inward or downward. Some people believe these category of person get easily offended. If a wearer puts on a wrist watch facing downward on left hand, it signifies they don’t like much change. These kind of people can be logical, fast, and not usually simple.

What about a person wearing a watch in the left hand side, pointing outward or upward?.

These people are easy going, less perfectionistic, sometimes indifferent.  If you are a watch user whose timepiece does on the left hand facing up, you are practical, handy person, who is also simple-minded.

What arm are you supposed to wear your watch on? Use the comment form below and share your thoughts!









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