Is Virmee VG3a good smartwatch? – Virmee Vg3 Smartwatch Review + Full Specs 2023

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You want a smartwatch that is dirt cheap but retains the features of the high-end Apple watches and Samsung? The best option most users recommend is the Virmee VG3 Smartwatch. The appearance is crazily attractive, elegant and most of all, blends with most of your outfits.

This budget smartwatch really stands out in terms of sports and fitness. It is the best value price smartwatch for an athlete who’s looking for a variety of sports modes to help achieve his goals without going to the gym. No matter the workout,  VG3 will provide you a suitable exercise that meets your needs, from its 18 Sport Modes.

The ultra-slim but tough case makes the whole unit, just sleek, comfortable and light on both small and large wrists. Besides, you want to check blood oxygen, heart rate, sleep, and  whatever? You’ll be amazed at what is found inside this inexpensive smart watch.


Is Virmee VG3 a good smartwatch? Virmee Vg3 Smartwatch Review With Specifications


Virmee Vg3 Smartwatch Design

When you look at Virmee Gearfly VG3, you see a copy of the original Mobvoi Ticwatch. The Virmee VT3 resembles an apple watch, with a seemingly square face. It just absolutely appear to me that Virmee company does not seem to have a proprietary design – a style of their own.

The first thing I noticed with the watch is the plastic case back. I guess, since the plastic is a cheap material, it helped the smartwatch sell at a cut-price. Like Apple watches, with eye-catching aesthetics, the smart watch has a button an the right side. It looks like a digital crown, which you can use to navigate the menu.

The bezel is designed with a metal, and offers protection of the screen against shatters, and damage. Overall, the watch feels and looks bulky, with a large bezel. The almost 1.2 inches dial may seem a bit bigger for skinny wrists, but the whole unit is pretty thinner, with about 0.3 inches case thickness.

The actually screen size is approximately 1.3 inches, and the device wears less than 35grams(precisely 32g). The chunky-looking bezel may scare you away, but in reality, the slim smartwatches wear super lightweight on wrists.
Virmee has claimed that gadget is IP68 waterproof rated.

That feature alone is enough to allow you wear the watch into your hot water shower, under rains and for a short period of swimming. We have discussed sometimes that apple watch series is swimproof, but the Virmee VG3 smartwatch is basically a cheaper alternative for pool swimming.

The VG3 is really a smart fitness tracker built with ultra-slim, thinner, stronger and solid body frame. The VG3 strap is designed from a soft silicone band which is about 0.8 inches width and 10.4 inches standard length, more comfortable to wear all day.

The strap holes are many so, you can pull the strap tail to wear it tight on a 5-inch wrist or you make it loose to fit a 8.5 inch big wrists. One amazing advantage is, you can switch or interchange the Virmee VG3 smartwatch band with any other strap available.


Virmee Vg3 Smartwatch display

Virmee Vg3 Smartwatch Display

Virmee VG3 smartwatch has a high resolution, and you are gonna like it. The 1.3 inch high definition touch screen almost competes with the resolution you’ll have on smartphones. The touch screen TFT LCD is about 360×360 and has a PPI close to 392, which physically, it looks flashy and bright.

Does it mean the display is better than Apple’s watches? Not really, the vibrant color display is not comparable with the retina or the super AMOLED display in Apple and Samsung, respectively.

Moreover, below the dial are many (up to 12) watch faces, some which you can customize to suit your personal by making a long press on the button. That is manual, future additions may including making the widgets through firmware update.

Virmee VG3 fitness tracker is equipped with an Ambient light sensor. You can alter the brightness depending if you are outdoors or in a poor light environment or dark room. For checking time, or fitness stats, you have to just shake your wrist and the Virmee Gearfly VG3 screen will wake up.

Overall VIRMEE Gearfly VG3 has a circular design and a comfortable display.


Virmee Vg3 Smartwatch User friendliness

Let us talk about controls and the watch interface. The first noticeable thing on Virmee VG3 is the physical button. Like a smartphone, you can swipe top to bottom to enable features like the power-saving “do not disturb” mode, timers and other amazing functions.

For fitness fans, the swiping right to left is the quickest access to the numerous sports modes and some advanced trackers. Further swiping to the left also lets you to see some health metrics like the heart rate displayed as a curve.

There are many other features users can access by swiping. These features include, but not limited to set watch face, change language, navigation compass, and the color settings.


Virmee Vg3 Smartwatch health features and fitness features

Virmee Gearfly Vg3 Smartwatch Health Features

Virmee Gearfly VG3 smartwatch has a lot of fitness and health monitoring features. They have functions that are huge mentions only in high-end and best smartwatches.

Pulse oximeter

VG3 will tell your blood oxygen saturation level in less than a minute. But when compared to advanced health smartwatches like Apple and Samsung, Virmee pulse ox is no where close in accuracy. Virmee provides you SPO2 data but unfortunately, you can track it every day.

Sleep and Stress monitoring

Sleep pattern monitoring and stress check has been the some of the most advanced health features in expensive smartwatches. The sleep function only works at night, particularly 20H(8PM) to 9AM the following day.

One thing that is sure in Gearfly VG3 smartwatch is the detailed sleep data for both light, deep and REM( Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. You can find record this information only if you activate the “heart health” feature in the watch.

Unfortunately, according to some users, the sleep monitoring of VG3 smartwatch is not impressively accurate as compared to some advanced smartwatches.

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Heart rate tracking

One usual health feature that turns fitness trackers into health watches is the heart rate sensor. Heart rate has been one of the vital health indicators in medical sciences. Virmee VG3 would record your real time heart beat 24/7 and will alert when there the heart rhythm reaches a certain limit.

More especially, you get an alarm or vibrating sound when your heart gets abnormal during fitness exercises. Whatever, you can access your heart health data from the smartphone’s app, or you can just check your heart rate curve or trend inside the smartwatch.

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Virmee VG3 Sport Mode Smartwatch Fitness Features

Does Virmee Vg3 Smartwatch have fitness tracking features? Yes, let us find out what seats below the gorgeous face of the Virmee VG3 Round Sport Mode Smartwatch.

Sports modes

Virmee Gearfly VG3 smartwatch holds up to 18 sports modes for your personal fitness training. The sports workout modes include un, cycling, bike, walks, Hike, basketball, dance, yoga, aerobics, swimming, Badminton, Soccer, Sit-ups, tennis, Jump Rope, elliptical, rowing Machine, and full body HIIT.

For running exercises, Virmee VG3 is a cheap fitness tracker offering detailed metrics. I would recommend a Garmin running watch, for a serious athlete, working out in a competitive training. Polar fitness smartwatches are also good, and like Garmin, you would have to pay a little extra money.

Breathing exercise

Mindfulness and relaxation are absolutely perfect ways to get kick out stress after exercises or any other daily activity. If you want to relax, a massage chair could be a handy tool at home or in the office.

But massage chairs are 30 times more expensive than VGA smartwatch with built in breathing exercises that will help you relax. There are about 4 onboard breathing training methods:

  • nervous regulations
  • Deep relax,
  • self-reconciliation and
  • replenishing energy

Nothing extraordinary here. From the Virmee smartwatch screen, you just have to follow the instructions and do breathe as it tells you.

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Virmee VG3 Round Sport Mode Smartwatch
Virmee VG3 Round Sport Mode Smartwatch


Virmee VG3 Round Smartwatch Support features

What other features does Virmee Vg3 Smartwatch have?

Battery life

According to Virmee, the VG3 smartwatch can operate for up to 2 weeks(15 days) on a single charge. It depends on what you are really tracking, anyway.

For the Gearfly VG3 smartwatch battery as small as the 240mAh, give it to a Samsung galaxy watch 2 which is loaded with power hungry functions, I am not sure it won’t run for 2 days.

Well, the 15 days are just battery life on basic battery mode. It could last only 5-7 days if the Virmee VG3 tracker has a built-in GPS, LTE connectivity, Music and Always on display.

How long does it take to charge a smartwatch battery to 100%? The 42mm Virmee VG3 Fitness Tracker takes 2-3 hours to charge to 100 percent, if it was fully depleted. It uses a magnetic charger. The charging cradle has two pins that connect to the back of the VG3 fitness watch.

Compared to others, the Virmee VG3 Android Smartwatch takes long to charge because Apple watches take the first 30-50 minutes to charge up to 80%. In 90 minutes, Apple watch can get fully charged.

App support – Virmee App

Virmee has made their own application for the watch, available for both android and iOS devices. As compared to the app for Fitbit, and google Fit app, Virmee app can’t help you see all the important metrics due to lack of enough storage space.

However, you still have some health metrics displayed on the app,. They include heart rate, SpO2, stress, and sleep. The watch display these health information graphically. At the least, you can see a trend, which are pretty seamless to navigate and check.

More importantly, the multiple language support is an added advantage. You can change or set your own language from the VG3 smartwatch. The language options include English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Download the Virmee apps : Virmee App for iPhone users and Virmee app for android users.

Syncing / device Compatibility

Virmee vt3 plus app is compatibly syncs with Apple health watch, Google Fit app, android and apple devices. You need to have more up-to-date android phone. In fact, Virmee VG3 is a smartwatch for android phones with 5+ operating system. Also, you need to have an iPhone with a t least 10.0 as the OS version.


If you love getting notifications from wrist, Virmee allows it. You can have call, sms, and email text messages on your wrists.

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Virmee Vg3 Smartwatch Review

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Virmee Vg3 Smartwatch Price

It is not long as virmee tempo vt3 plus was released, and next is this Virmee VG3 smartwatch. Because of the virmee smartwatches are exceptionally very cheap, they have gained a lot of market. You’re your eye catches the tempo Virmee VT3 plus, you see Amazfit GTS, and the Gearfly VG3 smartwatch, you think it is an original Ticwatch by Mobvoi.

Virmee smartwatch come under $100, but they are not a dirt cheap as some smartwatches for under 50 dollars we have seen before. Despite their budget-friendly price tag, Virmee smart watches hold some elegance and aesthetics.

If you have fantasy for round faces watches, you’ll get it from Virmee. The gearfly VG3 has a gorgeous looking metallic bezel, and captivating display. If Samsung, as Amazfit round face smartwatches are super expensive for your budget range, you’ll sure love to try the affordable Virmee smartwatches.


Is Virmee a good smartwatch then?

Vermee VG3 is a good smartwatch, but it is not without drawbacks.

Pros : Why should you buy Virmee VG3 smartwatch?

  •  Light weight and compact deign
  • Offers advanced health – Blood Oxygen Tracking
  •  The fitness watch is very affordable
  •  Monitors overall wellness – Sleep and Stress Tracking
  • can detect atrial fibrillation
  •  Detects up to 18+ sports mode
  •  Has both IOS and Android compatibility
  •  Good battery Life

Cons : Why should I avoid Virmee VG3 smart watch?

  • Lacks onboard GPS tracker
  •  No third party app support
  •  Health metrics not very accurate compared to apple


Any replacement bands for Virmee VG3 smartwatch?

virmee vg3 smartwatch - Is Virmee VG3a good smartwatch? - Virmee Vg3 Smartwatch Review + Full Specs 2023
virmee vt3 plus watch & VG3 Smartwatch bands –  Check on amazon

6-Pack Bands Compatible with Virmee VT3 Plus and Virmee VT3 Plus/Virmee VG3 Smartwatch.

Some 6-pack bands are compatible with Virmee VT3 Plus/Virmee VG3 smart watches. be it men or women, these multicolor bands are soft and fit every wrists.

The bands are made of soft silicone, (high performance material) and users have had good wearing experience with them. They Virmee bands can fit wrists sizes within 5.5 inches to 8.7 inches.

To remove the old one from the watch, is easy. It’s a one button removal, and easy installation. Once they are perfectly fitted, they don’t fall off.

What I like is that the straps don’t quickly fade away, they are also comfortable and breathable. Don’t worry about sweat accumulation on your wrist. Besides, silicone bands are easy to get clean. They are also lighter and more durable in water.

You just have to visit and choose the right size for you according to your fashion and personal taste. 


Can I connect a VIMEE VG3 smartwatch to smartphone?

Yes. Let us go check how to pair VIRMEE VG3 with smartphones (with android or IOS device).
Follow the instructions to pair the watch with android or IOS device.

  •  open your with android or IOS smartwatch
  • Go to Menu> Settings> About and get the Bluetooth name
  •  On your with android or IOS device , Install VIRMEE app
  •  Then register an account and create a profile,
  •  allow the app to access your Bluetooth.
  •  Under the section for available devices, click on the device to connect.
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Virmee VG3 Smartwatch Specifications


Screen Size1.3 inch
Display TypeTFT LCD Touchscreen
Resolution360 X 360 resolution, 392 PPI


Shape/Form factorround face
DimensionsDial diameter: 1.69 inch, thickness:0.31-inch
Item Weight32g
Case Diameter43mm
Case Thickness10.5mm
Band SizeL= 10.43in, W =0.87in, 22mm Silicone band

Watch Aesthetics

Case colorblack
Band colorsblack
Watch faces12 watch faces

Watch Protection

Water resistanceIP68 waterproof
Dial Protection
Operating Temperature0-40oC/32-104oF

Operating System

OS Platformproprietary OS

Internal Processor

CPU Typen/a
CPU Speedn/a

Smartwatch Connectivity

BluetoothBluetooth 5.0

Smartwatch Features

Health Featureshealth rate, sleep tracking, stress monitor, SpO2
Fitness Featuresbreathing workout, 18 sports modes

Navigation Tool



Built-in Sensors Compass, Heart rate, Ambient Light

Smartwatch Battery

battery typeLi-ion Polymer rechargeable
battery capacity240mAh
battery ChargingMagnetic Charging Cradle, 2 hour charge time
Battery Life7-15 days

Media Features


Device Memory


Device Compatibility

CompatibilityAndroid 5.0+, iOS 10 above


Camera sizen/a

What’s Inside The Packaging?

Accessoriessmartwatch, charger, User Manual


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