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The Best treadmill for heavy people – both Fat, overweight and obese

Can you lose belly and thigh fat by running? Absolutely yes, you can lose weight doing walking and running exercises. A lot of obese and overweight people are doing it,  getting rid of their fat fleshy belly and butts muscles, by walking and running everyday. Although some heavy weight persons choose to run or walk outdoor, a majority prefer using a treadmill for heavy people.

Many Americans today are overweight and obese, than many decades ago. If you weigh over 250 pounds, you are potentially overweight or obese, so walking on a treadmill for heavy weight runners can burn fat and reduce your risk of many chronic diseases. If you are more or less a chubby looking big guy, a treadmill for fat people is great  machine to help burn away those fat around your waistline.

Everyday exercises, like walking, or running, is essential to managing overweight and preventing the risk of obesity. If you are a heavy person, weighing over 350 pounds, you don’t need to be a driven runner to burn those belly fat and flatten your tommy. By engaging in a home weight loss workout, you can lose those weighty muscle fat and get a healthy body shape. The best piece of equipment on which you can walk, jog and run everyday to burn calories, and fat is a treadmill. Since Many treadmills come in average sizes and weight limits,  the best treadmill for heavy person is ideal for a big guy weighing over 300lbs.

Now, you are ready to get in shape and you need the best heavy-duty treadmills for heavy people. It hard truth is, not every treadmill in the market can support your heavy weight or accommodate your large body size. So it might take you hours to pick the suitsble weight loss machine to fit you.

We already lifted the burden off your shoulders, and got you a  long list of the best home treadmills for obese, overweight and big guys.  You will discover that our choices of heavy duty treadmills feature long and wide running deck. Those large track treadmills can accommodate really fat guys with pudgy muscles, and still allowed ample room around the user. We also included high weight capacity treadmills –  home fat burning machines with at least Treadmill 300lb capacity which can support every heavy runner without breaking.

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The Best treadmill for heavy people (heavy duty treadmills with 350-500 weight capacity)

The outbreak of corona virus pandemic has caused a great lifestyle shift for many people in United States and the entire world. Overweight is a serious health issue already to many people, especially the obese persons. Unfortunately, people who  were working out for weight loss, saw gyms closing down and their fitness weight loss routine came to a halt. And Coupled with the several months of luck down, weight gain is something that most people according to BBC report, are worrying about. If you are big or oversized, you would want to take control and manage your weight properly at home. To burn calories and belly fats, some individuals use elliptical machines but A treadmill is also one of the common cardio machine to have in the home gym. So if you already weigh over 300 lbs, what could be the best treadmill for overweight or obese runners then?


3G Cardio Elite Runner400 lb, 12mph22″x62″, 0-15%Price & Ratings
Bowflex T116375 lb, 12mph20″x60″, 0-15%Price & Ratings

NordicTrack T 6.5S

300 lb, 10mph20″x55″, 0-10%Price & Ratings
Exerpeutic TR1000400 lbs, 04mph20″x40″,Price & Ratings

ProForm 905 CST

350 lb, 12mph20″x60″, 0-12%Price & Ratings
Bowflex BXT216400 lbs, 12mph22″x60″, 0-15%Price & Ratings
Horizon Fitness 7.8AT350 lbs, 12mph22″x60″, 0-15%Price & Ratings
ProForm Pro 2000300lbs, 12mph22″x60″, -3 to 15%Price & Ratings
Sole 85 treadmill400lb, 12mph22″x60″, 0-15%Price & Ratings
Nordictrack X32i350lb, 12mph22″x65″, -6% to 40%Price & Ratings
Echelon Stride300 lbs (136 kg), 12mph20″x55″, 0-10%Price & Ratings
OMA  Home 5925CAI350lbs, 11mph22″x55″, 0-12%Price & Ratings


First, who is a heavy person?

A heavy person is generally someone who has more body fat than normal. You will often hear terms like obese or overweight. An overnight man has too much body fat but an obese person has a much higher amount of body fat.

The main cause off overweight and obesity is poor dieting- eating too much calories and burning less, lack off fitness exercises, inactive lifestyles. To much fat gives weight gain, and unless you lose these excess weight, you can improve your health.

Don’t be mistaken, body fat is essentially useful for use as energy in muscles, heat insulation and other body functions. However, if your body accumulate excess fat under your skin, you have greater risk o diabetes, stroke, kidney and heat diseases.

A greater fraction (60-70%) pff American adults are overweight and about 30% are obese. Report shows that the percentage is rising in children under 20 years.

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How do you know you are overweight or obese?

Body mass index(BMI) is a simpler and quicker way to check if you have healthy weight, o are overweight or obese. Your BMI can be gotten by dividing your weight(pounds) by your height(inches). Then multiply the answer by 704.5 and divide it again by your height.

If the BMI falls I between 25-29.5, you are overweight and any BMI results over 30 means you are obese.

BMI does not directly measures your body fat, so don’t be surprised to find that you can look skinny(no visible excess fat) and still be overweight or obese.

But most often, you see fat people with most weight located around their waist( Apple body shape) or hips(pear body shape).


Current Overweight and Obesity facts in the United States

Obesity and overweight are more costly than buying a treadmill for home exercises to manage weight. Here are the obesity Facts in US, to help you decide engaging in a regular exercise or not.

Obesity is preventable through good dieting and regular exercises. Of the many exercises recommended for obese people, treadmill walking and running is the most natural activity you can easily do at home or office.

Here are the reasons why you should consider having a treadmill for heavy people at your home or office. The overweight and obesity facts in US are scary and given that obesity rate in America is rising, you should consider the importance of regular home exercises on treadmills.


1. At least a-third of adults over 20 years in the United States are obese

The United States, records show that there are slightly over 36 percent are obese adults and approximately 32% are overweight.


2. The health condition is also rising in children.

According to CDC  7 % of the Kids or American children aged from 2 to 19 have obesity. This means a good number of families will likely have more than one obese or an overweight persons. A good heavy duty treadmill can provide regular exercises to the whole family, including children.
More important, it is 20% more likely  that Overweight can become overweight  or obese adults. A home treadmill for can prevent the situation in your family, before you pay dearly for health complications.


3. Obesity isn’t just being too fat and heavyweight, it is linked to over 50 chronic diseases.

Cancer, heart diseases and Diabetes are just some of the pains of having to live with overweight or obesity. And there are more dozens of chronic diseases related to being extremely fat. Since the duration of Obesity can raise a Person’s risk of disease, Treadmill exercises is among the best workouts to prevent or reduce risk of suffering from obesity.


4. If Your waist size is increasing, you are in trouble for a risk for diabetes due to overweight.

Report shoes that 1 man inside a list of 5 men with big waist circumference can become obese and develop type 2 diabetes. You sure want to prevent this risk through fitness exercises,  but treadmill walking and running is a better option. You can exercise at bedtime, in the office hours, and immediately you get up from your sleep.


5. Too much body fat causes more deaths than being underweight.

That is the scariest part uuh? Do you know that having heavy and flabby body, laden with weighty fat can more likely lead to obesity, which is one of the leading causes of death? Averagely, obesity causes close to 2.8 million death annually, this number excludes deaths from high blood pressure, smoking and inactive lifestyle.


6. Living with Obesity is a costly, than other health issues.

Close to 150 billions US Dollars goes to treating obesity annually. Heavy and obese Individual spend within $1000 to$2000 more than people with average weight.

On individual basis, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health released a report that  heavy weight or fat adults can save about  $18,000 to $30,000 in their lifetime,  if they burn this pesky body fat and lose weight


7. Obesity is most common in middle age(40-60) adults

CDC Report shows that about 40 percent of men and women in this age group are obese. The percentage is lower, but not ignorable for younger citizens aged 20 to 40 years. Regular exercises can help you escape this deathly disease before it comes your way. At least 150 minutes treadmill workout each week can help you live freely without obesity.


8. American  women can likely get obesity at old age, than senior male citizens.are more likely to be obese than older men.

Men are more likely to be overweight than women, but  research shows that 40.4 percent of American women are obese as compared to just 35 percent of obese American men.

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9. Nearly All states in America have obesity rates over 20 % according to 2017 report.

This is far higher, since no state had up to 15% about a decade ago. West Virginia, Mississipi, Alabama,Louisiana and Arkansas have over 35 percent obesity rate.


10. Economically, obesity harms more businesses.

Over 50% of Obese and overweight people miss more work than company employees with less body fat. This absenteeism  affects business productivity, which is of great concern. When I become CEO, I will make sure my corporation gets a fitness center for all employees, and treadmills for heavy people (obese and overweight workers) will never be lacking.


11. Teens with obesity or large body weight may suffer brain damage

The research had suggested that excessive  weight gain, and obesity in teenagers can trigger inflammation in their body’s  nervous system and cause  damage in the brain. The end result may be a poor eating habit, and the disease can  get worse at adult age.


These health data suggest one thing, that more than 1 in 5 Americans are eating more calories today than before. You need to check your calorie intake each day. If you are already consuming much, please try reduce the amount or do regular fitness workouts to level up the calorie imbalances.

Remember, the more calories you consume, than you burn daily,  the faster you gain weight and the more likely you become overweight. If you have already though of a good exercise to slim your flabby stomach, thighs and butts, that is great. I just feel to let you know that treadmill walking or running exercises can better and quickly help you manage your weight healthily, than pounding the pavement outdoor.

Think about it,

Which is expensive, treating obesity and its related chronic friends, or ordering and paying for a heavy duty treadmill to manage your excess weight?


Should you use a home treadmill for overweight persons?

Given that America is an industrialized country where people walk less and drive more, obesity epidemic is on the rise, as citizens don’t do enough exercises[CDC].

There are so many kinds of health problems associated with being overweight or obese, there is needi To mprove your health if you are obese or overweight.

Some regular exercises like swimming, biking and weightlifting can do, but brisk waking, and running is more natural. A treadmill for heavy people is the better machine for walking and running at home or gym.

Benefit of Burning fat at the gym

There are many good reason why you can engage in an outdoor gym training if you are fat and heavy. If you are looking at heavy duty fitness machines to accommodate big guys, the gym or health club has them all. The exception is that most fitness centers and gym operates heavy duty treadmills for intense and multiuser running exercises. Additionally, you can gain that motivation to keep going tough, from the fitness community.

benefits of doing weight loss Workout at home

But going to the gym that has even top treadmills with 400 lb weight capacity, is not without some inconvenience. Some days, you can get caught up in bad weather and noise pollution. If your weight loss workout routine does not need that you skip on certain cardio days, be sure that Bad weather, rain and storm can ruin your entire day. If you had a home gym, with treadmills for obese runners, the weathers will simply force you to exercise right inside your apartment.

The lock down due to coved-19 pandemic is the one biggest reason why you shouldn’t wait to have a good heavy duty treadmill at home. A fat guy will get the same workout challenge from a high weight capacity treadmill in his apartment as he will, from a good outdoor gym exercise machine.

The comfort of doing fitness exercise at home is something to consider. You might have a gym memberships to a fitness center that has treadmills with tv screens, but you can’t watch your favorite series. Sometimes, people quit their overweight running goals, because of boredom and lack of entertainment. There are commercial grade, smart treadmills for heavy people, in the market. Some support Internet, touchscreen, wifi, and Bluetooth connectivities. Most smart ones at the time of purchase, offer you an annual or free monthly iFit membership for online, interactive training.

If you are worried about gaining weight according to BBC, Is there any reason why you shouldn’t invest in one best home treadmill for big people with over 250 pounds weight?

Make a decision now, and reap the treadmill exercise benefits for losing weight.


Big fat ladies running on high capacity treadmill

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The best treadmills for heavy people – both overweight and big guys

Weight loss is one of the goals that any heavy person wants to achieve. Choosing the best machine that will offer the effective, and interesting treadmill exercises is not easy task.

Despite being a large person, you don’t need to worry, we have carefully selected they best treadmills for obese, that will help you burn more calories and lose weight, without the parts breaking away.

Before you choose the best treadmill for overweight exercises, measure your body weight first. Use an accurate weight scale and determine how many pounds of body weight you are currently carrying.

If you weigh over 300 lbs, order a treadmill that can hold 400 lbs to 500 pounds of weight. Such a high weight capacity treadmill is durable, and doesn’t look squeaky during your overweight exercises.

If you weigh under 300 pound, a heavy duty treadmill that can hold 350 lbs is the right machine to slim your body into a beautiful shape and size.

What if you are still at an entry level? As an overweight beginner, you don’t need a very challenging treadmill workout to burn belly fat. A long and wide treadmill with max 10mph top speed and maximum 10% of incline is just the right equipment for you.

Here are the best treadmill for obese people.


Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT – 350 lbs high capacity treadmill for obese

Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT is the best treadmill for obese person. The cardio weigh loss machine has a high treadmill 350 pound weight capacity. This users weight limit is high enough to support pretty big, heavy and obese people.
Img:Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT : The Treadmill 350 pound weight capacity can support most heavy runners. The treadmill with fan Operates quietly even during bedtime

Don’t Miss To Check Price & Ratings

A good treadmill can make a serious runner get a surprisingly an unforgettable fitness experience. This 7.8 AT from Horizon is a high end fitness machine with treadmill 350lb weight capacity, enough to support heavy runners.

Because the Horizon Fitness 7.8AT is equipped with feather-light folding system, and a shock absorbing running deck, treadmill exercises to lose weight won’t be just a chore at home.

The treadmill belt dimension features a really 20″ wide and 60″ long belt. This heavyweight treadmill deck size is large enough to let big people have ample room around while working out.

The almost 10″ display screen, the audio suppor, and Bluetooth sound system makes it a premium treadmill for plus size and overweight persons. If you follow the plenty built-in workout programs, you can easily burn belly fat and slim your stomach in few weeks.

This high weight capacity treadmill comes with a motor which offers a flawless performance. With a cooling fan, this treadmill makes oversized people run up to 12 mph and up to 15% inline level without overheating effects on the belt. Besides, the high incline and the top speed offers a powerful challenge that can work the lower body muscles of an obese man, reducing thigh fat.

The extra-large running belt, the quietly-operating motor, comfort and entertainment make users feel that horizon fitness 7.8 AT is a Commercial machine at home. Incline help simulate uphill treadmill inning, but there’s no decline gradient.

Specs or Product Details

  • Electric Motor: 4.0 CHP
  • max Speed: 0 to 12mph
  • Incline settings: 0% to 15% (Motorized)
  • treadmill Belt size: 22” x 60”
  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds


  • Foldable: FeatherLight folding system,
  • Operating: treadmill with fan
  • Shock absorbers: 3-Zone Variable
  • Response cushioning,
  • Console: 9.3” TFT display screen, audio jacks, USB charging port,
  • Media: Bluetooth speakers, multi-position media shelf,
  • Treadmill overweight exercises: built-in workout programs,
  • Max users weight limit: 350lb weight capacity


Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High weight Capacity treadmill 400 lbs

Best high capacity treadmill for morbidly obese - the machine has treadmill - best treadmill for obese - treadmill for 400 lbs fat people. weight capacity
Img: Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High weight capacity treadmill: it’s the best home treadmill for obese persons or big guys.

Don’t Miss To Check Price & Ratings

Exerpeutic TF1000 is an Ultra High Capacity machine for plus size runners. The 20 x 60 inches running deck makes it the best 400 pounds high weight capacity treadmill for fat people too

Some big adults have mobility problem, and can’t workout on a treadmill with great stability. Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High Capacity treadmill is best home machine for overweight seniors, thanks to its long handrails for balancing.

Most home-grade treadmills aren’t designed with up to a users weight limit of 400 pounds. Coupled with the 20 inches wide and 60 inches long treadmill belt, no matter how large and heavy a man can be, Exerpeutic TF1000 Makes the best treadmill for heavy people and plus-size or fat individuals.

The high weight capacity treadmill unfortunately has a low motor rating, than expected. The 1.5 horsepower engine is small enough to deliver high intensity treadmill workout to shed several kilograms of body fat.

With a very low speed of 4mph, heavy and plus size adults can only exercise by walking on the machine. Such a snail-pace speed is even more suitable for obese and elderly adults, as well as people with mobility problems.

Wondering if the low treadmill walking speed can help burn calories? Obviously, fat burning is common with fastest treadmills. Some obese people feel too heavy to run, so they can still walk several thousand steps each day. Overweight puts strain on joints,. As a result, making 5000 to 1000 step by gently walking on this treadmill everyday, can help users maintain a healthy shape, and active lifestyle.

How much calories you burn, is displayed on the LCD display screen. The jogging treadmill screen also reads your steps walked, total distance, and heart rate. TR1000 machine is the best treadmill for over 300 lbs persons, and plus size adults who want to lose weight (muscle fat) and get skinnier.

Moreover, the equipment has a shorter treadbelt at 40-inches. This makes Exerpeutic TR1000 the best treadmill for short fat runners. The belt is not large enough to accommodate long strides. So You risk stepping your foot outside running area and falling, if you are a tall runner.

The 18 inches extra long handlebars provide safety for heavy weight elderly adults. So feel free to shop this treadmill for 60-year-old seniors.

If you want a compact, collapsible treadmill for easy storage at home, TR1000 is the best treadmill for overweight that folds and saves space in a small apartment


It is the Best treadmill for 400 lb obese runner with:

  • Incline percent:
  • Max speed : 4 miles per hour
  • Motor: 1.5 hp
  • Belt dimension: 20 x 40 inches
  • Users Weight limit: 400 pounds
  • Item weight: 140 pounds


  • Treadmill screen :LCD with heart rate monitor
  • Shock absorbing Cushioned treadmill deck – good for bad knees
  • Durable and sturdy foldable frames
  • Walk to get fit, lose fat, tone muscles and stay in shape
  • Walking on TF1000 s easiest and effective to burn Astra calories
  • It supports 400 pounds user weight
  • Has wide treadmill belt
  • Features safety handles for added stability
  • Foldable and transportable
  • Has 2 manual incline positions
  • Has heart pulse pads and speed control buttons
  • I-year Frame warranty, 5-years motor warranty



ProForm Pro 2000  Commercial best treadmill for 300lb person

Best cardio weight loss machine with treadmill 300lb weight capacity - Proform Pro 2000 is suitable for heavier set men and curvy big waist woman
Img: Proform Pro 2000 is a good cardio weight loss machine with treadmill 300lb capacity as users weight limittreadmill for heavy people - The Best treadmill for heavy people - both Fat, overweight and obese

Don’t Miss To Check Price & Ratings

This ProForm Pro 2000 Is another best treadmill for over 300 lbs heavy weigh users. It comes at a really high price point to most home runners. Why should you consider this expensive treadmill for a weigh management.

ProForm Pro 2000 is an incline and decline treadmill that delivers the value for your hard-earned dollars. With up to 32 built-in workout programs, you got every challenge to tone muscles, and slim your thighs on a regular exercise regimen at home.

Besides, you also get a free 1 month iFit member account where to stream live and in-demand workouts, and global studio classes. If your friends also have that chubby body sizes, buying this equipment allows you to add up to 5 members.

ProForm pro 2000 is a treadmill with screen, with an HD touchscreen display. It is quite entertaining to have interactive weight loss exercises with global community. Until a plus-size man tests this best shock absorbing treadmill for overweight people, he won’t know that losing weight can be interesting and entertaining.

ProForm Pro 2000 offers an engaging treadmill alternative exercises to an outdoor workout condition. The automatic incline options ranges from -3% to 12% providing both downhill and uphill running challenge to burn more calories. Coupled with 12 mph, ProForm meets everyone’s personal fitness training levels to burn fat, strength and work lower body muscles.

Although it’s high end heavy duty treadmill, being obese and overweight is a more money-demanding health condition to manage. The built-in heart rate monitors will tell your exertion rate as you run which helps you know when to rest if heat beats beyond limits. With just a one-touch, you can manually adjust incline to change the intensity of your obese treadmill workout.

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The treadmill’s 3.5 CHP motor is commercial rated. The platform can support any huge looking individual weighing up to 350 pounds.

Most high-end treadmills have two-ply or four-ply belts. But given the treadmill’s wide 1-ply commercial belt, ProForm Pro2000 is one of the best treadmills for big guys with overblown muscles.

Unfortunately, 60 inches is not long enough for very tall runners, so check a treadmill with up to 62″ long running platform which can accommodate long strides of tall and heavy people.

The model is the best treadmill for 300 lb heavier set man, with the following specs:

  • Incline + decline : -3% to 15%
  • Motor horsepower:3.5 hp
  • Tread belt size:22’’ by 60’’
  • Max belt speed: 12 miles per hour
  • Max user weight limit: 300 lbs
  • Dimensions: 80″ L x 36″ W x 73.5 H
  • Built-In Programs: 32
  • Top Speed: 12 MPH



  • 30 days free iFit membership included in your order
  • It is a SpaceSaver treadmill for weighty runners
  • Has EasyLift Assist technologies to effortlessly fold and be carried away.
  • Has a single ply commercial tread belt dimension, enough to house fat runners with bigger waistline.
    treadmill is iPod (and other MP3 players) compatible.
  • The treadmill has a 3.0 Intermix Acoustics speakers
  • Cooling fat ensures motor offers quiet operation.
  • 10 years warranty on frames and 2 years on parts and 1 years on service.


Nordictrack Commercial X32i incline treadmill – best smart treadmill with tv for obese people

Best smart treadmill for heavy people or runners -NordicTrack Commercial X32i Incline Treadmill with 32” Luxury Touchscreen and 30-Day iFIT Family Membership
Img: NordicTrack Commercial X32i Incline Treadmill with 32” Luxury Touchscreen and 30-Day iFIT Family Membership.

Don’t Miss To Check Price & Ratings

  • The machine has treadmill 350 lb weight limit
  • Treadmill dexk dimensions: large track of 22 inches wide x 65 inches long

Who doesn’t want to go smart with fitness? This Nordictrack X32i treadmill is premium treadmill with 30 day iFit membership and well equipped with 32″ large touchscreen display.

The users Weight limit on this NordicTrack treadmills comes near 350 pounds. With the powerful treadmill motor, a fat runner can run and train frequently. 

The smart HD touchscreen allows runners enjoy streaming live and on-demand workouts from iFit. This makes your weight loss treadmill exercises so much interactive and engaging.

Burning calories is a quick and easy on this treadmill for big people. The design features -6% decline level and up to 40% incline. Combining the 40% incline and 12 max running speed with a smart one-touch speed control, you can make your calorie burning treadmill exercises more intense.

You need real world terrain and weight-bearing climbing activity to slim belly fat, and this iFit trainer treadmill for obese is just the right tool. A 22″ by 65″ belt dimensions makes this equipment, the widest and the longest treadmill for heavy, fatty guys, and tall runners. There’s enough elbow-space for anyone with a stout-looking body structure.

It is know that treadmills cause injuries, that is true, but the Nordictrack features a Reflex deck cushioning on the tread belt. Running on it feels easy in bad knees.

This best treadmill for 350 lbs overweight person has following specs

  • Incline: 40%
  • Decline : -6%
  • Top motor speed: 12mph
  • Screen size : 32 inches
  • Item weight 459 lb
  • User weight limit: 350 lbs
  • Treadmill belt size: 22″ x 65″
  • largest running surface


  • Free 30 days iFit members account
  • Interactive and wide tv screen for video streaming.
  • Self cooling and quietly operating.
  • It is the best treadmill for effective running and radio training at home.
  • Large touchscreen and multi user profile
  • Solid incline capabilities as the treadmill will go from -6 incline up to a massive 40%
  • Comfortable running experience
  • Health data: you get ActivePulse that display your target heart rate
  • Durable and sturdy frames
  • Smart treadmill for large runners
  • 10 years warranty protection on frames, and 2 years on parts.


Sole F85 heavy duty treadmill for obese – 400 lbs maximum runners weight

Sole F85 is a running machine with treadmill 400 lb weight capacity. It is also one of the best treadmills for over 300 lbs runners with obesity
Img: Sole F85 is a running machine with – best treadmill for heavy runners with – flabby stomach, pudgy thighs, fatty buttocks – Sole F85 

Don’t Miss To Check Price & Ratings

  • Fat burning treadmill with user weight capacity of 400 lb(over 170kg)
  • Treadmill running surface : 22″ x 60″

If you are a heavyset guy with large body fat located around your waistline, you suffer wrist of cardiovascular diseases. At least, this Sole F85 is a robust 400 pound high weight capacity treadmill that large runners can use to burn belly and thigh fat.

To allow ample space all round your flabby belly, Sole F85 comes with a 22 inches wider treadmill belt. It does not matter if you are obese or just overweight, the 22″x60″ running deck is big enough to accommodate husky looking male runners and plump size ladies.

If you intended to drop your BMI value from over 30 to under 25, a 30 minute daily jog on this sole F85 can burn many calories. The 15 adjustable incline levels provide you with good intensity in your weight loss challenge, when you simulate running uphill.

Combined with the 12 mph max running, the 4CHP engine delivers a neck-breaking speed, suitable for most overweight athletic runners. Cruising at 12mph is vigorous enough to tone those pudgy thighs and overblown muscles in your legs, in few sessions.

Least expected on this Sole 85 treadmill for over 300 lbs people, is the cooling fan. The self cooling technology makes this treadmill for heavy guys to operate very smoothly, and quietly even during bedtime.

There are no many best treadmills for heavy guys that feature commercial grade component. The 2-ply running track, 4chp track motor, and durable frames will endure the longest and the toughest of your fat-burning workouts.

This heavy duty 4chp treadmill is best machine for morbidly obese adults. Considering its safety features, overweight or chubby-looking children can use it to burn calories and maintain a healthy weight and shape.

This best treadmill for 400 pound woman has following specs

  • Adjustable Incline level : 0 – 15%
  • Motor rating: 4chp
  • User weight capacity: 400 lb(over 170kg)
  • Treadmill running surface : 22″ x 60″


  • Compatible with USD port and tablet holder
  • Design: Foldable and collapsible for easy storage
  • Good incline treadmill for tall runners and heavy persons.
  • Long and large belt is good for plus size and curvy women.
  • Shocks: integrated advanced shock absorption system
  • Sole has a treadmill weight limit 400 lbs
  • Built-in programs: over 10
  • Heart Rate Monitoring, Pulse Grips & Chest Strap Compatible.
  • Accessories : safety stop button, built-in speakers, iPod/MP3 compatibility, accessory tray, 2 bottle holders.


Sole Fitness TT8 Light Commercial Treadmill for heavy runners – obese, overweight and fat people over 400 pound

Best treadmill for heavy people - Sole Fitness TT8 Light Commercial Treadmill for heavy runners - obese, overweight and fat people over 400 pound
Img: Sole Fitness TT8 Light Commercial Treadmill – 400 pound weights capacity.  Treadmill for weight loss for heavy runners – obese, overweight and fat people over 400 pounds.

See Latest Price & Rating

  • Heavy duty Treadmill with 400 pound weights capacity
  • Treadmill running track size: 22 inches

Perhaps, if you come from a family of stout-looking people with muscular and weighty muscles, there is no need to buy a plus-size treadmill for everyone. A light commercial grade fitness equipment like Sole FitnessTT8 is the best unit for a family’s mini home gym.

Built for heavy weight guys, Sole Fitness TT8 treadmill has an ergonomic design that is appealing for home gyms. Most driven runners choose this type if treadmill with heavy duty use, and plenty of programmed workout routines.

This commercial grade home treadmill can support maximum of 425 pounds of runners weight. This over treadmill 400lb capacity can support any big fat lady and any man with a gross body size.

This 425-pound capacity commercial treadmill has ample space for real fatty people. The treadmill running surface is the wiest’ measuring up 22-inches in width. The belt is therefore incredibly spacious to accommodate most Extremely fat waistline men, and ladies with fleshy and weighty butts.

Overweight puts more pressure on knee joints, luckily, this treadmill is Well Cushioned with Flex shock-absorption system. Working out on it places les strain or stress on bad knees and joints, so a fat person can run comfortably.

Unfortunately, it is expensive, non foldable, and has no Bluetooth connectivity function to smart devices. Yet, the Sole Fitness TT8 provides wonderful user experience, including treadmill workouts for overweight beginners.

This best treadmill for 400 lb obese runner has following specs.

  • Incline: 15%
  • Engine: 3.5chp
  • Treadmill belt size: 22 inches
  • Grade : light commercial
  • Folding : no
  • User weight limit: 425 lbs


Here’s why I like this machine

  • It has wide range off elevation settings for intense uphill challenge to lose weight
  • The 3.5 Horse power offers smooth ride’ even at extremely high speed.
  • The heavy duty treadmill can hold any heavyset guys weighing up to 400 pounds
  • Very wide and comfortable treadmill deck, enough room for big fat runners
  • Useful for home and commercial application
  • Many standard workout programs – 2 customer and HR controlled workout programs
  • Comes with USD port and tablet holder
  • 425 pound weight limit is more than the recommended treadmill 400lb weight capacity for extremely heavy weight and serious runners


Benefits of treadmill workouts for a heavy weight person

The one main treadmill benefit for obese and overweight people is getting a good BMI(body mass index)

Since heavy weight causes a long list of chronic health problems, reducing weight gets rid of most of the obesity related health issues. Only regular treadmill weight loss  exercise and good dieting can help you achieve that improve health.

When you combine the use of other fitness equipment like elliptical, rowing machines and recumbent exercise bikes,the benefits of losing weight are too many to count.

But a fat guy treadmill with high weight capacity, benefits more than just healthy shape. Apart from burning calories, losing fat and flattening your flabby belly, there are other fitness and health benefits of using a treadmill.

  1. Treadmill running Strengthens your lower body muscles
  2. Treadmill exercises Improves cardiovascular endurance (heart and lungs  capacity)
  3. Obese man walking on big treadmill Reduces fatigue, decreases joint stiffness
  4. Treadmills also Reduces stress, anxiety and improve mood
  5. Fat people don’t sleep well, a 450lb man can get better sleep experience after doing treadmill exercise
  6. Heavier than a 300 pound person can put much pressure in your heart. so treadmill workout helps strengthen heart, and boost your immune and circulatory systems
  7. I don’t know about sexual strength of 300 pound people. But a treadmill running Make a man stay sexually active. Generally, exercises arouse your sexual strength.
  8. A fat guy on treadmill revitalizes his muscle cells, which is helpful  body rejuvenation.
  9. A treadmill exercise is an anti-aging therapy. A 300 lb man workout on treadmill can make him look much younger.
  10. Treadmill weight loss exercises increases insulin sensitivity in blood. That is a better way to reduce diabetes without medicine.

Generally, overweight plays big role in obesity. By cutting down too much muscle fats and body weight, that reduces the chances of obesity.

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Choosing a heavy duty treadmill for heavy people

First note these observations:

  1. A 300 lb person may not necessarily be a fat big guy. It is possible you can be a small size person with larger or heavier body weight.
  2. not all heavy runners are skinny in size. Some heavier people are really fat (obese and overweight)
  3. Not all overweight or obese people are tall runners. Some 300 pound people are short, others are tall and heavy.

Be mindful of these runner size variations. But Let us turn our attention now to things one should consider primarily when shopping for the best treadmill for heavy people(fat guys, tall person, obese and overweight adults).

With so many things to look at, plus many advanced treadmill features, how do you choose the best treadmill for heavy weight runners? If you consider that you are shopping for the best treadmill for 350 lb person, here is what to look for:


1. Your budget limit

Your money decided on the quality of treadmill for heavy weight adults. Some budget conscious people weighing over $300 may choose to go for those best budget treadmills under $500. Such sub-500 dollar treadmills look economical, but the frames can easily break, have lower treadmill weight limit. Watch out for the treadmill weight capacity first before you order.
It does not means you can’t find great deal getting the best treadmill for heavier runners, under $1000. You just have to take precautions about treadmill cheap prices and their quality. But overall, most high quality heavy duty treadmills on sale cost over $2000.

When you assess the annual cost of living with overweight or obesity, then purchasing a heavy duty treadmill with at least 300 lb weight capacity for $3000 is still relatively economical and cheaper. Most of those expensive models also have entertainment features like tv screen, iFit membership account to stream videos and studio classes.


2. Your Treadmill size(running surface)

One thing to note is that A large treadmill has a wide treadmill running surface. A big treadmill is especially useful for fat people, than for skinny overweight runners. A narrow deck treadmill will simply not fit a heavyset man. It may even be harmful, which is something to just avoid.


The best running machine for big people s one with at least treadmill 60 inch belt. The longer the belt, the better it accommodates the long strides of tall people.


If you are a big fat runner, choose A larger treadmill with 20 inch wide belt. A wide treadmill belt allows enough room around, and makes running comfortable for big people.

A good treadmill for fat people must measure at least 20 inches x 56 inches for a flexible workout experience. The 20″x56″ running surface can still not be suitable for every big and tall runner.

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So I suggest you look for a 22-wide treadmill which can accommodate not only an oversized person like a 300 lbs man but a 450 lb man as well.


3. Durable and sturdy frames

A heavy duty treadmill comes with Heavy duty frames, and that’s what makes people with heavy body weight run without breaking it. You won’t find a durable and stronger treadmill for plus size adult at a cheaper rate.

The reason why some treadmills are inexpensive is because of cheap material input, cheap assembly parts. There is no doubt that such a machine will wobble, and make squeaky sounds when a 400 pound heavy runner steps on it.


4. Your Treadmill speed limit

Why should the top speed for a treadmill matter for an obese and overweight person? The range of speed decides the level of your treadmill workout intensity for losing weight.

If you have a big fat lady with thick leg muscles, flashy belly and weighty buttocks, weighing over 350 lbs, at what treadmill speed can she shed 1 pound of flesh?

A weak treadmill that delivers only 4 miles per hour would be slow to burn calories. It may not offer a high intensity exercise that will quickly get rid of excess body fat.

A better weight loss machine is a high capacity treadmill with a wide range of speed up to 12mph. Except you are walking only, avoid treadmills with maximum speed of just 8 mph.

An big heavy guy running a top speeds burns more calories and loses weight faster than walking at a slow pace. A Walking speed are most recommended during treadmill workouts for overweight beginners.

But the best treadmill speed limit depends on your fitness level, goal and physical health.


5. Your Treadmill weight limit

Do treadmills have a weight limit? Yes, a every treadmill has a limited support for users weight. When considering heavy individuals with high body weights, a treadmill that can hold 400 lbs is more preferable than a treadmill that can support only 250 pounds of load.

Treadmill weight limit is a design parameter that is decided by the treadmill Manufacturer. Some treadmill have low maximum user weight limit, while others have larger weight capacity.

It would be damaging, if a 450 lb man runs in a machine with only treadmill weight capacity 300 pounds. That is why It is ok to let a fat person on treadmill that can hold 400 lbs or more load, because it won’t break.

The secret to keeping the most durable treadmill is never to let your treadmill weight limit to come smaller than the users body weight. Depending on the weight of the obese or overweight runners, you should be shopping for a treadmill that holds 300 lbs or more loads (users weight).

Runners/UsersSuitable treadmill weight limit
450 lb mantreadmill 500 pound weight capacity
400 lb obese runnertreadmill 450 lb weight limit
350 lb persontreadmill 400 lb weight capacity
300 lb overweight mantreadmill 350 lb weight capacity
250 pound usertreadmill 300 lb capacity
200 lb mantreadmill weight capacity 250 lbs

Most commercial treadmill can support every user weight, since they are made for wide variety of audience. But it is possible to have one that has a treadmill weight limit as high as 600 lb. I wonder if there exist a 600 lbs person, but if there is such a runner, she can possibly use the gym machines. A treadmill designed for indoor use may not hold up that kind of heavy weight people.



6. Treadmill for Home or commercial purpose?

Most commercial treadmills are high quality, with durable frames and weigh much. Most often, commercial treadmills aren’t foldable into compact size, that can permit storage at home.

While shopping for  best treadmills for serious runners, if you find a light commercial treadmill with foldable design,  that is a great deal. The only reason why
high weight capacity treadmills used in gyms are not suitable just for homes, is the non folding design. Apart from that, those heavy duty treadmills can support intense frequent and prolonged workout sessions.

The Best commercial treadmill for heavy people in this list include Sole Fitness TT8 treadmill.


7. Treadmill motor horsepower

A treadmill with smaller horsepower cant provide enough torque to move a heavy user standing on the tread belt. Most high capacity incline treadmills have two motors – one drives the belt, the other for the incline. The right engine is the treadmill belt motor, the higher the horsepower, the high the torque and speed it can deliver, for intense fat burning experience.

Since most seniors are recommended to walk, low horsepower can be the best choice. That is only perfect choice if you are looking to buy a treadmill for overweight seniors, or obese adults with mobility problems or bad knees.


8. Treadmill  incline percentage

To effectively lose belly fat, and fat around your butts and thighs,  you need to  alternate your high intensity treadmill training with lower intensity running. A treadmill is versatile and you can quickly adjust intensity of your running, increasing the incline.

A steeper treadmill running track burns more calories, works more muscles, and burns more fat, than a flat treadmill deck. Your objective as an overweight man or obese adult is to lose several pounds of flesh, so a treadmill with the highest incline, is the best choice.

Many best home treadmill have incline levels as high as 15 percent. Some exceptional treadmill come with inclines up to 40 % while others have both incline and decline.

Whatever, is the choice, pick a treadmill with the highest incline, which will allow you run uphill(good for marathon runners) and

The great reason is that a 2 % increment on the incline can double the number of calories and kilogram of fat your muscles are burning. Moreover, Treadmill high intensity interval training(HIIT) is known to burn calories faster, and HIIT is not a possible exercise on a treadmill without elevation(incline feature).

Best treadmill for heavy people with 40% incline –
Best treadmill for treadmill HIIT workout –


9. Shock absorption (Cushioned deck)

Heavy body weight places a lot of pressure on your joints.  When shopping, consider if the runner is obese, overweight or has pre-existing joining injuries,  knee pains or surgery.

Although treadmill workouts are high impact exercises than elliptical training, walking on treadmill, is therapeutic and good for rehabilitation. Because cushioned treadmills are easy on joints, physiotherapist recommend it for elders over 60 years, and People with sedentary lifestyle, knee surgery or arthritis.

Good shock absorbing running deck are common only in expensive high weight capacity treadmills. They feature mostly 3 layered (3-ply) whereas low priced treadmills have only a single ply belt. Since Cheaper treadmills have poor cushioning  it does not make a good recommendation for A 300 lb man with severe arthritis.


10. Treadmill Safety

Tall, heavy and fat people have stability problems when the treadmill is inclined for uphill running. Depending on the persons fitness level, hand rails are recommended for overweight adults over 50 years.

Even a younger big woman, with a lot of fat around her waistline and buttocks can’t balanced well while walking on inclined treadmills. So Izmir bars can prevent accidental falls if the runner size is Apple-shaped.

One treadmill  safety feature worth mentioning is the treadmill safety keys. They are great accessory to quickly turn off the treadmill during emmergency.

A Slim, compact and collapsible treadmills save more space at home and office. Check if you have got enough space to hold or store the treadmill for obese and overweight runners, before ordering for one.
It can be great luck to find an under bed treadmill with over 350 pound weight capacity. Know that  smaller, compact treadmill for apartment are easy to transport to storage location. Commercial treadmills don’t need storage spaces.


11. Silent treadmill performance

A high capacity treadmill may not be squeaky, but their powerful engines and cooling fans are noise-polluting when you’re working out during bedtime. If you got a suitable treadmill for over 300 lb people and it does perform quietly, the best way to eliminate the nuisance is to place a treadmill mat on your floor. It might be difficult to have the best quiet treadmill for apartment, but magnetic resistance treadmills are more quieter than other model. At the time of purchase, I advice you include a noise reduction exercise mat in your bargain. If you are going to use the machine in your office,  a sound absorbing mat for treadmill is an absolute necessity to reducing noise pollution.


12. Treadmill console display

Since You intend to lose weight  and get in shape,  tracking your heart rate is part of the game. How would you know when you have reached your fat-burning heart rate zone?

A treadmill with bigger screen is better, and a treadmill with tv touchscreen, internet explorer, wifi,  Bluetooth is the best. These features offers ease to share, read and sync workout data,  including pulse rate.

You seriously need a treadmill that supports heart rate monitoring, has calories counter, step counter, distance and time. If unfortunately your treadmill has no heart rate sensor or any compatibility, opt to use a chest strap or a smart watch with heart rate tracker.


13. ­Entertainment features

You want to workout as long as you can, she’d more fat without leaving your room,  or feeling bored? A treadmill with excellent media (USb, tablet holder, audio device plus) support is an added bonus. Most smart treadmills come with music features, video support, Internet support, wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. A treadmill with larger tv screen is good for streaming online video, studio classes and to watch tv series and shows.


Best treadmill 400 pound weight capacity
Img:3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill – Runner’s Marathon Treadmill – Commercial Grade – 400 LB User Capacity – 4.0 HP – Large Ortho Flex Shock

shoo for 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill – Runner’s Marathon Treadmill



Can I run on a treadmill with weight capacity lower than my weight?

Not really, but if you do, your workout gets less comfortable, and more harmful, obviously. I won’t recommend anyone to exercise on a treadmill with lower user weight limit.

The heavy load on the treadmill can cause a slip, and a sudden stop of the motor due to overload. Having an obese fat guy on treadmill with smaller weight capacity can cause components like treadmill rollers to break.

That is a potential accident which anyone buying a treadmill for home should avoid, at the time of purchase. Heavy weight capacity treadmills as preferable.


Does walking help reduce sugar levels in your blood?

Yes, walking or running exercises help utilizes body glucose for energy,  in muscles. It’s hard to imagine how walking helps someone with diabetes. But just like other exercises including dumbbell weightlifting, running on treadmill, works and tones muscles.

For the muscles to sustain the activity, they need to metabolize on blood sugar and source of energy. Coupled with increased heart rate and and improved blood circulation, intense exercises increases sugar utilization in muscles for energy.

The more sugars your muscles burn or break down during fitness activities, the more your blood sugar level reduces. That is why brisk walking is recommended for diabetic patients.

If you got an obese adult or any heavy weight person with diabetes, a 15 minutes walking exercise on treadmill each day is know to curb type 2 diabetes.


How much should I spend on treadmill for plus size runners?

$2000 to $4000 will fetch you an ideal, most durable heavy duty treadmill. One with great stability,quieter performance, many weight loss programs and smart features. If you didn’t budget over $1000, I guess you should check these treadmills for under $600 for home workout. If you still don’t mind, 3G Cardio Pro Runner.
Is the  best treadmill for runners on budget.


What is the best treadmill for knees?

Look for a treadmill with 3-ply cushioning. But you also need to wear knee sleeves when working to reduce knee pains and strain. If very little impact on treadmill adds to your already painful wound, try out elliptical for weight loss.


My treadmill is slipping, sometimes it stops, what should I do?

Slipping treadmill belt could be caused by excess runners weight.  Check if the treadmill weight capacity is higher than the weight of the person running on it. That is how it should be. May be the tread belt need replacement or that there is need for lubrication somewhere. If you have any problem with your treadmill. Check how to fix slipping treadmill belt and how to lubricate treadmill properly.


How effective is the treadmill for weight loss?

Treadmill walking, jogging and running are cardio or aerobic exercises that burn extra calories each day to. Walking 5000 – 10000 steps each day can burn you 200 a 600 calories depending on your weight  and intensity of your walking. Since lbs have features for uphill running, high speed running, you can do high intensity interval training on a treadmill and that is one great aerobic workout most use to burn belly fats.

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