Tested & Proven Treadmill Belt Replacement : When & How To Replace A Treadmill Belt in 2022

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You’ve got a treadmill at home? That is great but your treadmill belt won’t last forever. At one point, you will need to make a treadmill belt replacement when the existing one is worn-out. Tested and proven treadmill belt replacement services are very costly. It suffices to find ways how to pay-zero replacing a treadmill belt. But one sure thing is that, the belt will last longer if you clean, lubricate and care for the belt frequently.

Having your own treadmill really saves you from a costly gym membership in addition to frequent traveling to a nearby gym. Treadmills are really one of the most expensive cardio machines. As a result, you need to worry when your treadmill maintenance becomes too pricey. To keep the operating cost lower, you need to follow some best possible practices to clean, troubleshoot, lubricate, adjust, tighten and replace your treadmill components when need be.

Cleaning, and taking exceptional care of your treadmill makes it last longer. Tasks like treadmill belt replacement, if done on time, can keep you off a devastating treadmill accident.

The treadmill belt can easily worn-out especially when multi-users are running on the machine. Also, when you are an overweight or heavy runner pounding your home treadmill, the belt may quickly need replacement.

Don’t let your machine break down so often, due to a great deal of stress on belt and other components. If your runners weight and number of runners rightly match the machine maximum user weight capacity, you got nothing to worry. It would take longer to replace your belt.


treadmill belt replacement - how to replace a treadmill belt without spending much
Img: How do you make a cost-effective Treadmill Belt replacement at home.

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When do I replace my treadmill belt?

When is the right time to change a treadmill belt?  You can choose to routinely do treadmill belt replacement after some 6 – 9 months even when there is no actual signs of wear or damage. To keep a runner exercise injury-free, you must not necessarily wait to experience broken pieces before you fine-tune or change your treadmill running belt.

But sometimes, there are issues that warrant immediate treadmill belt replacement to be done. You need to to replace it when:

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1. The treadmill belt is worn-out

Treadmill belts materials are subjected to tear and wear and its possible these can happen when particles, dust accumulate on it. There are few not-so-obvious signs that can tell that your treadmill belt is starting to wear out.

The edges may look frayed, small tears, wobbling, and dislocation. Another way to know the treadmill belt is worn out is when you no longer experience a smooth ride as you did, when the new fitness equipment was brought in.

You must be keen to observe treadmill issues. When you start to find it more difficult to run, which was never that way, there can be many probably causes. However, an aging, fast-wearing treadmill belt could likely be the problem.


2. The Treadmill Belt gets heated frequently

Exhaustive running of your treadmill can put too much stress o components and create friction between the platform and the belt. The treadmill belt can likely get heated up and get expanded when running. This can result in your treadmill belt slipping.

If you apply treadmill belt lubricant and nothing seems to work properly, treadmill belt replacement is the more probable solution.

It is easier to detect treadmill belts that get hot so often. Some good quality treadmills automatically set to power off, when the treadmill belt temperature due to friction, increases to a certain point.

Consequently, you would see your cardio machine, from time to time, have a loose or less-tight running belt which may stop working suddenly. Note that a treadmill belt slips when there’s too much friction. If care is not taken, it could potentially cause a fire during your home workout.

But before you replace your hot treadmill belt entirely, try lubricating the belt one more time, if things could be different.


3. The Belt runs at Erratic Speed

If your treadmill belt speed varies as you run,there is likely a belt problem, than the treadmill’s motor issue. Running on such a variable speed treadmill is potential risk of getting injured.

To troubleshoot it, Start by checking for the recommended speed settings, in the treadmill manual. Then, without getting on its running deck, power on the treadmill and observe the belt running.

It could be a faulty circuit in the electric motor if the cardio equipment shuts down suddenly. However, if there’s hitching in the treadmill belt, that is indicative that you need to do new treadmill belt replacement.


4. There’s Deep Grooves on the belt

A good treadmill belt and deck inspection will discover grooves on the running belt. Sometimes, if the treadmill speed slows down as you step on the running deck, obviously, grooves may appear on your treadmill belt.

Check for deep grooves in the treadmill deck as they are caused by uneven wear on the underside of the belt. make treadmill belt replacement if necessary.

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Doing A treadmill belt replacement At Home

How do you replace your treadmill belt by yourself at home? You have seen that a torn, worn-out or very old treadmill belt can cause issues to the running deck.

If after trouble shooting, you tried to lubricate the treadmill belt and it still doesn’t fix the issues, even after some treadmill belt adjustments, then replace it.

Even if you’ve got no money for a new treadmill belt, check with the manufacturer if the warranty for your recently purchased treadmill is still valid. If replacing or fixing the treadmill belt was part of the warranty, you just get lucky. They will cover the treadmill belt replacement cost.

If your the warranty for your home running treadmill has already expired, try some best treadmill belt replacement services near you, that cost less dollars.

However, replacing the belt is an easier task, so you may want to do it yourself. if you are too busy and have got no time, let a professional treadmill repairer fix it.

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Pay-Zero treadmill belt replacement at home
Img: Pay-Zero treadmill belt replacement : How to replace treadmill belt according to experts

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Tested & Proven Steps how to replace a treadmill belt

Before you begin with the dismantling and reassembling of parts, make sure you place your treadmill mat on the floor before loosening components and screws. Here are the cost effective, do-it-yourself steps on how to replace a treadmill belt at home.


1. Shut down the treadmill

Make sure the treadmill is unplugged. Use the button to turn off the machine from power. Remove the treadmill key and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.


2. Remove treadmill’s motor hood

Get to the hood of the treadmill’s motor and remove it. Check it around the front of the treadmill frame and pull the motor hood forward , then lift it off the treadmill frame.


3. Remove the right foot rail

A quicker way is to fold up the machine to an upright position, so engage the latch and remove the screws under the board.

These are the screws that keep the right foot rail fixed to the deck. Release back the latch, then unfold the machine and lift to remove the rial.


4. identify and remove the tension rollers

The roller is located at the back end of the belt and kept in placed by some bolts.

For some treadmills, you may be required to incline the board if the screws are not accessible.

Use a screwdriver to loosen these nuts and screws that affect the tension of the belt.

Loosen and remove the screws on both sides, and take out the rear and the front rollers, lifting them up and out from the mounting jacket.


5. Remove the worn-out treadmill belt

in order for you to easily pull out the worn-out treadmill walking belt, endure that

a) the right side adjustment screw is loose, to release treadmill belt tension
b) the rear and front rollers pulled out of their mountain jackets.
c) the front and rear corner screws are loosen to free the board from the frame

From there, you hold and lift the side of the walking platform upward.

then slide the walking belt off and out from the belt rollers and walking board.


6. Install the new walking belt

Just as you pulled off the old treadmill belt off the rollers and board.

Lift and hold the side of the walking board slightly upward.

With one other hand, slide in the new walking treadmill belt, over the board and the belt rollers.


7. Reinstall the mounting screws and nut in their original position.

Release the latch, unfold or lower the machine and install back the front and the rear rollers.

make sure you position the roller adjustment screw with their washers to to firmly fastens the platform to the frame.


8. Reinstall rollers and Rotate the adjustment screw

Install and tighten the screws of both rollers so the belt fits snuggly on the deck .

Make sure you rotate the adjustment screw to create enough tension on the belt.

You should be able to lift the edge of a properly tensioned walking belt, about 2-3 inches.

Also ensure the belt is centered.


9. Replace the rails and reinstall the motor hood

Replace the rails and If there are other mounting screws, install them.

Unfold the treadmill and slide the motor hood onto its position, firmly fixed to the frame.

Install and tighten the motor hood mounting screws.


10. Restore power and Final belt checks(test run)

Plug in the machine to all outlet, start it but don’t run on it yet.

Put the treadmill key and start the machine, then set the belt running speed to minimum ans allow it to run for about 60 seconds.

Assess if the belt does runs smoothly. Carefully check and adjust the newly installed treadmill belt.

If the treadmill belt does not track in the center, power it off, remove key, and unplug the unit’s power cord.

The Allen wrench is the right hand tool to adjust the rear rollers to keep the running treadmill centered.


11. Apply treadmill lubricant

If necessary, apply some  treadmill belt lubricant on the board. The best and most recommended type of treadmill lube is this silicon treadmill belt lubrication oil.


Treadmill Belt Troubleshooting

Here are some treadmill troubleshooting guide to find faults in the belt.


1. How to Tell If a Treadmill Belt Is Worn Out?

It takes some careful observation to detect if your treadmill belt has worn out or not. It may look confusing for beginners but the final results of a wearing treadmill are fraying edges, sluggish belt movement, frequent slipping and discoloration.

While running on your treadmill, regular tests to check early signs of wear and tears ensures your safety

  • visually inspect wear, and tears

unplug your treadmill and use a screwdriver to remove the roller bolts to free the belt tension. Then inspect and feel with your hand,, while visually checking the belt surface.

  • Check for excessive smoothness

inspect if both sides of the belt and the walking area feel too smooth, any cuts, sags and any deformation.

  • Check the belt seams

Where the belt is connected may be compromized. if the seam is loose, it may come apart and the edges get frayed up.
pass your hand along the seam to feel the underside of the belt. If there is any structural disorder, you can likely feel it.

  • Check for belt Color change

While dislocation is result of wears, black or darkened streaks also mean the belt is been compromised. use a flashlight to inspect all sides of the belt.


2. Why does My Treadmill Belt Stop When I Step on It?

  • User weight exceeds treadmills weight capacity
  • poor belt alignment or adjustment. The distance between the two belt rollers may needs adjustment.
  • electrical fault, possible not enough power to run the engine
  • Loose and un-tightened treadmill belt

May be your weight exceeds the recommended treadmill’s weight limit, which put much stress on the running surface. This causes belt to stick but some home treadmill maintenance, a sticking treadmill belt can be fixed with little efforts.

Lubricate the belt with the recommended types of lubricants. Check with your machine manufacturer or a specialty supplier.

use a hex spanner to quickly fix and adjust the bolts that hold the roller.


3. My  Treadmill Belt Won’t Move, Why?

You may set the treadmill speed and nothing happens. Try if you can lift the belt with hand, by 2-3 inches. here are possible reasons:
belt tension is to high. trying raising the belt to at least 2 to 3 inches off the walking deck.

If you can’t, the belt is too tight and the treadmill motor can’t turn it. It could be you over tightened the belt when resolving treadmill belt slippage. use an Allen wrench to free the rear roller adjustment bolts. The manual could guide you on loosening it.

Another cause is the poor belt centering. A treadmill belt may shift to one side of the rollers and deck.



Treadmill belt replacement - WALKINGBELTS Walking Belts LLC - Star Trac 4500 Treadmill Walking Belt 2ply Premium + Free 1oz Lub
Img: WALKINGBELTS Star Trac 4500 Treadmill Walking Belt 2ply Premium + Free 1oz Lub

treadmill belt replacement - Tested & Proven Treadmill Belt Replacement : When & How To Replace A Treadmill Belt in 2022

How To Assess Treadmill Belt Replacement Cost

How much does it cost to replace treadmill belt? It may cause you from $200 to $300 to change an old belt to a new treadmill belt. The professional repairer or the treadmill repair company can also tax or charge you an hourly rate. S you may need an additional $100 to $200 as treadmill belt replacement service fees, adding up to the cost.

There are some factors affecting the Cost of Treadmill Belt Replacement. To answer how much a treadmill belt replacement does cost, we need to consider some factors that do affect the treadmill belt servicing prices.

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1. Type of Belt

Some treadmill belt cost more than others, so the type of treadmill treadmill belt does matters.  A high-quality treadmill like the Nordictracks come with durable treadmill best, that are well constructed, layered and cushioned.

They are more expensive than the generic belts for low priced running treadmills. Depending on the quality of your home gym machine, it is cheaper to replace belt in a budget treadmill. So the quality increases the overall replacement or repair costs of the treadmill.


2. Treadmill belt Replacement Service

When you have no time, because you work between shifts, you would likely need to call someone who offers treadmill belt replacement services. Treadmill belt replacement for heavier units  can be really difficult to complete, since treadmill weighs a lot. Considering hourly rates, choosing a treadmill belt replacement expert or repair service is easier but costs you extra dollars.

  • If you are in canada, search for “treadmill replacement Canada”
  • If you are Irish, in the United Kingdom, find “treadmill belt replacement Ireland”

Wherever you are, go to business related online platforms like Yelp, and check  “treadmill belt replacement near me”. They will help you find local treadmill repair or replacement services that you can hire.

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4. The treadmill belt shop

Check renowned dealers for treadmill belts. Reputable local shops will guide you on belt quality and how to pick the right one. Also decide if used treadmill belts that are more  cheaper are better for you. if price is not a problem, go buy them in established shops or just check these treadmill belts and order from Amazon.


5. Average Charge for Treadmill Belt Replacement

What can be a good estimate for the average treadmill repair cost?. It depends, however, on brands. For example,  NordicTrack treadmill belt replacement cost in the price range 80 – 100 US dollars. Some commercial  and heavy duty models can be charged up to $120 to $200 for each treadmill belt replacement or repair.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a treadmill serviced?

Troubleshooting a treadmill requires expert skills which is expensive to hire, based on an hourly rate charge. Treadmill diagnostic services, cost in the range $100 to $200 including labor and no treadmill replacement parts. This cost may change depending on tax and transportation, so compare the treadmill service prices from any professional fitness and home exercise equipment specialists,  near your locality.


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