The Best Watch With Thermometer – Accurate Temperature Watches For Your Next Outdoor Trip

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Could it be you mistakenly forgot or dropped your hand held thermometer while heading out for a hiking, camping, or backpacking adventure? Oh No!, you must have really felt so bad. Without such a temperature measuring device , not knowing the surrounding temperature can putting your life at risk of storm. However, there is a better way you can carry your thermometer to track weather during outdoor trips without losing or forgetting it somewhere. All you just going to ever need it buy the best watch with thermometer or temperature sensor. An outdoor watch that tells temperature is much convenient to wear on wrist, to help you focus on your outdoor activity without worries of breaking or losing it.

If you’re going to be backpacking, hiking, hunting, fishing, firefighting, or camping on your next outdoor trip, a thermometer is one of the best outdoor gears you need. A serious outdoor fan has always considered taking a decent thermometer, thankfully, it does not occupy much space. The best wish in a hunting, camping or hiking adventure is never to get caught in bad weather or storm. So tracking the air temperature is one nice way to predict weather changes before the worse happens.


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Why you need a watch with thermometer

You don’t need to check your temperature only for outdoor environments. You also need to consider your skin and core body temperature to be certain that your  health is good.

With the corona virus pandemic, everyone needs to keep a close eye on his or her body temperature several times a day. Working thermometers are not good for frequent use by people who are not medical experts. They can easily get broken from poor handling and I believe the seamless and the most convenient way to keep track of core body temperature changes is to buy watches with thermometers for everyone in the family.

You can get sick where there is no working thermometer to check your skin and core temperatures. In that case your wrist that be able to tell your body temperature would save you. Thick for a moment that as a runner, you get somewhere far from home and you start to feel feverish, there, you have got no clinical thermometer what would be your urgent wish?

Pregnant women need frequent recording body temperature and I think a  health tracker that shows temperature could be useful everywhere she goes. For those ladies wanting to get pregnant, body temperature can determine  fertility days  since  women’s cycles varies from person to person.

Thermometers are instruments designed to measure temperature and you can use it to know the environmental weather conditions. How accurate the data is, can save or destroy your life during bad weather outdoor trips. A handheld thermometers are accurate but they can drop on the way or you can easily forget it behind at home or somewhere else in the course of your trip. There is a much more convenient way to measure temperature without need for hand held camping thermometers. You just need to wear a watch with thermometer.



What a thermometer watch can do

The best watches with thermometers help in predicting storms, forecast weather changes and measures the wind speed. Most of these watches with temperature display functions also monitor the atmospheric pressure with built-in barometer. These kind of outdoor wrist watches are very important when you hiking or camping in higher elevated terrains or climbing on a mountain trail over the tree line.

Despite the fact that hand held thermometers are small enough to fit easily in a gear bag, watches with temperature sensor are the most convenient and the most portable devices that don’t need a backpack. Since a watch that shows temperature is only wearable on wrist, they are minimalist and super light weight than other gears in a backpack.

The outdoor watches have many sensors: compass, barometer, moonphase indicators, altimeters(altitude indicators), and even thermometers. Again, the thermometer watches are constructed for rugged explorer or military use. The temperature watches also feature digital, analog displays, hybrid or smart watches that don’t just tell time but display weather temperature.


The best smart watches with thermometers

Here are top rated watches that can offer you accurate temperature measurement from your wrist. They are designed with   built-in miniature temperature sensor to measure and display temperatures in the range from -10°C ~ 60°C. So just choose your best temperature watch and you are good and ready for the next trip without fear of storm. before you get started, here is how to choose a smartwatch that you won’t regret later.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro – best rugged outdoor smart watch with thermometer

best outdoor smart watch with thermometer and compasswatch with thermometer - The Best Watch With Thermometer - Accurate Temperature Watches For Your Next Outdoor Trip

  • Premium Multisport GPS Watch,
  • navigation: GPS, GLONASS,
  • Features Mapping, Music,
  • outdoor sensors: temperature, compass,
  • Health sensors: Heart rate , Pulse Ox Sensors

Garmin fenix pro is well known outdoor smartwatch designed for rugged use. The smart watch is military grade tested to ensure it is shock resistant, and water resistant and thermal resistant. It can endure tear and wear in any environment.

The features in this smart watch are purely meant for outdoor trips and sports. Much better than the garmin fenix 5, this design puts this fenix pro as a multi-sport watch that can endure the toughest workouts.

The watch features include accelerometer, built-in GPS navigation system, and heart rate monitoring. For rugged outdoor, garmin fenix 6 pro is one of the most durable smart watches that support with compass and temperature sensors.

Additionally, the fenix GPS watch with temp supports large memory of 32GB internal storage for dongs, musics, and podcasts. The water resistance of 100m is great for swimming, showering and fishing.

Unfortunately for outdoorsmen who are cash trapped, fenix 6 pro is an expensive mens watch with temperature display.

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Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

best garmin running watch with thermometerwatch with thermometer - The Best Watch With Thermometer - Accurate Temperature Watches For Your Next Outdoor Trip
  • GPS Running Watch
  • navigation: GPS
  • Contactless Payments,
  • Wrist-Based Heart Rate
  • Music storage and control,

Garmin Forerunner 645 is another smart watch for fitness enthusiasts who want to keep track of their workouts.
A smartwatch for runners, forerunner 645 comes GPS enables, with temperature sensor, 50m water resistance and 14 hours battery life.

The on-board thermometer measures the body temperature of runners and can tell when there is overheating during rigorous workout and when you need to stretch your body to limits.

Th thermometer match is designed lightweight, comfortable and easy to read 1.2 inches screen even under sunlight.

In addition to temperature display, the watch tracks heart rate, stores up to 200 hours activity data which can be synced to garmin online community.

Other features include support for music which allows you to download up to 500 songs and enjoy them during training sessions. That is a pretty cool way for runners to improve sports performance.

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TICWRIS GTS smartwatch – Best Body Temperature Detection Smart Watch

TICWRIS GTS smartwatch - Best Body Temperature Detection Smart Watchwatch with thermometer - The Best Watch With Thermometer - Accurate Temperature Watches For Your Next Outdoor Trip
  • supports remote control camara
  • strap: silicone
  • battery life: 5 hours GPS mode
  • Memory: 64K ROM: 512K
  • Waterproof Protection: IP68
  • Strap size: wear-resistant length 150-220mm
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Sensor: temperature measurement

TICWRIS GTS is a body temperature detection smart watch that is readily available for tracking heart rate of sportsmen.

This smart watch with temperature sensor holds a battery life of 5 hours is GPS mode and 20 days on standby mode.

This temp watch fulfills the IP68 waterproof requirement. So, water sports lovers can wear it to shallow pool and beach swimming, surface water and seaside activities but not for diving or deep water adventures.

As expected of any smartwatch, ticwris GTS supports iOS 9.0 or higher and Android 5.1 or higher devices.

Because it is a watch that tells temperature of a body, it can make a good health tracker. Its wellness monitoring features include blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate and sleep monitoring including pedometer.

Featuring a screen size of 1.3 inches, a rectangular watch face and multi-languages, ticwris is designed for every athletes who is health focus.

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Best casio watches with thermometers

If you are a fan of casio g-chock watches and you want the best Casio G-Shock compass & thermometer  watches, check these ones below. A solar powered casio thermometer watch is a better timepiece to pick.


Casio Men’s ‘PRO TREK’ Solar Powered Silicone Watch – Overall Best casio Thermometer Watch

Casio Pro Trek - Best casio Thermometer Watch - Casio Men's 'PRO TREK' Solar Powered Silicone Watch, Color:Black (Model: PRG-650Y-1CR)watch with thermometer - The Best Watch With Thermometer - Accurate Temperature Watches For Your Next Outdoor Trip
  • Case material: Resin
  • Case diameter: 45 millimeters
  • Band: Silicone,  length 9.5 inches
  • Band width: 23 millimeters
  • Bezel: material Stainless steel
  • Bezel function: Stationary
  • Special features Shock resistant
  • Movement :Quartz
  • Water resistant depth: 330 Feet

Casio Pro Trek is a sleek designed watch with a thermometer, and many other features,fr outdoor use. Featuring a triple sensor, the casio watch comes with altimeter, barometer , a digital compass and more importantly a thermometer.

This is not a wrist watch to ignore when you want an accurate temperature display. The temperature detection range for this shockproof casio is from 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C). That is enough to measure athletes body temperature.

Design and built for expedition and adventures, casio pro trek intelligently reads body heat energy every 5 seconds. it will do it continuously for the first 3 minutes, if the watch is set to thermometer mode.

This wrist watch is packed with plenty of features including the solar power, 100m water resistance, LCD display, and its durable. The temperature watch has an exceptional function like the dual analog-digital display. The mineral glass is not as tough as sapphire but it does stands tough and shockproof against scratches.

What you will love in this thermometer watch is the lightweight design and the additional outdoor navigation sensors – altimeter, barometer, and compass. With all these amazing features, the solar powered casio watch still comes at a very affordable price.

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Casio Men’s SGW-100B-3A2CF Twin Sensor – best cheap temperature watch with analog and digital display

best cheap temperature watch - Casio Men's SGW-100B-3A2CF Twin Sensor Digital Display Quartz Black Watchwatch with thermometer - The Best Watch With Thermometer - Accurate Temperature Watches For Your Next Outdoor Trip
  • Dial window: material type Mineral
  • Case : 48mm diameter Stainless Steel
  • Case Thickness :14 millimeters
  • Band Material: Nylon, length Men’s Standard
  • Band width 24 millimeters
  • Bezel : Stainless steel,  function Stationary
  • Movement Quartz
  • Water resistant depth 660 Feet

If you want to backpack for the next trip and you are on budget, all hopes are not lost. This casio Twin Sensor is a cheaper watch with thermometer that you won’t want to miss.

Additionally, this outdoor casio watch model comes with a twin sensor which includes thermometer and compass. Unfortunately, there is no barometer/altimeter for air pressure measurement.

At 200m water resistance rating, you have a tough dive watch on your wrist at a reasonable price point. Featuring a stationary compass bezel, this timepiece is for guys who cherish a digital watch with temperature sensor.

Its a great and the right casio thermometer watch for Adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts who don’t get fascinated by all the bells and whistles in a wrist watch.

If you want to record or read temperature , all you need is push down the button. The built-in thermometer records initial temperature and continue with the temperature measurements every 2 seconds for the next 10 seconds.

The thermometer in this watch is good enough to measure body and standard environmental temperature because its temperature detection comes in the range 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C).

Other features in this affordable temperature watch include the lightweight slim design, legible dial, backlight glow, and budget friendliness. Unfortunately, its not solar powered.

Besides the thermometer sensor, it’s also a great all-around outdoor watch. It’s accurate, lightweight (50g), and easy to read. If you can’t or won’t spring for a full-blown Casio Pathfinder, this Twin Sensor is a great budget alternative.

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G-Shock Mudman  – best durable digital watch with compass and thermometer

digital watch with compass and thermometerwatch with thermometer - The Best Watch With Thermometer - Accurate Temperature Watches For Your Next Outdoor Trip
  • Case material : Resin
  • Case diameter 53mm and  12 mm thick
  • Band length: Mens-Standard
  • Band width: 18.2 millimeters
  • Sensors: Digital compass and temperature sensor
  • Thermometer Display unit: 0.1 C (0.2 F)
  • Movement : japanese Quartz
  • Water resistant depth : 200m / 660 Feet

For fans of casio G-shock watches, there could be any more timepiece like this wearable to measure temperature. in addition to the built-in thermometer, the rugged design, the waterproof, the solar power and the shockproof construction make this G-shock is one of the best watches for firefighters and soldiers.

This G-Shock mudman watch that tells the temperature comes with a digital display screen with extreme durability to withstand any rugged beatings. The watch construction makes it suitable for military field application, especially as it is solar powered and shock resistant.

G-Shock Mudman is also suitable for firemen, hunters and people who get in contact with sweat, dirt and water. Not only is this digital watch with thermometer shock resistant, but the Casio’s “Tough Solar Power” provide continuous and reliable charging for outdoorsmen.

With a large case size of 53mm, it is going to be suitable for large wrist men. If you have slender wrist size, interchanging the band may still keep the watch bulky looking on your wrist.

There is more than just a temperature sensor here, you also get a compass for direction, the moonphase indicator and the backlight illumination.

If I can recommend a durable thermometer watch then this mudman is one the most reliable G-Shock watches that tells the temperature. Its thermometer Display range is -10 to 60 Celsius (14 to 140 Fahrenheit)

Other functions include Battery level indicator, power saving function, Countdown Timer, Full auto calendar, dual time format featuring 24-hour military timer and a black resin band with a neutral face. The case and buttons are sealed to prevent the entry of mud, dirt and dust into the casing.

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Timex Men’s T2N721 Intelligent Quartz – Best watch with compass and thermometer

Best watch with compass and thermometer - Timex Men's T2N721 Intelligent Quartz Compass Tide Temperature Silver Case Brown Strap Watchwatch with thermometer - The Best Watch With Thermometer - Accurate Temperature Watches For Your Next Outdoor Trip
  • Dial window : Mineral crystal
  • Display :Analog
  • Case diameter :45 mm stainless steel
  • Case Thickness :13 mm steel
  • Band length: Mens Standard
  • Band width :16 mm leather
  • Special features : Compass, calendar date
  • Movement :Quartz
  • Water resistant depth: 100 Meters

Another adventurers watch with retro-classic design is, the Timex IQ Tide Watch with temp and compass. With a movement that features an intelligent quartz with analog display. You can rely on this wristwatch for precision timekeeping.

Unlike some analog watches with three-hand, this compass and temperature watch has the fourth hand in red – a kind of old-fashioned display. This watch can tell temperature, direction with compass, as well as the low and high tides.

With a press of a button(the right pusher) the red hand skips to show the current temperature in Fahrenheit scale. The back end of the red watch hand shows temp in degrees centigrade(Celsius scale)

Like other watches we have seen with thermometer, the temperature values in this timepiece updates at every minute. The temperature display only goes off if you select any other function.

The compass tide temperature watch behaves like an analog thermometer. It can also be used to track tides and as a countdown timer. the watch case is durable thanks to the stainless steel construction.

You can’t regret measuring temperature at night with this thermometer watch. It is easy to read the temperature display even in the dark because the Timex Indiglo lights up the watch dial at night.

The watch band is comfortable, with size range of 45mm. With a thin watch strap size of 16mm, it is not easy to get band replacement for this watch.

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Ball Trainmaster TMT Celsius Automatic Mens Strap Watch – Best Mechanical Thermometer Watch

Ball Trainmaster TMT Celsius Automatic Mens Strap Watch Silver Dial Date NT1050D-LAJ-WHwatch with thermometer - The Best Watch With Thermometer - Accurate Temperature Watches For Your Next Outdoor Trip
  • Dial window : Scratch Resistant Sapphire
  • Display :Analog
  • Case material Stainless Steel
  • Case diameter: 41 mm, 13 mm thick
  • Band width :20 mm
  • Dial color Silver Guilloche
  • Special features: Swiss Self-Winding Movement with 23 Jewels
  • Movement :Automatic
  • Water resistant depth :50 Meters

If you like mechanical watches, you would love Ball Trainmaster TMT which is an analog watch with temperature display. This swiss made watch uses a spiral bimetallic temperature sensor to detect thermal energy of the surrounding environment.

If you want a wrist watch that shows temperature accurately, Ball trainmaster mechanical thermometer is a great choice, with a temperature range range -35°C to 45°C (-31°F to 113°F).

One downside of this cool looking watch with temperature display is that you have to remove it from wrist for up to 60 minutes before it can give accurate reading.

This outdoor temperature watch is a useful, interesting and innovative American watch for nurses and medical workers. it comes with a sweeping second hand, a date window , and a dual scale Fahrenheit or Celsius (the featured model is Celsius).

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Best fitness Watches With Thermometer – Temperature sensor

Runners, grym goers and most fitness lovers cherish activity trackers for the amazing functions designed for monitoring workouts. One of the most important features is the ability to measure the skin temperature or the core body temperature during workouts.


Bluemelody Fitness Tracker – The best  Body Temperature Watch

Bluemelody Smart Watch - The best Fitness Tracker with Body Temperature Thermometer watch with thermometer - The Best Watch With Thermometer - Accurate Temperature Watches For Your Next Outdoor Trip
  • Screen Size: 0.96 Inch
  • Body Material:  316L Steel
  • Band Material: TPU
  • Battery Capacity: 90mAH
  • Charging Time: 1.5 Hours
  • Battery Life: 5 days
  • System: Android 4.4 Above; iOS: System Version 8.4 Above
  • Sensors: Body Temperature, Blood oxygen, Heart rate and Blood pressure Measurement

Like the smartwatches with thermometer that we have seen above, this Bluemelody fitness tracker is exceptional for detecting variations in body biodata. It measures the actual body temperature of the wearer and not that of his immediate environment.

This body temperature tracking watch comes designed like the Fitbit watches, with a sleek leather strap, and a color display screen. Other features in addition to measuring skin temperature, Bluemelody fitness tracker is also a blood pressure monitoring watch.

Moreover, it tracks heart rate, monitors sleep patterns, reads your oxygen blood saturation levels, and can tell weather changes. This Fitness tracker is limited in features when it comes to surviving in the outdoor and in the wilderness, than a rugged GPS smartwatch with Altimeter, Barometer and Compass features.

Yet, it still remains the best wristband to measure your body temperature fluctuations from the wrist. If you have never tried the fitness band before, know that the it’s easier to use if you want it to show body temperature accurately.

It might not have a compass in addition to its built-in thermometer but it does records both outdoor and internal body temperature with ease

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Fitbit sense smartwatch – best fitbit watch for measuring skin and core body temperature

best reliable fitness watch with temperature trends for skin and core - Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch with Tools for Heart Health, Stress Management & Skin Temperature Trends, White/Gold, One Size (S & L Bands Included)watch with thermometer - The Best Watch With Thermometer - Accurate Temperature Watches For Your Next Outdoor Trip
  • navigation: Built-in GPS
  • Stress tracking w/ EDA sensor
  • ECG app & skin temperature
  • High & low heart rate alerts
  • Water resistance : 50m
  • Battery life: 6 days
  • Support: Alexa & Google Assistant, Apps

If you want the best tool for heart health checks, stress management & skin temperature trends display,  go no further than picking this fitbit smart fitness watch with thermometer – Fitbit Sense

This fitbit sense watch with thermometer is an  advanced health thinnest smartwatch that helps check your body and guides you toward better health.

It can check you heart for AFib, detect stress and fatigue, records your sleep quality and also track patterns in your skin temperature. There is more personalized guidance into this activity smartwatch tracker, for premium users.

Fitbit Sense has more – it store and play music,  supports hundreds of apps and clock faces and tracks activity and sleep.

The EDA Scan app detects electrodermal activity and can tell how your body’s response to stress  and fatigue. The  built-in skin temperature sensor makes fitbit the best watch that logs the baseline of your skin temperature each night .

The on-wrist skin temperature sensor log your skin temperature each night to see how it varies from your personal baseline. You can also see your nightly blood oxygen levels too, at a glance.

Another wellness function is that fitbit sensie can tell when your heart beat is  irregular. The EG app helps assess your heart for atrial fibrillation and it is up to you to share your health data with your family doctor.

The built-in GPS is a useful outdoor navigation function you need for runs, hikes, bike rides and more. For entertainment during sports, fitbit sense is a body temperature monitor watch that also comes with built-in mic and speaker.

You can use the watch to take bluetooth calls hands-free but you need to keep your smart phone nearby. Finally, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa,  bedtime reminders and alarms, are other amazing feature packed into the fitbit.

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How to choose a watch with Thermometer

A temperature watch is a very important tool for outdoor lovers. Let us see the things to consider when buying a watch that shows temperature.

Accuracy of Thermometer

You may get inaccurate temperature values if you don’t take off the thermometer watch away from your wrist for at least 15 minutes. If your watch has metallic or silicone strap in contact with your wrist, body heat energy gets absorbed into the temperature sensor via the bands. This may cause poor temperature because your wrist temperature will affect the thermometer reading.

So you’re going to need to remove the wrist watch and wait for the reading to becomes accurate. Although most manuals recommend 30 minutes, most people including me feel bad having to wait this long.


Purpose – Indoor or outdoor use

You want a watch for body temperature measurement or for outdoor weather temperature tracking?. I think if you are an outdoor fitness lover who constantly take trips for backpacking, camping, hiking or hunting, you should also consider having a triple sensor watch rather than twin sensor. “Twin Sensor” watches have a Compass and Thermometer sensor and displays while “Triple Sensor” watches have barometer/altimeter, Compass and Thermometer sensors. A good backpacking or hiking watch should have all of these navigation features.



A thermometer watch with many outdoor features is expensive than ones with few functions. Depending on your budget, you can pick the more affordable wrist watch that comes with a Compass and Thermometer or go for the type that includes a barometer and an altimeter. Take a look at these best abc watches for outdoor if you didn’t find one here that reasonably priced or costs under $100. Besides that, hikers can check these smartwatches for hiking with all the features needed for outdoor trails including temperature.



A solar powered watch with thermometer is more useful for outdoor than one that depends on home energy. If you are going to pick a timepiece that is not charged from sunlight, consider the the numerous functions like GPS may exhaust the battery faster than expected.  This is common if you intent to shop for the best smart watch with thermometer sensors. However, if you are not an outdoor fan, you don’t need the solar charging seriously, so any other watch that display temperatures is just suitable.


Some Tips To consider when using watches with thermometer

  • As for the manufacturers manual to learn how to calibrate the temperature yourself.
  • To check for reliability, you should compare the thermometer values from your wrist watch, with readings from a hand held backpacking or camping or medical thermometer or temperature sensor.




How can Fitbit help me track my temperature?

You can use fitbit to track your temperature over time to help identify patterns and spot trends. All you need is take your core temperature with a thermometer and log it on Fitbit Sense for example. You need a Fitbit Premium subscription before you see more detailed information about your skin temperature variation trends.

What is core temperature?

Core temperature is the temperature inside your body, and you can use a working clinical thermometer to measure it. It typically varies less than your skin temperature. Core temperature varies during ovolution – Core temperature typically rises during ovulation  and Core temperature is typically lower in the morning and rises during the late afternoon and evening. Know that your core temperature typically drops during sleep and it rises when fighting an infection and individuals can develop a fever


Wrap Up

There you go. I hope you got your best smartwatch with temperature and compass. If they were too expensive, a watch with thermometer would be affordable and reasonably cheap.


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