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You want to calculate how many calories burned walking, you got to know your number of steps, height and weight. But if you got your steps counts from a pedometer and you want to figure out calories burned, how are you going to compute it?

This article gives you a simple step to calories converter calculator. It would guide and help you track the energy expenditure during your daily walk, if you have a pedometer that reads your number of steps taken or walked. There are good calorie counter watches but let us see simple way to compute your calories.

Step to calorie calculator

Here is a simple step to calories calculator based on the US imperial system of units

(Your height determines your number of steps per mile)

Results – Estimated calories burned:


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How do I calculate calories burned per step?

We are going to use a step to calorie conversion formula. But we can only do it if we consider a user who weighs 180 pounds. Only few calculations are needed to get the calories burned.

Consider a leisure or slower walk, obviously at a pace of 2 miles per hour. In other words, lets us say that is a 30-minute mile walk.

step 1

Her calories per mile = weight times 0.57

Calories per mile = 180X(0.57) = 102.6 calories per mile

Step 2

If she walks 2200 steps to cover a  mile distance, how much calories does she burn per step? If you don’t know your steps per  mile, wear a pedometer and walk a distance up to exactly a mile. Check how many steps your pedometer recorded.

Conversion factor = her calories per miles divided by the step count over a mile.

Conversion factor = 102.6 calories per mile /2200 steps per mile = 0.04662

Step 3

Multiply the conversion factor with the number of steps she takes (pedometer reading). If she is an active woman, and has walked 8000 steps, here is her calories burned walking the steps.

Calories burned = conversion factor times step counts

Calories burned = 0.04662*8000 steps = 373 calories.

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Another example of step to calories calculation

How much calories is burned by a 100kg 5’5″ athlete walking 5000 steps?

Athlete’s weight = 220 lb or 100kg

Calorie per miles = 220*0.57 = 125.4 calories per mile

Considering 2400 steps per miles, conversion factor = 125.4/2400 = 0.5225

Total calories for 5000 steps   = 5000*0.5225 = 261.25 calories



Factors affecting your calories burned walking

The accurate number of calories you burn per miles depends on a number of factors, which include your weight, time, and intensity of your walking workout. There are a good number or relatively very affordable step counters or pedometers. Pick one, and wear it. We are going to se the number of steps the pedometer counts, to compute your actual calories burnesd.

One factor is the height. If you have a taller, heavy stature, your calories burned for the same number of steps will be different.


A 6 feet tall guy would burn more calories than a 5 feet short person. You know why? It is because the stride length of a tall person is longer and he would cover several miles at the same time and pace, than a short walker. Step length and height are very important gait analysis parameters and most fitness experts use them to measure steps per miles, calories per miles and how long I take to walk a mile.


Weight is another big determinant of how much calories your body can burn walking. Overweight, obese, and fat guys burn more calories walking the same miles than a skinny person at same rate. If you weigh about 180 pounds, you’ll burn a good number of calories than a 120-pound person.


The longer distance (in miles of kilometers) you walk each day, the more calories your body uses up. Because you are going to cover many steps to complete a longer distance, most fitness and health experts often recommend you walk 1-3 miles per day to maintain consistent health. Serious athletes or marathon runners can walk as much as 10,000 steps per day.

But on average, if you want to achieve calorie deficit by burning as much as 200-300 calories per day, you should aim to walk averagely 5000 steps per day consistently.

Walking speed or pace

If you are going to walk very leisurely (1-2 miles per hour), you will for sure burn little to no calories. A normal walking pace of 3 miles per hour is enough to burn a reasonable amount of calories. But I prefer to walk quickly and burn more calories, which is good at a brisk walking speed of 4mph. And of Couse, at 5mph, you are either jogging or running and that will drive your energy expenditure up.

Walking platform or terrain

Walking on a smooth, leveled surface is not challenging enough to burn more calories. If you are going to achieve good calorie deficit, walk on an uneven pavement, earth road around your backyard. The truth is, an uneven surfaces makes your walking exercises more challenging, which helps to burn more calories.

Another way to burn more calories, is to walk uphill. Uphill walking causes you to use a lot of physical efforts to move against gravity. You will often notice your heart rate increase when you walk up a slop, in addition to strengthening your hip and leg muscles. If you are limited to the house, walk up or climb stairs, you’ll burn more calories as you would outdoor.

Many people choose to walk on a treadmill. A treadmill incline setting or just 2-5 percent can significantly boost your calorie expenditure on every step you make. Treadmill is low impact, and safer for seniors, and for rehabilitation walking exercises.


The duration of your physical activity(walking in this case) impacts how much calories your muscles will burn. The obvious fact is, you are not going to start burning calories the first 5 minutes of your walking exercise.

So, if you want to see a measurable amount of energy expended(calories burned), you got to do your walking workout for much longer time. American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week, which makes about 30 minutes exercise per day. Walking for 2-3 hours at brisk pace can burn a large amount of calories.

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Step to Calorie conversion charts/table

People of various weights divided into different height groups, and walking at different paces.

1000 steps

WeightHeight 5’5″ and UnderHeight 5’6″ to 5’11”Height 6 Feet and Above)
Walking pace ->2,400 Steps per Mile2,200 Steps per Mile2,000 Steps per Mile
100 lb (45kg)232528
120 lb(55kg)283033
140 lb(64kg)323538
160 lb(73kg)364044
180 lb(82kg)414549
200 lb(91kg)455055
220 lb(100kg)505560
250 lb(114kg)576369
300 lb(136kg)687582


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5000 steps

WeightHeight 5’5″ and UnderHeight 5’6″ to 5’11”Height 6 Feet and Above)
Walking pace ->2,400 Steps per Mile2,200 Steps per Mile2,000 Steps per Mile
100 lb (45kg)115125138
120 lb(55kg)13815065
140 lb(64kg)158173190
160 lb(73kg)181198218
180 lb(82kg)204223245
200 lb(91kg)227248273
220 lb(100kg)250273300
250 lb(114kg)285311343
300 lb(136kg)342373410



Step to calories by weight

Steps for Height 5’6″ to 5’11” people of different weights, at a pace of 2,200 Steps per Mile

Weight2,000 steps6,000 steps10,000 steps
100 lb (45kg)50150250
120 lb(55kg)60180300
140 lb(64kg)69207345
160 lb(73kg)79237395
180 lb(82kg)89267445
200 lb(91kg)99297495
220 lb(100kg)109327545
250 lb(114kg)125374623
300 lb(136kg)149447745



How many steps to lose one pound of fat?

To get rid of 1 pound of fatty flesh, your body needs to burn 3500 calories. Calculations shows that you need to walk up to 70,000 to 80,000 steps to burn the 3500 calories which enough to burn 1lb fat. 70,000 steps is excessive for a day. So if you can walk 10,000 steps per day ( or 12,000 steps), consistently for 7 days, you are going to burn off 1 pound of excess body fat.

To lose 1 pound of fat in a week, you got to walk 10,000 to 12000 steps every day for 7 days.


How many steps burns 1000 calories?

160-pound person of average height will burn about 40 calories per 1,000 steps. But she requires walking 21900 steps to burn 1000 calories of energy.


How many steps is right for my age?

Every pone has a recommended number of steps each day. What is the average step count for people in your age group? It is undeniable that kids and elderly persons can’t walk equal steps as active adults at same pace and time. So, for the same walking activity, the steps you can walk vary or depends on your age and health status.

Number of steps for Kids under 5 years.

A 10k steps walk exercise is as useful for active kids as for adults. At a moderate pace, an average of 5000 steps daily, is right for  kids of around 5 years. Some  very active children can walk even up to 8000 steps per day. The real difference is, kids have shorter stride length and so, would cover shorter distance than an adult who walk the same number of steps.

Number of steps for kids below 10 years

9 to 10 years is the most active age group for children, such that it is common to find less active boys and girls at this age, walking over 5000 steps each day. Children around 10 years would walk an average of 7500 steps at moderate pace. But then, there are some athletic kids, too. It should not surprise you to learn that very active, fitness focused kids can complete 12,000 steps walking in a day. The fact remains, that the number of miles is greater for an athletic adult who walks 10,000 steps as an athletic kids with shorter step length.

Number of steps for teenagers – 11-17

Some teen boys and girls are more active than adults, and they can walk 5000 steps to just stay fit and healthy. However, on average, the number of steps for a child within the teen age is about 10,000 steps each day. Athletic teenagers would complete several miles of distance, or walking as much as 15,000 steps.

Average step counts for adults under 65 years

If you fall within 18-65 years, that is the most active stage of your life. If you’re one of those folks in their 20s and 30s, you’re highly energetic and can complete a 10,000 steps a day with ease. To maintain basic and good health, 7000 steps should be the minimum number of steps per day for every adult walking at normal pace. My recommendation is for every adult to strive and walk many miles, many steps daily, in order to grow stronger and more balance into old age.

Average steps for seniors over 65 years

My grandmother at 80 is still not too old to walk. The sad truth is, senior citizen have grown a little bit older and weaker than adults, and so, expect their walking steps, walking pace, and step lengths to reduce. At 80, she can hit 3000 steps each day and if she was a serious athlete in her 50s, she would still walk up to 6000-1000 steps. Whatever age an elderly person is, walking is important to maintain maximum health, but should be done carefully without risk of falling off. I often recommend treadmills for seniors walking, than outdoor pavement or road walks and runs.

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How to make more steps per day from home

If you are working from home and still want to achieve walking 10000 steps per day, you got to find all possible ways to walk around. Let us check some steps for getting 10000 daily steps while working from home.

How to add daily steps at home:

  • Dance your favorite song or music
  • Leave your water bottle at the kitchen and walk to it when you need to drink.
  • Walk a dog around your house or neighborhood
  • Walk outdoor frequently
  • Walk while talking over the phone or face to face with someone. Don’t just stand
  • Take stair case up, if you live in higher floor.
  • Play sport with neighbors even if they are kids


Does dancing count as steps?

Dancing is the best way to rack up those steps faster at home, and burn more calories. It surprises most people, but if you put in your killer playlist, you will jump into moves in an attempt to dance. How do you think you’re gonna get 20000 steps in a day, while you live in a tiny, dingy sitting bedroom? Dancing is the best way to increase your steps, especially when you are in a small, compact space.


Some tips to log in more steps at the office

If you are doing some kind of desk job which requires you sit down, you may drastically limit your walking steps each day. How can I get up to 10000 steps if I sit at an office desk all day? Here is how you can get 10000 steps per day at the workplace.

  • Go for sort walks every house
  • Walk during lunch time
  • Keep your phone far off, and walk to it when you receive a call
  • Walk to the farthest coffee  shop or restaurant
  • Take the stair case or escalators to higher floors
  • Keep your printer away from your desk and walk
  • Park further away and walk to the office – don’t drive
  • When answering or taking calls, get up and walk around
  • Walk to bathroom, walk to the farthest restroom
  • Play a sport
  • Use office treadmill
  • Use a dest-treadmill while working in your office


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