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12 Best Android Standalone Smartwatch – Make Calls Without Your Android Phone

You are looking for an android standalone smartwatch with a sim card, that can make and receive 4g calls, take pictures, record videos, plays music and run gps? You are in the right place, below is a list of the best android smart watches with SIM card slots and cellular connectivity. These smartwatches make calls without phone.

Most android smartwatches don’t support SIM card, they connect to android smartphone via Bluetooth, before that can access any mobile network. If you want to equip yourself or you child with an android smartwatch that doesn’t need a phone to make or receive calls,  run GPS, and camera, then picking the best standalone smartwatch with sim card slot, camera and WI-FI is an ultimate choice to go phoneless. Such android OS Smartwatches with SIM cards can access GSM, LTE, or other networks seamless from the wrists without relying on phone, though they may offer limited options for making calls or sending texts.

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But can you use any sim card in a smartwatch?

Most smartwatches today are designed to use a Nano SIM card or a micro SIM card for cellular phoneless connectivity. Some network companies require that you must activate the smartwatch sim card on a mobile network by signing up for a SIM Cards Plan . The most important feature of a standalone smartwatch sim card plan is the data it offers and not every sim card can fit into it.

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Why do Smartwatches Need a SIM Card?

Smartwatches are regarded as an extension of the smartphone which they’re syncing with. Some models of these smartwatches are stand-alone devices and function independently with no need for a phone. Such standalone smartwatch are connected by a GSM SIM card.

The other non-sim card smartwatches use Bluetooth to get data or information from a paired smartphone, and that relies on the phone’s cellular connection.

Building a smartwatch with SIM Card, is to get it connected to a carrier’s network with a unique identification data(or authentication key) to enable connectivity. The most commonly used sim card for standalone smartwatch is the NANO SIM card, some use micro sized sim cards.

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Why DO I need a sim card for smartwatch?

A SIM card built smartwatch is very advantageous than non-SIM smart watches. Apart from bringing most smartphone features onto the wrists, there are helpful reasons why smartwatches do require SIM Cards and cellular connections.

Independence: Most android fans want full independence from smartphones. Watch makers understand thus choose to offer an ultimate way for android fans to have a smart phoneless experience by using a smartwatch with in-built SIM card space.

Portability: Android Smartwatch have sim card to ease portability and mobility that doesn’t come with having a bulky smartphone.

Kids: In united stated, parent find that their tender age kids can’t carefully handle bulky smartphones. Obviously, in order to keep their kids tracked and connected while in school, the best option is offer them a smart phone watch with sim card function.

Wireless and solar charging: Android smartwatch charger may be wired or wireless unlike the conventional smartphones. Again, most gps watches for outdoor purposes support solar charging unlike smartphones(may be they will, later).

Rugged outdoor use: Smartwatches  can endure a lot of  crashes and rough beatings under the rain, in extreme temperatures than smartphones. You wouldn’t expect a hunter to carry smartphone while hunting. Rather the best hunting android watch with cellular gsm sim card can serve a better purpose than a phone.

Distraction and addictions: Smartphones cause more distraction than smartwatch. To deal with this distraction  and break away smartphone addiction,  android smartwatches that can make and receive calls  with little distraction is an ultimate way to  enjoy a phoneless lifestyle.


Top Picks – Best standalone smartwatch – For Android

here are the best standalone smartwatch  android fans love. Pick you ideal best standalone smartwatch with sim from this top selection

LEMFO LEM 9 Android watch with dual systems

best standalone smartwatch without phone
  • 1.39 inch full round AMOLED screen with a 454*454-pixel resolution.
  • Connectivity: SIM card with 4G, WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth
  • Special: 5MP Camara
  • Storage Memory:1GB RAM, 16 GB ROM,
  • Operating System: Android 7.1
  • Processor: MTK6739 processor with 1.25GHZ frequency
  • Battery size: 1260mAh
  • Compartible Android 7.1.1,
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When it comes to smart wearables, Lemfo produces the most beautiful standalone smartwatch for independent phoneless services.

LEMFO LEM9 4G LTE Dual Systems Smart Watch Phone is a GPS Smartwatch Wristband for Men Women. The 5MP Camara is suitable for video calls and capturing pictures on the go.

Designed with a round face and a high resolution display, Lemfo phoneless smartwatch comes with a 1.39 inch AMOLED screen and a TPU strap with an aluminum bezel.

Featuring a large capacity for storage, this stand alone phone watch can holds many songs. The Bluetooth helps you listen to music through wireless connection with earbuds.

This android based standalone smartwatch supports 4G cellular network with good connectivity, and has no need for phone.

The wifi help to link the stand alone watch phone to Internet while the inbuilt gps handles position tracking, especially during outdoorsmen adventures.

Two processor are running this amazing smart phone-watch with SIM card function , giving it an impressive boost in speed.

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Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch – best android watch phone with camera

Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch - best android standalone smartwatch phone with camera android watch with camera to replace phone- Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch with Camera
Img: Padgene DZ09 – best Bluetooth standalone Smart Watch with Camera and sim card slot for cellular communication
  • Standalone : Phone book, answering and calling,
  • Communication : cellular, texting,
  • battery life: 180 hours
  • Design : stylish stainless steel face
  • Strap : Nano TPU85 material soft strap,
  • Supports MP3 and MP4 files
  • waterproof: resist rainwater

Padgene DZ09 is a Super high capacity standalone with android-based features. This Bluetooth Smartwatch runs on an extra-ordinary longest battery life of up to 180 hours.

Since it is one of the best android smartwatches that you can talk on, without need for phone, It can support up to 5 hours continuous calling text messaging, video capturing, taking pictures and more. You know, not all best smartwatches with calling facility, also capture and make video calls.

Padgene DZ09 is the best standalone smartwatch with camara and speaker. The design is stylish, sleek, modern including a stainless steel face. You also get a Nano TPU85 material soft strap, with anti-sweat matte surface treatment, and an
ergonomic convex design.

The 4g sim card supported smart watch also works like a spy-camara smartwatch for video capturing, taking of pictures, in addition to making calls. This DZ09 mobile phone watch has a sim card slot where you can choose to insert GSM 2G/2.5G Network SIM Card if you like. It is the best smartwatch that doesn t need a phone.

The android cellular watch is pretty less costly, not expensive like the apple watches. I just like its standalone capability because you can use this best smartwatch to replace phone. This is great opportunity for travelers, outdoor lovers like mountain hikers , forest tourists, and explorers.

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Why I love it

  • the android-based DZ09 is a standalone bluetooth smartwatch with sim card slot
  • It is best smartwatch to use without a phone since it supports push messages, make or receive calls, view and reply text messages
  • The Nano TPU85 material soft strap, with anti-sweat matte surface treatment is comfortable on wrist
  • This cellular smartwatch has a super high capacity battery for long outdoor phone-less use
  • the micro-sim-card smartwatch design is stylish and sleek, modern design, stainless steel face
  • It has an anti-loss feature to secure your smartwatch


Kospet Hope Standalone watch with 3GB/32GB

best standalone smartwatch without phone connection

Kospet Hope 4G Smart Watch with  8.0 MP Camera, 3/32 GB Ram/ROM,

  • 1.39inch AMOLED display
  • Camara 8MP
  • Navigation: gps/Glonass
  • Storage memory: 3GB RAM/32GB ROM.
  • Cellular: 4G, nano GSM SIM

Do you want a no-phone standalone smartwatch with large capacity like that of an iPhone or iPad? Kospet Hope is one best Android smartwatch that has 3GB RAM/32GB ROM.

Other features IP67 Waterproof, Bluetooth connectivity and heart rate monitor. This wristband is scratch resistant with  Ceramic construction with onboard GPS.

Between some two side navigation buttons, is a 8MP Camara. This large memory android watch is one of the best smartwatch without cell phone connectivity, that comes with the best quality camera.

The ceramic watch is powered by an MTK6739 processor that runs android smartwatch operating system, Android 7.1. Further more, this OTA android smartwatch with SIM card features a large memory that can hold lots of smart watch apps.

For making calls, the Kospet Hope is a Smartwatch that can text without phone, because it supports a 4G nano SIM card with GSM/WCDMA/FDD+LTE compatibility.

With Bluetooth and wifi, one additional connectivity you can enjoy having this android smartwatch that takes a SIM card, is the GPS/Glonass for outdoor navigation.

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Zeblaze Thor 5 – best standalone smartwatch for men and women

4g android watch phone at low price under $200. - Zeblaze Thor 5 Android 4G Smart Watch, Dual Systems Men's and Women Fitness Tracker Smartwatch 2G RAM+16G ROM Display 8MP Front Camera GPS WiFi Heart Rate Monitor Sport Smartwatch(Blue)

Zeblaze Thor 5 Android 4G Smart Watch,  Smartwatch 2G RAM+16G ROM Display 8MP Front Camera GPS WiFi Heart Rate Monitor Sport Smartwatch

  • Screen: resolution of 454 x 454 pixels
  • Dial cover: Corning Gorilla Glass 4
  • memory: 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM
  • Operating System: android 7.1
  • Camera:8MP

The most current android smartwatch without need for phone connection from Zeblaze is the Thor 5 which comes in a unique design.

The 4g standalone smartwatch has a circular 1.39-inch AMOLED touch display on the dial, that is protectively covered by a though Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

Another smartphone feature in this SIM card watch is the 8MP camera, microphone and speaker. Besides Camara function, zeblaze Thor 5 is a standalone smartwatch with 4G sim card, gps and wifi connectivity.

For video and music storage, this Smart wearable comes with a large memory capacity of 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, powered by running Android 7.1.

My verdict marks Thor 5 as one best smartwatch with 4g sim, for phone free calls.

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KingWear KC05 Pro – best 3G  android watch phone

KINGWEAR KW88 GPS Smart Watch,Pro 3G Android 7.0 1.3Ghz Quad-Core 16GB WiFi GPS 2MP Camera Heart Rate Monitor Mobile Phone for iOS Android
  • 1.39 AMOLED with 400×400 pixels resolution
  • 8MP Camara
  • Processor: MTK6739 Quad Core processor with 1.25GHz speed
  • Memory: 3GB Ram, 32 GB storage
  • Cellular connectivity:4G nano SIM card
  • Connectivity: WIFI, GPS, Beidou, Glonass, Bluetooth 4.0.

KINGWEAR KW88 GPS Smart Watch,Pro 3G  1.3Ghz Quad-Core 16GB  Mobile Phone for iOS Android

KingWear KC05 is amongst 3G android watches that don’t need a phone. This 3G cell phone watch comes with an android watch SIM card function that can make and receive calls.

You can just expect to see this 3G android watch with sim slot somewhere in the back or by the side. For better connectivity, this smartwatch sim is 4GB compatible, with nano-SIM card slot.

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With its awesome construction, this 3G android wear watch is pretty standalone, with a 1.2GB high speed quad core processor MTK6739.

This standalone nano SIM card watch also has 32GB ROM and 3GB RAM for video, music and file storage. With this excellently large memory for storage,  this android wrists watch phone with sim runs on android 7.1 operating system.

Additional connectivity include WIFi, BEIDOU and Bluetooth support. For outdoor navigation, this android wear standalone watch also support GPS/GLONASS satellite navigation for location tracking and positioning.

It’s design shows that it’s an android based phoneless smartwatch for men. For fear of breaking the screen, you can order this kingwear smartwatch screen protector.

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Lemfo LEM X

best android standalone smartwatch
  • Display: 2.03 AMOLED HD screen
  • Connectivity: wifi
  • Special: 8MP Camara
  • Operating system: Android 7.1

Lemfo LEM X is Chinese GSM smartwatch that comes with sim card, Camara and wifi support. The 2.03 inch AMOLED HD big screen and the large display is good enough for easy readability.

Like other smartwatch that can make calls without phone, this Lemfo standalone smartwatch supports sim card with 4G and Wifi connectivity and features an 8MP HD camera.

Not to forget, this standalone smartwatch with Camara also is Bluetooth compatible, and comes with onboard GPS satellite navigation feature.

The operating system that keeps this cellular smartwatch in one piece is the Android 7.1.

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Rollme S08 – Best waterproof standalone smartwatch – 4G LTE

4G WIFI smart watch - SUQIAOQIAO Rollme S08 1.69" IPS Round Touch Screen 3+32G Smart Watch, 8MP+8MP Dual Camera 1360Mah+2200Mah Charging Compartment IP68 Waterproof Face ID - Weather, Phone, Alarm, GPS, Pedometer, Camera, Heart Rate Monitor

Rollme RM-S08 Smart Watch 4G LTE SIM 1.69inch MTK6739 Quad-core 3GB+32GB 8MP+8MP 1360mAh Phone Call Chat GPS 9 Sports Modes Face ID Sports Bracelet with Global Bands

  •  Processor: MTK6739 processor at 1.25GHZ frequency
  •  Operating System: Android 7.1.1
  • Connectivity: 4G LTE Smartwatch
  •  Dial Display: 1.69″ inch IPS screen with 450 x 450-pixel resolution
  •  Storage Memory: 3 GB ROM + 32GB RAM
  •  Battery life: 1360 mAh large battery+2200mAh
  •  Connectivity: Sim card with 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
  •  Special: Camera: 8MP+8MP
  •  Waterproof: IP68

If you want a standalone smartwatch with a sim card that can make calls, take pictures, record videos, text message with no need for phone and yer remains waterproof, here are top choices that come with capabilities to install apps too.

This Android smartwatch is IP68 waterproof , suitable for swimming, can survive splashes and light rains. The android smartwatch has calling feature through the smart watch SIM card built into it.

This android standalone smartwatch with Sim card also support wifi for wireless connectivity and comes with a huge battery, large internal memory and camara.

With IP68 Waterproof, this high grade protection enables this 4g android lte watch to be used in rainy days, sports time. It our best android Waterproof Standalone smartwatch.

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Lemfo LEM 12 – best standalone android smartwatch with Face Unlock

Best standalone Smart watch for iOS and Android Phone
  •  Processor: MTK6739 processor with 1.25GHZ frequency
  • Operating System: Android 7.1.1
  •  Display: 1.6″ inch IPS screen, 400 x 400-pixel resolution
  •  Memory: 3 GB RAM +32GB ROM storage
  •  Battery: 1800mAh
  •  Connectivity: Sim card with 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
  •  Camera: 8MP+5MP
  •  Waterproof: IP67
  • Smart watch for iOS and Android Phone

HUCCZ 2020 New for LEM12 Multifunctional Smart Watch 4G Face ID 1.6 inch Full Screen,OS Android 7.1,3G RAM+32G ROM,GPS,WiFi, Gifts for Men and Women (Black)

LEM12 is one of those high quality 4g Android smartwatch, with a classic look. The smartwatch construction features a round body with a ceramic bezel designed with beauty and elegance.

The leather watch band is changeable, removable, for a customizable and comfortable fit on wrist. Having a battery almost the size of phone battery, this smartwatch can make calls and also text messages without reliability on a smart phone.

It has a built in 4g SIM card for cellular connectivity like a phone, in my opinion, this watch is the best standalone android smartwatch for everyday casual wears.

MSDMSASD LEM12 Smartwatch for Men Women 500W+800W Dual Camera 4G Smart Watch Face Recognition Heart Rate 3GB 32GB 1.6 inch Recognition Big Screen Watch Don’t Miss Out To Check Latest Price & Reviews! On Amazon


Zeblaze Thor 5 Pro – best fashionable 4G smartwatch

best smartwatch with 4g sim - 4g smartwatch 2018
  •  Processor + 1.25GHZ frequency
  •  Operating System: Android 7.1.1
  •  Display screen type: 1.6″ inch IPS screen, 320 x 320-pixel resolution
  •  Memory for storage: 32 GB ROM + 3GB RAM
  •  Battery life: 800mAh
  •  Connectivity: Sim card with 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
  •  Camera: 5MP+5MP
  •  Waterproof: IP67

Zeblaze Thor 5 PRO Smart Watch 1.6 inch LTPS Crystal Screen Dual Cameras Fitness Activity Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Smartwatch for Android iOS

Tho 5 pro is a unisex standalone smartwatch – a 4g watch phone designed for men and women everyday wear. While this 4g android smart watch is independent of phone, it comes with dual Camara like a selfie smartphone.

This Camara watch runs android watch operating system, on a 1.2GH high speed processor and provides cellular connectivity through its provision for a 4 G SIM card.

Rugged for outdoor, the gps, the good battery life, the Bluetooth are all features for you to seamlessly enjoy this standalone smartwatch with sim slot, wifi, Camara and storage music playing.

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Ticwris max – Big Screen Standalone smartwatch

large screen standalone smartwatch under 200 dollars
  • Weight: 200g
  •  Good Processor with 1.25GHZ frequency
  •  Operating System: Android 7.1.1
  •  Large Display screen: 2.86″ inch IPS screen, 640*480-pixel resolution
  •  Memory: 32 GB ROM + 3GB RAM
  •  Large Battery size : 2880 mAh
  •  Connectivity: Sim card with 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
  •  Best Camera: 8MP
  •  Waterproof: IP67

TICWRIS Andriod Smart Watch, GPS Android Smartwatch, 4G LTE with 2.86″ Touch Screen, Face Unclok Phone Watch with 2880mAh Battery, IP67 Waterproof Sport Watch,3GB+32GB Andriod Watch for Men

TICWRIS MAX is one of the best android smartwatch phones with a big 2.86″ IPS screen and 640×580 resolution.
Weighing 200g, this smartwatch is heavy, with a heavily large storage capacity and a large durable battery life.

Featuring the 8MP camera, this mini smartphone-like android watch supports the face unlock feature.

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Lemfo Lem 10 – Standalone phone watch with Apple design

LEMFO LEM10 Smart Watch Support SIM Card & 2MP Camera with 700mAh Ploymer Li-Battery, Built-in GPS & WiFi and 3GB RAM 32GB ROM for Men and Women Black Body (Black Leather)
  •  Processor runs at 1.25GHZ frequency
  •  Operating System: Android 7.1.1
  •  1.82 inch LCD screen with 360*320
  •  Memory capacity:16+32 GB ROM, 1+3GB RAM
  •  Battery size 700mAh
  •  Connectivity: Sim card with 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
  •  Camera: 2MP
  •  Waterproof: IP67
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LEMFO LEM10 Smart Watch Support SIM Card & 2MP Camera with 700mAh Ploymer Li-Battery, Built-in GPS & WiFi and 3GB RAM 32GB ROM for Men and Women Black Body (Black Leather)

Lemfo Lem 10 is an Android standalone smartwatch with a similar design to an Apple watch.

The 1.82 inch LCD screen has 360*320 pixels resolution housed inside the watch dial. There is 2MP Camara in front , a sim card slot and a hear rate sensor behind the dial.

the waterproof rating, the GPS and the battery life is the reason why you can carry this 4g smartwatch with Camara and gps, for outside sports in rain without any worry of ruining it.

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LEMFO KW88 3G Smart watch – Best 3G Standalone smartwatch

best 3G smartwatch with camara, sim card, Wi-fi, bleutooth and musics
  • Cellular network: 2G GSM  and  3G WCDMA  internet
  • connectivity: WIFI and bluetooth
  • processor: MTK6580 Quad Core
  • Memory:RAM 512MB + ROM 4GB
  • Display: 1.39 inch AMOLED, 400*400  capacitive touch screen
  • multi media: MP3 player, Video player, Sound Recorder

LEMFO KW88 3G Smart watch, Android 5.1 OS, Quad Core support 2.0MP Camera Bluetooth SIM Card WiFi GPS Heart Rate Monitor, (Gray+Black)

LEMFO KW88 Smart Watch is an advanced android cell phone watch that comes with high accuracy heart rate sensor, and a pedometer. This smartwatch can call, text , records sound, take pictures on from your wrists.

You want to enjoy a phoneless lifestyle, this android smart watch comes with sim card slot for 2G GSM cellular networks and a 3G WCDMA internet connectivity. The lemfo phoneless watch can make/receive calls, text/receive messages with one SIM card and without need to pair with the smartphone.

The WIFI and the bluetooth ensure data sharing ans syncing without much efforts needed, especially with the fast inbuilt-in processor. The internal memory is comparable to that of many smartphones(and iPads)  in the market.

Other features include GPS, round AMOLED screen, large storage for Mp3  musics and videos. You want to enjoy all the features of a phone from your wrists, this lemfo is the best standalone smartwatch with independent phone functions.

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Lemfo Lem T – best LTE 4G Standalone smartwatch

best lte standalone smartwatch with cellular sim card. Smartwatch that works without phone
Runs on Android 7.1
  • Cellular connectivity: 4G LTE 2.86, /3G/2G
  • Processor: MT6739
  • memory: 3GB+32GB 5MP
  • Connectivity: GPS,WiFi
  • Special: translator,  heart rate monitor, 5MP camara, Music, map, sound recorder, voice search, game playing
  • Options: Multi sport mode smartwatch
  • 2700 mah large capacity battery
  • IP67 dustproof and water proof

LEMFO LEM T – Android 7.1 4G LTE 2.86″  5MP Camera,Heart Rate Monitor, – cell watch Phone for Men Women

This is another lemfo watch with  multifunctions. This smartwatch can make call without a phone using an LTE 4G, 3G and 2G network connectivity. Having this king of watch that supports many network modes (4G//3G/2G networks) means you got a watch with global bands for global travel, all in just one one LTE 4G smartwatch.

This 4g lte android smartwatch with multi networks also means you can receive or text in any challenging environment without difficulties since it has a reliable connections at all times.

This well equipped 4G smart watch, comes with a large LCD screen, for playing games, watching, taking selfie pictures. All these phone-like features give an amazing experience of being connected, yet without a bulky handset smartphone in the pocket.

This 4g smartwatch with camera comes with many sports modes, you can enjoy daily, gym and outdoor sports anywhere while tracking your Heart-rate , counting steps, tracking calories burnt and Speed.

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Where do I get a Sim Card For my SmartWatch?

If you’ve not got a new android standalone smartwatch , because you don’t know how to get 4G LTE connectivity Sim card, here is it.

If you already got an android smartwatch with cellular functionality without an eSim(allows you clone your phone’s sim card) compatible sim card slot , you would definitely need a separate SIM.

Here are some sim cards that some standalone smartwatch android fans use to gain 4G cellular connectivity.

Some SIM cards that  work with most Smartwatch

In united states, here are some SIM cards that work with most standalone smartwatches.

  • AT&T Compatible Nano SIM Card
  • Verizon 4G SIM (no annual contract)
  • T-Mobile 3-in-1 SIM Card Starter Kit
  • Us Mobile nano Sim cards(3 in 1)
  • SpeedTalk Mobile – affordable supplier of 3 in 1 SIM cards


How to activate sim card on android smart watch –

Lets see ways to activate SIM Card for android Smartwatches, do-iy-yourself


How to access 3G data on your android smartwatch


How to set up any android smart watch with your smartphone 100% works


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Wrap Up

We hope you found this article about the best standalone android smartwatch very helpful. There is no one standalone smartwatch that fits every one. We hope you got the best android phone watch that suits your phoneless lifestyle. If you haven’t decided on picking one cell phone smartwatch because you did not see the best option for you, fill the form below and tell us what you want to see in your ideal android standalone smartwatch.

We will write  to suggest you some  watches. However, I found LEMFO KW88 3G Smart watch to be suitable for me. It comes with nearly everything I expect to see in a standalone smartwatch – to totally replace my smartphone.



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