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12 Best Stainless Steel Smartwatch – Smartwatch With Stainless Steel Band or Bracelet

Stainless steel watches are well known for their durability and there is no exception about that. However, many people look at smartwatches as fragile, weaker and less rugged as compared to regular watches, despite their in-built watch complications.

If you love classy luxury looking watches that blend with your wardrobe to give a handsome and beautiful formal dressing for outdoor businesses, a smartwatch with stainless steel band is another options to consider.

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Why Buy A Smartwatch With Stainless Steel band?

You have probably already made a decision to buy a stainless steel constructed watch and you may have your reasons.  It might not have been an easy choice settling for a steel watch but there are other reasons why people want to buy the best stainless steel watches.

One thing to note when shopping for a stainless steel alloy watch is to understand the different types or grades of stainless steel material used in watch making industry.  You can lean how to identify different types of stainless steel grades for watches here.


Best Stainless Steel Smartwatch


Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch 

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch with Speaker, Heart Rate, GPS, NFC, and Smartphone Notifications
  • Memory :8GB (1G RAM)
  • Case diameter 44 millimeters
  • Band Material Stainless Steel
  • Band length Mens Standard
  • Band width 22 millimeters
  • Special: Calendar Day-Date-Month
  • Movement: Smart Touchscreen
  • Water resistant depth 30 Meters

Our first anti-corrosion stainless steel smart watch is the Fossil gen 5. This professionally classy looking smartwatch comes with toughly constructed stainless steel 44mm watch case and 22mm band that is interchangeable with all other Fossil 22mm bands.

Powered by Wear OS by Google, this watch has a touch screen that is always on display. The rust proof smartwatch faces exist in variety of styles to choose and personalize your lifestyle.

Gen5 watches are available in a variety of colors and strap material, but this stainless steel bracelet is suitable when you want a classy look.

To serve as a Android standalone smartwatch – you can make calls directly on this Gen 5 smartwatch with stainless steel band, when your phone is out of reach.

The battery efficient improved heart-rate sensor can keek check on your heart rate anytime you’re on the move to office or to any formal occasion.

The 30m water resistance is thanks to the firmly steel constructed watch case and gasket and this swimproof s suitable for outdoor and recreational activities like swimming.

With a good Battery Life of 24 hours and Multi-day modes, you are sure to keep up with office work all-day-long.

Other features you can enjoy from this touchscreen watch include Heart Rate & Activity Tracking, notifications for calls & texts, time zone and calendar syncing.

What I also like here  is the

  • Hundreds of apps from assistant to fitness, payments, music, social, news, games
  • wellness enhancement to track both sleep and cardiac performance
  • fitness tracking – Google Fit goes beyond steps and calories
  • Sound Support: Microphone, Speaker
  • Support: GPS, NFC, Bluetooth calling
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Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Gen.)

Moto 360 2nd Generation 46mm Stainless Smart Watch - Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Gen.) - Mens 46mm, Silver with Silver Metal
  • Watch case : 42mm
  • Androidwear smartwatch with Dual digital mics
  • display: Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Backlit LCD
  • battery life: 300mAh – Up to 1.5 days
  • processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 with 1.2 GHz
  • quad-core CPU (APQ 8026) Adreno 305 with 450MHz GPU
  • memory: 4GB internal storage + 512MB RAM;
  • connectivity: low energy bluetooth, WIFI
  • IP67 dust and water resistant
  • band: Quick-release 20mm  for men, 16 mm for women
  • sensors: Accelerometer, Ambient Light, Gyroscope, Optical heart rate monitor (PPG)

Moto 360 2nd Generation 46mm Stainless Smart Watch is a good durable smartwatch that you can include in your list of high end automatic watches collection.

If you are looking for an Androidwear Mens smartwatch with stainless steel band, Motor 360 has a modern design made specifically for men(44mmx22mm) or women(42mm x 16mm).

With the 46mm stainless case and 22mm super engineer bracelet, this smart good looking watch in every one precision, is well crafted and built to last.

Personally, and according to many reviews, the 46mm moto 360 stainless steel smartwatch has a good screen size that is better for emails, pics and texting. Some of its cousins have textured stainless bezel.

As an android smartwatch, it has Google maps as well which is just as accurate as one on smart phone. Personally, this Moto 360 2nd gen is probably  topping in terms of functionality for smart watches.

However, the downside is that, the moto 360 is not a smartwatch with cellular sim card–  it does not have its own number to receive or make calls on it or talk through it on a phone call. Yet, you can answer calls or reject calls through it.

Its fast processor is quick and the big memory holds a lot of apps but  I will prefer this watch over Samsung gear 2 that is stand alone,  small and doesn’t come on a stainless bracelet.

You don’t have to constantly check phone for  getting messages, news, weather, and more, because the smart notification in this watch is no-fail.

The unique design with  edge-to-edge glass and an exceptionally thin bezel, keeps you see more all the way around this smartwatch.

Although this durable metallic smartwatch is not a thrill of a  high end automatic divers, this stainless  smartwatch is a watch that every man can wear for a nice useful change when in good mood.

What i also like

  • Quick-release bands for Moto 360 (2nd Gen) can be swapped in few seconds
  • Serves as a good fitness tracker – you can keep fit by tracking your steps, calories, and heart rate from your wrist.
  • the classic round design makes it suitable, specifically for men or women collection
  • it requires an android smart phone running Android 4.3+
  • beautiful watch faces and dial
  • may be dustproof but not waterproof – may withstands immersion in up to 3 feet underwater for up to 30 minutes
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Kate Spade Women’s Scallop 2 – Best stainless steel smartwatch with  Heart Rate, GPS, NFC

Kate Spade New York Women's Scallop 2 Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch with Heart Rate, GPS, NFC, and Smartphone Notifications

Kate Spade New York Women’s Scallop 2 Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch 

  • Battery Life : approx 24 Hour and based on usage
  • Case: material Stainless Steel, diameter 41 millimeters
  • Band Material: Stainless Steel, length Women’s Standard
  • Band width :16 millimeters
  • Dial color Carbon Fiber
  • Bezel material Stainless Steel, function Stationary
  • Movement: Touchscreen
  • Water resistant depth : 50 Meters

Kate Spade is another corrosion free smartwatches powered with wear OS by Google. It works pretty perfect with good iPhone and Android phones compatibility.

Though it is made from stainless steel, Kate Spade touchscreen smartwatch is the lightest smartwatch you would want to have as a durable and tough woman’s watch.

The  coated strap, the watch case and the bezel  are made to withstand rust especially  when you get the smart watch exposed to water during swimming.

Considering the water resistant up to 50m, this smart wearable is waterproof to allow you enjoy swimming in shallow water. You may ruin it or get fog-like condensation develop on the inside of the carbon fibre watch dial, if you dive and take prolonged swim with it.

In addition to the metallic construction, you get a heart rate and activity tracking using Google Fit in this watch. The built in GPS is a helpful tool for outdoor distance tracking.

While you can access google assistant, make payments and set personal goals, this fibreglass smartwatch can also get calls, message and  calendar alerts. You also just need to toggle between function-centric screens and  music control function.

For voice activation, the onboard Google Assistant help you personalize your watch to make it ready to help in speech search.

How long the battery can support depends on your usage. The battery life does not last if you engage gps tracking, else you require frequent charging.

Other features include

  • multiple time zones, weather alerts,
  • LED flashlight,wireless syncing,
  • touchscreen functionality,
  • built in fitness tracker,
  • microphone and music storage.
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Movado Connect 2.0 Unisex  Stainless Steel Smartwatch (Model: 3660027)

Movado Connect 2.0 Unisex Powered with Wear OS by Google Stainless Steel and Ionic Plated Carnation Gold Steel Smartwatch, Color: Carnation
  • Dial window material: Glass
  • Clasp Deployment Clasp
  • Case material Stainless Steel
  • Case diameter 40 millimeters
  • Band Material Gold Tone Stainless Steel, length Unisex
  • Band width 20 millimeters, Color Carnation
  • Dial color Multicolor
  • Bezel material Stainless Steel, function Stationary
  • Water resistant depth 10 Meters
  • Compatibility: Android 6.0+ (excluding Go edition) or iOS 10.0+

The Movado Connect 2 is an ionic plated carnation gold steel smartwatch is powered with Wear OS by Google and something smart has never been this beautiful. It works with seamless Android/Apple iOS compatibility.

The quality of material designed into this iconic styled smartwatch with iron alloy bracelet is worth the price tag hanging on it.

The 40 mm pale rose gold ion-plated stainless steel case, the durable ceramic case back and round digital touchscreen dial is an awesome combination that adds a captivating feel of having luxury high-end watch.

I can’t ignore to mention the the eye-catching customizable dial and the pale looking, rose gold, ion-plated  mesh bracelet.  The  stainless steel band is interchangeable to fit your daily dressing options.

It supports  phone calls display, appointments, emails, apps, music, text and social media messages. Since the smart watch with gold-tone bands is well equipped with Google Fit for activity tracking, you can reliable use it in office and home fitness tracking. It logs your movement and takes your heart rate using Google fit

Outdoorsman would love to have a durable alloy smartwatch like this one with integrated Google Pay for quick payments from the wrist anywhere on the move.

You might not have expected it but the smart watch has a gorilla glass crystal cover on dial face. The thin sheet of glass is tough and resistant enough to survive beatings and scratches. The glass has improved damage resistance and toughness that can prevent  deep chips, shock that can lead to glass shattering.

While it runs on latest wear OS by Google technology, you also get access to third-party apps in addition to handwriting recognition, keyboard, and voice (android phones only) from the operating system.

It plays music and displays prominent functions and receive notifications for calls, texts, and  issues alerts. Another beautiful gold-toned movado Connect 2 model is a smartwatch with with light gold plated – yellow stainless steel band , price tagged under 1000 dollars.

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Alpina Men’s Horological Smart Analog Watch(AL-285S5AQ6B)

Alpina Men's AL-285S5AQ6B Horological Smart Analog Display Swiss Quartz Silver Watch
  • Dial window material : Sapphire Crystal
  • Clasp Push Button Deployment Clasp
  • Case: material Stainless Steel, diameter 44 millimeters
  • Band: Material Stainless Steel with length Men’s Standard
  • Band :width 22 millimeters, Color Silver
  • Bezel material Stainless steel, function Stationary
  • Special features: Horological Smartwatch Functions
  • Movement Swiss Quartz
  • Water resistant depth 330 Feet

Here is the first Swiss made luxury smartwatch with stainless steel band and case that has been given a horological finishes.

With swiss quartz movement, the silver coated watch comes with a connected quantified-self functionalities that help you to know yourself better and live healthier.

The stainless steel case, the Engraved case-back and the rubber gasket O-ring firmly keeps water off the watch gears up to 100m depth rating. If you love swimming with classy fashionable watches, this one is a waterproof stainless steel timepiece to select.

Powered by motionx and with an exceptional battery life of 2 years, you are no going to need recharging. Take this watch for a long travel and i won’t run out of juice.

Alpina horological smartwatch comes with connected Activity and sleep tracking functionalities compatible with ios and android phones.

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Diesel On Men’s Axial Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch

Diesel On Men's Axial Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch with Speaker, Heart Rate, GPS, NFC, and Smartphone Notifications
  • Case: diameter 48 millimeters
  • Case :Thickness 10 millimeters
  • Band width: 24 millimeters
  • Movement :Touchscreen
  • Water resistant depth rating: 50 Meters
  • Features : Speaker, Heart Rate, GPS, NFC, and Smartphone Notifications

This is another android smartwatches built with wear OS by Google. It is also compatible with iphone. The wear OS smartwatch comes with a black color coated (gunmetal) stainless steel band about 24mm wide.

The material used in this smart watch case and bracelet is black gunmetal stainless steel. If you love to have a genuine Leather strap, there is not big deal about swapping it.

The metallic strap material is rustproof when it comes in contact with water,  even up to 50m. Its a nice smart timepiece to that is wearable while swimming in shallow water

If you are an Android user, this watch requires a phone running Android OS 6. 0+ or iOS 10+. However, some supported features may vary between platforms.

Heart Rate monitor and  activity tracking using Google Fit is pretty convenient for office and home workouts. Other features include the onboard GPS for distance tracking, voice activation from Google Assistant and contactless pay with Google Pay.

This 48mm Axial touchscreen smartwatch includes a bold black and Gunmetal stainless steel bracelet and case, a swimproof speaker and a multi-day battery life modes – Efficient battery mode options for saving battery life on daily basis.

With a swimproof speaker and a good support for voice calling, this watch works greatly for easy multitasking. Most iPhone and Android users can make & receive calls on the wrist without need for phone.

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Michael Kors Access Gen 4 Runway Smartwatch

Michael Kors Access Gen 4 Runway Smartwatch - Powered with Wear OS by Google with Heart Rate, GPS, NFC, and Smartphone Notifications
  • Dial window material : Glass
  • Clasp Push Button Foldover Clasp With Safety
  • Case :material Stainless Steel diameter 41 millimeters
  • Case Thickness 12.3 millimeters
  • Band: Material Stainless Steel with length Women’s Standard
  • Band width 17 millimeters and Color SilverTone
  • Bezel :material Stainless steel and function Stationary
  • Special features: Touchscreen
  • Water resistant depth rated at:  100 Feet(30m)
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You want a watch for a fast-pace lifestyle? Michael Kors is an excellent brand where to get started.

Gen 4 runway is the best Michael Kors smartwatch. The heart rate monitor and excellent display of the Michael Kors Smartwatch gen 4 make it a great choice for  health-conscious people.

It’s a really pretty smartwatch that doesn’t have the price tag of something like the Armani Connected. It’s not exactly cheap but it’s certainly much more affordable.

Like this rose gold tone stainless steel strap smartwatch, Michael Kors gen 4 is a good watch, it does not disappoint when you consider style. The large face makes it legible and easy to glance. You are going to find that it works for males and females when you pick one.

Other functions include heart rate performance monitoring, music storage and control, microphone, customizable watch face, NFC payment, goal setting and multi – time zones

The swim-proof watch case of 41mm and a metallic alloy strap of 18mm is a good classic fashionable fit for ladies in the corporate ladder.

While it is compatible with Android OS 4.4+  and iOS 9.3+ smartphones, other supported connectivities include GPS,  bluetooth 4.1 low energy and Wi-Fi .

The stainless steel construction prevent water ingress and the water resistance of to 50m makes it suitable for short periods of recreational swimming, but not diving or snorkeling.

If color is important to you, a similar model is the gold-tone stainless steel bracelet smartwatch,

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Emporio Armani Men’s Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch

Emporio Armani Men's Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch with Activity Tracking and Smartphone Notifications
  • Dial window material: Mineral
  • Display Type:  Analog
  • Case : material Stainless Steel and diameter 43 millimeters
  • Case: Thickness 13 millimeters
  • Band: Material Stainless Steel and length Men’s Standard
  • Band width 20 millimeters and Color Silver
  • Bezel material Stainless steel and function Stationary
  • Movement : Hybrid
  • Water resistant depth rated:  100 Feet

How about a stainless steel, anti-corrosive hybrid smartwatch? Emporio Armani first wearables is with a connected hybrid smartwatch with durable and resistant stainless steel band and case.

The black textured dial, the silver-tone indexes and the shiny stainless-steel case and three-link bracelet, all combine to complement each other to give a fashionable, high-end appearance on wrist.

Featuring an impressive and dynamic styling,  Emporio Armani uses recent wearable technology to design the hybrid smartwatch  compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones.

Automatically converts time zone and date as you travel – best travel smartwatch with stainless steel case. The steel smart watch’s subdial displays the date, time and equally tracks your goal throughout the day.

For outdoor fitness purposes, you can enjoy and control your smartphone’s favorite music from the wrist. The watch camara help you take photo from the wrist with just a push of a button.

It is the best stainless steel hybrid smartwatch for outdoor use. What I love about this smart watch

  • The  supports wirelessly syncing to  mobile device,
  • Tracks steps, distance, sleep and calories burned
  • It supports smart bluetooth technology to connect to phone
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Fossil Women’s Gen 3 Venture Stainless Steel Smartwatch

Fossil Women's Gen 3 Venture Stainless Steel Smartwatch
  • Custom & Social Dials + Interchangeable Watch Bands
  • Control & Store Music on Watch
  • 3 Hour Charge Time / Approx. 1 Day Battery Life
  • Water & Dust Resistant
  • Durable fossil smartwatch stainless steel band
  • microphone
  • Tethered gps Only

Here is an steel alloy watch with a case size of 42mm and an average band size of 18mm. The stainless steel case and bracelet come with deployment clasp-closure.

Besides being Ip67 dust and splash resistant, this corrugation resistant watch Features a Stopwatch – to track your laps and time races with stopwatch mode

You can always swap the stainless steel bracelet with another favorite strap you like. So you can match this Fossil Smartwatch to your daily dressing just in few seconds, with interchangeable straps.

Battery Life, not very durable as it comes with an estimated 24-hour battery life which varies based on daily usage. Some smart features in this elegant smart dress watch include

  • Smartphone notifications of important texts, calls, social messages and e-mails- right from your arm
  • Activity Tracking – steps, distance and calories burned.
  • Customizable dials and watch face, anytime you want.
  • touchscreen functionality,
  • corrosion, rust resistant fossil smartwatch stainless steel band and case
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Huawei Watch Stainless Steel Smartwatch – has Stainless Steel Link Band

Huawei Watch Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Link Band
  • compatible OS: iOS 8.2 or Android 4.3
  • Connectivity technologies:  Wi-Fi
  • Compatibility:Android 4.3+ / iOS 8.2+
  • Display technology: 1.4″ full circle AMOLED display
  • Colour Stainless Steel/Stainless Steel Body
  • Construction: scratch resistant sapphire crystal
  • Manufacturer Huawei Device USA

Huawei Watch is a chinese smartwatch that is compatibly designed for iPhone, Android Smartphones users. Its stainless steel, rust-free swiss design makes this smartwatch an enduring timepiece that never compromises.

The circular display AMOLED screen makes this chinese smart watch a wearable device that deserves to be worn. As a remarkable signature to an elegant dressing  style, the Huawei Watch lets you see your individual look.

You can select, customize and personalize from a range of premium casings and fine leather or stainless steel straps. With your  perfect metallic shiny smart watch, you can dress gorgeously for any occasion.

With variety watch faces available, nobody can predict your next outdoor appearance, even your chic girl friend waiting for your next call for a weekend nightly outing.

Like most classic designs of luxury watches using today’s cutting-edge technology, the Huawei watch has widen what one can expect to find in a stainless steel smartwatch. The  elegant craftsmanship involved has made this Android Wear watch reclassify smartwatches to a high-end standard, that was never common.

The smart watch sophistication include scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, cold-forged stainless steel cases, and  stainless steel bands which are durable and easy to clean. You can often interchange the Huawei Watch’s bands for a fine leather strap if you see it comfortable.

Featuring iOS and iPhone compatibility, the stainless steel alloy watch comes with a compact design, and a sharpest screen that quickly  delivers notifications and music from your phone.

With a variety of watch faces , you can hike up a mountain, or move into an formal meetings with this classic the Huawei Watch. The huawei smartwatch stainless steel band fits seamlessly. The watch is good for everywhere that needs tracking of steps and heart rate rhythm.

I love this stylish smartwatch, I recommend it for smart, stylish people. The same model of this timepiece is the pure stainless steel bracelet smartwatch

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Huawei Watch Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Mesh Band

Huawei Watch Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Mesh Band
  • Compatible OS: iOS, Android
  • Wireless communication: Wi-fi
  • Additional Features: Stainless Steel Mesh Band
  • Display technology :AMOLED
  • Colour Blue/Stainless Steel
  • Brand HUAWEI
  • Band Material Type:Stainless Steel
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Clasp type Hook-buckle

Here is another chinese smartwatch  model with stainless steel mesh band. It features a 1.4″ full circle AMOLED display screen covered by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

The stainless steel body case, the iOS 8.2 or Android 4.3 compatibility, the variety of pre-installed watch faces and easily swappable bands are some excellent features in the Huawei watch.

Like the the stainless steel link band huawei watch,  this rust-proof watch is also made with sport fitness tracking features. With the enhanced heart rate monitor and sensors, you can record or track running, walking, heart performance and more.

This is a smart timepiece that can keep you connected rather than distracted, in meetings and during sports. It comes with an exercise pattern recognition feature.

Remember, you can always swapp the huawei smartwatch stainless steel band for something that fits your wrist.

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Armani Exchange Men’s Smartwatch Powered with Android Wear OS by Google 

Armani Exchange Men's Smartwatch Powered with Wear OS by Google with Heart Rate, GPS, NFC, and Smartphone Notifications
  • Dial window material : Glass
  • Clasp Deployment Clasp
  • Case material Stainless Steel
  • Case diameter 48 millimeters
  • Band Material: Stainless Steel
  • Band length: Men’s Standard
  • Band width: 22 millimeters
  • Bezel: material Stainless steel and function Stationary
  • Movement Touchscreen
  • Water resistant depth :165 Feet(50ATM)
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This Armani is another wear OS Google smartwatch with hard, shiny, and easy to clean stainless steel bracelet. The 48mm case size and the 22mm band width is a good and comfortable fit for men’s wrist.

It works greatly for monitoring Heart rate , issuing and displaying smartphone notifications, NFC payments, GPS, rapid charging, touchscreen functionality, microphone and Google Assistant and music storage & controls.

Given that the watch is powered by Android wear OS by Google, the stainless steel metal body makes it ready to endure beatings just like other rugged smartwatches in the market.

Other things i like most in this watch include

  • wireless connectivity – low energy bluetooth and WIFI
  • 50 meters waterproofing suitable for recreational beach swimming and not for snorkel or diving
  • google assistance search – voice activation
  • contactless payment anywhere you go – in formal meetings or in the gym
  • audible speaker for music and sound
  • armani exchange smartwatch supports Google fit and onboard GPS (Untethered)
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Samsung smartwatch with stainless steel case and leather/silicone strap

If you are a fan of Samsung smartwatch, sure, you would want to buy a Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch 4GB SM-R770 with Leather Band (Silver) Tizen OS – and later switch to a samsung smartwatch  stainless steel band.

Some samsung smartwatch  stainless steel band

  • Gear S3 Frontier/Classic Band/Galaxy Watch 46mm Band, This is a 22mm solid stainless steel metal business bracelet strap for Samsung Gear S3 Frontier or S3 Classic Smartwatch or Galaxy Watch 46mm R800 Black.
  • V-MORO Metal Strap Compatible with Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands/Gear S3 classic band for men. It is a silver coated 22mm solid stainless steel  bracelet for Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm R800/Gear S3 Classic/Frontier. The matte metal surface and premium solid stainless steel watch wristband fits your Galaxy Watch 46mm or Gear S3 Frontier or Classic watch perfectly.

Alternative Stainless Steel watches

There are other watches made of stainless steel and they have got no smartwatch functions. These are regular watches – best affordable stainless steel watches

Slow Mo 02 – Swiss one-hand 24 hour watch – silvered steel GMT Watch with military time

  • Dial window: Mineral Crystal material
  • Clasp Invisible Double-locking Clasp
  • Case : material Stainless Steel and diameter 34 mm
  • Band :Material Stainless Steel, length Unisex, width 20 mm
  • Dial color Black
  • Special features 45 months battery life
  • Movement Swiss Quartz
  • Water resistant depth rated at: 330.00 Feet – 100m

The Slow One hand 24-hours watch is made in switzerland using an accurate swiss 24 hour GMT movement for precise timekeeping.

As a great looking modern 24-hour timepiece, the one hand movement is a unique feature that makes the watch standout. Some extra features include 100-meter water resistance, stainless steel case, hardened mineral glass face with anti-glare coating, vintage leather strap and a dark dial with off-white contrast.

100 meter water resistant watch case and the integrated case back, are constructed from a 316L stainless steel. This stainless steel grade  is nickel-free and does not cause allergies. The watch face is protected by an extra hardened K1 mineral glass with anti-reflective coating.

With this metallic construction, this classy, gorgeous looking women’s watch with military time is going to last  for long. With the silvered and the gold-toned color coating, the bracelet is rust-resistant and hopefully, no color loss.

This ladies fashion watch with 24-hours  military time, changes the way you think about time. A one hand slow watches like this 24-hour watch with stainless steel bands,  shift the way people read time by keeping them focus on the second or the minute.  This makes it an instrument that measures the moment.

The  single hand  rotates once every 24 hours and moves at half the speed of a normal watch, but what is most fascinating is that this beautiful ladies 24-hour analog watch allows you to see at one glance, the progress of your entire day.

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best luxury stainless steel watch under 2000 dollars

Other Stainless Steel watches

Casio Men’s G-Steel by G-Shock Quartz Watch – affordable stainless steel watch under 500 dollars

This is a solar bluetooth connected watch with stainless steel strap, Silver coated, (Model: GST-B100D-1ACR). This chronograph stainless steel watch is shock resistant analog watch powered entirely by the sun. While it absorbs every impact upon a crash, it syncs seamlessly with phone via bluetooth. It also makes a good timepiece for professional marine diving activity, given  that it is waterproof at 200m under water.


Longines Dolce Vita Ladies Watch – Affordable stainless steel under $1000

This is another stainless steel watch with a silver-tone  bracelet, has scratch resistant sapphire crystal dial cover, silver dial, a second subdial and swiss quartz movement. Can last several years with no scratch.


Bulova Women’s 96R105 Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel Watch – inexpensive stainless steel watch under $200

This is a sporty dress watch with classic stainless steel construction. This stainless steel watch for ladies has a luxury looking appearance that features a beautiful white mother-of-pearl dial, silver band, japanese quartz movement. The unique design has diamond crystal on stainless steel bezel and hour markers, this gives maximum durability. It is an affordable stainless steel watch that cost under 200 dollars. One that is similar but const under $1,000 is the Bulova Men’s 96B175 Precisionist Stainless Steel Watch


Seiko SRP775 Automatic Diver Stainless Steel  Watch – Affordable stainless steel watch under 500 dollars

Suitable for someone with large wrist sizes. The watch comes with a rock solid automatic movement featuring the seiko hackable calibre 4R36 and 41 hour power reserve. With lumibrite technology, this dive watch has a steel protected crown, 200m water resistant, and a hardlex crystal cover. The dazzling body build is a unique beauty that is eye-catching.


Rolex GMT-Master II Men’s Watch – Best  stainless steel luxury watches over $10,000

Rolex premium high price is due to the 904L premium high quality stainless steel that is uncommon with other watch manufacturers. The midsize 40mm watch case and bracelet are durable, eye-catching and can keep people’s attention on your wrist for long. The 21 jewel movement with 50 hour power reserve maintains high precision in timekeeping. The hairsprings keeps the watch anti-magnetic and resistant to chocks, scratches and beatings. The highly polished shiny stainless steel bracelet really stands out when you pass round near your friends and co-workers.


TAG Heuer Men’s ‘Formula 1’  Stainless Steel Dress Watch – Luxury stainless steel watch under $2,000

Stainless steel case with a stainless steel bracelet with black ceramic center links. The stainless steel bezel also shows some tachymeter markings. It features a swiss-quartz movement and a grey dial with luminous silver-tone hands and luminous index hour markers.

The water resistance ratings of up to 200m makes it an luxury excellent timepiece for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports, but not diving. If you are tight on budget, this watch is an investment, it cost under 2,000 dollars

Like other watches with sweeping second hand, this tag heuer luxury stainless steel watch can boost of smooth sweeping motion that is noiseless with near perfect precision timekeeping.


Wrap Up

Did you find a suitable stainless steel constructed classy looking watch for your next outing? You can choose to pick the best stainless steel smartwatch or go with regular metallic timepieces. If you did not find a better choice, please use the comment form below and send us what you expect to have in your ideal fashionable metallic watch. We will write you back with suggested watches we believe can meet your wardrobe demands.

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