List Of 12 Sports That Start With E

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If you are searching for sports that begin with e – the alphabet letter, we have a great and complete list for you. The sport names begin with E as you can see below.


List of sports that start with e



ecuvolley - one of the sports that start with e alphabet
Img: Ecuavolley – one of the sports that start with e alphabet

Ecuavoley is a sport that closely mimics volleyball, but this one is popularly played in Ecuador. People officially call it Ecuavoley, but if you want to go informal, ecuavolley, ecuabol, or ecuavoly is still more suitable. The sport is slightly crossing the boundary, spreading to parts of united states, Columbia and Europe.

There are 3 members per team–the setter, the flyer and the server and your teams win only if you score more goals than your opposing team.

The service player must position his feet on the service line and he is ready to serve the ball, she must shout “BOLA”. That’s how the game usually begins.

As the athletes compete, players are allowed to hold the ball with their hands for not more than one second. There are few other rules. For example, the Player can’t step off the line or kick the ball.

Your team gets a score, when your opponents mistakenly let the ball touch the ground and when they smash the ball into the net.

Your sport team wins if your players score more goals within the set duration.




Eight-ball is a worldwide sport that starts with Letter “E”. It has many variations in different regions, whether you call it the 8-ball or eightball, it remains the second most played professional pool game around the world.

Eight-ball sport is a call shot game, involving many colored balls. It actually is a pool of billiards, often played on a billiard table, having 6 pockets, 16 billiard balls and cue sticks.

The 16 balls actually consist of 15 object balls and a cue ball. Those 15 object balls consist of seven colored balls marked with numbers 1 to 7, one black colored ball numbered 8, and seven striped balls labeled with numbers from 9 to 15.

One player must pocket 1 to 7 solid colored balls, and another player must pocket the other 9 to 15 striped balls. If you pocket your group of ball first, and still be able to legally pocket the number 8-ball, you win the game.

There are rules to making a “call shot”, performing break short, racking the balls. Here are the rules of the eight-ball sport games.

Sports that start with e
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Eight-man Football

This is another one of the sports that starts with E and a variant of American football. It was common in American schools with little enrollment, but today; it has increased in popularity.

The eight-man football game is played on a field about 40 yards in wide and 80 or 100 yards long. This field accommodates all the 16 players (8 from each team) at the same time.

A match is played for 1 hour (four quarters or four 15 minutes) and the team that scores the most wins. Each team, with active 8 members, core points in the form of a touchdown, and field goals.

In the united states, you can find professional leagues playing eight-man football indoor or outdoor. In Texas, an eight-man league that plays outdoor is the American Eightman Football League(AEFL). This field is larger, with 100 yards in length.

If you go to Illinois and Missouri, their Eightman Football League (8FL) plays on a smaller field, just 60 yards(55m) long.

Other countries that have this Eight-man football sports include Israel, Ireland(UK). The 8-man sport is popular, and they play from 70 minutes (two halves of 30 minutes). Here are the rules of the 8-man football. Few have changed over time.

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Elephant Polo

According to Aljazeera, Elephant polo originated in Royal Chitwan national Park Meghaul Nepal, 1982, by two born British Entrepreneurs Jim Edwards and James Manclark.

This sport is played by riding elephants, two people per elephant. These people tell the mahout steering the animal which way to go hit the ball.

Some equipment in the elephant polo game includes the polo ball (standard), 6 – 10 feet cane sticks with polo mallet at the tail end.

Because elephants are huge, and slow, the pitch is a small as ¾ length of standard polo pitch.

The world Elephant Polo Association(WEPA) founded since the 1982, headquartered at Tiger Tops Nepal, set the rules of the game. They also enforce strict rules regarding the animal’s welfare.

Experienced by the sport shows that, the games are surprisingly faster than one could thing, since elephants are slow.

Sometimes, elephants get excited than even the players. This is observable when the elephants run away with the sticks, treading on balls.

Other neighboring countries also practice this game – India, Thailand, Sri-Lanka. Teams also come from western countries like USA, Germany, England, Australia and Hong Kong.





EKiden is a relaying road running sport. The Ekiden name is thought to originate from a Japanese term “station to station or relay station.

This sport is popular and highly cherished in Japan. In 1917, this sport was carried out for from Kyoto to Tokyo, at a distance of 507 kilometers, involving 23 stages.

In this sport, a team has 6 members, but this number allowed to participate in the racing can vary depending on the distance.

Each runner has a sash(tasuki) he wears, and he doesn’t have to cover the full distance. Instead, every runner at the end of his run has to hand off his sash to the next runners ahead of him.

Those who have to participate in this long-distance sport have to train seriously, and constantly. The experience of sharing the distance with teammates to achieve a common goal encouraged each other and created a feeling of friendship and harmony.

Just by carrying the Ekiden tasuki for your friends made individuals to bond together for common interest, to transfer the tasuki fastest. It’s this bonding that makes Ekiden sport so attractive to the racing. great bonding.

Today, it is common among high schools, where boys and girls run on tracks on the road surface.

Ekiden distance has not a limited set. Mount Fuji covered 47KM (30 miles), and Grand Tour Kyushu had 739km(458miles). The greater the distance, the more the number of runners per team.




Endurance Racing

Endurance racing is a kind of motorsport racing. It has teams with 2-4 drivers, who drive with objective to cover a large distance. The game teste endurance of the drivers and the equipment, and the drivers run to cover a defined distance as fast as possible or to drive as much distance as possible within a certain amount of time.

Some common distances of endurance races include 1000 kilometers (620 miles) for 6 hours, 1600 kilometers (1000 miles) for 12 hours. Some races even take up to 24 hours. Each team is made up of 2-4 drivers participating in each event.

Classic endurance racing involved some cars from brands, including Ferrari, Porsche, BWM, and Lola. Toda, there are many more car brands who participate in the racing competition to show the endurance and the history of their machines.

Endurance racing does not limit to only cars, it also involves motorcycles. Motorcycle endurance allows only one person per bike and that had no stopping, but to refuel.

Since 1922, endurance racing has expanded after world war II to most of Europe and today it remains a popular sport in western worlds, thanks to the arrival of 4-cylinder machines from japan in the early 1970s.



Endurance Riding

Endurance riding sport is an outdoor sport that requires a horse and its rider to complete a marked course within a set time. Horse  that win are master of the terrain, have best riders and have the greatest stamina.

Endurance riding is an equestrian sport activity that takes place over any distance in a single day of the competition. Participant are teams with members of mixed gender.

This E sport is purely outdoor, and the equipment involves horses and horse tack. People ride these horses in natural environments, forest, grasslands, mountainous, and rugged terrains.

It is similar to marathon running. The horse riders train to improve their animal’s health and performance so they can be able to endure and get to the finish line.

Often, the horse that wins is the one that got to the finish line first. Before each horse gets to the finish line, it has to pass through several veterinary checks along the way if the animal is still in good health or fit to continue the long ride.

Limited distance rides were mainly used for the training of young horses, but most of them have turned gradually into a short distance endurance riding competition too. However, the most endurance rides take up to 50-100 miles of distance with participants who are experienced riders and horses.

As long as the animal is a horse, there is no restriction on the specie or breed. If your horse has the greatest stamina and natural endurance capabilities, you are sure to take home the heavy price. Many competitors participate for hobby rather than a profession.

United states have endurance organizations like the American Endurance riders conference which discipline riders. As a rule, a 50-mile endurance competition must be completed in 12 hours, while a 100-mile endurance race must be done in 24 hours.



Endurance Running

Endurance running is a highly developed aerobic activity which requires that you should be able to withstand fatigue over a long distance.

You need stamina and mental strength to run a significant distance. More to that, people participate in it as a physical exercise for economic reasons, recreation, travel and cultural reasons.

This exercises hugely improves the participant’s cardiovascular health and fitness since it involves your muscles and your heart working together.

Your heart beats to pump oxygenated blood and your muscles used it up in aerobic (respiratory activity) to burn calorie and provide the energy your body needs to keep up with the running.

At first, foot messengers could run long distance to deliver messages, today, the endurance running becomes a professional activity for athletes.


Other Names of Sports that start with E

Here are the names of some sports that begin with letter E of the alphabet.

  1. Enduro
  2. Endurocross
  3. English Billiards
  4. Equestrian
  5. Equestrian Vaulting
  6. E-Sports
  7. Eton Fives
  8. European (Team) Handball
  9. Eventing
  10. Expedition racing

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