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10 Best Smart Watch with bluetooth earphone – Smartwatch With Earbuds

If you are here, probably you are looking for a smart watch with bluetooth earbuds because of the great convenience it  can bring to you and to outdoor sports enthusiast. If you want to just compare the price of the smart watch with earphones, you may fall in love with it.  Amazingly, having a smart bracelet with wireless earbuds is a lifestyle experience you should try it out.

A smartwatch with earbuds, is a tech gadget that interests most young guys and sports men. Despite the fact that a smartwatch with an earbud does not satisfy your every demand of a wrist wearable, it constitute an ultimate innovation of Bluetooth headsets in the market.

Most Bluetooth earbuds people buy to pair with their smartphones and smartwatches, often come with a charging case. Thus, with a separate earbud, it is common to see that people always charge the earbuds after use. What then happens when you forget  earphone battery charger during backpacking for outdoor adventures? Besides, the burden of carrying the earbuds and their charging box in a small backpack or pocket is a lot of inconvenience.

To workaround this probable risk, the best to hope for, is get a smart watch with bluetooth earbuds. The bluetooth earphone comes should come with the smart bracelet, and charged as a single unit, when you are charging your smartwatch.


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Top Smartwatch with built-in earbuds

If you are in a hurry, you can pick your earbuds smartwatch from the top selections below


best smartwatch with bluetooth earphones


Why a smartwatch with earbuds and bluetooth compatibility?

Having a smart watch that comes with a pear of Bluetooth headset(2 in 1 Or smart watch with built-in wireless bluetooth earphones) is a sure way to eliminate the use of earbud chargers.

This earbud watch technology also brings great convenience to outdoor sports enthusiast. The design of the 2 in 1 watch with earbuds integrates the charging case of the Bluetooth earbuds in a smart watch with fitness tracking features.

Smart Dual Headphone Fitness Bracelet 2 in 1 product is an eye-catching technology. Most often you will get two Bluetooth earbuds or headphones hidden inside, the smartwatch case, behind the display. The produce a HIFI-grade sound quality, and has Bluetooth 5.0 compatible technology. You will not feel the extra burden carrying charging box for a wireless headset when your are wearing the smart wristband.

If some of these smart earbuds watch implement cellular SIM card connectivity and music download, storage and song playing, life would never be same again, as most outdoorsmen would go phoneless. You actively enjoy a phoneless lifestyle when you pick a standalone smartwatch.

Some of these smart watch with earbud have 24-hour real-time monitoring of heart rate, sedentary reminders, sleep records and other fitness activity tracking.


A smart watch with bluetooth earphone is Amazing

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What’s in a bluetooth smartwatch with earbuds?

Lets check what to find in the latest bluetooth headset watch.

1. Bluetooth compatibility

The Bluetooth earbuds that come with smartwatch are ergonomically designed earpieces, with good noise isolation, and uses a compatible Bluetooth 5.0  for pairing.

2. Media Control

Some wireless earbuds for smart wristbands have Mono mode supports for a  single-sided hands-free calling, and for music playback. To adjust and control the volume in a music playback, simply touch the surface of the smartwatch headset, and there you go.

3. Waterproof design

We mentioned that these smartwatch with wireless headsets are good for outdoor use. So to keep them durable and ready to withstand some beatings,  most of the bluetooth headphones are built with IPX6 waterproof specifications. Some outdoor winter sports  enthusiasts  like this water resistant design.

4. Fitness Tracking

You are going to find that some 2-in-1 wireless headset watches, comes with fitness tracker integrated already, much like   the general smart watch. This feature in an earbuds watch, is insanely designed to provide sports data recording and  tracking functions. These include heart rate monitoring, step counting and calories, sleep mode, motion monitoring, smart alarm clock, time display, SMS reminder.

5. Notifications

You want to get you smart watch connected to mobile phone for notifications? It’s easy. Most of these smart bracelets are compatible with android and iOS devices(supports iPhone and Android phones).

6. Others

Most of these smart watch with bluetooth earphone supports fast charging, good ones take about 90 minutes to get to full charge. Some wireless earbud watch come with silicone straps for improved and comfortable fit during various activities.

smart watch with bluetooth earphone - smart watch with bluetooth earphones


Smart watch with bluetooth earphone review

Lets take a look at some smartwatches with earphones built as 2in1


WXHHH TWS Smart Watch

Smart Watch with TWS Earphone , Music , Bluetooth Calls and Multiple Sport Modes, for iOS Android -Fitness Watch Smart Watch, 2 in 1 Smart Watch with TWS Earphone BT5.0 Music Bluetooth Calls Messages Reminder Multiple Sport Modes, for iOS Android
  •  Brand: WXHHH
  • Battery capacity: 200mAh
  • Exercise: Pedometer, calories, sport mode etc.
  • Health Tracking: Blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep ,
  • Special: alarm clock, microphone, remote camera,
  • Functions: music, calls, notifications

This smartwatch comes with lots of tracking features and the and capability to listen to music through wireless headphone.

The perfect combination of microphone and Wireless Headset makes this Smart watch a wrist-phone. Very great for outdoor travel, adventures and gym workout,s With it, you can answer phone call and enjoy stereo music.

It supports bluetooth 5.0 version in the wireless earbuds, with noise reduction CVC8.0 and echo elimination. There are two earphones ( left and right ) but each can be used independently.

This smartwatch is compatible with android 4.4 and above, iOS 8.0 and above smart phones. Its a great earbuds smartwatch for Walking, running, climbing, cycling, sports

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Odfit FB3  Fitness Bracelet – best smart watch with bluetooth earphone

Fitness Tracker Watch with Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth Headphone 2 in 1, Bracelet Wireless Sports Watch Earphone Waterproof Talk Band for Men, Women - costs under 300 dollars - Best smart watch with bluetooth earphone - Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitor, Answering Call, Reject Call, Call Reminder, Message Alert,content Push,Wechat Sporting,Multisports,Steps,Distance,Calories,
  • Brand: Odfit FB3
  • Display Screen: 0.96″ OLED;
  • Battery life : 5-7 days; Standby for 15 days
  • Call / SMS Notification from Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp,LinkedIn, Instagram etc..
  • IPX7 waterproof,swimming and diving available
  • Connect phone’s GPS to show route in the app
  • Construction: Corning Glass and Aerospace Aluminum Frame
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If you’re looking for a  super comfortable  watch on the wrists that’s pretty cheap, easy to set up and use, Odifit FB3 is the best affordable smart watch with bluetooth earphones. It costs under 100 dollars as we write.

Not only can this inexpensive earphone watch answer any call, it can also read text messages, track the sleep, steps and more. This is a bluetooth earphone smartwatch I can recommend you take it out to more phoneless  adventures.

As regards wellness, this smartwatch with earbuds can help you live a healthier life. The inbuilt health sensors monitor your blood pressure and heart rate pretty accurately.  If there’s one thing I love here, it the automatic bluetooth disconnect when the the earphones gets fitted inside the bracelet.

Other features include easy syncing with smartphone, long battery life, quick charge,  text message, email smart  notification.

If you are a military soldier on combat or a driver on gear or a heavy duty construction machine operator, having this smart timepiece makes it easy to pick up and answer any calls without the phone.

It was easy to sync to the phone and Battery lasts quite a long time, It also charges quickly and the talk bands makes it easy to receive text messages, emails and smart notifications right on the wrist.

The Coring toughened glass protect your screen from scratch, and keep it ready for any outdoor beatings.

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Agkey Smart Watch for Sports

Waterproof Smartwatch Compatible with iPhone Android + True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Twins Stereo Bluetooth Headphones - Agkey Smartwatch bundled with wireless earbuds - Smart Watch Sports Waterproof Smartwatch Compatible with iPhone Android + True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Twins Stereo Bluetooth Headphones
  • smart watch+stereo bluetooth earbuds
  • super Long Battery life: 8 months
  • Superior 6D Stereo High Quality Audio
  •  signal range up to 33ft
  • Ergonomically lightweight design
  • 24 hour fitness monitoring: steps, calories,
  • Water resistance: IP67 50 meters Waterproof
  • Compatible with all Android(4.3 or above) & IOS(IOS 7.0 or above) Smartphones
  • voice command: microphone

If you are going to hand a smarter gift for a loved one, this smart watch is a good suggestion. With lots of smartphone features integrated into it. this Agkey fashion and multifunctional bluetooth smart watch, is very easy and durable to use. it’s suitable adults, children and the elderly.

This bluetooth earbuds smartwatch features 24 hour-fitness tracker for sport monitoring, steps counting. It would tell your burned calorie, distance traveled, alarm, stopwatch and Date&Time.

The most interesting feature I love here is the standalone smartwatch with earbuds comes with cellular connectivity –  incoming call and sms text message.

Other excellent functions include Low power reminder, remote camera, luminous dial, and social interaction.

As a smart watch bluetooth fitness tracker or a waterproof sports smartwatch for kids men women boys activity. Tracker pedometer compatible with Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, ZTE, Oppo, Xiomi, Lenovo

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V08PRO Fitness Activity Tracker – Smartwatch with TWS Earbuds

V08PRO Smart Band Fitness Activity Tracker. A Smartwatch with TWS Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earphone and 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Monitor - Smartwatch for Android iOS Men Women
  • Innovative 3in1 Smart Wristband
  • supports: Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbud
  • Accessory: 12mm HD speaker
  • Sensors: Advanced PPG sensor for heart rate tracking
  • Multi-language supports:  12 main languages.
  • Features: Alarms and Sedentary Reminder can be set up on App.
  • voice assistance available

This smartwatch is a 3rd generation of DSMART Talkband watch – a brand new experience of smart wearable devices, that combines a bluetooth wireless earphone to a fitness tracker and a heart rate monitor. V08 Smart Wristband comes with the following mains functions

  •  Blood pressure monitoring
  • 24-hour continuous heart rate and sleep monitoring;
  •  Intelligent sleep monitoring;
  • Functions: Countdown, stopwatch, find phone, camera shutter
  •  Bluetooth headset  press the touch button about 3 seconds to reject the phone.
  •  Call and SMS alert function; (included WeChat, qq, facebook, whatAPP, line, email
  •  Rotating wrists to remotely control taking photos
  • Compatible system: Android 4.4 and above; IOS 8.0 and above.

WHile selecting, we discovered V08PRO is perfect for daily activity tracking, making call and enjoying of music while working or driving. The smart watch earphones make use of the newest Bluetooth 5.0 technologies, to offer a more stable connection with lower energy consumption.

The advanced and professional music chip in addition to the inbuilt HD speaker offer better music playing experience from your wrists. Pressing a button puts off the earphone, when need be.

This smartwatch has an intelligent activity tracker – an onboard advanced sensor designed for daily activity tracking of steps, calories burnt & distance travelled. With many sports modes, the dynamic Heart Rate(HR) monitor can track your cadio perfrmance when exercising indoor or outdoor.

One thing to note seriously here is that this earbuds smartwatch has waterproof screen but the earphone is not waterproof, so it is good to take it off when going for beach or pool swimming.

This watch with stereo earbuds has full smartphone compatibility especially for Android 4.4 and iOS9.0 or above.They can easily syncs data with your phone, and also receive call, sms, notifications on the watch.

With the help of the Wofit App, this VO8 smart watch with bluetooth earphones supports 12 main languages,  Alarms and Sedentary Reminder , countdown, stopwatch, find phone, camera shutter

If you are going to track your running and cycling indoor or outdoor, connect the smart activity tracker with your smartphone’s GPS and it would show your route in the app. Note that the earphone is for right ear only.

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M1 AI Earphone SmartWatch – Best Smartwatch with  Elextor Earbuds,

ELEXTOR Earbuds SmartWatch - Newest M1 AI earphone smart Watch Built-in TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Blood Heart Rate Monitor - Best Smartwatch with  Elextor Earbuds, - ELEXTOR Earbuds SmartWatch,2019 Newest M1 AI Earphone Smart Watch Built-in TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Blood Heart Rate Monitor Kcal Sports Smart Wristband Long Time Standby (Black)
  • Brand: Seeyoung
  • HD TFT Touch color Screen,
  • Battery : 110mAh Lithium
  • Supports : Bluetooth 5.0
  • Pair: dual earphones,
  • multi-language support
  • USB and Magnetic Charging
  • Compatible : smartphone (Android 5.0 and iOS 8.0).

Elexor Earbud  is another smartwatch and a bluetooth 5.0 headphone with Wireless stereo sound quality, built into one. This is quite a new experience of smart wearable devices for outdoor runners, fitness enthusiasts. Special functions in this watch include

  • Dual Earphones: stereo listening songs
  • Keep smartwatch within 5 meters when pairing)
  • Earphone Charge : Put in the smart bracelet to charge.
  • Power consumption of earphone : 10mA (low power consumption) and 25mA (normal)
  • multi language : English, Spain, French, Portuguese, Dutch, German,

To rock a killer-playlist while on duty or working out,  you can pair your music effortlessly, by just a single click. Communication Distance is 5 – 10 meters, so keep within 5 meters when pairing. To answer incoming call, take out the headset and answer it automatically.

This ai smart watch with bluetooth, is Compatible with most smartphone(Android 5 and iOS 8 or more). If you love sports, this latest bluetooth headset watch works perfectly for daily activity tracking, cellular calls and  music playing while driving or working.

In my opinion this watch is the best smartwatch with elextor earbud and multi-language supports.

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LEMFO M1 Newest AI Smart Watch 

smartwatch with bluetooth earphones, Heart Rate Monitor and Long Standby Sport Watch
  • Brand: Starview
  • voice command: touchescreen
  • lithium polymer
  • TWS stereo headphones
  • Battery capacity: 28 mAh
  • Compatible system: Android, Apple compatible
  • Sleep Monitor, Alarm, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor

LEMFO M1 Newest AI Smart Watch  is a sport watch that comes with earphone, sleep wellness tracker and, Heart rate monitor .

Like a standalone smartwatch, this lemfo earbud smartwatch can make and receive incoming calls. All you need is take  out the earbuds and answer it automatically.

I love music and one feature I love in this smart watch is the ability to listen to songs – a dual headphones stereo listening songs

other main functions are available –  exercise heart rate, blood pressure, pedometer, exercise step, calories, exercise history record, remote control photo, sleep quality test, alarm clock, anti-lost Chip

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Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch With Galaxy Buds

  • Main Display Size 1.3 Inch
  • Display: AMOLED Screen
  • Compatible: Android and iOS smartphones
  • Accessories: Wireless charging Dock, Travel Adaptor, Quick Start Guide

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch (46mm) Silver  – with  Galaxy Buds, Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds. It is a lightweight silicone straps smartwatch that fits every fashion and modes. Its AMOLED display helps readability under the sun and at night.

This samsung galaxy smartwatch comes with bluetooth true wireless earbuds(Galaxy buds) that pairs and works perfectly with your smartwatch and smartphone.

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You will fall in love with this samsung technology. With good AKG sound, the bluetooth galaxy earphone delivers calls, favorite podcasts and music in a balanced and superb dynamic range with exceptional accuracy.

This is a beautiful stylish way to keeping you motivated when walking, working or working out. Everything sounds good and feels good. It does not interrupt you being aware of your surroundings, to hear traffic, get flight announcements and hear coworkers calling out for you.

The interchangeable bands is a great option for you to personalize your wearing style.

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How to Pair Bluetooth headphones to your Samsung smart watch

Find out how to put Galaxy Buds in pairing mode.You can pair your Galaxy accessories easily with your phone using the Galaxy Wearable app.

To manually pair bluetooth headphones on your watch, navigate to phone settings, then, swipe to and tap Connections.


Aipower Wearbuds True Wireless Earbuds Fitness Tracker

Aipower - wireless headphone smart watch with premium stereo sounds

Aipower Wearbuds True Wireless Earbuds Fitness Tracker 2 in 1 features bluetooth 5, AptX, IPX6,  mono mode,  Playtime, heart rate monitor, Pedometer, Calorie Counter, For Men and Women.This is another revolutionary 2-in-1 smartwatch with bluetooth headeset watch. Some special features in this watch

  • Fast and Stable Bluetooth Connection
  • Hands-free Phone Calls
  • On-wrist call text Notification
  • Social media notifications
  • Qualcomm chipset and Bluetooth 5.0 technology

With smartwatch earbuds  housed in a fitness band, the tws earbuds are charged on your wrist since they have an even greater portability. The sound from these earbuds have premium quality with noise isolation.

If you want to keep motivated with good songs or favorite music, there’s flawless audio streaming with astonishing high-fidelity sound through fine-tuned earphone drivers.

Pick this earbuds watch and enjoy your fitness tracking with advanced motion sensors to count your steps and an accurate heart rate monitor, all on your wrist. This smart fitness band can also calculate calories burned and keeps track of your physical state and wellness.

While you can get fitness data synced and stored in your Aipower App, you also get on-wrist notifications, you can see all you activity information at a  glance when the earphone watch displays smart phone notifications –  incoming call, Facebook, Twitter, instagram, SMS .

For music and sound control, all you need is tap the side of each earbud to adjust volume, change the track, play or pause, or access your phone’s assistant. Like other trackbuds and smart wristbands, you can choose to engage  one or the two earbuds in receiving your call .

Wearbuds by Aipower is a game changer. To reduce inconvenience of charging or carrying monstrous charging cases . Aipower made this wireless sterao band for triple function – act as charger, a portable earbud case and a fully functional fitness tracker

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Lemfo LT04 Smart Bracelet With Bluetooth Earphone

emfo smart lt04 watch with bluetooth earphone - Bracelet Headset 2 in 1 Universal Multifunctional Smart Watch,Gifts for Family Friends
  • brand: HUCCZ
  • Display: LCD Panel with 0.96″TFT screen
  • Battery: Bracelet battery capacity 160mah,
  • Bluetooth headset battery capacity 35mah
  • Heart rate and blood pressure sensor(chipset HRS3300)
  • Built in Bluetooth:-BT 5.0
  • Charging Method: Micro USB Turn Magnetic suction charge
  • compatible with Android/iOS for Calls

LEMFO LT04 Wireless bluetooth Earphone watch – a color screen wristband, Hear Rate and oxygen monitor. This blue Smart Watch has the following functions.

  • Health tracking: Sleep monitor, Heart rate, Blood pressure, calories
  • Accessories: Camera Remote-Control, BT Music Player ,Time Sync,Anti-lost
  • Design: IP67 Waterproof, lightweight
  • multi Language: Default is China and English
  • Smart Phone  notifcation: Gmail, CNN APP, Facebook, wechat,360
  • Supports third party free apps from both google Play or Apple App Store
  • Compatible with iOS 8.0 or above, Android 4.4 or above,
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 (Not for PC iPad or tablet), GPS

This is a Smart Watch Bracelet with High-definition TFT color display and large screen. It is perfect combination of a smart watch and a Bluetooth headset.

This Lemfo LT04 bluetooth earbuds smartwatch is IP67 waterproof, so you expect no harm when water, dust or dirt come in contact with the fitness tracker smartwatch during daily outdoor use. However, don’t take it into shower swimming and hot water bath.

LT04 bluetooth headset watch is a beautiful smartphones to get call, text and smartphone notifications. The earbuds watch is slim and lightweight designed with anodized aluminum and soft breathable watch band that is super comfortable on wrists.

You can make bluetooth wireless call. When the speaker rings,  just pick up the headset to listen. This features helps improve your work efficiency.


best fitness tracker smartwatch with bluetooth earbuds, camara, stopwatch

You can take smart photos with the APP remote control camera that comes with a self-timer without pressure. By shaking, it is very easy to take pictures on the go.

Featuring multi-spot modes, this wireless earbuds smart watch bracelet tracks walking, calories burnt and heart rate right on your wrist with watch.  It is the best fitness tracking smartwatch with earbuds, for simultaneous blood pressure timing monitoring, heart rate timing monitoring, blood oxygen timing monitoring, and health real-time monitoring.

Other functions include stopwatch, map functions, multi-sensors, mobile alerts, Pedometer, Sleep , gps run route tracking, telephone reminder, find mobile phone, Shake snapshot and multiple language support.

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PADY- T90 Smart Bracelet With Wireless Bluetooth Headset Combo

PADY-Wearable Technology T90 2 in 1 Smart Bracelet Wireless Bluetooth Headset Combo Running Music Wristband Earphone Heart Rate Blood Pressure Fitness Tracker
  • compatible Bluetooth connections
  • 0.96 inch HD TFT Touch color Screen
  • 160mAh large capacity polymer battery
  • smartphone compatible – Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 or above
  • Accessory: TWS Earbuds, Built-in 8Ω/0.7W speaker and microphone
  • Charging: Micro USB
  • Charging time:About 90 minutes(1.5H)

PADY-Wearable Technology T90 2 in 1 Smart Bracelet Wireless Bluetooth Headset Combo Running Music Wristband Earphone . This smartwatch is a new experience of smart wearable devices, featuring 2-in-1 Smart Watch with TWS earbuds fitness tracker with dual earphones, connected via bluetooth 5.0. Some special features include:

  • supports Bluetooth 5.0 dual earphones
  • 2-in-1 Smart Watch with TWS Earbuds
  • Activities tracker: exercise step, calorie consumption
  • Wellness and Health tracking: sleep monitor, exercise heart rate, blood pressure,
  • Others: exercise mileage record, sedentary reminder,
  • Battery: Lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Bracelet Battery Capacity: 3.7V/160mAh
  • Earphone Battery Capacity: 3.7V/35MAH

This TWS earbuds smartwatch has everything you are looking for, to enjoy a phoneless outdoor adventure, except that it has got no camara, unlike most standalone smartwatches for android.

The wireless headphone smart watch comes with step and calorie counter and fitness tracker for daily sports activities.

This waterproof smart bracelet also monitor your heart beat rate and the blood pressure. People who engage in daily outdoor activity can enjoy phone assisted calls and music while training, driving or working.

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LFJNET Smart Watch Bracelet With Combo Bluetooth Headset

  • 0.96 inch HD TFT Touch color Screen
  • large battery Capacity: 110mAh, Lithium polymer battery
  • Compatible with most smartphone (Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 or above).
  • Charging Time: about 1.5 hours
  • Charge type : USB Charging, Charging voltage: 5V, Charging current: 80mA
  • Battery type: polymer lithium battery
  • Battery capacity: 110mAh

LFJNET Smart Watch Bracelet with Wireless Bluetooth Headset 2-in-1 Sports Smart Bracelet has an invisible magnetic charging earbuds. This smart earphone bracelet is a single device with 2 functions. It comes designed with small size earphone that’s very  convenient to use and recycle.

With its AI smart voice wake-up, this smart wristband with headphone can be manipulated by a voice prompt. When you take out the dual earphones from the base of the smartwatch wristband,  you’ll discover they are ergonomically design for a comfortable wearing and better visual outdoor experience.

if you enjoy outdoor running and hiking trails, this smartwatch with earbuds is a good piece with fitness tracking capability. It supports continuous  blood pressure monitoring when you go on mountaineering anytime and anywhere.

The heart rhythm tracker ensure you don’t push beyond your heart limit, which is really good for your health.

Other features include Call alert, message alert and app message alert, sport monitor, find mobile phone, step counting, auto sleep mode,  Pedometer,  History record, Remote control take photo.

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It uses a bracelet host charging – dedicated magnetic line.  To get the headphone charging,  place the earphones in the wristband host, it automatically charges the headset.

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LEMFO M1 Newest AI Smart Watch with Earphone

best smartwatch with earbuds
  • Screen: 0.96 inch TFT color touch screen
  • Battery type: lithium polymer
  • Charging method: USB charging stand, Charging time is about 1.5 hours
  • Battery Life time: 7 days, 15 days standby
  • Phone power consumption: 10mA (low power consumption)
  • Battery capacity: 28 mAh

LEMFO M1 Newest AI Smart Watch with Earphone Heart Rate Monitor Long Standby Sport Watch.This smartwatch comes with TWS stereo headphones for single or two simultaneous use.

It features Sleep monitoring, sitting reminder, lifting wrist screen, Wechat and SMS push. You just need to do some arm shaking to take a picture.

Main functions is to track exercise heart rate, blood pressure, pedometer, exercise steps, calories burnt, keeps exercise history record, remote control photo snapshots, alarm clock, anti-lost capability.

This earbud fitness tracker also comes with a Single earphone for single channel listening song and you need to put the earbuds in the bracelet to charge it.

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WXHHH SmartWatch with Earbud – Bluetooth Earphones

To Start using truly wireless earbuds to pair a smartwatch - pick this 2 in 1 smart watch with bluetooth earphones
  • Pedometer: Steps, Calorie, Distance
  • Reminders: Incoming call name
  • Notification Support:  WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Email notifications
  • Bluetooth headphone function: Answer the call, Listening to music.
  • Compatible system: Android, IOS
  • Dynamic Heart rate; Sleep Monitoring; Blood Pressure Monitoring; Smart Alarm;

WXHHH Smart Watch with Bluetooth Earphones- with Heart Rate Monitor and Bluetooth has some special features.

  • Smartwatch with TWS Bluetooth headset
  • the bluetooth watch headphones give HIFI level HD sound quality
  • Supports Siri voice wake up

This Calls Fitness watch for men women iOS Android is a 2 in 1 smart watch with bluetooth earbuds, a perfect Christmas gift for a loved one. The device two functions, the smartwatch and the earphone, a combination that gives a new experience of smart wearable devices.

To pair them up with the Multi-functional sports fitness bracelet, takes the earphone out of the watch compartment and touch the surface of the earphone. That boot up for for quick and easy pairing .

There are many fitness functions in this  smartwatch with binaural headset. Besides the Pedometer, calorie, heart rate monitoring, this watch has a optical sensor to monitor your health in real time for 24 hours including Sleep monitoring.

This IP67 waterproof smart bracelet also support call, and issues call reminder, SMS notifications, and alarms.

One good thing is it has an automatic bright screen, offering excellent readability under then sun and in poor light conditions.

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BITUBITU  AI Smart Watch Wristband with Bluetooth Earphone

smart watch with bluetooth earphone - dual earbuds smartwatch
  • Applicable system: Android 4.4 or above
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
  • battery Life time: 7 days, 15 days standby
  • display: 0.96TFT color touch screen.
  • Accessory: TWS Bluetooth headset

BITUBITU  AI Smart Watch Wristband with Bluetooth Earphone – Two in One Sports Bracelet Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor. Here is Another 2-in-1  AI smart bracelet with a TWS Bluetooth headset and TPU material watch strap for comfortable wrist wearing.

This smartwatch with earbuds is designed as an activities tracker smart watch with sleep monitor,  exercise heart rate monitor, blood pressure sensors, and calorie consumption calculator.

Other smart functions include exercise step tracking, exercise mileage record, sedentary reminder, alarm clock and an anti-lost feature for finding mobile phones

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Newest Smart Bracelet Bluetooth Earbuds

Best 2 in 1 smart watch with bluetooth earphones - Newest Smart Bracelet Bluetooth Earbuds 2 in 1 Smart Watch Heart Rate Indoor Fitness Tracker Blood Pressure Watch Wristband iOS Android (Black)
  • Connectivity: bluetooth Version BT 5.0
  • Compatible OS: Android 5.0 or above , iOS 8.0 or above
  • Sensor: G-sensor, Heart Rate Sensor
  • Display : 0.96″ TFT (color screen) with Resolution: 160*80 pixels
  • Battery Battery Capacity: 130mAh watch + 28mAh headphones
  • Battery life : Standby – 10 days, Using time – 5 days
  • Charging : Wireless/magnetic charging
  • notification :Gmail, CNN APP, AKERLINE, Facebook, Instugrate, Facebook
  • Auto Light-up Screen display

Newest Smart Bracelet Bluetooth Earbuds 2 in 1 Smart Watch  – With Heart Rate Indoor Fitness Tracker, Blood Pressure, Watch is iOS Android Compatible.

The earphone bracelet is designed IP67 waterproof with fitness tracking as its main function. The headset and the smart watch come in one piece tough the earphone is small in size, but very convenient to use.

To records your cardio health and wellness, this smartwatch band tracks your heart beat and tells when you’re working out beyond what your heart can handle.

If you are going to go on a solor hiking trails or mountaineering trip, this sports smartwatch would read your blood pressure and you r altitude increases. This helps you understand how your body adjust to the changing pressure and elevation.

Call alert, message alert and app message alert, find mobile phone and distance tracking are some features to expect from this earbuds watch.

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Smart Watch with Dual Wireless Earbuds 

Smart Watch with Dual Wireless Earbuds 2 in 1 - Fitness Tracker Activity Bracelet with TWS Sports Earphones, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Monitoring for Men Women Kids
  • Water resistance: IP67
  • Screen size: 1.3 inch TFT 240×240 IPS
  • Operation: screen touch, mobile APP control
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Battery capacity: 200mAh with 3 hours magnetic charging
  • battery life Time of use: use about 5-7days

This is another perfect combination of a wireless headset and a smart watch(2in1). This is meant to say that wearable item is not only a smart watch, but also a wireless headphone with built-in microphone. Other features associated with this bracelet include

  • Styles: Multiple Clock Faces
  • Call & Notification Reminder
  • music player and control
  • hear rate blood pressure measurement
  • smartwatch is compatible with android 4.4 and above, iOS 8.0

This microphone is an enhanced way to answer phone call and enjoy stereo music. One excellent convenience is that while the smart watch charges wirelessly, the headphones also get charged, thus reducing the inconvenience of carrying headphone charge box.

To perfectly enjoy outdoor walks, this music control smartwatch can make an excellent and unique gift for men, women and kids. You can take pictures with this earbud watch – it comes with remote camara function, heart rate monitor, multiple sports modes.

With the help of the bluetooth earphones CVC8.0 noise reduction function, you never get to experience noise and echo in your immediate environment. One thing to note is that the left and right earbuds can be used independently.

To play music, all you need is tap the earphone watch to play or pause your favorite song and switch playlists without removing your phone from your pocket.

How to pair this bluetooth headset smart watch to your phone

To use this watch paired to your phone, you need to install “Da Fit ” App on your phone. Then pair this watch to your phone from the app. After the paring connection is complete, do not close the APP, you rae good to make use of most of the function that comes with the smartwatch.

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A Smartwatch With Built-In Wireless Airpods

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trackbuds smart watch with bluetooth earbuds - works with smartphone with earphones in watch
smartwatch with bluetooth earbuds -latest bluetooth headset watch branded

trackbuds smart watch with bluetooth earbuds

trackbuds ai smart watch with bluetooth earphone 1 - trackbuds smartwatch with bluetooth earbuds



Wrap Up

You have gotten an excellent list of smartwatch with bluetooth earbuds. It is my hope that you pick a suitable wireless headphone smart watch that will keep you motivated in your work, driving, sports and outdoor adventure.

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