Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists – Flawless, Beautiful And Stylish Small Smart Watches

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The world isn’t filled with people having same body frame and wrist sizes. If you are one of the people who have suffered challenges of having pretty thin hands, and small arms, smart watch companies have you in mind. Whatever is the wrist frame size you have got, there is a wristwatch for it, but is there a smartwatch for petite wrist? YES!, If you are looking for small smartwatches for thin wrists, we have you covered.

It isn’t easy to find the right size smart watch, but today, you just have to make a choice and pick your best smartwatch for small wrists from the list of smaller smartwatches below.

If your wrist measures under 5.5 to 6 inches, you probably have got thin wrist and you may presently be facing some dressing and social challenges of having petite, tiny wrist size and shape.

small smartwatch, thin smartwatch, slim smartwatch and best smartwatch for small wrists
Img: A Slim smartwatch for small wrists

Wearing bulking watches for fashion is no longer the style nowadays, except for tactical purposes. A lot of people, even guys with bigger wrist, are shifting towards wearing ultra thin watches – watches with super slim case(under 9mm thick) and minimalist face. These very thin watches even look aesthetically more elegant on small wrists. There are also really slim smart watches too, with the best slim fit for petite wrists.

If your forearm is skinny, and you are looking for the right size smartwatch for small wrists, you just got lucky today. Look below. You will see a list of beautiful models of small smartwatches and you pick your best smartwatch for small wrist people.

There are some things to consider when shopping for a smartwatch. To avoid choosing a smartwatch you would regret later, check this other guide on how to choose the best smartwatch for your needs.



Best Small Smartwatches for people with slender wrists

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Having small wrists ? Why, and how challenging, is it?

We understand there are some challenges of having small wrists – both dress and social challenges.

Body frame size and shape are something you are bone with it, so thin wrists are passed down genetically from parents. You got your tiny wrist characteristic from one or both of your parents, even if they are not observably skinny is body build.

Because you have a slender wrist, oversized watches and bracelets, sometimes tend to hand down the arm before falling off. Even picking a suitable size shirt from the market also becomes challenging.

The dressing and social challenges may come from people close to you. Friends may wrap their fingers around or bring comically small things near your arms to show how skinny you look.

According to experts, and physiologist, the use of hormones can make your wrist bone and muscles grow bigger while you are still younger, say under 20 years.

There is no more help that such growth hormones can offer to an adult to get larger forearms. However, forearm exercises like dumbbells, pull-ups, hand grips can help to get wrist thicker and massive.

Another thing you can do to start dealing with these challenges is to learn how to determine your accurate wrist size. Then, you use these watch band sizing  guide to ascertain if the watch you want to buy is a perfect fit for your slender wrist or not.

It is only when you put an elegant, perfectly fitting wrist watch on your wrist that you will feel a winner over the challenges. While you are looking for watches for petite wrists, here is how to strengthen your wrists if you have got pains, or skinny arms.




Fitbit Versa 2 – Best Lightest Smartwatch for small wrists ( fitness and sports)

thinnest smartwatch for small wrist ladies - smallest smartwatch for women athletes - best smartwatch for small wrists atheletesbest smartwatch for small wrist - Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists - Flawless, Beautiful And Stylish Small Smart Watches
  • Case diameter : 40mm
  • Dial Thickness – 11.9mm
  • Sets personalized reminders
  • calendar and push notifications
  • Customizable watch face + variety of colors
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • 50-meter water-resistant.
  • cashless payment with Fitbit Pay.
  • Always-on screen
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For fitness-focused and sports fans looking for the smallest smartwatch for gym workouts, a perfect Fitbit watch model is the Fitbit Versa 2. It may not look like the smallest smartwatch, but versa 2 wears terrific health and fitness smartwatch on a thin wrist athlete.

The case diameter comes at 40mm and with about 0.16 ounces weight, Fitbit is the lightest, most compact, and overall, the best smallest smart watch to have on a small wrist under 6.5 inches.

As a leading member of smartwatch manufacturers, Fitbit does not compromise. This lightweight sports watch is packed with countless functions for tracking your fitness.

The smartwatch allows thin wrist athletes to workout while listening to music. Training without music can get you bored perhaps, right? but Versa 2 allows you to play your favorite 300+ tunes right from your skinny wrist. You may choose to use some best streaming services like Deezer and Spotify.

Another extraordinary feature in this watch is the support for built-in Alexa, to check the weather, set reminders, and start a workout. There are tonnes of apps that open further gates to extend the functions of this Versa 2 smartwatch for small wrists from Fitbit.

You would enjoy about 15+ exercise modes that help you to perform a goal-oriented workout. From monitoring swimming, it counts the steps, tracks heart rate 24/7, and offers sleep-related benefits.

Even if you are running on a treadmill, checking your workout stats is just a glance away thanks to the always-on display mode.

This thin smartwatch also supports multiple fitness tracking features with great accuracy. It tells the number of floors you climb each day, the distance you travel, active minutes, hourly activities, and resting time.

If you want to buy cashless, Fitbit Pay is your ultimate payment method. There is more here. In fact, Fitbit has made a great reputation in the Smartwatch industry today.

As one of the slimmest and the lightest smartwatch for small wrists ladies in sports, the Versa 2 sport watch is a great gadget for daily fitness exercises and training routines.

It costs just under $200 – an affordable and reasonable priced smallest smartwatch for women athletes on budget. Do you have slimmer hands? here is How to make your hands bigger and muscular.




Garmin Forerunner 235 Running Watch – Best Fitness Watch For Small Wrists Athletes

best running watch for small wrists - Garmin Forerunner 235, GPS Running Watch, for petite wrist under 6 inchesbest smartwatch for small wrist - Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists - Flawless, Beautiful And Stylish Small Smart Watches
  • Dial Size – 35.5mm
  • Weight – 1.60 ounces
  • Thickness – 12.7mm
  • notifications from various apps
  • integrated GPS tracker
  • heart rate monitoring
  • Support for music and songs
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If you are looking for the best running watch for small wrists, go no further than this Garmin Forerunner running watch. Garmin also makes great wearable smartwatches and this Forerunner 235 is surely the smallest running smartwatch for thin wrists women and men.

You don’t necessarily need to invest much to have this stunningly designed 35.5mm dial watch. Besides, it has won many praises from outdoor runners and you won’t mind paying for it.

Forerunner 235 is no doubt the best Garmin smartwatch for men, women, and teenagers with too small wrists. The watch case thickness of 13.3mm, which could be less, but this does not affect the overall looks on a tiny wrist runner. So it remains the best running watch for small wrists athletes.

If you have petite wrists and want to get focused on outdoor sports training and fitness workout, pick this Garmin Forerunner 235. Not only is it very an affordable and budget-friendly smart fitness watch, but it is also a fabulous and inexpensive smartwatch for extra small wrists runners.

To keep outdoor runners motivated, Forerunner 235 is the best Garmin watch for a small wrist, loaded with features. The Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology provides an accurate heart rate while you are in an intense workout. It also plays and possibly control music so that you keep up with performance during solo training.

That is not all. Fitness freaks and obese runners with skinny wrists can wear this thin smartwatch to track calories burnt, and count steps they make every day.

In addition to tracking resting and busy times, this Garmin running smartwatch for a small wrist would never let you lose motivation during a workout. It would effortlessly keep you entertained and motivated with favorite songs from the wrist.

In addition to continuous tracking of heart rate, steps, and calories burnt, the integrated GPS also helps to track distance, location, and paths. It would show if you are walking or running on the right path and equally track-back your way if you get physically lost in the middle of nowhere.

Furthermore, the Garmin Connect app, lets you upload your daily goals and activity progress to friends, family, and the online fitness community. This also keeps you updated on the challenges and successes of other fitness lovers while also letting other people follow your training in real-time.

This runner’s under 40mm thin smart watch is compatible with Android devices with 4.4 OS or later and also compatible with iOS devices with 10.0 or later.

At a much lower price, this Forerunner gives runners an unforgettable experience. Recommended by most runners, it is the best smallest GPS smartwatch for people(and outdoor runners) with tiny wrist sizes.




Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – best android smartwatch for small wrists people

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 - Android Smart Watch for tiny wrists - with Advanced Health monitoring, Fitness Tracking , and Long lasting Battery - best women's watches for small wristsbest smartwatch for small wrist - Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists - Flawless, Beautiful And Stylish Small Smart Watches
  • Display Size – 40mm
  • Dial Thickness – 10.92mm
  • stream music and download favorite songs
  • The watch is 50-meter water-resistant.
  • Compatiblilty : Android and iOS devices
  • The battery life : up to 5 days
  • Connectivity: Cellular LTE services
  • Heart rate, Sleep and stress monitoring
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Samsung is the global leader in making smartphones, but it also manufactures incredible and reliable smart wearables. One of its products – Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is a stylish fashion android smartwatch for women , as well as a lovable smartwatch for people with a small wrist.

If you are involved in activities that demand a lot of guts, Samsung galaxy watch 2 can always accompany you until you win. The 40mm dial, the 6-ounce weight, and the support for Android devices make this SG Active 2, the best smartwatch for small wrist android users.

The android smartwatch for small wrist pairs with Android devices running on wear OS 5.0 +. This android smartwatch for small wrist supports Wi-Fi and Bleutooth, Google PlayStore, Google fit and more. One uplifting feature in this small face smartwatch is its compatibility with iPhone gadgets running iOS 9.0 and above.

The numerous flawless features of the Samsung Galaxy small android watch can make you have no use for a smartphone. One thing that allures and captives users to Active 2 is its calls and text functions.

This cellular feature makes it the best standalone smartwatch with improved sensors and LTE connectivity. With no phone, so you can make and answer calls anywhere by jerking up your wrist. This totally eliminates the inconvenience of pulling out a smartphone from the pocket in the middle of a formal meeting, or when working out.

For a phoneless and active outdoor lifestyle, this android smartwatch on a petite wrist can make important calls, text and reply messages, visit social media, and record high-quality videos. Wonderfully, this slim and lightweight Samsung watch won’t just stop to amuse any outdoor lover, especially women.

You are paying a good price to keep checks of your health status and workout activities. This smartwatch is a better companion when you step out to run, walk, swim, ride ellipticals, row, do mountain biking and cycling. It records and tracks your performance during any of these workout sessions.

While the smartwatch uses an in-built heart rate monitor to check if you have high or low heart rhythm, it also monitors sleep and stress levels. The smart watch would suggest some breathing techniques when it detects that you have some fatigue.

Thankfully, the waterproof rating is 50m water resistant, which makes it a suitable smartwatch for skinny swimmers. Furthermore, the Samsung android watch does not easily get ruined by sweat, rains, shower, and splashes from hand washing.

Thinner finger are slender and beautiful. if you like them, here is how to get slimmer Finger and hand.



Pebble Time Smartwatch – The best Thinnest Smartwatch for small wrists

The best Thinnest Smartwatch in the universe - the worlds thinnest android watch for women men and kidsbest smartwatch for small wrist - Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists - Flawless, Beautiful And Stylish Small Smart Watches
  • thickness: 7.5mm
  • Android compatible
  • battery life: 2 days
  • Water resistance: swimproof
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Pebble Time Round is the world’s thinnest and lightest smartwatch in the universe. This round face pebble time round smartwatch comes with 7.5 mm Thickness. 

It looks and feels smaller, lightweight, with a watch band that comes in a variety of colors -from silver, black to rose gold. The slimmer designed makes pebble Times, the best smartwatch for tiny wrists, with strap color that goes well with most outfit and lifestyle.

The slimmest smartwatch for Android women is sleek and lighter than others thanks to the small round display screen that is just 1 inch. Don’t think this small watch face would cause poor legibility. With a pebble thin watch face, you can read data and see apps without stressing the eyes.

One of the most demanding features in a smartwatch is battery life and pebble can keep up to 48 hours after a single charge. Actually, the battery life depends on this smallest smartwatch( in the world) usage and how long your watch apps run.

Other features expected from this small wrist smartwatch include water resistance, heart rate tracking, and activity tracker. This slimmest smartwatch is waterproof. It comes with voice control and an onboard fitness tracker for steps, distance, and sleep.

With under $100, you can buy this smallest smartwatch in the world. It’s pretty cheap, huuh!. I like the watch because it is the most lightweight smartwatch available for even an extra small wrist.

Pebble Time Round is actually a 14mm Smartwatch that is compatible with Apple and Android devices. If I am right, Pebble is the thinnest android wear watch in the world. It fits well on the small wrists of teenage boys and girls, women, and skinny men.



Apple Watch Series 5 – Best Smartwatch For Small Wrist people

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular, 40mm) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band - Health smartwatch for people with small wrists - Best thinnest smartwatch for sports, fitness and outdoorsmenbest smartwatch for small wrist - Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists - Flawless, Beautiful And Stylish Small Smart Watches
  • case diameter : 40mm
  • heart rate tracking
  • emergency SOS calls
  • fall monitoring sensors
  • blood glucose monitoring
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Apple watches are the unique smartwatch for women and people with thin wrists. We could not talk about under 40mm smart watches and keep out Apple watch series 5(GPS, 40mm).

One thing to note is that Apple usually makes all their smartwatches in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm. The 40mm apple watches are pretty suitable smallest and mid-size wrist, and there are many customizable watch straps for every wrist circumference.

The Apple Series 5 is not probably the smallest Apple smartwatch but is has been designed to fit both men and women with petite wrists. The gender-neutral or unisex design is one best-selling point of this smartwatch. There is no gender-based qualification attached to it except for the apple band sizes.

If you suffer challenges of having a bony wrist and small arm frame, all you need is to choose a suitable small apple watch band that you know will snugly fit into your wrist. Then buy any apple watch you crave to wear.

What I like most is the extensibility of apple watches. With the right app installed, you can use the apple watch for anything you want to. Health-focused people can enjoy the fall detection, emergency SOS alerts, blood sugar and diabetes monitoring, and heart rate tracking features in this watch.

For fitness fans, there are many workouts this watch can track. People with an outdoor lifestyle often recommend this thinnest Apple smartwatch for a reason. From mountain biking, hiking and swimming, an apple watch can accompany you on any outdoor trip.

You just need to have the watch screen protected with the right apple screen protector against rugged beatings and scratches.



Apple Watch Series 3 – best iOS smartwatch for small wrist outdoorsmen

best iOS smartwatch for small wrist - Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) - Space Gray Aluminium Case with Black Sport Bandbest smartwatch for small wrist - Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists - Flawless, Beautiful And Stylish Small Smart Watches
  • Normal Battery life : 18 hours
  • water resistant up to 50M
  • Operating system ” WatchOS 4
  • Wellness : Heart Rate app,
  • Outdoor : barometric altimeter
  • Design : unisex, light and elegant
  • wide variety of fitness features
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Apple makes a wide range of smartwatches with a seductive unisex appearance that entices both men and women. The Apple Watch 1 is the only apple smartwatch with one size (38mm case). The higher models are encased in 40mm and 44mm metallic cases.

The Apple Watch 3 is available in two sizes – the 42mm and the 38mm models. With a sleek design and a slimmer body aesthetic that feels comfortably light, the 38mm Apple watch series 3 is considered a small smartwatch that can fit a small frame wrist. Some Apple users even confirm that the 42mm apple series 3 also wears excellently on thin wrists.

Both models of apple series 3 feature the AMOLED screen for clear and vivid readability. The watch comes in space grey aluminum, silver, or gold, aluminum or silver,  stainless steel cases. You can pair it with an astonishingly great assortment of band styles and colors.

It may not be the slimmest smartwatch so far from apple, but according to specifications, it should fit small wrist sizes under 6.0 inches. The good thing is that the Apple Watch 3 is very customizable. You can interchange the strap as often, quickly and easily, so that it fits a variety of your outfits.

Just like the high models, Apple Watch 3 has integrated GPS to track path, steps, distance, and location when you go for hiking or walking trips in the woods. It supports Siri, standalone calls, texts, and social media.

You can even use the slim smartwatch as a fitness tracker for running and gym workouts. The watch will also send out alarms and notifications to keep you alert of events. You also get access to the Apple Music radio station.

The lure and lust in this great smart device can come from no other company than Apple. You can take it as your permanent fitness partner, or you can keep it as your wrist-based cellular phone or music device.

Whatever you take it for, know that apple watches will always remain true to their identity – unisex and available for everyone of both sexes and sizes. Check How big is Apple watch on your wrist? – Apple Watch Actual Size.




Withings Steel HR – best Hybrid Smartwatch for small wrists

best hybrid smartwatch for thin wrist - Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch - Activity, Sleep, Fitness and Heart Rate Tracker with Connected GPSbest smartwatch for small wrist - Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists - Flawless, Beautiful And Stylish Small Smart Watches
  • Heart rate sensor
  • On-board GPS
  • case diameter : 40mm
  • Fitness: 30 sports profiles
  • Hybrid made
  • 25 days battery life
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Withings Steel Heart rate is the first hybrid smartwatch for slender wrists, that we have seen so far. The small size smart watch isn’t a fully designed smartwatch and it is not a complete traditional wristwatch either. It is a tiny smart watch with a stunning, classic, and fancy appearance.

With 40 mm dial size, you see this smartwatch is designed smaller and, lightweight. The 40mm small round hybrid smartwatch wears comfortably for both mid-size wrists and for people with small wrists. Unfortunately, many smartwatch fans don’t even know much about Withings brand as a division of Nokia.

Withings is a huge smartwatch brand, and one of its trusted product is the stainless steel Heart rate hybrid watch with a simple, classic design and a casual dial face.

Most people who see this Withings Steel HR for the first time, may get convinced that it is a normal, regular wrist watch because a small Hybrid Smartwatch looks like a traditional watch with a digital display.

And the 40 mm dial size makes this smartwatch a considerable product for people with a small wrist size who love watches with classic dial in their hand.

You can use it as a fitness tracker for small wrists. You just need to activate the workout mode on your watch and you get over 30 different sports profiles.

One excellent function of this hybrid smartwatch for thin wrists, is the automatic recognition of fitness workout activity. There is a smart digital display function that issues call alerts, WhatsApp message, and fitness related notifications.

Furthermore, this small size white dial Withings Steel HR also tracks heart rate, location (with GPS), distance, and duration of every sports activity or fitness workout. Having the Health Mate app on your smartphone means you can read your performance during exercising and working out at your convenience.

One additional wellness benefit of this men’s hybrid smartwatch for small wrists, is that it monitors sleep stages and tells sleep duration, right from the wrist.

Other features include swappable wristbands and impressive battery backup with 25 days battery life after a single charge. I consider this small white face watch, as the best rugged hybrid smartwatch for long hiking trips and jungle tours.




Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture (case dimension : 40 mm) – best smartwatch for thin wrists ladies

best smartwatch for small wrist women - Fossil Women's Gen 4 HR Heart Rate Stainless Venture Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch Color: Model: Watchbest smartwatch for small wrist - Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists - Flawless, Beautiful And Stylish Small Smart Watches
  • Case diameter: 40 millimeters
  • smart notification – alert, email, social media, apps
  • Monitor heart rate
  • swimproof – can use it for swimming sessions
  • water resistance : 50m
  • integrated or built-in GPS tracking sensor
  • battery will last for 24 hours
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Fossil is a reputable brand that not just makes watches, it also makes small smartwatches for small wrist men and women. But Gen 4 venture is for ladies who love eye-catching shiny watch on their small wrist for public attention.

This 40mm case Fossil Gen 4 is unique, with a feminine appearance that looks perfect for any ladies’ occasion. The 13 different strap variants allow ladies to choose bands that wear and blend sexy outfits for dating and formal dresses for important business meetings.

Women confirm this 40mm smart watch is an excellent fit for smaller, thinner wrists ladies. If the strap material feels a bit heavy, it is wiser to swap the bands with a lighter one.

Other features in this small and smart wearable for the thin wrist include GPS, call, text, alarms, and smart notifications. A female runner can wear it for fitness tracking. If she loves an outdoor phoneless lifestyle, there’s a music function.

The gen 4 venture is one of the best smartwatch for music playing, streaming, control, and storage. The brand did their best here to avoid the pitfall of selling bulky wrist gadgets for ladies.

Not only is it suitable for skinny and bony wrist women, but overall, Gen 4 venture is a classic and a great small size smart watch that can also fit guys with medium-sized wrists.

The small fossil smartwatch is pretty attractive. The rose gold and faux diamonds dial all produce a stunning look that earns a lot of public attention. The 40mm watch bezel size, the 12mm thickness, and the 1.8 ounces weight sum up to a lightweight smart watch for small wrist ladies.

Even some unisex watches come with thick straps, but this smartwatch is fitted with a slim strap of 16mm which looks gorgeous on the female’s skinny wrists.

Gen 4 woman’s watch is not standalone smartwatch for a tiny wrist, like Apple. You can’t pick up your calls directly with it because there is no speaker in the smartwatch. but there is an easy way around this – you can pair it with a compatible wireless earbuds for free listening to music.

It is compatible with Android device version 6.0 or more and iOS device with version 10.0 and that is power demanding when paired with these devices.

For long women’s sports training sessions, setting it to different battery modes can add the battery life. This prevents you from running out of power when monitoring heart rate and fitness activities. Gen 4 is the best small ladies’ smart watch for fitness.




Garmin Vivoactive 4S Smartwatch (case diameter : 40 mm) – best running watch for small wrists athletes

best smartwatch for runners with small wrists - Garmin vivoactive 4S, Smaller-Sized GPS Smartwatch, Features Music, Body Energy Monitoring, Animated Workouts, Pulse Ox Sensors And More, Blackbest smartwatch for small wrist - Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists - Flawless, Beautiful And Stylish Small Smart Watches
  • Case size: 40mm
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth, GPS,
  • Fitness : tracks runs
  • Support : Spotify playlists
  • stress and fatigue tracker
  • suggests short breathing activities
  • compatible: android smartphones
  • automatic location tracking
  • Personalize with Connect IQ Store
  • battery life : 5 days in GPS and music mode
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Looking for a very small chic smartwatch from Garmin brand? This 40mm Vivoactive smartwatch is stupendous for outdoor lovers and with a look that features gorgeous white-rose design that matches a variety of outfits.

Although it will look somewhat heavy and bulky on extra small wrist people, it remains one of the favorite sports smart wearables watches for outdoor sports. The case diameter is 40mm.

Garmin always thinks of fitness and training activities, that is why the 40mm dial size Garmin Vivoactive 4S tracks runs and keeps a track of your training perfectly.

Any athlete would love this timepiece with a slim case. For health-focused sportsmen, this watch tracks daily water intake (hydration), cardio, yoga, strength, and pilates workouts.

It records the quality of sleep while the pulse OX sensor tells more about body’s blood oxygen saturation level. This means you can wear it day and night for blood check-up.

You would need it for walking, running, cycling, pool swimming, golf, and other fitness activities. There are dedicated apps to help tracks these activities including mountain climbing.  It’s a very good fitness smartwatch for a man with a small wrist.

More amazingly, particularly for a woman, Vivoactive 4S monitors her menstrual cycle and issues period reminders. If it can do this, why won’t it also check your nutritional status and calories burnt?

The thin GPS smartwatch supports music streaming services -Spotify, Deezer Spotify playlists, so runners can stay motivated and entertained during gym or outdoor workout sessions.

For multi-day outdoor trips, this smartwatch for small wrists supports 5 days in smartwatch mode and for 5 hours in GPS and music mode. In addition to the incident detection feature, it also has features to eliminate the use of cell phones where it is inconvenient.




Skagen Falster 2 (40 mm) – best small smartwatch for skinny users

best smartwatch for small wrists android users - Skagen Connected Falster 2 Stainless Steel and Silicone Touchscreen Smartwatchbest smartwatch for small wrist - Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists - Flawless, Beautiful And Stylish Small Smart Watches
  • navigation: GPS,
  • case size : 40mm
  • Health : Heart Rate Monitor,
  • Size Case size: 40mm; Band size: 20mm
  • Supports Bluetooth  802.11bgn
  • Support : Music Player
  • Voice command Touchscreen, Microphone
  • Water Resistance : 30m
  • Case Material Stainless Steel
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This skagen Falster 2 is 40mm in case diameter, band size of 20mm which is interchangeable with all Skagen 20mm bands. But many users have mixed feelings about it when it comes to fitting smaller wrist people.

It feels bulky on the wrist, even the model designed for ladies. The petite screen is also suitable for the tiny wrist as well as medium-sized wrist but hard to read for many users.

The 40mm watch has good smartwatch features including heart rate, fitness tracker, GPS, and smart notifications. This function makes it a very techy smartwatch but it may not wear extra small wrist comfortable.

It is a smartwatch powered with Wear OS by Google work with iPhone and Android Phones.

Other features include Heart Rate & Activity Tracking using Google Fit; Built-in GPS for distance tracking; Swimproof design 3ATM; Speed through the checkout with your watch using Google Pay; Responses from the Google Assistant and more.

These hungry functions powered by an estimated 24-hour battery life, which can take 2 days in low-power mode.




Movado Connect 2.0 unisex (40 mm) – best smartwatch for small wrists male and female

best smartwatch for small wrists women and men - Movado Connect 2.0 Unisex Powered with Wear OS by Google Stainless Steel and Black Leather Smartwatch, Color: Black (Model: 3660029)best smartwatch for small wrist - Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists - Flawless, Beautiful And Stylish Small Smart Watches
  • Brand Movado
  • Supports: Fitness Tracker, Social Media,
  • Connectivity : GPS, Heart Rate Monitor,
  • Screen : Gorilla glass crystal
  • Connections Bluetooth
  • Operating System IOS, Android
  • Support: heart rate monitor
  • Voice command Touchscreen
  • Screen Size : 42 Millimeters
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Here is another smart and sleek 40 mm smartwatch for bony wrist. If you are on budget, this one is a little bit expensive and not reasonable priced like others.

Movado connect 2. 0 smartwatch, is powered with wear OS by Google, Android/Apple iOS compatible. It comes with a 42 mm Black ion-plated stainless steel case with a ceramic case back and round digital touchscreen. This means it is only for medium size wrists.

This is a modern smartwatch, with the timeless elegance of a traditional wristwatch, it is not a hybrid smartwatch either. There is a built-in speaker for music and calls.

Other functions besides being powered with wear OS by Google include displays phone calls, appointments, emails, apps, music, Text, and social media messages. It is also equipped with Google fit for activity tracking, Google pay for quick payments and Google assistant;

However, some customers with smaller wrists confirm it fits well on their thin wrists while others don’t. The design features a fancy and lightweight leather strap and that go with most 40 mm watches with a snug fit for small wrists.

Really, it is a good watch for thin wrists men and women but at a pretty high price.




Tory Burch – GIGI SMARTWATCH (40 mm) – best women’s smartwatch for small wrist

best fashion dress smartwatch for small wrists women - TORY BURCH TBT2000 Gigi Gold Stainless Steel Touchscreen Women's SMARTWATCHbest smartwatch for small wrist - Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists - Flawless, Beautiful And Stylish Small Smart Watches
  • Brand Tory Burch
  • case size : 40mm
  • Watch Movement Quartz
  • Display Type Digital
  • Clasp Type Tang Buckle
  • Case Diameter 40 Millimeters
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Tory Burch is a high-class smartwatch brand, which may not have gained wide recognition but it makes a classic smartwatch that fit people with petite wrist.

The design features a classic golden strap and a 40 mm watch case and face, which blends with dressy and fashion outfit. This shape and size suit both small to medium-sized wrists with some stunning elegance. It has some unique fashion watch features including the colored -gold-tone watch band made of stainless steel material.

Wear it for a high-class event and you will pull a lot of public attention. The good part is that most android users love it for their day-to-day wear even during workouts.

Running on Google’s own Android Wear OS, the Ladies’ Tory Burch smartwatch is a beautiful device with every function you expect for an Android system: GPS, e-mail, notifications, fitness, and health tracking, etc.

These functions are power- hungry and so the smartwatch battery life seems weak and can last only a few days after a single charge. Despite this limited battery power, tory Burch is a pretty good watch with a decent (standard) 40mm case size for mid-sized wrists.

It can wear too big for some very small wrists, and the heavy strap makes it uncomfortable to wear for a long period – several hours of time. The Burch still remains the best smartwatch for slightly small wrists!




Fitbit – Ionic Smartwatch – best fitness tracker for small wrists

 Best Lightest Smartwatch for small wrists fitness and sports fansbest smartwatch for small wrist - Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists - Flawless, Beautiful And Stylish Small Smart Watches
  • Display Type LCD
  • PurePulse Heart Rate
  • built-in payment with an NFC chip
  • Customizable watch faces
  • 4+ Day Battery Life
  • Water resistant depth 50 Meters
  • Storage memory for 300+ songs and
  • Support favorite apps for sports, weather,
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One thinnest and smallest smartwatch that deserves to mention is from Fitbit smartwatch brand. Fitbit iconic is a sport smartwatch that is designed with skinny arms in mind.

The sleek and slim design features two different strap sizes that feel quite comfortable for a person with smaller wrists. Where it is a great small smartwatch is that it comes lightweight, making it the best running watch for small wrists runners too.

Since the Iconic strap material is less heavy on wrist, most sports athletes, fitness fans and weightlifters with petite wrist don’t even notice it on their wrist. I recommend this slimmer sports smartwatch for small skin guys as an appropriate companion when working out.

Fitbit smartwatch has sports features that every athlete admires. It uses PurePulse heart rate to better track calorie burn, optimize intensity during a workout. Although it does not track blood pressure yet, it stores over 300+ songs and plays music that creates motivation when training.

The built-in GPS with GLONASS records the pace, distance, steps and location, including elevation, climbed, split times, and a map of the route. Hikers and mountain bikers never get lost on the way.

All this also makes Fitbit iconic, the best sports watch for small wrists athletes and gym guys. If you are a skinny athlete, here is how to grow your skinny wrist into thicker ones in 2 weeks.

Amongst all activity trackers, there is none that is a versatile thinnest smartwatch for multi-sports use as this Fitbit iconic. Practically, it is the best fitness tracker for small wrists sports lovers. What to do if your Fitbit is not charging?





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Small wrist smartwatch Buying guide

There are lots of options and models to choose from when you go to shop for a mini smartwatch for your wrist size.

Skinny wrists do not deserve to carry a chunky smartwatch, else it would mean discomfort. A lightweight smartwatch would wear comfortably than a heavier smartwatch.

Here are the things to carefully consider when shuffling your options to pick the best small wrist smartwatch.


Watch case size

The first question is how big is the smartwatch? Watch case diameter is a perfect way to size a watch for your wrist. A perfect small wrist smartwatch would measure under 40 millimeters in diameter.

40mm is average case size, and if you want a smaller smartwatch that would fit a very skinny wrist, you can look for one with 34mm, 35mm, 36mm, 38mm and so on.


Watch case thickness

The thinner the smartwatch case, the lighter and comfortable it wears on petite wrists. Avoid large, very thick and G-Shock category of smartwatches. A perfectly sized smartwatch for thin wrists is one with a slimmer case width under 12mm. Pebble is the best ultra thin smartwatch in the world, and it would suit skinny guys well.


Watch strap

If your watch face is under 40mm, then the strap size is another thing to look at. I would prefer small smartwatches with replaceable strap, so that if the bands get longer and too big for my wrist, I can swap for a smaller piece.

Some classy smartwatch bracelets can be shortened. You can simply remove one or two links if the bracelet comes too long. As concerns bracelet or band size, something less than 20mm is pretty good for people with slender wrists.


Other things to consider

Smartwatch features also play a part. You aren’t buying a smartwatch only for timekeeping. You may have the right size smartwatch, which fit snugly on your 5-6 inches wrist frame, but it does not do what you wanted. Look for features that are useful for your daily life.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, fitness and tracking and health update functions should be your priority. The best smartwatch for a small wrists athlete would have fitness tracking features including GPS, heart rate monitor, calories tracker, steps, runs, and more.


Fashion aesthetics

You don’t want to have the best smartwatch on your skinny wrist,  and it has not perfect blend with your styles. If your favorite style is formal dressing, classy stainless steel smartwatches with case diameter under 40mm could be the best.

If your outfit goes casual, a mini face smartwatch with a leather strap would wear match better. Thin shaped smartwatches with sporty looks are quite lovely and heavenly when you pair it with a sport outfit or fitness gym attire. If you are a skinny athlete, I would suggest you pick a smart fitness tracker for small wrists.

Color plays a wonderful part in matching a smartwatch to your taste and style. Some slim smartwatch models have multiple colored bands. Pick one that blends with your clothes for the day.


Wrap Up

There you got all our best smartwatches for people with small wrists. They include the thinnest smartwatches with lightweight designs, some small smartwatches for small wrists ladies. All feature a case diameter less than or equal 40mm.

If you change your mind and need a small wristwatch, we also have a list of best watches for tiny wrists. For more clarification on skinny wrists and small body frame size, check these  generally asked questions on small wrists.


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