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There are many challenges of having skinny wrists and I can frankly tell you that it isn’t easy living with skinny wrists when everyone else is heavy, big and chubby. I have been there and I understand the kind of question you want to ask. I have prepared a long list of frequently asked questions anyone having a small wrist can probably ask. 


Let us go!

Just like the size of your overall forearm is a vital asset in strength exercises and resistance, the wrist is one most important part that most watch enthusiasts pay attention to. When your wrist looks comparatively skinny, you have a lot of attention from people around, it also turns to affect your behavior around tall, fat people. So if you feel like “I have slender arms, small wrist, tiny forearm muscles and generally a skinnier body build” let us ask some questions.



What is considered a skinny wrist?

What really is skinny wrist by definition? This has to do with the actual wrist size. A small wrist measures under 6.5 inches or 17 cm in circumference(distance round the skin of your wrist). However, small wrists in relation to height affect a person’s frame size.

Women who are 5.2 inches tall fall into a small -bone category that measures less than 5.5 inches, as compared to 5.5 inches ladies who have skinny wrist under 6 inches.

  • 5.2” height Women have small wrist size under 5.5 inches
  • 5.5” height Women have small wrist size under 6 inches
  • 6” height Women have small wrist size under 6.25 inches
  • Over 5.5” tall men have small wrists size 5.5 to 6.5 inches

Read more: What is the average wrist size women need for accurate bracelet sizing?

First, why do I have small wrists

Why are my wrists do small, anyway? Humans have vastly different body builds. Some people are heavier, others are just skinny with thin wrists. The difference is as a result of variation in body frames, bone structure, and genetics.

Genetics is the most reasonable explanation for why your wrists are so small. If your parents got a little hidden characteristic of small body frame, you, your brothers or sisters can probably look skinny.

Since the bone structure defines the size of your wrist, legs, height and skeletal parts, you having small wrists can be genetically inherited physical characteristics from your parent.

The amazing thing is, the small wrist is a physical characteristic, which can be altered before adulthood. A teenage boy with a slender wrist, his bones, and cells are growing, and with the help of cell enhancement, hormones, exercises, and the right nutrition, there is hope to make the wrist bone bigger and increase the size of the wrist and forearms.

Why are your wrists so small again? If before adulthood you were not participating in physical activities that can allow you to put your arm to heavy use, you won’t have up to an average wrist size or nothing close to a big wrist, anyway, anyway.

Lack of physical activities for forearms, at an early stage of life, teenage age could cause your radius and cubitus bones could get solidified closer together. Remember, your bone structure defines the size of your wrists, so the result is having a smaller-than-average wrists size.

Yes, your bone structure defines the size of your wrists, but if you have less than average wrist size, the question is, does wrist size mean anything?

Do small wrists mean anything?

I have thin wrists, what does this imply? In the same way, what does your wrist size say about you in particular? I believe that having small wrists is not a bad thing and if you believe that thin wrist is in bad shape, you will uncomfortably feel that way.


But does small wrists mean anything generally?

A man’s with a wrist size within 5.5 to 6.5 inches, is considered small, compared with bigger and heavy people with wrist measurement over 7.5 inches.  If you have that small size of wrist, it simply indicates that you have a small body frame  with skinny bone structure than those chubby waist boys around you.


Does wrist size mean anything in fitness?

Think of a female athlete who is 5 feet, she looks relatively short and has a small-boned wrist structure if she has 5.7 inches thin wrists. If her wrist circumference measures over 6.75, that would mean she has a large body frame in general.

Most people who are having small wrists also probably have skinny ankles, and fewer muscles over their bones. In fitness and other sports activities, that could mean, according to general observation, that you have the worse genetics for resistance, boxing, and bodybuilding.

skinny wrists boxer - how to build muscle around wrist how to bulk up forearms and wrists how to increase the size of your forearms and wrists
Does a small wrist boxer have strength?

1. Subjectively Less strength

This is subjective, however, but that is how people think, that small wrists mean small strength. If you are 5.5 inches tall, with wrist size 6 inches, and your friend is same height as you but with 1.75 inches wrist circumference, people will reason you are unfortunately not going to perform well in fitness activities.

One expert Christian Thibaudeau thinks that slender wrists has negative impact on your overall grip and weightlifting strength. He believes if you are a fitness enthusiast; you need more grip strength if your wrists are smaller. That means lifting 500 pounds of weight in a gym is not easier to get for a skinnier guy than for someone with larger wrists.

Despite his belief that tiny wrist limits a person’s ability at high level bodybuilding, a thin-wrist athlete is still decently powerful, with great lifting capability.

But if your ankles and small wrists look more jacked, that can translate into an impressive performance in bodybuilding activities. Again, If you are a small wrist athlete, you can have more aesthetics if you have small joints.


2. Less forearm and wrist muscles

For example, a 6-.25 inch wrist athlete may not be able to develop more than 17.5 inches upper forearm muscles, even if you give it the best cell enhancement. I think the mass of muscle over your wrist depends on the wrist bone size and if you have a smaller frame thin wrist, you’ll get smaller muscles too.


3. Small wrist-arm proportion

A champion builder Steve Reeves, while bodybuilding, discovered that a competitive arm size for bodybuilding is at least 252% of the wrist size.

That is almost like you must have two and half time the circumference of your wrist, in order to be competitive in bodybuilding training.

So if you determine the size of your wrist and find that you have 6-inch small wrists, your arm is probably less than 14 inches, which makes you performant only at the early stage of the bodybuilding.


4. You’ll appear skinny around overweight friends

Other people can make you feel bad about your appearance. Don’t mind if friends look at you as “skinny” and weak. You need to be absolutely strong-spirited here, and don’t allow their perception to limit you.


5. Men with small wrist love heartily

Researchers measured the length of somebody parts like hand, foot, thigh and width of hip for about 67 white males and adjusted the measurements according to individual differences in overall body height.

Sixty-seven (67) men were morphed and some 82 heterosexual women were allowed to rate them for attractiveness and masculinity. They saw that the morphs of men with small wrists and long torsos as being more attractive.

The women were also more than twice as likely to rate masculine morphs with the large-wrist as more open to sex without love, as compared to small-wristed morph who fit the best candidate for a long-term relationship.



Are small wrists attractive?

You have seen Hollywood celebrities, right? Being healthily skinny is “their thing” and that is why everyone is on the rush to lose weight and get skinnier face, and slim belly. Naturally, and healthily, women who have smaller arms, tiny feet, slender arms and slimmer belly have prettier faces. Guys with small wrists are more attractive and handsome.

One evolutionary psychologists at the University at Albany, New York reports that a lady with smaller feet, and narrower hips also has a prettier face, beautiful longer thigh bones.

Researchers measured the length of hand, foot, thigh and width of hip for about 60 white females. The adjusted the body part measurement according to individual differences in overall height.

They picked some eight women who got the shortest lengths (smaller wrist too) as well as another set of eight ladies with the longest, and constructed morphs of their faces. They allow some 77 heterosexual males to rate the morphs for attractiveness.

The researches discovered that men were more than 3 times likely to select the short-footed morph for being more attractive, more feminine. The narrow-hipped morph of women was considered more attractive, as well as long-thigh morph.


Does small wrists mean weak?

Does small wrist mean weak in weightlifting exercises? The fact is that having small wrists may limit your arm size and strength.

Bodybuilding involving lifting objects requires more grip strength. Your chin-up, pull-up, deadlift and Olympic lifts can be compromised if you have pretty smaller wrists, skinny hands and tiny fingers.

You know why bodybuilding performance is judged on how big your muscles are, size and shape. Your physique, arm, wrist and hands play a very important role and the greatest fear is that having small wrists and hands is seen as weak, which can limit an athlete’s prospects.


Are small wrists genetic?

Your bone structure determines your wrist size, and that is purely genetic. It is true that your bones will get strengthened and will grow thicker under stress of exercises or working out. The increment in the wrist size is just overly negligible or impossible if you are older than 18-21 years.

Yes, wrist size is mainly genetic. No matter your age, you can still grow muscles around the tiny wrist bones. If the tendons around your skinny wrist bones get thicker, that can also make your wrists thicker too.

How do you know if you’re small boned?

There are many ways to know if you have small wrists or not. Know your body frame. Your wrist circumference in relation to your height tells if you are skinny or large.

Measure your height and wrist size. If you are a man whose height is over 5,5 inches and wrist circumference is maximum 6 inches, you fall into the small-bone category and one evidence is having thinner wrists.

  • 6” height Women have small wrist size under 6.25 inches
  • 5.5” height Women have small wrist size under 6 inches
  • 5.2” height Women have small wrist size under 5.5 inches
  • Over 5.5” tall men have small wrists size from 5.5 to 6.5 inches

Besides just checking your wrist circumference in relation to your height, there are other ways to know if you have petite wrists.



How do I know my girlfriend’s wrist size?

Guide To wrist measurement- how to measure wrist for watch,


Measure her wrist. Use a flexible tape to take her wrist measurements. Wrap it around her wrist, red the mm or cm where the tape overlaps.

If you have no tape, use a strip of paper, wrap it round her wrist bone, where she normally wears her bracelet. Mark it and read the paper’s length using a ruler.

If you have no tape or ruler around at home, remove a dollar bill from your pocket, and wrap it around her wrist. If the U.S. paper currency is almost just touching end to end, she has got a small wrist. The dollar bill is exactly six inches long paper.

Check how to measure wrist for bracelets and watches.


What type of build if your wrist measures 15cm?

If you are 6.4 inches tall and your wrist is smaller than 6 inches, you have averagely small wrist. Medium frame ladies have wrist 6-6.5 inches while large body frame ladies have wrist sizes over 6.6 inches.


What is average wrist size for a woman?

Based on the body frame calculator, 6.5 inch to 7.5 inch for smaller, medium and large frame women. Here are the average women’s wrist sizes in inches and centimeters.

  • extra small or very small average woman’s wrist sizes: 12cm to 14cm (5in to 5.5in)
  • small average woman’s wrist sizes: 14cm to 17cm (5.5inches to 6.5 inches)
  • medium to large average woman’s wrist sizes: 17cm to 19cm (6.5in to 7.5in)


Why are my forearms so skinny?

If your forearms are getting skinnier, perhaps:

  •  You genetically have small frame size and have petite forearm muscles
  • You have become too skinny, losing too much weight or slimming your arms unhealthily than expected
  •  You are probably doing too much exercises. Too much cardio kills your muscles gains and you might just be doing not rightly.
  •  Your wrong use of Phentamine weight loss drug
  •  You have not combined cardio and strength exercises. Stop running only on treadmills or other machines, try out weight lifting.
  • You did no subject your arms to endure physical activities before adulthood.


What is average wrist size for men?

7.25 inches is average wrist size. The average wrist size for an adult man is 7.25 inches (18.42 cm). reports have shown that up to 50% of men have a wrist sizes bigger than 7.25 inches and 50% men have small wrist. Most men, (about 80) have wrist size bigger than 6.75 inches (17.5 cm) while a few (20%) adult males have a wrist size bigger than 7.75 inches or 19.67 cm.


Can you actually get thicker wrists?

Not really. With ways recommend, it is pretty, very hard to get thicker wrists because the efforts are huge but the results are minimal. The truth is that your wrist is a joint and does not have significant muscles there. Your arms have biceps and tricep muscles and you can train them to grow larger and bigger, but you can have same resulted with wrists.

At earlier stage of your life, a teenage age, you could grow your wrist bone through physical activities, cell enhancement, and the use of growth hormones. At a certain age over 18, bone growth is just impossible.



How can I increase my wrist size?

how to get bigger wrists - how to make small wrists bigger with dumbbell weights
how to make small wrists bigger with dumbbell weights

You need to have thicker bones if you really want to get bigger wrists, but Know that your wrists can’t actually grow much in size significantly.

In some way, if you can add a small growth of about 0.2mm or 5mm, that could make a difference. There is no way to increase your wrists size faster, as other promise. If you have under an average wrist size, you can make get thicker wrists by:


1. Do Exercises and get bigger wrists

It surprises how simple the exercises can be. To get bigger wrists, practice curls and extensions, try out knuckle pushups, use hand grippers or strengtheners . You just have to do exercise that allows you to squeeze your wrist hard like pull-ups, chin ups and, deadlifts.

  • place the back of your forearm on a table or on your leg
  • hold a lightweight dumbbell in that hand
  • slowly lower the weight toward the floor and back up
  • Try two sets of 10 or 15 reps with each wrist one or two times daily or at least five times a week


2. Gain weight by dieting

There is so much on the internet how to lose weight and become skinny, with a flat tummy and waistline. But to gain weight is little known. Just like it is with a spot reduction of fat, it is possible to gain weight only in one sport or one part of your body.

Good high calorie dieting, with really high calorie surplus, will make you get overall body weight increase. The average effect is that your slim wrist muscles will begin to grow. 

Other ways include hypertrophy, which you can check more details in your guide on how to get bigger wrists.



Does your wrist size change?

YES, wrist muscle grow bulky when you walk under a warm atmosphere. Your wrist muscles do expand or grow bulky when temperatures are higher in the afternoon.

I have experienced this on several warm days and you can easily notice when you wear a loosely fitting bracelet. In the early hours of the morning, environment is cold (temperature and humidity affect wrist size) your wrist seems skinny and contracted.

If you wear a bracelet then, it feel like; it is loose. The same bracelet, or band or leather strap will feel more snug and comfortable in the warm afternoon.


Is my wrist small, medium or large?

Measuring your wrist and comparing with wrist size chart can give you an overall idea under which category your wrist features. Considering a healthy weight range of your body, if your wrist circumference is:

  • Smaller than 6.25 inches – small wrists and body
  • Between 6.5  to 7 inches – medium wrist size and body frame
  • Over 6.75 inches – bigger wrist and larger body frame



Does Weight Affect wrist size?

Absolutely YES. You gain more weight; you get bigger wrist. Your body weight highly influences your wrist circumference. Scientist use wrist size and elbow breadth as a reliable method to calculate a person’s ideal weight.


How can I thicken my Skinny wrists?

There are many ways to make your wrist thicker and larger, Here is a video explaining the details.

YouTube player




Do big watches look good on small wrists?

Never, the most common challenges for people with petite wrists is finding the right watches that perfectly fit their skinny wrists. A big watch does not wear nicely on bony wrist.

Large watches aren’t a good fit for small wrists, because they will look comically oversized and kiddy. Moreover, you can pull tight the watch band and the tail still appears so long, that is awkward.

Wearing a larger timepiece on extra small wrists also means you will have to use the hole nearest to the watch face to fasten the strap. As a result, the large face watch band will have to go round your tiny wrist twice.

 I used to punch extra holes with a knife to make an average size watch strap to fit my wrist. Women and men with super thin wrist have more dressing challenges, and one that is common is having a bracelet on small wrist come handing down, and almost falling off.

Here is the key, large watches with 43mm cases are only gorgeous and fitting on flat wrist over 7 inches. If you have a rounded wrist, the best watch that goes on it is a small face watch and small smartwatches.



Why are my fingers getting fatter?

Having excess sodium in your diet can lead to your fingers swell up. CDC recommends you have to consume less than 2.3 grams of sodium each day. If presently you are experiencing your finger growing fat, overall body weight loss is the best way to slim the chubby fingers.

Simple lifestyle changes like drinking more water, eating more watermelon and other foods that reduce your appetite can promote weight loss.

The resulting effect is to slim fingers and improve your overall health. But here is the healthier, natural way to get skinny body, and flexible fingers.


Are small forearms genetic?

Big or skinny wrist is more genetic, because they are bony and have little muscles. Forearm muscles are different; genetics plays a part, but exercises can trigger massive muscles growth in your forearms. If you want to try, these surprisingly simple exercises will make you get bigger forearms (bicep and triceps) muscles.



Does gaining weight increase forearm size?

Gaining body weight is simply a way to grow overall body muscles, and that includes those of forearm. The more weight you gain, the more your triceps and biceps muscles increase in size and mass.



How big is a small wrist?

Women naturally have pretty slender wrists than men. To state Wrist Measurement in Inches and in cm, slim wrists for woman’s measure around 5 – 6.0 inches or 14.0 – 15.2 centimeters. Medium to larger wrist for ladies come between  6.0 – 7.0 inches or 16.5 – 17.8 centimeters. Any wrist circumference over 7 is extra larger sizes.



Is 14cm wrist small?

Based on inches–centimeter conversion, 14 centimeter wrist is about 5.5 inches and that number is in the small bone body category. You have a small body scale if you have: a wrist measurement of less than 14 cm (5.5″), plus. An ankle measurement of less than 19 cm (7.5″), plus.


Is 16cm wrist small?

16 cm is both skinny wrists size for men and women just slightly above the very thin size of 14cm. For women, wrist sizes within 17cm-19cm is a medium wrist and above 19cm is a thick manly wrist.


Does boxing increase wrist size?

Yes, boxing help thicken the tendons inside your wrists, if you maintain a progressive resistance training. If you start boxing at a teenage age, you will probably have huge wrists and forearms at early adulthood. Besides gaining weight, boxing is a strength activity that makes wrist size increases naturally.


How should I deal with my Skinny wrists?

how to deal with challenges of skinny wrists - large watch does not look big on small wrist
img: how to deal with challenges of having skinny wrists -Remember that large watch does not look big on small wrist

 If you dearly love bracelets or watches and have small wrists, what should you do? Technically, having small wrists is not actually the problem, it is the sizes of the wrist watches that create a lot of dressing challenges.

Well, here are simple ways to deal with small wrists, and this strategy are only useful for someone who’s blessed with small wrists under 6 inches.


1. Buy and wear smaller watches or ultra-thin watches

Buy and wear not only smaller watches but also ultra slim wrist watches too. smaller watches are back in style with a case or watch face diameter under 40mm.

Unfortunately, the bezel and the lugs may make it too big on your petite wrist. That is where you should shift your style of wrist watches to ultra slim modern watches, which have a few millimeters of case thickness and yet look very manly on smaller wrists.

getting a smaller piece like 38mm Seiko SKX013 is a very great best way to manage living with small wrists

2. Wear your watch lower on your wrist

Apart from wearing smaller piece watches to get away with your small wrists. The style of wearing watches matter a lot. Wear your watch closer to your hand – a spot just before your wrist bone where watches just tend to naturally fall on.

When a watch sits where the hands begin to get wider, that creates an illusion that your wrist is bigger and the watch is smaller. You watch placement and size should match.

3. wearing both a watch and a bracelet.

Watches and bracelets make people have a lot to look at and because they awesomely work well in a fashionable style, it is just kind of looks cool, and a great way to deal with skinny wrists.

Wearing long sleeves shirts to cover up your wrist and the watch that is a little too large. There is more, and here is the list of strategies how to deal with having skinny wrists challenges.



What size wrist does a Rolex fit?

Currently, Rolex is one of the luxurious watches in the works, offering modern, expensive timepieces in sizes that range from 28 millimeters in diameter all the way up to 44 millimeters. Previously rolex had offered watches with smaller case and face diameters, like this 36mm Rolex DateJust. Check the video below.

YouTube player



Why are my arms so skinny?

Some people are taller but have extremely thin arm. If you have skinny arms, that is because your arms are longer than some parts of the body.

Also, the arm muscles are disproportionately smaller than muscles on other parts of your body.

 You know that the greatest amount of body fat in your skin is concentrated around your midsection–belly, hips, waistline, so it is possible your arms will just look smaller.

You might just have an overall slender physique and appearance, and that it is not only your arms that look skinny. This makes people feel so much insecure about their tiny arms and petite body size.


Why is my wrist and forearm so small?

Just like skinny wrists, it’s possible that your skinny forearms are genetically developed. But yet, if your stature shows that you are somewhat tall and have overall fewer muscles, your arms and wrist will naturally have less mass. That is why your lower arms are looking a little thin-shaped.



Should you be able to wrap your fingers around your wrist?

If you wrap your middle finger and thumb around your wrist and they overlap, you’re probably a small-boned person and categorized on the lighter end of the body scale. But if your fingers just touch, you have medium-sized bone structure and you’re best categorized around the middle body frame. You have a larger body frame size if your fingers don’t touch at all, or end a fraction of inches away.


How do you deal with small wrists

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Check out how to deal with having skinny wrists challenges



How can you tell a woman’s body frame?

It is possible to assess if your girlfriend’s body frame is small, medium or large. The simple thing is you wrap your thumb and index finger over her wrist. If they overlap, she definitely has a small body frame.

And if your thumb and index finger barely touch, she is a medium body frame female. She is probably of the large body frame if your thumb and index finger do not touch at all.

In case you know her accurate wrist circumference, it is easier to find out her body scale. For example, If you girlfriend or wife or mother is about 5 feet 7 inches  tall and her wrist measurement is 6.75 inches, she actually is a large body frame female person.

Check out how to know your frame size


What does wrist circumference indicate?

Wrist size tells more about your stature, and physical body frame. But wrist circumference is surprisingly reported to be a novel predictor of diabetes and prediabetes.

Several studies have proven that wrist circumference is associated with incident type 2 diabetes mellitus and a significant predictor of future development of diabetes in both males and females.

Another researcher  had studied 6 different girth measurements and prevalent diabetes in U.S. and Canadian women. The result showed that and they reported a statistically significant and positive association between diabetes and the highest tertile of wrist circumference. Diabetic women had a larger neck, and wrist circumference.

Another similar study of revealed that Italian adolescent with significant higher wrist circumference have a positive family history of diabetes. But wrist girth has already been discovered to weakly correlate  total body fat in women

Wrist girth and diabetes occurrence could be explained by considering the effects of steroid hormones and their interaction with glucose homeostasis and bone metabolism.

Although wrist size is an anthropometric measure of the skeletal frame size, you still need further assessment of other anthropometric like waist and hip circumference.



What does the girth of your wrist mean?

The Wrist Girth measurement is a circumference measured around your wrist a point just distal to the styloid processes. Wrist size measure is just one of the many anthropometric or body size test to measure human body.

Moreover, for reliability, the best girth measurement should be taken on the right arm, at a point just distal to the styloid processes.

The accuracy of your wrist girth depends on the person doing the measure, the tension on the tape. You never know, maybe a wrist girth measurement when your arm is flexed is different from wrist girth measurement when your arm is relaxed.



What is the average wrist size for a 15-year-old kid?

Average wrist circumference for a 15-year-old girl is by average, 15.3 centimeters or 6.02 inches while a 15 year teenage boy has a wrist that measures averagely 16.54 cm or 6.51 inches. Check this Average wrist circumference by age for children under 20 years.pdf


Is 6 inches a small wrist?

The average wrist size is 7 inches to 7.5 inches and if your wrist measures 6 inches, consider you have small wrists, which are not very skinny and can still wear an Apple watch nicely. Some masculine and bigger wrist measure over 8 inches and larger.



How do you tell if a watch is too big for your wrist?

Wearing a watch that is way too big for his wrist is not attractive. There are many ways to check if your watch is too big for your wrist.

How do you tell if a watch is too big for your wrist?
How do you tell if a watch is too big for your wrist?


1. look at your watch’s lugs.

A properly sized wrist watch for you will never cover up the wrist or go past your wrist diameter. That does not mean a 50mm lugless watch is big. Let us ignore the watch diameter and your wrist circumference for a minute.

If your watch has straight lugs which extend go pass the edges of your wrist, it will look comically oversized. The exception is for watches with curved, rounded and ergonomic lugs, which can fit round wrists just perfectly.

If the watch is way too precious for you, be sincere or strong enough to admit if it is too big and uncomfortable. You won’t still admire a 44mm Modern Rolex on a kiddy wrist.

2. You buckle the strap on the last hole

If you have used the last hold on a leather strap to tighten the watch; it was a very large piece on your wrist. Think of having a 47mm case watch on a teenager. Tightening or buckling it on the last hole will allow the band to stick out like a long tail.

3. You are wearing a vintage watch on average wrist

A watch that was just sizing normal more than 40 years ago is vintage now. Slim gadget is on the rise and small watches 10 years ago would seem funny and too big in the next 20 years. It depends on the fashions, trends.

4. If your mind says the watch is bigger,

It depends on your personal comfort and satisfaction. If your deeper voice says inside you that the watch is bigger, then you will feel the watch is too big for you. If the same voice says wearing 55mm clocks on their wrist is just perfect, you will find comfort wearing it around.

5. Your long sleeve shirt does not cover it

Normally, a big watch will look pretty smaller if your shirt hides part of it and you’ll have to pull up your sleeves to check time. But if your watch still sticks out even when you are wearing a big shirt, the timepiece is actually too big on your wrist.

Check your correct size watches



Are small wrists good for bodybuilding?

A strength coach Christian Thibaudeau, has confirmed that having small wrists and hands can place a negative impact on your strength levels for bodybuilding. You need powerful wrists and a good grip strength for deadlifts, chinups and the Olympic lifts. These activities can be compromised if the boxer has extra small wrists and hands.



Does exercise increase wrist size?

YES. Wrists exercises help to tone forearm, wrist and hand muscles  and make them grow bigger. Athletes increase their strength by getting their wrist size bigger doing fitness workouts. You can train your wrist muscles in multiple kind of wrist exercises.  For example, if you use grippers in your regular workout routine, you will tone your hand muscles as well as your wrist, regular dieting combine with the wrist exercises will create visual bulk. Here are few exercises to strengthen and grow your wrist muscles.



Is 19cm wrist big?

16-17cm is an average wrist size and 17cm-19cm is a medium thick wrist size range. But because a man’s average wrist size is 17.75cm inch to 19cm(7 inches to 7.5 inches), 19cm is a medium wrist size  which is slightly big wrist for men. However, based on womens average wrist sizes, 19 cm is medium to large woman’s wrist size.



Is it bad to have skinny wrists?

YES, having skinny wrist can be bad due to potential health issues. People think that individuals with smaller wrists are more likely to suffer tendonitis, because skeletal wrists have small the compartments where the tendons live. Again, there is potential risk of carpal tunnel when the tendons pass through skinny wrist without a lot of room in there and pinch some nerves.

Some skinny guys think it is a curse to live with thin wrists, since they feel they are never going to be able to compete with their mates in fitness activities. This is more about physical appearance than health, so as long as you are “you” and very uniquely made, there is nothing bad with having skinny wrists.



Does small wrist mean weak?

Small wrists means weak in some exercises. Strength. To a strength coach like Christian Thibaudeau, having small wrists and hands can have a negative impact on your strength levels. Weight and power lifts that require good grip strength, as much as deadlifts, chinups and the Olympic lifts. Your performance may be compromised when training with small wrist and weak hands.



Is it possible to get thicker wrists?

Yes, you can thicken your wrist muscles and tendons, but you can’t make your wrist bone thicker. In a fleshless wrist, the thickness of the wrist is actually the width of the bone in the forearm around the section.  Boone growth is not possible outside natural ways, and bones are not stretchy kind of body part that one can expand it.

However, the bony structure in your wrist is padded by other tissues and tendons and through weight gain, you can increase amount of fat deposited. That will make the wrist fleshier, muscular and larger but physical exercises, can make the wrist tendons thicker and bulkier. Think of Sylvester Stallone with his huge, super powerful arms.



Do wrists get bigger with age?

YES, you had skinnier wrists when you were under teen right?  But they grew up to some point. Wrist circumference grows and gets bigger with age and there is no doubt about that. At one point, around 17-21 years, it will no longer be due to age, and your wrist size will change depending on your lifestyle like dieting and weight management. The tendons around your tiny wrist bone will also grow thick as you participate in physical activities (fitness workouts that tone wrist muscles).



Do forearms get bigger with age?

Forearms grow naturally with time, just like wrist and other body parts? If you are a teenage boy trying to get  bigger forearm and wrists, naturally, you will succeed, and exercises can even bulk them up faster. When you cross average age over 20 years, there is no natural growth or thickening of forearm and wrist bones. So you’ll be stuck with what you have, unless you start doing fitness workouts that will help tone the muscles.



How can I increase my forearm size?

To increase forearm size, grow your forearm muscles, and that is it. Weight gain is the most natural way that will happened, but you can tone and enlarge your forearm with just a few exercises including

Wrist flexion, Wrist extension, Reverse biceps curl, Zottman curls, wrist and arm grip strengthening workouts, knuckle pull ups, weightlifting, deadlifts and boxing. Look into this article and you’ll find more simple exercises how to get bigger forearm.



Do your hands get bigger after 18?

Naturally NO, but with the help of regular hand exercises YES, hands get bigger after 18.

A kid younger than 18 years has a growth hormone that keeps the child growing and bulking up around the face, hands and overall body parts. The body frame also grows, as their younger bones grow longer and wider.

After 18-20 years, the hands, the wrists, and other body parts will grow no further as the growth hormone stops working around that time. So if you want to thicken your hands after 18-20 years, here are simple things you can do to get bigger hands.

When you thicken your hands, the truth is, the actual size of your hands is limited by the size of your hand bones. Since growth stops after averagely 20 years, no amount of stretching, squeezing, or strength training can make your hand bones grow longer or wider.

The only option left for adults with skinny wrists is that  a hand is powered by up to 30 muscles, which can grow stronger and more flexible with a variety of hand exercises.


Is a 5 inch wrist small?

5 inches is an extra small wrist, typically around the size of the wrist a re-teen boy has. Generally, small wrist measure in the range 5.5-6.5 inches , medium size wrists circumference go within 6.5-7 inches a and any wrist size over 7-7.5 inches is a large wrist.


Does hand grip increase wrist size?

YES, but not up an inch. Training with hand grip strengtheners tones your hand, wrist and forearm muscles and if you observe, you will notice it adds Veins on your Forearms.  Hand grippers really build fingers and hand muscles. Combined with proper dieting during your workout routines, a hand grip workout can place more strain you place on your forearms and make them getting bigger and stronger.


Can you box with skinny wrists?

YES, you can box with small wrists since boxing is all about the entire arms and, not about wrist weight alone. Unfortunately, a skinny wrist boxer delivers less momentum on to the jaws of his opponent than a huge-wrist boxer.

There’s an advantage of boxing with tiny wrists. Since the wrist has relatively small mass, boxing with a lighter arm is swifter than boxing with larger and heavy arms. From my Physics knowledge, a small object moves faster and can have same force as a large object moving slowly.

Skinny boxer fight swiftly and send punches with more speed and acceleration. When fighting with a small wrist boxer, in just a second, you wouldn’t realize they have giving you two punches and your one tooth is come out.



How do I stop being skinny?

You can lose weight and get skinny beyond the healthy limit and that is a big mistake people do without realizing. When you’re going underweight, you may feel full faster, and lack appetite, you will keep losing muscles and boy weight. You need to know when to stop getting skinnier face and slim belly, else you will get skeleton shape and size.

Hoe to stop losing more weight

here are few ways to stop slimming down your muscles

  • Eat more calorie-rich food frequently.
  • Reduce consuming fruits like watermelon. Don’t eat watermelon on an empty stomach
  • Go for high-carb food
  • Do anything you can to have more appetite for food
  • Include rich-nutrient foods like milk, yoghurt,
  • Watch what you drink, but sugary drinks are ok. They will provide more calories your body needs
  • Snack frequently after dinner
  • Take weight gain supplement



Why am I so skinny but I eat a lot?

You will remain skinny if you eat even more low carb diet, if you consume low calorie food, if you take too much watermelon or drink too much water on empty stomach. More importantly, you will remain skinny and have very skeletal thin arms, if you diet does not create calorie surplus each day.

Here’s what I mean.  Consider that your body needs 3600kcalories to sustain body functions and activities you carry out every day. If you eat much food that does not produce that required number of daily calories, you will never gain any 1 pound of weight.

This is the formula for weight gain. You need to eat more calories than your body needs, each day. It is the excess calories that build up your muscles after the body has used up what it needs.

How to create more calories or calorie-surplus :

  • Reduce the exercises you make per day to cut down on energy expenditure
  • Have more appetite and eat more healthy food
  • Choose high-carb food, and avoid low carb diet
  • Drink sugar drinks for additional calories
  • Snack frequently



Do forearms naturally get bigger?

Before 18, forearms grow naturally with help of growth hormone. After that age, there is little to no increase in forearm size. The best way of getting bigger forearms is by dong forearm exercises – weight lifting, pull up, curls and extensions and some grip training. They all help to target and tone forearm biceps and triceps muscles.


Does wrists size affect your sexual life – mens insecurities?

Some men canl but worry about their wrists sizes and belive they may never get a laid. Those involuntary celibate men would often get angry and show unprovoked violence. Guys with alot of insecurities due to less prominent arms often feel they are cursed, and not attractive to opposite sex, like huge wide shoulder men.

The feeling of not having the key masculine characteristics that pulls the attention of potential sexual partner can kills a lot of men with slimmer hands, tiny wrists and seamingly weak arms. Think of it this way, a man with a strong jaw-line, reasonable height,  beefy arms and pronounced chins creates more awareness among ladies than a skinny guy.

Observation shows that women turn to notice men with large arm width, larger upper body, physical dorminance, thick arms and strength. Body bulkiness helps in mens access to women according to some studies, amd imtimates other men away.

I get the point now. Small men turn to think that small wrist is invisible, tiny arms do not attract lady’s attention, and that small body frame is unnoticeable.

If you harbor these concerns and have self-conciousness about your slender wrists, and a body dysmorphia, you may get laughed at. Remember yourself that

  • no one actually cares about your wrists size
  • take focus away from your imagined vulnerability and wear something like a watch that looks magnificient, which, no woman, or man born under the sun, can take their eyes off you.


Have you seen women with bigger wrists?

I have met an average-sized woman, she’s about 5’5″, and around 130 pounds. I quickly took noticed of her, because she got unusually large wrists (I guess they were into 6.5-7 inches). It immediately has me thinking that she is a gym goer, perhaps a lover of gymnastics.

I am having smaller wrists, comparatively tiny than her own. I felt like OMG; I look kiddy and weak near her. She must have been the girlfriends that find pleasure in sports that develop wrist strength. I was really envious of her.

I thought to myself, can she really wear average wrists size women’s bracelets? Guess her own category of bracelets could be manly, larger than usual sizes for most “normal” ladies’ bracelets. She is pretty short, but her wrists is that of a plus size lady. If she goes on shopping for a bracelet, I believe her right choice could be those leather styled men’s bracelets.

They exist in many styles, some are even unisex and charming. Her individuality really stunned me. I felt somehow a little awkward, but I appreciated the masculine looks in her. I love to be that way, but I fear I can get sick or worse, if I take the same physical activity or training she does.

The whole thing is, there can be a lot of smaller-medium size ladies–exceptional women with huge wrists. Sad to say, but what I’m still to ever see is a large woman with small wrists. If you use your muscles in the skinny wrists, they’ll grow bigger and stronger. I have to make a plan to build mine gradually.


Do you have small wrists?

Someone might have told you that “hey, you are skinny, you can’t box here” and you believed it. Or, you might definitely have tried wearing various sizes of wrist watches and unfortunately, all of them came hanging down from your wrist like a bracelet on a child’s arm.

Apart from these, what makes you think you have petite wrists size? Well, most people know they have slender forearms because most modern watches look huge on their wrists. This means they can’t wear any timepiece or wrist watches over 40mm in case diameter from reputable fashion brands.

If the watch bands come hanging with a long tail at the end, definitely, the strap length is way too long for the wrist or it was tightly fastened.

Also, a bigger watch leaves the lugs to come hanging over a small forearm. Bracelets, fitness bands, beads and other wrist wearable look too loose on a tiny wrist, even when it is tightly pulled to the last band hole.

Whatever the situation, the first step is to measure your wrist circumference just above your wrist bone. If your wrist size comes smaller than 7 inches (17.8cm) , you are considered having small wrists.

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Is having a small wrist bad for muscle gains?

No, you can have thin wrists and still grow your muscles in the forearm area, which will eventually make your bony wrist look like they are large.

A small wrists guy can become a bodybuilder if he chooses to be. So except for the smaller looks, having tiny wrist is not too bad for watches or for fitness workouts.


what diameter watch face should a small wrist use?

A watch with case size under 40mm is a bit perfect for thin wrists. The best watch face diameter for small wrists is averaged at 38mm for skinny men and 34mm when you considered a small wrist for a woman.

Some people have pretty extra small wrist, so 35mm is great for extra skinny and slim guys while 33mm for petite wrists ladies. A 40mm may look too big for extra small wrists, but it is OK for 6 – 7 inches wrists. So then, most 42mm watches are too big for small wrist.


Should you get large watch for small wrists?

No ! Don’t try buying a 42mm or a 44 mm watch with small wrists except the watch face is really small like under 40mm. The watches with over 40mm case size will come hanging on a small wrist like a bracelet on a girl’s arm.

Except the watch face is pretty medium-sized and you are lucky to have near 6.74 inches wrists, I can’t recommend you choose a bigger face timepiece for a thin wrist.

That is never going to wear comfortably, it will look too loose and comic. Just avoid it. Some modern watches like apple watch series 3 have 42mm dial which perfectly goes well on slim wrists for men and women.


Are 7-inch wrists small?

Not really. A 7-inch wrist size is the normal medium sized circumference, almost the average size of a man’s wrists . If you take your accurate wrist measurement and it falls below this value, your wrist has a small frame.

This actually means a guy with 6 inch wrist circumference is considered having a small wrist–which can fit a small fitness tracker. An 8 inch wrist is bigger and can’t fit the world’s thinnest watch. Let me ask you this question – is a wrist size of 6.5 inch small?

If you have under 7 inches wrist, your best option is to wear slimmer watches with under 40mm case. In the same light, if you are going to wrestle victoriously, you must train your tiny wrist to deliver high-speed punches(high momentum) with great strength.



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