What are the safe YouTube to MP3 converters( 2023 Virus-Free MP3 Youtube Downloaders)

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The last time I went to convert a video from YouTube to mp3 audio, I was really annoyed at the endless pop-ups, misleading buttons that redirect to games and porn sites, and many suspicious ads. It was real crazy service, I never ever got to convert my favorite YouTube to mp3 music that wanted. Except I was very unfortunate, I did know that some  safe YouTube to mp3 converters website could be that bad, with many things disturbing my safe YouTube download to MP3 song. It is not easy to say, but this kind of YouTube downloader program have malware, and can infect your device with viruses.

So if you got annoyed as I did, you definitely won’t visit the same website. You would want a safe YouTube to mp3 converter site with a clean interface and simple video conversion and download process.

In this article, we will uncover some best YouTube to mp3 converters online – virus-free YouTube download program or websites without malicious ads, pop-ups, bogus scripts and redirects when you click a download button.


safe youtube to mp3 converter without maclicious scripts to infect your device
safe youtube to mp3 converter without malicious scripts to infect your device


Can YouTube to MP3 Converter give you viruses?

Yes, many of them. hackers can easily used poorly built video websites do cross-site scripting exploit into your device. Moreover, some youtube converters have misleading buttons, that take you to virus iloaded game sites. They will pretend to lets you convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio files or MP4 videos for free, but they can very easily infect your compueter or phone with spyware, malwares and potentially unwanted programs.

Are you concerned about security and privacy?

Converting a video in youtube channel to mp3 audio files is pretty a tricky task nowadays. When you get to online applications that convert YouTube to MP3, privacy should be your greatest concern.

Hackers can get away with a lot of your personal information, so you should be mindful of which plugin and apps are you choose for youtube video to mp3 conversion.

We will guide you on how to choose a r relatively safe youtube mp3 downloader, one that has no many annoying notifications, pop ups,  which will make your youtube audio download process seamless.


Youtube Multimedia Content

YouTube is an endless world of music and video, old and new and any track you would have forgotten.  The platform is very popular and it is surprisingly about 81% US adults from 15-25 years watch videos on youtube.

However, youtube doesn’t offer an option for downloading audio from its videos. Even if you have a Premium YouTube Music account, they still place some restrictions over the music you download.

O freely convert youtube videos to audio,  most people rely on third-party applications. such as and the wide used method is using online youtube to mp3 converters and downloaders.

Some of these youtube converter sites have a bad reputation because of their malicious intents. Many are very deceptive, with ads that are fully intrusive and misleading, plus outright malware.

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Are Youtube MP3 converter really safe to use?

Can you download youtube videos safely without risk of malware attack? No. There is an overgrowing popularity of youtube to mp3 converters and youtube MP4 downloaders, but many websites are not safe to use.

Most converters they don’t require any downloading of installable programs or need registration of some sort. Also, to safely download youtube video to mp3 or MP4, you just have to paste the youtube url into the converter site, and that is it. The process is pretty easier, but are there safe youtube to mp3 converters and youtube downloaders?

The question of safe use for video streaming youtube converting services bothers many people, for fear of identity theft, money loss, illegal data collection and risk of virus infections.

So can one say with surety that youtube converter sites are safe to use? Yes, some genuine youtube downloaders and converters for videos and audios are virus-free, although others are just totally loaded with malware, pop ups, unwanted notifications and redirect links to adult, and game sites.

There are also some websites that off YouTube video download that does not infect your PC with malware , but from the user experience, they look just inefficient and suspicious.

How then can online users like you, differentiate which video sites are good to download YouTube videos safely from those virus-stricken YouTube download programs?

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How to identify a safe YouTube converter for mp3 music and videos

To convert and download YouTube videos has never been this so easy and quick, than now. If you are going to convert and download you favorite YouTube videos and audio music, you will do that in few minutes.

Unfortunately, your short duration of bringing down a YouTube media content is enough for bad guys to plant infectious scripts into your computer. You need to stay attentive when choosing the best downloader.

Checking which is the safer YouTube to mp4 converter or the safest mp3 audio YouTube video converter, depends on a number of considerations.


 Registration or login requirement

A safe youtube downloader website does not necessarily require that you create (sign up for) any account, or make a login to benefit from the service. If a youtube to mp4 converter site is asking you to subscribe, avoid such platforms. They might just be collecting your device and personal information for no good reason. So a safer youtube to mp3 converter or the safest youtube to mp4 downloader are free and won’t ask you to make any form of registration.


Credit card payment requirements

If a youtube MP3 website is asking you to provide payment details, band account credentials or credit card payment information, that is a red flag that they are causing untold money losses from their victims.

Such a YouTube video downloader may be without many ads, pop ups, and bogus scripts, but they are not secure to use. Never, never put your credit card payment details in any mp4 or mp3 YouTube downloader and converter, even if it is labeled as the best.

This is because there is nothing to buy there at all.


Pop Up Ads

The most annoying experience when I visit some video downloader sites, is the frequent pop up ads that appear on the screen. Pop up ads have become one of the critical factors to decide if your YouTube to mp3 converter is safe or not.

Malicious advertisements will lure you to click on them, and when you do, they infect your mobile or computer system with scripts exploited by hackers.

Immediately you visit a YouTube converter site and see this pop up ads appear, try another online platform. An authentic YouTube mp3 or mp4 converter and downloader website does not show these kind of ads.

Remember, ads placement on website is a way online site owners make money to sustain the service. But those ads that contain suspicious programs and malwares may collect your information and use it as a source of income – personal identity theft or direct money lose from accounts.



A legitimate YouTube video downloader and converter will never allow third-party Plugin, for any reason. This helps prevents hackers and people intends from using the plugin to inject malicious scripts into the platform. The best safe-to-use legit website to download YouTube video clips and MP3 audios has no plugin.


Privacy Protection

If video sites claim thet have good protection for  your privacy, check to confirm that they are no keeping history of your activities. The best safe youtube to mp3 tool is a trustworthy youtube downloader only is it does not  save your user data or keeps a history of your  behavior on choice of  videos and audio files.



How to make YouTube converter secure for use

  • Use adlockers
  • Install antivirus into your device
  • Never accept pop up or push notifications
  • Don’t click on their ads
  • Don’t register or give out any financial payment details
  • Reset your device internet browser after visiting the YouTube downloader website
  • Check your control panel in windows, if there are suspicious recently installed programs, uninstall them.

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The best safe YouTube to mp3 converters

Most YouTube to mp3  converters online have potential malware or virus threat. Some of the    will forcefully push you to accept installing extensions, and some kind of unknown software. If you want to avoid those crappy, unsafe converters, look into the list of most popular trusted YouTube mp3 downloader software.


4K YouTube to MP3 converter

4K Youtube MP3 converter is one of the most trusted online youtube downloader I have come across. You can convert your favorite YouTube videos to mp3 safely, and it works great to give you original sound quality without conversion.

You’ll experience no loss of audio quality, and it works wonderfully for the Youtube premium. You can also use it to securely download audiobook, podcasts, youtube playlists in the best quality from Vimeo, SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, and DailyMotion.

The most amazing is the built-in YouTube to mp3 player. Moreover, the user-friendly interface of the 4K YouTube to mp3 converter offers uses a seamless experience when they come to download video files and turn them into audio equivalent.

  • Downloads playlists, channels, subtitles from many sites
  • Amazing youtube converter features including slideshow maker
  • Allows fast extraction of audio from video clips
  • Good multiple website compatibility
  • Supports batch download
  • Formats include MP3, MP4, MKV, 3GP, M4A
  • Media content have high resolutions 1080p, 720p, 4K, and 8K
  • Extracts YouTube subtitles into SRT format with over 50 languages
  • Support: multiple languages, windows 7 +, Ubuntu 64 bit, and MacOS 10.13 +

Get started to Save your killer audio file from youtube


YTMP3 Secure mp3 youtube downloader

YTMP3 is one best YouTube to MP3 converter reddit users recommend. I have used YTMP3 twice, and from my experience, it has a tidy interface, without any form of disturbing interface design.  The home page is clear of many annoying ads, and I don’t think I can immediately just judge it to have harmful scripts.

I never created any account or filled any sign up or login form. All I did was to past the download link from youtube channel, into the search box provided on the YTMP3 website.

Spyware and viruses easily attack your device when you ignorantly install those hackers-sent softwares. For my use of YTMP3, they didn’t ask me to install any download plugin, extension in browser, enter payment information, or accept any notifications.

I did copy and paste the valid YouTube video url into the conversion box and clicked convert button. That is all it did to download my killer MP3 audio song into PC. I loved the fast conversion, less than 2 minutes and it was done.

I never tried a large multimedia content, but from many online reviews, YTMP3 is concise and doesn’t allow you to convert YouTube videos over 1 hour. You can search, find and copy video links from multiple video platforms and YTMP3 will handle the YouTube to MP3 conversion tasks effortlessly.

One of my friend’s did say he clicked on the YTMP3 download button, and had a pop-up page appear. I have not tried it, but that rarely happens and I believe it won’t put your device at risk of hackers scripts.

YTMP3 Secure mp3 youtube downloader



HD Video Converter Factory Pro

This is a high  resolution video to audio converter from WonderFox. The app is build without any third-party plugins or softwares, which means there is no likelihood of virus infection scripts being paased into your device. The web-based youtube to mp3 converter converts video clips from  youtube, and almost all social networks sites without asking or store any of your personal privacy data. HD Video Converter Factory Pro  is virus-free youtube mp3 downloader which has been thoroughly scanned by, over 70 professional security software.

  • Supports batch download of youtube videos and audio files
  • Has multiple file formats,
  • Output files have good resolution and you can change the video resolution if you want
  • It allows you to modify the MP3 bit rate if you desire
  • It is a simple fast YouTube converter with good speed features
  • Moreover, it is free and safe YouTube to MP3 converter for PC and desktop

Get started with HD converter




Y2mate is another youtube to mp3 converter with a lot of popularity. I have tried this one, the YouTube video conversion process does not require you to share any of your private card or personal details, unfortunately, it is been reported it gives many redirects to gaming sites, and has many push notifications and ads. With smartly installed adblockers, your turn off bogus scripts and make Y2mate virus-free and safer than any other online youtube to mp3 apps. Moreover, Y2mate has excellent functionality, solid performance and high efficiency  without registration or installation required.

Here is how to make Y2mate  safe YouTube to MP3 converter, free from embedded ads and pop-ups. It is easier, it would make Y2mate get undeniably clean interface and reassuring user experience.

  • Has no limit on file length or number of audios to download
  • Pretty fast to convert video to audio
  • Besides MP3, Y2mate also supports MP4 and 3GP
  • video formats like AVI, FLV, WebM, M4V, WMV, etc.

In short, Y2mate provides a fast, convenient and safe way to convert YouTube videos.

Convert Youtube video to Audio With Y2mate.com




FLVto is a massive user go to YouTube converter for audio files. with a massive user base. Flvto does not miss being in the list of the best YouTube video converter website with good security and privacy protection.

Flvto performance is pretty stronger than some YouTube to mp3 downloaders. The app will quickly convert YouTube to MP3 320kbps, MP4, AVI and many more output formats. The Flvto YouTube mp3 downloader works compatibly with multiple operating systems like Linux, windows, MacOS, without glitches.

Pulling  down your favorite videos and audiobooks from social websites like Instagram and TikTok are just seamlessly too fast to believe.

Try FLVto Youtube MP3  converter Today




This app is the best and safe option if you want to super fast convert your favorite youtube to mp3 320 kbps, without disturbance. The downloader also supports an optimal sampling rate of 480kHz so that your youtube video conversion to mp3 results in the best sound quality close to original.

The clean interface makes the user experience just good, and convenient. This is not common with many buggy youtube to mp3 converter programs.

No ads, no notifications of any sort, no request for login or registration or payment details required. The user interface looks ads-free. All you need is grab you YouTube url and paste into the webpage directly.

Being an ads-free youtube mp3 platform is just about 320Youtube. Moreover, you can choose to go for installable addon for Firefox browser.

My recommendation is, to  avoid possibility of spyware scripts into your system, don’t install the youtube mp3 Firefox extension. Use the online safe YouTube to mp3 converter directly with full confidence.

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This Mp3 YouTube downloader website is risk-free and has a simple interface. You have no disturbing notifications showing every second, no clustered ads, no redirects I am certain from my test, its security and privacy is not compromised yet.

It also offers you the ability to convert any YouTube video without limitations and out of harm’s way.  Be sure your audio files will not be corrupt or unsafe to use in any device or MP3 player.

The invulnerable Easy MP3 Converter has up to 5 options of audio quality – up to 320kbps. The site is build with low risk of virus or malware infection and you can download your favorite YouTube to mp3 audio track without quality loss.

  • Works with almost all mainstream browsers, plus mobile browsers,
  • Easy MP3 Converter is accessible on major devices Phones, tablets, PC and desktops

Convert and download youtuve video to MP3 file



YMP4 youtube to mp3 converter

YMP4 is another  multiple-purpose youtube video converter which will leave your device unharmed. The YMP4 is particularly a good option if you want to save YouTube in MP3 and MP4.

Users reports confirms YMP4 is not dangerous or harmful. The user interface looks pretty cool, no embedded ads, frequent pop-ups or misdirecting links or buttons to harmful websites.

Using YTPM4 is out of danger, but below are also some key reasons why you should give YMP4 a shot.

  • Allows youtube MP3 conversion process  fast and hassle free.
  • It’s a healthy, dedicated YouTube to MP3 safe converter
  • Helps users to download YouTube videos in multiple video formats
  • Output media files have good resolutions and file sizes
  • Works well for multiple video websites like Facebook, Twitter, Verystream, Periscope, Dailymotion, and Instagram

Try YTMP4 Uadio converter



YouTuFab – a no-virus MP3 YouTuFab Music Downloader

one of the best YouTube to MP3 no virus solution is the YouTyFab. It works perfectly well and faster, to extract MP3 and MP4 files from youtube channel. First, you just have to paste the YouTube url in the large text box and click download. It would allow you to convert, download and play your favorite videos and music tracks, in various formats and resolution.

It is a no-virus solution, because no one is asking for your personal information before and after the Mp3 converter and  download process. The mp4 and mp3 conversion service does not also require you make any  registration or sign up.

Moreover, it needs no plugin or software. YouTuFab YouTube to MP3 converter has no virus since it is isolated from any 3rd party plugin, extension or software. If your YouTube video file is file is free of copyright protection, the virus-free or safe YouTuFab gives you with no exception.

  • No limit to number of multimedia files you can convert and download
  • Pretty fast – a 4 minute YouTube takes fee seconds to download. actual duration depends on YouTube video/audio length
  • Does not allow download YouTube files with copyright protection. It works only for free videos/audios on YouTube
  • It is safe YouTube to MP3 , compatible with smartphone or tablet
  • The YouTube to MP3 Shark does not keep your conversion or YouTube download history
  • Supports more than 1000 video dites

Try YouTuFab Music Downloader No Virus



YTD Downloader

A fast simple, and best tool to convert streaming youtube videos to audios is YTD. The youtube video downloader has a smooth, uncluttered interface, or no disturbing pop ups, ads and notification that may hinder your task.

Offers safer way to download and convert videos to MP3, MP4, WMV, FLV, MOV, 3GP, AVI. If you want to convert multiple YouTube videos to audio YTD allows simultaneous download. One good benefit of YTD is the built-in audio and video player

I kind of love this youtub ro mp3 converter. While it is virus-free and harmless, you can enjoy HD video quality from major video streaming sites YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Facebook. With no form of advertisements on their interface, they still offer email support for users.

Both free version and paid plans are available. Even as the free version does not have batch download, the bottom line is that YTD is the highest quality YouTube to Mp3 converter  than even 4K video downloader.

Try the YTD Video Downloader


Wondershare Uniconverter

UniConverter is a product designed by Wondershare. This is one of the safest methods you can download YouTube videos and convert into mp3 audio files in a Linux, Mac, and PC windows. Check this youtube downloaders for PC.

It allows convert and download of videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, and social media like facebook. For offline playback, you can obtain a tiny size MP3 audio files at a 30x speed of normal available video to mp3 converters already.

Soke excellent key features include DVD toolkit to edit DVD files easily (Blu-Ray) and video compressor, image converter, screen recorder, GIF maker, VR converter, DVD converter.

The Uniconverter has an highly intuitive user-interface without malevolent ads and misleading buttons and links. So while you stream your favorite videos to mp3 into Windows or Mac OS, the task is secured. There is no risk of malware and spyware installations.

  • Free version and premium options
  • Allows youtbe mp3 download from Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook


YT1s MP3 Converter

if you are trying to convert videos from YouTube to MP3, reddit fans have YT1s in their software recommendations. YT1s sites is safe and pretty straightforward in converting video songs to mp3 audio.

YT1s is simple safe YouTube vids to mp3 converters that won’t give you a virus or some shit when trying to get some songs into mp3 files.

Check YT1s Youtube to MP3 converter no virus



Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it that all the YouTube to mp3 converters I can find are riddled with bugs and viruses?

Most owners of websites that convert youtube to mp3 audio and video need to make money from some kind of advertising. unfortunately, in addition to ads revenue, they include illegal means of money making by sending in spyware to track and  steal personal information.

The bogus scripts they indirectly install in users computers may lead to money loss, identify theft and more. These crappy site would show you unwanted notifications and redirects to gaming, adult, betting sites loaded with these malware and bogus software.


Are there any safe and free YouTube to mp3 Android apps?

About mobile apps for youtube to mp3 converters, there are few good ones from the Playstore. Although they are not without ads, they are also popular and safer audio  YouTube downloader apps.



Can you get virus from downloading music from YouTube to mp3 sites?

Yes it is possible. One of the long time friends shared how his computer nearly got infected with ransomeware and Trojan horse when he went to download some music for a video they needed in school.

First, the his download window sent a serious warning that his mp3 song contained some malignant scripts – ransomeware and a trojan horse. He immediately canceled the process.

His computer never got infected by the malicious software no did he loss any sensitive data to the virus, and that was a forgiving relief. Note, Ransomeware is a type of virus which limits your online activity.

It makes you never to get up to 90 to 100 percent task completion that you could perform normally, unless you pay some money. A Trojan horse is also a pernicious and nasty program that usually, stuffs your PC or computer with digital junk files. You will see unexpected files and folders, but they are harmfully and dangerously operating behind the scene.



How  mp3 youtube download gets viruses into your device

Our desire is to get a youtube video download that does not infect our PC. But when you are downloading music to mp3 site, it is not the youtube mp3 download that contains the injected malicious payload.

It is the website that’s been used to achieve cross-site scripting exploit or create security vulnerability in your android or PC browser or device system. Those malevolent sites run malicious activities including sharing spammy content when you receive their notifications.

Micro bloggers, and hackers with malicious intent will also use the video converter platform to send malicious codes through the website’s infrastructure, into recipients or user’s phone or pc, to download spyware from servers.

Note that some of yt to mp3 sites have many ads. The scam websites also have fake download buttons and a bunch of viruses behind. If you click on them accidentally, you may be asked to install browser extension, which could spy on you.

Any downloadable apps or softwares are loaded with viruses or have crapware embedded, so it is up to you to be extremely cautious and careful.

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Is keepvid.com considered a safe site?

KeepVid has got complaint and negatives reports from users. One frequent youtube to mp3 converter user shared with us how he purchased the Pro Version of Keepvid for $30 USD and haven’t downloaded anything since. According to his report, he made a SPY Hunter Scan and detected over 2,615 Adware.KeepVid.com Viruses.

As he discovered the incredibly large number of adwares, he immediately Un-Installed the video program and demanded for an Immediate and full refund.

According to him “No body can put up with that extreme case of subversive data mining, website tracking, personal Tracking and Pushing of related Ads” You can always notice this dangerous activity in your device when I slows down your system tremendously.


What is the Best YouTube to MP3 Converter?

we have seen what is the safest YT to MP3 Converter, so which is the best performing youtube to mp3 converters? You can look into this article for kore options, but here are few.

  • Freemake
  • YTMP3 – YouTube to MP3 Converter
  • Y2mate
  • AVC
  • DVDVideoSoft
  • Free Video Downloader for YouTube
  • ClipGrab. ClipGrab is one of the best free youtube converters to use
  • Converto. Converto is a fast and easy to use free tool.

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