Are automatic watches a good idea? – Over 5 reasons to buy automatic watches

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What makes you have such an undying taste and appreciation for automatic watches? Is it looks, craftmanship, taste, history, brand prestige,  value or build  quality (fit an finish) that make your personally like it? What can make me sacrificially buy very expensive automatic watch?

Wrist watches have evolved over the centuries, and there are many types, shapes, designs, and form in the market. Among the most cherished watches, many watch lovers have an undying love for automatic watches.

Unfortunately, they come at a higher price than many can afford because of their self-winding mechanical movement. So, if you love them but don’t want to spend a huge chunk on your dollars, you can pick the best automatic watches under $200.


What is an automatic watch?

reasons to buy automatic watches

Every watch has a movement (engine system) that operates the hands, hour and minutes hands. In an automatic watch, the drive system is a mechanical movement that is equipped with a rotor.

While some watches use electrical current to operate, the automatic watch movement stores its own energy as you move or swing your wrist. The motion of your arm helps to rotate the rotor, which winds the mainspring and thus stores up some energy like a battery.

You can often hear automatic watches called” Self-winding” watches because they power themselves and you don’t have to wind the mainspring manually, as is the case with other watches.  In this case, you are never going to need a battery to operate an automatic watch as you do with a quartz watch.

Automatic movements are highly appreciated for their practicality and convenience. However, a good automatic watch doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you are looking for the best automatic watches, there are plenty of great options available for under 2000 dollars.


Why automatic watches – any benefits of buying automatic watches?

An Automatic watch is an awesome piece of machinery and a long lasting history right on your wrist. I love automatic watches for some credible reasons, including their precise markings, spotless, scratch-less perfection. I wonder, what makes an automatic movement watch worth your attention and the extra money?

Why would you like to purchase an automatic watch?

#1 Automatic watches are environmentally friendly

We dispose used batteries everywhere, and that is one great issue to deal with globally. Our environment still collect tonnes of used battries every year, which is very harmful to you and me.

Automatic watches need no battery charging or replacement and so owning one means you got no waste to get rid of. There is absolutely no negative impact on environment and auto watch is fully recyclable.

Sincerly, I love automatic watches. They’re a great pinnacle of engineering – tiny little machines that go on your wrist, and do highly accurate calculations, without giving out waste. You want to power your automatic watch, just manually rewind it or shake it and then, it goes ticking again.

#2 Atomatic watches are Self-powering

Won’t you want to own a car that would auto-fill its fuel tank? I certiainly will wish i had such a car. That goes with automatic watches even if they look outdated.

My Automatic watch keeps ticking, and tracking time without me recharging it. They power or store up energy from every vibration you give it. I dont like wearing smartwatches or smartphones for outdoor as they unexpectedly run out of battery power. automatic watch don’t.

So if you have an automatic professional diver’s watch, you’ll be sure to spend more time in the ocean waters. If you are out for outdoor adventure, the GPS, compass, altimeter, and all other navigation instruments will keep operating without a stop.

#3 Auto watches are highly crafted or engineered timepieces

Why should I pay more for an automatic watch when I can get a quartz watch for much less? There is lot more precision work that goes into an auto watch.

The level of craftsmanship involved in developing and assembling an automatic watch movement is amazing. Think of meticulously assembling the carefully crafted components, delicate parts and gears, which work together to produces an accurate timekeeping.

Automatic watch’s internal workings are more complicated and if you appreciate their value, you’ll like to wear such high-level craftsmanship on your wrists.

I buy automatic watches because I appreciate the quality of their design and the sheer engineering that went to make the movement as accurate as ±1 second per week.

It is a technical marvel to have all these little gears and cogs that work together in such integrated, highly-complex way sitting on your wrist.

#4 Auto watches Never stop complementing your style and personality – Aesthetics

vast majority of modern luxury watches are automatic and if you want to draw attention, try automatic watches. Good automatic timepiece is perfect at complementing your style and personality. That is why most female celebrities wear Rolex automatic watches.

Moreover, quartz watches are generally perceived as affordable and the best show of wealth is in buying automatic watches. High-profile people choose automatic watches because they are the most prestigious and exclusive watch types.

#5 Automatic watches last several decades

People who want a trusted companion in timekeeping go with automatic watches. Just some occasional maintenance can make an automatic watch last several decades up to 100 years, than a smartphone.

You can hear of Rolex automatic watches as old as 30-50 years which were passed on as an heirloom. How much close would you feel to your grandparents when you wear an automatic watch she/he used 3 decades ago? If you want a substance to carry your history to your grandkids, a smartphone cannot help.

An automatic watch can tell all the life events for generations to come because they got an indefinite lifespan. I love to own automatic watches because they are more durable and pass down important events that last generations.

#6 Self-wound watches are incredible conversation starter

One interesting appeal i have from wearing auto watches is the ease to create friendly whereever I go. You get much more than a sincere compliment if you wear your best fit mechancical watch on your wrist.

Automatic watches attract alot of attention, and often easily cause conversation between wearer and people who admire it. A great automatic watch on your wrist, can make you new friends in a nice dinner restaurant, date nights or some fancy events.

In a party, without a companion, you can’t suffer most awkward silences because people will send you lots of compliment. The surprising truth is, not many people will give much attention towards your wrist with Apple watch, as they would with an automatic watch.

#7 Automatic watches have easy maintaince

If your automatic watch breaks they can be repaired. The only difficulty with repairing an automatic watch is in time. The gears of self-wind watches are relatively smaller, delicate and a repaireman takes more time to get them assembled. That is why they charge you more dollars. This is likely one of the reaons why Rolex service costs is high.

However, one good thing is automatic watches are relatively easy to maintain. You can simply wipe the watch glass or band clean  and free of dirt and debris. When it runs out of power reserve, it stops working and many ownsers would thing the watch is broken. That isn’t true. The best way to maintain your automatic watch is to constantly wind it, which is pretty easy by hand or shaking.

#8 Automatic watches Appreciate in value

Automatic watches appreciate over the time, more like buying a piece of jewelry or real gem. A vintage automatic watch that is been about 30 years is increasingly more valuable than a car. Buying an automatic watch is a little-known investment that pays back well when you retire.

Luxury fashion purchases like Rolex GMT watches, would still sell for four figures after 50 years. How much do you think a vintage automatic watch Rolex manufactured in the 1950s is worth today?

Again, a Swiss Hamilton automatic watch from the 1960s can be less expensive, but they price is still reasonably good. If you pay $1000 to service a Brietling automatic watch, how much can it be worth buying?

#9 Smooth Sweeping Second hand

I have and love both quartz and automatic watches but nothing beats watching that smooth sweeping seconds hand on my wrist. I just wonder how many little gears and mechanisms are tireslessly  working inside the watch case, to make it tell precise time.

#10 Other benefits of automatic watches

the pros of automatic watch movements greatly outweigh the pros of other watch movements. There is more reasons why people just have the motivation to wear automatic watches.

A standard automatic watch is fairly accurate. It may show a slight time difference about plus or minus 20 seconds, which is not noteworthy when using the timepiece for timekeeping. However, it won’t be best watch for situations (EMT) where every second counts.

In addition to the stunning aesthetics, automatic watches is highly engineered timepieces with smooth sweeping second hand. The high frequency (beats per minutes) just makes them reliable watches that tick.

Moreover, the mainspring winding stores more power reserve when fully wound up. Some automatic watch brands can store power to more than 2 weeks on a single winding and some models have power reserves at least 40 hours.


Disadvantages of automatic watches

  • Initial costs and maintenance costs are higher. They are relatively expensive than battery powered watches.
  • Automatic watches are more susceptible to magnetism and don’t fair well where there’s severe vibration. More especially, automatic watches are prone to “losing time” when they absorb shocks from bangs and falls.
  • You’ll have to reset the time and day/date each time you skip wearing your automatic watch for close to 2 days ( over 40 hours). Most automatic watch owners use an automatic winding watch case.
  • require regular wearing, which is not possible if you have many watches in your watch box
  • The mechanical parts are metals, which make automatic watches a little thicker and heavier
  • Overall, automatic watches lose time faster as compared to quartz. Will slow doen if not worn for few days.


Top Automatic watches’


Tips on Owning An Automatic Watch

You want to purchase an automatic watch, beware of the following tips

#1 Wear or wind your automatic watch often

You should always have the watch on your wrists if you can. The mainspring winds as you shake or swing your arm while walking.

If it gets wound, there is no doubt the self-winding watch will constantly tell the time without need for adjustment. The secret is you should ensure that the gears as constantly moving and not getting stuck.

If you have to keep it away without wearing, for a week or more, store it in an automatic watch winder  or regularly hand wind it every weekend.

#2 Never get your automatic watch near magnets

Automatic watch components are built using metals, most of which are magnetic materials like steel. Going with the watch close to a magnet will attract or repel the hands, springs, rotor, screws and other internal gears. Your automatic watch will completely fail to function properly around magnets. It is likely that a stronger magnet can pull all gears out of place.

#3 Never wind an automatic watch under water

Most internal components of mechanical automatic watches are not fully waterproof, so don’t wind it near or underwater.

#4 Regularly maintain your automatic watches

You want the timepieces to last a lifetime and passed down as heirloom to grandkids? Keep the automatic watch regularly serviced and maintained. How long your automatic watch will last depends largely on the quality of the workmanship and how often you get it serviced and cleaned.

What surprises most people is that automatic watches are relatively easy to maintain than battery-powered (quartz, smart) watches.

#5 Other tips

  • Make sure the automatic watch doesn’t get wet from sweat or watersplashes.
  • Don’t let it get dropped from a large height
  • To prevent the crystal glass from getting scratched, watchout when taking the watch into or out of the storage box.
  • it is highly inadvisable to let an automatic watch idle for 30 or more days.


Best automatic watches under 5000 USD

Buying a watch at $5000 is a huge investment for an average wage earner. Judging from the thousands of expensive watches around, you can make mistake and pick a crappy automatic watch for 5k bucks. To prevent that, here are few beat automatic watches for under 5000 dollars.

  • Tutima M2 Coastline Chronograph 6430-02
  • Cartier Ronde Must
  • Tudor Black Bay GMT
  • Breitling Superocean Heritage
  • Frederique Constant Classic Worldtimer Manufacture
  • IWC Pilot’s Watch Automatic Spitfire
  • Omega Speedmaster 38
  • Grand Seiko SBGA401


Best automatic watches under $2000

If you have set a unbudget under 2000 dollars for an automatic watch, you got  many options with gorgeous designs. Many of these sub-$2000 self winding watches have high-quality features that you can also find in the Luxurious Rolex timepiece. Without wasting time, here are the top-notch automatic watches under 2000 USD.

  • Ball Engineer III Starlight
  • Spirit 37mm Blue Dial on Bracelet
  • Fortis Flieger F-39
  • Mido Ocean Star GMT
  • Seiko Sharp Edged Presage GMT (SPB217, SPB221, & SPB225)
  • Rado Golden Horse Automatic Blue Dial
  • Longines DolceVita Automatic
  • Oris Aquis Date Blue Metal
  • Seiko Prospex SPB143J1
  • Longines Heritage Classic “Tuxedo”
  • Nivada Grenchen Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver
  • Tissot PRX Powermatic 80
  • Junghans Max Bill


Best automatic watches under 1000

  • Hamilton Men’s H64455533 Khaki King
  • Tissot T-Classic Ballade Automatic watch
  • Seiko Men’s SARB033 Japanese-Automatic Watch
  • Seiko Men’s Presage SRPB41J1 Automatic
  • Orient Men’s Neptune Japanese-Automatic Watch
  • Citizen Eco-Drive BL5400-52A Men’s Watch
  • Victorinox Automatic Watch (Model: 241820)
  • Citizen  Eco-Drive JY8030-83E Navihawk Atomic Timekeeping Watch

Best automatic watches under $500

If it feel scary to own a very cheap automatic watches for less than $150, sure, you can get a classic looking one for around $500. There are many good automatic watches under 500  usd, but let us highlight just few options.

  • Seiko SRPC91 “Turtle” Save the Ocean Edition
  • Seiko SRPB53 “Samurai”
  • Nodus Retrospect II
  • Timex Navi XL Automatic
  • Orient Kamasu
  • Citizen Promaster Dive Automatic
  • Bulova American Clipper

Best automatic watches under 200 dollars

You want an automatic watch that won’t make you cry when it gets broken? There are many really affordable automatic watches from reputable watch brands. Seiko is a king in making those cheap automatic watches that look high end, luxurious and attractive in your wrists. Check the best automatic Seiko watches under 200 USD, but here are other interestinh low prices options from different brands.

  • Seiko 5 SNK355 automatic
  • Orient Mako II automatic
  • Seiko Recraft SNKP27 automatic
  • Fossil Privateer BQ2210 automatic
  • Swatch Sistem Clouds SUTA401.
  • Citizen NH8388 automatic
  • Orient Bambino v5 automatic watch
  • Timex Marlin automatic watch
  • Dan Henry 1970 Automatic Diver – Starting at
  • Vostok Amphibia



Wrap Up

With all this rambling, know that the best watch is one that has a special look or feel or build quality that makes you feel good. If you’d developed the taste and appreciation for the mechanical movement inside automatic watches then, an automatic is actually worth every penny you pay for it. You can’t be much more satisfied with the automatic watch “investment”, unless you appreciate its uniqueness.


Yes, you can wear automatic watches every day if it can have a power reserve of atleast 30 hours ( wound up energy). That is equivalent to
between 40-50 hours of life although some automatic watches last longer.

Is it bad to not wear an automatic watch for over a month?

Let us say your birthday is coming up in a month and you receive an automatic watch as a gift. Would it get damaged if you keep without wearing it for a month? No damage can be done to a “wound down” automatic watch. However, if is not advised you leave it unwound for ~30 days.

Is it worth investing in an automatic?

Automatic watches are more expensive than quartz. If you appreciate the engineering of every tiny gear and their integration inside an automatic watch and how they complimenmt your personality, you’ll find every cent worth it.

However, if you are just looking for a timekeeper wrist watch, automatic watches won’t be good option and not worth the money.They are less relable to providing precise timekeeping than high-frequency movement watches like quartz.

What are your opinions on wearing Automatic watches?

Personally, I dont find anything wrong with wearing a decent quality automatic watch that fits your looks and personality. What is your own opinion on owning automatic watches? Share with us in the comment form below

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