ProForm 205 CST Smart Treadmill – The Best Compact Running Machine For Home

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Proform(owned by ICON Health and Fitness), since 1977 is one of the reputable fitness brands that delivers good quality exercise machine, including treadmills in a wide range of budget. The 205 cst treadmill just happens to be one of smart treadmills from Proform, designed for home running.

Proform has a charming reputation for manufacturing treadmills and other machines that boasts of great specs at affordable prices. Proform remains one of the few best fitness brand of machines, that does not compromise build quality.

Best compact treadmill for home running - proform 205 CST smart treadmill and alternative
Img: best compact treadmill for home running – proform 205 CST smart treadmill and alternative

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Is ProForm equipment any good?

ProForm is a good quality cardio machine brand which is worth some consideration when shopping for home gym equipment. Proform manufactures good performance machines and based on the results they deliver to consumers, most people want a piece of it all day.

They make diverse product with a variety of features, like machines with HD touchscreens, better high max speeds, incline and decline, for vigorous training. Proform running machines are more affordable than similar treadmill brands.

Purchasing some Proform gym equipment includes a 1-year iFit membership. These gives you an entertained home fitness journey, with streaming on-demand and interative classes

Most Proform treadmills have wide range of weight capacities and running belt size to accommodate every users, you are no exception. Generally, Proform makes high quality, stylish machines, that works perfectly when it comes to personal fitness training.

ProForm Equipment are the best in the market. If you are looking for the best brand for cardio training. Some Proform’s quality cardio machine.

cardio machine.


Are ProForm treadmills worth it?

Besides the Proform 205 cst smart treadmill, one of the top Proform running machines with durable design, power electric motors and with many smart, interactive, features is the ProForm Pro9000 and Pro2000 series.

Although it may not come very affordable for everyone, their treadmills offers speeds up to 12 mph (19 kph) and features both incline and decline settings to engage your every muscle groups.

Other features in treadmill machines include Bluetooth-enabled speakers, EasyLift technology, used to easily fold and store. They are also space saving options.

If you want to stream workouts and TV shows when pounding the treadmill at home, Proform treadmills are good options, with HD touchscreen, smartphone or tablet holders.

In terms of price, the cheapest Proform treadmill is the City series which includes the City L6 model. At max of 8 mph speed, the L6 Proform models of treadmills are perfect for causal joggers rather than serious runners.

The Carbon T10 and Carbon T7 exceptionally features cooling fans, an auxiliary audio port.

Proform considered your interactive fitness experience, when designing their machines. Today its hard to meet a Proform machine without bluetooth compatibility

More importantly, All ProForm treadmills come with a 1-year iFit family membership. Its users with iFit subscription get ready access to thousands of worldwide destination and studio workouts.

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ProForm 205 CST Smart Treadmill – best compact treadmill for walking

Proform 205 cst smart treadmill
img: Proform 205 cst smart treadmill  A Motorized Folding 10 Power Incline Running Machine – Proform 205 cst smart treadmill – Amazon

Proform 205 CST Treadmill Review

The Proform 205 CST is a treadmill with good built well for a decent run. As compared to full sized treadmills, this ProForm 205 CST Smart treadmills is not a very sturdy compact machine yet it deliver a really comfortable slow walk.

Proform 205 CST small motor rating, delivers average speed, so the machine is best suited for senior walking, beginners, and people with sedentary lifestyle.

With an adjustable cushioning, you don’t worry about the injury in your leg anymore. The interactive training support in the ProForm 205 CST Smart treadmill through iFit make it stand out from similar competitors products.

The design did not only considered your added comfort, reliability, they also never forgot how it will fit into tight spaces in your apartment. ProForm 205 CST Smart treadmill is a very good compact walking machine, that does not take up much of your living space.

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Proform 205 cst smart treadmill specs

  • motor horsepower : 1.75 HP continuous
  • Speed range : 0 – 10mph  + Quick Speed™
  • incline controls : 0-10% + Quick Incline™ controls
  • Deck size :  132 cm x 41 cm (52” x 16.1”) running area
  • Dimensions( use):   168 cm x 81 cm x 140 cm (66.1” x 31.9” x 55.1”)
  • Dimensions(folded) : 82 cm x 81 cm x 153 cm (32.3” x 31.9” x  60.2”)
  • Maximum user weight capacity:  253.5 pounds(115 kg)
  • Product weight: 158 pounds (72 kg )


Proform 205 cst smart treadmill benefits

  • Workouts : 16 preset workout programmes
  • Health : Heart Rate Measurement via hand pulse gripsiFit®
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth Smart Enabled
  • Display: 5″ high contrast multi-colour screen
  • Performance metrics : time, distance, speed, incline, calories,
  • Comfortable running: ProShox™ cushioning technology
  • Folding: Space saver and folding design +  Easy Lift Assist for transportation
  • Accessories : iPod/MP3 compatible, transportation wheels, built-in speakers, auto stop safety system

Proform 205 CST Treadmill Assembling

As it is the tradition with treadmills, the Proform 205 CST smart treadmill also needs to be set up before use. The task is pretty simple as the unit comes essentially pre-assembled and you will not do much except to:

  • Unfold the handlebars and lock them down.
  • Turn the feet at rear position so they are ready for use
  • Unfold the treadmill console and then lock it down
  • Attach the safety bar – slow-drop
  • Plug the machine into the wall supply or mains

You can always use the well written proform 205 cst smart treadmill manual, however, you may need the help from another person. Understand that the real sweat is not during assembling the machine, it when you will hit the deck for running.


Proform 205 CST treadmill deck shock absorption

Proform 205 CST offers a comfortable running thanks to its adjustable cushioning – Proform’s classic ProShox cushioning system, Only expensive treadmill modes and other higher priced gym machines has this health-friendly feature.

This exceptionally designed system allows home runner to easily choose and set their own preferred type of treadmill belt running surface, from soft to hard. if you want to run like on pillows, choose the softest setting with noticeable impact absorption.

You can’t go wrong with the adjuustable cushioned Proform 205 CST smart treadmill when it comes to excellent joint protection. Runners that suffer from shin splints enjoy this mode of cushioning .

To experience hard, rough, mountainous road running stiffer surface, the hardest setting in the cushioning system is where to go. Its does not offer full hiking experience but it offers the kind of toughness that’s only experienced running outdoors on pavements.


proform 205 cst smart treadmill  running surface

The 52″ x 16.1”(41cm x 132 cm) running area on the 205 CST is wide enough to get you a decent run. But this width and length of the running deck is not as wide that for compact treadmills for oversize or heavy runners.

If you are fat with a large body build, Proform 205 CST does not provide a good running surface with ample room. However, a narrower treadmill belt running surface is suitable for skinny runners and for obese, and overweight persons.

At 52 inches, the length is not long enough to accommodate the long strides of tall runners. The average-length treadmill belt is more suited for jogging than high-speed running with short burst of speed – sprinting.


proform 205 cst smart treadmill Speed

The max speed is the measure of the challenge it can offer. You can moderate level cardio workout on this proform 205 cst smart treadmill since it comes in with a top speed of 16 kph (10 mph). You can vary the speed while running automatically with the Quick Speed controls.

If you want engage in a cardio HIIT exercise or high-speed sprints, running on this machine is not recommended, since it won’t challenge you enough. But if you want to walk, jog and make light runs to burn calories doing cardio everyday, the 205 CST is the best home gym for weight loss.


proform 205 cst smart treadmill Incline

The 205 CST machine is designed with a maximum 10% incline. Featuring both incline and decline, you can simulate outdoor uphill running experience and downhill mountain-style running, all besides your bed. You can set the machine to run steeply up or down with Quick incline controls.

Although the model isn’t designed to focus on high-speed running that athletes want, the incline and decline makes it a suitable equipment for sweaty exercises for weight loss, and for burning huge calories each day. So you should think of the level of challenge before purchasing this model.


proform 205 cst smart treadmill motor performance

The proform 205 cst smart treadmill has a smaller engine of 1.75hp motor, that drive the small diameter 1.6″ rollers. This motor horsepower is suitable for delivering only walking, jogging and light running speeds.

The really unfortunate experience is that, this 205 CST generates a bit of noise when running at a higher speeds. You will experience a lot of quieter workout at home, at jogging speeds.

Which mens then, that walking to burn calories produces no unwanted squeaks or rattles home.


proform 205 cst smart treadmill  Size measurement

165 cm x 74 cm (64.9″ x 29.1″) is a narrower designed machine that fits into a tiny room. As compared to standard treadmill, Proform 205 CST smart treadmill can perform well is very restricted spaces inside the home. The space saver, folding design makes it a compact running machine that delivers a good running experience.


Using ProForm 205 CST Smart treadmill

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Advanced Proform CST Treadmills With Better Upgrades

There are other similar models of the Proform 205 CST treadmill, which have better horsepower, higher speed and controls, and a large number of programmed workouts through iFit integration.

If you desire any Proform treadmill, better than the 205 CST model, 305, 505, 705, and 905 are the best alternative to go for. Check their reviews below.


ProForm 305 CST Smart Treadmill – best treadmill for beginners

Proform 305 CST treadmill - best treadmill for beginners
Img: A Motorized Folding 10 Power Incline Running Machine – Proform 305 cst smart treadmill – Amazon

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Proform 305 CST Treadmill Review

Proform 305 CST Treadmill is the best walking machine for overweight ( Weight cap is 300 pounds). It delivers more horsepower, and many workout programs than the 205 CST model, although they are compact designed with 16 x 50 inches decks.

Proform 305 CST treadmill Specs

  • Brand ProForm
  • Color Black
  • Material Carbon Steel
  • Power Source Corded Electric
  • Frame Material Aluminum
  • Item Weight 142 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation 300 Pounds
  • Maximum Horsepower 2.5 Horsepower motor
  • Speed Rating 10 miles_per_hour
  • Number of Programs

Proform 305 CST treadmill benefits

IFit coach which requires membership, which is sold separately

The 5 inch high contrast multi color display is easy to read metrics,

variety of programmes – 16 on board workouts,

Health support with EKG grip Pulse heart rate sensor,

Compact or space-saver design design with just about 16 x 50 inches tread belt,

Speed varies up to 10 MPH, a good pace for calories burn. There’s digital quick speed control, for easy set up 0 to 10 percent with digital

quick incline control

Easy on bad knees thanks to the adjustable proshox plus cushioning,

Other accessories include integrated device shelf, audio auxiliary port

The 305 cst treadmill is protected with a 5 year frame & motor warranty, and 90 day parts & labor warranty;

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ProForm 505 CST Smart Treadmill – best treadmill for jogging

img: ProForm 505 CST Smart Treadmill - An advanced alternative for Proform 205 CST smart treadmill for workout, exercise, fitness, sports, healthy lifestyle, weight loss, run, jog, walk, gym
img: ProForm 505 CST Treadmill for workout, exercise, fitness, sports, healthy lifestyle, weight loss, run, jog, walk, gymproform 205 cst smart treadmill - ProForm 205 CST Smart Treadmill - The Best Compact Running Machine For Home

Check ProForm 505 on Amazon

Proform 505 CST Treadmill Review

Proform 505 CST Treadmill is like an expert personal trainers inside your living room. The iFit enabled treadmill is great for home workout, therapy running exercise, general fitness, training for sports, healthy lifestyle and, weight loss. You can run, jog, walk without ever going to a gym or outdoor backcounty roads.

Proform 505 CST Treadmill Specs

  • Brand ProForm
  • Motor rating : 2.5 HP
  • Item size : 73.5 x 36.5 x 61 inches
  • Dimensions: 55″ deck Length 5 Inches screen
  • Quick speed control : 0-10 MPH mph
  • Quick incline control : 0-10%
  • Item Weight 203 Pounds
  • Treadmill weight capacity: 325 LBS

Proform 505 CST Treadmill features and benefits

variety of programmes – 18 on board workouts offering you a wide experience,

ifit membership gives you a chance to discover trainer-led workouts. At the start you get a 30-day iFit trial membership to access interactive training sessions, participate in global workouts, and get an on-demand studio.

The console screen has a 5” Backlit Display – which is pretty easy to read stats – speed, distance, and estimated calorie burn;.

Integrated Tablet Holder; Stream interactive iFit workouts to your own smart device to stay engaged and motivated as you train.

offers great performance thanks to the self-cooling Mach Z Drive System which creates and sustained enough speed, for interval, and endurance cardio training;

The 20” x 55” Tread Belt dimension is big enough, and supports up to 325-pound user weights good for even fats runners and guys under 6’2” height. It can also make the best treadmill for obese persons and, heavy runners

The treadmill is easy on runners knees thanks to he ProShox Deck Cushioning that protects the joints while offering a more comfortable run and recovery.

There is integrated dual 2” Speakers and Auxiliary Port for optimal entertainment during home cardio workout

The 10-year frame warranty is a plus, in addition to a 1-year parts and labor warranty. At least, that gives you enough trust on your purchase.

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ProForm 705 CST Smart Folding Treadmill – best treadmill for home running

ProForm 705 CST Smart Folding Treadmill - Higher version of Proform 205 cst smart treadmill - best treadmill for home running
ProForm 705 CST Smart Folding Treadmill – best treadmill for home running

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Proform 705 CST Treadmill Review

With over 20 pre-programmed workouts, and iFit integration,  your cardio journey is not going to look like its done at home, when exercising on this 705 CST Proform treadmill.  If you want a feel of climbing a mountain, this treadmill has a high incline percentage to simulate uphill. Doing a sweaty running workout, besides your bed is going to cut you a lot of belly fats, and burn more than average calories in a day.

While the the 20-inch width belt gives your upper-body extra room, the commercial plus motor size creates the toughest workout that offers a smooth, powerful feel and a quiet experience.

Proform 705 CST Treadmill Specs

  • Brand : ProForm
  • Item Dimensions : 78.75 x 36.5 x 61 inches
  • Power Source : Corded Electric
  • Motor : 2.75 HP
  • Speed Rating : 12 mph
  • Maximum Incline : 12%
  • Deck size : 60 x 20 Inches
  • Screen Size : 5 Inches
  • Maximum Speed : 12 mph

Proform 705 CST Treadmill Features and benefits

Plenty of personal exercise programmes – 22 on board workouts

offers world-class home workout thanks to the Trainer-Led Workouts training. As you buy, you get a 30-day iFit trial membership gives you access to interactive training sessions. Check treadmills with tv and ifit connections.

Good screen with 5” Backlit Display; Track distance.

Best entertainment as you can iFit workouts on your smart devices, and use the On-board sound system and audio auxiliary port.

Easy to set speed and incline, while exercising. With iFit, your trainer can automatically adjusts your treadmill’s speed and incline for an optimized cardio workout experience.

Easy to store, in small apartment, since it is folding, and saves space.

Self colling drive system helps you pound on the treadmill for an extended period per session.

The home running treadmill also has a well cushioned treadmill running surface with ProShox cushioning.

Whether you are underweight or overweight, the unit supports users weight up to 325 LB.

protection: a 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 1-year labor warranty


ProForm 905 CST Smart Treadmill – best treadmill for high intensity cardio workout and weight loss

best Proform 205 CST Smart treadmill alternative - ProForm 905 CST Smart Treadmill - best treadmill for high intensity cardio workout and weight loss
img: A Motorized Folding 12 Power Incline Running Machine – Proform 905 cst smart treadmill – Amazon

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Proform 905 CST Treadmill Review

The 905 CST treadmill is one that i can recommend for those who seek to lose weight through cardio running at home. The machine hs every settings for a high intensity cardio, that will touch most of your muscles. The runs at high speed, thanks to its powerful electric motor, and just 30 minute run per day is enough to rip your harmstrings, increase your heart beat and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

Proform 905 CST Treadmill Specs

  • Brand: ProForm
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Frame Materia:l Carbon Steel
  • Speed Rating: 12 miles_per_hour
  • Maximum Incline : 12%
  • Motor: 3 HP
  • Deck dimension 60 x 20 Inches
  • Screen Size: 5 Inches
  • Maximum Speed: 12 mph
  • Weight capacity : 300 pounds

Proform 905 CST treadmill benefits/features

Treadmill workout programmes – 30 on board workouts with every thing you need for cardio workout at home

You get a free 30-day iFit – trial membership gives you access to interactive training sessions, participate in global workouts, and get a connected fitness tracking in your home.

Console has a legible screen with 5” Backlit Display of your distance, running speed, estimated calorie burn, and EKG Grip pulse Sensor for heart rate measurement.

Easy to adjust speed automatically with the digital QuickSpeed controls, up to maximum 12 mph.

You can vary your workout experience by setting incline using the Quick Incline controls. a higher incline offers you an uphill running experience, making your leg muscles and heart well touched ;

With iFit, your trainer automatically adjusts your treadmill’s speed and incline for an optimized cardio workout.

Easy to store, thanks to the folding Space saver design,

The compact size offers about 20” x 60” treadmill belt , suitable to accomodate strides of most tall runners.

There’s no risk of  overheating, which helps you get an extended workouts. The self-cooling drive system can let you workout out for as long as your like, without motor suffering heating effects.

Well cushioned belt offers a comfortable run, thanks to the ProShox cushioning plus 1.9” balanced non-flex rollers.

Better protection with a 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 1-year labor warranty. When the warranty expires, you can often try out the affordable Home Depot Appliance protection Plan.


How to Choose which ProForm CST Treadmill to Pick

If you are not sure of which Proform CST treadmill series to buy, consider these points.


How much have you budgeted for your Proform treadmill? With $400 to $1500, you have pick any of the listed treadmills above.

Display screen

Do you like a treadmill with TV and HD touchscreen to stream media from the internet and participate in global workout? A bigger screen would offer you a cinematic view of your home workout but a larger screen comes with a higher price tag.

Speed and incline

It depends on how intense you want to make your running exercise on the treadmill. You can choose the best proform treadmill with the highest incline and the largest speed limit If you plan on lose weight or burn the most calories in one session.

A treadmill with 12% incline and maximum of 12 mph top speed is great for sweaty workouts. At an entry level, lower incline levels and average speeds of up to 10mph are good fit for beginner runners.

Maximum weight capacity

Are you overweight, obese or a fat guy? Pick a proform treadmill whose deck can support your overall weight without stalling. In the list above we saw machines with 325 LBS user weight capacity, the is the best for heavy and tall runners.


Check customer reviews and you will gain so much insight as to the weaknesses and strength of each machine according to their experienced on each model. At least, verified buyers on Amazon will guide you understand the overall performance of the machine. Most of these treadmills have warranty up to 10 years for frames and as low as 90 days for parts and labor. Feel free to return to the seller if it does not meet your expectations.

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Specs Comparison Table

Features/SpecsProForm 205 CSTProForm 305 CSTProForm 505 CSTProForm 705 CSTProForm 905 CST
Running deck size16 × 56 inches16 × 56 inches20 × 60 inches20 × 60 inches20 × 60 inches
Motor Horsepower1.75 HP2.0 HP2.50 HP2.75 HP3.0 HP
Weight capacity300 pounds (136 kg)300 pounds (136 kg)325 pounds (136 kg)325 pounds (136 kg)300 pounds (136 kg)
Speed0–10 mph0–10 mph0–12 mph0–12 mph0–12mph
Display screen5-inch Backlit5-inch Backlit5-inch Backlit5-inch Backlit5-inch Backlit
Workout programmes1616182230
iFit Coach for interactive trainingBluetooth Smart EnabledBluetooth Smart EnabledBluetooth Smart EnabledBluetooth Smart EnabledBluetooth Smart Enabled
Additional features– Bluetooth speakers
– Space saver design with EasyLift
– Bluetooth speakers
– Space saver design with EasyLift
– Auxiliary audio port
– Space saver design with EasyLift
– Cooling fan
– Auxiliary audio port
–Space saver design with EasyLift
– Cooling fan
– Auxiliary audio port
–Space saver design with EasyLift
– Tablet holder

Wrap Up

Most fitness enthusiasts know that ProForm treadmills are among the most popular consumer home gym equipment available in the market. Proform does not only have years of reputation in treadmill making, they also provide other fitness machines like the elliptical trainers, rowing machines and exercise bikes.

If i have to choose a Proform treadmill, i would opt for one that has max speeds of up to 12 miles (19 km) per hour, interactive displays, Bluetooth-enabled speakers, incline (and decline if available) options. The space saver design, would be a plus, to fit any tiny room I live in.
Apart from all these, i would have love to have the CST treadmill series have wider touchscreen than just the smaller displays. But that is OK if you are shopping frugally, on a tight budget.

Regardless of which model you choose from the CST series of Proform’s treadmills, you will enjoy the best of having an effective solution for working out your muscles, improving your cardiovascular health , doing sweaty home runs even at bedtime.

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