Overweight and Obesity Statistics in the United States[Surprising and troubling health data]

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Obesity and overweight are more costly than buying a treadmill for home exercises to manage weight. This article gives some disturbing obesity facts in US. The obesity statistics in the united statesh Will help you decide engaging in a regular exercise or not.

Obesity is preventable through good dieting and regular exercises. Of the many exercises recommended for obese people, treadmill walking and running are the most natural activity you can easily do at home or office.

Here are the reasons why you should consider having a treadmill for heavy people at your home or office. The overweight and obesity facts in the US are scary and given that obesity rate in America is rising, you should consider the importance of regular home exercises on treadmills.

obesity statistics in the united states

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Some obesity statistics in the united states revealed

what are the statistics of obesity in the united states? Let us look at some obesity statistics in the united states.


1. At least a-third of adults over 20 years in the United States are obese

The United States records show that there are slightly over 36 percent are obese adults and approximately 32% are overweight.


2. The health condition is also rising in children.

Even the childhood obesity statistics in united states is in a rising trend.

According to CDC  7 % of the Kids or American children aged from 2 to 19 have obesity. This means a good number of families will probably have more than one obese or an overweight person. A good heavy duty treadmill can provide regular exercises to the whole family, including children.

More important, it is 20% more likely that overweight people can become obese adults. A home treadmill for can prevent the situation in your family, before you pay dearly for health complications.


3. Obesity isn’t just being too fat and heavyweight, it is linked to over 50 chronic diseases.

Cancer, heart diseases and diabetes are just some of the pains of having to live with overweight or obesity. And there are more dozens of chronic diseases related to being extremely fat. Since the duration of obesity can raise a person’s risk of disease, Treadmill exercises is among the best workouts to prevent or reduce risk of suffering from obesity.


4. If Your waist size is increasing, you are in trouble for a risk of diabetes due to being overweight.

Report shoes that 1 man inside a list of 5 men with big waist circumference can become obese and develop type 2 diabetes. You sure want to prevent this risk through fitness exercises,  but treadmill walking and running is a better option. You can exercise at bedtime, in the office hours, and immediately you get up from your sleep.


5. Too much body fat causes more deaths than being underweight.

That is the scariest part, uuh? Do you know that having heavy and flabby body, laden with weighty fat can more likely lead to obesity, which is one of the leading causes of death?

Averagely, obesity causes close to 2.8 million death annually, this number excludes deaths from high blood pressure, smoking and inactive lifestyle.

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6. Living with Obesity is a lot more costly, than other health issues.

Close to 150 billions US Dollars goes to treating obesity annually. Heavy and obese Individual spend within $1000 to$2000 more than people with average weight.

On individual basis, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health released a report that heavy weight or fat adults can save about  $18,000 to $30,000 in their lifetime,  if they burn this pesky body fat and lose weight


7. Obesity is most common in middle age(40-60) adults

CDC Report shows that about 40 percent of men and women in this age group are obese. The percentage is lower, but not ignorable for younger citizens aged 20 to 40 years. Regular exercises can help you escape this deathly disease before it comes your way. At least 150 minutes’ treadmill workout each week can help you live freely without obesity.


8. American women can likely get obesity at old age, than senior male citizens.are more likely to be obese than older men.

Men are more likely to be overweight than women, but research shows that 40.4 percent of American women are obese as compared to just 35 percent of obese American men.


9. Nearly All states in America have obesity rates over 20 % according to 2017 report.

This is far higher, since no state had up to 15% about a decade ago. West Virginia, Mississipi, Alabama,Louisiana and Arkansas have over 35 percent obesity rate.


10. Economically, obesity harms more businesses.

Over 50% of Obese and overweight people miss more work than company employees with less body fat. This absenteeism affects business productivity, which is of great concern.

When I become CEO, I will make sure my corporation gets a fitness center for all employees, and treadmills for heavy people (obese and overweight workers) will never be lacking. Even massage chairs for employee stress management.


11. Teens with obesity or large body weight may suffer brain damage

The research had suggested that excessive weight gain and obesity in teenagers can trigger inflammation in their body’s nervous system and cause damage in the brain. The end result may be a poor eating habit, and the disease can get worse at adult age.


These health data suggest one thing: that more than 1 in 5 Americans are eating more calories today than before. You need to check your calorie intake each day. If you are already consuming much, please try to reduce the amount or do regular fitness workouts to level up the calorie imbalances.

Remember, the more calories you consume than you burn daily,  the faster you gain weight and the more likely you become overweight. If you have already thought of a good exercise to slim your flabby stomach, thighs and butts, that is great.

I just feel to let you know that treadmill walking or running exercises can better and quickly help you manage your weight healthily, than pounding the pavement outdoor.

Think about it, which is expensive: treating obesity and its related chronic friends, or ordering and paying for a heavy duty treadmill to manage your excess weight?


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