Omron Blood Pressure Monitor – Best Health Device To Detect Heart Attach & Stroke 2023

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Without taking a trip to see your doctor in a nearby hospital, you can monitor your blood pressure at the comfort of your home. While there are professional medical blood pressure machines available for healthcare providers, patients can have their own blood pressure monitors at home, to regularly check their numbers.

of such health tracking devices is an Omron Blood Pressure monitor machines. But there are excellent fitness trackers and smart watches with blood pressure features. They offer a lot of convenience to check blood pressure than these bulky cuff devices.




omron blood pressure monitor for home use
Img: Adult using an Omron blood pressure monitor at home


About Omron Company

An Omron blood pressure machine is manufactured by a Japanese owned company based in Kyoto Japan.  The name “Omron originated from “Omuro” , a corporation that was also called “Omron Tateishi Electronics” before and early 1990s.

The Omron is widely known for making medical equipment including blood pressure monitors, nebulizers, and thermometers. Their primary business was making automation components, which quickly gave them an edge to make digital medical equipment’s.

In fact, Omron was the first manufacture of Automated teller Machine(ATM) having a magnetic strip card readers. The successes have been observed in their growth in different business divisions including industrial automation, electronic components  and sensing device production.

Other sectors of Omron include social systems like traffic signal controllers and healthcare personal products like body composition monitors, pedometers,  digital thermometers,  as well as healthcare professional products like non-invasive monitors, portable ECGs, patient monitors, EKG, and respiratory trackers.

Since Omron was founded in 1933 and incorporated in the late 1940s, Omron is been focusing on automated technology and today, they are into healthcare and fitness.

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Why use a blood pressure monitor at home?

High blood pressure, or hypertension is critical health issue, and you may want to keep an opened eye on its status all times. So the at-home blood pressure monitoring is important for a good number of reasons.

1 “white coat hypertension” patients are blood pressure goes up  when they come around healthcare professionals. A home Omron BP tracker can tell their accurate blood pressure without need for cardiologists nearby.

2 . Regular BP measurement is important when tracking how a person’s blood pressure is responding to treatment.

3. Continues checking and control is necessary to know foods and activities that raise the patient’s BP.

4. Home BP apparatus like Omron help in encouraging early interventions for Hypertension management.

5. Home Blood pressure monitors saves people time and money. You don’t need to drive through town, to go and queue up in front of the doctor’s office, just to check BP readings. Moreover, one other family members can use the same device if it supports 2 users.

6. It makes it easier to take frequent blood pressure readings. Health experts are not always available and when they are, they can only help give you a single reading in 24 hours. At home, you can be checking your BP variation even every hour at your convenience.


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Omron blood pressure monitor Device

Omron is a healthcare manufacture of at-home healthcare products and one of such devices is Omron Platinum Blood Pressure Monitor.  It features a monitor, blood pressure cuff for most adults, an AC adapter, an air tube and some AA batteries for electrical supply.

This health device is really portable, and easy to check blood pressure variation without need for a nurse or doctor around. The availability of this device at home limits the risk of high blood pressure conditions and where the device is impressive is, it can store your health data up to 100 readings. Moreover, it can hold histories blood pressure reading for more than one patient.


How to use Omron blood pressure monitor at home

This blood health gadget is pretty easy to use, relatively. You just have to check on the manual for instructions, The only slightly difficult task is in blood pressure cuff placement so that it correctly records your blood pressure. You can get it right, if you patiently take few trials.

  • First, sit on a comfortable chair, with your back supported
  • Place your feet flat on the floor
  • Connect the air tube to the Omron bp monitor
  • Position the Omron bp monitor cuff on your upper left arm
  • Let the bottom of the cuff should be approximately 1/2 inch over your elbow
  • rest your cuffed arm on a table or any surface near your heart level.
  • Turn your arm so that palm should face upward
  • Press the start button on the Omron bp apparatus
  • Wait few seconds so the cuff inflates, automatically
  • Then read your pulse and blood pressure from the screen

How to put a blood pressure cuff at home and read bp


Omron blood pressure monitor readings

You will likely get an alert if your blood pressure gets too high for that week. Remember that increasing blood pressure indicates hypertension and that is puts your life at a greater risk of suffering heart attack and stroke. Rising blood pressure is one indicator of coronary artery disease, and disorders on heart valves.

If you want to track your rising blood pressure, get an Omron Connect app installed into your smartphone and you can always sync and check the data in a graph.



omron blood pressure monitor accuracy

Home BP monitoring is been known to be a powerful predictor of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality than office blood pressure checking.

There are many bp devices like the Omron Blood pressure monitor, but there is been little data exist on the accuracy of these bp devices. However, there are standards set by FDA, AAMI, BHS/ESH so that the bp trackers should meet.

If Omron does meet these standards, how accurate are Omron home blood pressure devices? Your Omron blood pressure reading will likely vary by 5-25mmHG when compared to mercury sphygmomanometer. Your overall systolic and diastolic bp may significantly be lower than one from mercury sphygmomanometer.

One observation from users of Omron blood pressure monitor is that the device keeps reading bp even when you shake your cuffed arm.

The advantage of using the Omron home monitor is that a patient can measure and make bp assessment for up to 24 hours. Taking bp readings at different times of the day can improve the accuracy

But few things contribute to bp values, including arm circumference, and the manufactured bp measuring technology. There seems to be no validation protocol  for using these devices to manage hypertension.

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The best Omron blood pressure monitor

best Omron Blood pressure monitor and health tracker
What is the best best Omron Blood pressure monitor and health tracker for home use?best Omron Blood pressure monitor and health tracker

Looking for the best at-home blood pressure monitor options from omron? There are many of them. Some of the Omron blood pressure monitor devices are cuff-free, and you wear them much like a watch.


Omron 10 Series Wireless Omron Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

This BP device from Omron is used on the upper arm and can store up to 200 readings for two patients or users. The BP is smart, since it is equipped with a Bluetooth. It will connect seamlessly with Omron App installed in your mobile device.

How the Omron 10 series works is simple. The Omron BP apparatus takes each BP reading every minute, and calculates the average of the readings. You will often see a multi-colored light that indicates if the averaged bp value falls within or outside of the normal range for good health.

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Omron 7 Series Wireless Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Not all blood pressure measuring devices depends on upper arm. Some can record bp when they are attached to your wrist.  An Omron wrist blood pressure monitor has ability to store up to 100 readings, and also features an irregular heart rate indicator.

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Omron Complete with EKG

This is an Omron blood pressure machine that also measures blood pressure, pulse, AFib(atrial fibrillation), tachycardia, bradycardia, and sinus rhythm. As compared to just 100 or 200 reading, the EKG Omron bp health monitor machine actually stores unlimited data. For this reason, it is bulkier, and more expensive than other Omron health monitors.


5 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

This health device uses a soft, contoured cuff that is perfect for an arms size of a circumference range 9– 17 inches. Unlike the 7 series, this  5 series  Omron automatic blood pressure monitor can store only up to 60 readings for one user.

The health device uses simple calculation. It will automatically average BP readings and displays the three most recent readings you have taken within the last 10 minutes.

There is a free Omron Connect app. Users can use it to store data from multiple individuals for future review and analysis, or share with family and healthcare professionals. One benefit of using this wireless BP monitor is it gives irregular heartbeat alert and detects hypertension.

>> View Omron 5 series BP Monitor


3 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron’s 3 series BP monitor is not wireless, as the other models, yet it is the most affordable health tracker for home use. It is easier to use and individuals can activate this Omron blood pressure monitor with just a single touch.

The Omron 3 series has smallest storage capacity. It would keep just up to 14 different blood pressure readings and tells users if they’ve got an irregular heartbeat or not.

The wide-range D-ring cuff can fit arms sizes or circumference between 9 and 17 inches. Moreover, this cheap Omron blood pressure monitor is easy to read thanks to its impressively large display screen.

>> View Omron 3 Series Health Monitor



OMRON Platinum Blood Pressure Monitor For Upper Arm

Omron Blood Pressure monitor device for upper arm
Digital Bluetooth Blood Pressure Machine for upper armomron blood pressure monitor - Omron Blood Pressure Monitor - Best Health Device To Detect Heart Attach & Stroke 2023

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This OMRON Platinum is an upper arm bp monitor that can store up to 200 readings for 2 users. It work compatibly with Omron Connect free app.

The at-home health tracker has high morning average indicator which alerts hypertension patients if their systolic or diastolic measurements are out of normal range.

Not only that, the Upper Arm blood pressure monitor can also give a warning sign if it detects a higher risk for heart attack or stroke. This capability is exceptional for Gold and Platinum series monitors.

For easy reading of BP data, OMRON Platinum monitor has a backlit display screen. You will easily view your BP reading even in the dark or poor light conditions.

Also, the dual-display LCD monitor is easy to navigate , which is why users can immediately compare the current reading to the previous one.


  • Accessory: AC adapter
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7.5 x 3.3 x 4.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.46 Pounds

Reasons to buy it

  • Easy to glance display screen
  • Has good Bluetooth/Alexa compatibility
  • Stores up to 100 readings per user
  • Supports up to two patients
  • Has unlimited memory
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detector
  • Display backlight

Reasons to avoid

  • expensive




Upper Arm Omron blood pressure monitor comparison


Bronze Upper Arm Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Irregular heartbeat sensor
  • Memory: 24 readings
  • Accessory: Wide-Range D-Ring Cuff 9”-17”

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Silver Wireless Upper Arm Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Has Hypertension Indicator
  • Compatible: Bluetooth and Alexa
  • Advanced averaging
  • Detects irregular heart beat
  • Memory : 80 Bp readings
  • Accessory: easy-wrap comfit cuff and storage case

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Gold Wireless Upper Arm Omron  Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Hypertension Indicator : Yes
  • Compatible: Bluetooth and Alexa
  • Advanced averaging: Yes
  • Detects irregular heart beat
  • User Limit : Unlimited users in app
  • Memory : 60 BP readings
  • Display backlit : yes
  • Shows Morning hypertension indicator average per week
  • Accessory : Wide D-ring cuff 9”-17” plus storage case

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Gold Wireless Omron Wrist  Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Hypertension Indicator : Yes
  • Compatible: Bluetooth and Alexa
  • Advanced averaging: Yes
  • Detects irregular heart beat
  • Two User Limit : Unlimited users in Connect app
  • Memory : 100 BP readings
  • Display backlit : yes
  • Shows Morning hypertension indicator average per week
  • Accessory : Storage Case and 5.3″-8.5″ cuff

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Evolv Wireless Upper Arm Omron  Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Compatible: Bluetooth and Alexa
  • User Limit : Unlimited users in Connect app
  • Memory : Unlimited reading
  • Detects irregular heart beat
  • Easy-wrap comfit cuff 9″-17″

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Alternative blood pressure monitoring devices

Some of the Upper arm and wrists Omron Blood pressure monitors here don’t measure heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen and more health metrics. A better option is a wearable BP tracker like a Blood pressure watch .

Some BP monitor smartwatches come with ECG, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen tracker , in addition to blood pressure monitoring.

You can go  grab this Omron healthguide BP watch or choose from a suitable BP smartwatch from  these wrist-based blood pressure monitor watches.




how tight should the cuff be for accurate Omron bp monitoring?

When you place the Omron blood pressure over your forearm, it should be tight enough that you can send in a finger under the top edge of the buff. It  wears correctly, your skin won’t hurt or get pinched when your slip your fingers into the inflated cuff.


What is the Omron blood pressure monitor price?

The cuff-free Omron Blood Pressure monitors are pretty costly, and you may pay averagely $500 for each unit. Another category of Omron bp trackers feature an onboard EKG capability ( records electrical activity of your heart)which are much more budget-friendly. Models that can be worn on wrists are really affordable, and may even cost under $100.

You can see that prices vary based on dealer, specific models,  features, and  accessories included, but overall, and on average, Omron blood pressure monitors cost from $50-$150. Depending on the Omron bp monitor model, you can also get warranties for around 5 years for monitors, and 1 years for cuffs and accessories.


Where can you buy Omron blood pressure monitors?

On the Omron’s website, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy


Can I return the Omron bp device?

There are Omron return policies. If my Omron blood pressure monitor machine is not giving accurate reading, you can return it. But it suffices to call their customer service for guidance, because you could be missing a step in the blood pressure measuring process.

The return policy even vary depending on the store where you purchased the device. Make sure to check back where you bought the health blood pressure tracker. The situation will be different if you purchase the unit online.

If Omron Healthcare is the website where you purchase the bp machine, they  allow you to return it within 30 days from the shipping date. What is obvious is that you must send the digital blood pressure monitoring  item in its original box and packaging.

There is an exception

Because of COVID-19, Omron customers an enjoy a return policy period of up to 60 days for health device purchased through the Omron website.

Beware of these

  • To contact Omron, call by phone or send them email
  • Present them with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Check it on the item package
  • Your return credit may be available only after 4-6 weeks after Omron receives the sent item



What to expect from Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

Whatever Omron blood pressure device you choose, it should meet the following qualities

  • Should meet validation standards  for clinical accuracy
  • BP reading process should be automated
  • Has cuffs that can fit upper arm, or wrist of varying shapes and sizes
  • Should store and share Blood pressure information



What are the most important things to look for in Omron Blood pressure

  • electrocardiogram (EKG) reading function
  • wireless Bluetooth connectivity


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