The FDA-Cleared Omron blood pressure monitor watch (Omron HeartGuide 2023 Review)

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Is there an Omron blood pressure monitor watch? Yes, it is the Omron heartguide wearable blood pressure monitor watch. For now, that is one of the  FDA-approved blood pressure watches available. 


omron heartguide - blood pressure smartwatch review
Img: Omron  blood pressure watch (Omron heartguide smartwatch review)

High Blood pressure or hypertension is one of the serious health battles most people in United states are facing every day. If you have hypertension, a home Upper arm Omron BP monitor can help for regular checks, unfortunately, you have to carry it around when traveling or going on an adventure.

To carry a fix-phone-like gadget with you all times, sounds to me like a heavy burden. A more convenient, lightweight blood pressure tracking device that will accompany you everywhere, on vacation, on hike trails, gym, shower and wherever you go, is a blood pressure monitoring smartwatch like this Omron HeartGuide.

It does not matter if you are an avid athlete,  fitness enthusiast of a serious health-focused individual, you always keep tabs on some serious things in your life. Most importantly, you may lose your life and quit striving to achieving your dreams if you overlook checking your health.


Omron HeartGuide watch offers more Convenience

Omron Heartguide is a clinically accurate, wearable blood pressure monitor. Both convenience and frequency matters when managing hypertension with it.

I guess you don’t want to queue up in front of your cardiologist’s office for a once-per-day blood pressure measurement. Better still, if you can’t take that big size BP monitor to the office, Omron HeartGuide is a health tech wrist-wearable device with seamless portability.

The Omron Healthguide blood pressure is a health monitor watch you just have to wear on your wrists, perhaps all the time. While taking your coffee or attending to business clients, you just have to raise your wrist and there, you keep tabs on your BP status.

Whether you are in the market, breakfast table, at the cinema, inside a factory, in the backcountry, or in the farm, you can check your blood pressure with Omron smart watch with bp monitor everywhere. The biggest success of the using Omron HeartGuide smartwatch for blood pressure tracking is it helps you stay aware.


Is Omron Blood Pressure watch for you?

blood pressure watch - is omron blood pressure watch right for you
Img: is omron blood pressure watch right for you

Omron HeartGuide is a wearable blood pressure monitor tech device, and you know how convenient it can be for an all-day busy person. Here are a few categories of people who may choose Omron HeartGuide BP and health monitor watch to keep tabs on  their blood pressure quickly, easily and on the go.

Patients with mobility problems

Senior adults over 60 years

busy persons including

  • office freaks
  • overtime employees
  • gym lovers
  • outdoor fitness enthusiasts
  • someone who constantly travels
  • adventurer
  • busy sport fan or player

Do you fit in any of the categories above? If you do, keep reading our Omron blood pressure monitor watch review. But if convenience is not an issue to you, you can more or less settle with the home Omron blood pressure monitor devices for upper arms.


Omron HeartGuide Blood Pressure Monitor Watch Reviewed

OMRON - HeartGuide Smart Watch. This Omron Blood Pressure Monitor also tracks heart rate, calories, Sleep and Activity
OMRON – HeartGuide Smart Watch Blood Pressure Monitor with Sleep and Activity Tracker – Medium

Omron heartguide Amazon US

Omron heartguide Amazon UK

Omron HeartGuide is the first FDA-cleared fitness watch with serious and real blood pressure monitor capability. This health tech watch is fascinating smart wearable and an essential gadget that can quickly and all-time, offer you a glimpse of your blood pressure level in less than a minute.

If you have suffered hypertension, or high blood pressure, for years,  most cardiologist recommend medication and ask you to use the home cuff BP apparatus. Instead of using buying an inflatable arm cuff which you’d need to stick in a backpack, go for Omron blood pressure smartwatch.


Omron wearable blood pressure monitor Details

Omron BP watch is designed with your heart’s health in mind. Here are some specifications from the manufacturer of this HeartGuide medical-grade blood pressure monitor.

Product Specifications

Item Weight: 115 g or 0.93 Pounds

Display: Transflective memory-in-pixel LCD

Data Sharing : Low energy Bluetooth technology


  • Gives blood pressure readings up to 100 times.
  • Records your Activity for up to 7 days,
  • Keeps your sleep measurement up to 7 times,

Power Supply:

  • battery type : 1 Lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery,
  • power accessory : AC adapter
  • Battery lifespan:  approximately 500 cycles, or 8 times a day

Wrist size

  • Medium wrist circumference: 6.3” to 7.5” (160 to 190 mm),
  • Large wrist circumference  :  7.1” to 8.5” (180 to 215 mm)


  •  Daily Reminders
  •  OMRON Connect app


  • Case diameter :48 mm,
  • Case thickness ” 14 mm,
  • Band width : 30 mm
  • LxWxH measurement:  4.65 x 4.65 x 4.65 inches

Water resistance : None




Omron HeartGuide blood pressure wrist watch design

Design of the omron smart watch for measuring blood pressure and heart rate
Img: omron watch blood pressure design

When you look at the Omron HeartGuide, you see it is designed like a smartwatch. Inside, it is not a regular everyday smart watch per say. SO don’t think is is super tech smart wearables like Fitbit trackers, Samsung Galaxy 4, Apple watch 7, with GPS, call features, and many professional health and fitness sensors.

The face seem bulkier like those Garmin GPS smart watches for outdoor. The Omron HeartGuide has a tough metal case and transflective always-on display without a touchscreen capability. The only way to access the user interface for get blood pressure readings is by the three buttons on the side .

Omron Healthguide blood pressure technology and Breakthrough innovation
Img: Omron Healthguide blood pressure technology and Breakthrough innovation

The strap looks bulky, since it has inflatable wrist cuffs inside. So, you see that Omron does not have the optical sensors at the case back, like apple watches do. When you have it on your wrist, it feels really comfortable, thick but slightly breathable.  The breathable fabric ensures your wrist stays ventilated, and free of sweat and  dirt.

Like it is the case with wrist watches and traditional timekeepers, the Omron blood pressure monitor has three side buttons. These can easily and accidentally press against your body, and trigger a blood-pressure reading.



How Omron HeartGuide BP Works (technology and  innovation)

Using the blood pressure smart watch - how should I use omron blood pressure monitor watch
Img: how to use omron blood pressure monitor watch

Omron HeartGuide uses a real traditional blood pressure monitoring technology we have seen in inflatable BP devices with cuffs. Inside the Omron HeartGuide watch band, is placed an inflatable cuff. This is a breakthrough innovation, but  an existing traditional and clinically validated oscillometric measurement methods. I was thinking there is an optical sensors built-in, but that was not it.

The inflatable bladder inside Omron heartguide blood pressure tech watch will come in contact with your wrist when you wear it.

Immediately you press down the button on the top, and raise your wrists or the watch to the level of your heart. You will know it’s at the right height or elevation when it makes a buzzing sound and starts to record your BP.

Omron heart guide blood pressure monitoring watch will take up to half a minute to collect information about your blood flowing through your wrist. When all is done, your BP reading will pop up on the smartwatch’s display screen.

Omron heartguide wearable blood pressure monitor takes your  Systolic, diastolic and heart rate information. It is these three data that will show up on the display screen.

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Omron Watch blood pressure accuracy

HeartGuide blood pressure monitor watch - how accurate is the Omron heartguide smart watch with blood pressure monitor
img: how accurate is the Omron heartguide smart watch with blood pressure monitor

Is the Omron HeartGuide accurate? This smartwatch is validated FDA-cleared for monitoring blood pressure and tracking heart health .  Some studies have confirmed that this  Omron smart watch BP sensor technology provide result almost equal to the blood pressure reading using a medical arm cuff.

Some people have thick arms while others have skinny arms. If you have really chunky arms, in some cases, you may have different results from that of an actual blood pressure cuff on your wrists.

If you doubt it, you can try it out. Wear the Omron upper arm BP monitor at home or use a mercury manometer and wear this heartGuide blood pressure watch on your wrists. Then compare the results.

Another way is that you visit cardiologist, to check up your blood pressure manually using the traditional medical stethoscope. Make sure you also wear your Omron HeartGuide smartwatch.

Then check the difference between the results you obtained from the blood pressure smart watch, with the reading from your heart doctor. The two results may be within 5-15 units.

There is another way to check if your HeartGuide medical-grade blood pressure monitor is accurate or not. You have to compare your Omron HeartGuide blood pressure data to current American Heart Association or American College of Cardiology guidelines.



What can Omron health monitor watch  do?

what can omron blood pressure watch do?
img: omron blood pressure watch

Omron HeartGuide watch works great to check blood pressure, and offers more convenient readings. It helps to track your heart data and blood pressure level.

The HeartGuide shows time, a tells your hours of sleep without any deeper analysis of the sleep patterns. The multifunctional watch watch can also record your steps,  distance and calories burned during the day.

The HeartGuide blood pressure watch can issue smart notifications for incoming calls and text alerts. Unfortunately, you can read or reply text with it.

The watch allows health data sharing and it does help to sync your blood pressure results and  give a report to your cardiologist or doctor, via wireless connection like Bluetooth.



Omron wrist wearable BP monitor Pricing

omron blood pressure watch omron price
Img: WHat is the blood pressure watch omron price?

For anyone looking to get a watch to check blood pressure, with convenient readings, the person should be willing to pay a little more for the convenience the Blood pressure smartwatch brings.

As compared to standard blood pressure cuff that costs under $50, Omron sells this omron blood pressure watch for around $500. This is far to expensive than a $50 heart rate monitor.

It wall depends of how convenient you find it to be, else I don’t know if it is worth for someone to pay 500 dollars for it.

Since the omron watch is used as some sort of a preventative medicine, I guess you can check in with your health insurance company if they can use your health saving account to pay for the



Omron fitness tracker  accessories

Like many other health and fitness trackers, Omron Blood pressure watch has a lot of features and accessories that come with it. Here are few things you  should get when the product arrives your door

  • the BP monitor watch
  • One Charging Clip
  • An AC Adapter
  • One Charging Cable
  • two Replacement Cuff Sleeves
  • A Paper Sizing Guide
  • An Instruction Manual
  • One Quick Start Guide


Managing high blood pressure



Omron smart watch with bp monitor Application

omron heartguide Advisor app - blood pressure monitor watch app
img: omron heartguide Advisor app – blood pressure monitor watch app

Omron’s Heart Advisor app

Omron has a heart Advisor application that helps to sync blood pressure readings. This heart advisor app can sync other fitness stats like steps, and sleep data to HIPAA cloud service and to Apple Health too.

You know, Omron HeartGuide would measure and detect blood pressure-based heart health status, like a full medical device. By measuring your underlying BP, Omron heartguide is an actual blood pressure cuff in wrist, which also alerts when wearer has a heart rhythm irregularity.

But is the OMRON connect app available for  iOS and Android devices? Absolutely yes. The OMRON connect app is available for your iOS and Android smartphones.


Get A Omron BP & heart monitor watch Today

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Pros : Reasons to buy Omron blood pressure tracker watch

  • Offers fitness stats
  • offers clinically accurate reading in as little as 30 seconds
  • supports Bluetooth pairing
  • heart health and BP level  trends shows in a color-coded health graphs
  • Provides easy access to your health history, reminders and settings
  • Offers you daily actionable insights – personalized data like sleep, BP and health status
  • Everyday use gives you real-time heart health coaching and hypertension management


Cons – Why avoid Omron heart rate and blood pressure watch?

  • doesn’t always easily slide under my shirt sleeves
  • you can’t sleep with it, since its big
  • thick cuff isn’t very comfy
  • wrist strap is the bulkiest component
  • not waterproof
  • too big for people with small wrists
  • smaller-cuff not available
  • users complained the the device is inaccurate when you compare BP reading with mercury manometer, arm cuff and a stethoscope.


Omron heartguide vs apple watch

Advanced health monitor wearables like Apple watches have electrocardiogram(ECG) and would tell if you got atrial fibrillation or not. Apple watches will also tell your heart rate, blood oxygen level (pulse ox), tell menstrual cycle of a lady and tracks diabetes.

However, Apple still fails in tracking BP. An Apple smartwatch does not provide you with any awareness concerning your blood pressure. That is why omron heartguide is the alternative smartwatch to offer solution on blood pressure measurement.



How to use this Omron BP Watch

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Is Omron HeartGuide blood pressure smartwatch water-resistant?

No, Omron blood pressure tracking monitor is not water-resistant and you should not shower or immerse it in any water.


How long will the Omron bp monitoring watch battery last?

The battery will last for 1 to 2 days depending on  how you use and store it.


Wrap Up

Since this FDA cleared HeartGuide blood pressure watch can take nocturnal readings and track your sleeping patterns, expect it to alert conditions due to effects of medication on sleep at night. As of now, I doubt is there is a current blood pressure device than can  beat Omron healthGuide.

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