Why am I not losing weight no matter what I do? [Incredible Reasons]

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Not losing weight? You have tried every way out how to get skinny body healthily by dieting and exercising and you’ve got no results? If you have dieted, taken supplements that will slim your tummy and fat waistline, you have pounded the treadmill, climbed ellipticals, and can’t lose a single pound of flesh, there is a little problem. Failed weight loss journeys are common, and the good thing is that you can fix it.

You know that excess body fat is unhealthy and bad. You have used cardio machines that burn the most calories with the objective of getting skinnier face, flat tummy, slim arms, and thin butts.

But why the inability to lose weight despite diet and exercise? Why is it that no matter how much you exercise and diet you still can’t lose a pound of weight?

Not losing weight? After using cardio machines that burn the most calories - why the inability to lose weight despite diet and exercise - no matter how much i exercise and diet i cant lose weight
img: I have used cardio machines that burn the most calories to get skinnier face, flat tummy, slim arms, and thin butts. But why the inability to lose weight despite diet and exercise?


Why it’s so difficult to lose weight?

Losing weight isn’t easy at all. That is the hard truth that some people find it even tougher to cut body fats even when they are serious about calories burning workouts. What mistakes could be ruining their weight loss goal?

If you have been close to the people who desperately want to burn calories, you would often her are some of them questioning: Why is it so hard to lose weight?

But wouldn’t you ask the same questions after you made a new year resolution to burn muscles fat, and half way gone the year, you still have no visible results?

It is typical that anyone would feel bad. However, that will encourage few to work out harder, while the lack of result may not motivate others, letting them to quit their calories burning exercises.

You know, eating calories burning food alone is delicious but not enough. Taking fitness exercises to burn calories is hard and many give up. Time is not always on your side when it comes to burning down muscle fat.

All these and many other factors can promote or kill your weight loss ambitions. What I recommend is that you shouldn’t fall victim to the discouraging barriers. Let’s look at some common pitfalls which may hinder your weight loss progress.

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More Tips on weight loss

  • Practice Intermittent fasting. it can help you lose weight without spending a cent.
  • Focus on eating more, weigh less and exercise more. Consuming low-calorie foods at every meal while working out on gym cardio machines will surprise you.
  • If you truly want to lose belly fat, thigh fats and forearm muscle fats, here is a quicker way out. While you alternate between running on 400 lb treadmills and using stair master cardio machines, just change your diet instead to allow low calories intake.


Reasons Why You’re Just Not Losing Weight

1. You Lack a long-term approach to weight loss

Most people who see no results of burning calories would not want to accept or change it, but that is the hard truth. If you are working on a fitness weight loss program with a short-term mindset, you are gearing to fail, obviously.

Some people expect to see big results in a week, but when they find out they have lost only a few pounds of weight after working out so hard, they get discouraged and give up.

This may likely happen if you want to lose weight by engaging on a strict fat burning diet plan such as keto, which promises fast weight loss.

If you want to successfully burn fats, make sure you are ready to eat and exercise on a long term until you see the regiment working for you.

Experience shows that a fat burning diet, excessive exercise and “detoxes” never really work on short term. So if you want to make a permanent change to your body weight and the amount of calories in your muscles, they work when you can endure more and as long as your willpower lasts.

My advice is you should not just rely on cardio exercise to burn more calories, also embark on a weight-loss diet train and don’t give up until it is done.

You need to dedicate several months to losing weight. Don’t ever believe that there’s exist quick miracle pills that cure overweight as the health industry advertises.

If you want to burn calories and lose weight without negatively impacting your health, by dehydration or losing lean tissues, a long-term habit is the best and effective way out. This means you would lose a little kilo every week, but steadily, you will achieve it without a weight rebound.

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2. No support or motivation

A supportive fitness and weight loss community at a local gym, virtual or online, can keep you motivated to lose weight in good fit and health.

Have you ever thought of giving up training and you see your friends, family members and significant people pushing even harder for success?

The presence of weight loss community and their readiness to go through till the end is a supportive motivation that is very critical to successfully losing weight in a long term.

A good support community could be the main reason why you are sticking to a healthy diet without letting your social lifestyle break the commitment. Such a friendly group encourages you in a new diet plan as you make changes to your diet for weight loss .

A lack of supporting friends with weight loss goal in mind may force you to succumb to just any delicious food in social outings.

You may even get ridiculed for not eating what the people expect you eat and drink. Consequently, the fear of getting stigmatized may cause you to eat food that rather adds extra fats n your body.

Enjoying social life with wrongs people(who don’t share your weight loss dream) does not earn you are solid support system to help you change your eating habit towards burning calories. So avoid them.

Poor social groups can even downplay your efforts when you care about your health and what you eat seriously. You may get scoffed at, mocked with comments like ” it wouldn’t work”, “eat whatever you feel like” etc.

What do you do if friends and colleagues aren’t helping to encourage burn more calories? You should turn to online fitness and health community like Flex and Flow (Instagram), Loseit(Reddit) Health At Every Size and lastly the Intuitive Eating.

Not that some of these communities emphasize health without weight, which is a kind of helpful. Stick to a group that shares plenty of real-life weight loss ideas and success stories.

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3. You believe that exercise alone is enough

Fitness calories burning exercises do no conquers all! While exercises offer you are healthy and smarter lifestyle, permanent and quicker weight loss may be difficult just taking guy workouts.

It is pretty difficult to lose weight by exercising alone. You may work harder riding or cycling on cardio machines every day at home hoping to burn calories, but your eating habit is refilling your body with even more calories every hour.

For example , there is no net weight loss I if a 120 pound man loses 600 calories seriously lifting heavy duty weights a day, but eats 800 calories from food the same day.

Weight loss is a big cake, fat burning fitness exercise is just a little portion of it, and not the whole. If you want to really shed fats from things and belly, consider gym and your new kitchen diet.

While experts recommend you pay attention to your diet(calories intake), you should understand that exact number of calories you burn during exercise depends your age, workout intensity, current weight(body mass), how long you are training and your body composition.

A bad relationship between your food and may hinder your weight loss seriously. Eating a lot if calorie dense food may likely lead to gaining more weight and muscles mass. This may further keep you in a long cycle go lose weight and gain weight.

Fruity diets, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein , plus consistent fitness exercises for weight loss, are great to dealing with excess calories from your body.

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4. You have more stress and fatigue

Too much sleep, stress and fatigue from workloads may place strain against you. The end point is they deprive you and offer no weight loss progress.

Chronic stress, sleeplessness, overworking make you get tired rapidly. Working on 2 to 3 jobs a day may leave you with no time for gym. You may not also exercise consistently if you skip some days because you got tired, or came home late.

Nutrition and exercise make very important components of a balanced and healthy life for weight loss. Do your best to not be moody, tired, and stressed out. Focus on a good stress management and you won’t regret taking a long journey to burn body fats.

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5. You take weight loss supplements

Eating a healthy diet that puts in fewer calories than the one you burn is better than hoping a supplement does. It is true that there are some fat burner supplements that help in weight loss, but they are not their go to option.

Protein shake Make you feel full throughout your working day, and prevent hunger. This reduces your eating of calories rich food and ruining your entire weight loss plan.

The main secrets with taking weight loss supplement is to help offer you sustaining energy. Weight loss drugs like Phentermine do not also give promising result too. See why you are not losing weight on phentermine.


Will I lose weight if I eat less and exercise more?

YES, Eat fewer calories, burn more calories is the way out.


After using cardio machines that burn the most calories - you got no weight loss after 3 weeks of exercise? Here is why

After using cardio machines that burn the most calories – you got no weight loss after 3 weeks of exercise?

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Why am I not losing weight exercising and dieting?

If you are determined to finally make a breakthrough burning calories and losing weight, climbing on a scale and not see any result will pretty be more frustrating. You then wonder why your efforts haven’t amounted to anything to be proud of.

Wondering why is it so hard to lose weight even with diet and exercise? One main health reason why it is hard to lose weight even with diet and exercise is due to overexertion. Your inability to lose weight despite diet and exercise could be due to inflammation of your body.

Dieting and exercising but not losing weight could also be due to the type of foods you are eating and your body hormones. The amount of water your body retains could be one of the major effects of no weight loss after 3 weeks of exercise.

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