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10 Best Military Time Watches For Women – Reliable and Accurate For Displaying World Time

Looking for the best military time watches for women? You are in the right place. Women’s watches with 24-hour military time format are the easiest and the quickest to read at a glance. If you are a woman that has a job which requires frequent travels, you are going to need the best watch with military time with analog or digital display. It should not be just any kind of watch, but watches with military time designed particularly for women.

A majority of watches today still use 12 hours system for daily timekeeping, and you’ll most often recognize such watches from their AM/PM time display. Some 12 hour watches don’t use AM/Pm and it is left up to you to recognize if it is AM or PM.

A 24 hour time display system is a military time format that had existed for long. Unlike the 12 hour regular watches that revolves twice a day, the 24-hour military time watches have their hour-marker only revolve once in the course of a day.

Before you check the 24 hour dial watches for ladies, if you want similar watches for men here is a list of best military time watches for men.


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24 hour military time display


Why prefer a watch with 24 hour military time format?

This 24-hour time is most often used in watches for professionals and some sort of skilled jobs like military. Although many people may not like to 24 hour timekeeping, it comes with some advantages for many professionals.

Advantages – ease of timekeeping

Skilled workers that need timekeeping in their jobs don’t need to waste more time trying to check and mentally calculate whether time is AM or PM.

Using a 24-hour military time watch at work, is pretty easy. You just need to glance over the watch dial and read the position of the hour maker with memory works.

Depending on the nature of your job and where you currently work, you don’t need common outdoor clues to determine what time is it. Consider a mining worker who’s been underground for days.

What do you think he understands when a coworker tells him the time is 5 O clock and there is no contextual outdoor clues(sun rise or sunset) to know if its AM or PM? Some advantage of using a watches that show military time.

  • The dual time watches help you visualize the whole day at a glance
  • Watches with military time show or display world time. This eliminates the brainwork issues of AM/PM.
  • Dual time watches make it easy to see the time difference between tow different cities – london and New York is  about 5 hours apart, for example
  • military watches makes it easy to tell day and night when you work in remote sites – miners, underground tunnels, submariners, space explorers
  • Timekeeping ambiguity is eliminated – 9AM is not confused with 9PM
  • The 24-hours analog watch depicts sun’s movement round earth.

Generally, reading time from a 24-hour dial military watch leaves you with no room for guesswork and stressful brainwork.



The downside of using 24 hour watches with military time is that you just need to take time and get familiar to with it. This is particularly a useful issue for a professional who has been trained in the 12-hour time system.

Also, you need to look at an entire day like a 360 degree full circle, rather than”half a day”. It is understandable that most people do take a long time to get used to reading a 24-hour military time watch.

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People who use 24-hour military time watches

People Who reliably use watches with military time  include:

Aviators and flight crew members

Pilots job requires regular travel between different time zones and the best way way to keep reading accurate time on transit is by using a 24-hour watch.

Remote workers

People who work in the remote location, in a dark room, underground construction or mining site, have no outdoor clue(like the position of the sun) when it is evening or morning. An underground construction engineer would prefer a 24-hour military time watch for a precise universal timekeeping.

The military and police officers

Military men are the best users of 24-hour dial watches for easy readability and no mental works.

Medical Professionals

Nurses, Paramedics, EMt and doctors all rely on the 24-hour military time for quick recording of even time, drug administration and pulse timing.


Generally, 24 Hour Dial (Military Time) Watches are Ideal for:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Official Ceremonies
  • Transportation and Trucking Industries
  • All Levels of Military, aviation  and health Service
  • Job Completion / Job Well Done
  • Telecommunications & Satellite Companies
  • Awards for Goals Achieved
  • Graduation or Promotion
  • ROTC, Army, Navy, Marines
  • ALL AGES and Genders



Configuration of military time watches

Unlike digital military time watches, analog 24-hour dial watch can be configures by the manufacturer, in two possible ways.

The noon may be positioned on top of the watch dial
Military Sputnik 24 hours watch
The noon may appear positioned at the bottom of the watch dial
Messerschmitt 24 hour Watch

The idea of having the noon at the top is a literal representation of the day considering depths of the night to the heights of the noon time. Again, the idea of the sun rising to give a day and setting to give a night imaginarily place the noon at the top and  the midnight at the deeps.

But whatever is the configuration option you find in an analog military time watch, the midnight will always appear in opposite position to the Noon.


How to read 24-hour military time watches women’s wear

The  best 24 hour dial watch shows time in military format using the 24-hour system. In such watches, a day begins at 0 hours(midnight) and ends at 24 hours(the next midnight).

Let’s take as example, 6 O Clock in the morning is displayed as 06:00 while in 6 O clock in the evening it’s displayed as 18:00 hours(12 noon + 6 hours).

This video will teach you how to easily read military time using a 24-hours watch.


Best military time watches womens – Top picks

If you are in a hurry, take a look at these watches that show military time. They are grouped as military time analog watch and military time digital watch. For men, here is a list of the nest best 24 hour dial watches for men.

They may not be the best cool military style watches, but the 24-hour universal timekeeping is what makes them unique and valuable for the army, nurses, pilots and remote workers.


durable military time watches women - women's watches with military time,


Analog military time watches for women Reviewed

Let us start our review with some analog military time watches for women.

Victorinox Swiss army – ladies 24-hour watch – best stainless steel watch for Ladies

durable military time watches for women - Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s 241307 Alliance Sport Blue Dial Watch - (Image: Amazon)
  • Brand : Victorinox
  • movement : swiss Quartz
  • Dial : blue, Anti-reflective-sapphire crystal
  • Case : diameter 32.5 mm silvered Stainless-steel
  • Time format: 24-hour
  • Band Material Type: silvered Stainless Steel
  • Band :length Men’s Standard and width 16 millimeters
  • Bezel: Stainless steel , Unidirectional
  • Special features: Dual time display with seconds-hand
  • Water resistant: (100 M): suitable for snorkeling,  swimming

Victorinox Alliance Sport Midsize Watch 241307 is a ladies fashionable and versatile timepiece with exceptional functionality and quality, that’s also ideal for daily wear.

The 24-hour watch for women is durably constructed with a stainless steel case and a stainless steel bracelet. The silver color makes it a have a fashionable appearance that is eye-catching.

This watch is one of the best military time watches women love for easy timekeeping. This 24-hour time format gives women a much better view about the progression of day.

This women military time watch comes with a unidirectional rotating blue ion-plated bezel, a scratch resistant sapphire crystal protecting the blue dial, the  luminous silver-tone hands and stick hour markers.

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The homage looking woman military time watch, like other Victorinox Swiss Army watches,  is not compromised on the elegant style. The blue dial 24-hour watch model is attractive and suitable for every event – dinner in a grand ballroom, parties, formal occasions and corporate meetings.

To my taste, victorinox blue dial watch is the best stainless steel watch for ladies, with military time function. If you haven’t made the decision to pick a silvered stainless steel watch, check out why people wear watches with stainless steel bands here.

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Military time watches for nurses – females

There are a good number of best watches with military time for nurses, doctors and the soldiers. Let us go strait away to review them.

 Speidel Original Scrub Watch – Medical Nurses watch with military time and second hand

best military time watches for nurses - Speidel scrub watch is designed for female nurses, doctors and paramedics
  • Display Type Analog
  • Case diameter 38 millimeters
  • Case Thickness 8.60
  • Band width 18 millimeters
  • Band Color Pink
  • Dial color White
  • Item weight 1.28 Ounces
  • Movement Japanese Quartz
  • Water resistant depth 30 Meters

Speidel Original Scrub Watch is a nurses watch with military time and second hand that sweeps across the dial. This scrub watch tops the list of military time watches for nurses, that are often used in hospitals to take vital sign, respiratory rates and pulse rates of patients.

Specifically designed for the medical professional, this 24-hours watch is simple, durable and easy to read even under intense pressure when dealing with emergencies.  The super soft and easy to clean silicone bands is one best selling point for nursing students and female ladies.

Medical professionals including nurses, doctors, nursing students, surgeons, EMT Workers often need an easy to read white dial with 12 & 24 hour markers.

While this military time format help them eliminate guessing time,  the highly visible red second hand makes taking accurate pulse reading extremely easy.

It makes  the best fit for small wrist  female nurses and other women in health related sectors or nursing school since the band come in a wide range of wrist sizes from 6.7”169mm to 8.3”210mm.

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Timex Unisex Weekender – A 38mm  women’s Watch with 24-hour military time

military time watch women love for everyday use - The 24-hour dial watch
  • Dial window material type Mineral
  • Case material Brass,  diameter 38 mm and thickness 9 millimeters
  • Band Material Fabric, length Unisex, width 20 millimeters
  • Dial color Cream
  • Bezel material Brass, function Stationary
  • Special features includes a seconds-hand, Water Resistant, Luminous
  • Movement :Quartz
  • Water resistant : 30 Meters

Timex weekender 38mm is a colorful and stylish 12-hours and 24-hours military time watch that is well regarded. It features a nylon slip-thru strap that is  versatile and easy to change anda military 12 and 24-hour dial with good color options.

The polished silver and steel alloy case and the mineral glass crystal over the watch dial is a durable construction that makes the watch last

With the revolutionary INDIGLO backlight, the analog white watch face lights up at night for simple time reading. It is also water resistant. This men and women’s watch has military time featuring a standard 12 hour time along the outside edge with the 24 hour time positioned inside it for easy time conversions.

With its modern design, waterproof features and the military dual timekeeping, this midsize under 40mm Timex watch present several options for ladies because it comes available in multiple colors and designs.

The downside of this 24-hour military time watch is the owners report of inaccurate timekeeping, low-quality band.

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Best military time watch with only one hand


Slow Mo 02 – Swiss one-hand 24 hour watch – silvered steel GMT Watch with military time

  • Dial window: Mineral Crystal material
  • Clasp Invisible Double-locking Clasp
  • Case : material Stainless Steel and diameter 34 mm
  • Band :Material Stainless Steel, length Unisex, width 20 mm
  • Dial color Black
  • Special features 45 months battery life
  • Movement Swiss Quartz
  • Water resistant depth rated at: 330.00 Feet – 100m

The Slow One hand 24-hours watch is made in switzerland using an accurate swiss 24 hour GMT movement for precise timekeeping.

As a great looking modern 24-hour timepiece, the one hand movement is a unique feature that makes the watch standout. Some extra features include 100-meter water resistance, stainless steel case, hardened mineral glass face with anti-glare coating, nickel-free stainless steel strap and a dark dial with off-white contrast.

This 24 hour military time watch changes the way you think about time. A one hand slow watches like this 24-hour stainless steel watches,  shift the way people read time by keeping them focus on the second or the minute.  This makes it an instrument that measures the moment.

The  single hand  rotates once every 24 hours and moves at half the speed of a normal watch, but what is most fascinating is that the ladies 24-hour analog watch allows you to see at one glance, the progress of your entire day.

This dark brown leather model of 24-hour slow watches if a nice fit for men.

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GUESS Women’s Rose Gold-Tone and Pink Multifunction Watch – best 24 hour military time sub-dial watches

beautiful gold -tone analog womens watch with military time - 24 hour analog watch face on a subdial
  • Watch case: stainless steel material,
  • case diameter: 42.7mm by 1.5mm thick
  • band: Silicone material, 25mm wide
  • waterproof: 50m
  • movement: japanese quartz
  • dial: mineral crystal with analog display

GUESS make one of the best 24 hour dial women’s watches with military time. This women’s GUESS watch comes with a beautiful rose gold-tone crystal accented case that is eye-catching.

The very visible pink dial features rose gold Roman numerals,day, date  and 24 hour int’l time display in one of the sub dials. Like most silicone nurses watches, this ladies analog 24 hour watch has a pink silicone band (with pilot buckle) that is very easy to clean.

The Japanese-quartz movement ensure the watch gives accurate international time. The 50m waterproofing features makes it suitable for essential water sports and recreational swimming.

The midsize 40mm watch case is the best fit for a feminine wrist. The sunray dial and the rhinestone encrusted bezel makes the watch attention grabbing.
There is another women 24 our international time watch – guess GUESS U1234L2  is a 40mm comfortable 24 hour dial  watch with pink stain resistant silicone strap and stainless steel links

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Sapphire Amelia women aviation pilots watch – Aviators women’s watches with military time

(24 hour hours military time watches with dual time )

Women Pilots Watch – women aviation Pilots watch with dual time Specifications:

  • Watch case: Stainless Steel, with Fuselage Size – 40mm
  • Special: Screw down Case-Back
  • Band: Aircraft grade leather or stainless steel seatbelt – 20mm
  • Illumination: “Night Vision” Super Luminova Hands
  • Watch dial : Sapphire Windshield Watch Crystal- Sapphire Crystal
  • Time format: 24 hours Military time -with Pilot’s Dual Time Zone(Swiss Ronda) Movement
  • Water Resistant: – 50 meters(165 feet)

These Amelia women aviation pilots watches are made by the Abingdon Co.which  specializes in aviation watches and dive watches for women. These "Amelia" Series aviator watch looks sporty and displays dual time zone and date for effective timekeeping during flights.

Unlike other sports watches for women, this with  24 hours dial watch comes with an improved watch case. The E6B crown has been moved to the mid lefties and righties, so this makes it look awesomely beautiful when you wear it on either wrist.

I see this timepiece for ladies as a classic, luxury watch with durable stainless steel watch case  and a aircraft grade stainless steel strap. You know the croco leather band is very durable like seatbelts of a flight.

Other excellent features include the multi-function sport  rotating bezel,  the anti-glare, scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal, the E6B Flight Calculator. This military time pilot watch can assist with time, speed, distance and fuel consumption calculations

The ideal aviatrix / aviator watch for women, complete with an E6B Flight Calculator.

The stylish womens fashion stainless steel or leather watch band on this aviator ladies watch come with EZ Squeeze pins on the back of the band. This pins allow you to easily remove or put on any 20mm strap. You don't need to use any tools or waste time taking it to a jeweler for band swapping.

I love the complications and the design of this pilot's dual-time GMT watch. It is a versatile wrist watch greatly recommended for classy women pilots. The misdize 40mm case and the 50m water resistance ratings makes it ideal as a women casual dress wristwatch or a  travel watch.

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Vostok Komandirskie Automatic 24 Hour Dial - best 24hr automatic watch

24hr automatic watch - best manual and automatic self-winding watch with military time
  • Dial window material : Acrylic
  • Clasp Deployment Clasp With Safety
  • Case material Stainless Steel,  diameter 42 mm by 6mm
  • Band Material Stainless Steel,  length Mens Standard
  • Band width 20 millimeters
  • Band Color Metallic
  • Special features Luminous
  • Movement Automatic self-winding or manual and automatic
  • Water resistant depth 200 Meters

This Russian Military Wristwatch is a classic Vostok model made by the official supplier of the Defense Department of the Soviet Union.

This impressive timepiece in stainless-steel case can support water pressure up to the depth of 200 meters . Given that is displays time in 24 hour cycle, this military watch can make kind of a wrist watch for the submarine.

The automatic movement ensure a precise timekeeping at any temperature, in any environment even under water. AT this dive watch depth rating, the classic looking 24-dial watch is capable of surviving heavy pressure and blows.

Other features of this special military watch - "Amphibian watch" include Luminous hands and dots for excellent visibility under water during marine search and rescue operations.

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Forté Military Time 24MBLUM3 Men's Quartz Watch - The best classy dress watch with military time dial and Real 24-Hour Movement

Forté Military Time 24MBLUM3 Men's Quartz Watch - The best classy dress watch with military time dial and Real 24-Hour Movement
  • Dial window : Mineral crystal
  • Display : Analog with blue dial
  • Clasp Deployment Clasp With Safety
  • Case : 37mm Stainless Steel
  • Band Material: silver Stainless Steel
  • Band size: length Men’s Standard, width 20 mm
  • 24 Hour Analog Display, ,
  • Real 24 Hour Movement, Real Military Time
  • Movement : Quartz
  • Water resistant : 50m

If you are a fan of uniquely designed classic stainless steel watches, this Forte Quartz is designed with elegance for formal outfit. It is a classy fashionable dress watch with military time and a real 24 hour movement.

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You will immediately standout from the crowd with this watch in your wrist. The sleek, slimmer looks featuring a case diameter of 37mm shows that it is not only gorgeous for men, but also beautiful for women in the corporate ladder.

The swiss quartz movement feature an analog 24 Hour dial with accurate real military time display. The polished stainless steel case and crown keep the watch tough.

In addition to the stylish bracelet with brushed finishing and polished accents , the hand and markers glow in the dark for more legibility.

In addition to the high end appearance this watch presents, it is also waterproof with 50m water resistance rating. If you like, wear it for beach or pool swimming after tedious office hours and long formal meetings.

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Messerschmitt 24 hour Watch(ME108DR-24)   - Best Glow in the Dark 24-hour Dial watch

Messerschmitt 24 hour Watch(ME108DR-24)   - Best Glow in the Dark 24-hour Dial watch
  • Band Material: Leather
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Crystal Material: Mineral
  • Dial window material type Mineral
  • Clasp Tang Buckle
  • Case material Stainless Steel,  diameter 43mm
  • Band width 20 millimeters, Color Black
  • Dial color Multicolor
  • Movement Quartz
  • Water resistant depth 50 Meters

Messerschmitt 24 hour Watch is a true  Pilot's watch featuring 24 hour international timekeeping. The multi color dial watch has an hour hand that is designed to travel around the dial just once per day giving you full military time.

The multi color give a clearer view of the time of the day  and even if you are lost in the darkest under ground tunnel, you can still track the time of the day without knowledge of sunrise or sunset.

The black section on the dial is back lighted with a SuperLuminova so that it glows brightly when in the dark.  The  bi-directional bezel rotates smoothly and provides one hour elapsed time readings if desired.

The high quality Swiss Made, Ronda 515 quartz movement ensure you get precision timing during every tick.

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best military and tactical watches for women soldiers

For women working in the arm forces, you definitely need tactical and standard timekeeper that give punctuality to improve their quality of work in the defence. Dual time watches are essential piece of gear that someone in the outdoor field works should own. In general, turning to tough quality timepieces like military time and tactical watches, is the right plan to attack.

Marathon Search & Rescue Diver’s Watch - Best tactical military watch for marine women

Marathon Watch WW194026 Swiss Made Military Diver's Automatic Medium Size Watch with Tritium (36mm) - Rubber Strap or Stainless Steel Bracelet
  • Brand Marathon
  • Band Material Type Rubber
  • Watch Movement Swiss Automatic
  • Water-resistant : 30m
  • Movement: 26 Jewel Swiss made Sellita SW200
  • Self illuminating tritium gas
  • Durability: US Military Standards

This Marathon Search & Rescue Diver’s Watch , as the name describes, is used in the water exploration by search and rescue marine divers. It is one of the most durable watches one needs for outdoor adventures on water surface. The built quality is in compliance with ISO 6425 standards by the United States Marine Corps.

If you are a woman diver, this durable military tactical watch is the best for water sports thanks to its water-resistance of 300 meters. This marathon is one of those types of watches that are build to stand rugged use or challenge.

The surgical grade 316L stainless steel construction, and a scratch-resistant sapphire glass crystal, make sure this diving watch for marine soldiers have maximum durability.

The watch dial that is protected by anti-reflective sapphire glass that makes it easy to read the watch under direct sunlight. To displays accurate time. at the inside of this watch is a swiss made watch movement - 25-jewel ETA 2824-2 automatic movement made in La Chaux de Fonds Switzerland with unrivaled precision in timekeeping.

Although it is analog, the 24 hour display makes it easy to read universal time without brain work to calculate or convert anything. Another easy to read feature is the self illumination in dark(night or under water) environments. The self-contained tritium gas tubes  provide  consistent visibility when there is low-light scenarios.

In terms of budget, this  marine women's diving watch is  pretty expensive. With the durability and the features which are useful for outdoorsmen, this high-end watch can make a pretty decent wrist watch for tough ladies.

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MWC MKVI Military Watch - best 24-hour tactical watch under $300

MWC Military Divers Watch in PVD Steel Case (Automatic)
  • Brand MWC
  • Dial Color Black
  • Display Analog
  • Dial Window Material: Hardened Mineral
  • Watch Movement: 24 Jewel Swiss Automatic
  • Waterproof: 300m / 1000ft Water Resistant
  • Case Thickness: 15mm
  • Crystal Diameter 31mm

The MWC MKVI Military Watch is another 24 hour analog timepiece that you can trust for durability. While it boasts a heavy-duty 316L stainless steel case construction, its dial window is protected by a strong sapphire crystal glass which comes with anti-reflective coating.

Another quality built into this sleek-designed ladies wrist watch is the 10-year battery life and the self-luminous GTLS tritium vials that provides luminescence in poor light hours. This function makes it very easy to read during nighttime special missions  like paramedic nursing, combat or hunting.

On the inside of this tactical and durable  military watch is a Ronda 715li movement with 41 hour power reserve and hacking function to enable synchronisation. You also have a date window. You are going to get unrivaled timekeeping in every situation, even under water.

Like what people expect from best outdoor watches, this MWC MKVI field watch is rated for 300 meters of water-resistance. This model military watch is suitable for ladies looking for a solid black stainless steel military watch that is both discreet with high water resistance rating.

You want to enjoy any watersport, you fell free to let this timepiece accompany you.

Moreover, the  special covert matt black non reflective PVD finish and the 20mm NATO band is an matching watch straps for style and comfort one needs for outdoor adventures. While it comes in a heavy duty range and have a  more robust watch case, the toughness build into this watch is not found in other military divers watches.

Both men and Women in the Police and Military would love this sub - $500 divers watch for use in inflatables operating in cold and extreme environments and in anti terrorist units for various covert operations.

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Digital military time watches for women Reviewed

if you are looking for the best women's digital watch with military time, we got your back too. The best 24-hour dial watch is not only analog but there are digital options. These watches use quartz movement and if you want fast timing,you may find a womens watch with countdown timer in the list. Am sure you may be lucky to pick a 24-hour women's fashion digital watch that beautifully suits you.

Nixon Women's Siren - womens digital watch with military time

  • Dial window material :Mineral crystal
  • Case material Stainless Steel,  diameter 38 millimeters
  • Band Material Silicone, width 16 millimeters
  • Dial color Black
  • Special: Digital, adjustable LCD module, Calendar date till 2099
  • Movement: Quartz
    Water resistant depth 100 Meters

Nixon Siren is another one of the digital military time watches womens find suitable. The ladies chronograph watch comes with a custom injection molded TR90 case with a stainless steel caseback and a tapered ultra-soft silicone band.

The unique negative LCD digital display features a 12 / 24 hour military time formats and a day / date calendar that goes up through 2099EL.

The stainless steel gasketed pushers and the solide case keeps this countdown timer watch is waterproof up to 10 ATM / 100 meters. For ladies that love pool and beach swimming, this digital 24-hour watch is a gorgeous, easy to read timepiece with 16mm band that fits a woman's wrist size.

I love this Guess military time digital watch, it looks as a pretty, beautiful gift watch for ladies.

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Casio Women's LA20WH-1ACF Classic Digital Black Resin Watch

best digital military time watch womens wear
  • Dial window material:Mineral
  • Display Type Digital
  • Case : material Resin,  diameter 30 millimeters
  • Band: Material Plastic, length Women’s Standard, width 14 mm
  • Dial color Gray
  • Bezel material Resin,  function Stationary
  • Calendar Day-Date
  • Special features Luminous, measures-seconds,
  • Movement :Japanese Quartz
  • Water resistant: 30m

Casio also make digital women's watches with military time. This ladies square digital watch can be toggled between 12 hour or 24 hour military time modes.

Being made with a small size resin strap of 14mm, this petit ladies digital watch also comes with a stopwatch, alarm and 5 year battery provide function.

Although the bracelet gives a comfortable fit, this woman's black resin band digital watch only supports down to 30 Meter (100 Feet) water resistance. It is suitable for every day use, but you're not going to wear it for swimming.

You would need to change the casio watch to military time mode when need be. When you want to deal with regula time, you simple get your casio watch off military time settings.

If you want a woman's shock resistant watch that is also durable, this casio products makes the best digital field watch for women.

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 Timex Women's Ironman Transit 33mm Watch - digital military time watches for nurses

women military time watch
  • Dial window material type Acrylic
  • Case material Resin, diameter 33 mm, thickness 11 millimeters
  • Band Material Plastic, length Womens Standard
  • Band width 12 millimeters, Color White
  • Dial color Gray
  • Bezel material Resin, function Stationary
  • Special features: Calendar Day-Date-Month
  • Movement Quartz
  • Water resistant depth 100 Meters

This timex Ironman is another one of the timex women's watches with military time which come with adjustable white 12 millimeter resin strap.

Featuring a 100-hour chronograph with 10-lap memory,  24-hour countdown timer, customizable alarm and  24-hour military time mode, you can enjoy time reading in 2 time zones when you get this military time digital watch

The white and rose gold-tone 33 millimeter resin case, the acrylic lens indicate this small digital watch for womens can be durable. The gray digital display is readable at night thanks to the Indiglo that light-up the watch dial. It can be good nurses watch for night shift at the hospital.

The timex women watch is built for active lifestyles. The water-resistance of up to 100 meter (330 feet) makes it suitable for snorkeling, as well as swimming, but not diving.

This timex womens digital watch is a perfect sports watch that’s well-suited for everyday wear.

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Casio Women's BG169G-4 Baby G Pink  Watch - best shock resistant women's watch with military time

 Casio Women's BG169G-4 Baby G Pink Champagne Watch - best military time watch women
  • Dial window : Mineral
  • Case material: Resin
  • Case dimension : 42 mm X 14 mm
  • Band Material Plastic,  length Womens-Standard,  width 20 millimeters
  • Band Color Pink, Dial color Pink
  • Bezel material Resin,  function Stationary
  • Special features:  Hour, Minute, Second, EL Backlight with Afterflow
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Water resistant depth : 200m(660 Feet)

Casio is always moving time forward, developing timepieces that lead the market and this military time watch for women happens to be one of their products.

From making solar-powered radio-controlled watches to atomic timekeeping and to chock resistant durable outdoor watches, casio also has digital women's watches with military time.

For most ladies who don't know yet, the dual timekeeping system of  12/24-hour format - makes it easy to visualize the day in any time system.

This glittering digital woman's watch comes featuring multiple functions such as shock resistance, EL backlight, 24-hour world time (29 time zones/30 cities), day counter, five daily alarms, 1/100th-second stopwatch, countdown timer, and mute function.

The 42-mm resin case watch is a nice fit for ladies with big wrists, it might look bulky on slender wrists women. With a digital display from the japanese quartz movement, there's no brainwork involved when reading time in the 24-hour mode.

This women baby-G watch with military time is good for active ladies diving into the ocean. At a water resistant of 200 m (660 ft), the military time watch is suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports.

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GUESS Women's Digital Silicone Watch - Silicon band digital military time watch for women

GUESS Women's Digital Silicone Watch - best digital military time watches for women
  • Color: Rose Gold Tone
  • Brand :GUESS
  • Dial window material type Mineral
  • Case material Stainless Steel, diameter 55mm
  • Band Material Silicone,  length Women’s Standard, width 23 mm
  • Band Color Pink
  • Dial color White
  • Bezel material Stainless steel, function Stationary
  • Movement Quartz
  • Water resistant depth :10m

This Guess silicone watch is a beautiful, gorgeous looking digital watch that is captivating and  keeps ladies attention for long. The white dial is digital and features 24 hour military international time function as well as 12 hour regular time.

This white military watch  comes with dual time display and also features a chronograph stopwatch,  a day and date functions.

The dial is covered by a durable mineral crystal that protects the watch face from scratches and beatings. The the stain resistant stainless steel finishing on the 55mm case may seem large for women, but can make one of the digital military time watches for nurses.

The 24 hour timekeeping is accurate run by the Japanese quartz movement and the 10m water resistance means you should just avoid bringing this watch in contact with water or rain, so that moisture does not develop on the inside.

This guess womens stainless steel digital silicone watch is an excellent gift watch for a lady on her graduation, christmas and birthday.

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Nixon Regulus Watch - Best tactical military watch with dual time

super tough shock absorption and durability. Functions include dual time, time of day (12 or 24 hour), day/date, auto calendar through 2099, dual chronographs with 1/100 second resolution visible from all mode screens, count down timer, 3 independent alarms, adjustable LED backlight, and silent mode

  • Water-resistant up to 5 ATM/50 meters
  • Case Height: 43 mm
  • Case Width: 44 mm
  • Case Depth: 15 7⁄10 mm
  • Band Width: 24 2⁄5 mm
  • Functions: dual time, time of day (12 or 24 hour), day/date, auto calendar

Nixon Regulus is a digital military and tactical watch built for special operations corps in the united states. This kind of tactical field watch can stand up for any challenge in  the combat field.

With the water resistance of up to 100m, Regulus watch is tougher, shock resistant and durable watch for diving and rugged jobs. I think It is a great 24-hour time watch for female soldiers.

The watch dial features a Hardened mineral crystal, and the case is a custom solid stainless steel. This multi-function digital module for ladies in the army comes with calendar, dual time, alarm, countdown timer, dual chronograph functionality and backlight.

Furthermore, women in special field and covert operations know that the tactical strategy of staying quiet in the field to monitor enemies is the first step to successfully defeating them.

The best military tactical watch that comes with a silent mode and adjustable backlight is this Nixon Regulus dual time watch. When it comes to durability, any army would trust  timepiece that is team-designed and custom built-in collaboration with U.S. Special forces.

How much can you get this watch? - Just under 200 dollars, this is very cheap and low-prices compared to the tactical features that come with it.

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Analog-Digital military time watches for women Reviewed

We have seen analog military time watches and 24-hour dial watches with digital displays. Now, lets see a womens digital watch with military time and second hand

Fanmis Unisex Sport Watch Analog/Digital Dual Time - Digital-Analog watch with military time and second hand

digital analog watch with military time and second hand
  • watch dial diameter :50 mm (1.96inch)
  • watchband width: 25 mm (0.98 inch)
  • watchband length: unisex adult
  • Band Adjustable: Buckle
  • Watch Mirror:Lucency Resin
  • Watchband: PU Plastic
  • Watch movement:Japan original installation import pointer movement
  • Watch button:Stainless steel
  • waterproof: 50M
  • Features: Anti-Magnetic, Anti-Vibration, 4 Alarm, Hourly chime Stopwatch

This unisex Sports watch with military time and second hand comes with a dual display - analog and digital military 24H time modes. The  digital analog watch also features a multifunction alarm, LED backlight and an easy to read white dial.

The watch also uses the Japanese high quality movement to ensure you get accurate international timekeeping in the 24-hour mode. This one is not just a womens digital watch with second hand, it is also a suitable for men.

The design fits sport activities. Other features include a shock resistant glass, a stop watch, and LED back light functions, hourly chime signals, 50m water resistance and calendar - date week month.

The digital analog watch with second hand can be the best gift to your lover, Partner, family, friends, classmates, colleagues. If the white model is not suitable, check out this black version of Fanmis Unisex Sport Watch

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Smart womens military time watches

You will often hear people asking if Apple watch can be 24 hour time? Just to tell you, most or all smartwatch has options to turn on the 24 hour military time format and I am pretty sure, an active ladies would go for the best smartwatch for women with military time.

Bside just buying a watch to tell time, a good smartwatch for women can contribute positively to a woman' health. The best health focus smartwatch can monitor the noise around you and notify you if decibels reach a level that could impact your hearing. Some women startwatch - apple watch series 5, can track menstrual cycle in addition to serving as an expansion or add-on of your smartphone.

A Fall detection watch,  a medical alert watch are devices with advanced smart functions in addition to keeping you updated with notifications and messages. Smartwatches for ladies that are equipped with sensors, can also monitor sleep patterns, heart rate, stress and fatigue.


Apple watch series . The 44mm Apple Watch Series 5 or Apple watch series 6  is the best high-tech smartwatch for women with its simple interface and attractive looks.

Fossil Women's Gen 4 Venture HR Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch - This stainless steel smartwatch tracks sleep,  reads Heart Rate and supports GPS, NFC, smartphone notifications.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (40mm, GPS, Bluetooth) Smart Watch - This ladies smart watch offers fitness tracking, and sleep analysis

NEW Fossil Women's Gen 5E 42mm Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch - This android WearOS by Google watch comes with speaker, heart rate sensor, supports GPS, NFC, and smartphone notifications.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (40mm, GPS, Bluetooth) Smart Watch - It comes with an advanced health monitoring functions, fitness tracking , and long lasting battery .

Michael Kors Access Gen 3 Sofie Touchscreen Smartwatch - Has large storage memory for music, large speaker, sound alerts and it is powered with Wear OS by Google- Good for android users.


Military time conversion Chart

military time conversion chart - morning hous

best military 24 hour watches - watch with military time and regular time

Download for the 24 hours military conversion chart free


How to change apple watch to military time - 24 hours format

Most people don't realise there's military time on apple watch. Toggling an apple watch military time is not a difficult task and you can do it yourself. First, you need to have these requirements to get apple watch military time turned on.

Requirements to activate apple watch military time

  • The first step required to set apple watch to military time is to have an iPhone -apple smartphone. This is because you are going to change your Apple Watch to military time using the Watch app installed on your iPhone.
  • If your apple watch doesn't have a digital watch face, you need to install one. Only digital-style watch faces will show the 24-hour clock that displays military time on an Apple Watch. So If you don't have one, just add an apple digital watch face into your Watch app.
  • Another  cautious thing to note is that if you toggle digital 24-hours military time only on your Apple Watch, it may fail to sync with your apple iPhone(and vice versa). So, you'll have to set the 24-hour military time format on both the apple smartwatch and the smartphone.

Simple Steps  how to set your apple watch to military time

Just go to your iPhone and open the Watch app. You will  see "My Watch". Tap on it, then tap on the clock and you will turn on the option  for 24-Hour Time.

If that didn't make sense, these simple steps is going to guide you on how to set your Apple Watch to display the time in 24-hour mode: You can follow the same to get apple watch off the military time mode.

  1. Open your Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the My Watch tab.
  3. On Scrolling down, tap Clock.
  4. Switch on 24-Hour Time.
  5. On your iPhone, Open the Settings app.
  6. Go to General.
  7. Tap on Date & Time.
  8. You can then Switch on 24-Hour Time format.

Video showing how to set apple watch to military time



Wrap Up

Did this article help you. We hope you got your best military time watches for women  and if you did not find a suitable 24 hour watch, use the comment form below and write us, stating what you want to see in your ideal women's watch with military time. We will write you back with some suggested watches with military time.

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