Is Y2mate Safe and Is Y2mate Legit For Converting And Downloading Online Videos?

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There are so many questions asked about Y2mate – one of the best video downloaders and converters we have online. “is y2mate safe?”, :is y2mate legit?” are just few of the many questions we have to answer in this article. First, whether you are looking for easier, faster means to download media content like music or video, it is likely you have come across y2mate com video site. The y2mate site is been for a while and people found it as a go to place to download media content online.

Y2mate is popularly known for downloading high quality videos and audio music’s, The YouTube video downloader is capable of providing fast upload and downloads from your computer – a good reputation anyway. But there are a lot of questions about y2mate and need clarifications, and that is what we are going to do in this article – provide clear and helpful answers.

Is y2mate safe to used and legit? We will find out soon enough!

Is Y2mate safe to use without fear of virus attack? Is y2mate legit or illegal for video converting and downloading? – Is Y2mate safe to use without fear of virus attack? Is y2mate legit or illegal for video converting and downloading?



About Y2mate – the best video downloader and converter

Y2mate is a program in the form of website, installable software, android app, which allows users to download and converts videos from online platforms. It will download or convert YouTube videos, and get media from other video sites like, Facebook, vimeo, daily motion and so on/ It will converter and download your media content in all sort of qualities, formats, and file sizes including MP3, MP4  and many file qualities.

With y2mate, you can easily and within a minute, download thousands online audios, and as many videos as you like free of charge  from YouTube and other websites. MP4 is not the only format of the resulting multimedia files output. You also get M4V, 4GP, MP3, FLV, WEBM and more.

Y2mate has a lot of features. They will offer users unlimited downloads od media files with multiple formats with the free version. You get offline listening music and videos without you making any financial offer or any subscription. Also, you don’t need to open recreate any online account or make any registration to use it.

This makes it user-friendly and convenient, because it does not bring any frustration we often encounter dealing with account set up. The y2mate also changes or converts and downloads videos to other file formats at high speed.

Moreover, the high-speed converter and downloader support many file formats. There is more to the y2mate services.  If you want to know more about y2mate converter and y2mate downloader,  check our detailed y2mate review. If you want to try it out directly, for easy access, visit from your device browser.

The y2mate is a popular online video downloader, which is available through a web browser, available as mobile app for android and iOS devices.


Is y2mate legit or is Y2mate illegal?

According to YouTube terms of service, as well as the google terms of service, you are not allowed to download YouTube videos into your devices lie computer, iPhone, android phone or PC, especially when you are not the copyright holder(you don’t own the right).

In accordance with these service terms, one can say it is totally illegal to use y2mate to download YouTube content of any format, in the strictest term. In another way, using y2mate YouTube video converter and downloader is legal only if you keep the media content you have downloaded from YouTube, Facebook on the website or via the app, only for your personal use.

It would be breach or dir3ct violation of intellectual property and against YouTube and google terms of service if  you illegitimately copy the media content and use it for your commercial purpose.  If you upload the file back to YouTube and your intellectual property, or upload it to your website, that is infringement of right and illegal.

In case you must have to copy the media content downloaded through y2mate from the YouTube, you require the permission or the license of the owner. That is only when you are protected from lawsuits on piracy.

More than just bring illegal, you don’t need to be lawyer or attorney to know that violation of YouTube terms of service can land you in jail for copyrighting material. If you have some self esteem, consider using other peoples music, images, video from online, as unethical – stealing content from other websites.

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Is y2mate safe to use?

Some  online y2mate users see as safe to use while others report y2mate causing problems. However, it is often important that you should be aware of the risk involved before using any online video or song downloader. Y2mate is no exception at all.

Despite being a free YouTube video converter and downloader, y2mate is not absolutely safe to use. Y2mate isn’t safe.  The point is that, y2mate has so many ads and notifications which cause people visit suspicious and potentially harmful website if you click on them. I have been to and I have use the y2mate download service for a while. If you click around ,  even on the download button, you are quickly redirected to other websites and locations with betting services or adult content.

Many of these redirects lead you to websites with malware, viruses and so on.  You will notice it from the suspicious pop ups and notifications on your device screen. You have to get wiser not to click on unclear pop ups that promise you good virus protections installations.

One other thing. Y2mate is safe to use only if you choose to download video from that particular y2mate site. If you prefer to go download the video from other website in the internet, you run the risk of exposing your PC or computer to viral infections or spyware. The worse is using a video sharing site filled with viruses and spyware.

Preferably, feel free and safely use your y2mate to download files only from a reputable site. Some security experts say that y2mate as a popular site for downloading video and audios from YouTube is safer to use and that only the process of y2mate is not safe.

According to them, y2mate offering audio and video file downloading services to its audiences is safe. It is however, the automatic installations of potentially the many unwanted apps or malware, if you visit the questionable popups ads or system applications with bogus software that is harmful.

Some of the pop ups in the y2mate site are sponsored links which redirect, against users wish, to online game platforms. They also gather and track information about your device, collect your personal information for identify theft and potential money loss reasons. I is this dangerous site with malware infections and virus tacks that make y2mate look unsafe.

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So is Y2mate safe?

Not really. With the  many ads, annoying notifications, unexpected pop-ups, no user feels y2mate is safer to use.

Too many ads are annoying and get on the way when you pick a YouTube url for a video and paste into the Y2mate converter and downloader software. If you want to remove ads from your way so that you download as many videos as possible from Y2mate, use ads blockers.

In addition to remove ads, you would also want to remove notifications from appearing when you want to paste a video download link to Y2mate.

While you can actively refuse to accept push-notifications, in most cases, by mistake, the program may get installed on your PC as an add-on in browsers. The y2mate advertising script will generate “” ads and banners and make unwanted pop ups.



How can I use y2mate virus free?

Download the y2mate from trusted app store.  Google play store and UpTodown store and some good places where to get the y2mate apk file for small device installation.

Follow safe installation process. Your computer requires some connection to a router or internet device and you can configure some settings, which are not hard to do, or you get a high-tech guys around to do it right. When you have done the proper settings, go ahead and download your y2mate software or application and fire it up to install.

When you want to install, the software will prompt you to download video from the internet. Then your system will scan and indicate if there are any viruses found.  If there are not, the program will be safely installed.

Once your y2mate software installation is complete, go to the main control panel of the y2mate software. Click on the unlock button and the video link will open where you can paste your YouTube video url to automatically  download the file.

If you think your computer is been attacked after you visited the to download video and audio from YouTube, make the anti-virus or anti-spyware in your device runs a full scan of your system.

Perhaps, the scanning can check and find unwanted software components that have been installed behind the screen, If you find one, manually remove the unwanted or suspicious related program no matter the goodies they promise you.

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How infects your computer

Those who have been and used the services will confirm that the platform is actively promoted in google for downloading videos and music from YouTube and thousands of other websites.

In their endeavors to help users enjoy and get entertained with the finest of quality music, audio sound tracks and videos, they often obsessively send suggestions to encourage users to subscribe to their notifications, download an app or a browser extension program.


Push notifications are one of the features offers by most online video downloader platforms. The push notifications give users the options to  receive text messages and emails when there have got something new and interesting. If there is a new video available, they use the push notifications to share or informed they notification–accepted customers.

The advantage of receiving push notifications is that, next time, you are not going to have to individually visit each and every video hosting website to make a download. The notifications will simple allow you to set up some timer that offers you an automatic download of the new video whenever it becomes available.

If you accept that, they should notify you!

When you see such notifications come up your screen and you ignorantly agree to that, it can let some consequences later one. You may have multiple virus attacks, unwanted or malicious advertisements, unwanted pop ups, redirects to other spyware loaded sites, and various virus infections.



How to check if you got Y2mate Virus

We are dealing with malware infection in this article. If you don’t follow proper procedures, the viruses can restore themselves unless you remove all of their core files from your system. Before we show you in-depth instructions on how to remove Y2mate virus and other related suspicious programs, try to check if you have got viruses.

  1. Locate and scan malicious processes in your device task manager.
  2. Identify if there is any unwanted or suspicious programs installed with the malware in your control panel. For example, software like Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker that gets installed with a lot of malwares.
  3. Decide how to clean up your device system and reset your device internet browser to its original settings without the malware returning.



How to remove

Viruses have entered my computer from Y2Mate. Any way how to remove y2mate virus? Let us check how to remove virus from your phone, PC, computer and tablet.


1. How to stop pop-ups from with ads blockers

To protect your PC and browsers from a good deal of phishing gaming, betting and video websites, pop-up ads, banners, malicious scripts,  it is recommended to use adblockers which you can download for free even.

Add ad blockers if you don’t want to see the annoying y2mate ads. An ad blocker like the AdGuard will take out y2mate from your browser and PC operating system. You need to download this removal tool and use it to stop the y2mate notifications from the browser.


2. Download and use y2mate removal software or tool

One of the removal tool for y2mate us the SpyHunter program. It works like charm, removing files, folders and registry keys of The Spyhunter is a powerful removal software tool that uninstall;;s hijackers, toolbars and some malicious add-ons from your safari browser in your iPad. The tool is paid, but the trial version of SpyHunter gives you virus scan and a single-time y2mate removal at no cost to you.

If you don’t want to go with the above y2mate ejection program, try download Malwarebytes – it is an alternative removal tool and anti-malware software. This y2mate removal tool is excellent at kicking out unwanted toolbars, hijackers, millions of adware, deleting tracking files and registry keys for



How to remove Y2mate malicious add-ons from the device browser

There are more than one option. Remove extension or reset your browser.

1. Uninstall or suspicious extensions from the browser

Sometimes and you surf the internet, and download your favorite YouTube videos from Y2mate, their malicious malware add-ons may be implanted into your internet browser as an extension.

To remove the Y2mate extension or remove all recently-installed suspicious browser plug-ins from your internet browser, use the methods in the next section to remove manually.

2. Reset your Browser to wipe out Y2mate registry and sessions

Reset (Restore settings to their original defaults) is one option people also use for the removal of the ads by Here are some instructions how to reset your internet browser’s homepage.



Remove Y2mate ads, notifications and pop-ups from Google Chrome

how to Remove Y2mate ads, notifications and pop ups from Google Chrome browser
how to Remove Y2mate ads, notifications and pop ups from Google Chrome browser

How to disable unwanted Y2mate push notifications in Google Chrome

One way to remove y2mate viruses is to disable those push notifications in your device browser. Here is how to remove or disable y2mate notifications in your google chrome browser.

  • Open your google chrome internet browser
  • Click on the 3-dots at top right corner of the screen
  • Go to browser settings
  • Choose Privacy and security on the left menu or list
  • Select Site settings
  • In the list, Scroll down to Permission section
  • Click on Notifications (has a bell-icon)
  • A list of websites show up with Allowed to send notifications
  • Check, if you see Y2mate in the list, click the 3-dot besides it
  • Click the Remove This finally deletes the website permission.


How to uninstall Y2mate extension from Google Chrome

  • Open your google chrome browser
  • Ty[e chrom://extensions in the address bar
  • From the list, find the y2mate extension
  • Click the Remove button to kick out the malicious addon


Reset Google Chrome to remove malicious Y2mate plug-ins

If you keep experiencing problems with removing ads by, one optional method is to reset your Google Chrome browser settings.

  • Start Google Chrome browser
  • Click the 3-dot Chrome menu icon or In address box type (or copy-paste) chrome://settings.
  • Go to settings.
  • Choose Reset settings to their original defaults
  • The confirmation box shows, click Reset button to restore Google Chrome settings to their original defaults



Remove Y2mate ads, notifications and pop-ups Android Chrome

How to stop Y2mate push notifications in Android Chrome

Perhaps you have your android phone and you have an installed chrome app. Here is how to disable or remove all push notification files from the mobile device.

  • Open google Chrome app in your mobile Android
  • Tap on three-dots to main menu
  • From the drop down, tap Settings
  • Scroll down a bit and go to Advanced section
  • Tap on Site Settings Menu
  • Tap on Notifications and you get a list of websites allowed to show notifications
  • Check, if you find, click on the Y2mate in the Allowed List.
  • Tap on Clean and Reset Button initiate the removal action
  • To Confirm, click on the Clean & Reset again in the dialog box



Remove Y2mate ads, notifications and pop-ups Mozilla Firefox

How to remove annoying push notifications from Mozilla Firefox

  • Lunch Firefox browser to open
  • Go to the Firefox browser options
  • Click on the 3-bar icon at top right corner of the window
  • Choose browser settings
  • Choose privacy & settings on left panel
  • On the menu, scroll to permission Section
  • Besides Notification, click on . buttons
  • Check if you’ll find in the list
  • To remove it, click Remove website
  • Confirm by clicking on the Save Changes buttons


How to delete y2mate addon from Mozilla Firefox browser

  • Lunch open your device Firefox
  • Enter about: addons into the address bar
  • Find the Y2mate program or the related extension
  • Click on 3-dot icon near it
  • Choose to remove it from the menu


Reset Mozilla Firefox to clean up all site registry files

  • Open your device’s Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Enter about:support in address box
  • Click Refresh Firefox…
  • in opened dialog window, Click Refresh Firefox button to confirm.



Remove Y2mate ads, notifications and pop-ups from Safari

How to remove that show disturbing push notifications in Safari

To remove Y2mate viruses from attacking your device when you visit websites, here is how to completely disable any notification of y2mate in safari.

  • Open your safari Brower
  • On the op menu, choose safari preferences
  • Click on website tap on the preference window
  • On the left side, select notifications. This shows a list of sites with notifications.
  • Looks around. If you see website, click the Remove button.


How to stop y2mate spyware extension in Safari

  • Start your safari browser
  • Click Safari and open a drop-down menu
  • Choose preferences
  • Click on extensions tab
  • Check for Y2mate addon
  • Click Uninstall button


Reset Safari to clean all site data

  • Start Safari on Mac device,
  • click Safari to open the drop-down menu
  • choose Preferences > Privacy section
  • Click Remove All Website Data
  • In opened window click Remove Now button
  • Go to the Advanced section of Safari’s preferences.
  • in menu bar options, Click the Show Develop
  • click Develop and select Empty Caches from this menu.
  • Again, go to Safari menu and choose Clear History….
  • click Clear History button to clear all history and



Remove Y2mate ads, notifications and pop-ups From Microsoft Edge

How disable notifications from Microsoft Edge

If has cached or saved notification in your Microsoft edge internet browser, here is how to stop it.

  • Open your Microsoft edge
  • Click on the three-dots located at the top right-hand corner
  • Under the drop down, click Settings
  • A menu appears, click Cookies and Site permissions
  • Scroll down to All permissions
  • Click on Notifications
  • Under the arrow, check, if you find com site
  • Click on the 3-dots icon
  • Choose Remove


How to flush out Y2mate virus addon from Microsoft edge

  • Open Edge browser
  • Inside address box, enter edge://extensions
  • From the list, find or anything related to it
  • Under the name, Click Remove link
  • To confirm, Click Remove button in the dialog window that appears


Reset Microsoft Edge to remove ads by

  • Start Microsoft Edge browser
  • Click on 3-dots Edge menu icon in the top-right corner
  • Choose Settings
  • Check the left panel , click Reset settings
  • Click on Restore settings to their default values link
  • On the pop up box, confirm by clicking the blue Reset button.




Remove Y2mate Virus (ads, notifications and pop-ups) from Opera browser

How to remove y2mate suspicious software from Opera

  • Open Opera browser
  • Click on Opera on top right-hand corner
  • Choose Extensions
  • Go to Extensions
  • In the List, find y2, site
  • Click Details and scroll down
  • Click Remove extension link
  • Confirm the task by click ng Remove button on the dialog window
  • Do same for any y2mate related software


Reset Opera Browser to clean all ads data

  • Start to open Opera browser
  • click on Opera icon in the top-left corner
  • Choose Settings
  • On the left side, Click Advanced and choose Browser.
  • Scroll down and click on Restore settings to their original defaults
  • Click Reset button to confirm



How to remove Y2mate spyware, ads scripts from Internet Explorer

How to remove Y2mate virus - spyware, ads scripts pop ups notifications from Internet Explorer

How to disable Virus from Internet Explorer (9, 10, 11)

  • Open your Internet Explorer.
  • Click the gear icon located at the top-right corner.
  • In the menu, go to Manage Add-ons.
  • Choose Toolbars and Extensions.
  • Click to disable any related extension.
  • Also, disable other suspicious extensions

Resetting: how to flush out Y2mate virus from Internet Explorer

  • Start Internet Explorer.
  • Click on gear icon in the top-right corner.
  • A menu opens, choose Internet options.
  • Click Advanced
  • Click Reset
  • Choose Delete personal settings and click Reset.

Reset Y2mate virus from Internet Explorer for Windows XP users

  • Click Start
  • Click Run
  • Type cpl In the opened window
  • Click the Advanced tab, in another window
  • Then click Reset.

Reset Y2mate virus from Internet Explorer For Windows Vista and Windows 7 users

  • Click the Windows logo near the bottom left corner of screen
  • type cpl in the start search box and press enter
  • In the opened window click  Advanced tab,
  • Then click Reset.

Reset Y2mate virus from Internet Explorer For Windows 8 users

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • click the gear icon
  • Select Internet Options
  • In the window, select the Advanced tab
  • Click the Reset button
  • Again, click the Reset button to confirm you want to reset Internet Explorer settings to default




How to remove Y2mate from Windows Control Panel or Application

Whether you have Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, windows 10 or Mac computer, you have a way to take out y2mate malware files and components from the PC. After you uninstall the y2mate related files from your computer’s control panel, it is advisable to clean the left over and hidden files with other software’s like CleanMyMac.


Uninstall Y2mate Software from Windows XP control panel

  • From the start menu
  • Go to control panel
  • Click to enter Add or remove programs
  • From the installed software, locate Y2mate or its suspicious program
  • Click on it to uninstall


Uninstall malicious programs from Windows 7

  • From the start up menu
  • Enter Control Panel
  • Go to Uninstall a Program
  • Locate any suspicious component of Y2mate software
  • Click uninstall


Delete malware Components from Windows 8

  • On the bottom right corner, enter menu
  • Click on Search icon
  • Click on Apps
  • Choose Control panel
  • Under programs, Go to uninstall a program
  • Find the y2mate related suspected software and click to uninstall


Removing y2mate virus software from windows 10

  • Right Click the start button
  • Choose programs and features
  • Find the y2mate spyware program components
  • Click on it
  • Click uninstall button to remove it


How to delete Y2mate from Mac Computer

  • GO into the Finder sidebar
  • Choose Applications
  • Check if the y2mate has an Uninstaller file
  • You can also drag the program from the application folder to the Trash
  • Go to Finder > Empty trash, to delete the file


Uninstall y2mate in safe mode from windows

If all the other ways don’t seem to completely remove the y2mate program from your windows machine, it could be you lack the administrators privilege to perform the task. This is the usual case when they system denies you access or issues an error message when you remove the y2mate folder and files. You can contact the administrator or choose to use Spy hunter or a Malwarebytes to uninstall y2mate in the safe mode.

Here is what to do to remove the y2mate co moments.

  • Restart your computer
  • While still booting, Press F8
  • It opens advanced boot options
  • Select Safe mode and hold on for some seconds while the window loads
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Enter uninstall a program
  • Remove any recently installed program



Use AppCleaner to completely uninstall Y2mate residual files in MacOS

Like in windows, sometimes your efforts to delete the y2mate video downloader would fail on MacOS machines. If the app continue to come back, use AppCleaner for Mac PC to  remove al the residual files, data and libraries related to Y2mate.

  • First, download and install the AppCleaner program
  • Drag com from the Applications folder to AppCleaner
  • Select the files and folders related to Y2mate
  • Click the Delete Button



Video How to Remove Y2mate Virus in minutes

Are you getting an annoying pop-up when you visit to get your favorite videos? If you don’t want to keep on clicking on your computer screen on to remove or dismiss it every few minutes, use this video.

You will learn how to quickly delete the y2mate ads on your Google Chrome settings.  This particular trojan horse is y2mate that shows up on the bottom right of my screen every few minutes.

YouTube player


Y2mate Official website :

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