Is Fitbit waterproof Rated For Pool & Shower? (Fitbit device Water Resistance 2023)

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Guess what happens when you wear your Fitbit smartwatch or tracker into a swimming pool? The question is are Fitbits waterproof designed?  Water will immediately get it ruined if the Fitbit device is not waterproof rated. And if the Fitbit watch is water resistant, it would withstand the water immersion. So, is Fitbit waterproof designed and safe for the pool and open water?


Fitbit makes the best fitness trackers and recently have release their most advanced smartwatch loaded with fitness and health features. It is enough to question if your Fitbit can endure water immersion.

The truth is that every Fitbit device has some water resistance rating, which determines to what extend a Fitbit watch can survive sweats, moisture, water splashes and pool swim.

A waterproof fitness tracker is a wearable that you can dive with into a pool or shower on a morning without worrying about damaging the wristband. Frankly, Fitbit makes some of the best water resistant watches, some of which you will find here.


 Are fitbits waterproof rated? Is Fitbit waterproof Rated the Pool and Open Water ? Fitbit device water resistance rating
Is Fitbit waterproof Rated for the Pool and Open Water? – Your Fitbit device water resistance rating this year


Is Fitbit waterproof designed?

Fitbit trackers and smartwatches are not completely waterproof. They are just waterproof, to some extent. Your Fitbit is waterproof only if you use it on shallow waters or light shower, or when it withstands moisture and sweat.

In several meters deep waters, or prolong pool swimming, Fitbit devices are not waterproof under such high water pressure

Most fitness trackers, watches and smartwatches are given Ingress Protection(IP) codes–a standardized index to understand ability of a device to resist water.

Some wearable manufacturers do provide the IP ratings for their smartwatches, watches and activity bands, so users can be sure their product meets the right dust and water protection.

Unfortunately, Fitbit does provide the IP numbers for solid(dust) and water protection for their products.


Fitbit trackers have limits

Are fibits waterproof designed? Not really, the Fitbit trackers and smartwatches are designed with a water persistence ratings of 50 meters, which is not fully waterproof rating.

With this peculiar feature, you can determine if your Fitbit device and endure the sweatiest fitness workout, moisture or splashes. Whatever the case, the Fitbit device user manual will indicate or warn you.

Yes, Fitbit watches cannot do anything wrong when submerged, but they got limits. On the water surface, your Fitbit wrist wearable watch can endure splashes but can’t handle deeper water pressure.

Your Fitbit device can also be water resistant, but the components are not. For example, Fitbit accessory bands may get wet under rains, but a silicone strap won’t get damaged by water like leather straps.

This gives you a clear idea that you should choose a Fitbit device for swimming exercises, with a synthetic band, which is impervious to water damage. In that case, you must avoid leather straps or metal bracelet Fitbit watches.



Can I swim or shower with Fitbit device?

Yes, Fitbit device is great for surface water swimming, and light shower. Users have done it and it proves true. You can also run with a Fitbit watch under rains, now it just depends on the amount of rain it can endure.

You can swim and shower with your Fitbit, but that is a great risk. They do not advertise their ingress Protection ratings to make it clearer, like Apple watches.

Again, Fitbit products have warranty protection. What is not well-to-hear is that the Fitbit product warranty protection does not also cover your device if it gets ruined or damaged by water.

Since you won’t want to ruin your best fitness tracker or smartwatch, it is best to remove it when going into a shower, or pool swimming.

The point is, your Fitbit Sense is 50 meters(5ATM) or 165 feet water resistant, but the IP value could further justify if you can immerse the Fitbit sense beyond 1 meters deep or not.

To be clear, a Fitbit device is swim-proof and works great for surface water swimming, and light shower.




Is Fitbit Sense Waterproof rated?

Is Fitbit Sense Waterproof rated?
Is Fitbit Sense Waterproof rated?is fitbit waterproof - Is Fitbit waterproof Rated For Pool & Shower? (Fitbit device Water Resistance 2023)

Fitbit Sense – water resistance rating: 50 meters

According to Fitbit Sense product specification review, it is water resistant up to 165 feet (50 meters). Fitbit sense is also designed with a dedicated swim tracking mode to help you monitor your swim workouts.

Even without its IP rating given, people have tested and proven that you can wear your Fitbit advanced smartwatch for pool swimming and get few laps. This feels totally good to have a watch for tracking your health, sleep, stress, ECG, which also tracks your swim.

Fitbit Sense is the flagship advanced smartwatch from Fitbit, released in 2020. It is full of fitness and health sensors, and you are going to enjoy and make the most of it.

Can I wear Fitbit sense in the shower?

Yes, you can wear, but prolong shower can damage it. Think well not to bathe and expose your device to water ingress. Don’t ruin those all the great things Fitbit sense can do.

Can I wear my Fitbit sense in the ocean?

The ocean is a vast water body. I don’t recommend you wear Fitbit sense into oceans with powerful water splashes more than water jet from a small nozzle pipe. Even if you are going to stay with it on the water surface, I still don’t recommend you wear any Fitbit to sea and oceans.

Is The Fitbit sense waterproof designed tested?

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Is Fitbit Charge 4 waterproof designed?

is fitbit waterproof - Is Fitbit waterproof Rated For Pool & Shower? (Fitbit device Water Resistance 2023)is fitbit waterproof - Is Fitbit waterproof Rated For Pool & Shower? (Fitbit device Water Resistance 2023)Fitbit charge 4 trackerwater resistance rating: 50 meters

Fitbit charge 4 is built to track fitness activities, including tracking outdoor swims. Fitbit Charge 4 is designed with a water-resistance of up to 50 meters according to manufacturing specs.

The brand does not reveal the Fitbit charger 4  IP rating, but owners have confirmed it is safe to swim with the Fitbit charger 4 tracker.

Like best fitness trackers and watches, detergent and some liquids can ruin your Fitbit if exposed to them.

While you can wear the Fitbit charge 4 for bathing and light swim, you should never for once bring it closer to liquid chemicals, soap, conditioners, shampoos and some corrosive substances.

These can attack the rubber gasket, and drastically reduce ability to be water resistant. You aren’t going to measure anything when bathing, as I think.

So why shouldn’t you not consider removing your Fitbit charger 4 fitness watch from your wrist before showering?


Is Fitbit charge 5 waterproof?

Is Fitbit charge 5 waterproof?
Is Fitbit charge 5 waterproof?is fitbit waterproof - Is Fitbit waterproof Rated For Pool & Shower? (Fitbit device Water Resistance 2023)

Fitbit charge 5 advanced fitness trackerwater resistance rating: 50 meters

Fitbit charge 5 is the most advanced fitness and health tracker watch with C and EDA scan app. Like a smartwatch, Fitbit Charge 5 tracker has over 20 exercise tracking modes. One of the sports modes is swimming because it is well equipped and water resistant at 50meters.

Fitbit charge 5 is not like those old models which are better kept dry on land. The Charge 5 Fitbit device is pool-worthy or swim-proof.

It is the brand’s upgrade from the previous model Fitbit charge 4. Is Fitbit Charge 5 waterproof than charge 4 after the upgrade? No. Both trackers have 50meters water resistance and are safe for the pool swim. But you can turn on water lock feature in Fitbit charge 5 for more protection when swimming.

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Is Fitbit charge 3 waterproof?

Is Fitbit charge 3 waterproof?
Is Fitbit charge 3 waterproof?is fitbit waterproof - Is Fitbit waterproof Rated For Pool & Shower? (Fitbit device Water Resistance 2023)

Fitbit Charge 3 – water resistance rating: 50 meters

Fitbit charge 3 is a more affordable Fitbit wrist band for monitoring activities. Even though it is the previous model to Fitbit charge 4, it is still remains an excellent fitness tracker to go with.

Among the Fitbit’s Charge tracker models and line-up, Charge 3 was the first activity wrist monitor capable of accompanying users safely to the bathroom and to the pool.

It looks fantastic, cheaper, dustproof, and not completely waterproof.



Is Fitbit Iconic waterproof?

Fitbit Ionic – water resistant up to 50 meters

Fitbit Iconic is the very first Fitbit’s wearable design with smartwatch features, plus bigger touchscreen. Fitbit sense is more advanced health smartwatch, but Fitbit iconic was the brand’s first true smartwatch with sleek and lightweight design.

One of its impressive feature set is swim proof ability. 165 feet water resistance won’t make Fitbit iconic ready for a diving adventure, buy it makes going for open water swimming without worries.

Except the band is a leather strap, you can easily clean your Fitbit iconic with water and won’t get ruined. Besides, avoid high pressure water jets and splashes against it. Never clean it under a tap.


Is Fitbit Versa 3 waterproof?

Is Fitbit Versa 3 waterproof?
Is Fitbit Versa 3 waterproof?

Fitbit Versa 3  –  water resistance rating: 50 meters

Fitbit charge 3 is GPS equipped for outdoor activities. One of such activities may include swimming. The usual 50 meter water resistant workout tracking Fitbit smartwatch cannot be safely used for underwater adventures down to the depth of 50meters.

The water pressure will immediately ruin the gasket, compress and break some components and letting water inside. You can activate water lock Fitbit Versa 3, for more protection against water.

I cannot also recommend wearing Fitbit Versa 3 for sea water sports, since the salty water would have big destructive(chemically) on the materials of the tracker.


Is Fitbit Inspire 2 waterproof?

Is Fitbit Inspire 2 waterproof?
Is Fitbit Inspire 2 waterproof?is fitbit waterproof - Is Fitbit waterproof Rated For Pool & Shower? (Fitbit device Water Resistance 2023)

Fitbit Inspire 2–water resistance rating of 50m

Fitbit Inspire 2 is one of the best Fitbit trackers with water lock, which automatically turns on as soon as you start a swim workout.

Check If there is this water lock feature in your Fitbit device. It can be automatic or you need to activate the water lock manually to prevent accidental press from water pressure.

Like the 165 feet water resistant Fitbit charge 3, Inspire is not completely waterproof rated although it has water resistance depth rating of 50 meters.  You may want to turn on water lock Fitbit inspire 2 features for more protection.



Is Fitbit Ace 3 waterproof?

Is Fitbit Ace 3 waterproof?
Is Fitbit Ace 3 waterproof?

is fitbit waterproof - Is Fitbit waterproof Rated For Pool & Shower? (Fitbit device Water Resistance 2023)Fitbit Ace 3 – best fitness tracker for kids (water resistance to 50 meters)

First-generation Fitbit trackers were not actually designed for the pool and open water adventures. A device like Fitbit Ace, is claimed to be 50m water resistant but is can’t be used for pool swimming.

The device is just showerproof, and will endure any accidental spills. Immersion in water will just get it damaged in less than a minute. Not only for Fitbit ace 3, it is same as Fitbit ace 2.

I recommend you check how to turn on water lock fitbit Ace 3 features when going to swim or shower with the tracker.


is fitbit luxe waterproof?

is fitbit luxe waterproof?
is Fitbit luxe waterproof?is fitbit waterproof - Is Fitbit waterproof Rated For Pool & Shower? (Fitbit device Water Resistance 2023)

Fitbit Luxe Fitness Tracker – water resistance rating of 5ATM

Fitbit Luxe is another best Fitbit product safely designed and built to wear in the pool. The tracker watch comes with a dedicated swimming workout mode.

While you are swimming, the device will even track how long you’ve been swimming. It does this automatically. For more durability inside water, and against makeing the fitbit get weit, activate water lock on fitbit Luxe.


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Frequently asked Questions

Can I Use Fitbit  for Swimming?

Of course, you can swim with a Fitbit on your wrist.  Fitbit watches can help you to track your swimming activity. All you need is to turn on the swimming exercise app, and the water lock.

For more accurate reading, I recommend you enter the swimming pool length manually into your fitness tracker. Most Fitbits, like Fitbit charge 5 auto-recognize your swim and provides accurate data on your distance, duration, speed, and swimming length.

The Fitbit app, is where to view all these swim data so you can use to improve your performance.


Can I use Fitbit tracker for open water swimming?

Yes. Your Fitbit tracker can accompany you for a swim in the open water bodies – lakes, larger rivers, oceans and larger pools. To help it record accurate data, enter length or allow the fitness tracker to estimate the swimming length.

It uses built-in GPS to also measure your swimming pace in real-time during open pool swimming. Lakes, occeans and sea watwer are filled wih dissoved salt and other chemicals. Make sure to clean your fitbit watch well with fresh water after the swim workout, to avoid saltwater corrosion.


Can I Scuba Dive with Fitbit tracker?

Can I Scuba Dive with Fitbit Charge 5 for example? No. Never do scuba diving with any fitbit device. Most Fitbit trackers and smartwatches are not designed to resist high water pressure.

Submerging the Fitbit or swimming with a fitbit tracker more than 1 meters down or below water furface will damage the gaskets, and the water resistance features.

There are many advanced diving watches from Garmin, seiko and Rolex (the Submariner). If you want an affordable dive watch, check these best dive watches under $300.


How to Clean your Fitbit Device

Often times, you fitbit gets dirty from workout and you need to clean it up. Attempting to clean with soap and water may  seriously damage or even ruin your Fitbit. First, never not use soap, dertergent or other corrosive material to clean your Fitbit . So how do you clean your Fitbit correctly?

Clean Fitbit smartwatch with Damp Cloth

A slightly wet cloth good to clean dirts and mud off your fitbit device and you can do it 2-3 times a day. Cloths suck out moisture, remove dust and dirst from your tracker. This is the best simple way to keep your fitbit watch dry and clean.

Clean Fitbit watch with Ear Buds

A small earbud can get into tiny sport and the crevices of the Fitbit device, where a wet cloth could not. The proper way to wipe dirt off the bronze or gold colored charging ports of smartwatch or fitness tracker is by using cotton sticks like an ear bud. Your device will charge faster if it does not accumulate dust in its charging pins or connectors.

 Use fresh water to clean the Fitbit tracker

A cloth deeped into clean is anoth thourough way to remove mud and dust from fitbit device. It the fitbit is water resistant, a slow speed,  jet of  clean water from small nozzle tap or pipe won’t ruined it.

After cleaning it from slow flowing or dripping tap, dry moisture with a clean white soft towel and place it under sun for droplet evaporation. Do do connect your fitbit for charging immediately after cleaning it.

Clean fitbit silicon bands with water, mild soap or alcohol since they are waterproof.

fitbit fabric and leather bands are not waterproof, so clean them with a dry cloth to remove dust and sweat. Avoid cleaning agents, chemicals.

fitbit metal bands  is not waterproof and can rust or corrode when exposed to water. Use earbud, paper towel, toothbrush, and dry clothd.






Understanding IP waterproof ratings of Fitbit

IP stands for Ingress Protection, which talks about the environment where the Object is placed. It describes how durable a product is, against dust and water. IP information is presented in the form.


X = solid protection. The number describes the level of protection against ingress of foreign objects like dust.

Y = This second digit shows the level of equipment protection against liquids ingress – water ingress.

Z = optional (pressure)

X (solid Protection)Y (water protection)
0No protection against any solidNot protected
1Protection against solid with over 50mm diameterProtected against vertically dripping water
2Protection against solid over 12.5 mm diameterProtected against < 15º tilted dripping water
3Protection against solid over 2.5 mm diameterProtected against Spraying water at 60º vertically
4Protection against solid over 1 mm diameterProtection against splashing water from any direction


5Protection against solid particles (dust)Protected against water jet (6.3mm nozzle) from any direction
6Complete protection against dust (dust tight)Protected against powerful water jet(12.4mm nozzle) any direction
7Protection against water immersion up to 1 meter
8Protection against water immersion beyond 1 meter(high pressure water)
Protection against steam jet from all directions



  • Protected from total dust ingress
  • Protected from high-pressure water jets from any direction


  • Protected from total dust ingress
  • Protected from steam-jet cleaning



  • Highly protected against total dust ingress
  • Protected from shallow water immersion 1m deep



  • Highly protected against total dust ingress
  • Protected from water immersion beyond 1m deep (high pressure)




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