Cardieo Watch – Is It A Legitimate Cardio Smart Watch OR A Scam?

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Marathon racers, outdoor and indoor runners, these people while exercising, want to check their heart health regularly. There is doubt cast on this Cardieo watch, because of poor customer management, and many are wondering if it is legitimate or a scam business. We will see about this, but one features that the sellers claim is that cardio is a heart rate monitor watch. A watch that checks heart performance is a more valuable health tool than fashion. Apart from this Cardieo watch, there are many hear rate monitor smartwatch – Cardio smart watches  around. 

There are a lot of fitness and health data to consider when doing cardiovascular exercises, like walking, jogging and running. Some fitness freaks consider this cardieo smartwatch as good, and a must-have cardio watch. It is not long, since it got to the market, the question is, should you consider buying it? We will figure out if the wearable is worth the money, later in this cardio watch review.


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Cardio smart watch for runners

You won’t buy a cadiac wrist watch without checking the benefits you hope to get from it. While running, you want to keep constant check on your heart rate variability very regularly.

This health health stat an help runners to Improve their athletic performance, Manage stress, make sure they don’t stretch beyond their maximum heart rate.

Even if you want to just lose weight, you need to keep measuring your heart rate. It is important to know when your heart beat has reached the fat-burning heart rate zone Cardieo watch is  Smart to measure your heart beat performance, just like these other heart rate monitor watches.


Cardio smart watch : is Cardieo a scam or legit? smartwatch cardio and lungs capacity monitor
Img: Cardieo smart watch:

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Cardieo Smartwatch- is it worth your consideration?

This wearable is the initiative and the skilled works of Cupertino California. The look and feel of this cardio smart watch indicates it is a replica in design, of an Apple Watch.

As you have seen or used it, Apple watches feature unisex design, with rectangular-shaped watch face and case, with rounded corners. This cardeo watch looks exactly almost, with curved edges, crown button positioned on same side as a pill-shaped button.

If you want to have a feel of luxury on your wrist, and apple watches look expensive for you, this watch is a true Apple Watch replica-designed. The cardio watch is relatively new in the market, and has been earning some interesting cardio smart watch reviews from fans, in the Cardieo website.

While some uses feel unfortunate and they complain about the slow shipping of the watch, and poor technical support, a lot of buyers are happy with their cardio smartwatch deals.

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The Cardio smart watch Specifications

The cardio is a popular watch, majority wants to purchases piece of it. There are some intriguing and cool features, in it. First, let us go look at them. The specs will quickly make you develop your first impression about it.

  • Display: 1.3″ OLED screen
  • Navigation:GPS
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5
  • Battery life : 10 days
  • Water resistance: IP68 waterproof rated
  • Compatibility : android & iOS
  • Sensors: heart rate

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The Cardieo watch Features


Silicone strap

Apple watches use silicone as band materials too. On this cardio smart watch, the strap has a snap-on design, with wrist clearance between 5.5 to 9.5 inches. The sporty strap is adjustable, and to wear and take it off your wrist, it is pretty easier.



You can swim and shower with Apple watches. Since this heart rate checking Cardieo watch is IP68 waterproof rated, you can swim with it too. It will resist light splash from hand-washing, as well as light rains.



This cardiac watch had a 1.3″ OLED display screen which does not look hard to read your performance metrics, time and other information.

Importantly, the screen resolution is at 320×320 pixels, which is a more clearer, visible,and legible screen than those in low quality cheap smartwatches around.

It is hard to say which kind of crystal glass covers the cardio wrist watch face, to protect and keep the screen safe.

One amazing design is, the full color display and the touchscreen make it a pretty good watch for monitoring heart rate during fitness cardio workouts.


Compatible devices

With Bluetooth connectivity, pairing this  Cardeo cardiac watch with your iOS or android smartphone is quite seamless. The manufacturers, used the more latest chip with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.


Cardiovascular features( Heart rate tracker + breathing guide)

This Cardeo mart wearable won’t have anything to do with cardio, if it got no optical heart beat sensor in it. The sellers of this cardio watch laim the wearable is an all-in-ones smart fitness tracker watch.

In addition to the optical light heart rate sensor built into it, the Cardieo watch can track your distance, and tell the number of calories burned.

One additional healthy feature that this smartwatch cardio wearable offers is the breathing guide. Avid runners know that exercises make muscles demand more oxygen, than resting. You can improve your lung capacity by taking breathing exercises to allow more oxygen intake into your blood.

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Sports modes

Many athletes love a fitness smartwatch with multi-sport modes. This cardio smart watch has up to 14 different sports modes. They include walking, running, cycling, hiking, swimming, skiing, yoga and football.


GPS Navigation

The most cherished feature in a good, tough and rugged outdoor smartwatch is GPS. If you want to not lose your destination, or miss your way while hiking or hunting around the mountains, the GPS connection can help. Besides, some of the sport modes even have map trajectory in this cardio watch. Your pace, your location, and your distance traveled, are features that a GPS smartwatch like cardieo with offer you.


Smartwatch cardio Battery life

Ever smartwatch users would want to have the longest battery smartwatch. Unfortunately, there are a lot of power-hungry features in that keep smartwatches smarter. The cardio smartwatch here has about 200 mAH lithium ion battery type that can hold power up to 10 days after a single charge. You can use it for up to 30 days if you set the cardio watch on standby mode.

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Other features of the cardio wrist watch

You will get vibration alarms, message reminders, social app notification and music control. You can even read your message on the smartwatch. If you need dedicated smartwatch for texting, check these best smart watches for texting, reading and replying to messages.



Is Cardieo watch a scam or legit?

Online platform is full of scam, and you never knew who is behind the scene. As a result, this Apple Watch copy, could be scam and it could be a legitimate product. How do we know it?

The smartwatch is pretty cheaper, priced under $100. Can this be genuine or is fake? If you go to the website, it looks like the product has buyers. Several buyers are giving their reviews there, some are good, others are just a disappointment.

To be sure about it, check for more other reviews online, and if possible, dog into the company office location or profile. Besides, you can contact the office with question, regarding shipment, authenticity and wait if they respond.

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Wrap up

When it comes to sports and fitness, GPS, heart rate, sports modes count a lot. I can recommend this smartwatch cardio wearable as an amazing  fitness smart watch. It has a good easy to read screen  and can resist light water splashes or shower. How accurate the heart rate monitor is, is something one can’t tell until you try it out. We will keep looking for more information about this cardio wrist watch. You may, drop us a comment, if you purchased the cardio smartwatch. In case you chance your mind, here, you can check authentic heart beat monitor watches.


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