The 6 Best Iron Man Motorcycle Helmets

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You want a to ride a motorcycle, does going over a neck-breaking speed of 75 mph kind of scares you? If it does, you’re not alone, everyone has something to be afraid of, and crushing a skull and shattering dreams is one that scares people the most. For this reason, some riders just want to get a scooter but they still need a helmet, anyway. Buying an Iron Man motorcycle helmet is the best choice. Not only will friends and other people see you as a superhero, but they’ll stare at you with jaw-dropping looks filled with envy. That’s wealth and power, isn’t it?

Iron man Motorcycle Helmet is one of those real masterpiece headgears designed with the most cherished superhero style. Besides just being an iconic Iron man’s gear with a feeling of super strength.

Iron man’s motorcycle helmets have high-quality construction and their DOT certification is the reason why they’re trustworthy for an extraordinary road ride.

If you are looking for the best Iron man’s motorcycle helmet that is not just affordable, but also fashionable, we got a good list to suggest.


HJC RPHA 70 ST Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet – Unisex style


unisex adult iron man motorcycle helmet with comfortable lightweight performance with glasses friendly design
unisex adult iron man motorcycle helmet with comfortable lightweight performance with glasses friendly design

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If you’re a bad-ass chronic helmet dropper, and need something slightly up the refinement scale with more visual clarity, anti-fogging features, glare shading and more ventilation, try out RPHA 70 ST.

RPHA 70 ST Iron Man helmet is a far advanced upgrade from the discontinued RPHA 10, which was BT-unready. The headgear is very sharp-looking, has a wider peripheral vision, lightweight and Bluetooth enabled.

As most motor-gurus warn, don’t expect to have a good fitting of yourself with a new helmet. Your ears will get squeezed somehow by those comfy side cushions when you will have a snug fit the moment it gets in.

The most challenging is wearing a helmet for the very first time. While shape account for most head gears’ actually fit RPHA 70 ST Iron Man Helmet has an intermediate oval shape which is a bit longer from front to the rear.

If you have used CL-17 helmet before, you’ll notice that RPHA 70 ST Iron Man helmet improves on experience a little. The periphery view is similar for CL-17 but you got an improved degree of clarity thanks to the slightly flat visor, which reduces distortion caused by multi-angle refractions.

HJC thought of every convenience when designing this dual-sport model iron man helmet. The cheekpad has emergency removal features, which allows EMT and paramedics to effortlessly pull off the helmet from the rider’s head in case of a serious accident.

The HJC RPHA 70 has an unbeaten ventilation system. You’ll appreciate it is a great build because you’ll need it, the moment you hit just a normal ride speed on the road, on a very hot sunny day. This helmet moves a tremendous volume of air.

Best overall, the RPHA 70 ST Iron Man Helmet has built in tinted sun shield, a better UV-treatment. Even if you’re wearing prescription glasses, you still have a far better vision on low sunny days. Trust me, don’t expect any helmet to actually block the out all UV rays.

HJC uses an Advanced Premium Integrated Matrix Plus(carbon fiber and carbon glass) design to build this high-quality helmet and that is why it is unfortunately very expensive to buy. Rock solid helmet build with built with hybrid fabric material for good shock resistance during crashes.

Also, it gets a bit noisier due to fast and furious inflow of air when you ride at neck-breaking speeds. Yet,  if you can live frugally and buy this superhuman motorcycle helmet, you’ll never get to worry.

what is the best iron man motorcycle helmet - the best choice for riders
Img: iron man motorcycle helmet – the best choice for riders

Pros – Reasons to order one

  • Prescription Eye glasses and sun glasses friendly.
  • Unisex design –  adult men and women can wear
  • Has a vent control for easy airflow
  • U.V. Protected
  • Lightweight (3,3lb) touring helmet with a rigid shell
  • Overall, RPHA 70 has premium quality and expectation
  • Has shield has pins for Anti Fog insert
  • Smart helmet with intercom system
  • DOT certified and meets European CE 22.05 standards
  • 5 years warranty from manufacturing date
  • Anti-bacterial and comfortable inner lining
  • Most parts are removable and washable
  • Advanced Premium Integrated Matrix Plus  designed




1storm Full Face Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

Iron man full face motorcycle helmet - 1STORM Motorcycle Bike Full FACE Helmet Booster Skull
Iron man full face motorcycle helmet – 1STORM Motorcycle Bike Full FACE Helmet Booster Skulliron man motorcycle helmet - The 6 Best Iron Man Motorcycle Helmets

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If you want to survive an accidental cut off by a speedy car, wear this full face 1STORM helmet when going on your next cycling or motorcycling adventures, perhaps a 1000 mile ride.

Trust this rider’s skull helmet, it is Dot approved and has worn a lot of compliments. It won’t crash a bit even if you dropped it on the floor multiple times. Most verified users have confirmed it, saving their life from permanent skull damage during collisions.

The full face iron man helmet has got a heavily cushioned and shock absorbing thick padding, an ultra-light weight, rigid and durable thermoplastic alloy shell which can hold up in any high-impact crash.

Even if you are riding at 30mph, you won’t feel too much air inflow through the 5-position ventilation channel. The air vents work amazingly well to keep the helmet fresh. But if you feel any suffocation while riding during a hot sunny day, the helmet’s got a shade, you can leave it open.

This iron man helmet model will immediately get your kids, your passengers or any first time user thrilled at the extraordinary looks and feel. The tint of the visor is not as dark as in other helmets, so if you’re worrying about visibility, you can see through this one even at night.

You can include a defogger for the visor, because sometimes the full face skull helmet does fogs up according to some users. All sizes are available. If you have a big head, get the extra-large and if you are an overall petite man or woman, pick the small size.

If you have chubby cheeks, you’ll for sure feel the foam inside the popular iron man’s helmet is really tight, but you can get a good fit if you stretch it with clamps.

If you don’t own a motorcycle, wear it for high speed biking or cycling sports since the helmet is aerodynamically shaped (allows easy and fast air flow over your head)


HJC Iron man motorycle helmet - joint the justice leaque with your helmet
img: HJC Iron man motorycle helmet – joint the justice leaque with your helmet

Why You should buy it

  • Easy to use and clean and the visor can be easily replaced
  • Good helmet at a cheap price
  • It’s the best helmet for the money
  • You don’t need to wear sunglasses with this beautiful helmet
  • Clear, and not-difficult-to-see visor, visible even in darkness
  • strap is very convenient; you just need to learn how to use it



HJC IS-17 Marvel Iron Man Street Motorcycle Helmet

DOT certified iron man motorcycle helmet
Img: DOT certified iron man motorcycle helmet for street ride

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This is another iconic Iron man HJC motorcycle helmet created together with marvel as partner. It is designed with advanced polycarbonate on the outer shell, multiple density EPS liner that makes it lightweight but super strong against crashing impact.

Another one of the high detailed durable construction is the advanced channeling ventilation system (ACS) which keeps the inside of the headgear more breathable, with fresh cool air. This is wonderfully a more comfortable helmet with a superior fit.

Another superb protection is the integrated sunshield, which is easier to operate. You can use a button to adjust how far the visor has to come down. In addition to the 95% UV protection on the face shield, they added scratch coating, so it won’t get scratches easily if the rider makes a hard collision.

Like the HJC RPHA Iron man’s motorcycle helmet, IS-17 is also fitted with a center shield locking mechanism which you can operate even with gloved hands while riding.

One health concerns of wearing helmets is getting a bacterial infection from sweat. The health bonus here is that the super cool cheek pad, as well as the comfortable liner, are antibacterial, removable and moisture wicking.

The iron man IS-17 helmet, in all its design, is DOT-approved. Although it has no Bluetooth, the helmet comes with some pluses.

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Reason why You should purchase it

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Safer with impact-absorption features
  • Has ventilation system provide superior breathability
  • Infection-free interior with antibacterial material
  • Moisture cannot accumulate inside



Masei Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet -DOT iron man motorcycle helmet

Full Face Motocross Helmet D.O.T Certified Motorcycle Flip Open Mask Masei Helmet, Iron Man Transformers
Full Face Motocross Helmet D.O.T Certified Motorcycle Flip Open Mask Masei Helmet, Iron Man Transformers

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If you don’t want just an ordinary motorcycle helmet and you’re looking for an extraordinary helmet for a unique riding adventure, Masei Ironman is the right gear.

It is unlikely that another bike rider will have the same model as you. So it is not a common, although the helmet is currently trendy among iron man fans.

Masei 610 Atomic Man motorcycle helmet is a good-looking head protector with a matte black finishing style. The color options and many, you can also go for gold, green and red-colored models.

More importantly, the Masei iron man motorcycle helmet is made to for you to survive accidental crashes and protection. The ABS shell is lightweight, rigid and tougher against crashes and beatings.

The first impression when your eyes fall on this helmet is the iron man styled yes slots signature. You want to go the heroic way, this helmet is constructed with acceptable qualities,

They make the interior padding of the headgear with comfortable leather liner, so you should expect to arrive at your destination injury-free.

In addition to being a reliable DOT endorsed riders gear like the RPHA 70, one remarkable features most avid riders love in this one, is the flip-up visor. The D-strap is a plus because you can lock your helmet and let it perfect fit your head.

Unfortunately, you got to pay more dollars for this unit, even though it does not have the best sound isolation system.


Reasons to to buy it

  • Has flip-up visor
  • Removable pad and liners
  • Small, medium, large and extra-large sizes available
  • Comfortable interior lining
  • Lightweight for all day ride
  • Fits most head shapes


masei-iron-man-motorcycle-helmet-ride like the movie stars
img: masei-iron-man-motorcycle-helmet-ride like the movie stars



Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet

Electric iron man motorcycle helmet - Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet
Electric iron man motorcycle helmet – Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet

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This is another Iron Man Electronic helmet, which is designed with toughest marvels, iconic hard-shell. What is quite stunning is the detachable magnetic face plate that’s fitted with glowing LED eyes and excellent sound effects. If you attach or detach this faceplate to the helmet, the electric powered LED eyes will come lighting up.

I wish I could be a like a true Iron Man and Spiderman heroes. Together with avengers and X-Men, I’ll send bad boys out of the city undefeated. That feeling of being something powerful than the world is the reason why this helmet is an ultimate movie-inspired piece for fans and collectors.

The Tony Sharks metal plated head protecting helmet comes in a beautiful and premium finishing and detailing. Wear this electronic helmet, and people will get to believe the Spiderman and iron man do not exist only in movies.

Based on the justice seeking character of iron man, Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet remains a mark of bravery. You got to wear the mask like a Spider-Man, and you got to ride on the road like a Marvel legend.

If you want comfort in this movie-inspired Iron Man helmet, you’ll get comfort. The interior lining and padding of this iron man helmet really comfortable. The Depending on what you expect, you’ll find yourself delightfully surprised when you receive this product.

It is cool and affordable, but you’ll get moderately disappointed because the straps are weird and fixed at an odd position. Apart from these uncomfortable straps, the visor is blurred or not clear in poor light environment according to some customers. Expect the helmet to wobble or wiggle if your head is not a match and it’s smaller.

iron-man-motorycle-helmet - ride like a hero - marvel spider man
img: iron-man-motorycle-helmet – ride like a hero – marvel spider man

Reason to buy

  • The light up eyes look cool
  • Quality piece, which is easy to put on
  • Iconic tough shell
  • It’s an electric iron man motorcycle helmet–it requires battery
  • The magnetic face plate is a nice touch
  • It’s super cheap as compared to other models of iron man helmets



Captain America Civil War Iron Man Helmet with Bluetooth Speaker


Captain America Iron man helmet with Bluetooth speaker
Img: Iron man motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakeriron man motorcycle helmet - The 6 Best Iron Man Motorcycle Helmets

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You remember the famous avengers’ movies? This civil war iron man’s helmet got its inspiration from that. While many people love these brave movie characters who fight to seek for justice, this Iron man’s helmet makes you a real world hero.

This helmet is super lightweight designed, weighing just about 1.54 pounds(0.7lg). You won’t feel like carrying any load. Also, the item dimension measures just about 6.7 L by 8.6 W by 8.3 H inches. It looks pretty compact, small and suitable for iron man’s child or any kids who get crazy riding.

The DOT certified construction includes a wonderful ventilation control system. It is designed with advanced channeling airflow system, so you won’t suffer any suffocation on a hot sunny day as your helmet will remain super cool.

The movie inspired iron man’s helmet design includes wireless and portable Bluetooth speakers which can connect to your smartphone for auto answering of calls, for mp3 audio entertainment or enjoy an internet radio. The accessory is great, because you can stream your audio collection wirelessly at a distance of 33 feet.

The headset Bluetooth can also connect to the computer and other gadgets. But you need a rechargeable battery to power the Bluetooth and the eyes. The Captain America Civil War Iron Man Helmet Bluetooth device produces high quality plus bass sound. You’re going to love it.

If you want to enjoy a 1000 miles motorcycle ride adventure, get this Iron Man motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth. On a single charge, you can get entertained with without interruption. Included in the purchase is a USB charging cable.

The feel is super great, wearing a movie star Bluetooth helmet, if you include a feature packed wearable like a smartwatch – particularly Apple or Samsung watches, you are ready for any adventure out there.

I think, to avoid the convenience of having to pull out your phone and check messages and calls, a smartwatch that can text or call, which is Bluetooth compatible, is a nice combination.

Reason to order it

  • Lightweight, comfortable
  • Has Bluetooth speaker for calls and entertainment
  • features rechargeable battery and USB charging cable
  • Dot certified Iron Man Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth
  •  You will get a full package. You won’t have to work on it additionally.



How to pick the right Iron man motorcycle helmet

how to choose thr ight iron man motorcycle helmet
img: how to choose thr ight iron man motorcycle helmet

If you regularly rely on a bike and motorcycle for your daily transportation, you have to consider your travel safety first. If your best option for head protection is the iron mans motorcycle helmets, here are just few things to check before ordering your headgear.


Safety features

The helmet construction must meet the helmet DOT or SNELL certification for safety standards. You must not purchase a helmet because it looks attractive, because it may not endure crashes or protect your skull or brain for what is coming to you on the road.

 Comfort and Fit

You may have a bigger head and the helmet will feel too tight, almost crushing your cheeks. You got to pick the right fit iron man’s motorcycle helmet that will just be snug on your head, but easier to remove in case you need to.

Is the helmet your head size? The Importantly on helmet size is to let the Iron man motorcycle helmets fit your head, not too loose, not too tight.

To check if it’s your appropriate helmet size, try fitting your picky finger between the helmet and your head. If it gets in just easily, your head can fit perfectly on it

The shape of your Head

The helmet could be your right head size, but the shape won’t make you feel convenient. If your head is round shaped, go for round helmets. If your head is long and oval, pick a long oval-shaped iron man’s motorcycle helmet. Actually, it is the rider’s head jawline that matters a lot in picking a helmet that fits.

Materials of Helmet

You won’t get any comfort wearing a stainless steel made iron man’s helmet for a rider. The materials of the helmet may influence your comfort, price and its ability to save you.

Polycarbonate helmets are budget friendly but they absorb impact energy. Carbon fiber and glasses are tougher, lightweight but expensive materials that equally absorb collision energy. EPS foam in the inner liner just gives your head and cheeks some soft cushion.

Weight of helmet

A lightweight iron man helmet feels more comfortable than a heavier one. Most motor riders cherish less heavy helmets because they won’t cause head twist problems in the middle of your ride.

Other features

Sun shades protect your eyes from UV rays, ventilation system allows free circulation of air and makes your head feel fresh and cool.

What about the helmet colors? A good color contributes to the aesthetics of the protective gear on your head. Material that is solid, strong, durable and shock absorbing are just part of the safety construction you should expect your ideal helmet to have.

If you consider all the vital points, sure, you’ll be able to purchase a perfect iron man’s motorcycle helmet with excellent quality – one that will make you enjoy your ridings across the city, without any danger.


Try Custom Painted Iron Man Motorcycle Helmets

You love custom painted motorcycle helmet? If you want to decorate your iron man motorcycle helmet, you just have to design a metal iron helmet and paint it out.

There are many custom-painted iron man helmets in the market, but I will prefer you design yours. Here is how to make the coolest painted iron man motorcycle helmet.

Here is how to make the coolest iron man helmet in your own taste, with air brushing and custom work that looks different. But I think custom painted motorcycle half helmet is much more budget friendlier and less tedious to make.

How can I customize my motorcycle helmet?

Depending on the material color, you can choose to paint the entire helmet with one color first. White is a preferred color. After, you mask up some parts and spray the paints on the other parts.

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How Effective Are Iron Man Helmets for motorcycle riding?

Iron man’s motorcycle helmet is high quality and DOT certified for an extraordinary road ride. Like other sports helmets, iron man motorcycle helmets are proper head protection for motorcyclists. They are the best solution for motorcyclists to avoid untimely death and disability.

Riding a motorcycle is not so much an injury-free motor vehicle ride. Motorcycle accidents are the most common traffic incidents in the highways. Either someone can crash into you, or you get cut off by a car driving at high speed.

If you collide, things can get to be devastating if you were riding without a tougher iron man helmet to protect your head against injury or concussion.



How much does an Ironman helmet cost?

Most of the iron man motorcycle helmets you can purchase for under $500. On average pricing, many customers got their helmets under $200 but you can get lucky to have a legendary iron man’s headgear for just $100.


Is the Iron Man helmet DOT approved?

Yes, Iron man helmet have DOT certification and you don’t need to worry, the helmets meet USD safety standards. Some DOT approved iron man full-face motorcycle helmets include HJC RPHA 70 ST, HJC IS_17 Marvel and Masei Iron man helmets. There are many more DOT endorsed Iron man helmets.


Can you see through Iron Man mask?

Can you see out of the Iron Man mk5 helmet, for example? YES, the 2 eye slits make you can see through the Iron man mask. They designed they helmet with slots for vision for some helmets, have an LED that light up brightly when the iron man’s suit is working.


How big is the Iron Man helmet?

Iron Man Helmet 76165 measures around 7.5” (19cm) high, 4” (10cm) wide and 4.5” (12cm) deep. Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet item dimension is 9.49 L x 14.02  W x 10.51 H in inches. Take a look at new motorized iron man bike helmet.

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What is the best Iron Man motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth?

Marvel Iron Man iHome Helmet Bluetooth and the Captain America Civil war Iron man motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakers. It is modeled after Tony Starks helmet and a wireless Bluetooth speaker included for entertainment, and communication.


What is the best Iron Man helmet?

  • HJC RPHA 70 ST Iron Man Style Helmet
  • HJC IS-17 Marvel Iron Man Street Motorcycle Helmet
  • 1storm Full Face Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

Also check this Iron Man 2 MK5 Helmet Wearable & Animatronic Review

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