How to wear crop top with belly fats(Stylish way to ear crop top with Chubby tummy)

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Wondering how to wear crop top with belly fats? Crop tops aren’t designed only for skinny, beautiful ladies. Fat girls cal also wear them regardless of the si of their tummy. This article guides you on how to wear a crop top if you have a fat tummy.


What is a crop top, anyway?

Crop tops are cutely designed ladies’ dresses. A crop top is a woman’s informal outfit that is usually not the same length as a normal dress. It is a shortened dress that exposes a person’s stomach, navel, and waistline.

Today, most ladies wear crop tops as a symbol of sexuality. Generally, crop tops are dresses made and meant for skinny persons, like most female celebrities. The dress is designed to fall above the midriff section and tend to expose love handles.

However, people with belly fat might question how to wear a crop top with belly fat.

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Can people with big belly fat wear crop tops?

 Can you wear a crop top if you are plus size? Of course, if you are chubby, you can! All you need is confidence. Every woman on earth has insecurities.

If you are fat, the idea of exposing your belly or thigh might be scary for you and that’s because of societal stigma that only slim is beautiful. Well, the idea that fat girls can’t wear crop tops is a lie.

You shouldn’t let your plus-size insecurities stop you from wearing whatever you want to express yourself in. Crop tops are the cutest outfits for casual and occasional wear for ladies.

You shouldn’t be insecure about wearing a crop top if you feel a little extra fat under your belly or abdomen. Look at these tips on how people with belly fat can wear crop top.

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How to wear crop top with belly fats?

One can actually wear a crop top regardless of having belly fat by styling them in various ways. There are various ways in which one can style a crop top to hide belly fat and also get rid of the notion that crop tops are meant only for skinny girls. How can you wear crop top with belly fat? Here’s how.


Wear it with high waist pants

 High waist bottoms, particularly jeans, helps to hold belly fat inside the pants. It also helps to bring out one’s hips and waistline. High waist pants do a perfect job to hide heavy belly fat as they fit properly.

Actually, Jeans that hold your chubby tummy in with a supportive waistline, are perfect for giving you the confidence you need to pull off the crop.

Also, while pairing high waist jeans with crop tops, you should go for footwears that match or contrasts the colors of your outfit. Pairing this casual outfit with sneakers makes it look awesome when going out to meet friends.


Style it as a co-ord set

 A co-ord set is virtually a whole outfit where the color of the top half of the outfit is the same as the bottom part of it. When one is trying to think about how to wear a crop top with belly fat, using it as a co-ord set seems to be a reliable option.

A co-ord set really makes a person appear put together in their outfit choice. It also makes the person wearing it look slimmer and taller. A co-ord set has multiple uses and when it is paired with the proper footwear, it makes people with belly fat look smart and confident.


Wear flowy or baggy crop tops

 Tight fitting crop tops tend to expose one’s belly fat excessively. To avoid this problem, you should preferably go in for oversized or baggy crop tops.

The oversized look of the baggy crop top gives a notion that the person has a smaller torso and takes all the attention away from the belly area. It is the same thing with flowy crop tops, but they limit the person from matching it with many other things since it doesn’t go with most dresses.


Pair it with structured fabric

 Generally, people often wear crop tops with leggings. But people with a belly who wear crop top should go for structured fabric clothing. The best thing to go with is high waist tweed denim.  It also carves slightly the belly of the person wearing it.


Use of outwear to go with crop tops

 The layering of clothes seems to play an important role in most styling issues in the fashion industry. Crop tops help to hide belly fat in the stomach region when you wear outwears like a trench coat or jacket with an open zipper.

However, it isn’t so necessary to wear a trench coat or jacket to create a solution for how to wear a crop top with belly fat. You can also pair it with a light sweater.

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By wearing darker color shades

 If you want to look slimmer and taller in crop tops, wear them with darker shades. Dark dresses hides the creases and folds in one’s body. This hereby creates a delicate, creaseless outline of the body.

If one wants to put on a dark-colored crop top, it would be best to wear a black fitted crop top because it will outline one’s body better. This gives the person wearing it has a slim waist.


Pair the crop top with a sweater dress for winter

 During winter, if someone with a belly wants to wear a crop top, they can hide it using a sweater dress. The sweater crop top dress does an excellent job in hiding excess belly fat and keeps one warm in winter.

There are various ways that People style Crop Top sweater dresses to achieve different looks for different occasions. You can pair your crop tops up with lace-up leather boots for a function. One can also pair it with pants and sneakers to create a casual look that is ideal for meeting with friends.


Layer the crop top

 One can use the classic technique of layering to hide excessive belly fat. Layering is where one can wear a crop top over a shirt to give it a formal effect. This hereby hides the belly fat that could have been noticeable if one was wearing just the crop top.


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how to feel comfortable wearing crop tops

 So how to wear a crop top modestly depends on your style if you feel comfortable covering up your fleshy belly fat or not. But some women would want to be comfortably exposing their abs and chubby abs. What to wear inside a crop top also plays a a big part.

  1. Be confident

The first step to wearing a crop top is to be confident. I know that sounds easier said than done, but that’s all it takes.

It’s not only slim people that lack confidence. Nope. Anyone can develop confidence if they have the correct mindset and attitude. What’s the harm in wearing a crop top? Is any person going to notice? Maybe. Are they going to pass judgement? Well you should not care.

The first step toward confidence is to recognize that no one else’s view of you has any superiority on your self-worth. So proudly display your tummy and know that you look amazing!

  1. Go high waisted

When it comes to dressing a gorgeous crop top, high-waisted skirts and trousers are everyone’s best friend! If you’re serious about pulling off the crop and high-waisted style, then go for it!

  1. Wear with jeans

Plus size womens Jeans with a supportive waistline that holds your stomach in are ideal for giving you the confidence to wear the crop.

  1. Wear co-ords

Co-ords is a very incredible style. However, it can appear as though you are wearing pyjamas. Break up this pattern by revealing your skin a lot more.

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How to wear a crop top that is too short 

  1. Opt for high-rise pants or shorts to create a casual vibe

 If you are not a fan of exposing your tummy, high-rise pants hot you covered. You might pair your high-rise pants with your favourite crop top for a simple and fashionable outfit that won’t have you feeling exposed. You can also pair a crop top with a high-waisted shorts and sneakers for a casual outfit.

  1. Select a high-waisted skirt for a feminine look and feel

A good dress to pair your crop top with is a belly skirt that sits above your belly button. You can even choose a skirt that touches the ground for a more whimsical vibe.

  1. Wear overalls over your crop top for a trendy look

Overalls are so fashionable and will make a great pair with crop tops, particularly if you do not want your belly button exposed. If you do not mind showing your sides, you can choose a more relaxed outfit.


So what do you do when your crop top is too short?

One common way to wear a short crop top when you have belly fat is to cover it up with your go-to summer outwear. Something like a denim jacket or blazer can be a nice way to tone down the short crop top during the day.

Also, leather moto jacket can make another layer over a short crop top at night. The exciting thing is that a short crop top works with a variety of bottoms and the jackets, you can get them peeled off and placed over the shoulders when the climate outdoors gets too hotter.

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how to wear a crop top modestly

You know, Crop tops are in fashion now, however that does not imply you’ve got to expose a ton of your body in case you need to put on one.

If you want to look modest in your crop top outfit, choose to wear crop top without showing your stomach. You can wear a crop top with frills to hide the tummy.

There are so many simple methods to rock and slay a crop top without having to expose your stomach.  You can wear layer tops beneath or over the crop top.

You can as well pair one with high-waisted bottoms. You may even get long and baggy crop tops so that you can put them on with whatever you want.


How can you hide your stomach in a crop top?

You can hide your stomach in a crop top through many ways. But here are simple steps on how to wear a crop top without showing your belly to the public.

  • Put on a camisole underneath your crop top for an elegant look

You can put on your camisole to cover your belly while your crop top remains the focal point of your outfit. You can use a camisole that compliments the color of your crop top and combine it with your favourite pants, skirt or shorts to make the outfit complete.

  • Pair your crop top with a button-up for a preppy vibe

A button-up can turn a crop top into a simple dress. All you need to do is wear your favorite button up and layer the crop top over it. These tops combination are good with any types of bottoms like jeans, shorts and even skirts. For a more formal outfit, you can pair a white button-up with a solid-colored  crop top and pants. You can wear heels for a complete and formal look.

  • Wear a T-shirt underneath your crop top

You can wear a t-shirt of any kind under your crop top for a comfortable and stylish look. You can pair it with jeans or skirt since it is a casual outfit.

  • Wear a blazer over your crop top if it’s chilly

 If you want to wear a crop top without exposing your stomach, put on a sweater, a jacket or a blazer and button it underneath your bust. You can pair it with a trouser or slim skirt if you want a professional look.

  • Choose a longer crop top to hide your midriff

Some crop tops are longer than others. Not all crop tops end below the bust. If you want something more conservative, get a longer type. You can choose the one that hits below your belly button, then find the right pants for them. This will help cover your stomach.

  • Choose a crop top with a boxy shape to balance your outfit

Boxy crop tops go perfectly well with form fitting trousers. This combination isn’t so tight or restricting. This way you can hide your stomach in a crop top.

  • Select a flowy crop top so don’t feel so exposed

Crop tops shouldn’t always be tight fitting. Go in for a crop top made with fabrics that do not grip the body like cotton, chiffon or knit. Go in for flowy tops. The extra cloth will help cover your stomach regardless of any type of bottoms you pair them with. You can as well wear a flared crop top with high rise shorts. This is perfect for sunny weathers.

How to wear crop top with belly fats - how to wear crop top with big tummy
How to wear crop top with belly fats


How can I hide my belly in a crop top with jeans

Belly jeans and crop top will never go out of style. You can pair crop top with jeans and still look modest and heavenly, without your abs and navel showing.

And if you do not know what to wear for a picnic or dates, be sure to rely on crop tops and belly jeans. If you want to know how you can wear a crop top with jeans without showing stomach, check out the paragraphs below.


How can you wear crop top with jeans without showing stomach?

  1. Crop top with high-waisted jeans and a blazer

 If you admire putting on crop tops but you are skeptical about exposing your body, all you need do is pair a crop top and belly jeans with a casual blazer. This will make your outfit stylish.

  1. Crop top with a button-down shirt

Crop tops look cute over a t-shirt, camisole and even a fitted white button-down blouse. This pairing combination is a great one for those who do not want their stomachs showing.

  1. Denim jackets with a crop top and high-waisted jeans

You can pair your crop top with belly jeans and a denim jacket. This makes you look elegant and stylish in summer. It also keeps you warm and cozy during winter.

  1. Crop top with high-waisted pants and a cozy sweater

Crop top, high-waisted pants, and a cute sweater are perfect to wear during winter. If you want to look casual yet cute, pair your crop top with boyfriend high-waisted jeans and add a sweater over it. This will have you feeling warm and chic.




What to wear inside crop top if you are plus size

We have seen how to wear a crop top that’s too short. One way is to wear a garment and wear the crop top over it. What do you wear under a short crop top? It by Layering Tops.

  • Shirt or T-shirt

Almost any kind of shirt can go underneath a crop top. There are a few T-shirts that can perfectly fit that style. Just slip a Fitting T-Shirt underneath your crop top for a comfy feel. For a more stylish outfit with a casual feel, match it with bottom jeans or a denim skirt. A long-sleeved t-shirt also works perfectly.

  • camisole

You can also choose to wear a camisole underneath your crop top if you want an elegant look. Pick a pretty camisole that will cover your big tummy, but style it in a way that your crop top still remains the focal point of your outfit. A good color cami under the crop top plus your favorite pants, shorts or skirt can make an eye-catching and complete outfit.

  • Wear a button up inside crop top.

Pair your crop top with a crisp button-up garment and there you have a more modest outfit. First, wear your favorite button up and layer crop top over it. Many kinds of bottoms, like trousers, low-rise wide-leg jeans, or a skirt, can complement the whole style.

A white button-up underneath a solid-colored crop top plus a piece of jewelry is a wonderful selection with formal looks. It is also great outfit for Campus dressing or shopping.


Do you wear a bra under your crop top?

Most often, bras should go under crop tops, especially if you are wearing a fitting sport crop top when working out. This is because most sport crop tops already have some padding and inserts.

However, if you wore a loose or relaxed crop top while running down the road or pounding a fat burning treadmill, you need a bra for extra support. So  wear a sport bra underneath your crop top for support is a good idea.

The most important criteria is to offer support, so the bra should be comfortable and stay in place and not visible to your crop top. Again, the bra must not be too tight and cause visible bulges in your crop top, else that looks insane to the eyes.

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how to wear a crop top modestly without navel showing?

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FAQ – Different Styles of Wearing a Crop Top with Belly Fat

What tops to wear if you have big stomach?

  • Loose tops
  • t-shirts
  • tunics.

A loose piece of clothing on the top is a modest choice if you don’t want to show your belly fat. But you should not make a mistake of selecting a top that is too big, which will visually make you look bigger.


Who should not wear a crop top?

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini, you’ll for sure not feel welcomed in the line of crop tops. Most people think crop top requires only slim and fit figure body sizes. No, if you look overweight, with large waistline, you can wear it only if you have the confidence.


What are crop tops inappropriate?

Crop tops are generally not bad, they are inappropriate for people, families, parents of girls with modesty standard. If your school or company has a dress code, wearing a crop top will be unacceptable. Again, some ladies don’t just want to call a lot of attention from young boys and guys around, especially if they are already engaged or married. For a teenage girl, crop top is ok, but inappropriate inside school campus.


Can a 30 year old woman wear crop top?

There is no age limit when you should stop wearing crop tops. From a teenage girl to your mid adult age to 30 years, 40 years, 60 years or senior lady, you can still wear your crop top. It is a cute outfit for all ages, so wear it if you can feel comfortable and confident.


What age should you stop wearing crop tops?

Some people with a modest style of dressing believe that women should ditch belly-baring crop tops by the age of 34 and that a lady should avoid showing off her midriffs in bikinis when she reaches 40.

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