How To Set Time On Fitbit Fitness Tracker( + Date, Time zone)

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How to set time on Fitbit device? It is pretty a simple task. Let us go find out how to change time and date and time zones if they are shown incorrect in your Fitbit device.

Fitbit is a reputable brand that makes fitness and sports wearables – fitness activity trackers and smartwatches. Most athletes, fitness enthusiasts, outdoor sportsmen and women have one model of Fitbit or the other.

While they use their Fitbit devices to track their everyday fitness levels, some Fitbit users sometimes get wrong time display. Sometimes, the Fitbit time is still wrong after syncing with a paired phone.

How to change time on Fitbit is straightforward, but let us figure out why your Fitbit fitness tracker could be showing incorrect time even after factory reset.

How to set time on fitbit charge 5 advanced fitness and health tracker


Why won’t my Fitbit show the correct time?

Why are you seeing wrong date and time on Fitbits? Whether you have Fitbit Versa, Fitbit Charge, Alter, Ionic, Surge, blaze, Ace, Zip, or Flex tracker,  Fitbit devices for the most part, are incredibly consistent in timekeeping.

This is observable, especially when you’ve entered a different time zone.  However, they’re not very perfect. There are some possible causes why you’re experiencing wrong date and time on Fitbit, which to me is very annoying.

So Why won’t my Fitbit show the correct time?

Here are probable causes of wrong time showing on a Fitbit device

1. Fit does not support your paired device

If you have a smartphone which Fitbit does not support, you won’t be able to change time on your Fitbit using the mobile app. We are going to see in few steps how to set time on Fitbit wearables using the mobile app.

2. Fitbit firmware glitches

You can’t still tell figure out why your Fitbit watch is still showing inaccurate time and date? Fitbit has the expertise in making advanced fitness trackers and smart wearables. There is no reason why my Fitbit shouldn’t display correct time except for slight software or firmware glitches. If your paired phone is not supported, re-sync your Fitbit sport watch and it will still be displaying the wrong time.

3. You entered into a new time zone

Dis you recently travel between different time zones with your Fitbit device? If for example, your Fitbit charge HR is exactly about 4 hours off from the correct time zone, you probably have migrated from one time zone or country to another. That is common for frequent multi time zone travelers. Have just a little patience, and we’ll show you how to set time zone on Fitbit devices.

Again, if you recently got a new Fitbit device, you have to configure it and do the proper setting before time runs smoothly. Until you set your time correct time zone, sure, your Fitbit will still not be displaying precise time. You’ll also learn how to set clock on Fitbit watches.

4. Wrong time format

Finally, if you want to track dual time–international and local time, you would have to switch between the regular 12hour time and the 24-hour military time (international time) like in a GMT watch. This article is going to guide you on how to set military time on Fitbit trackers.


Quick Guide: How to set time on Fitbit charge 5

Here is a quick guide if you are in a hurry. It’s a video on how to se time on Fitbit charge 5 advance fitness and health tracker.

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How to set time on Fitbit with Mobile App

If my Fitbit charge HR is not showing correct time and date, I can set the time through mobile app. This technically means I have to sync the tracker with the compatible smartphone.

Syncing with the paired device will automatically set time on Fitbit according to the time zone where you are located. The correct time and date will get updated automatically when syncing is done effectively.

How to set time on fitbit devices using Mobile App on phone
How to adjust Fitbit Time using Fitbit App on a Paired Smartphone

How to fix wrong time and date on Fitbit –  sync the device

  • Make sure your Fitbit is connected to an iOS or Android device
  • Select the Fitbit icon of your smartphone–Click to open the Fitbit app
  • Select the Fitbit device that needs to be synced. The device icon is at the top of the screen.
  • Pull down like in a swipe to refresh
  • Allow the device to sync to your tracker and update time automatically

Make sure your phone and the Fitbit device are within the Bluetooth range to keep connectivity active. Also, make sure the time zone and location are correct, so that you won’t end up with another wrong time.

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How to change time on Fitbit manually

If the Fitbit Mobile app can’t help you change time on your Fitbit device, using your paired phone, try out the manual way. Besides the phone, you can also use a computer to sync and change the time on your Fitbit manually.

Steps on how to adjust time on Fitbit manually on phone

  • Launch the Fitbit app
  • click “Account” (bottom right corner of your phone’s app screen)
  • You may see a small menu showing when you last synced the Fitbit
  • Go to Advanced Settings
  • choose Time Zone from the options showing up,
  • Toggle off if Set automatically is turned on(looks green). This switches automatic time zone tracking “off” and allows you to change your Fitbit’s time zone manually.
  • Go to the main dashboard and swipe down to Force Sync, your Fitbit tracker for update.


How to change time on Fitbit manually online using a computer

  • On your computer, open the browser
  • Go to website and log into your Fitbit account
  • Click settings and some options will show up
  • Scroll down and choose Advanced Settings on the list
  • Another list of choice come up. Choose Time zone.
  • Click “Fitbit connection” icon and tap on “Sync Now” to Sync with your Fitbit watch

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How to set clock on Fitbit Charge 5 – change clock face

One of my friends experienced a “Clock Error” on his Fitbit Blaze, which required that he should change the Fitbit clock face. Here is the step I will take to change the Clock Face on My Fitbit.

  • Open your Fitbit app on your chosen device
  • Tap on “Today”
  • Select your profile picture > device image
  • Tap on clock faces > All Clocks
  • Choose your favorite clock face from the available clock faces that show up
  • Sync your Fitbit device to update the change


How to change Fitbit charge 5 clock face

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How to set time zone on Fitbit

If you want to change to a new time zone on your Fitbit device, so that it fixes to correct time , here is how to do it.

  • First turn off your automatic time zone
  • Open Fitbit app in your paired device in a close range
  • Choose Account icon from Fitbit app home screen(top menu section). Looks like a text paragraph.
  • With the right device selected, choose account settings(maybe just settings)
  • Scroll down to the time zone option
  • Click on the circled caret down icon and choose the desired time zone you want to set. You will see some time zone set like Singapore(GMT + 08:00)
  • Go back to account dashboard and click sync now


How to set military time on Fitbit or regular 12-hour

how to set military time on Fitbit and 12-hour time formats
how to set military time on Fitbit and 12-hour time formats

You can switch between time formats on Fitbit device, but unfortunately, you cannot do that from the Fitbit app. The only solution is to log into your Fitbit account online and do the time format setting.

  • Open internet browser in your phone or computer
  • Go to the Fitbit website and sign into your Fitbit account
  • Go to settings
  • Choose personal info
  • Scroll down a bit and pick clock display time
  • Choose 12 hour or 24-hour military time – anyone you like
  • Click submit to sync with your Fitbit tracker

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How to reset time on Fitbit Flex online

Fitbit Flex  is a popular wristband-style fitness tracker for monitoring sleep. It may display wrong time and this is how to correct the time on Fitbit flex.

  • Open your Fitbit paired device and go to on browser
  • Login to your Fitbit dashboard
  • Click on setting > personal info
  • Go to advanced settings > time zone
  • Pick from the list your desired time zone
  • Sync to allow the Fitbit change time and date correctly

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How to reset time on Fitbit Ace 2 Tracker

Go to your Fitbit account dashboard or Fitbit app

  • Tap on the gear icon
  • Go to settings > personal info
  • Select advanced settings > clock display time
  • Choose your favorite time format
  • Click submit and sync the Fitbit ace to your device



How to reset time on Fitbit Alta – using an android phone

  • Open your Fitbit app
  • tap the menu icon located in the top left corner.
  • Go to “Account”
  • Tap on “Settings.”
  • Look for the option that allows you to modify your time zone.
  • Go back to the “Account” screen
  • Tap your Fitbit Alta tracker’s name.
  • Tap “Sync Now” to allow the Fitbit change time and date properly

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How to reset time on Fitbit Ionic from iPhone

Fitbit ionic has many watch clock faces that are easy to customize. Here is how to sync your Fitbit ionic with iPhone if you want to adjust time and fix incorrect time zone issues.

  • Open your Fitbit app on iPhone
  • Tap on Today icon > profile picture
  • Go to App settings > time zone
  • Turn off the Set Automatically
  • Tap on Time zone
  • Choose the right time zone you are in
  • Sync your device to your iPhone via Bluetooth


How to set time on Fitbit Charge HR Fitness watch

According to one Fitbit fan, “My Charge HR is exactly 4 hours off from my current time zone and it is giving wrong time and date” If you have done all that you can and still, the time display is till incorrect, factory reset is one way out.

If you have once adjusted time on your tracker successfully, how did you fix it? Well, one user gave an impressive and intuitive solution. All is simply to hard-reset the whole wearable.


How to fix wrong time and date on Fitbit Charge HR –  Hard reset 0r delete it

Completely delete your Fitbit Charge HR from your account and start adding it back again as a new one. This will wipe out all the settings and may be data if you take a full factory reset.

Then, you begin to re-install your Fitbit charge HR as if it was a new device. This method gets the incorrect time issues fixed. It may be risky as it can clean all your workout and health data, but at least it worked.

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How to change time and date on Fitbit – Video

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Other ways How to fix time in Fitbit trackers

If you have done all that there is in this guide and the Fitbit still indicates wrong time and date or incorrect time zone, try out these few hacks to make the Fitbit change time and date correctly.

  • Long out of your Fitbit app account. you can force quit the app
  • You can reset or restart the Fitbit device. Just switch your tracker off, wait for 1-2 minutes, then power it on again.
  • Reset the Bluetooth. Switch off and on the Bluetooth on both the Fitbit watch and the paired iOS or Android device.



Wrap up the Fitbit set time instructions

We hoped you got your Fitbit time changed and fixed correctly. If you have done all that we have suggested and nothing works, perhaps you can factory reset it and start as a new device. If you have done factory reset and the device time it still is wrong, contact Fitbit is you still have warranty protection.

How did you fix a wrong time on your Fitbit device?

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