How To Set Time On Armitron Watch (Plus Day, Date, 12/24 Format with 3 Quick & Easier Ways

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Setting up time, calendar date, and days of week, are a few of the common thing you have to do, when you get a new wristwatch. You don’t have to pay a local jewel or watch expert to do it. It is just a a matter of following few steps how to change time on Armitron watch and You can set the time by yourself. So, if your Armitron watch requires that you correct time, date, or day, we are glad to help. This article outlines pretty quick and easy steps on how to set a time on Armitron watch.

Before we begin with the Armitron watch setting for time, and date, know that Armitron is an American Watchmaker with a pretty good collection of stylish analog and digital watches, for men, women and kids.

Some Armitron watches have regular AM/Pm time format while others have the multiple time (dual time) options. In every case, we will guide you on how to change time on Armitron watch – digital, analog and dual time Armitron watches. But if you want to know briefly about Armitron timepieces, check out Armitron watch review.


Any quick way how to set time on armitron watch? This article shows you how to change time on armitron watch - analog and digital
Img: how to set Armitron watches – minutes, hours, calendar day of the week, and date


Why set time on your armitron watch?

Here are few reasons why you may have to change the time on an Armitron watch.

  1. You traveled into a different timezone and you want to adjust time on your armitron watch
  2.  You want to switch between 12 hour time format to a dual time, or military time format (24 hours) for easy international timekeeping.
  3.  If your armitron watch battery goes flat, time might offset and you will have to re-program it.
  4.  You may not only be setting time, you may want to correct the day and date, not necessary hour and minutes.



Where to Locate Armitron watch set time buttons

Armitron is an entry-level  watch brand with a affordable collection of stylish analog and digital watches. The analog and digital armitron timepieces do not have the same button placement. So the watch users won’t follow exact same procedure to set time and date in analog or digital models.

Take a look at the armitron digital watch, there are 3-4 buttons located at the side. You need to know the function of each button, and how to interact with it when changing time and date. On the other hand, an analog armitron watch has one crowns, which can be pulled and rotated.

Let us try to locate the digital armitron watch buttons before we  how to use them to program time and date.

how to change time on armitron watch using buttons
Img: First identify the armitron watch set time buttons before learning how to change time on armitron watch.


RESET Button

The Reset button is located on the left side of the watch. In some armitron watch models, the Reset button is labeled as “Set” button

MODE Button

The Mode button is found at the bottom right side of the watch.

STP/STP Button

The St/Stp button is on the top right side of your armitron watch. Some armitron timepieces like the WR330 have the Set/Stop button described as “ADJ”, which I guess means “

Any 4th Button?

In case your armitron digital watch model has buttons, the fourth one (probably “EL”)  has nothing to do with armitron watch set time, day or date.

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how to set time on Armitron digital watch 

Armitron is a brand that is pretty good option for people who want a versatile digital sport watch  with alarms and chronometer. These styled armitron digital watches furnished with many features – chronograph, world time(24 hour) format, regular 12-hour time, alarms, and water resistance, 


how to set an Armitron digital watch time

Whether you own a digital watch wr330ft, armitron pro sport digital watch or armitron all sport digital watch, the time adjustment process is same for all armitron digital watches. Here is how to set time on armitron digital watch.

 Step 1: Long Press the Reset Button to initiate

Make a long press and hold the armitron watch reset button for 2-4 seconds. Wait until it makes a beep sound and some numbers flash or show on the display screen.

Step 2: Press the Mode button to select hour, minute, day, date

Locate and press the Armitron watch button. This allows you to be able to switch between time components – hour, minutes, day and date. The part of the screen that is flashing or blinking indicates the values to change. Continue to press the Mode button and you will be able to skip from hour, to minute, to day and to date.

Step 3: Press the Set/Stop button to increment the time and date numbers

On the time component you desire to alter, press the St/Stp button to increment the value.  If your armitron watch is set to PM/AM or 12-hout time format, the hour number will increase right up to 12 and start again at 1.

If you had a dual-time(military time) armitron watch, pressing the St/Stp button further, will cause the hour to count up to 23 and start back from 00(midnight hour).

To set the minutes, Press back the mode. Pressing the mode will skip the hour component to the minute component. You’ll notice because the minute will be blinking on the screen. Keep pressing the St/Stp button to scroll through the numbers of the minutes, up to 59. 

When scrolling through the hour or the minute, you need to stop pressing the button when you find the correct minute or hour number. The same goes to  days of the week and date components.

Step 4: Press the Armitron Reset button again

If the time is adjusted, and you are ok with the information, Press the reset button again to save changes and lock in all the time data.

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How to set time and date on a 4 button digital sports watch 

Some Armitron digital watches have 4 buttons instead of the usual 3 buttons on the side. So this video shows how to set time on armitron pro sport digital watch with 4 buttons.

YouTube player


Some digital armitron watches



how to set time and date on armitron watch –  Analog Watch Type

indentify armitron analog watch crown positions-2
indentify armitron analog watch crown positions-2

If you have an Armitron analog watch, you’ll notice it does not have up to the 3-4 buttons as we have seen with armitron digital watches. Analog watches use the crown located by the side. You can use it t0 set the day of the week, date, and the time.

Normally, not all armitron watches display date/day on their screen. If your analog armitron watch doesn’t have a day/date function, you can’t correct a calendar date by any means.

The only way how to set time and date on armitron watches with  analog display is by pulling and turning the crown. But you need to master how to use the crown to help you adjust time, dat and date. 

Some crowns can be pulled out once, others can be pull twice. You will often notice the positions from the click sound it makes. Look the image above, you will see that pulling the crown to position B makes the first “click” sound. The next pull on the crown gets it at position C, where it makes another click. 

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how to set date  on armitron watch – analog display

If your armitron watch does not show or display date, I am pretty sure you can’t change or adjust any date in it. So before you try to correct a date, make sure your armitron watch shows date on its screen.

Step 1 : Slowly Pull Out the Armitron Watch crown till it clicks once to allow you set the date.

Grab the  armitron analog watch crown with your fingers, and pull it out gently on the side until you get a click sound. If the crown clicks more than one time, you can’t set the date.

You have to push it back, then pull it out gradually until it clicks just once. If it clicks once and you can’t still set the date, probably, you watch does not have date function.

Step 2 : Rotate the crown right or left direction to adjust date

Turn the crown to the right direction(clockwise) or left direction(anti-clockwise) to adjust the date.

Avoid correcting the date on your armitron wrist watch at night, between 11PM(23H) and 5AM in the morning. A little turn can mistakenly advance the date to the next day.

Step 3: Push back the crown all in,

Completely press your Armitron watch crown right in. This helps to set the date and it starts to display correctly.


how to set time on armitron watch with analog display and a crown
Img: how to set time, calender date and day of the week on armitron watch with analog display and a crown


how to set day of the week on a armitron watch analog

Sometimes, there is need to correct the calendar day of the week, than just change the time alone. Let us see how to correct day in your Armitron Men’s Day/Date Function Bracelet Watch(20/5394)

Step 1: Pull out the crown to click twice to adjust day of the week

You can only set day of the week if your armitron watch is able to display day of the week and date of the month. In that case, you should pull out the crown until it makes two click sounds.

If you doubt, simply pull the crown until, it does not go out any further.

Step 2: Rotate the crown to correct the day of the week

In some watches,  you must turn the crown clockwise, to set the correct day of the week. Other watch models allow you to rotate the crown anticlockwise to  set the correct day.

Here is it, spin the watch hands in two full rotations around the watch face, so that the time moves ahead by 24 hours.

Also avoid correcting the day of the week at night because you can mistakenly set it to the next day of the week.

Step 3: Push the crown back inside 

Finally, you have to press back the brown button set the day of the week you just corrected.



how to change time on a armitron watch – analog

If the watch is showing wrong time by minutes or hours, here is a quick way to correct to the accurate time.

Step 1: Pull out the crown on watch side, slowly

If your armitron watch model displays day and date, you have to pull out the crown slowly, until it clicks twice to set or adjust time.

If your timepiece does not have any date function, the crown will click only once to be able to alter the hour or minute.

To be certain in all these cases, just pull out your analog watch crown  until it doesn’t go out any further.

Step 2: Rotate the crown to adjust the time

If you are done programming the day of the week and also setting up the correct date,  rotate it to change the time to the desired value.

You have to carefully turn the crown until the minute and hour hands of the watch all point to or close to the accurate local time.

The direction you rotate the crown – right direction(clockwise) or left direction(anti-clockwise), depends on your armitron watch model. 

If the hand don’t start moving round the dial, push the crown back in.

Step 3: Push the crown back all in, to finally set the time you have adjusted.

If after setting the time, and the watch precision is affected like falling behind in many seconds, or few minutes, get the watch battery replaced.


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how to set multiple time on armitron watch 

Armitron, since the 1950s has been one of the leading American watch manufacturers. The most impressive of their timepieces is the armitron watches which display military time, or a 24-hour clock. They also make chronograph, quartz and open heart skeleton watches.

One Armitron timepiece like the Armitron Pro sports watch 45/7012  has multiple time formats – the 12-hour and the 24-hour military time.

This kind of a watch is it  important for a frequent multi time zone  traveler, to track time in their destination country and their departure country.

So, how do you set the time for another different time zone on your armitron watch? 


How to Add Multiple Time Zones to armitron watch

Here is how to set an additional time on your armitron dual time watch.

  1. Press Mode Button 3 times to enter the Second Time Zone mode
  2. Press the “Reset” button and the hours icon will start blinking or flashing on your watch screen.
  3. Press the “ST/STP” button to make adjustments to the hours number.
  4. Press the Mode again to set the corrected hour and allow you change the minute values. The minute icon is blinking!
  5. Press the “ST/STP” button again to increment (count up) the minutes.
  6. Press “Reset” button  to set the time, when you reach the correct minute number
  7. Press the “Mode” button and you’ll go back to the main time zone in your armitron watch


how to set multiple time - regular 12 or 24-hour military time formats in armitron watches
img: how to set multiple time – regular 12 or 24-hour military time formats in armitron watches


how to set 12 time on armitron watch

If you edit the hour and the minutes and still find that your watch is still showing time in the 24 hour Military time format, you can shift the time format to the AM/PM mode.

First make sure that your watch has Dual or multiple time format. From there, you just need to press few buttons to get the military or dual time mode off your Armitron watch.  So how do you change from military time on your armitron watch?


How do I get my watch off military time?

Armitron is one of those military time watches. That is said, so Let us see how to set time on armitron dual time watch to  12-hour (PM/AM) format

Step 1: Press Reset Button once

Press the Reset button or the top left button on your armitron watch once. The seconds will begin flashing.

Step 2: Press Mode button many time

Press the lower left button up to six times. Around the sixth push, the 12/24-hour formats will show up or appears on the screen

Step 3: Push St/Stp button once

Press the top right button(St/Stp) just one time. That single push will to change the international 24-hout military time format to the regular 12-hour time format.

Step 4: Press Reset button gain

Press the top left button to once to reset or  return to time telling mode.


how to set military time on armitron watch 

We have seen how to set time on a armitron pro sport watch(digital watch). Now since most armitron watches come with a default 12-hour clock time format, you may want to switch to a 24-hour clock, called military time in the United States.

how to set military time on armitron pro sport watch

Here are simple steps to switch to a 24-hour time display on your sport watch

  • Hold the “Reset” button (A) until it  beeps.
  • Press the “ST/STP” button (D), which will make the regular “AM” or “PM” left of the time, to disappear
  • Press the “Reset” button (A).




How do I get my watch off military time?

Video showing how to adjust armitron watch from military time to 12 hour time

YouTube player


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How to set Split time on Armitron watch

Armitron have chronometer watches. The chronometer function in the armitron watches have lap operation. You can use them to work as stop watches for timing events.

If you want to set split time on your chronometer armitron watches, here are the steps but you can download the Armitron Instruction manual anyway.

  • Go to stop watch mode
  • Press St/Stp button to start timing.
  • Press Reset Button to display the split time, while the stop watch timing keeps running.
  • Press Reset Button again, and it will clear the split time. Time measurement continues internally.
  • Press the reset button again, and again and you will track multi-split time
  • Press St/Stp to stop the stopwatch timing
  • Press Reset button to zero out the chrono measurements
  • Press Mode button two times and you will return to time telling mode



 FAQs on Armitron watch settings

how to set the time on ladies armitron watch 45/6967?

Armitron 45/6967 is women’s watch with alarm and chronometer. To set time in it,

  • hold the mode button until alarm flashes
  • press the mode button again and the time will flash to be adjusted
  • while the alarm or the time is flashing, use the St/Stp button to increment the values


I can’t set time on  armitron watch 45/7012, what should I do?

Armitron watch model 45/7012 is a digital watch with three buttons.

  • Just hole the reset button which is on the upper left side until the seconds start to blink
  • Push the mode button (at the lower left) to go to hours
  • Set the hours by pressing St/Stp button to increase or change the hour number


how to set multiple time on armitron watch – Armitron WR165 watch?

The buttons on Armitron WR165 watch are labeled differently

  • On regular time mode press “set”, which will make the seconds to
  • Press “mode” until it brings you to the hour spot (hour should also blink).
  • Press “adj” button to change the hour.
  • Press mode button again to set the minutes which would blink
  • press “adj” to change.
  • You have to keep pressing “mode” then “adj” for the necessary time components to get set correctly.
  • When all is done, and the rime is correct, Press “set” to get to regular time mode


How do I get military time off my Armitron 45/7040? I can’t find the answer anywhere

Armitron 45/7040 is a multiple time format watch. It can display the regular 12 time in PM/AM, as well as the 24-hour military time, just like most GMT watches.

  • Press Reset Button to enter the time setting mode
  • Press the MODE button to tab through seconds, minutes, hour.
  • Push on the ST/STP button to slowly scroll through the  time number or choices. Keep cycling through by pressing the St/Stp button until the correct hour comes around
  • Selecting the time format. For 12hr time format, make sure the AM or PM is displayed next to the number.
  • Once you get the correct time and format, press the RESET button once more to exit time setting mode.


How to set an Armitron WR330 Watch

how to set time on armitron digital watch wr330ft? Follow the analog watch time setting instructions above. Or you can download a manual from armitron web site( to tell you how to set it.

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