How To Reset Apple Watch To Factory Settings | Fix Watch Issues Without Phone Or Password

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Resetting and erasing all contents and settings in an Apple Watch? That sound to me like loosing it all. But why would you want to permanently delete even your activity data and all the beautiful things from the smartwatch?

There are very important reasons that can prompt user to hard reset an Apple Watch. Let’s first look at some reasons before considering how to reset Apple Watch and pair again even without passwords, Apple ID or phone.


Why reset your Apple Watch?

Besides the purpose of selling the Apple Watch or transferring the ownership (as a gift) to someone else, factory reset can fix unresponsive Apple watches and software crashes.

There are many faults and functional issues that may happen in an Apple Watch, which need hard reset as the final solution. For example if  your apple watch does show smart or spp notifications from your phone, it could require soft reset.

Summarily, here are the some practical reasons.

  1. You Want to sell or give your apple watch to some other person
  2. You want to get rid of someone else’s Apple ID from a used Apple Watch
  3. Reset is an ultimate way to fix Apple Watch software and functional misbehavior.


how to reset apple watch - rase all content and settings if there are issues

img: Some Issues with your apple watch can be fixed by erasing all content and factory settings


What happens if I reset my Apple Watch?

It good to know all of the consequences of Resetting your Apple Watch. Apple watch reset is going to delete all that you have ever stored, installed, synced or tracked in the watch.

Resetting will remove your saved files, data or wipe out everything back into the factory status settings. In fact, resetting simply cleans the watch or makes your watch brand new again .

When all data is erased, You will need to reconfigure the watch settings, install new apps, pair with a new iphone, get new watch faces. You will have to set everything on the apple watch, from scratch.

Or if you had made the apple watch data backup, you can restore your watch content after you are done with the reset. If that is convenient with you, get started with how to reset your Apple Watch now.


what happens if I reset my apple watch? - resetting will erase all sync data, contacts, calendar, contents, and settings

img: what happens if I reset my apple watch? – resetting will erase all sync data, contacts, calendar, contents, and settings

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Apple watch Issues you can fix with factory Reset

There are some apple watch issues and problems that cannot be solved by restarting or rebooting the apple watch. In that case, one solution can be to erase all data and factory settings from the watch.

1. Frequent crashes

Some people have complained that their Apple Watch Series 3  update to watchOS 7 causes frequent crashes and sometimes unexpected shutdowns. This can be due to early teething issues in the operating system. this can be one of the initial problems that need it fixed in patches and updates post-launch. I am tempted to think its only apple watch 3 that is experiencing the greatest number of issues with the watchOS 7 update.

Its not only about watchOS 7, sometimes  Apple Watch apps come crashing and freezing up, most don’t even respond at all to taps. If all attempts fail to fix this, resetting is the last option.

2. Unprompted reboots

One other problem could be the stability issues associated with watchOS 7 on apple devices. While the apple watch crashes, it may experience  unprompted shut down and reboots. Some users have even observed this repeated restart happened with their apple smartwatch about 3 to 4 times in a day.

3.  Fast battery drainage

Like user have observed , some apple watches battery capacity runs down to 50% capacity in less than 10 hours. The worse battery performance and draining is one aching problem if you wear your apple watch for a long day trip in the woods. If you don’t know, if the battery drains  far lower than the usual 80% , that is a potential problem. Here’s how to extend apple watch battery life so that it lasts longer.

4. Slow of failed loading

Resource loading complications can occur especially for multiple apple watch faces. The slow loading can prolong the waiting time , which may translate into delays in weather updates and more notifications.

5. Frequent un-pairing from iPhone

Some apple watches frequently get disconnected from the iPhone many time in a day.

6. Limited apple watch storage

If your apple watch is running out of memory, you would need to get rid of some unused stuff(photos, podcasts, audio-books music and videos).  Many users do want to update their apple watches but it comes hindered by lack of memory. Sometimes, it isn’t just easy and you would see need to return the watch back to default factory settings, so that all data is erased. Factory reset will wipe out or delete all contents and settings and it is just one of the numerous ways how to save storage space and maintain large capacity on apple watches.

7. You Forget passcode

When apple watch detects too many passcode attempts, this sounds like security breach and calls for reset of the Apple watch. We will see how you can reset your Apple watch with too many passcode attempts.

8. Cellular and Bluetooth  frequently disconnects

One possible glitches is having difficulty pairing with bluetooth connectivity because it does not connect at all. As a result, Apple Watch will get disconnect from the paired iPhone, even in close proximity. You can attempt to solve it with few different things but if it fails, you have got to unpair and reset the apple watch. Here’are some best standalone smartwatches for phoneless outdoor lifestyle.

9. Not tracking activity

Owners in Apple’s forums confirmed to have observed their Apple Watch failed to  track fitness exercises, routes, or heart rate. The Apple Watch being loose on your wrist is a common cause and an easy to fixed type. If that is not the case, opening the Workout app and changing the settings is an alternative. If all attempts fail, your apple watch may need re-calibrating and the suitable way is to reset the calibration data.

10. Notifications don’t come on

Seeing and checking smartphone notifications on your iPhone and the watch is common for apple fans. If you aren’t getting any Snapchat notifications on your Apple Watch,  perhaps your Apple Watch has been unexpectedly locked, or the “Do Not Disturb” is enabled . You should consider removing the passcode and If have forgotten the passcode, taking a hard factory reset is the ultimate way to solve it.

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Before You factory Reset your Apple watch,

If you have crashes and battery issue for example and want to erasing all content and settings, it is possible you will take too many passcode attempts to reset your apple watch due to activation code blocking it. If you  notice that when you need erases for all media, data, and settings from your Apple Watch, Activation Lock is blocking it. So, backing up data and unpairing will helps to remove the activation lock.

1. First Run Apple watch backup

First backup its content created on your iPhone. Here are few steps to back up your Apple Watch. But first get the device connected to a Wi-Fi network and then on your iPhone;

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to [Your Name]
  3. Go to Backup.
  4. Tap iCloud Backup.

2. Perform initial solution – reboot

Despite all the named failures you may observe in you Apple Watch, you can’t just go straight to erase factory settings and watch contents immediately your watch crashes.

It is wiser to look for or perform a softer data reset first by restarting your watch several times. You may also explore all the other potential ways to fix the issue. If all options are exhausted, hard data reset is the ultimate or last resort.

The first solution when you encounter issues in your apple smartwatch is to reboot the wearable device. Just a simple restart may help fix the problem.

Here is how to restart your Apple Watch

Let’s consider my Apple Watch has gone unresponsive, or it is frequently disconnecting Bluetooth or cellular features or it just can’t load watch faces. My first step to attempt to resolve the issue is to turn off and on my Apple Watch. Follow these steps to restart your Apple Watch.

  • Take your watch off the charger if it as charging
  • Make a long Press on the side button. Hold it there until a Power Of slider appears on screen
  • Drag to slide or toggle the power off slider
  • Wait for the watch to turn off
  • Press and hold the side button again until you see the Apple Logo

Remember that you can restart Apple Watch while it is connected to charge. You can force restart your Apple Watch only when it is the last resort when it is not responding especially when it gets hot While charging 

In case the device does not respond to request and commands, the faster way to force restart the watch is to press and hold both the side button and the Digital Crown for up 10 seconds. Then release the buttons when the apple logo appears on the screen.

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3. Decide to keep or kill cellular plan

If you apple watch does not support LTE cellular connectivity, you just skip this point. However, resetting apple watches with cellular features may not delete subscription plan. So decide whether to keep it or delete it. If you want to cancel your cellular plan with carrier, wipe it or else leave it out.

4. Unpair your apple watch and repair again

You need to also unpair the apple watch from the Apple Smartphone. Here is how to quickly try unpairing. Open the watch app on your Apple iPhone.

  • Tap on Apple Watch
  • Go to Unpair Apple Watch
  • Tap on Unpair

Take a look at this video how to back up apple watch data

YouTube player

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Things that may prevent factory reset

  • You probably don’t have an Apple smartphone(iPhone) and your watch can’t turn on.
  • You don’t have or has forgotten the passcode to unlock a locked apple watch and request for factory reset
  • Your watch is turned off, with battery drained, and it can’t hold any charge.

At the least, either the watch or the iPhone or both must be turned on.

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how to reset apple watch and pair again


Img: How do i reset my apple watch


How to reset Apple Watch and pair again

There are many ways to reset apple watch. You can use the smartphone paired with the Apple Watch of the watch itself. But if both paired devices are not working, you can restart or even erase factory data.

If issues are the reasons you are resetting Apple Watch data, you would need to reconnect it to the phone after the reset. In this case, don’t delete subscription plans. A restore of backup soon after erasing all content is ok.

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How to factory reset Apple Watch without Apple ID Password

how to reset apple watch without apple id password? You know, before erasing all apple watch content and settings, you may need to enter your Apple Watch Id. But you or any other person like a thief, can reset your apple watch without Apple ID or password.

If you forgot the password for your Apple watch Or Apple ID to reset your Apple Watch, several methods are available to get round it.

When it comes resetting most apple watch devices, there is often need to input the password for your Apple ID. This offers maximum security for Apple Gadgets, by letting only authorized users delete data and do other tasks.

That goes same when you want to reset your Apple Watch and there is no password because you probably forgotten the password or you cannot recall it. In that case the ultimate way is to find a method how to reset an Apple Watch without an Apple ID.

Let us see ways how to reset your Apple Watch without Apple ID

1. Reset Apple Watch Without Apple ID, using your iPhone

Apple Watch is paired with an iPhone and you are using Apple Watch app on the iOS device, this offers an opportunity to use app’s features to reset Apple Watch without need for the Apple ID.

Apple Watch app works amazingly, it allows you perform tasks on an apple Watch right from the iPhone and reset your Watch is no different. We see this method in the next section and you are going to follow the steps outlined there.


2. Reset Your Apple Watch with Passcode and With no Apple ID Pasword

An Apple Watch passcode and the Apple ID mean different things and they are not the same. In case you can’t recall your apple watch ID, or you have forgotten the Apple ID password, your Apple Watch passcode is a great workaround to reset the iOS device.

This reset apple watch method does not necessarily require you to use your iPhone, you can just use the watch itself thanks to the built-in features on the Apple Watch.

Unlike the phone that need you to use Apple Watch app , resetting with passcode relies on the inbuilt option to reset your Apple Watch to factory settings.

All you need is enter the passcode that you do remember. In case you don’t remember the passcode too, you check other methods in this guide. Provide the passcode immediately as you are prompted to enter it. Check the method in the next section


3. Reset Apple Watch without iPhone or Passcode

It is possible that one can forget both Apple ID password and your Apple Watch passcode. In that case, the manual option is the ultimate solution.

You would need to use the physical buttons on your Apple Watch when you cannot reset the device from Apple smartphone( iPhone) or Apple Watch menu.

Apple Watch does not ask for password for Apple ID or passcode when you reset it using this method. It is actually an important way how to unlock an Apple Watch without an Apple ID.


It is the same steps how to reset an Apple Watch without owners passcode above. With is opportunity, thief so can make a great deal of owners information. Does Apple know of this?

Apple Watch users aren’t required to set up passcode in their watches. They only do so when using the Apple Watch payment system – Apple Pay. More importantly, if owners set the passcode , it is required when rebooting.

Luckily, apple devices running iOS 7 or iOS 8 are secured with activation lock. This will make factory reset of someone’s gadget pretty difficult and any workaround pass the lock screen is impossible.

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How to reset Apple Watch with or without iPhone

Does it occurs to you that it’s quite difficult to factory reset an Apple Watch without an iPhone? Keep through on this few steps how to to reset apple watch with or without your iPhone.

1. How do you reset your apple watch with iPhone?

If you have the iPhone to which your Apple Watch is paired, you can erase content and settings in the watch app. Before you command to reset your Apple Watch, make sure you have your paired smart iPhone and the Apple Watch in close proximity.
Steps how to reset Apple Watch and pair again to the iPhone.

  • Open or launch the watch app on the iPhone
  • Tap on my watch and swipe the screen down
  • Select General
  • Towards the bottom, tap reset
  • Choose Erase Apple Watch content and settings
  • Tap 2 times on Erase All Content and Settings to authorize action

You can then freely install or set up new platform and pair your watch back to your smartphone.


how to reset apple watch without phone - how to reset apple watch without paired phone

Img: how to reset apple watch with or without paired phone

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2. How to reset apple watch without paired phone?

The lack of a paired iPhone should not scare you from trying out how to reset Apple Watch to factory settings. Here is ultimate way to erase all without smartphone, so you need your apple watch to be working, obviously.

This method is going to need your passcode if you have set up one. Skip to the next section if your password is been missing or forgotten.

So how  do I reset my Apple Watch without my phone? Here Is How to erase your Apple Watch if you don’t have your iPhone.

  • Go to settings on your Apple Watch
  • Choose General
  • Tap Reset down in the list
  • Tap Erase All Content And Settings
  • Enter your Apple Watch passcode if prompted
  • Swipe down again
  • Choose Erase all or Erase All & Keep Plan

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How to reset apple watch without passcode

Did you lose or forget your Apple Watch passcode? If you lost memory of your Apple Watch passcode, you will need to erase the watch and restore everything from backup.

If you can’t remember your passcode, here are simple steps how to reset Apple Watch to factory settings.

  • First Connect your apple watch to its charger until you are done with the reset process.
  • Make a long press and hold on the side button till power off appears
  • Then firmly press and hold Digital Crown until you see Erase all content and settings
  • Tap On it to reset
  • Tap Reset again to confirm

The above steps uses the Apple Watch itself. What if the watch is unresponsive? Here is another walk through on How to use iPhone reset Apple Watch if you forgot the password

  • Launch the watch app on iPhone
  • Tap my watch
  • Tap general > reset
  • Select Erase Apple Watch content and settings

Once the watch is reset, and the users data is wiped without users passcode, the device becomes essentially a new one. You can then install new watch system and set a new passcode. You can also go ahead and pair with a different apple phone.

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Resetting GPS Cellular Apple watches

When reverting a gps LTE apple watch to its default settings, take not not to erase cellular plan because you will soon need it.

how to reset apple watch and keep cellular plan

You will be met with the option to Erase All & Keep Plan when resetting cellular connected apple watch.  You will be prompted if to Erase All and keep subscription plan or not. This is common when hard resetting GPS + cellular apple watches (standalone Smartwatches)

If you want to pair you Apple Watch to your iPhone again, keep the plan. But if you are never going to need pairing the watch and the phone again, removing the cellular plan is better choice. If you no longer need it, please Contact your carrier to cancel the subscription.

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Can you reset a locked apple watch?

If the Apple Watch is locked , the activation lock is enabled and needs to be removed before erasing factory data.

How to Remove activation lock from your apple Watch

Reset does not remove activation lock to prevent thief from using the Apple Watch when it’s lost or stolen. Apple Watch owners are required to only turn off the activation lock by un-pairing the watch.

This is because if you reset apple watch from itself and not from the iPhone, the activation lock is still set up. Remember that activation lock links your apple device to your iCloud account for added security. Let’s see how to unpair Apple watch to remove activation lock.

  • Go to iCloud online on your computer and sign in.
  • Go to find iPhone
  • From “All Devices” at the top of the map, select Apple Watch
  • Click to remove from your account

Removing it unpairs the watch from the phone and ready for pairing with other iCloud accounts.


How to Reset iPhone Without iCloud Password

Can you reset a locked Apple Watch? There are many reset question like this one, but it is possible, though difficult. Remember that your watch is not the only apple device that needs resetting. Other iOS devices like iPhone or iPad, can be reset also.

One thing is common, resetting these devices requires you enter an Apple ID and the password for it. But if you have forgotten these Apple login details, the final solution is a way how to reset Apple devices without Apple ID provided.

Resetting apple based devices without icloud password is a bit difficult but possible. You are really going to need an app called AnyUnlock  to make it possible and easier .

The app is an iPhone Password Unlocker purposely programmed to handle unlock cases in this condition(no apple ID) for iPhone and iPad devices.

If you are ever going to need to reset your iPhone without having to enter your Apple ID password, this apple is available for you. After resetting, you can connect it with another Apple ID.



Is there a way how to reset apple watch series 3?

Looking for ways how to factory reset APPLE Watch Series 3, wipe all data in or bypass screen lock . We will show you how to restore defaults in APPLE Watch Series 3. The procedure we have outlined above is pretty much the same for all apple watches.

However, if your apple watch series 3  has undergone many updates, the steps may change a little bit, from other models. If you have An Apple watch series 3, a master reset of the apple watch makes your APPLE Watch Series 3  brand new and the Apple S3 core will run faster.

Here is how to reset apple watch and pair again – a hard reset.

YouTube player

Video : How to reset apple watch series 3


Does resetting Apple Watch delete activity?

To reset an Apple Watch, you are permanently going to erase your Apple Watch and delete all the stored and activity content and settings on it. You watch won’t spare any data that you added yourself.

What will be left will be the default factory data for the device. So all your activity data from fitness tracking and outdoor, will be forever, erased. That is why you are advised to first back up you apple watch data, before doing any resetting.





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