How To Reset A Treadmill [Tested & Proven Steps To Hard reset Different Treadmills]

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Going back to factory settings isn’t the only reason why you may be looking for ways how to reset your treadmill. There are some problems you will probably encounter if you own a home running treadmill. Most owners think that treadmills only suffer broken parts, but, real gym owners, understand that a treadmill can also have software or electronic-related problems. There are tested and proven ways how to reset a treadmill and fix some issues.

If electronic components in your home gym machine aren’t operating properly even after maintenance, you may need to reset it. If you have a treadmill with TV screen, that is pretty easier to reset. However, if your treadmill has no screen display, we will show you how to reset it.

Some machine repairs, often require that you migrate to the default settings, in that case, reset is a good start. if the machine stops working, and you can do your daily training routine, before you meet a repairer, reset it to make changes if that will solve the problem.

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how to reset a treadmill

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How to reset a treadmill

How to reset a treadmill is pretty much a simple task, but a little daunting for your first time. However, resetting a treadmill is quite a fast process. but Check the treadmill manual first, if some things border you.

Press the reset button on your treadmill and some other helpful keys, as the manual specifies. The type of machine decides how you reset it. After pressing, hold it down for some seconds until the software executes the reset function.

Let us see how to reset different types of treadmills. There are a variety of manufacturers out there in the market, resetting their treadmills, are not the same way. let us quickly see how some manufacturers reset their treadmills.

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  • in treadmill setting mode, Go to start menu
  • Go to the “I” icon button located at left corner of your screen
  • click maintenance mode button at the lower left corner
  • From the kinds of functions, choose to execute factory reset



Press ENTER and POWER keys and hold them for 3 seconds. This puts the machine into inactive mode
You see many function to execute. Use the manual and find how to get to them.


Horizon Fitness

Press the END button, then Press and hold STOP key for 3 seconds for the reset to execute


Use the Switch on the motor hood, to keep the machine to dormant mode. Click c”clear 750″ button on the keypad


Look at the bottom of the console, you will identify the reset button. Press on the button will run the machine to factory settings. Your reset will be different if you have an iFit enabled machine. Here is how to reset Nordictract Commercial treadmill.

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Check near the power cord, under the hood, you will see a switch. Hold and turn it off for half a minute, then turn it back on. As simple as that, but some models of treadmills here come with reset button while other versions need programming mode, only accessible by pressing the reset button

Xterra Fitness

Press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds, for the reset to occur. If your model does not have a reset button, check if the console back has an opening where to reset it. If not, one simpler way how to reset the treadmill by unplugging the device from power.

Life Fitness

Some treadmill machines from LifeFitness brand have a reset button. But if your running treadmill version does not have one, it may probably have diagnostic features for resetting it. Go to the manufacturer’s website, check your model there and its diagnostic code. Understand that the diagnostic code varies for virtually every treadmill from LifeFitness brand.


Like LifeFitness, Nautilus treadmills have built-in diagnostic features, but they can only be activated when you press the speed UP and ENTER. How you get around it, is clearer if you check the manual and review it to see how to navigate through. You would be required to press CLEAR button after your diagnosis is completed.



Just like resetting the treadmill from the Nordictract manufacturers, check under the console. There, you will find the reset hole or button. You will need to press the button to execute reset.

Sole Fitness

Press and hold the STOP key for up to 3 seconds, and the treadmill will be reset.


How to reset an iFit-enabled treadmill

Nordictract uses sophisticated software in their equipment to enhance users fitness experience. To let the user reap all the benefits while the machine perform perfectly, there is need to reset it to default settings when need be.

For example, the built-in console or the iFit Cardio app could stop working, causing poor Wi-Fi connection. According to the manufacturers, the firmware Versions available for factory reset begin with 7.1. If your treadmill has a has a USB or an HDMI port, it is not compatible to reset.

iFit Help: Performing A Factory Reset On Your NordicTrack Machine

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Important note

If you have no treadmill manual, check the website of your treadmill supplier if one is uploaded there. Check forums if owners can share their own copies if they have the same model treadmill with you.




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