How To Measure Wrist Size Accurately | 3 Best Wrist Measurement For Watches & Braceletes

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Wondering if a standard size bracelet, bangle or watch wears nicely on your wrists? The best way to be sure is to know your how to measure wrists – getting the actual wrists size or circumference. Measurement off wrists is a pretty straight forward task, Depending on what wearable goes on your wrists, we have prepared a wrist size guide with steps to help you DIY at home. In this guide how to measure wrist size, when you are through the with just few paragraphs, figuring out your wrist size will be a matter of few seconds.

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What you wear on wrists matters a lot!

The kind of wearable you want to check if it fits you, is an important factor how to determine your wrist circumference. I have seen friends purchase an expensive piece of watch, just to be disappointed that it wears hanging on their wrist bone.

Sometimes, the tail of the watch band comes out too long on the side of skinny wrists. If you had taken proper ways how to measure wrists, you would have avoid this.

When buying a wrist wearable or jewelry, you need to consider many factors which determine how it wears on your wrists. The type of jewelry is one most important consideration.

For example, cuffs and bangle, charms and beads, wrap and stretches and some bracelets wear differently on the wrists. Some wear above wrist bone, other lower down the wrist. Since they need to loop through the hand into the wrist, it requires you to know how big is your hand(measure hand size).

This is quite different for watches, since watches don’t loop through your hand before they go into wear on your wrist. However, where you wear your watch on wrist matters too.

It is always recommended that you first Determine what type of jewelry you are going to wear. This will help you understand how and what wrist measurement to take – wrist circumference, wrist width, or hand circumference.



Poor wrist or watch sizing can embarrass you

A good size, nice fitting cheap watch or bracelet can make a great day, while even a luxury timepiece like Rolex Datejust, can break a man if it’s poorly fitting. Fort this reason, taking accurate measurements of your wrist can help you determine what size you need for a watch or bracelet.

if your watch band does not fit securely on your wrist.

A watch band that is too large Can’t fit beautifully under a suit during a fancy party. Your beautiful luxury timepiece can come hanging from your hands as if you’re a kid.

You may be trekking through the Woods or Moab desert for camping and hiking adventures and your watch band unexpectedly gets caught on a rock or stick.

Even construction workers aren’t supposed to wear oversized watches as they can be caught on heavy duty trucks, or when operating construction machinery. The spring pin may breaks and you watch your favorite outdoor field watch drops off your wrists.

Another everyday situation is that if your bracelet or watch fits too tightly, it may be cutting off your blood circulation to the hand and fingers. If this occurs during an important business meetings, you will find yourself fidgeting and unprofessional. So how do you measure your wrist?


wrist measurement- how to measure wrist size - get average wrist size women and men

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How to measure wrist size the proper way

Let us enter to proper ways how to measure wrists circumference accurate . But before I get started, on how to measure my wrist, here are some wrist Measuring requirements for you

  • Seamstress tape
  • Paper or string
  • Ruler

You can use tape normally used by a tailor, because it’s very flexible. Where there is no take, a string can be use to wrap wrong your wrists, and the length of the paper or string measured on the ruler. Without all these things, you can still figure out your wrist circumference from your body frame size calculation.

A measuring tape has two scales. One in centimetre (cm) and another in inches (in) Read the wrist size values in your most preferred units. Besides, a tape is a metal strip that is super cheap to buy online.

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How to measure wrist size with Tape measure

Let us first check how to measure your wrist size with a tape measure and in centimetre. Here are few steps how to know your wrist size:

  • To measure wrist size, rotate your arm so that your hand’s palm faces upward.
  • Open your hand wide. This contracts and  strengthens some muscles around your wrists, and that is when your wrist is the largest in size and shape.
  • Wrap you tape around the wrist. Let it fit snugly -flexibly but not too tightly.
  • Read the wrist size on the tape, where the tape meet. Use your easy to understand unit- centimetre or inches.


1. How to Position your wrist

Turn your forearm outward (supination) to allow your hand wide opened and the palm to be facing upward into sky or ceiling.

Many people fail here, because they ignore the simple twist of their wrists. When your arm is straight in air, the natural position is when your palm face downward and your wrist is skinniest then. I guess you want to determine a the dimension when your wrist appears the largest.

The shape and position is taken into account because you are measuring your wrist size for a perfectly fitting piece of jewelry – watch or bracelet, bangle, charms and beads.


  • Don’t Rotate your arm outward
  • Don’t close your hand or turn your palm downwards

Measuring your wrist dimension when the arm Or wrist are probated inward or when your hand is closed, will only give you a slightly smaller circumference than your actual wrist size.

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2. Placing the wrist measuring tool – flexible tape

You aren’t going to just wrap the tape round your wrist anyhow. First Place the end of the measuring flexible tape around the middle of your wrist width. It isn’t going to give accurate result if you wrap the tape where the wrist ends – close to your hand.

The correct placement us where you will wear the watch. Some people put the tape about 1cm or 0.5 inch from the wrist bone. But the anywhere far from the wrist bone looks smaller.

Many experts recommend that you place the end of the tape on your wrist bone. Don’t go too high or low away from the bone line. All still depends on your wrist and am morphology. May be you got muscular arms and the wrist bone is near invisible.


Guide To wrist measurement- how to measure wrist size for watch - how to measure wrist size with tape measure for watches and bracelets

img: how to measure wrist size with tape measure for a watch or bracelet


3. How the measuring tape should fit

To make the measurement, Wrap the tape round your wrist until it meets the secured end in the middle of your wrist.

The wrist measurement tape should be flexible on your skin. Adjust the tailors tape such that it just fit snugly around your wrist.

Don’t pull it too tightly, and don’t let it too loose with spaces between the plastic tape and your wrist skin. You know, your skin may begins to bulge if the tape hold too tight.

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4. Read the wrist size measurement

With the tape remains firmly Wrapped around your wrist, read the value where the take meets the end, in the middle of your wrist.

That is your actual wrist size! Don’t approximate if the value falls in between two whole numbers on the scale.

You can take the reading get in centimetres or inches. These two scales are on the tape. If you are familiar with millimetres, multiply your wrist dimension in centimetres by 10.

Here is how to measure wrist size in mm calculations:

1 mm = 10 x cm

wrist measurement- how to measure your wrist without a measuring tap,

Img: Guide To wrist measurement- how to measure your wrist size without tape measuring

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How to measure wrist size without tape measure

There is another way how to measure wrist size without tape measurement as we saw above. This time, you use a paper, or a string.  You may sometime, not have a tape around, so there is a simple alternative to getting wrist circumference. No need to panic.

  • Grab a flexible string or piece of paper.
  • Was the material around your wrist in the same way you wrapped the tape in step 3 above.
  • Mark the point where the sheet of paper Or string meets the end placed at the center of your wrist width.
  • Place the string or sheet of paper straighten on a piece of ruler and Take the reading. That value is the true size of your wrist, taken with a ruler.

You will see that a fabric string is even more comfortable and and flexible than the measuring tape. It’s so soft and flexible, and besides, the edge of Paper can give you good reading.

Some people use a garden twist tie and follows the same method. If you house to try out this twist tie, you need Just be careful not to injure or hurt yourself since it’s not so flexible as a measuring tape, rope or a string.

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How to measure wrist for watch

Is your objective  to get the circumference of your wrist to buy a watch?

People with bigger wrist are often more likely to pick watches that will feel tight on their wrist. In the like manner, small wrist guys risk choosing bigger watches that will look comically over-sized on their petite wrists.

If you follow a proper way how to measure wrist size for watch, you aren’t going to wear undersized or over-sized timepieces on your wrist. If you have comically slender wrists, check how to make your wrist and forearms  bigger.

how to measure your wrist size for watches with metal bracelet - how to measure wrist size for watch with stainless steel band

Img: How to measure wrist size for watch with Stainless steel band

how to measure wrist size - How To Measure Wrist Size Accurately | 3 Best Wrist Measurement For Watches & Braceletes

1. How to measure your wrist For a metal bracelet watch

Watches with metal bracelets aren’t nice to be worn even with slight tightness. To avoid being hurt from the metallic bracelet band, It is better if you always wear the watch a little bit loosed.

Apart from hurting your skin, the metal bracelet can absorb much heat in a sunny day and transfer the temperature into your arm. In that case you will start feeling it burns are too hot. Check these watches with temperature sensors.

In winter and cold weather, the metallic bracelet can take away heat energy from your arm, making you feel more cold as a result.

Considering you wear a metal bracelet watch in a sunny afternoon, it is likely you wrist and hand will swell or grow in size, over the course of the day. This may cause your wrist to wear too tight inside the metal bracelet.

So how do you account for this changes that may make you more uncomfortable? Watch experts would recommend you size your bracelet a little bit or few inches bigger than your real wrist circumference.

What it means is that, under normal circumstances, your metal bracelet watch should feel bigger on your wrist. If it fits snugly, you may suffer pains when your wrist swells under high temperatures and the watch become too tight.


What is the best metal bracelet watch size for my wrist?

While choosing this classic timepieces, pick a size that will allow some space or air to be flowing around your wrist, even under the hot sun. Take some precaution here. don’t choose an over-sized metal bracelet that falls off easily or to the base of your thumb.

It may be hard to strike the right balance between comfort and style. A metal bracelet watch with snugger fit isn’t good for hot weathers.

How to you know when a metal bracelet watch fits your wrist? This is practically simple exercises. For a perfectly sized metal bracelet watch, you can’t fit your index finger between the skins of your wrist and the bracelet.

That space is relatively smaller, so you should add much inches to your wrist size. For the watch to fit comfortably, add 1 cm or maximum 1/2 inch approximately to your wrist size measurement.

That is what I have experienced, what do you think could be the most comfortable size for a metal bracelet?

how to measure wrist for watches with leather bandshow to measure wrist size - How To Measure Wrist Size Accurately | 3 Best Wrist Measurement For Watches & Braceletes img: how to measure wrists for watches with leather bands


2. How to measure your wrist size For a leather/Rubber band/strap watches

Weather plays a lot a role on how you wear your watches. Leather bands plus sweat gives you itchy wrists in just few days. So Leather and sweat don’t work well when combined.

For the sake of a healthy lifestyle, you are recommended to mostly wear your leather strap watches only in the winter. You may develop painful wrists if you wear leather watches in summer.

An alternate watch band that goes all the way through out the year is the rubber band. You know, rubber can withstand rain, sweat and extreme temperatures.

When shopping for a rubber strap watch, believe me, you will want that it fits your wrist so comfortably. In hot weather, it will expand as your hand and wrist swell. The large rubber band and the swollen wrist under the sun, still fit proportionally well.

Consequently, based on the way the timepiece would wrap around your wrist, you would want a rubber strap to fit you more snugly.

Unlike metal bracelets watches, a band or strap does not look flexible, so when sizing your watch, give a little room for your wrist.

Therefore, By adding maximum 2 cm or 3/4 inch to your wrist circumference, you would have obtained the best dimension for your leather band or rubber strap watches.

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How to measure wrist size for nato strap watches - how to measure wrist size for watchhow to measure wrist size - How To Measure Wrist Size Accurately | 3 Best Wrist Measurement For Watches & Braceletes Img: How to measure wrist size for watch with Nato Strap


3. How to measure wrist For a Nato strap watch

Nato straps are materials that can endure all weathers throughout the year. They endure even hot temperatures and climate in the summer seasons.

Their wraps in unique way under your wrist watch and around your wrist. This kind of strap are durably designed as double layer band, which also goes round the spring bars.

As a result. this demands more space and you can provide it by adding about 2-2.5 cm or 1 inch to your wrist size. This dimension is convenient to wear a watch on a NATO strap.


Summary wrist size measurement: How to measure wrist size for watch bands –

Band/StrapAdd centimetre to your  wrist sizeAdd inches to your wrist size
Metallic bracelet1cmAdd  1/2 inch
Leather/Rubber StrapsMax 2cmAdd 3/4 inch
NATO Straps2-2.5 cmAdd 1 inch

Table: How to measure wrists for watches

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How to measure your wrist for a smartwatch and activity trackers

What size wrist does 44mm Apple Watch fit? There are apple watches for skinny wrists. However, the 44mm is generally recommended if you have a wrist size of 150-220mm (6-8.7 inches)

Most smart fitness bands like (fitbit and Mi), as well as smartwatch for example- an Apple watch often rack heart rate of athletes. The heart rate sensor works accurately when the smart wearable wears and fits snugly on your wrists.

The heart rate monitoring watch is quipped with technology to detect pulses through your skin. Any slight loose watch strap, means the smart band or the apple watch fitness trackers can’t function well.

For the sake wearing your smartwatch flexibly, comfortably and still obtain an accurate heart reading, add 1-1.5cm or 1/2 inch, to your wrist dimension for smart watches.

This goes same with most apple watch sizes. Since apple watches come in many models – small and large, I recommend adding 1cm is the best way how to measure wrist size for apple watches.

how to measure wrist for apple watch band

img: how to measure wrist for apple watch smartwatch – band




How to measure your wrist for bracelet

The best place to measure wrist for a jewelry bracelet is to place the tape o string just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear the bracelet.

The way a bracelet sizes your wrist depends on factors including your personal lifestyle, taste of style and comfort.

Just like classic timepieces with metal bracelets, one must try out to balance between having a comfortable wear and snug fit with jewelry bracelets.

It may look hard to choose, if you want to have a slugger fit or a loose fit. Why would you pick one over the other?

Preferentially, it is the way bracelets wear around the wrist. You know, when you wear a Pandora bracelet, Or a bead bracelet, it would likely wrap wrap around your wrist.

If you have worn a paranoid bracelet,before, you would experience this, unlike with nato strap, leather or rubber band watches.

The fast rule here is to provide just a bit of a little room – add about 1 – 1.2cm or approximately 1/2 inch to your actual wrist size value.

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how to measure your wrist size for bracelet and watches with metal braceletImg: Measuring wrist size forhow to measure wrist size - How To Measure Wrist Size Accurately | 3 Best Wrist Measurement For Watches & Braceletes Bangles

How to measure Hand circumference for bangle with Tape or ruler

You would want an actual hand measurement for bracelet. Pretend that you are putting on a ladies bangle and Follow these steps

  • Close your fingers together
  • Make sure to bring your thumb close to your little finger
  • Wrap round the measuring tape.
  • If you are using a strip of paper, mark your hand size with a pen on the sheet of paper.
  • Measure the length of the piece of paper on a ruler.
  • That is the circumference of your hand
  • Use bangle size chart and compare your hand circumference .

When shopping for bracelets, it is wise to pick the bangle with diameter that is the next size up from the hand measurement.

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How should your bracelet wear – snug or loose fit?

Choosing between snug fit and loose fit will vary between each individuals.

If you are going to buy a delicate bracelet , one that comes with a thin chain, a snug fit is the best option.

Although some bracelets offer a comfort fit, when you are buying large bracelets or thick beautiful cuffs or bangles, a loose fit is suitable option.

You should not be feeling like suffocating with a bulky bangle on your wrist.

Fitting StylesAdd inches to your wrist size
Snug FitAdd 1/4 to 1/2 inches
Comfortable FitAdd 3/4 to 1 inch
Loose FitAdd 1/4 inch

Table : Guide to wrist size measurement – Fitting style options for bracelets

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What to consider when Taking Wrist measurement -Tips

One amazing thing to note is that straps are not created the same and they more likely sit very differently on your wrist.

So you will not just buy them depending on a single dimension – you need to dust your wrist diameter for each of the bands.

A couple of things to keep in mind about how to measure wrist size the proper way.

1. Your arm swells during the hot day.

This means your wrist is going to be a little bigger at the end of the day than in the early morning hours. The time of doing wrist measurement during the day matters.

2. Wrist position

Your wrist grows bigger with opened hands and palms probated upwards. This means Your wrist is going to be a bit larger when your hand’s palm is open.

3. Where is a comfortable wear on your wrist?

  • Above the wrist bone,
  •  On the wrist bone or
  •  Below the wrist bone.

Wherever you wear the watch on, measure that section properly. If you are not certain where you normally wear your watch on your wrist, You may want to measure the circumference on all the three sections. In that case, take an average value of the three wrist sizes. Add the wrist sizes up and decide by 3.

4. which band do you wear watch with?

This is personal style and you need to take it into account relating to how a watch wears on your your wrist. check or consider which type of band you’ll be wearing your watch with. These bands won’t wear the same on wrist. Metal Bracelet or Band, Leather Strap or Band
Or NATO Strap

5. Do you wear watches together with bracelets?

The size of you bracelet also depend if you wear them only, or you combine them together with wrist watches on one wrist.

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Average Wrist Size Measurement For bracelets

If you want to wear your best bracelet from premium brands, here is a quick cheatsheet  wrist measurement guide for you.

 1. Average wrist size for women

Here is a table of wrist sizes. The ranges indicate average wrist size women have. Observation shows that men’s wrist sizes are larger than ladies wrist dimensions. Dos this mans ladies have slimmer, skinnier wrist than men?

Inches- inCentimeter -cmwomen Wrist size
5.0 – 5.5 inches12.7 – 14.0 cmX-Small Extra Small wrist size
5.5 – 6.0 inches14.0 – 15.2 cmSmall wrist circumference
6.0 – 6.5 inches15.2 – 16.5 cm Medium size wrists
6.5 – 7.0 inches16.5 – 17.8 cmLarge wrist sizes
7.0 – 7.5 inches17.8 – 19.0 cm X-Large -Extra Large wrist size
6.0 – 6.5 inches15.2 – 16.5 cmaverage wrist size women

Table 1: Wrist size Chart – How to measure your wrist for a bracelet, average wrist measurement cheatsheet for women


 2. Average male wrist size – Mens wrist size

The table below show some average male wrist size chart. Make use of it and determine where your wrist measurement falls.

Inches- inCentimeter -cmMen’s Wrist sizes
5.75 – 6.25 inches 14.6 – 15.9 cmX-Small Extra Small wrist size
6.25 – 6.75 inches15.9 – 17.1 cmSmall wrist circumference
6.75 – 7.25 inches17.1 – 18.4 cm Medium men’s wrist size
7.25 – 7.75 inches18.4 – 19.7 cmLarge Men’s wrist sizes
7.75 – 8.25 inches19.7 – 21.0 cm X-Large -Extra Large wrist size
6.25 – 6.75 inches15.9 – 17.1 cmaverage Men’s wrist size 

Table 2: Wrist sizing chart – How to measure your wrist for a bracelet, average wrist measurement cheatsheet for men

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What’s the average wrist size for a man?

The average wrist size of a man is about 7.25 inches or 18.42 cm .  Report shows that 50% of men have a wrist that is bigger than 7.25 inches and  the other 50% have a wrist sizes smaller. The same report shows that  a majority  (80%) of men have a wrist size bigger than 6.75 inches or 17.5 cm (the average wrist size for women). Only a small fraction (20%) of men have pretty bigger arms – ones that are bigger than 7.75 inches or 19.67 cm. Almost all the men(95%) have a wrist sizes measured in the ranged 5.85 to 8.65 inches ( 14.86 and 21.97 cm).

If actually, you have small size wrist and forearm and you are into boxing and athletic activities, you may want to make your forearms bigger and stronger.

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