Amazing Ways How to measure wrist size for apple watch bands -2023

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Have you been looking for ways how to  measure wrist size for Apple Watch bands – solo loop bands? We got you covered. We will show you an accurate method which is very different from the traditional old-school measuring style – using a ruler or flexible tape measure.

While Apple introduced the Apple watch series 6 and Apple Watch SE, a new style of apple watch bands emerged. These bands – called Solo loop bands and the Braided Solo loop bands are all very compatible with Later models of Apple Smartwatches.

These newest western apple watch bands are designed without clasp, buckle or even fasteners, which is a kind of, not traditional. Actually, the Apple watch bands are produced as single strap stretchy materials which can pull over your hand, off and on your wrist too.

With up to 18 different sizes, all offering perfect fit, to find a perfectly fitting solo band, requires that you should measure your wrist size.

how to measure wrist size for apple watch band

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How to measure wrist size for apple watch bands

Let us check how to measure wrist size for Apple Watch band without the tape measure.

With ingenuity, Apple provided a printable wist measuring tool that would easily and accurately measure your wrist dimension before you buy the bands.

The way this apple wrist sizing tool is designed, eliminates wrist measuring errors and helps Apple watch customers to avoid hassles.

If you got no ruler or tailor’s tape, i am pretty sure you can get a printer handy, to determine your wrist size for Solo Loop bands. Here’s how to measure wrist size for watch bands using Apple’s Printable Tool.

Steps how to measure wrists

1- go to Apple Watch page where to order your bands
2- Choose Solo Loop or Braided Solo Loop – the one you need.
3- Check below “Band Size,” Click on the button “Start your band measurement”
4- Click to download the apple watch wrist measurement printable tool
5- This Send a command for your printer. You need to set the print options at 100%. DON’T scale to fit
6- Confirm to print the apple watch band sizing printable tool
7- On the printed page, you see a credit card image – the sizing area.
8- To know if you printed it in the correct size, place a credit payment card in the sizing area
9- Use scissors to carefully cut out the printed paper to get the apple watch wrist sizing tool and the case shape
10- Place the cut-out case shape on the back of your wrist where you would want to allow a watch case or watch face to seat.
11- Wrap the cut-out paper tool around your wrist. Let it feel snug, a bit tighter and flexible. Make sure the paper does not slide around to introduce some errors in dimensions.
12- The number where the arrows indicate is your wrist dimension or your exact apple watch band size.
13- Caution: If the arrows point to a line between numbers, choose the smaller size number nearest to the line

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How to measure wrist size for apple – using a sport band size conversion

It was a stunning discovery that John Gruber made. In the Daring Fireball’s site he discovered that the holes on Apple’s Sport Bands perfectly correspond to the size of the apple watch solo loop band.

This practically tells you that if you have an apple watch Sport Band, a simple band size conversion can provide your Solo Loop dimension.

You just need to align the holes of a 40mm Apple Watch Sport Band with Apple’s printed tool
Consider that you have an apple watch model with 38mm or 40mm watch case, if you are using a smaller sport band on the innermost hole, by conversion, that is size 1 on a solo loop band.

In the other hand, if you have a larger model apple watch with 42mm or 44mm cases, and you use a larger sport band on the outermost hole, that converts to solo loop size 12.

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What band should I use on small wrist?

Many thinner wrist Apple watch fans have found that the very large or wide bands could also make your wrist appear more skinnier. A slightly narrow band can provide a snugger fit than wider straps.


Wrap Up

From these data, it means 44mm for great on a 155mm (6.2 inches) wrist, but 40mm actually fits well. Again, 44mm for a 165mm wrist is a perfect fit.

It becomes comically larger when a 44mm seat on a wrist size smaller than 6 inches. Woman with small wrists would have the 44mm be too large on their arms.

For more questions regarding the Apple Watch and how to determine the right band size on your wrist, use our comment form below.


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