How To Lubricate Treadmill Belt [2 Easy Ways To Effectively Apply A Treadmill Belt Lubricant]

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Did you recently notice your treadmill becoming noisier, less effective with a slipping belt? Applying the right treadmill belt lubricant o your machine will keep your belt durable and tough. Your machine will also run smoothly, without potential risk of you falling off a slippery belt. Don’t wait until you get some squeaking sounds, learn these easy steps how to lubricate treadmill belt, in less than 5 minutes during your running workout.

In the list of home fitness equipment one can pick for exercising in the house, a treadmill is one of the best self-sufficient everyday cardio machine that burns the most calories. The piece of equipment also ensures you experience a vigorous uphill and downhill running, conveniently besides your bed. Whether budget-friendlier or expensive, a good piece of home gym equipment like a treadmill needs regular maintenance of vital parts durable.

For example, lubricating your treadmill belt on a routine time period like every six months would result in treadmill belt slipping away. Routine application of treadmill belt lubricant helps you from making treadmill belt replacement frequently. It is not only the belt that needs lube, the deck, motor, pulley, drive belt, rollers and some parts of frame( with foldable design).


Benefits of lubricating treadmill

  1. reduced chances of parts prematurely getting worn-out.
  2. your treadmill run more quietly and smoothly
  3. treadmill lube reduce friction between rollers, belts and deck, eliminating heating and risk of fire
  4. protect both the running mat and the motor from premature wear and tear
  5. helps to fix and reduces lot of treadmill problems
  6. You get s smooth ride, without anything impeding your workout
  7. Your treadmill as a whole, and parts, last longer than expected
  8. Its cheaper to clean and lubricate than making a new treadmill part replacement
  9. You can do your cardio everyday and for up to a week without pause. Check how much cardio should you do per day


how to liube treadmill belt slipping - how to lubricate treadmill belt slipping
Img: How to apply treadmill belt lubricant on a slipping belt

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Lubricating A Treadmill Belt

Sometimes, treadmill fail to work because of lack of proper procedures for lubrication. The running surface of a treadmill is one of the main components after the engine, that needs the most care and regular maintenance.

You stand on the treadmill running surface(upper side of the treadmill’s wide belt) when you are working out. The inside and the underside of the treadmill belt rub against rollers and other parts like the motor. These parts need routine lubrication that will ensure you get a smooth workout every time you step on it.

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How Do I Know if My Treadmill Need Lubrication?

It is likely that your ProForm treadmill belt slipping away is due to poor or lack of r lubrication. Try slip your hand under your treadmill belt . Run your fingers gently along the inside or underneath belt and feel if it is slippery. If your finger come out completely dry, lubrication is required. Do not hesitate to apply treadmill belt lubricant to reduce friction, the belt may come slipping or stopping as you step on it.

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What Happens if You Don’t Lubricate a Treadmill belt?

A treadmill is a machine, with moving, belt-connected components like rollers, pulleys, motor and more. The friction generated between the belt and rollers need to be eliminated, if not reduced, for the treadmill to run seamlessly.

Sufficient lubrication of components like rollers and pulleys, in addition to high-quality treadmill built, would offer a great workout experience.

You need to mind the type and brand of treadmill you are using and what the manufacturer marketing department says about it. I have heard several time of a “no maintenance” treadmill. If that is the type of running machine you want to buy, that is being insane.

Purchasing the so called “zero-maintenance treadmills” is being cheap, and you know what happens when you are going the cheap way. You may finally lose and spend more.

There is nothing in this industrialized world as a zero maintenance machine. It just a marketing language to create illusion for people on budget to buy the treadmill. The first issue that most owners of very cheap, low-profile treadmills encounter, is slippage of the running and drive belt.

Lack of proper belt lubrication or impacts of poor treadmill belt lubrication procedure may cause the following as a result of friction between parts

  1. potential of fire hazard
  2. fast wearing treadmill belt
  3. treadmill belt slipping away to one side of the deck
  4. erratic speed during workouts
  5. more strain on the engine horsepower
  6. Burning smell and heating
  7. a new treadmill belt becomes too smooth
  8. treadmill belt stops when you step on it
  9. premature wear and tear
  10. motor overheats

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What you need to lube your treadmill

  1. Silicone-based treadmill belt lubricant gel
  2. Spray bottle or syringe
  3. A piece of cloth or rag or a towel
  4. Screwdriver
  5. treadmill mat


How to lubricate treadmill belt

Using an appropriate lubricant helps avoid treadmill slipping, heating, burning smell and fire. Manufacturers of high quality treadmill recommend silicone-based lube because it does not evaporate.

Before we get started with this step by step guide, place your mat on the floor and spread a rag over it, before positioning your treadmill on it.

How to lubricate your treadmill Belt – method 1

  • First turn off your treadmill, and unplug it from the wall outlet or power source
  • Slide your hand underneath if you can,
  • with with one hand , lift the treadmill belt slightly upward to create a gap between the belt and the deck.
  • with the other hand, insert or Slide the lube tube towards the middle of the deck, under the belt
  • gently apply a controlled pressure to the squeeze lubricant bottle.
  • Spray the treadmill belt lubricant by Squirting it, starting from the center of the deck
  • Apply approximately ½ oz or 1/8 of bottle to the underside of the treadmill belt.
  • Squirt more of the lube oil, while moving outward, towards the edge of the treadmill belt.
  • Cross to the opposite side of the treadmill deck and also spray up and down the lube on the running belt
  • Rotate the belt up to one-half a revolution by your hand, so that the oil on the running belt can spread to portions that were not lubricated.


  • Plug your home running machine back to power source and, power it on,
  • Start and run the treadmill for approximately 3-5 minutes at 3 mph to rub over and disperse treadmill belt lubricant

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how to lubricate treadmill belt : method 2

Some customers, lubricate their treadmill in a slightly, less stressful way. They use up little efforts to lube the machine quickly by using a syring as the treadmill lubricant applicator. Here is how to lubricate treadmill belt, while it is running.

  • Find an an oral syringe, fill it up with more than ½ ounce or 15 milliliters of treadmill belt lubricant
  • Connect your treadmill to power outlet and start it.
  • With help of speed button, and set the treadmill belt to run at a walking speed of 0.5mph
  • place the syringe carefully under one side of the belt. Don’t touch the moving belt with your hand or fingers
  • With a controlled pressure, gently squeeze the lubricant underneath the slowly-rotating belt.
  • Cross to the opposite side of the deck and repeat lube the belt with another ½ ounce or 15 milliliters of treadmill belt lubricant.
  • if you are using a 10 milliliters children’s oral syringe you may need to spray 1 ½ syringe-fulls to each side of the belt. That makes a total of 30mm lubricant used up for the whole belt

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When applying a treadmill belt lubricant oil

Make sure the whole width of the treadmill belt is covered with lube

Always start by unplugging and powering off your treadmill

Use the towel or rag to wipe any lubricant on the top of the belt surface – as it can make the treadmill running belt slippery. It very dangerous if the user, especially seniors, slip and take a hard fall. Wearing a fall detection smartwatch will only detect but not prevent your fall.

Before lubricating your treadmill belt, put your treadmill on an easy-to-clean surface that can be easily cleaned.

After you are done with the treadmill lubrication, use the rag or towel to clean any excess lube oil that dropped off to the running surface and frame.

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You can also rub a little alcohol if available.

You can also wipe the treadmill down with a mild detergent to keep the treadmill clean and dry. This remove dirt and salt off the belt, and console.

Don’t apply too much grease and Tighten the screws if they were loosened.

When positioning your machine, first put treadmill mat, and cover it with a clean cloth or towel. You will be quite careful but a little to excess lubricant may leak from the edges of the treadmill belt. That won’t stain your treadmill mat, or floor carpet, because you have got a towel underneath the treadmill.

Loosen a bolt with an Allen wrench or a screwdriver, depending on your treadmill model.

how to lubricate treadmill belt with treadmill belt lubricant oil
Img: Amazon – 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant – Made in The USA – with Both a Precision Twist Cap and an Application Tube for Easy, Full Belt Width Lubrication

how to lubricate treadmill belt - How To Lubricate Treadmill Belt [2 Easy Ways To Effectively Apply A Treadmill Belt Lubricant]

Does treadmill belt lubricant type play a role?

It is without doubt that moving parts of equipment like a treadmill requires oiling or lubrication. It is not a little-known thing that a well-lubricated treadmill running deck runs swiftly and works efficiently.

Treadmill slipping and sticking problems are as a result of friction created in the moving parts of the treadmill that lack adequate lubrication applied.

Again, friction wears out both the deck, the belt and the rollers very quickly, and i am convinced that no one would love to step on a treadmill running deck (with heated belt) with the risk of causing fire.

Neglecting to apply the right treadmill lubricant is one of the pitfalls to skipping, missed steps and hard falls that most people take on a running treadmill.

It is very dangerous, oil your treadmill belt and rollers regularly. if you don’t know how often you’ll need to lubricate it, check your treadmill manual. Whatever the duration, it does vary by treadmill brand, quality and the model.

The type of treadmill lubricant you apply to parts also plays a big safety role. If you manufacture has issued their best recommended lubricant, any other oil that you use creates a risk of damaging the treadmill.

A good treadmill belt lubricant does not evaporate easily from where it is applied. According to experts, a silicon-based treadmill belt lubricant is most common, and the highly recommended type.

Avoid using oil-based lubricants on your high-quality treadmills, as they degrade treadmill rubber components so quickly. Wear your hand gloves and check how to lubricate the treadmill properly.

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Silicone-based treadmill lubricant spray options

Most companies and manufacturers of home running machines recommend silicone-based treadmill lube oil because it does not evaporate. there are other reasons.

  • 100% silicone treadmill belt lubricant works on a wide range of modern treadmills.
  • the silicon treadmill grease works great on both home and heavy duty commercial treadmills.
  • The lubricant is particularly non-toxic and odorless.
  • One amazing thing is you are not going to need to loosen the treadmill belt.
  • The application tube with a patented cap easily slides between the belt and deck surfaces. Offers an easy way to place lubricating oil right at the center of the belt.
  • Some controllable squeeze bottles are capped with a precision twist spout. This design is efficient for general purpose lubricating.
  • Silicone-based treadmill belt lubricant rubs easily over the deck even at dead low treadmill speed. At about 0.5 mph rotating speed, the belt.
  • can bed greased for approximately 3-5 minutes maximum.

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how much lubricant to use on treadmill

How much treadmill belt lubricant should you use?. About, one ounce (15ml) of lube per each application is enough for a proper belt lubrication.

But can you put too much lubricant on a treadmill?

Can you put too much lubricant on a treadmill? Yes, over lubricating the treadmill is ok, but it comes with some inconveniences. If you add more lube on your treadmill belt, but some of it will be flung out from below the tread belt onto your floor or carpet. Avoid too much lubricating so that other nearby machine should not get soaked with the silicone lubricant.


Other treadmill Parts that need regular lubrication

  • rollers
  • pulleys
  • treadmill walking belt
  • Treadmill Drive Belt
  • frame pivots(joints)


What is the best treadmill lube?

Here are some best treadmill lubricants

  • Spot on 100% silicon treadmill belt lubricant
  • Impresa  product 100% silicon treadmill belt lubricant
  • GSM brands treadmill lubricant
  • Allinko 100% silicon treadmill belt lubricant
  • Exclusive peaks 100% silicon treadmill belt lubricant
  • Lifespan 100% silicon treadmill belt lubricant
  • Essential values 100% silicon treadmill belt lubricant


What can I use as a treadmill lubricant?

Most treadmill and other fitness equipment manufacturers highly recommend you should use a 100% silicon based lubricant for your treadmill walking belt. Available in spray or liquid form, it is easier to apply the lubricant, and it is not toxic, does not evaporate.


Can you use any lubricant on a treadmill?

No! Never use any kind of lubricant on your treadmill, because Not all lubricants are good for treadmill except 100% silicon. That is why treadmill manufacturers recommend that you should only use 100% silicon lubricants to grease your machine. A Silicon lubricant is preferred over any other lubricant oil, is because it is health-friendlier, it does not evaporate, so it lasts longer after application.


Can I use liquid wrench silicon spray in treadmill?

A liquid wrench silicon spray lubricant can make a plastic surface like your treadmill deck to be highly slippery. It’s good to avoid super slippery coating in your treadmill belt running surface, so use 100 % silicon lubricant recommended by your equipment manufacturer. However, using a silicon spray is good only after contacting your manufacturer and making sure that general purpose silicon-based lubricant is good for your treadmill.


Can I use wd40 on my treadmill belt?

No! Don’t lubricate your treadmill at wd40. Wd40 is not a 100% silicon based treadmill belt lubricant as fitness equipment manufacturer recommend. It is a mixture of silicon and other products such as petroleum distillates which quick cause deterioration of treadmill cardio machine parts. Using the wrong type of lubricant like household oil or this wd40 lubricant will damage your treadmill belt, motor and other moving parts. Many users have made that mistake of using wd40 and they regret it, so avoid this product.


Can you grease a treadmill belt?

Absolutely yes, Proper belt lubrication helps to keep your treadmill last longer, reduces maintenance and needed repairs. The belt is one of the moving parts of a treadmill, and needs to last longer, so using the right treadmill belt lubricant is high recommended. Lubricator your treadmill belt frequently, say every 3-6 months. The fist day your machine is delivered home, you need to grease before running on it.
Should you not lubricate a treadmill belt,then expect fast wearing out, belt heating, burning smell, quick treadmill belt replacement or frequent fix to treadmill belt slipping.


How often should you lube your treadmill belt?

every three to six months. How frequently should I lubricate my treadmill, depends on the usage. Low cost, treadmill have poor quality parts, which needs constant lubrcstiion. Manufacturers of low-profile treadmills expects owners to lubricate the machines every three months. If the machine is always on constant use, lubrication is highly recommended after every 40 hours of home running. Again, depending on your environment, the oil may evaporate quickly in a warmer climate, so a More frequent lubrication may be needed .


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