How to get bigger wrists with dumbbells (5 Simple wrists and forearm exercises with dumbbells)

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How to get bigger wrists with dumbbells? If you hate being an adult with small wrists, a dumbbell is one of the many wrist training tools, which would make your wrist bigger and bulkier. A dumbbell is a pretty short weight bar which you can carry or grab even with nifty hands. They have been around for sometime and they are designed to be portable, versatile and great for full-body workout and toning of specific body parts like forearms, wrists and hands.

When I think of bulking arms, I immediately visualize lifting heavy irons from the gym floor and boxing those finger-breaking sand bags. The world of fitness has significantly advanced. A Consistently exercise routine with portable weight can produce the same result as muscle-tearing weight machines.

So if you’re dead serious about eliminating the challenges of having small wrists and looking weak, that heavy weight lifting is  not the only way to grow your arm muscles. A few pounds of dumbbells can build muscles around your bony wrist.

Unlike cable machines, dumbbells are little weights,  and both make the most flexible, versatile exercise equipment anyone can use for building strength. How can I use the dumbbells to make my skinny wrists bigger?


how to get bigger wrists with dumbbells

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Why get bigger and stronger wrists?

We use wrist and forearm muscles everyday to do things,. Think of carrying food to your mouth, carrying your suitcase, throwing a ball or picking up something.

Wrist dumbbell exercises help to strengthen your wrists and forearms, which increases your grip strength. It is the gripping strength that helps us carry, hold, and lift stuff everywhere.

Bigger wrists look powerful and muscular. If you love wrestling, boxing, dumbbell is your friend. I will include some exercises on how to get bigger wrists for skinny guys who are engaged in sports activities.

Increasing your wrist circumference makes available to you many varieties of watches, smartwatches and fitness bands. It isn’t easy to find the right wearable for small wrists. I will show you how to get bigger wrists for watches and bracelets.

An adult man with skinny wrists, under the average wrist size for women really needs to grow big arm muscles. Experience shows that men with beefy arms appear stronger and powerful before ladies than skinny guys with really tiny wrists and small body frame.


Why choose dumbbell for wrist training?

Dumbbells are excellent fitness exercise equipment for both outdoor and home gyms. But if you want to last your forearm biceps and triceps in the gym, I recommend cable machine for forearm exercises.

1. Weight range

Dumbbells come in varying weights. You can have dumbbells that weigh as little as 1 pound with heavy dumbbells up to 350 pounds. Everyone, including beginners, can always find their own weight limit with dumbbells.

2. better alternative to barbells

If you don’t want to fiddle with weight plates, or stress yourself carrying rigid barbell and kettlebells, a pair of dumbbells is always the better alternative.

3. supports a range of exercises

Dumbbells are tools for a lot of result-producing exercises you never knew existed. There are many best dumbbell workouts and exercises to work nearly for every muscle in your upper body.

4. Works many muscles

Moreover, dumbbells exercises stabilize and activate more muscle, while engaging many muscle fibers. They increase range of motion and overload more muscles for hypotrophy.

5. Easy to use

One of the best at-home workout tool is a dumbbell. You can use a dumbbell to exercise or train your forearms alone.

6. The weights are adjustable

Some dumbbell weights are scalable and adjustable and they are great for progressive thickening of muscles between your elbow and your wrists. You can easily switch between weights – grab light dumbbells to ramp up the intensity of your HIIT workout or pick up a heavy dumbbell set to maximize your wrist muscle hypotrophy.

7. cheaper

If you are looking to make daily fitness exercises to increase wrists size and get powerful arms, dumbbells are the best cheap workout tools.

Overall, dumbbells are incredible forearm and wrists workout equipment how to get bigger wrists fast at home, in the gym and even in the office. They are pretty portable and available.

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Shopping dumbbells



What are the best dumbbell exercises to make wrists bigger?

I have tried before to build forearms and wrists so that I wear medium size to bigger watches.

I gave up, but I did try how to make forearms muscles bigger with wrists weights like dumbbells, so that my tiny wrist looks larger and normal.

The question is, how I make my forearms and wrists bigger with dumbbells?


Tips how to use dumbbells to grow muscles and increase wrist size

Here is how to increase wrists size(make bone thicker) when using a dumbbell.

1. For every wrist weight lifting workout, specifically with dumbbells, always do 3 to 5 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.

2. Do the dumbbell wrists and forearm exercises 2 to 3 times a week. At least 4 weeks is enough for you to start seeing the result – your wrist size can grow by 1-2mm.

3. You can do the wrists exercises with the dumbbells before your fitness workouts or as part of your daily workout routine.

4. I just prefer, if you want to see your wrist size increased, that you do the wrist training and the forearm exercises independently.

5. Begin with 5- to 10-pound dumbbells, then move to heavier dumbbells to improve your wrist bone structure and get thicker forearms. You can increase the dumbbell weights every time by 2 pounds or 5 pounds.

6. In your dumbbell, weighted wrist movements, always grip the dumbbells tightly. Let your hands not be slippery, else you risk getting wrist injuries from twists or break your toes when the weight drops.

7. If you lack money to buy dumbbells or if you don’t have dumbbells available around, use a bottle of water, a heavy stick (wood), or a stone(rock).

8. Be certain that you have small wrists. The best way is to measure your accurate wrist size. If they fall below 6.0 inches, you got a small bone arm..

Let us go check out those best dumbbell exercises for building muscle in the wrists and the forearms.


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Dumbbell Curl exercises to increase wrist size

Wrists curls is an isolation wrist exercise that improves grip strength build stronger wrists and forearm. Wrist curl exercises also improve blood flow in your forearm, helps to increase flexibility, and prevent soreness.

The wrist curls work the forearms, the wrist flexors, the wrist extensor and the brachioradialis muscles. Each wrist curl works only one muscle at a time.

One mistake when doing wrist curls to get a larger wrist size is to avoid lifting the dumbbell too quickly or with momentum.

Again, don’t use a dumbbell weight that is too heavy for your petite hand or arm to support, else you won’t be able to tone your thin wrist and forearm muscles properly.


How to increase wrist size with Palms-Up Wrists curls

Wrist flexion with dumbbell - how to get bigger wrists sizes with dumbbell wrist flexion exercise

  • First, get yourself well seated
  • Grab pair of dumbbell, one on each hand
  • Rest your forearm on your thighs, and place the skinny wrists on your knees. Any flat surface, like a bench or a table, can also be suitable.
  • Turn your hand, or palms, to face up towards the ceiling
  • Without moving your wrist or forearm from the surface, Flex your wrist up. Gently raise your hands as high as you can.
  • Hold the weight and the hand in that flexed, or extended position for 3 – 5 seconds
  • Gradually lower your hands and the weight downward to the starting position.
  • Repeat the wrist flexion exercise motion in 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.


How to get bigger wrist size with Palms-down Wrists curls

how to get bigger wrist fast with Wrist extensions with dumbbell workout

  • Take a comfortable seated position
  • Grab tightly a pair of lightweight dumbbells (2- or 3-pound) on your hands
  • Rest your forearm on your thighs while your small wrist hangs over the knees. If it is a table surface, allow the wrist to come close to the edge.
  • Turn your palms to face down
  • keep your forearm stationary and your tiny wrist should not rise off the surface
  • Slowly raise your hands (while holding the weights) as high as possible. Let the back of your hand move towards the ceiling.
  • Hold the hand in that fully extended position, say 3-5 seconds
  • Slowly return your hand and weight to the starting position
  • Repeat the wrist extension motion in 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.


How to increase wrist circumference with reverse wrist curl

Wrists and forearm workout with dumbbells

Reverse curl is another wrist exercise. It would bulk your wrist muscles and grow your overall arm strength.

  • Stand on the floor
  • hold a dumbbell weight in each of your hands.
  • Keep your palms shoulder width apart and facing downward.
  • Position your upper arms aligned. Don’t move the shoulders throughout the wrist exercise.
  • Curl the dumbbell weights up and bring them to your shoulder level.
  • Engage your forearm muscles – biceps when you do this muscle motion.
  • Pause and hold there for a few second
  • Return to the initial position
  • Repeat the reverse dumbbell curl wrist exercise in 2 sets of 10-15 reps each.

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How to make wrist bigger with Grip Crush

Follow these simple steps and make your skinny wrists bigger in a few reps.

  • Get seated first
  • Grab a sizable dumbbell weight
  • Place your left-hand slender wrist on your knee or any stable flat surface
  • Relax and open your left hand, letting the dumbbell to roll to your fingertips
  • Tighten the left hand, then curl your wrist up, while squeezing the dumbbell tight.
  • Do 3-5 reps of 10-15 reps.
  • Repeat the grip crush wrist training on the right hand



How to build strength by wrist supination with dumbbell

how to make wrist bigger with wrist rotation exercises - dumbbell wrist supination

One other way to work or tone your wrist and grow its muscle mass is by turning your wrist over. Wrist supination involves twisting your wrist such that the palm is facing up.

The targeted muscles in this case are the biceps muscles found in your upper arm. Biceps are the thinnest forearm muscles, while the triceps are the largest.

How to get bigger wrists with wrist supination(wrist rotation)

Let us figure out how to increase wrist size fast when you perform this kind of exercise.

  • Take a good sitting position
  • Position your forearm resting on a flat surface – a table while letting your wrist and hand come over the edge
  • Hold a lightweight dumbbell (max 3 pounds) in the manner you hold a hammer (near one end)
  • Slowly, relax your arm and let the wrist rotate over to bring your palm facing towards the ceiling.
  • Hold the twisted-arm at the end position for few seconds, say under 5s.
  • Slowly rotate the wrist until the dumbbell is straight up again
  • Now, allow your hand and wrist to rotate anticlockwise (to the left), so that your palm faces downward.
  • Hold the dumbbell in this position for a few seconds
  • Slowly let the weight to turn clockwise (to the right) to its upward position
  • You should do this wrist exercise in 3-5 sets of 10-15 repetitions

Always combine your wrist supination and pronation exercise in one session to strengthen your slim, weak wrist, and develop muscular arms.


how to get bigger wrists with dumbbells – wrist pronation exercise

Wondering an excellent way how to get bigger wrists and forearms at home with dumbbells? Another arm twisting exercise is the wrist pronation workout. By turning your arm towards the left hand (like pouring water) side, while holding a dumbbell, you can touch your forearm muscles.

Here’s how to get bigger wrist and forearms – wrist rotattion workout

Here is how to work the wrist pronator muscles:

  • Sit on a comfortable chair
  • Keep your forearm supported on your thighs or table
  • Let your wrist and hand hang over on the edge
  • Grab a 2-3 pound dumbbell at one end, such that the other end points into the ceiling like a hammer
  • With wrist release, allow your hand and your wrist rotate slowly until your palm faces towards the floor (imagine when you pour water)
  • Maintain your grip at this downward position for a short time ( a few seconds)
  • Then slowly turn the hand and dumbbell back to its starting position (weight pointing upward)
  • Again, let your wrist rotate into your far right until the dumbbell until your palm is facing up
  • Hold that position for a short period(5 second max) before gradually returning the wrist back to its original position.
  • Repeat this wrist pronation exercise for 3 sets of 10-15 reparations.

Always combine wrist pronation and supination to rip your wrist and  forearm muscles.


best forearm exercises for massive biceps muscles – bicep curls

The muscles in front of your upper arms are called biceps. When these muscles grow, your overall arm size looks huge and your wrist won’t seem tiny again.

How to get bigger wrists and forearms with bicep curl exercises

  • Take a standing or sitting position
  • Grab dumbbells, one on each hand
  • Hold your hands down by your body side
  • Inhale, then, as you exhale, slowly curl the dumbbell weights up towards your shoulders.
  • Use your biceps to pull up or make the lift, and
  • keep your core engaged and your back straight
  • pause, then bring down the dumbbell to its starting position


Best forearm workout to build huge muscles – triceps curls

Another one of the dumbbell forearm exercises to increase your forearm strength and size, is the overhead triceps extension. Your triceps are located at the back of your upper arm.

These muscles help to stabilize and straighten your elbow joint. Men with beefy forearm triceps muscles are great at pushing and throwing exercises.

How to get massive forearms and large wrist sizes with tricep curl

  • You can choose to sit or stand up
  • Keep your back straight
  • Hold up one dumbbell with your two hands at the handles
  • Lift the weight straight up and over you your head
  • Gradually, lower the weight towards your back by bending your elbows.
  • Hold it lower down your back for few seconds
  • Slowly raise the dumbbell back to its original position.


How to prevent soreness when wrist training with dumbbell weights

We have seen how to get bigger wrists and forearms with simple exercises. The downside is that if you make some mistakes, you will end up with wrist injuries, especially wrist soreness. Here is how to prevent sore wrists.

  1. A wrist wrap will give extra support when performing wrist weight lifting
  2. Choose the right weight that your hand, wrist and forearm can support. Your wrist should be strong enough to carry the dumbbell you are lifting for the entire set and reps. Don’t let dumbbell weight go above your ability.
  3. Take a break between each set. You might get painful wrist soreness if you don’t pause and give yourself time between exercise sets to recover and rehydrate.
  4. Take a good form, rather than concentrating on how many reps and weight you can raise.
  5. Mix your wrist workout with core strengthening exercise. Working only the biceps and triceps is not enough.

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Wrapping Up

You now got series of dumbbell forearm exercises to increase your forearm strength as well as increase wrist size without stretching anything. From simple weights, to heavy dumbbell sets, you can change your arm size, and look manly.

People do not notice your small wrists to be a problem. They will become aware of your tiny wrist size when you bring the subject to the table. Actually, nobody had outrightly told you ” hey, you have small wrists!”.

The real problem lies in your head anyway, it is psychological and you need some mental practice to fix it. But if you wear bigger watches, that is kiddy, so you can’t get away without attracting the attention of many guys around.

Do your best to pick the right dumbbel weight, and consistenstly do your wrist training. s your wrist curcumference grows, you would wait to see a 40mm or 42mm classic watch sit on your wrist in a month.


What muscle do dumbbell curls work?

The dumbbell curl is an isolation wrist exercises that target your biceps muscles (in the front of your upper arm). Dumbbell curls also work the muscles of the lower arm – brachialis and the brachioradialis muscles.


Does dumbbell curls build muscles?

Dumbbell curls is one of the quintessential exercise that work many arm muscles. Most bodybuilders do dumbbell curl exercises to build the biceps and the triceps forearm muscles. For beginners, dumbbell curls help to improve wrist strength and wrist size.


Are bicep curls a waste of time to increase wrist size?

No. bicep curls are not useless, at least to a beginner. Perhaps, to experienced trainers and body builders, wrist curls with dumbbells may look like waste of time but it is a classic wrist workout that build strength and make arm stronger and bulkier.


Do curls make your arms bigger?

Bicep curls are not very effective to building wrist size, but the exercise is excellent at bulking your upper arm muscle sizes. If your upper muscles look huge, your wrist will also appear bigger. That is just one of the benefits of dumbbell curls.


How many reps curl should i do to make my wrist grow?

Usually, expert recommend that you do about 3-5 sets for 10-20 repetitions. This number will greatly improve skinny wrist size, and muscular endurance. They also advise that you should also have periods of rest like 30 – 45 seconds. If you can do more than 20 reps, you should preferably lift more dumbbell weights to further thicken your wrists bone, build bicep strength and muscle hypotrophy.


Is a 50lb dumbbell curl good for adding wrist size?

Absolutely yes. If you are wrist curling with a 50 pounds dumbbell for reps is an excellent, impressive feet of arm strength. But that is remarkably dangerous for a beginner, so 50lb dumbbell wrist curl exercise is the best option for athletes,  or bodybuilders who lift weight so regularly.


Is curling 30lb dumbbell good for growing wrist and forearm muscles?

If you want to get your arm ripped and budged, you should be 30 pounds dumbbell in few 2-4 weeks. That also depends if you curl dumbbell lifting technique is performed in good form.


Can I get big arms with just dumbbells?

Yes. The fortunate thing is that you don’t even really need a bigger weight to tone and strengthen your arms. Just a regular forearm and wrist workout using a simple, light weight set of dumbbells can produce a remarkable difference in your wrist size. You have seen in this article, most of the dumbbells workouts which are best for strengthening and toning wrist and forearm muscles. Buy your arm-friendly dumbbell set and get started immediately.


 How long does it take to get bigger arms with dumbbells?

Typically, expect 4-8 weeks. Within this time, you will notice that your arm appearance (massive muscles and bigger wrist size). That is also not the time to give up. If you push hard into 10-14 weeks, you will be proud to see significant changes, if you were a skinny guy.

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