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Looking for ways how to get bigger hands? You are not alone. I have a friend who feels his hands are skinnier for goalkeeping in the football game. Actually, he has got slimmer, thinner hands, with tiny fingers and all he has always wanted is to perfect his football activities. He really wants to strengthen, increase hand size, grow hand muscles and make his hands bigger and stronger. More recently, he got engaged in some finger exercises and hand stretches in an attempt to develop muscular hands and wrist too.

There are many activities you could show an impressive performance if you got fat hands with a stronger grip.  In addition to boxing, wrestling and other fitness games, people though that height was the main factor to perform well in a basketball. That is no longer true. A larger hand size, length and circumference offers a strong grip. That is why guys in the NFL, and the baseball players, who had performed exceptionally, turned out to have bigger hand grip sizes than average hand sizes for men. Check out this article How To Measure Hand Size see if you can be good for athletic sports.

We have seen how to get skinny fingers for people who have fat fingers due to muscle gains, and want to have beautiful, thinner, slender hands with long, slim, thin and flexible fingers.

In the same way, if you have skinny wrist and forearms, which look so thin inside watches, there are excellent ways how to get bigger wrists. Small wrist for bodybuilding isn’t bad, but with just a few exercises, you can make your wrist appear pretty larger.

In this article, if you are going to develop muscular and thicker hands with strength and a strong grip, you would need to increase the hand size.  How to get bigger and stronger hands comes in very easy steps. But first, why should you like thicker hands?

how to get bigger hands and wrists

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Why grow hand muscles and strength

You use your hands for doing everything, even though the wrist and forearm muscles control its movement. It may not be long before you carry groceries, lifting suitcases and type into a computer. Stretching out your hands, training it for strength can help in building you a stronger grip and increase wrist strength.

Your performance in some outdoor activities like rock climbing, gym related CrossFit activities depends on the how strong your hands are. What about building a stronger grip for American Football and for senior citizens. An aging adult with a powerful hand muscle wont just easily take a hard fall when he slips.

If you have got bigger hands, you definitely got an excellent grip for football, basketball and boxing games. To palm a basketball, you have a power grip size and to spread out your fingers wide. This goes the same to playing a piano keyboard and a guitar. The greatest quarterbacks in history had really bigger and longer hands. Some quarterback players  who were under 6’9″ in height, yet had hand as larger as 10″ to 11.75″. This is what contributed to their unbeatable performance over the years.

Many people with skinny fingers had always wished they had fat fingers or even bigger hands. Take for example, an avid boxer would want to have muscular hands that will deliver powerful momentum on to the jaws of his opponent. One better way out is to make your forearm muscles bigger and stronger.

Some fitness enthusiasts, especially people who like athletics and sports,  also believe that having slimmer arm, wrist, or body is being weak. While this is,  not at all times true, you can definitely increase hand size of and strengthen your fingers if you feel you are weak. If you feel so, here is how to deal with skinny arms and wrists.

You are not going to actually get bigger hand, but you can certainly have your hands increased in muscularity. It is possible that you can get thicker hands and fat fingers hands from weight lifting, baseball and dieting.

There is plenty of muscles in human hands strong hands and you can make them powerful and stronger from many hand exercises including lifting sports. With such a muscular hand, you can open stuck lids on jars better than any other person.

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But can you make your hands bigger?

Can you increase the size of your hands? Yes, the size of the muscles in your hand and fingers can be increased through weight gains and exercises. But there is a limit as to how much hand size you can get. You cannot bulk the size of your hand bones with exercises, but you can grow the muscles around the hands with proper dieting and workouts.

You can stretch enough, train enough and do hand and finger workout, but the actual size of your hands will be limited by the size of bones in your hand. With over 30 muscles in the hand, you can grow your palm and finger muscles only to some extend.

There is probably no amount of hand exercises and hand stretching, or strength training hand workouts that can make your hand bones larger or bigger after 18-21 years. Although the hand comes with many bones, the only thing is that you can make your hand bones grow stronger and more flexible by doing a variety of hand exercises.

According to fitness experts, working hard and doing exercises can help in increasing the strength and muscle size of your hands, fingers, and thumb.


Anatomical description of hands

The knowledge of the anatomy of your hands can help in developing stronger, large and wider hands.

  • The hand as a whole has 26-27 bones.
  • eight bones in the wrist.
  • five bones in the palm linking the fingers and thumb
  • two main sets of muscles and tendons. The Flexor muscles help to bend the fingers and thumb, while the extensor muscles straighten fingers/thumb out.

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How To Know the Size of your hand

If you have skinny chubby hands and slimmer fingers,and want a bit of hand enlargement, first measure your hand size. Your hand dimension will indicate how much increase in muscles you need to have really fat hands and fingers.

How wide are your palms? What is the width of each of your fingers? When you determine how big you hand is, you would understand if you need big hands or not.

how to increase hand muscles - how to get bigger hands for basket ball

Img: How to measure hand size and get bigger hands for basket ball


1. How to measure hand size

Your hand has more than 25 to 30 bones, the length and shape and size of which are determined by gene. During genetic inheritance, these hand properties are passed down from parents. It is good to understand that bones stop growing at a certain age. For women, it stops at mid-teens and men comes at 18 to 21 years.

So when you are working out to increase your hand size, in effect, you are not actually changing the shape and size of your hand bones. Rather, you are growing muscles around the hand bones, through dieting and hand strengthening exercises.

What determines the size of your hands? The shape and size of your hands are unique properties of an individual. Here are the average hand measurements for adults and children, but let’s first see how to measure hand size.


2. Hand size is usually measured in three different ways:

When measuring hand size, the length is the distance from the tip of your longest finger down to the point where the palm meets the wrist. The width(breadth) of the hand is the widest portion around where the palm and the finger base meet.

The circumference is taken from the dominant hand. The hand circumference is the distance around the palm, below the knuckles, without considering the thumb.


3. What is the normal hand size for men and women?

What is the normal hand size for ladies and men? When you know what size of hand is considered normal, you would wonder how to get bigger hand, if your hands aren’t big enough.

The table below gives normal hand sizes. You should use it to evaluate your hand size. Measure you hand properly and compare if it falls below the normal hand dimension. Its only then can you choose to go for various exercises and dieting how to get your dream hand size.

Whatever the case, your hand length, hand width, and circumference are unique parameters determined by your genes. Finally, check these normal hand size numbers according to NASA reports, on hand sizes for men and women aren’t the same.

Men7.6 in (19.3 cm)3.5 in (8.9 cm)8.6 in (21.8 cm)
Women6.8 in (17.3 cm)3.1 in (7.9 cm)7.0 in (17.8 cm)

Table: How big is your hand? Is your hand over or under normal hand size?


Big Hands - how to get bigger hands


How to make your hands bigger temporarily

Let us turn our eyes on how to make your hands more masculine and muscular  The strategy to get bigger hands is to add more muscles around the hand or fingers. This is the same as saying that you need to gain weight and grow muscles in your hands.

If you want to make hands bigger for a short period, there are a few ways.

Work or walk in a warm climate

Heat, high temperature or simple hot air, make you get swollen fingers and bulky hands. Swollen hands are as a result of increased blood flow into the hands when exposed to high temperature conditions.

I have had this experience several times. I will walk under the hot weather or warm humidity and at the time I am sweating, my hands size increases, and take a bulky shape.

As you switch environment and move into cold areas, temperature falls and you will start experiencing contraction in the size of your palms, fingers and overall hand. So if you want to feel like you have fatter, muscular and stronger hands, walk under warm outdoor weather conditions for a few hours.


 Hand enlargement surgery – How to get Longer Hands & Fingers

Hand surgery includes different types of surgical procedures.You could have a plastic surgeon who perform hand surgery to restore the hand and finger function.

As well, the hand surgeons may also want to make the hand look normal and natural as possible, if there are defects. There are many reasons why a hand reconstructive surgery may be carried out, amongst which include:

  • if you have serious hand injuries
  • Rheumatic diseases, like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis,
  • Degenerative changes in hand or finger structure
  • Congenital hand defects and infections

Would you do hand enlargement surgery because you have skinnier fingers and thin hand muscles? To me, plastic hand surgery is one way to deal with having slimmer skinny hands with tiny fingers. There are many types of hand surgery that can be done on human hand or fingers. These include:

  • skin grafts. If fingertip are short or part of your hand is missing , a skin graft can help.
  • tendon repairs(replace fibres linking muscles to bones),
  • Joint replacement – arthroplasty which adds artificial joints to hands and fingers destroyed by severe arthritis.
  • Replantation uses microsurgery to attach finger, hand, toes, and body parts which are completely cut off.
  • Others include skin flaps, nerve repairs , fasciotomy, closed reduction and fixation. If you have got no problem, you can do plastic hand surgery, replacing the skinny bony hands with fat tissues.

Bone-lengthening in the hand and foot is also possible through surgery. The method is called Callus distraction used for lengthening mid-hand and finger stumps . It my be due to congenital hand abnormalities.



Dieting – how to gain fat in your hands, feet, and arms

One natural; way how to get bigger hands and fatter fingers is by eating healthier weight gain foods.(high calorie foods).

You can get muscular and fat fingers from dieting more calories than you are burning. But there are some other elements that can change your hand weight when you take them in, from food.

The best way to get big hands is by muscle building, although it is hard as you age out. The secret is to increase the lean muscles mass through exercises and dieting.

How fast you build or gain body weight including building hand muscles, depends on your level of testosterone as a man and estrogen level as a woman. Ti also depends on the nerve and blood cell changes and how your body stores proteins into your muscle tissues.


how to gain muscle mass from dieting

img: Big Hands Guide – Dieting to gain muscles and grow hand size



In general, regular wrist, hand, and finger training exercises plus good daily diet(food intake) is absolutely important to building and keeping your muscles.

The best strong muscle building strategy i think will work incredibly, is for you to integrate good nutrition into your bodybuilding plan. As you eat foods rich in protein, carbohydrates and fat , you take in enough calories each day. The more calories you consume than the one you burn, the more fats get stored in your tissues, fingers and hands.


1. Eat More Sodium-rich salt

Eating salt is also another way how to get fatter hands. What is i can’t understand is why do my fingers swell when I eat salt? To answer this question, you need to know why you get thirsty for water. Sodium is one of the most important elements in our cells. It plays a vital role to help human body’s balance fluid intake, distribution and discharge.

There is a certain quantity of salt we need to take in each day to maintain water balance in our system, the sodium we consume helps to keep fluid inside our cells. So when next time you’re thirsty, know that your body is signaling there’s not enough water to balance the amount of sodium in your body.

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So does salt make your fingers fat and your hands thicker?

A high salt dieting creates more water retention and swelling in the hands, arms, feet, or legs for some people. Yes, after eating a lot of sodium in salt, it helps in making hands fatter when you consume too much of it, than the body needs.

Extreme sodium intake(too much sodium ) in foods , leaves the cells more demanding for water. And your attempt to drink excess of the natural fluid to balance the sodium out causes bloating in the belly area, toes, and the hands.
after salty meals.

Why do my fingers swell when I eat salt? Another reason obtained from research is that after eating a rich or salty meal, you accumulate sodium in your cells which then makes you hungrier. As you eat food(including high-calorie foods) frequently to satisfy your hunger, you experience weight gain over time.

So a high consumption of salt gives swollen hands and fingers – a condition called edema. As you consume a lot of salt in your diet, your will see your hand size grow bigger and larger. I am certain that as you stop further intake of salty foods, your hands and fingers will shrink back to normal petite size.


how to get your hands bigger eating enough calories


2. Protein for Muscle Building

Guys take this seriously. A faster way to hand and body muscle, is to take in more protein. Protein is used as body building blocks and excess of it is converted and stored under the skin.

Besides, protein provides about 35% of total calories for adults in a day. To complement muscle building physical activity, eat protein rich food in higher quantity to maintain or increase muscle mass. sources

  • Low-fat or fat-free dairy can give you about ounce-equivalents of protein foods . So eat enough fish, beans, poultry or lean meat each day,
  • Whole grains also provide protein in a little way.


3. Carbohydrates to increase muscle size

Carbohydrates is vital group of foods that is burnt to fuel your muscles. Eating enough of carbohydrate provides immediate energy to power your workouts, and excess will be converted to glycogen,and stored in muscles. Both men and women 50% of daily calories from carbohydrates .

  • Good nutrition with enough carbohydrates includes:
  • whole-grain breads and cereals.
  • Many dairy products, including milk and yogurt,
  • low-fat or fat-free dairy foods and
  • beverages
  • Fruits and vegetables

Avoid foods with high dietary fiber.


4. Take in Fat for Muscle Building

To gain body weight and build thicker hands, consume more healthy fat. Fat help to supply energy to muscles during high-intensity activities – aerobic training. At high heart rate, your muscles are hungrier than the energy calories can provide, so they begin to get energy from stored fats. To avoid this, you just need to be consuming enough calories more than you burn each day.

sources of heart-healthy fats, including

  • vegetable oils, – olive oil and canola oil and avocados.
  • Nuts and fatty fish such as salmon, herring, sardines, and trout,
  • Diary products

Meet a registered dietitian nutritionist to advise you on what to eat. She may show you more variety of healthful foods that will meet your nutrient needs for muscle building.


Sports related foods

Here are some pre workout meals that can contribute to more calories intake before and after workout


Muscle Strengthening Activities and Health

We will see muscle strengthening activities in the next section. These muscle exercises work the major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, chest, abdomen, shoulders and arms, hands, and fingers). Doing these exercises at least two times each week is sure to increase muscle size.

On a quick note, some examples of muscle strengthening activities include lifting weights, using resistance bands and doing push-ups, pull-ups, and yoga. Even Just carrying groceries(Farmer’s walk exercise), playing musical instrument help in building and strengthening muscles.


Hand Exercises – how to get bigger hands and bigger fingers

There are several simple big hand workouts or hand exercises to bolster a grip on a basketball, or football. while some of these hand trainings include strength training workouts to make hands thicker and muscular, they will add more strength for boxing too.

You know, your hand strength increases as the thickness of the hand muscles also increases, and the consequence is that your hand appears bigger. Please remember to use hand wraps to avoid bruises and hand injuries.

There are also some sports that require you to warm up your hands to prevent injuries and discomfort. As a result, before starting such training, you must perform hand strengthening exercises as a pre-condition.

Hand therapy exercises also allow you to soak hands in warm water for few minutes or wrap them in a heated towel. This can be an excellent treatment to relieve arthritic hand pains or stiffness and some musculo-skeletal injuries.

How do you make your hands bigger, stronger, muscular with exercises? The following exercises can be done two or three times per week, but be sure to wait 2 days in between exercises to allow your hand muscles to recover.


squeeze ball exercises - how to strengthen hands and how to get fatter fingers
How to get manly hands with ball exercises


1. squeeze ball exercises – How to increase hand size

About 18 muscles are involved each time you move your wrist, hand, and fingers as you perform a variety of tasks every day. Consider holding the steering wheel to holding a glass, door knobs and lift items or weights.

You know, repetitive movements can expose your hand to risk. Doing stress ball exercises can help reduce the risk of injury, increase flexibility and strengthen wrists, hands, and finger muscles. It can be a great hand therapy exercise if you have arthritis pains.

A squeeze ball exercise just involves squeezing a softball in the hand. The squeeze ball workout targets muscles in the wrist, fingers, and thumb flexor.

But here are the steps to use the squeeze ball hand exerciser. Iif you have no ball, check soft ball for hand exercises on Amazon.

Here’s how thick hands using a stress ball

1. Roll the stress ball to and fro

  • Place a stress ball on the surface of a table.
  • Curl your finger(with finger tips towards the palm) and roll the ball for 3-5 seconds,
  • Then, extend the fingers and roll it for another 3-5 seconds.

2 Squeeze with full grip

  • Grab a soft stress ball in the palm.
  • Squeeze the ball hard, as you can
  • Every time you squeeze the ball, hold it tightly for up to 5 seconds, before release.

3 Palm press

  • Place a stress ball in your palms, with your forearm positioned vertically
  • Press the ball had and
  • Hold it there for up to seconds before relaxing.

4 Finger grip

  • position the stress ball between your thumb and the tip of the first finger
  • Press hard and hold for 5 seconds, before you relax.

Other stress ball hand exercises techniques include Pinch grip, and Thumb press where you hold the ball in your palms pressed by the thumb. What ever the method, do the stress ball exercises for each hand for up to 10 repetitions, then change to the other hand and do the same. Just know that you can improve your grip strength by regularly doing exercises involving squeezing.

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video: Stress ball exercises to strengthen hand muscles and increase hand size


2. Dead Hang Workouts – How to increase hand muscles or Build Muscular Hand

Dead hang is workout that puts your body-weight hanging in your hands. It build Grip Strength, forearm, wrists and hand muscles You can do this hand strengthening exercise by:

  • Hanging from pull-up bar
  • Hanging from a towel thrown over pull-up bar
  • Hanging on a rope
  • Hanging on a ledge from finger-tips

This is great wrists workout how to strengthen hand and wrists muscles and you need to do it everyday. So put this workout at home, office or wherever you pass by so often everyday. Beginners should aim for Aim for up to 5 minutes with both hands while experienced guys try for 10 minutes doing alternating hands.

Towel chin-ups

Towel chin-ups and dead hangs looks easy but works well. Chin-ups are too easy for you? In this exercise to develop muscular exercises, all you need is throw a pair of gym towels over a branch of tree outside the apartment. You can use the bar hang to challenge your grip. This is one of those exercises to help you prepare for rope and mountain climbing adventure!

Bar hang At home

A chin-up bar – Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar is one most useful hand exercise equipment to have for a home gym. To do dead hang, first you put your feet on the ground and hang up from the bar. The only weight you are lifting here is your body weight.

By hanging from the bar or gymnastic rings or a tree branch contributes to build up huge hands and high grip strength! To ease up, you need to work up to one minute or more if you can.

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Video : Hand exercises to get muscular hands, increased range of motion and fat hands


3. wrist curls and reverse wrist curls – Wrists strengthening exercises

Wrist curls/Reverse wrist curls is great for building wrist muscles and wrist strength with weights like dumbbells. Here is how to do wrist curls and reverse curls for mobility.

how to make small wrists bigger with dumbbell weights - How to increase hand muscle

Img: Guide How to get thicker hands and wrists – Wrist Curls on a workbench to get big hands

Take a look how to get bigger wrists with dumbbells. However, below is how to get chubby hands with dumbbell curls

  • Sit straight up on a bench or chair or floor
  • Position your feet flat on the floor.
  • Pick up a light dumbbell (under 5 pounds ) in one hand.
  • Place the hand palm up, holding dumbbells weight to rest on your leg above the knees
  • To flex your arm, bring up the weight above your knees
  • Slowly bring the weight back down to starting position
  • Do it in 10 repetitions in right hand and then engage the left hands.

For a reverse wrist curls wrists exercise, you should repeat the same thing but with your palms facing down.

Will hanging from a bar increase grip strength? Yes, it is know for improved grip strength and endurance. As you hang down from the bar,your arm muscles and hand hold your entirety body weight. This is vital for grip-dependent movements like the deadlift, mountain climbing.

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Video – Exercises to get big hands, strong hands and more powerful hands


4. Making a fist – how to make hand longer and thinner

Making a fist is one of the hand and finger exercises that strengthen your hands and fingers, contribute to growing hand muscles, and increase the range of motion. It also offers pain relief for injuries on hand, fingers and wrists. Make sure you stretch until you feel tightness and no pain.

how to strengthen your hands and fingers

img: how to make hand strong and powerful with fist – strengthen your hands and fingers.

Here is how to grow your hands muscles at home, by making a fist

  • Make a hand fist, by wrapping the thumb over your other fingers.
  • maintain it in that position for up to 60 seconds before opening the hand
  • After releasing the fist, Spread your fingers out, and wide
  • Hold it there for 5 to 10 seconds
  • Repeat the hand strengthening workout 5 times in right hand, then switch to left hand

If you can add other exercises like knuckle push up, that will make your knuckles, fingers, and hands more powerful and stronger.


5. Isometric Hooks Exercises – How to get bigger hands for basketball

This exercise relies on maximal voluntary contraction. To do an isometric exercise, you contract a muscle without moving. There is no need for equipment for this exercise, all you are ever going to use are your two hands.

here is how to increase hand muscles with hook workout

  • place your fingers in a hook fist,
  • Let one hand have its palm upward and the hand with palm facing down.
  • clasp, or hook, them together at your chest.
  • With your arms, pull outward while maintaining your hook fists.
  • Keep pulling for up to 5 – 10 seconds before releasing
  • Repeat 10-15 times with right hand on top
  • Then repeat same exercise 10-15 times with left hand on top,

How to increase hand muscles - make fingers longer and make your hands bigger with grip strengthener

Img: How to increase hand  size with hand grip strengthening exercises –

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6. Hand-Finger Grip Strengthener Exercise – How to get thicker hands and fingers

Another way how to grow hands is by using a hand grip strengthener. This tool also works much like a forearm workout equipment to build strength into the wrists and make your fingers stronger.

All you need is the grab the foam handles on both sides of your hand with your fingers working in a way to close the grip. The resistance comes from the metal coil in the middle of the tool and the powerful this resistance, the more intense you have to squeeze it. A grip exercise is one of the best workouts to improve wrist, upper arm, and forearm grip strength.

If you can’t afford a grip strengthener, a squeezy ball or a tennis ball can be used. Just squeeze the ball strongly in your palm, holding it for about for 2-3 seconds each time before letting it loose.

You may like to try it out up to 15-20 times with each hand while repeating the set 2-3 times. You need to rest your hands for up to 24 – 48 hours between sessions.

For a quicker result, doing this 2 times a day for 3 days a week will help you burn more calories, lose hand fats and build grip strength faster. Avoid this exercise if your have got damaged thumb joint.

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7. sandbags and punching bags – How to make hands bigger, stronger and powerful

Punching on a sandbag does not only strengthens your hand muscles, and knuckles but also strengthen your arm and forearm muscles too. This is what boxers do. As precaution, make sure your hands are wrapped in bandages during punching hand workout.

Padded gloves can be used in place of bandages but always do this exercise under the supervision of an experienced trainer. The idea of punching bag is not favorable for most people looking for ways how to get bigger hands. Be certain it is right for you before you get started.

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How to increase the flexibility of your hand muscles

These exercises help make your hand muscular nut you need flexible hand also. In that case, you will have to perform some exercises for the flexibility of your hand.

To increase flexibility and range of motion, hand stretches are necessary. When performing this exercise to grow hand muscles and flexibility, ensure that they are not overextended, to point where you risk straining any of the muscles or tendons.


1. Thumb stretch – How to increase hand muscles at home

Can i make my hands bigger by stretching the thumb? Yes Thumb stretch exercises is one to help make the back of the hand wider. A longer hand span is very beneficial for sportsmen who throw football, which requires strength, flexibility and technique. Hand span is the maximum distance from the thumb to the little finger and this is how to widen it:

How to build hand muscles at home

  • Gently pull your thumb away from the other fingers in a slight stretch exercise.
  • Hold for 45 to 60 seconds, and then release it
  • Repeat it many time with
  • Switch to the other hand and do the same exercises.


2. Finger Lift – How to have bigger hands

Can you get bigger hands by lifting fingers only? Absolutely yes. The finger lift is another no-equipment exercise how to strengthen your hands, and make you have stronger hands. In addition to increasing hand size, it also help to increase the range of motion and flexibility of the fingers.

how to get longer hands and thicker fingers

  • with palms down, Place your hand on a flat table surface.
  • Gently lift each finger, one at a time, off the table. Lift it high enough to feel the finger stretch
  • lower it, and lift another finger in the same stretch
  • Try lift all your fingers and thumb simultaneously.
  • Repeat the finger workout up to 10 rimes



3. Finger Stretch – How to increase hand size (muscle)

Can you grow your hands with finger stretch? Yes. While this hand exercise helps relieves pains and improve your range of motion, it is an excellent way how  to increase hand size and make your hands bigger without weights.

how to make your fingers longer naturally with finger stretches

  • Place flat, the palm of your hands down on a flat top table.
  • Gradually straighten your fingers against the table.
  • Make sure you are not forcing your finger joints.
  • Hold up there for up to 60 seconds before you release.
  • Repeat it 5 times on each hand

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How do i get slimmer hands?

Looking for ways about how to get bony hands? The simplest way how to get slim hands is to do exercises for bigger hands, but cut down your calorie intake. None of the exercises will guarantee you to have slimmer hands in a week but consistent hand training workout can make your hands look skinnier faster than you can imagine.

If you aim for bodybuilding, i don’t recommend you should make your hands slender. Your grip strength will drastically reduce if you make your hands smaller and thinner. However, if you are fat and have got chubby hands, getting skinny hands is best option to get good shape.

How to get skinny hands

  • do hand grip exercise,
  • train your hands with knuckle push ups
  • try cable machines for upper body slimming
  • eat less calories
  • use exercise balls
  • stretch your  hands with resistance bands

Overall, do these finger slimming exercises.



FAQ on how to make hands thicker

Do hands get bigger with age?

Hands, like any other part of your body, grows and you te older. As long as you are younger, the brain produces growth hormones which makes your bones grow  bigger and longer.

when do hands stop growing?

At what age do hand stop growing? Female hand bone stops growth probably at  mid teens ages 14-16 years. Boys and men’s bones in the hands stops growing at 16 to 19 years. However, whether man or woman, your bone stops growing at 21 years, although the muscles mass or size continue growing.

What affects hand size?

Sex, age and height are some factors that affect an average hand size. Men, especially male athletes, have powerful and larger hands than females. Kids have smaller bones in their hands, so their hand does not look wider and that of an adult. Moreover, body shape and size differ between sex, and so is the size of their hand palms and length of the fingers.

Are my hands small?

A small hand is one whose span from thumb to the fifth finger, measures less than 8.5 inches or 21.6 centimeters. A skinny hand a second to fifth finger span just under 6 inches ( about 16 cm). If your hand size fall under these figures, you got slim hands and might need to make the hands thicker and wider.

Are 7 inch hand small?

If your hands can fit into an extra small glove of 7 inches, your hand is really small. If the largest measurement of either hand length or circumference is writing 7.5-8 inches gloves, you got small hands. The average hand size for adults, children, and athletes are quiet different.

Why are my hands thin

The reasons why my hands are thin? Small bone structure, genetics, and dieting(medication, salt) are some reasons why you might have slimmer hands. They are the same reason why my wrists are so small or slender.You have a small body frame, your bone size will look smaller and your hands will also be thin.

Are small hands stronger?

Compared to larger and longer hands, small hands are not strong, they are weaker. Your grip strength largely depends on your hand size. Ig you got small hands and short  fingers, your hands won;t have gripping strength as someone with wider hand palms and longer fingers.

Does hand size increase with height?

Statistics show that your hand length of right and left have a positive correlation with your height. So the hand dimension, especially the length of your two hands, is longer if you have more stature.

So do your hands get bigger the taller you are growing? Not really. Taller people don’t always have the biggest hand span. It is common to see children have the same hand dimension (equal length) although they have different heights.


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