How to extend apple watch battery life – Save And Make Your apple watch battery last longer

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Wondering how to extend apple watch battery life? Is the 18 hours apple battery life not enough for outdoor, fitness and health activity tracking? How does it feel when you check your apple watch battery percentage and discover, it can’t track anything even for a minute? Frustrating right? Then, you wish you had brought a power pack or had a solar charger. Therefore, how can you make your apple watch battery last longer than it currently does?. To save, increase, preserve, maximize, add, and make an apple smartwatch battery to last longer, We have got you ultimate ways that are insanely working, and cheaper than paying for the cost of replacing a new apple watch battery. Just imagine how much it cost to change apple watch battery. To  save you enough money,  this guide is about how to extend the battery life on your apple watch.

If you have recently wondered how long should a watch battery last, you are not a lone. Some most rugged watches and smart watches have exceptionally longest lasting battery life while others just barely support through out the day.

You probably, could wear the watch all day without really checking it, if its battery is durable. Although 18 hours is the Apple watch battery life , according to Apple Inc, most outdoor fans confirm that Apple watches don’t support or keep their smartwatch battery power for a longer time.

The question is, if the 18 hours apple watch battery life is not enough to serve you throughout your long multi-days outdoor use, What d you do? Well, you have got two options. You may choose to change an apple watch battery and replace the apple watch battery with a new one or you find a way to manage, improve and save the battery life on your apple watch.

If you don’t intend to buy a new smartwatch battery to replace the less durable one, how to extend apple watch battery life would be your most preferred and highest priority or concern. If your apple watch is running out of storage and you can’t make watchOS update or sync more data, Check out here How To Make Storage On Apple Watch.


 Apple watches By Sizes


What is a battery life?

More generally, a “battery life” is how much time an apple smartwatch can run on before its gets recharged. This battery life term is often misunderstood with battery lifespan.

A “Battery lifespan” is that length of time your device battery remains durable until there is a new battery replacement. A battery is not only important to Apple watches, it is a crucial pat of having any functional watch or smartwatch on your wrists.

Apple watches, like other smartwatches, are designed with functions that a power hungry. When these tough and rugged smartwatch features are many and poorly managed, their energy demand places a lot of constrain on the smartwatch battery, causing some to drain so quickly.

How long should watch battery last depends on how you set your watch functions.  As a result, besides water resistance, durable and tough military standard construction, a battery capacity and life are one of the excellent features you must not compromise when you want to go on a rugged adventure.


Why is my apple watch battery dying so quickly?

One of the common causes of fast Apple Watch battery drain came from glitches after their iOS updates. Although resetting, powering off, un-pairing and pairing your Apple Watch can get it working normally, it never the less extends battery life.

But how long does a battery lasts on an apple watch? Unlike older Apple watch models like Series 1, series 2, Series 3, the newer and Current apple watches may have had improved battery life, but the smartwatch still requires recharge every night. Apple confirms 18 hours after an overnight charge but you wouldn’t get the most out of your Apple smartwatcch, no matter which ones you own.

Apart from technical glitches, there are other reasons why apple smartwatch battery does not last longer than a day of battery usage. Exposure to extreme temperature can cause your apple watch battery to swell and get exhausted so quickly.

Prolong storage without regular 50% charging is enough to set the watch in a low battery mode where it becomes hard to maintain durable battery life. So you must watch out the conditions under which you keep your watch, as a careful way to maximize battery performance under outdoor usage.


how to preserve battery life on apple watch - how to save battery life on apple watch


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  • Battery Type : Li-Ion , non-removable
  • Battery Capacity : 303.8 mAh (1.17 Wh)
  • Charging : Wireless charging
  • Stand-by – how long does battery last on apple watch series 6: Up to 18 h (mixed usage)
  • OS watchOS 7.0, upgradable to 7.3, Chipset Apple S6
  • Internal 32GB 1GB RAM
  • Sensors :Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate (2nd gen), barometer, always-on altimeter, compass, SpO2, VO2max
  • Battery Type : Li-PO , non-removable
  • Battery Capacity :296 mAh (1.13 Wh)
  • Charging : Wireless charging
  • Stand-by – how long does battery last on apple watch series 5: Up to 18 h (mixed usage)
  • OS watchOS 6.0, upgradable to 7.3 Chipset Apple S5
  • Internal 32GB 1GB RAM
  • Standalone Smartwatch with : eSIM
  • Waterproof : 50m water resistant
  • ECG certified (region dependent SW application; HW available on all models)
  • Sensors :Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate (2nd gen), barometer, compass, Natural language commands and dictation (talking mode)
  • Battery Type : Li-PO , non-removable
  • Battery Capacity : 292 mAh (1.12 Wh)
  • Charging : Wireless charging
  • Stand-by – how long does apple watch battery last series 4: Up to 18 h (mixed usage)
  • OS : watchOS 5.0, upgradable to 7.3,  Chipset Apple S4
  • Internal 16GB 1GB RAM
  • Standalone Smartwatch with : eSIM
  • Waterproof : 50m water resistant
  • ECG certified (region dependent SW application; HW available on all models)
  • Sensors :Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate (2nd gen), barometer, Natural language commands and dictation (talking mode)
  • Battery Type : Li-Ion , non-removable
  • Battery Capacity : 341 mAh,  (1.34 Wh)
  • Charging : Wireless charging
  • Stand-by – how long does battery last apple watch 3: Up to 18 h (mixed usage)
  • OS : watchOS 4.0, upgradable to 7.3,  Chipset Apple S3
  • internal 16GB 768MB RAM
  • Standalone Smartwatch with : eSIM
  • Waterproof : 50m water resistant
  • Sensors :Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate (2nd gen), barometer, Natural language commands and dictation (talking mode)



What does 18-hour apple watch battery life Truly accounts for?

The estimate of durability of apple watches are based on the particular recommendation factors including 90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use and a 60-minute workout with music playback over Bluetooth. This actually just means that you can run the battery dry in 2 hours of active wireless Bluetooth connection for LTE call, and 6-7 hours of music control and steaming or podcasts.

However, considering the upgrade featuring features like the new sleep tracking support, does the Apple Watch Series 6 have good battery life? Apple series 5 and the upgraded apple series 6 have always had their Always-On Retina display enabled. According to apple, the additional function doesn’t affect the watch battery duration, yet most people are charging the watches more regularly before use.

Considering the dual navigation system, and other advanced health and fitness sensors and functions, 18 hours isn’t enough for a daily use. We are going to share you essentially many ways how you can make your apple watch battery last longer after a single night charge.

It can lasts considerably less than 18 ours, especially if you have regular notifications and alerts, and also tracks lengthy workouts. If you use apple apps and you don’t close them properly on the device, they keep running on the background. And it may occure that, at the time you most needed it, the watch comes frustrating your activity with a low battery alert.


 How do I extend battery life on my Apple Watch 5 In a Hurry?

Looking for how to save battery on your Apple Watch in 5 ? Many of the tips below will improve battery life on Apple Watch Series 5 smartwatch. In addition to disabling the “Always on Display” , Limiting Animation, Notifications, using Most of Greyscale Mode, making Updates, Disable “Wake Screen” on Wrist Raise, You can save battery on your Apple Watch 5 smartwatch, in a few different ways.

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Replace Or Extend apple watch battery life?

Some people would avoid all the headache and choose to change battery on apple watch instead. If you know it will cost more to change apple watch battery, and you are not ready to make the sacrifice, you can only find ways how to maximize and save battery on your apple watch.

Whether you are having series 3, series 4 series 5 or series 6, if you want to change your apple watch battery to a new long lasting one, first know how much is a new apple watch battery in the market. Replacing or having a very short battery life always get people wondering  when choosing a smartwatch.

It might be cheaper or expensive to have a replacement battery for apple watches, but will the battery life be worth the expenditure? I think it is preferable to try out ways how to improve, save or prolong the apple watch battery life and think of any replacement only if the apple battery swells or get damaged.

Except your apple battery swells and needs urgent replacement, buying a new battery just because the current one does not last longer is insanely not wise. Even after you install the new watch battery, it still requires you make the apple watch battery last longer than the supposed 18 hours battery life on the apple watch.

It is affordable, and very cheap, to manage battery power than buying a brand new replacement. Unless you are rich and wealthy enough to pay for any cost, you must weigh all options, and figure out how much to replace battery in apple watch, and if it is worth the sacrifice.

So how much does it cost to change apple watch battery, also depend if you are already in emergency situation or lost outdoor or sudden call for a multi day hiking or hunting trip.

A bad situation can make it worth the sacrifice anyway? For example, your grandparents uses apple watch series 4 for fall detection and emergency SOS call, and suddenly, the battery runs out and you fear he may take a hard fall without anyone noticing it.


how do i check battery life on apple watch - how can i make my apple watch battery last longer -


First, how do i check battery life on apple watch

You must first you check your battery life on apple watch, to make sure you see the battery percentage clearly and visibly displayed on the apple watch. in 2018, the battery percentage was one of the many things I had to find before I could make my apple watch battery last longer, up to 16 hours from barely 12 hours.

Irrespective on the model of your apple watch model, you should first learn how to check battery level on the apple watch. While wearing your smartwatch, Just take a quick glance on your wrist to check the battery percentage to see how much battery power is still left. This battery usage indicator might give a clue about how long the watch still has to run on it and how long you can keep tracking your crossfit fitness activity.

If you are an entry level Apple watch user, you probably could have stumbled on where to view battery percentage while you are manipulating and playing round with the watch menus. If you are a beginner apple watch fan, and you just bought a new apple watch, you might probably not be sure of the methods that you can use to check battery juice that is left on Apple Watch.

Let it not sound like lectures to your, but here’s how to check battery life on Apple Watch. It is pretty much a straight forward process to find the battery percentage on a apple watch.

how do you check your battery life on apple watch?

  • On the Apple watch face, Swipe up
  • On the Control Center, you see the battery percentage.
  • Tap Watch’s low power mode
  • Tap the battery percentage
  • Pull the Power Reserve tab.

Another way on the watch : A simpler way to view battery level on apple watch is to tap on the green battery icon that shoes when the Apple watch is charging in the Nightstand mode.

how do i check my apple watch battery On my iPhone?

  • Get your Apple smartphone paired to Apple Watch.
  • Add a battery widget to the phone

There it shows the battery percentage of the connected Apple watch

How to View Battery Usage information on Apple watch

To take a step further, iOS platform allows you to check what proportion of battery is used by each app installed in it. This easily helps you to manage your device’s battery life. Here is how to view your power usage by the installed apps.

  • On the watch
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Battery

You will see messages listed below the app you have recently used. This signifies that while you use your apple watch and let i seat on idle mode, there are some background Activities running. The watch’s battery can be used by some app in the background, while you are actively tracking something else.

How to View Battery Usage information on iphone

It is also easy to check battery usage and standby information from the smartphone.
Just tap to pen the Apple Watch app.

  • Go to My Watch
  • Tap on General
  • Then take Usage.


Ultimate Ways how to extend apple watch battery life

The most important question about maximizing apple watch battery performance is how do I extend battery life on my Apple Watch? There are many easy to master ways on how to improve, save and prolong an Apple Watch battery life. These strategies, may not be done the same way on all the apple watch models, but they will help to keep your apple watch powered for a longer period than normal.

Don’t wait until your apple smartwatch battery is already draining too fast before you master the tips to get more life on it. If you are a nurse, while you keep check on patients, never let your smartwatch for nurses lose battery too fast when you badly need it.

Today Gear Smartly is going to share you easy and ultimate steps to save battery and prevent quick draining. It does not matter if your Apple Watch isn’t lasting long enough, but the best ways to improve battery life on the apple smartwatch can make a whole difference during a long outdoor trip.

While we explore several battery saving tips to increases your apple watch battery life, some of the methods don’t just add battery life but help to maximize your apple watch battery lifespan too.


how to make apple watch watchOS update to save and improve battery life



How to Improve Apple Watch battery Life – General Saving and Performance Tips

There are some general battery saving tips that can help maximize battery performance and keep it last for a longer time. These tips aren’t the same as settings, but a way of using the apple watch so that does not get damaged, get swollen battery, or  lost battery capacity. Just following these recommendations is enough to prolong battery lifespan.


1. Update watch to the latest operating system software

Apple watches run on an iOS platform. The watch’s operating system software needs to be updated when it is necessary. This is because the new updates often come with advanced energy-saving technologies. You should always make sure your apple smartwatch or smartphone is running on the latest version of iOS, or watchOS. Here’s How to update latest watchOS on apple watches.

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2. Avoid exposing apple watches to extreme ambient temperatures

One general battery saving tip is to keep your watch in a comfort zone. Extreme temperature can damage device batteries, which this is very common when a fireman wears a smartwatch for firefighters into a hot heat engulfing room.

so knowing the ideal temperature range of apple watches is great way increase lifespan of the battery. Apple devices have a wide range of ambient temperatures but you should avoid exposing your IOS devices to ambient temperatures higher than 95° F (35° C).

If you use this smartwatch to go hiking in the wilderness with extreme temperature, this will do nothing good except to permanently damage your apple battery capacity.

  • don’t Charge apple watches in high ambient temperatures – this can help it swell or get damaged further
  • Stop charging it when the recommended battery temperatures are exceeded
  • don’t store apple watch battery in a hot environment – heat can ruin it irreversibly
  • avoid very cold environment, because you will suffer a decrease in battery life


3. Remove certain cases during charging

Don’t charge your watch when it’s inside cases. Certain styles of cases can generate excess heat from electricity leakage, which then affects the battery capacity. If your apple watch gets hot when charging it, disconnect and take it out of its case first.


4. Store apple watches half-charged

Storing your apple watch on a long term, will affect the overall health of your battery. The environmental temperature and the percentage of charge on the battery when you prepare it for storage are very important to consider. So you should never fully charge or fully discharge your apple watch battery. A 50% battery percentage of charge during preservation is recommended.

Why store your apple watch? If you are going on a construction or surveyors work and you are fearful that your apple watch may get dropped or banged against heavy duty machines, you have a good reason to keep it away until the project is over.

If you store the smartwatch with a fully discharged battery capacity, the battery would likely fall into a deep discharge state. This can make you apple watch battery never capable of holding a charge and the battery does not last long.

In another way, if you store your apple watch extended period of time, with fully charged apple watch battery,it may lose some capacity shorten the battery life. No matter how long you store your device, follow these steps to preserve its battery life

  • Power or shut down the apple watch to prevent any additional battery use.
  •  Store it in cool, moisture-free environment with temperature under 90° F (32° C).
  •  recharge the watch to 50 % capacity after every 6 months. This removes it from the low-battery state
  •  after the long-term storage is over, recharge it for 20 minutes with the original adapter before use



How to increase apple watch battery life – Optimizing Watch Settings

You can adjust your watch’s settings to improve battery life and maximize performance. Few simple ways you can preserve battery life by optimizing apple watch settings including reduced screen brightness, turning off Wi‑Fi and other connectivities.

1. Turn down the display color

how to extend apple watch battery life - by Turn off color on apple watch

Bright and vibrant color faces like Activity Face do not help to save battery on your Apple Watch. The reason why some Apple Watch interface uses a black background is to make the AMOLED display, more energy efficient. The wonderful opportunity that apple watch fans have is that watchOS lets you create a customized watch faces. So, if you set up a simple black-and-gray watch face when you’re in a battery bind, that will improve battery life. Some minimalist faces don’t use battery power include Numerals and X-Large, but you can always choose to enable the Grayscale mode in your watch.

  • Go to General
  • Tap Accessibility.


2. Disable the Always-on display mode

how can i make my apple watch battery last longer - disable always on display - how to extend apple watch battery life

Leaving the watch on always-on-display mode, when it is not in good use, is not a nicer way how to maximize battery life on apple watch. How long does the apple 5 watch battery last if the Always-On-Display mode is active? This question also obviously applies to Apple Watch Series 6 that keeps its display alive at all times. The Always-on display keeps feeding on the watch battery juice, even when the user has no activity running in the watch. So a better way to increase you apple smartwatch battery life is to kill or turn off the display. To disable the always-on mode on your apple Watch,

  • go into the settings
  • go to Display & Brightness
  • Tap Always On to toggle the feature off.


3. Disable Wake on Wrist Raise

how to extend apple watch battery life - disable wake on wrist raised function on apple watch
Is there any reason why your apple watch battery battery life inevitably drains every time you swing or stretch your arm? The pre-Series 5 and 6 apple watch models are fun of this. The Apple Watch uses gyroscope and accelerometer automatically activate the display for easy viewing as you raise your wrist. This feature is good for busy athletes like mountain bikers, but it is not necessary when you are not going outdoor for sports. To turn off Wake On Wrist Raised:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap on Wake Screen
  • Toggle off the ‘Wake Screen on Wrist Raise’


4. Disable “Hey Siri” on your apple watch

how to extend apple watch battery life - by Turn off siri on apple watch

Turning off the “Hey Siri” is another simple way how to save battery on Apple Watch. While you are doing something else, your Apple Watch is searching for “Siri,” help Apple’s personal assistant set you an appointment or play your favorite playlist and songs. If you allow this feature ON, it is a good way to drain your battery life. You can turn it off by going :

  • Access Settings app on your Apple Watch
  • Go to General
  • Enter the Siri menu


5. Reduce transitions or motion

Reducing motion is another way how to improve apple watch battery life. Seamless transitions is one of the fancy graphical tricks in the watchOS but it draws power and a little life from the battery. You definitely don’t need any transparency effects or animation to the app home screen when you swipe. Go to the Accessibility menu in the Watch app and turn it off.


6. Turn off  heart rate and Blood Oxygen Monitoring features

Disabling fitness monitoring sensors is one big strategy how to increase apple watch battery life or duration when you are not exercising. If you are not in a gym or running up a mountain or on any trail, keeping the heart rate sensors and Blood Oxygen Monitoring off is one power management way how to save battery on Apple Watch. It is not all the time that you will allow the Apple Watch to keep tracking your heart rate or checking pulse or doing calorie estimations. so, just disable the heart rate monitor. On the Watch app on your iPhone :

  • Go to Privacy
  • Tap on Motion & Fitness.
  • There, turn off fitness tracking


7. Turn off fitness tracking

If you are not in a gym or running up a mountain or on any trail, keeping the heart rate sensors off is one power management way how to save battery on Apple Watch. It is not all the time that you will allow the Apple Watch to keep tracking your heart rate or checking pulse or doing calorie estimations. so, just disable the heart rate monitor.

On the Watch app on your iPhone

  • Go to Privacy
  • Tap on Motion & Fitness.
  • There, turn off fitness tracking


8. Turn on Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is a smartphone and smrtwatch feature that neutralizes device pings, when you are in the middle of a big meeting or sleeping. When it is tuned on, your Watch will never come lighting up, making buzz sound or noise for a temporary period. The sounds from the notifications drain the battery, although it uses just a minimal amount of power.

  • swipe down from the watch face
  • bring up the Control Center.
  • Tap on the moon icon


9. Unlock Apple Watch with Your iPhone

Set up your apple watch so that any time you unlock your iPhone, your smartwatch also unlocks. This saves battery life by not displaying anything on watch face to enter passcodes or passwords.


10. Disable Some Notification and Customize iPhone mirroring

Allowing the Apple watch’s screen to constantly light up for every notification creates a real drain on battery life. You may choose to individually avoid low battery life by reducing the number of notifications you receive.

Do you really need to have your watch and phone ring when there’s an incoming call or email? obviously not, because that will cause simultaneous sucking of the battery life for both devices. You can turn off some apple watch mirrors for iPhone app. This means you disable phone alerts, message alerts and calender alarms.

Open the Watch app on your iPhone and Choose the Notifications option under My Watch. Individually decrease or disable notifications for each app. Just tap on each app one by one, and then you are doing great.


11. Reduce heavy vibrations

how to extend apple watch battery life

You may enjoy the gentle buzz when you have got an incoming important text, call or email, but it draws more energy from your apple watch battery. Limiting this vibrations may make you miss important calls, but at the least, disable them when you are in dying need of battery to track your location in unfamiliar terrains. Alternatively, if you can’t just turn every vibration off, you can try to play round or reduce the haptic vibration strength, using the sliding control. Here’s how to maximize battery life on apple watch by reducing heavy vibrations:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go into Sounds & Haptics,
  • Turn off Prominent Haptics


12. Workout Power Saving Mode

If you are out there in the gym for a fitness exercise, you can just turn on the Apple watch workout power saving mode to save battery life while working out.
Launch the Watch app and go to general, turn on the power saving mode. Even though it will render calorie calculator less accurate and turn off the heart rate tracker for walking and running exercises. But this will presrve you apple watch battery to last longer, for few hours.


13. Disable any Activity Reminders

Another way how to extend apple watch battery life is to put off activity reminders that is issued every hour. You knoe, the Activity app is always enabled to provide updates several time a day. In addition, you would receive activity summary on weekly basis and a chance to set new goals for upcoming weeks. When you don’t immediately need these activities, turning them off would save battery on Apple Watch. Since these notifications can drain the apple watch battery life significantly, you may use the companion app and tun it off on the Activity menu.



how to save apple watch battery life


14. Cut down background refreshes and activities

You can make your apple watch battery last longer by slimming down any app running in the background. When you launch apps, make sure you close them properly, else they continue to refresh in the background. Also, some activities keep running behind the scene, to keep you updated with new information, news, tracking activities, and security checks. The price you pay for these continuous flow of information is the battery life of the apple watch. here is how to limite refreshes, to save battery life on apple watch.

  • Launch Watch app
  • go to general
  • On the Background App Refresh menu turn off all background refreshes
  • or Toggle refreshes for individual apps.

Depending on your immediate need, turning off non-essential apps is a wonderful method to saving battery life and maximizing its performance.


15. Turn off  sounds

Unless you are playing your favorite songs, waiting to receive an emergency call or streaming musics and podcasts, keeping the sound one, when hiking in the wilderness, may do you no good on the battery life. You can completely eliminate any ring on receiving a notification if you are not into haptic feedback, but that drains the battery life. Swiping up the watch face and tap the bell icon close all beeps and bops.


16. Activate Theater Mode

Active Theater Mode prevents the screen of an apple watch from accidentally coming on, and causing distraction. It is suitable for use when going in for a business or formal meeting or into a dark places where you don’t want to reveal your presence, hideout or attract attention. This this settings does not cause any display to show, it ultimately saves the battery in the apple watch. It does not use much battery power but it can prolong your smartwatch battery by few minutes to an hour. This is enough to allow your apple watch give your GPS location, receive and make standalone emergency call to EMT/EMS Paramedic department.


17. Turn on Power Reserve mode

how can i make my apple watch battery last longer,

This power reserve mode automatically comes on when your battery life is critically exhausted. Activating the power reserve mode to prolong battery life might not be the most convenient option but it certainly is the most effective how to extend apple watch battery life.

If you’ve done everything you can, and you’re still in danger of running out of juice, there’s always Power Reserve mode to tap into.Turning on Power Reserve mode kills all or many notifications and alerts on the watch. Other features are also shut down to minimize battery power consumption. When you have not activity to track, and no reminders or emergency calls, or no GPS location to track, this power saving mode turn your smartwatch into a regular time displaying watch.

To enable this almost dead screen on your wrist, You can long-press and hold the power button and then choosing Power Reserve. Another way is to swipe up on watch’s home screen and tap the power percentage button and as you under the battery percentage remaining, slide the Power Reserve button to the right.


18. Use energy-efficient – minimalist watch faces

Apple watches have hundreds of different watch faces you can use, depending on the goal or activity you want. The most colorful and beautiful, like Timelapse and Motion sucks more power without pity. Some minimalistic apple watch faces have battery-saving options- a simpler face like Numerals Duo or X-Large with a gray color.

Since dark or black pixel demands little energy than the OLED screens, they are one of the most favorite methods to preserve apple watch battery for long. darker apple watch faces are less power hungry, than bright ones and would help improve your Apple Watch’s battery for hours and up to to days.

You can customize your watch face to find one that fits your lifestyle, but here’s how to improve battery reserve on apple watch, with energy efficient watch faces:
On the watch.

You can set up a new watch face by making a long-press on any active watch face and using the Digital Crown to scroll to New. There, you have got different face options, find Numerals Duo or X-Large. If you don’t like the gray color, you can switch it for something else. Long-press the screen and there, you have all of the color options. On your iPhone

  • Open the Watch app
  • Go to Face Gallery tab,
  • Choose your desired watch face
  • Tap the Add option.
  • Tap the My Watch option on the menu under the screen and,
  • Under My Faces, pick the desired face.


19 Turn Down the Screen Brightness


how to extend apple watch battery life,

You can adjust your screen brightness to to save battery. high Screen brightness on a smartphone drains battery faster significantly, this is also true for wearable devices like apple watches. A lower screen brightness has less effect on battery level, thankfully helping to use less battery power.

Tapping the Settings app and Select Brightness & Text Size under the My Watch tab inside the Apple Watch app. Use the slider and move it to the left to adjusts or reduces the brightness. If you go to Settings > Display & Brightness on apple watch, you can control brightness by tapping the screen or turning the Digital Crown.




FAQS On how to increase apple watch battery life

What can apple watch do?

Apple watches have many functions ranging from fashion, fitness and health. Just to name a few, apple watches can detect fall for elderly persons, track cycling with cycling apps. Most of them are excellent fitness watch trackers for athletes. They can also monitor health like blood oxygen pressure, heart rate, menstrual cycle, sleep and stress. They are very good smartwatch for continuous monitoring of blood glucose level  for diabetics.


How do you fix Apple Watch battery life problems?

You have seen some top power-saving tips for a better battery life, but check this video, Try the tips and get more life for your apple watch. Here’s how to fix apple watch battery issues

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How long should Apple watch battery last?

Apple watch battery life lasts 18 hours.

This number of hours is enough for you to wear it all day long. But there are many power hungry features, checking the time, receiving notifications, using apps, and doing a 60-minute workout, GPS tracking, Alerts, and more. Definitely, it won’t make up to 18 hours and you would be charging it ever night. May be the time you badly needs the battery power, is when the battery percentage is already red. In that case, you must find ways to save, maximize, preserve, improve and extend apple watch battery life in emergency situations.


How often do you have to charge Apple Watch?

Form trying out all Apple Watch generations, apple smartwatches need that you’ll have to charge it constantly, obviously every day. The energy demands are huge with numerous apps to extend battery functionality. As compared to others, battery watches don’t have durable life for outdoor multi-day use. They are the best smartwatches for daily fitness workouts, but not for long trips that last several days. Except you come with a battery pack for your hiking or hunting adventure.


How long does apple watch battery take to charge?

1.5 hours for Series 6, and About 2 hours for other models.

Are you wondering how long does the Apple Watch take to charge, is a question every one would want to ask Apple. Actually, the newer models like apple watch Series 5, Series 4 and Series 3, have estimates that they take about 2 hours to charge. According to Apple users, 80% battery percentage is reaches after 90 minutes when you are using the magnetic charging cable.

A third party charger cable may take more than this time. However, the new Apple watch Series 6, charges more faster than the older models. Series 6 can takes a quicker 1.5 hours(90 minutes) to charge to a battery percentage of 100%. Finally,Apple watch Series SE, charges slowly too, taking up to to 2 hours to get a full charge.


Wrap Up

if you went mountain biking or cycling with an apple watch, I guess,18 hours is not enough to track all the sports data. You can save battery on your Apple Watch in many different ways. A full charge on an Apple Smartwatch lasts only 18 hours according to manufacturers, but how long the battery stays depends on how you use it. You can further drain it faster or prolong its life.

You have seen many best ways to save battery on your Apple Watch and that turning off many features would help you get the most out of your Apple Watch battery. I do admit, some of these tips are a little bit of hard work, but with patience and dedication, you would enjoy improvement in your Apple Watch battery life. This even further helps to limit how often you charge it.


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