How to get a smaller waist(Quicker Ways to Exercise for Smaller waist in 2023)

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I remember when everyone thought I was pregnant last year. I used to be slim and sexy until last year when I put on so much weight due to the long corona lock down. I was in shock because my eating habit hadn’t changed. It made me depressed as people kept throwing slang whenever I walked passed. I had to do everything possible to lose some pounds since I couldn’t bear being judged always.


My skinny waist history

I had a friend who took exercising very seriously. I went to her for some encouragement and for her to suggest a weight loss exercise routine. She did, but I felt like it is hard work, so I asked if there is no other way how to get a slim waist without exercise and she said I’ll need to follow a strict diet plan, she calls it a slim waist diet which works effectively. I didn’t mind trying her slim waist exercises because all I wanted was to lose weight. I wondered how to get a smaller waist in a week with food and workouts, but I was determined to do anything.

She said I’ll have to do strength training exercises like pull-ups, shoulder presses and side plank hip lifts to lose some weight. She also recommended I do a lot of walking, swimming, and even cycling. In order to get smaller waist fast, I fitted all of these in my school schedule.

After two months of doing moderate slim waist workout at home, I lost 4 pounds – good results for my little efforts. I also started outdoor exercise for slim waist and flat tummy like walking. On Sundays, I would walk at least 2000 steps that day and also running round the neighborhood. I am not really skinny yet (the way I want to be), but I can proudly say I am satisfied with my present body size and my waist size getting thinner as days go by.



Risks of excess fat on the waistline

What are the risk of excess fat around your waist

You won’t be seriously asking what is the best exercise to get smaller waist body, if you were comfortable carrying those heavy, excess fat on your waistline every day. Unhealthy eating habit, and genetics can contribute to fat accumulation in your lower abdomen and there is big danger associated with overweight belly and hips.

Dressing challenges.

If you got a chucky waistline, your jean trouser hardly fits. Most fat ladies try wearing oversize crop top dresses to hide their large chubby tummy.

heart relates issues

Fat hurts your heart dangerously. In increase weight around your belly, waist, hips, butts makes cholesterol to build, blood pressure to increase as blood arteries get clogged. Also, heavy fat makes blood cloth difficult, leading to risk of stroke.


Apart from high blood pressure, fat creates an increased risk of one major weight related health problems including diabetes. Having diabetes increases heart diseases, and everything moves in a circle.

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First, get these Weight loss basics

I know you are ready to get started even with easy exercises for a flat stomach and small waist, but you must have to understand how weight loss happens. Most people even complain not seeing results, or not losing an inch of flesh after pounding the home treadmill for several weeks. They are likely doing it wrong, or they don’t just understand how the body burns fat or calories, that ends up in losing several pounds of flesh.

Weight loss occurs only when you have created a calorie deficit in your body. You know, calorie is energy, and your body needs it every day to keep your system or cell functional, power up your daily activities, and also maintains your warm body temperature.

All that energy your body burns, comes from food you eat.  A severely fat person burns more of those calories than a skinny individual. I mean that a 300 pound overweight adolescents (woman) uses up more calories each day than a 200 pound weight lady.

Let us say that your body requires 4000 calories to energize all your daily activities and keep your body operating naturally. To lose excess weight, you have to supply (take in from foods and snacks) LESS THAN the daily required amount(4000 calories). That is what you must do if you want to lose weight and get skinny through dieting(eat fewer calorie foods)

Another way to create the calorific deficit is by forcing your body to burn more calories in a single day, than it would, on normal conditions. The best way to make your body demand and burn more calories than it needs is to increase your daily activities or do more intense exercises. This article gives you good waist slimming exercises and the best exercises for waist and stomach fat reduction.

There are Core muscles to target when sliming waistline, it is those muscles that when you tone and exercise them; they burn more calories. There are many ways how to get a smaller waist bodybuilding. In this article, we will guide you on some waist training workouts.

Before we go to which exercise is best for slim waist, let us check which deep core muscles you need to touch, tone or work to reduce your waist circumference.

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What core muscles to target when exercising to slim waist

Core muscles to target when sliming waistline

You can’t change what nature has given you, but if you want curves and weren’t born with one, strength training can help you achieve them.

Slimming your waist and strengthening the muscles in your hips, buttocks, shoulders, and chest will help you appear curvier. Though you won’t be able to spot-reduce fat, training the proper muscles will help you get the curves you desire.


Training all three abdominal muscles might help you slim down your waist. Your stomach tends to stick out when the deep-seated transversus abdominis muscle is weak; strengthening the muscle with movements like planks and bird-dog will help you bring your lower abs in toward your spine and lessen the pooch.

Crunches on a stability ball, vertical leg crunches, reverse crunches, and other crunch variations can assist to define the top lying rectus abdomen, which is responsible for the classic six-pack. Side-plank and bicycle crunches are two exercises that can help tone the obliques and enhance an hourglass figure.

Glutes and outer thighs

A curvier appearance can be achieved by lifting your buttocks and contouring the muscles on the outside of your thighs. The gluteus maximus is in charge of the appearance and form of your buttocks.

Squats, step-ups, and deadlifts will help you build this muscle. The gluteus minimus and gluteus medius are located on the outer thighs on the side of your upper legs; lateral band walks, sumo squats, glute activation lunges, and lateral leg lifts will help you gain muscle and definition.

Shoulders and Chest

The upper body is shaped like an upside-down triangle by broad shoulders and a developed chest, giving it an hourglass appearance.

Military presses, lateral raises, and front raises can help build muscle and improve the appearance of broad shoulders in all three heads of the deltoids (front, side, and rear). The pectoralis major, or chest muscles, will be targeted via bench presses and dumbbell flys.


To help burn fat throughout your entire body, do at least 150 minutes of cardio per week. Although spot reduction is impossible, a fitness program including a nutritious diet, cardiovascular exercise, and resistance training can help you reduce your overall body fat percentage.

Strength training and stomach exercises should be done two to three times per week, with at least 48 hours of rest and recovery between sessions. Each training session should include two to three exercises per muscle group. For each exercise, aim for three sets of eight to twelve repetitions. Always seek your doctor’s consent before you start an exercise routine.


How to get skinny waist with Abdominal Exercises

How to get skinny waist with Abdominal Exercises - Quicker Ways to Exercise for Smaller waist size
Quicker Ways to Exercise for Smaller waist

Let us start with those abdominal exercises that burn belly and waist fat efficiently.It is very easy to have a big belly, but it takes so much time to lose it.

The good news is that there are beneficial procedures to tackle this situation like crunches, planks, and twisting. They target your core and obliques, are simple to complete, and don’t require any extra equipment or even a trip to the gym.

Heel touchers

Heel touchers are excellent for toning your abs and obliques. Lie down on your yoga mat with your knees bent and your legs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms in front of you with your palms facing in.

What you should do is:

Exhale and compress your body to the left, touching your left heel with your left hand’s fingers. Keep your hands in this posture for a second.

  • Go back to the posture you stated slowly and inhale.
  • Carry on with your right side in the same manner.
  • Rep 30 times more.


Oblique V crunch

This workout helps you lose weight in your obliques. Get your yoga mat and lie down on your right side to begin. Place your left hand behind your head and pile your legs on top of each other.

What you should do is:

  • Raise your straight legs off the floor and form a “V” formation with your torso and legs.
  • With your right hand, brace yourself.
  • Return your weight to the yoga mat slowly.
  • For each side, repeat 8 times.


Triangle crunch

Another wonderful exercise to work your obliques is the triangle crunch. Kneel on your right knee and place your right hand on the yoga mat to begin. Place your left leg behind your head and your left hand behind your head.

What you are required to do is:

  • Crunch your left leg up to your left elbow.
  • Hold the position for a second before gently returning to it, but don’t fully extend your left leg. Raise it in the air.
  • For each side, repeat 30 times.


Ordinary forearm plank

The forearm plank is a core body workout that will help you get a flat stomach.

What you should do is:

Place your forearms on the yoga mat with your elbows aligned below your shoulders. At an around shoulder-width distance, your arms should be parallel to the torso.

  • Look at a location on the floor about 30 cm in front of your hands to correct your neck and spine.
  • Keep your head in alignment with your back by paying attention.
  • For a total of 20 seconds, stay in this position.


Starfish crunch

The starfish crunch is ideal for toning your abs. Lie down on the yoga mat and make an “X” with your legs and hands.

What you should do is:

Make your elbows meet your knees by lifting your shoulders, a part of your upper torso, and your legs off the ground. Come up by engaging your core.

Hold the position for a second before gradually returning to the starting position.


Standing crush-crunches

The abs, obliques, and hip flexors are targeted with standing cross-crunches. This won’t only give you a flat stomach. It will also make you lose some weight on your thighs. Stand on your yoga mat with your feet hip-width apart and your hands behind your head in the starting position.

What you need to do is:

  • Bring your knee up to your right elbow while you bend your left hand.
  • Bring your knee and elbow together while rotating your torso.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side.
  • Rep 30 times more.


Side jackknives

The abs, obliques, glutes, and hip flexors are all worked out with side jackknives.

What you should do is:

  • Lie down on your right side on the yoga mat to begin. Make a stack of your feet.
  • Place your left arm behind your head and your left hand to the side. The elbow should point toward the ceiling.
  • Bring your feet up and concentrate your tension on the obliques. While leading with your left elbow, lift your upper torso.
  • Hold the position for a second before slowly returning to the start. Don’t let your feet or shoulders come into contact with the yoga mat!
  • Rep for a total of 15 times on both sides


Windshield wipers

Windshield wipers work your abdominal, obliques, and lower back muscles. For assistance, what you need to do is lie down on your back on a yoga mat with your arms straight to the sides. Your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle. Do this while leaving your legs.

What you should do is:

  • Rotate your legs to the left, but do not allow them to touch the floor.
  • Remain like that for a short while before returning to your starting position gradually.
  • Carry on with your right side in the same manner.
  • Rep 30 times more.


Bend and kick

Bend and kick (donkey kick) is a great way to tone your abdominals and glutes while also strengthening your spine. Lie down on your yoga mat on all fours. Your hands should be level on the ground and parallel to your shoulders.

What you should do is:

  • Brace your core and elevate your right leg (knee bent and foot flat) before kicking.
  • Make the kicking move directly towards the ceiling by using your glute. Your pelvis and functioning hip should be pointing down always.
  • Keep your head straight and face down to avoid damaging your neck.
  • Rep for each leg 20 times.

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How to get smaller waist with cardio exercises

How to get smaller waist with cardio exercises - Quicker Ways to Exercise for Smaller
Cardio workouts – best quicker Ways to Exercise for Smaller waist size

Can cardio slim your waist? Yes, there are many cardio exercises that slim waistline and belly effectively, when they drive up your heart rate up to the heart burn zone.

If you want to show off a flat tummy and erase accumulated fat once and for all, cardio is one of your key partners when it comes to exercising. Check out these cardio machines which can provide you with effective slim waist workout at home.

Here are some of the most effective cardio exercises for slimming your waistline.


Stair climbing

 Even though stair climbing isn’t an “official” cardio workout, it offers far too many advantages to be ignored. The best part is that you can climb stairs wherever you choose! If you don’t have stairs in your home, you can always look for them in a structure, such as your office or public places where you run errands.

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 Bicycle riding

Cycling is one of the most effective activities for slimming your waistline, and it’s also a pleasant pastime. We propose riding your bike through a park and using the opportunity to calm your mind.  You can also use the gym’s stationary bike to ride while watching television.

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Every day, more people are becoming interested in running. Even while it may appear to many that running is just a fad, the truth is that there are numerous health benefits to running.

If you don’t want to run outside, go to the gym and use a commercial or heavy duty treadmill. Depending on your budget, you can purchase and utilize a good  treadmill at home, before bedtime and anytime you want.

You’ll be a fan of this exercise in no time. In reality, it strengthens your knees, increases your mood, and tones your muscles as well as slimming your waist.

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It makes no difference if you can’t swim. Simply moving your arms and legs underwater will assist you in losing weight quickly. Swimming is also a comprehensive activity because it engages your cardiovascular system as well as all of your body’s muscles.

Swimming does not influence your joints, if that wasn’t enough. You can also do AquaGym, a discipline that is advised for people who have ligament or muscular difficulties.

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 Tennis with a paddle

 Perhaps you’ve never considered paddle tennis as a cardio workout for losing weight? Paddle tennis can burn up to 600 calories in just one hour of play. But that’s not all; you’ll also improve your coordination, strength, agility, and reflexes.

Furthermore, if you play paddle tennis with a friend or partner, you’ll have so much fun that you won’t notice you’re getting some workout. Furthermore, if you enjoy outdoor activities, this may be the sport for you.


 Ride an elliptical exercise machine

Surely you’ve heard everything there is to know about elliptical machine? Am elliptical is a cardio machine that gets your Legs, arms, and even abdominals well worked. Even though you’re moving with your extremities (because you’re standing with your back straight), you’re also training your abs.

Avoid putting too much effort on your knees when using the elliptical. Align your knees with the balls of your feet without elevating your heels to achieve this. In just one month, fifteen minutes a day on this machine could provide effects.

If you want the best  weight loss machine that will touch your lower body muscles, the best option is a treadmill. Walking, jogging, running and Sprinting on a gym or apartment treadmill can cause your leg and hip muscles to burn  more calories and fat.

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How to reduce waist size with HIIT workouts

How to reduce waist size with HIIT workouts - the quick exercises how to slim waist is to do high intensity interval training
How to reduce waist size with HIIT workouts


Let us check at HIIT workouts that can reduce waist circumference.

Is HIIT good for slimming waistline and getting flat tummy? HIIT means high-intensity interval training.  HIIT is a short bursts of high-intensity exercise are alternated with lower-intensity (or recovery) sessions in a controlled and timed manner. HIIT is one of the best cardio to reduce body weight, and thus waist size.

Because high-intensity workouts necessitate a large amount of oxygen and energy during the activity, the body requires even more oxygen and energy to assist it to return to its natural state afterward.

You should concentrate on two major factors if you wish to lose belly fat and get a skinnier waistline. To begin, adjust your diet to include more whole foods and less sugar and processed meals. Second, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions are a requirement when it comes to fitness because they’ve been shown to reduce belly fat. Some HIIT workouts that can reduce waist circumference are:

 Plank with bunny hop

  •  Start with your feet touching in a plank position.
  •  Pull your abs in and hop to the right with your feet, bringing your knees to your right elbow. The right side of your torso will twist.
  • To finish one rep, jump your feet back to plank.
  •  Repeat on the other side, alternating sides for a total of 40 seconds then rest for 20 seconds.


 Air squat

  • Stand with your toes slightly turned out and your feet somewhat broader than your shoulders.
  • Bend your knees and lower your hips to the floor. Bend your elbows and bring your thighs parallel to the floor, keeping your weight back in your heels.
  •  To get the most out of the workout, rise back up, straightening the legs completely and squeezing the glutes at the top of the movement.
  • In 40 seconds, do as many reps as you can then rest for 20 seconds.



  •  Standing with your feet hip-distance apart is a good place to start.
  •  With your hands on the floor, lower into a crouching squat.
  •  Jump your feet back into a plank stance to perform a squat thrust.
  •   Perform one basic push-up, bending the elbows and then returning to plank.
  •   Squat by stepping or jumping your feet forward to your hands.
  •   Do a powerful, straight-up jump to get as much height as possible.
  •  For 40 seconds, do as many burpees as you can then rest for about 20 seconds.


Plank jacks

  •  Start in a plank position, with your shoulders over your wrists, your body in a single line, and your feet together.
  •  To complete a rep, hop your legs wide apart and then back together, similar to jumping jacks. Jump as high as you desire, but keep your pelvis stable and your booty from rising to the ceiling.
  •  In 40 seconds, do as many plank jacks as you can then rest for 20 seconds.



Lie down on your back and raise your arms off the floor, firmly. Raise your legs off the ground and aim them at about a 45-degree angle. Raise your head and shoulders off the floor at the same time.

Lift your upper chest off the floor and bend your knees when you’re ready to begin. Lean back to make the maneuver more difficult, or come up higher to make it easier. Slowly descend your upper body to the floor, straightening your legs in the process. When your back, but not your head, shoulders, or legs, is on the floor, come to a halt.

This brings us to the end of one rep.  In 40 seconds, do as many v-sits as you can then rest for 20 seconds.


Does HIIT make your waist smaller?

You can’t undermine the effect of HIIT exercises on burning fat from your waist and reducing the circumference. Check out in this video.

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How to get slim waist with strength training exercises

How to reduce waist size with strength training workouts

Finally, let us consider some Strength training exercises to lose weight. According to experts, strength or resistance training is another form of exercise for slim waist and flat tummy long after the workout ended. In addition to the aerobic slim waist exercises we saw above, resistance or strength training also makes a good slim waist workout at home.



 Pull-ups are one of the quickest ways to strengthen the Latisimus Dorsi (or lat) muscles. The ‘triangle’ aspect of your back, which depicts the upper half of your hourglass, can be achieved by strengthening your lats. It’s perfectly fine if you can’t do a pull-up. These exercises can assist you in achieving your goals in stages. You can also utilize the aided pull-up machine to gradually increase the size of your lats.


Shoulder press

To build strong, toned shoulders, perform a shoulder press with dumbbells or a shoulder press machine. Choose a weight that is difficult enough to finish 10 reps yet difficult enough to complete 11-12 reps. Before going on to the following exercise, complete at least three sets.


Pull down machine for lats

Pull-ups can be supplemented by lat pulldowns, which target your lat muscles particularly. To begin, adjust the seat so that your knees are comfortably supported. Then, with a broad grip on the bar, bend back slightly and draw the bar to your chest. To stimulate and target your back muscles, squeeze your shoulder blades together – don’t rely on your arm power too much. Slowly raise the bar with a smooth movement. Rep with a heavier weight for 10-12 repetitions.


Side plank hip lifts

Lay down on your side on a mat while extending your legs fully. With your elbow, lift your top half off the mat. For balance, use your other hand to support you. Lift your bottom hip slowly off the mat. When your lower elbow and hip are elevated, envision drawing them together. Then carefully drop yourself to the ground. You can drop your knees to the ground if this is too difficult. This muscle strengthens your hip and oblique muscles.


 Russian twists

Sit with your knees slightly bent on the mat. Place your feet on the mat flat. Then, lean gently back, relying on your core muscles to keep you upright. Then, while maintaining your bum flat on the mat, carefully twist your torso from side to side. Try lifting your feet off the mat or leaning further back to make this move more difficult. Remember that the goal of this move is to create maximum movement in your turn, not to twist as quickly as possible. Try holding a weighted medicine ball in your hands to truly target your core.



Weightlifting Weight loss exercise-how to get a smaller waist with weight training workout

Weightlifting Weight loss exercise-how to get a smaller waist with weight training workout
Weightlifting Weight loss exercise-how to get a smaller waist with weight training workout


Can lifting weights make your waist tiny and flexible?  Yes. Weightlifting is one of the best exercises to lose body fat since it recruits many muscle groups at the same time. It is more of a compound exercise and experts recommend at least 3 weightlifting workouts each week.

When lifting weight, more muscles are engaged to burn more calories. Moreover, strength training has one wonderful benefits which is the afterburner effect.

Just one rep works more muscles and burns more fat, long after you have stopped the weight lifting exercise. Weightlifting is the most effective strength-training exercises for weight loss.

Cardio workouts, combined with weight lifting for weight loss can cut your calories in half, and give you a curvy, flexible, skinny and healthy looking functioning body.


How do I slim my waist with weights?

Here is the secret to losing weight or shedding more pounds while weight lifting.

Weight training increases your muscle mass which increases your metabolic rate. The increase in your metabolic rate will then burn more calories from your waistline. If you weight lift and burn more calories than you consume, you’ll lose weight unfailingly.


How do I lift weights to get an hourglass figure?

Weight lift progressively

What I mean is that you start, as a beginner, to lift easier, light weights so as to develop some strength. Then move to heavier sets. Lift heavier weights as you gain more experience, each day. One thing that makes people fall short of getting skinny shape after weightlifting, is that they keep lifting the same weight in every session.

Drive the intensity

The habit of spending over half an hour in a weight workout has proven ineffective. Weightlifting or powerlifting for just 20 minutes in each session or day, without rest, is enough to keep your heart rate elevated. Lifting a heavier weight within a short time, is more efficient than lifting weight over 2 hours.

Combine exercises – supersets and hybrid weight lifting

Combine exercises that target same muscles below your tummy. For example, few sets of squats should follow the same number set of lunges. Also, you can mix squat and shoulder press to make a hybrid exercise to burn more body fat. If pick up the heavier weights and mix your weight-training workouts, you will shed many grams of fat quickly.

Include circuit training

You can do multiple exercises that target only your abs, or your upper body or the lower body sections. I would recommend you choose a heavier weight for a total body circuit training workout. They idea here is that you do many weight lifting exercises and rest for 60 seconds after each round, then continue.


Weight training weight loss exercises – types

Here are some weight training to consider

Dumbbell weight  training workouts

  • Dumbbell row plus fly
  • Dumbbell squat plus curls
  • Lunges from raise Dumbbell
  • Renegade rows with Dumbbell
  • Inclined Dumbbell press

Bodyweight lifting weight loss exercise

According to ACSM-certified personal trainers, if you want to exercise without equipment for weight loss, start with do bodyweight. There are many forms of bodyweight lifting exercises you can do at home. You only need to learn proper movement.

  • bench step up
  • Stair climbing
  • push ups
  • bench dips
  • Planck shoulder touches

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Frequently asked questions

Ab exercises to avoid for a small waist

 Weighted side bends

 When you add weight to side bends, the obliques (muscles that run along the sides of your waist) develop. This is a motion you should avoid if you want to appear tapered.

Weighted crunches

Weighted crunches force your rectus abdominis, or front abs, to work harder, resulting in muscle growth. When your abs’ fronts are thick, you appear wide from front to rear. Another disadvantage of weighted crunches is that they increase spinal pressure.

Wood chops

Wood chops, whether performed with a cable machine, kettlebell, medicine ball, or dumbbell, are practical exercises that build muscle in the side waist. Leave them out of your training regimen if you want to seem leaner.


Walking to lose weight is it an effective weight loss exercise?

While I was running round our neighborhood every Sunday, I wondered if walking is enough to cut several pounds off my heavy butts.

So can I lose weight if my only exercise is walking? Absolutely yes but how do I accomplish that? You can actually shed some abs muscles and lose hips and thigh fats walking but it really depends on how long and how intensely you walk and your diet plan.

Most seniors choose walking over high speed running. But a combination of walking as a physical activity and cutting calorie intake from food can help with weight loss more than the exercise alone.

One good advantage of walking is  weight control or management. If you already have your bmi within healthy range, just 30 minute or brisk walking each day can burn off 150 calories in a day. If you want to burn more calories, you have to increase the intensity of you walking, by quickening your walking pace.

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Can cardio slim your waist?

CDC recommends at least 150 minutes cardio per week to maintain a balanced health. But that is not enough if you already an  overweight adolescent. If you maintain a steady cardio of 30 minutes each day, and alternate it with strength training like weightlifting for 30 minutes , you can burn off those flabby belly fat in a year. Aerobic exercises alone, cannot not burn calories faster to reduce a large waist circumference. If you want to lost more body fat, you should incorporate cardio high intensity interval training and weight loss diet into your weight loss journey.


How Will lifting weights make my waist smaller?

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How can I slim my waistline with exercises?

One thing about how to get a slim waist, is, you need to focus on or target your deep core muscles. Particularly, work and tone the corset or Your abs muscles located around the ‘six-pack’ area, or around your midsection. Abdominal cardio, weight lifting, abdominal twist, and other form of weight loss exercises will help to strengthen your deep core muscles(tighten the corset) and reduce your waist size.


What exercises slim your waist fast?

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Wrap Up

To achieve your waistline slimming goals, you’ll need to eat a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables, plenty of fiber, and, most importantly, plenty of water. Consult a specialist who can provide the ideal diet plan for you depending on your specific requirements.

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