How to choose a treadmill for home

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A treadmill is a cardio machine for home and gym. It is not often easy to select the right treadmill for apartment use, especially if you are fat and heavy. This article talks about how to choose a treadmill for home use.


how to choose a treadmill
Img: how to choose treadmill for home use


Benefit of burning fat at the gym

There are many good reasons why you can engage in an outdoor gym training if you are fat and heavy. If you are looking at heavy duty fitness machines to accommodate big guys, the gym or health club has them all.

The exception is that most fitness centers and gym operates heavy duty treadmills for intense and multi-user running exercises. Additionally, you can gain that motivation to keep going tough from the fitness community.


benefits of doing weight loss Workout at home

But going to the gym that has even top treadmills with 400 lb weight capacity is not without some inconvenience. Some days, you can get caught up in bad weather and noise pollution.

If your weight loss workout routine does not need that you skip on certain cardio days, be sure that Bad weather, rain and storm can ruin your entire day. If you had a home gym with treadmills for obese runners, the weathers will simply force you to exercise right inside your apartment.

The lock down due to coved-19 pandemic is the one biggest reason why you shouldn’t wait to have a good heavy duty treadmill at home. A fat guy will get the same workout challenge from a high weight capacity treadmill in his apartment as he will, from a good outdoor gym exercise machine.

The comfort of doing fitness exercise at home is something to consider. You might have a gym memberships to a fitness center that has treadmills with tv screens, but you can’t watch your favorite series. Sometimes, people quit their overweight running goals because of boredom and lack of entertainment.

There are commercial grade, smart treadmills for heavy people, in the market. Some support Internet, touchscreen, wifi, and Bluetooth connectivities. Most smart ones at the time of purchase offer you an annual or free monthly iFit membership for online, interactive training.

If you are worried about gaining weight according to BBC, is there any reason why you shouldn’t invest in one best home treadmill for big people with over 250 pounds of weight?

Make a decision now and reap the treadmill exercise benefits for losing weight.



how to choose a treadmill

Before we het to figure out how to choose the right treadmill for home, first note these observations:

  1. A 300 lb person may not necessarily be a fat big guy. It is possible you can be a small size person with larger or heavier body weight.
  2. Not all heavy runners are skinny. Some heavier people are really fat (obese and overweight)
  3. Not all overweight or obese people are tall runners. Some 300 pound people are short, others are tall and heavy.

Be mindful of this runner size variations. But Let us turn our attention now to things one should consider primarily when shopping for the best treadmill for heavy people(fat guys, tall person, obese and overweight adults).

With so many things to look at, plus many advanced treadmill features, how do you choose the best treadmill for heavy weight runners? If you consider that you are shopping for the best treadmill for a 350 lb person, here is what to look for:


Choosing a heavy duty treadmill for heavy people

here is what to consider when  choosing the right treadmill for big, obese, fat and fleshy people at home.

1. Your budget limit

Your money decided on the quality of treadmill for heavy set adults. Some budget conscious people weighing over $300 may choose to go for those best budget treadmills under $500.

Such sub-500 dollar treadmills look economical, but the frames can easily break, have lower treadmill weight limit. Watch out for the treadmill weight capacity first before you order.

It does not mean you can’t find a great deal getting the best treadmill for heavier runners, under $1000. You just have to take precautions about treadmill, cheap prices and their quality. But overall, most high quality heavy duty treadmills on sale cost over $2000.

When you assess the annual cost of living with overweight or obesity, then purchasing a heavy duty treadmill with at least 300 lb weight capacity for $3000 is still relatively economical and cheaper. Most of those expensive models also have entertainment features like tv screen, iFit membership account to stream videos and studio classes.


2. Your Treadmill size(running surface)

One thing to note is that a large treadmill has a wide treadmill running surface. A big treadmill is especially useful for fat people than for skinny overweight runners. A narrow deck treadmill will simply not fit a heavyset man. It may even be harmful, which is something to just avoid.


The best running machine for big peoples is the one with at least treadmill 60 inch belt. The longer the belt, the better it accommodates the long strides of tall people.


If you are a big fat runner, choose a larger treadmill with 20 inch wide belt. A wide treadmill belt allows enough room around and makes running comfortable for big people.

A good treadmill for fat people must measure at least 20 inches x 56 inches for a flexible workout experience. The 20″x56″ running surface can still not be suitable for every big and tall runner.

So I suggest you look for a 22-wide treadmill which can accommodate not only an oversized person like a 300 lbs man but a 450 lb man as well.


3. Durable and sturdy frames

A heavy duty treadmill comes with Heavy duty frames, and that’s what makes people with heavy body weight run without breaking it. You won’t find a durable and stronger treadmill for plus size adult at a cheaper rate.

The reason why some treadmills are inexpensive is due to cheap material input and cheap assembly parts. There is no doubt that such a machine will wobble and make squeaky sounds when a 400 pound heavy runner steps on it.


4. Your Treadmill speed limit

Why should the top speed for a treadmill matter for an obese and overweight person? The range of speed decides the level of your treadmill workout intensity for losing weight.

If you have a big fat lady with thick leg muscles, flashy belly and weighty buttocks, weighing over 350 lbs, at what treadmill speed can she shed 1 pound of flesh?

A weak treadmill that delivers only 4 miles per hour would be slow to burn calories. It may not offer a high-intensity exercise that will quickly get rid of excess body fat.

A better weight loss machine is a high capacity treadmill with a wide range of speed up to 12mph. Except you are walking only, avoid treadmills with maximum speed of just 8 mph.

A big heavy guy running at top speeds burns more calories and loses weight faster than someone walking at a slow pace. A Walking speed are most recommended during treadmill workouts for overweight beginners.

But the best treadmill speed limit depends on your fitness level, goal and physical health.

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5. Your Treadmill weight limit

Do treadmills have a weight limit? Yes, every treadmill has a limited support for users’ weight. When considering heavy individuals with high body weights, a treadmill that can hold 400 lbs is more preferable than a treadmill that can support only 250 pounds of load.

Treadmill weight limit is a design parameter that is decided by the treadmill manufacturer. Some treadmill have low maximum user weight limit, while others have larger weight capacity.

It would be damaging if a 450 lb man runs in a machine with only treadmill weight capacity 300 pounds. That is why it is ok to let a fat person on a treadmill that can hold 400 lbs or more load, because it won’t break.

The secret to keeping the most durable treadmill is never to let your treadmill weight limit to come smaller than the user’s body weight. Depending on the weight of the obese or overweight runners, you should be shopping for a treadmill that holds 300 lbs or more loads (users’ weight).

Runners/UsersSuitable treadmill weight limit
450 lb mantreadmill 500 pound weight capacity
400 lb obese runnertreadmill 450 lb weight limit
350 lb persontreadmill 400 lb weight capacity
300 lb overweight mantreadmill 350 lb weight capacity
250 pound usertreadmill 300 lb capacity
200 lb mantreadmill weight capacity 250 lbs


Most commercial treadmill can support every user weight, since they are made for wide variety of audience. But it is possible to have one that has a treadmill weight limit as high as 600 lb.

I wonder if there exists a 600 lbs person, but if there is such a runner, she can possibly use the gym machines. A treadmill designed for indoor use may not hold up a heavyweight person.

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6. Treadmill for Home or commercial purpose?

Most commercial treadmills are high quality, with durable frames and weigh much. Most often, commercial treadmills aren’t foldable into compact size, that can permit storage at home.

While shopping for best treadmills for serious runners, if you find a light commercial treadmill with foldable design, that is a great deal. The only reason why high weight capacity treadmills used in gyms are not suitable just for homes is the non-folding design. Apart from that, those heavy duty treadmills can support intense frequent and prolonged workout sessions.

The Best commercial treadmill for heavy people in this list include Sole Fitness TT8 treadmill.


7. Treadmill motor horsepower

A treadmill with smaller horsepower can’t provide enough torque to move a heavy user standing on the tread belt. Most high capacity incline treadmills have two motors – one drives the belt, the other for the incline.

The right engine is the treadmill belt motor, the higher the horsepower, the high the torque and speed it can deliver, for intense fat burning experience.

Since most seniors are recommended to walk, low horsepower can be the best choice. That is the only perfect choice if you are looking to buy a treadmill for overweight seniors, or obese adults with mobility problems or bad knees.

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8. Treadmill incline percentage

To effectively lose belly fat, and fat around your butts and thighs,  you need to alternate your high-intensity treadmill training with lower intensity running. A treadmill is versatile and you can quickly adjust intensity of your running, increasing the incline.

A steeper treadmill running track burns more calories, works more muscles, and burns more fat than a flat treadmill deck. Your objective as an overweight man or obese adult is to lose several pounds of flesh, so a treadmill with the highest incline is the best choice.

Many best home treadmill have incline levels as high as 15 percent. Some exceptional treadmill come with inclines up to 40 % while others have both incline and decline.

Whatever is the choice is, pick a treadmill with the highest incline, which will allow you to run uphill (good for marathon runners) and

The great reason is that a 2% increment on the incline can double the number of calories and kilogram of fat your muscles are burning.

Moreover, Treadmill high intensity interval training (HIIT) is known to burn calories faster, and HIIT is not a possible exercise on a treadmill without elevation(incline feature).

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9. Shock absorption (Cushioned deck)

Heavy body weight places a lot of pressure on your joints.  When shopping, consider if the runner is obese, overweight or has pre-existing joining injuries, knee pains or surgery.

Although treadmill workouts are high-impact exercises than elliptical training, walking on a treadmill is therapeutic and good for rehabilitation. Because cushioned treadmills are easy on joints, physiotherapist recommend it for elders over 60 years, and people with a sedentary lifestyle, knee surgery or arthritis.

Good shock absorbing running deck is common only in expensive high weight capacity treadmills. They feature mostly 3 layered (3-ply) whereas low priced treadmills have only a single ply belt.

Since Cheaper treadmills have poor cushioning it does not make a good recommendation for A 300 lb man with severe arthritis.

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10. Treadmill Safety

Tall, heavy and fat people have stability problems when the treadmill is inclined for uphill running. Depending on the person’s fitness level, hand rails are recommended for overweight adults over 50 years.

Even a younger big woman, with a lot of fat around her waistline and buttocks, can’t balance well while walking on inclined treadmills. So handle bars can prevent accidental falls if the runner size is Apple-shaped.

One treadmill safety feature worth mentioning is the treadmill safety keys. They are great accessory to quickly turn off the treadmill during emergence. Ussing a safety key is just one of the few ways how to avoid injuries on a treadmill.

A Slim, compact and collapsible treadmills save more space at home and office. Check if you have got enough space to hold or store the treadmill for obese and overweight runners, before ordering for one.

It can be great luck to find an under bed treadmill with over 350 pound weight capacity. Know that smaller, compact treadmill for apartment are easy to transport to storage location. Commercial treadmills don’t need storage spaces.


11. Silent treadmill performance

A high-capacity treadmill may not be squeaky, but their powerful engines and cooling fans are noise-polluting when you’re working out at bedtime. If you got a suitable treadmill for over 300 lb people and it does perform quietly, the best way to eliminate the nuisance is to place a treadmill mat on your floor.

It might be difficult to have the best quiet treadmill for the apartment, but magnetic resistance treadmills are quieter than other model. At the time of purchase, I advise you include a noise reduction exercise mat in your bargain.

If you are going to use the machine in your office,  a sound absorbing mat for treadmill is an absolute necessity to reducing noise pollution.


12. Treadmill console display

Since You intend to lose weight and get in shape,  tracking your heart rate is part of the game. How would you know when you have reached your fat-burning heart rate zone?

A treadmill with a bigger screen is better, and a treadmill with tv touchscreen, internet explorer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is the best. These features offer ease to share, read and sync workout data,  including pulse rate.

You seriously need a treadmill that supports heart rate monitoring, has calories counter, step counter, distance and time. If unfortunately your treadmill has no heart rate sensor or any compatibility, opt to use a chest strap or a smart watch with heart rate tracker.


13. ­Entertainment features

You want to workout as long as you can. She’d be more fat without leaving your room,  or feeling bored? A treadmill with excellent media (USb, tablet holder, audio device plus) support is an added bonus.

Most smart treadmills come with music features, video support, Internet support, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. A treadmill with larger tv screen is good for streaming online video, studio classes and to watch tv series and shows.


Best treadmill 400 pound weight capacity
Img:3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill – Runner’s Marathon Treadmill – Commercial Grade – 400 LB User Capacity – 4.0 HP – Large Ortho Flex Shock

shoo for 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill – Runner’s Marathon Treadmill

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