Amazing Ways how to charge smartwatch without charger (6 Little-Known Methods)

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If you don’t have the original charger to power up your smartwatch, how do you charge the smartwatch without a charger then? There are few tested and proven ways how to charge smartwatch without charger( the original charger to be clear) and that’s pretty what this article is all about. Keep reading!

Sometimes I forget my smartwatch charger when I ‘m in a hurry to the office. In the same way,  it can leave your memory, to not carry your smartwatch charger around in a pocket or backpack when traveling, going to work, heading to the gym for a fitness adventure.

It has happened several time to me and I only noticed I needed a watch charger when my smartwatch battery is running low. The first time it happened, I screamed angrily about how to charge my smartwatch without a charger.  But I finally got a way around the tragedy.

Now,  You don’t have the original charger that can power up your smart watch. Perhaps, you lost the charger, or it got broken or malfunctioned and you left the smartwatch’s charger at home when going out on a long trip.

No  worries, I will share with you alternative ways how to charge smartwatch without a charger. Among the variety of options available here to charge a smartwatch without the original charger, not all require you to spend any extra dollars to purchase a charging component.

How To Charge Smart Watch Without Charger



How To Charge A Smartwatch Without Charger

If you don’t have to charger that came with your smartwatch and it can’t support or use any third party charger, alternatively, using a power bank, magnetic chargers is a better option. One way is to use a USB port on your computer. A wall mounted DC or old phone charger may go, but Most people use wireless chargers to power their Fossil smartwatches, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and may be Garmin watch.

Those wireless charger are pretty easier to use, and convenient for use while working out, driving, in the office, to boost the battery life of your smartwatch. No worries, even if you left your smartwatch’s charger at home and when out on a long trip, fitness adventure or you lost it.

How can I charge my smartwatch without a charger?


1. how to charge smartwatch without charger – Use Portable Power bank



how to charge smartwatch without charger - use portable power bank
Ultra Slim 10,000mAH power bank – Portable Charger, USB C External Battery Pack with Built-in AC Plug

how to charge smartwatch without charger - Amazing Ways how to charge smartwatch without charger (6 Little-Known Methods)Power banks are portable power sources, loaded with rechargeable batteries. You can charge the device from direct current (DC) from solar or wall-mounted outlet.

They are pretty affordable, and convenient for charging both smartphones and smart watches. With the right USD cable , a power bank can charge almost every smartwatch without limitations.

Make sure your power bank voltage is enough. If it’s fully charged, it has stored much wattage that can be transferred to your smartwatch. Here is how to charge your smartwatch without a charger, by using a power bank.

  • Press the power button on the power bank
  • Connect the charging cable to the port on the power bank
  • Insert the charging port to your smartwatch
  • Leave it to charge for 1-2 hours. Check the battery level regularly.
  • When smartwatch battery is full, unplug he cable and turn off the power bank

If your smartwatch’s charging cable is bad or has malfunctioned,  a wireless power bank can help. First, you make ensure that your watch can be charged with  wireless power banks.

Here’s the trick if your smartwatch can charge compatibly with wireless power banks. Turn the backside of your power bank aligned but towards the backside of your smartwatch.

If you need solar power banks for phone and smartwatch, I recommend this fast charging Riapow Solar Charged power bank with 30000mAh Capacity and Built-in USB C & USB Input Cables .


2.    How can I charge my smart watch without USB? – Portable Wireless Chargers

how do I charge my smartwatch without USB cable? Use wireless chargers
Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock (Apple Charging Station for IPhone + Apple Watch + USB Port)how to charge smartwatch without charger - Amazing Ways how to charge smartwatch without charger (6 Little-Known Methods)

The best way to charge high-end Smartwatches like Samsung and apple watches without a charger is with wireless charger. They are more convenient to carry around, ofcouse you can carry on in one pocket of your pant. I love this option, it lets you to charge your premium  smartwatch without a charger, everywhere and at anytime.

A wireless charger comes in different capacities, you can see some with wattage-hour up to 1000mAh. Will this energy storage capacity be enough to power up a smartwatch? Yes, if you have fully charged the cordless charger, it can transfer charge to your watch about 2-3 times.

This iPhone and Apple watch charging dock ( charging station) have built-in magnetic charging. It’s compatible with all apple watches and iPhones. When I want to charge my smart watch without USB, here is how I use the smartwatch’s portable charger.

  • To activate the charger, press the power button on it
  • Place the wireless charger close to the back of your smartwatch. This sets the magnets in the right place.
  • Leave it for 1-2 hours but check the battery level regularly.
how to charge smartwatch without charger
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how to charge smartwatch without charger - Amazing Ways how to charge smartwatch without charger (6 Little-Known Methods)

3.  How to charge smart watch with USB on your computer or laptop

How do I charge my smart watch via USB connected to a Computer? This is the easiest and the simplest method how to charge a smartwatch without the original charger. This needs no brain work at all.

If you don’t have the power adapter of your smartwatch, but you have the charging cable, that is all you need. You can just use the USB port of your PC computer to charge your watch.

Connect the USB cable to your watch charging port, then stretch out the cable toward the USB outlet of your Laptop, and plug it in. That is it, very easy.


4.  Charge your smartwatch with a Phone Charging Outlet

Another way how to charge a smart bracelet without a charger, is to find a wall-mounted direct current(DC) outlet around you and connect the charging cable.  Using a phone charging outlet can even get your smartwatch charged quickly than other methods.

All you need is to connect your UCB cable to the DC power outlet and connect the end of the cable to your smartwatch. The won’t  work if the cable is not compatible with your smartwatch charging port.

If you are lucky to have a compatible smartwatch charging cable, this option is far more convenient to charge your watch from a DC charging outlet near you.


5.  Charge your smartwatch with a solar charger

Another natural ways how to charge my smartwatch without a charger is using the solar energy from the sun. If you smartwatch has built in solar cells on its watch face, you are not going to need an external solar charger to power it up. Such solar smartwatches always have unlimited battery life than non-solar watches.

But how do solar watches charge? All you will need is to expose or place the watch face directly under the sun, or to any artificial light(LED lights) source around you. There, it will generate electricity automatically and store it in the battery. Garmin instinct solar is a good example of a solar powered smartwatch.

What if your smartwatch does not have built in solar panels? Well, I that case, you have to use an external charging cable connected to the smartwatch, and then to the solar panel placed under the sun. The best solar panels have power banks, attached to them. You just put it into your backpack, and hand the panel outside, when walking outdoor or hiking around the backcountry.

Shop the best solar smartwatches with u limited battery life- great for outdoor adventures.

Solar Charger 30000mAh High Capacity Solar Power Bank with Built-in USB C & USB Input Cables
External Solar Charger 30000mAh High Capacity Solar Power Bank with Built-in USB C & USB Input Cables

how to charge smartwatch without charger - Amazing Ways how to charge smartwatch without charger (6 Little-Known Methods)

6.  DIY Any USB cable – How to re-charge smartwatch without a charger

If your smartwatch USB cable is bad and can’t charge, any USB cable with a compatible charging port  is enough for this procedure. I guess an old USB cord can go.

Here is how to charge smart watch with any USB cable.

  • First cut the USB end connector to uncover the 4 colored wires – green, white, red and black
  • Identity the red wire(+) and the black wire(-). Ignore the white and the green wires.
  • Scrap the rubber off the ends of the red and the black wires, to expose the conductors.
  • Connect the wires to the charging points. It is dangerous!, the connecting leads should not get in contact.
  • Connect the USD cable to your computer, power bank or phone charger outlet.



7.   How to charge smartwatch without USB Port – with thermal power from your body

A thermoelectric generator is a device that captures heat( can be from your body) and turns it into electrical energy. The idea of charging devices with using electricity generated from human body heat is no longer a far fetched dream, it is a reality.

Although the electrical charge generated from heat is still small, it has been proven to work in smartwatches like the Matrix Powerwatch. Matrix powerwatch is a first generation thermally powered smartwatch,  which you can use its charger, to charge your own phone if compatible.

The thermal electric generator(TEG) actually uses the difference in temperature between two conductors, The hot side of the charger is behind the aluminum case back of the watch, which has to seat in contact with your wrist. The other side is the cold end, connected to the bezel. By harvesting the heat from the hot side(your wrists) to the cold side, electrical charges flowing between the conductors are stored in a battery.

Thermoelectric smartwatch charging technology may completely stop the plugging of smartwatches into power outlets. But the TEG has some limitation because the energy may not be enough to run GPS, heart rate, music playing and sleep tracking in many energy hungry fitness and health smartwatches.

For that reason, Matrix Powerwatch second generation smartwatch combines both solar and thermal charging. With this combination, you can charge your watch without any form of charger, without USB port. Unlike matrix powered 1 smartwatch, Matrix power 2 can track heart rate and GPS, without any charging with an external charging USB cable.


8.    How to charge smartwatch from everyday movement (walking, jogging, running, swinging)

Can a smart watch charge from everyday movement? Loud and clear YES, you can charge a smartwatch from every step you take and from every inch you swing your arm. Technology has done its best to exploit human mechanical movements and convert the kinetic energy thereof, into electrical energy that is used to charge battery.

Can we store the electricity from piezoelectric crystals in batteries? Yes. If you implant a piezoelectric crystal into your shoes, every step you make creates high and low pressure on the crystal, which vibrates and generates alternating current.  Applying a circuit with AC to DC converter, and your get a certain amount of electricity enough to charge your phone and smartwatch.

The idea of kinetic chargers is been used in the Sequent SuperCharger Kinetic smartwatch, which is the world’s first self-charging smartwatch. This watch utilizes SEMES (electro-mechanical embedded system) to change mechanical energy from the swinging of your arm when walking, into electric current which powers its heart rate sensor, 3-axis gyroscope, accelerometer and GPS.

Quite impressive, to own a smartwatch without a USB port for external cable charging. Tons of power could be saved if the device is a hybrid smartwatch without always-on display, and all those battery-draining functions. I am pretty sure, in near future, your daily exercises like walking or running will charge a power bank placed in your pocket.


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How To Charge Fossil Smartwatch Without Charger

How To Charge Fossil Smartwatch Without its Charger

If your fossil smartwatch battery is quickly running low and you have no charger around, what do you do? I will show you little known ways how to charge fossil smartwatch without charger it came with.

Fossil touchscreen smartwatches come with built in USB charger and even if you misplaced the charging accessory, you got no problem powering the device. Because of many power hungry apps and functions, fossil smartwatches battery only last 12-48 hours if used normally and might die in one day if used continuously.

How to Charge fossil Smartwatch With its Charger

Fossil suggests charging their watches via the original chargers. So let us find out,  how to charge fossil smartwatch with charger.

  • First, choose a ventilated space or room which should not also have direct sunlight
  • Place the charger on a flat-surfaced
  • Position the two-pins magnetic charger so that it aligns with the round holes
  • put the fossil smartwatch on the charger.
  • Regularly check the smartwatch battery percentage or lighting indicator on its watch face

Always make sure the accessory is compatible with your fossil smartwatch. When buying fossil smartwatch chargers, with lightweight designs are just perfect for frequent travelers. If they also have voltage and excess current protection, that is a good enough safety measure any USB fast charger must have.

Is there another way to charge a fossil smartwatch? Yes, If you don’t have the right charger for fossil smartwatches, let is go figure out how to charge fossil smartwatch without charge.


How to charge fossil smartwatch without charger

Is there another way to charge a fossil smartwatch? Yes, there are more than one way to charge fossil watch. Below is how to charge fossil smartwatch without charger that came with it.

1. Power your fossil smartwatch with a Portable wireless charger

Can you wirelessly charge a fossil smartwatch? Yes, you can power the smartwatch LTE, Gen 5e and 5 and 4 fossil sport smartwatch with a magnetic rapid wireless charger. Connect the standard USB interface to the fossil compatible power source. Place your fossil smart watch on the magnetic pad and it will automatically charge the device. If the watch battery capacity is 1000mAH, you are sure to get a faster charge.

2. Charge fossil smartwatch with a Power adapter

If you don’t have the fossil smartwatch charger, there is another way you can charge the device.

  • Just connect your fossil smartwatch to a USB power source.
  • Insert the gold from the watch band into the USB port.
  • Connect the power adapter to the same USB cable port on your laptop, or computer.
  • Press the middle button to start charging the watch.

3. Use fossil smartwatch USB charging cable with phone charger

One way if to use your phone charger. You can just connect the fossil smartwatch USB cord to your phone charger. Attach the other end to your fossil watch charging port and it will start charging your fossil watch automatically. Charging time might be several hours.

4. Charge fossil smartwatch with USB from PC

Another charging method: connect the USB cord to your fossil smartwatch charging port and connect the other end to your computer or PC. When you do, you will see a notification come up on your PC saying its detected a charging device. This method might take less than an hour to charge the fossil smartwatch.

5. Charge your fossil smartwatch from a Power bank

Using a Portable power source like a power bank is one way you can charge fossil without its charger. Wireless charging might take too long to fill the battery, and if you don’t have a dedicated fossil smartwatch charger, a solid, high mAh power bank can do the job faster.

  • To transfer power from power bank to smartwatch, use a USB cable
  • Attach the end of the cord to the watch and connect to the USB charging port on the power bank
  • The turn the power button of the power bank to come on

6. Use Micro USB charging cable to power your fossil smartwatch

Micro USB charging cord can work when the dedicated charger is not available. You can also use a universal charger to power your fossil smartwatch. A universal charger will take power from the wall outlet and transfer it to your watch if it is compatible.

7. Charging fossil smartwatch with AUX cable

Most smartwatches, including fossil smart watches come with a 3.5mm audio port. You can simply charge your smartwatch by plugging the AUX cord into your phone’s headphone jack. To avoid noise, turn on the phone volume.

8. How to charge fossil watch on a Smartwatch Charging Stand

Amongst the best smartwatch stands, is this Tranesca Aluminum Watch Stand. Here is what to do to charge your fossil watch

  • Plug the charging device to a power outlet. It could be a wall outlet or any power sources where you can conveniently charge your fossil smartwatch.
  • Place your fossil smartwatch on the stand or charging device platform.
  • Check if the fossil smartwatch is charging. If it’s not, just make sure the USB port or cable is well plugged in.


how to charge smartwatch without charger - Amazing Ways how to charge smartwatch without charger (6 Little-Known Methods)how to charge smartwatch without charger - Amazing Ways how to charge smartwatch without charger (6 Little-Known Methods)

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Trenesca Aluminum Watch stand – one of the best smartwatch charging stand, which is ergonomically designed at an angle of 45 degree. Works well with many smartwatches including Michael Kors, and Fossil smartwatches.

LeQuiven Watch Charger –  the best wireless charger which works in good compatibility, with Fossil Gen 5, Gen 4,  Kate Spade,  Armani, and Michael Kors smartwatches. Has good safety including circuit & overvoltage protection.

Austuo Magnetic Fast Charging Dock also works compatible with fossil gen 4 and fossil Gen 5 smartwatches. It has some over current and voltage protection so that users don’t get shocked.

Rapid charger model FTW0004 is one of the best rapid charging device. It is very portable, lightweight like any USB cable and more convenient for travelers.


How to charge Samsung smartwatch without a charger?

How to charge Samsung smartwatch without a charger?

Can you charge a Samsung watch without a charger? Yes, if you own a Samsung watch, you can charge it without a charger. If you lost your original Samsung watch charger, or if you left it back at home when going to work or on a trip, There are two options to charge Samsung smartwatch without a charger.

  • Use a compatible Qi Charger. Third-party chargers probably don’t work, but a Qi charging station or pad does work in a compatible way.
  • Use your Samsung’s phone battery via powershare. This method  is used only then you want to charge Galaxy Watch wirelessly using a Galaxy phone.


How to charge a Samsung Smartwatch using the Samsung Phone’s battery

If you have particularly a Samsung galaxy Phone and a Samsung watch, you can charge the smartwatch without a charger.

Here is it, Every Samsung galaxy Smartphone has got a feature called wireless Powershare. Check it inside your Galaxy Z flip, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, Note 10, and Note 20 devices.

This is a priceless feature, which allows you to charge your smart wearable right from the phone’s battery. The power-sharing can also be exploited to charge other smartwatches.

If your Samsung phone has powershare feature, you can charge your Samsung watch without the original charger.

How do i charge my Samsung watch with my Samsung smart phone?

  • First charge your Samsung phone to more than 50%, so it has enough charge
  • Open your Samsung Phone and Swipe down on notification bar
  • In the quick settings, find and tap on the wireless Powershare icon
  • Toggle on the PowerShare on/off button. This keeps it active.
  • Position your Galaxy smartphone face-down on a flat surface and
  • Put your Galaxy smartwatch on the back the phone
  • For efficient power sharing, make sure the Samsung watch is back-to-back with the phone
  • Adjust the repositioning until you see charging notification on your Samsung phone
  • Allow 1-2 hours for it to charge
  • Check the watch/s battery from time to time.
  • Turn off the powershare features on your phone when the battery gets a full charge


How to charge  Samsung smartwatch by Qi wireless charging

How Can I Charge My Samsung Watch Without a Charger?

  • Purchase a compatible 15W Qi wireless charger from a reputable brand. Check the manufacturer’s information and customers reviews if it works with Samsung watches.
  • place your watch on the Qi charger and adjust the smartwatch until it pick ups with the
  • If it does not charge properly, take off the band so that the watch sits closer to the charger
  • Check and disconnect the charger when your Samsung watch battery if fully charged


Can I charge my Samsung watch with any wireless charger?

No! Samsung recommends you shouldn’t charge your Samsung watch without the original charger. You can use only the Qi wireless charging on your Samsung Galaxy Watch series since the watch lacks  physical charging ports. With not port, you can be able to use a USB charger on any kind.

The undeniable truth is, not all wireless chargers can transfer power to Samsung watches. Most of the third-party chargers are not compatible and some generate heat when you try to force it. Samsung galaxy watch 4 requires that you use only the galaxy watch 4 charger and a Samsung Duo.

Luckily, a third-party device like the Qi chargers are WPC-compliant, so they can charge your Samsung smartwatch if you don’t have or have lost the original charger or forgot it at home when traveling.

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How to charge Fitbit smartwatch without charger cable USB
Shop Smartwatch watch charging stand on Amazon


How to charge Fitbit and Garmin smartwatches without charger

Without the original chargers, Fitbit and Garmin can use portable magnetic chargers. The usual advantage of magnetic chargers is they weigh less, and they can easily be carried anywhere in the pocket.

Also, a magnetic charger does not need a charging cable like USB, no cable crisscrossing everywhere. Again, a magnetic charger has more safety than other chargers. They have over voltage and over current protection, protection against  short circuit and extreme temperatures.

The magnetic charger is designed with a Type-A USB. This means when charging the smartwatch, you have to attach it with any Type-A supporting charging source. From there, you just have to place your Fitbit watch on it.

There are charger docks for  Garmin watches. Try them out.

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How to charge a smartwatch without USB- Wireless charging

How to charge apple watch without USB charger(with magnetic charger)

Premium smartwatches like the Galaxy, Apple, Fitbit or Garmin, use wireless charging methods. Wireless charging is not expensive as it used to be. If you are excited to learn how to charge a smartwatch without chargers, follow these step to charge your apple watch.

  • Place your Apple watch magnetic fast charging USB C cable into the power adapter
  • Place the power adapter into a socket or power outlet
  • Position the charger on the center and back of the apple watch
  • If the magnets in the charger aligns with you’re the Apple watch, it starts charging
  • Allow enough time, say 1-2 hours
  • Check the battery status from time to time on the Apple smartwatch face

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how to charge michael kors smartwatch without charger

how to charge Michael Kors smartwatch without charger

Michael kors smartwatch use the Dw5B charger to get the watch powered. This charger is lithium-ion battery charger  designed to be used only in charging Michael Kors watches.  Dw5B charger has a built-in USB port to charge your watch from any USB device like the PC or any USB power source. The Dw5B charger is an essential accessory for any Michael Kors fan.

How to charge Michael kors smartwatch without charger?

If your Michael Kors smartwatch need some charging:

  1. Use the Charging Dock to charge Michael Kors smartwatch

You can connect the Michael Kors watch to the charging dock that comes with it. You have to simply line up the pins on the back of the watch with the dock and press down. When you do, the dock LED light  will turn red indicating the smart watch is charging. This charging indicator color will turn green when your Michael Kors smartwatch is fully charged.

2. Use Micro USB cable to power Michael Kors smartwatch

To charge Michael Kors using a micro-USB cable,  plug the cable into a power source like e PC or Laptop. Then, line up the micro-USB port on the back of your Michael Kors watch with the port on the cable and press down. The LED indicator goes red when charging is going on, and green when the battery is fully charged.

3. Charge Michael Kors smartwatch from a Power bank

You can charge your Michael kors without a charger, using a power bank. Connect your Michael kors smartwatch to a power bank using a data USB cable.

4. AC adapter can charge Michael Kors smartwatch

A standard AC adapter with in inductive charging puck can be used to charge a Michael kors smart watch battery. You need to buy an adapter that converts micro USB to inductive charging.



Can I Charge My Michael Kors Smartwatch With My Phone Charger?

If you Michael Kors supports 5 volt charging, then you can use your smartphone charger to charge the watch. If your Michael Kors charger is rated only 3.7V, you risk damaging your precious smartwatch if you plug in your high voltage phone charger. To properly charge your Michael Kors smartwatch, use the only the charging cable and adapter that came with the product.


How to CHARGE Michael Kors Smartwatch

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Can I Use My Apple Watch Charger on My Michael Kors Smartwatch?

No don’t charge your Michael Kore with Apple’s watch charger please. These are two different companies products and might not be compatible with accessories. Michael Kors has a different charging requirements or power from Apple watch. SO if you are using an Apple charger to top up Michael Kors battery, you are just using the wrong charger which could damage your smartwatch permanently. Note, don’t use the Apple Watch charger on your Michael Kors smartwatch, you should use only the included charging cable and adapter.


How to charge Smart Watch without charger (HUAWEI GT2e smartwatch)

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Tips on how to charge a smartwatch

Here are few tips on how you can charge your smartwatch without causing damage to yourself, and to the smartwatch. Considering these tips will prolong your smartwatch lifespan.

  • If you notice heating when charging a smartwatch with a third-party charger, disconnect it immediately.
  • Do not place your watch and the charger in extreme temperature environment. Charging your smartwatch inside a hot car or under scorch sun, or inside unventilated room can shorten the lifespan
  • Occasionally clean the smartwatch charging port. A toothpick is the best non conducting tool pull off dust, debris from the charging port.
  • Always use a compatible charger, else you risk damaging your smartwatch with over current or over voltage
  • Allow your smartwatch battery to drain below 15 percent before you recharge it. This gives the battery the opportunity to calibrate itself.

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How can I extend the battery life of my smartwatch?

  • Turn on GPS only when necessary
  • Enable any battery saving modes you have in your smartwatch
  • Turn off always-on display, if your smartwatch has it
  • Properly close any power-hungry apps, else they keep running at the background and draining the battery
  • Keep your smartwatch in dry environment. Avoid extreme cold, or extremely hot temperatures
  • Charge your smartwatch battery only when it gets very low.

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How long does it take for a smartwatch to charge?

Smartwatch charging time is smartwatch-dependent – the apps, the battery capacity, the battery life, the charging current. Every smartwatch has its own internal charging circuit, with maximum current rating and the battery capacity. It is undeniable that a high current like 2A would charge your smartwatch device faster than 1A current, if they have same battery capacity.

In another case, a 200mAH battery would get fully charged within a shorter time, than a large battery smartwatch with 450mAH battery  capacity. But how long does it take to charge your smartwatch to 100%?

Honor Magic watch 2 has a super large battery, about 455mAH. This high capacity battery smartwatch charges fully in about 2 hours and the battery can supply the watch without recharge for over 2 weeks. It can last more than 14 days depending on how you use the GPS navigation features.

A premium smartwatch like Apple Series 7 like other apple watches, has 18 hours battery life. The Apple watch 7 has a battery capacity of around 309mAh which can reach full charge in 2-2.5 hours.

According to some user experience, apple watches charge too fast initially, and can take less than an hour to store 80% of the full charge.  And yeah, apple watches still require everyday or frequent charging than  most high-end watches, due to its many power-sucking or power-hungry health and fitness apps.

Samsung galaxy watch 4 is another smartwatch with a charging rate of 2 hours, with a battery life of approximately 2 days(40 hours). With a battery capacity of close to 360mAh, a charging time of just 30 minute is enough to empower the battery support up to 10 hours continuous operation. As with apple, the watch’s running time depends on the features you are using. GPS and music playing will drain the battery faster.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge my smartwatch with any charger?

No, just any charger is not good for your smartwatch. Please use the compatible charger that came inside the smartwatch packaging. Limit even the USB hub, USB splitter, USB y-cable, battery pack or other peripheral device to charge your smartwatch. Follow the smartwatch charging tips above.


How long does it take to charge a Samsung Galaxy Watch?

If you have fully depleted the battery from you old model Samsung smartwatch, charging without the original charger can take up to 3 hours. New models of Samsung watches like Galaxy Watch 4, can have their batteries charge in 1- 2 hours. One thing that is so surprising about Samsung brand of smartwatches is that, they have good capacity to keep charge. For example, if you can’t wait hours to use the watch; just charge the watch for 30 minutes and it can run for up to 10 hours(battery life).


How do I charge a Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch without a cradle?

Among all Samsung watches only Galaxy Fit2 comes with an exceptional charging cradle. The drawback of Galaxy Fit2 is that it isn’t working compatibly, with other charging methods. Even it you choose to make a replacement, the device is still not available in the Samsung store. Users who lose their cradle do only one thing – they contact Samsung for support.


Can I charge my smartwatch with my phone?

Can I charge my smartwatch with my phone charger?  Yes, You can get your smartwatch charged using a phone charger only if it is compatible.  Again, some phones have powershare features, which you can use to charge your smartwatch from your smartphone’s battery, without any external power source.

What is the danger of charging your fossil smartwatch with phone charger

Manufacturers don’t recommend this charging method though, because the current, voltage or wattage on the phone charger might be too much for a watch to handle. In that case, you might just destroy the smartwatch if you use a portable smartphone charger on the watch.

Phone chargers produce 5 watts while smartwatch chargers generate 10 watts. Charging your smartwatch with phone charger might just take too long or might kill your smartwatch battery.


How do I know my smartwatch is charging?

When you connect a charging cable to your smartwatch or put the smartwatch directly on the wireless charger, a lightning bolt will appear on the watch’s screen. That is a well-known charging indicator.

If you don’t see the lightning bolt, probably, the charger does not work or the it does not deliver the electrical energy to the watch. In that case, unplug the cable and plug it again, or try to reseat the watch on the charger.

Can you use a 5 volt charger on a smartwatch?

Most smartwatches come with 3.7 volt chargers (charging systems), which is smaller than 5 volt charging system for smartphones. If you are going to use a 5 volt charger on a smartwatch, you risk damaging your smartwatch.


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