4 Easy Steps How To Change Apple Watch To military Time Mode

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If you are an avid user of Apple gadgets, you will notice apple iPhone and Apple watches come in the default 12-hour time format. This means that your Apple Watch by default, shows time or runs time from 1 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 12 am. If you are one of those guys who are comfortable with the AM/PM style of reading time, there isn’t a need to change the setting on your Apple Watch. However, if you understand the universal 24-hour time system, keep reading and you’ll find how to change the apple watch to military time if you want it to display time with a 24-hour clock.

The easiest way to calculate the time difference in hours between parts of the world is to use a 24-hour military time system. For example, you may want to check the time in multiple cities from your apple watch. You may also want to get the hours’ difference between cities, in order to track events happening in other countries.

New Zealand had always been the first country on earth to receive the first tick of the current year. If you don’t mind, there are apple users in the United States who want to see New Zealand celebrating the arrival of the new year. So how do they change their apple smart watches to 24-hour mode?.


best smartwatch for nurses - how to change apple watch to military time

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First, Can you get military time on Apple Watch?

I used to wonder if the Apple Watch can be set to 24 hour time. But, YES! it can, just like most GMT watches. However, most smartwatches like the apple series 5 display 24-hour military time only if you set the watch face to digital style. If your apple watch does not come with a digital watch face, you can add a digital watch face in the Watch app.



Before you set your apple watch to military time – or 24-hour mode;

There are few things you must know before you set your apple watch to 24-hour military time format.


You need your iPhone to set alter time to 24-hour format. You can only change your Apple Watch to military time in the Watch app installed in your apple phone – iPhone

2. Apple watch 24-hour watch face

Your smart apple watch must have a digital-style watch face installed. It is only a digital clock apple watch face that shows the 24-hour military time on an Apple Smartwatch. You there need to install or change to a digital watch face in the Watch app using the Watch app on your iPhone

3. Syncing

Since your apple watch is compatible with your iPhone, changing to military time only on one of these devices may not sync with the other gadget. For example, if you set time to 24-hour mode on your watch alone, it may not sync with your iPhone later on. So you are going to have to change the time on both iPhone and Apple Watch.

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Easy Ways how to change apple watch to military time

It is just a few steps away for you to use military time on your Apple Watch or iPhone if you have all that is needed. Here’s how to toggle your Apple Watch to military time.

If you want to set your Apple Watch to display time in 24-hour military format or mode, pick your apple smartphone and follow these steps.

  • Pair your iOS iPhone with your apple watch
  • Open the apple watch app on iPhone
  • Switch to My Watch App,
  • Tap on   Clock at the top right corner
  • Slide over 24-HOUR Time to change to military time on the apple watch

Note: You can only set your Apple Watch to military time by using the Watch app on your iPhone. According to apple, Only a digital-style watch face displays the 24-hour clock for military time.


Is there a 24-hour watch face for Apple Watch?

To read the military time on apple watches, you must know that only digital-style apple watch 24-hour clock faces can show the 24-hour military time on an Apple Watch. So only you can add a digital watch face in the Watch app.


Apple Watch faces with digital clocks

Apple Watch comes with a variety of watch faces. There is either analog, digital, or both including apple watch 24-hour clock faces. You can install and customize most of the watch faces can be customized

Since you need an apple watch 24-hour watch face with a digital display to read military time, you just go into your smartwatch app and find digital faces to add to your Apple Watch.

In the watch app, there is a watch face gallery. All you need is to search through and look for watch faces that support 24-hour military time display and add them to your list of apple watch faces.

Here are some digital clocks Apple Watch faces – to show military time in apple watches.

apple watches - best military time smartwach


This apple watch face (available on Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 and later) features a 24-hour. It has a circular dial that monitors the sun. There is an analog or digital dial that moves opposite to the sun’s path.

To visualize the entire day, you just tap the watch face to see the day’s length in military time mode.


how do you change your apple watch to military time - which apple watch face shows 24 hour


This apple watch face is available in Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6 only.


If you wanted an apple watch face with military and regular time, then the GMT apple watches face support dual time since it has two dials. It has a 12-hour inner dial that displays local time, and a 24-hour military time outer dial for a second-time zone. This 24-hour watch face is available only on Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 and later.


how to change time to military time on apple watch - pick an activity digital 24 hour watch face

Activity Digital

This watch face shows the time in a digital format, with large, uniform fonts. It also shows your Activity progress if you are working out.


How to change your iPhone to 24-hour military time mode

We have seen how to use the apple watch 24-hour clock face, to set military time. To offer better sync, You also need to change your apple smartphone to military time in order to keep your iPhone and Apple watches synced.

  • First, open the Settings app
  • Go To General.
  • Click on the Date & Time Option
  • Switch on 24-Hour Time.


How Do I Change The Timezone or Switch To Military Time in iPhone 4S

Here is how I change the timezone or switch to military time on my Apple iPhone 4S

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Can the apple watch have both regular time and 24 hour time at the same time?

If you want to have dual time on your apple watch, it’s possible. You can set both the 12-hour and the 24-hour format on your Apple Watch at the same time. This is what you have to do:

  • Go to your iPhone,
  • open the Watch app,
  • tap the Clock,
  • Enable the 24-hour Time.

Then you can also choose a city that is in your time zone.

  • Go to your Watch;
  • change the apple watch face to analog.
  • Then add the World Clock customization to the analog watch face.


Military Time Chart – How DO I quickly Tell Military Time (24-hour mode)

The military time conversion chart is going to guide you to read military time with ease.  You will use the conventional AM/PM watch time and quickly convert it to 24 hours military time.

Freely Download Military Time Conversion Chart to guide you convert and tell military time.

military time conversion chart - morning hous

best military 24 hour watches - watch with military time and regular time



Can you get a Rolex face on Apple Watch?

Push on the digital crown on your Apple Watch, and then tap on the downloaded apps.  There, you can see all the apple watch faces you have bought. If not, go to Watch App and find the Rolex face. Tap it and it will appear on your Apple Watch screen.


Does Apple Watch have an analog clock?

There is an Activity Analog watch face that also shows your activity progress. It comes subdials and with an analog clock. This can help you have a look of a traditional watch on your wrist.




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