How Much Is Rolex Service Cost? Is It Budget-Friendly In 2023?

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An extremely high quality timepiece like a Rolex watch costs a lot, and having one is a big fortune. People spend thousands of US dollars to buy just a single Rolex wristwatch, which is pretty scary for someone like me with a teacher’s salary. Even the cheapest Rolex watch still looks excruciatingly high priced for most average wage earner.

There are pretty much good reasons why Rolex watches are expensive. So if you are lucky to purchase one of the Rolex Watches, or you got it from your family member working as an employee in the Rolex Watch company, avoid mishandling it.

Many people with such a luxurious watch recommend frequent maintenance. According to these users, if you regularly service or maintain your Rolex watch, it can keep its face value for several years. But, how much does Rolex service costs?


how much is Rolex service cost?
img:  Rolex service cost – What you shouldn’t ignore this year!


Does a Rolex need to be serviced?

Like a car, YES, Rolex watches need repair and maintenance services if they stop working or don’t function properly. Complex mechanical movements power Rolex timepieces and they deteriorate as you wear it frequently.

To let your elegant and luxury Rolex wristwatch maintain exactness without losing seconds, and function within Rolex accuracy limits, service it regularly. Checking, polishing, oiling, replacement and recalibrating the movement keeps it from deteriorating.

Your  best men’s Rolex watches will also stop running if you don’t wear them frequently( like once every week). When you wear a watch and swing your arm in motion, some watch movement rewind. If you don’t wear your Rolex, it means the movements need to be kept wound in order to run. In that situation, the mainspring does not run out of power.

Moreover, scratches, broken internal components due to crashes, bangs and water ingress can ruin your valuable Rolex watch in no time. So how do you know your Rolex watch needs servicing and some refinishing?

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When should I service my Rolex Watch?

The quality of Rolex watches is the reason why they last longer than most timepieces. Most Rolex watches become heritage, passed down from grandfathers to grandchildren.

More especially, some automatic mechanical watches from Rolex have a pretty long lifespan. How long a Rolex watches will last just depends how often it is maintained and broken mechanical pieces replaced and refinished.

The many years it lasts, the more the watch movement, calibre, and hands need disassembling, replacement, lubrication and cleaning. Without servicing, you can’t restore the Rolex watch’s internal mechanism to its original status.

Every ten years is good time to service your Rolex, if it’s still accurate, performing as expected if you well cared for it. You don’t wait for this interval in case some components are defective, broken and water deteriorated.

How do in know my Rolex needs maintenance? We understand you will send your watch for repair when you detect abnormal signs of wear and tear. But here are also a few things that you should observe. They will help you to know when to service your Rolex watch.

1. Broken Component

If watch internal components are broken, damaged, the seconds, minute, and hour hands won’t run. The small parts that make up the movement may not be functioning properly.

2. Scratches on crystal glass

If there are scratches on your Rolex sapphire crystal dial, case, high grade steel bracelets and bezel, it is time you send the timepiece for nearby Rolex certified technician. They need to hide or remove the marks and restore the shiny appearance of the watch.

3. Poor precision

If you got a new Rolex that operates outside Rolex’s accuracy standards of -2/+2. Since Rolex is COSC-certified, if the exactitude of the watch goes outside the manufacturer’s stipulations, it needs a certified Rolex technician.

4. Decreasing power reserve

If your Rolex watch has an underperforming power reserve. Check the power specs for your Rolex watch model if it is still in the mint condition. A decreasing power reserve is indicative that there’s an internal malfunction. So if a full wind watch does not keep running according to the specifications, sent it to a Rolex-trained clocksmith.

5. Rough daily use

If you have worn your Rolex watch to an extreme environment, exposed it to all beatings, bangs and bumps, there is no doubt that some components got loose.

6. Condensation/water/moisture in dial

Sometimes, water can get into the Rolex watch dial and you find cloudy moisture infiltrated, and obscuring the dial readability. If the gaskets are seriously damaged, water ingress is common, even under light shower. You can easily remove condensation from the watch face, but water can ruin the entire watch if it fills up part of all the watch face.

7. Aging Rolex

If your Rolex watch is old enough up to 5-10 years, even if it does functions as required, you should send for a routine maintenance check.

8. Vintage Rolex

If you have got a vintage Rolex watch that has lived over 30 years, send it for servicing. I have heard some people say there isn’t any need to service a vintage timepiece even when it is running fine. But the experience is that those old watches suddenly just begin to work poorly without anything broken. So it is good you contact a local dealer.


If your Rolex has lost the lumen, or gets patinated dials, you don’t need to wait to send the watch to a Rolex repairman. But sometimes, you may want to keep Your Rolex watch with faded bezel, case and bracelets, as a memory of your grandparents’ achievements.

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how much does Rolex service costs - repair watch
img: how much does Rolex service costs – repair watch


How much does it cost to service a Rolex?

How much do Rolex charge for a service? According to most Rolex fans, it will cost you between $600 to $1,000 to service a single modern Rolex watch. It just depends on which model you’ve got.

How much does it cost to service a Rolex Datejust, for example?Different Rolex watch models have different servicing costs, but which slightly vary. On average, expect your Rolex servicing cost for models like a modern Rolex Datejust to be around $750.

All depends on the watch condition, and several factors. You never know, the type of servicing that your Rolex watch requires and how bad the condition may be, 1000 dollars is a good amount of budget.

At this Rolex maintenance cost, I am absolutely sure that the authorized Rolex dealer will fix any issue will be repaired perfectly, with part replacement. That is true for newer Rolex watch models, what about vintage watches?


How much does it cost to refurbish a Rolex that is over 30 years old?

The cost to service an old Rolex watch can soar up to $1500. The price charge for servicing older Rolex is probably high because of expensive replacement parts, dials, and extreme conditions it has been exposed to, Whether 100 or 25 years old, an aging Rolex will run smoothly for another decade if serviced regularly.

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Factors affecting a Rolex service cost

If you feel that a Rolex-certified service dealer has charged you a huge amount of money for maintenance or repairs, understand that the Rolex maintenance rate depends on lots of factors.

The only person who will evaluate the conditions, model and design exceptionality, and be able to tell accurately how much it will cost you, is a registered Rolex watchmaker.

If your friend has recently paid $600 to care for his Rolex Oyster Perpetual, that does not mean you’ll get the same estimate from the authorized RSC (Rolex Service Center).

Their servicing cost is estimated based on Rolex watch conditions, parts to replace the watch case. The price varies and I don’t think any two used Rolex watches will always have exactly the same service cost.

To be certain, the best thing is that you contact a Rolex Authorized dealer near you. Don’t just spend the money without knowing what to expect from the watch.

Sometimes, your watch can get shipped to Rolex workshop in Geneva, Switzerland, if the local Service center can’t diagnose or fix the problem.


why is servicing Rolex Rolex service cost so high
img: Why is servicing Rolex Rolex service cost so high – Your Watch condition plays a big role in the costs


1. Your Rolex Watch model

Rolex makes classic as well as professional watches, and they aren’t similar and they won’t get same service price rating. Think of a professional timepiece like Rolex Submariner.

It would cost so much money to service than a fashionable classic wrist watch like Oyster Perpetual. If dive watch model or any other Rolex made professional watch, has to look approximately new, that means its ability to endure extreme conditions, like water resistance, must be carefully serviced and tested.

professional Rolex watches have a huge service cost than simpler classic Rolex wrist watches


2. The Rolex watch movement

Rolex has all the ingenuity, craftsmanship, and the best world watch making expertise in the world. Consider a timepiece like the famous Rolex Daytone with a caliber 4130–best mechanical chronograph movement.

What about the caliber 9001 inside the Rolex Sky Dweller? This one is the most complicated movement, tracking dual time zones simultaneously, holds annual calendar. It features even a 60-component ring command bezel assembly.

There is more, like the chronograph Rolex Yacht master II with caliber 4161 self-winding caliber, hairspring, and 72 power reserve.
Make no mistake, they may look familiar but have complex movement, which means service cost is extremely high.

If you can, verify if your Rolex watch runs on a complex watch movement. If it does, you will have no choice than to pay a higher servicing cost for it. Should you purchase a Rolex watch with a simple movement for the sake of escaping maintenance fees? It is up to you.


3. The Rolex watch case material

The case of the Rolex watch plays a big part in servicing. It will be more expensive to repair a Rolex watch made from a precious metal, than an ordinary material.

White gold-toned case Rolex watches have incredibly high price for maintenance. Moreover, you don’t expect a watchmaker to fix your scratched diamond watches are little pay.

precious Rolex timepieces are very expensive than Rolex watches without luxury ornaments.


4. Your Rolex Watch Condition

If you are a daily wearer of Rolex, the running movement might have suffered occasional bumps, and dial fogging up. It will take more than just an average service price to check, fix and replace components in an everyday or a 5-10 years old Rolex watch.

More expert work has to go into a Rolex watch that is routinely exposed to many outdoor conditions. That is why if you regularly wear your Rolex watch, it certainly has taken a lot of beatings, endure a lot of crashes, bangs and wet.

It takes much time for a repairer to get into the watch movement and check things out. That is why it will get a high Rolex service cost than a luxury timepiece that has been sitting stored in a safe box all the time.

If you got a vintage piece that needs a part replacement, that will impact the overall repair amount and that is just a simple case where your specific watch situation influences the ultimate cost.

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Is it worth getting Rolex serviced?

YES, every single cent you put into looking after your Rolex watch is worth it. You and I both know that Rolex is reputable for making luxury watches, and it’s an incredible fortune if someone offers you one as a gift.

There is hope owners can resell their used Rolex watches, and you don’t want it to lose its bright colors, waterproof ability and aesthetics. The best guarantee to have Rolex watch maintain continued accuracy is to care for it regularly.



How often should a Rolex be serviced?

Every seven to ten years, is best period within which you should get your Rolex watch serviced. But mechanical wristwatches should be serviced about every five years.

We are going to see regular simple home methods on how to look after a Rolex watch. However, Rolex recommends you send your timepiece to an Official Rolex Retailer within 7 to 10 years.

How frequently you have to turn over your wristwatch to a Service Centre for professional servicing Rolex watches, just depends on the model. Exceptionally, 7 years will be ok if you are mishandling it or have a poor real life usage.

I have seen some watch enthusiasts serviced their Rolex watches every 5 years. However, some watch owners think that a shorter Rolex servicing cycle is good, but you are not specifically advised to do so unless your Rolex wrist watch is damaged.

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Rolex service cost for repairs, maintenance, polishing, recalibrating watches - What does rolex service cost include
Img: For repair, maintainance process What does rolex service cost include?

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What does a Rolex service include?

Checking, repairing, and maintaining a Rolex is such an extensive procedure, and your watch must go through every step in the line. To keep your timepiece renewed and functioning properly, what does a certified Rolex watchmaker do?

Whatever there is the problem, know that your Rolex watch model may need to be disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, get parts replaced, polished, gears lubricated, and the movement re-calibrated.

From the moment you send your Rolex for a service, what does the procedure really include, anyway?

1. Authentification

As send your Rolex watch to an Authorized Center, identifying the model and serial number is the first step. This information helps engineers to know the movement type and the manufacturer’s records. Once they confirm its authenticity, all the other steps follow. Know that RSC will NOT service counterfeited Rolex watches.

2. Inspection

During this diagnostic step, the trained professional gets the watch constituents evaluated. He then issues a detailed report on the necessary and non-critical works needed to restore every functionality and aesthetic.

Note that before these Rolex watch experts allow any work to begin, you will have to authorize and get the Rolex service billing approved.

3. Opening

This is the very first step to open a watch. They detach the bracelet from the watch case, and separate the case and the watch movement.

4. Movement Disassembling

Totally disassembling the movement into its individual components is the next step. The bracelet and the movement are removed from the case, the watch dial and the moving hands are also taken out. They cleaned every part of the watch movement of dirt with ultrasound.

5. Fixing

The parts that need replacements get checked, and any parts that are out of Rolex’s requirements are replaced. Rolex guarantees part availability and if there is any component that is not available, Rolex will reproduce them.

6. Movement Reassembling

After faulty Rolex parts get replaced, they reassembled the movements and other components. If there are delicate moving components that need lubrication/oiling, they take care of them to ensure perfect gear rotation, with expected chronometric accuracy. Lubrication to reduce risk of wearing out.

7. Accuracy checks

Here is where the certified Rolex dealer verifies the watch precision is as expected. Rolex set watch precision within accuracy standards of -2/+2 sec/day. Sometimes, the Rolex service professional will keep the watch for a few days to ensure it works properly.

8. Polishing

If your watch case and bracelet has visible scratches, refinishing is necessary. Polishing a Rolex watch is an additional cost, and the authorized dealer may choose to do so if he finds scratches, rust and other stains or marks on the case and bracelet. If you don’t want them to polish your Rolex to its original looks and shine, alert them when sending the timepiece for repairs.

9. Waterproof test

When the movement is reassembled and fitted into its case, they will test if your submarine Rolex watch, for example, is sealed perfectly (water resistance) against water ingress. Checking the gaskets for its waterproof ability with a vacuum test goes together with another test like condensation and compression tests.

10. Quality control

Like every project, quality control helps check for conformity to all standards, without any errors. This final check is just to verify if the Luxury watch works as it expected, perhaps, the way it left the factory.

Actually, how long you have to wait to get back your watch depends on the condition of your watch prior to servicing. Somehow, Rolex repair service process can last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks (max 2 months).

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High Roles Service cost for vintage Rolex watch - why is servicing vintage rolex expensive?
img: Why is servicing vintage rolex expensive?


Does Rolex service old watches?

Absolutely YES, Rolex services old Rolex watches. One thing that is quite different is, Rolex own service centers are not like Patek Phillipe, or Audemars Piguet, They actually don’t have heritage department, which has to do all the refurbishing, restoring and re-fabricating vintage parts, for everything t remains perfectly correct. However, Rolex focuses in producing high quality watches, with premium looks, longest lifespan, and high performing movement.

Vintage Rolex Servicing

This is where you actually need to give clear instructions when you go for a scheduled appointment. If you have an aged or vintage Rolex watch, know that servicing it is no easy task.

Decide if you want the Rolex watch to get restoration or a standard revision. For vintage Rolex, original parts could be replaced by recreated components because it won’t be easy finding the original elements.

For example, a vintage glass will replace contemporary sapphire crystal. If your Rolex has a valuable vintage caliber, Check that you know exactly what you are doing, so that you don’t abandon the timepiece to depreciate on the watch collector’s space.


Why is servicing vintage Rolex more expensive?

Servicing a vintage Rolex watch, according to Jordan P. Ficklin, costs a lot of money. There are few reasons why your vintage Rolex service cost can get soared:

  • Rolex can replace faded bezels, case, bracelets and obsolete movements with expensive but modern ones
  • There are few vintage parts available in the vintage Rolex market. They are therefore too expensive under high demand.
  • It takes much money to outsource vintage parts for recreation
  • the number of vintage Rolex certified dealers around, is decreasing
  • Shipment is another cost, for sending old Rolex watches to distant vintage watch experts
  • Rolex services vintage watches in their own terms, and I believe that is not going to be budget friendly if your Rolex timepiece is old.

Consequently, most people turn to local watchmakers to care for and maintain their valuable Rolex watches. The challenge is that if these experts are not Rolex certified; you are at risk. Besides, Rolex is not responsible if you hand your watch over to a non-Rolex authorized watchmaker, and valuable or precious elements go missing.

As I just said the last section, tread carefully if you decide to service your vintage Rolex watch. You should mind who you leave the work to, because if they’re not accomplished watchmaker specialized in older and vintage watches, you’ll regret losing valuable elements.

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Where is the Rolex Service near me? You need to find the RSC - Rolex Service Centers near you. Contact them, and you can easily gather the information about getting your Rolex serviced
Img: Where can you service your Rolex watch?


 Where can I get my Rolex serviced?

It is nicer to know where to service your Rolex watches. You need to find the RSC – Rolex Service Centers near you. Contact them, and you can easily gather the information about getting your Rolex serviced.

Rolex actually has many trained experts in over 100 different countries worldwide. They are carefully selected and trained watchmakers to help in servicing Rolex.

If you want to look after your Rolex watch in the best possible way, the Rolex’s authorized retailers and Service Centers are uniquely and efficiently available to you anytime.

The temptation comes when the local watchmaker is one of your long standing other watch repairer, a friend or a family member. In that case, you don’t see the need to send a Rolex back to the restoration workshop in Geneva (Switzerland), or to a Rolex’s authorized retailer somewhere.

You should refrain from going to independent watchmakers. They may get your watch fixed, but without correct replaceable parts from Rolex.

Your Rolex Service Guarantee

Rolex granted an international valid guarantee for up to five years for all new wristwatches in 2015. This means that when Rolex servicing is done, and the customer gets watch back, he benefits an additional international Rolex service warranty of two years on parts and labor. This is true, in a protective watch case.

Are you still scared about paying higher for getting your Rolex watch refurbished? It is the brand’s standards to care for your watch after you make a purchase.

The Rolex company has simply created a network that lasts years and still functions efficiently, with remarkable customers satisfaction. Most watch enthusiasts or wearers of Rolex brand of watches are fast taking advantage of the service, at least, to getting a botched job from some people around.


How to reduce Rolex service cost . Taking care of Rolex watch will reduce how much they charge you for repairs, because, you wwatch will always be in perfect condition
Img: Looking after your Rolex is one simple way you can reduce Rolex service cost . Taking care of Rolex watch will reduce how much Rolex dealers charge you for repairs, and maintenance because, your watch will always be in perfect condition.


Simple Way to reduce Rolex Service Costs?

Just take care of your Rolex watch while you wear it every day.

How can I look after my Rolex?

What you do with your Rolex every day decides whether it last for many more years or not. How you care for your watch also determines how much you have to pay when you go for Rolex servicing. If you mishandle your timepiece, you pay a high fee for Rolex service centers, because the watch condition might get worse the way you treat it.

  • Store your Rolex when not in use. Use humid controlled watch boxes to keep the watch safe. Avoid original boxes that served as packaging and presentation material. Many collectors prefer watch boxes for daily and mid to long-term watch storage.
  • wear it regularly, like at least once a week, to keep the power reserve up
  • Keep them in a cool, dry location and away from any light and dust
  • When travelling with many watches, a watch roll, wrap, or wallet can be a nice way to handle many timepieces in your possession. This is a better way to transport Rolex watches.
  • Use watch winders regularly. A watch winder is a must have accessory, because they help to keep your watch constantly running, even when you are not wearing them. Watch winders are perfect for keeping Rolex watches with automatic movement, in their proper mechanical conditions.
  • Use safe deposit boxes if you can, if you want safest place to hold your Rolex collections.
  • clean it carefully, and regularly, to clear dust and debris from getting into it.


Rolex Service Experience

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1. Can a Rolex be polished?

Absolutely YES, Rolex can polish your watch, if the appearance faces out. If you plan to resell your Rolex watch, it sounds like a good idea that you get your Rolex watch case polished. Polishing a Rolex watch helps to hide scuffs, scratches, and some marks on the case. It’s like reverting to the real condition that watch left the factory in.

If you don’t restrict, perhaps, the Rolex repair professional may choose to include polishing as part of the maintenance task. That will result in exceedingly huge price to pay to the Rolex Service. It is just your personal choice. Sometimes, you can request to leave it unpolished, but it may not reduce the bill.


2. How to do I find a Rolex Service Center Near Me in United States?

Rolex service centers are located in many regions worldwide. Here is how I can find a Rolex service center near me in three simple steps.


3. What is the best Rolex watches with the simplest movements plus 3 hands – hour, minute and second hands

4. What are the Rolex watches with regular movements include:


5. What are the Rolex watches with most complicated movements include:


6. How long will Rolex lasts?

Over 10 years, 30 years, 50 years and forever? How long your Rolex watch lasts will just depend on how you care for it. Regular Rolex servicing can make the ceramic, robust-designed, 904L stainless steel and superluminova timepiece last forever. That is why you find some Rolex owners in United states today, who didn’t actually purchase it, they received it passed down from grandparents.

When you hear the price of Rolex watch costing thousands and tens of thousands of dollars, you will strongly expect it to last several decades, many generations, and possible forever. Rolex is well known for delivering nothing but excellent quality timepieces, with impressive aesthetics and long lasting durability.

By making robust mechanical pieces, Rolex movements keep ticking year after year, for close to half a century. There are lots of people who have worn Rolex for over 10 years, which still keep perfect time, without it ever serviced. But occasional servicing will keep the movement in perfect operation.

Whether 100 years, or just 20 years, an old Rolex watch carries many signs of aging, including potential rust, discolored lume plots, faded bezels, scratched and aged dials, warn out watch case and bracelet. All these conditions may exist, but if you looked after your watch carefully, it will still tick accurately. Some vintage Rolex collectors appreciate having all these signs on their watches.


7. Should I wear My Rolex everyday?

Yes you can, but wear your Rolex carefully. The value of owning a Rolex watch is in enjoying every bit of its elegance everyday. Designed as mechanical pieces, and powered by hairsprings, the best way you can actually care for your high-end Rolex watch is by wearing it on daily basis, to avoid it stop working. Some people abandon their timepieces for weeks and months, and suddenly discover it does tick again. In that case it is not broken, the spring just run out of power reserve. Wearing helps some mechanical watches to self wind, as you swing your arm.


8. Does Rolex Scratch?

YES, Like any other watch that is worn everyday. Wearing a Rolex watch everyday results in scratches, but you can prevent it by storing your Rolex in soft cloths and cushioned boxes, at night, and when you remove it.


9. What is the cheapest new Rolex watch to buy?

Based on 2020 price list, Oyster Perpetual is the cheapest Rolex watch you can order for few thousands dollars. This time-only model is available in many range of colors which can suit any fashion style.


10. Do scratches devalue a Rolex?

YES. A single scratch on the case, bezel or bracelet is sure to lead to a small decrease in price, if you want to resell it. But how much do scratches devalue a Rolex? Well, its hard to tell, but if you have scratches on the Rolex watch crystal glass, it can cause close to 10% decrease in value.

11. Is polishing a Rolex bad idea?

There is high risk of polishing a Rolex watch. The buffing requires that a super thin layer of a metal be scraped off and it risky. In the polishing process, the expert can alter the watch finishing, which may change the actual watch shape for ever.  So should you polish or not to polish your Rolex? It up to you, and it depends on whoever you hand over the refurbishing job to. If the watchmaker is Rolex certified, we know it can be done rightly, to restore the watch to its mint condition.

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