how many miles is 10000 steps?

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How many miles is 10000 steps? Well, as you stroll about your daily business, your fitness step tracker might tell how many steps you made for an entire day. Although many people use 10k steps as their daily fitness target, it is normal to wonder how many miles is 10000 steps you have probably walked today.



A little on the history of 10 steps

how many miles in 10000 steps walking and running - distance

Ten thousand step become so popular after the Olympic games in Japan 1964. It was just an arbitrary number and the idea of 10k steps each day was someone’s fitness goal.

One unverified history suggests that 10,000 steps a day was a marketing term some Japanese Fitness companies used to boost the sales of fitness trackers back in the 1960s.

As people got so conscious about how fitness exercises, like simple walking, impacts their overall life, they easily choose the 10,000 steps as a daily target.

Now, the equivalence of 10k steps in miles or kilometers is an obvious question to ask. If you want to get yourself around so often for health reasons, you will notice that 10,000 steps represent an active lifestyle.

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How many miles is 10,000 steps?

On average, walking speed of 3.5mph, 10,000 walking steps for a 6 feet persons equates to 5 miles approximately.

For the same height, individual running moderately at 6mph, 10,000 running steps are equal to around 6 miles. It all depends on the person’s stride length or step length.

If you consider another average height person, with stride length of 2.2 feet, walking 2000 steps per mile, 10,000 steps would equate to about 5 miles. 10k steps could reach up to 6 miles for someone walking 2300 steps per mile.

All depends on a number of factors we will discuss here below.


Factors that determine how many miles is 10000 steps

Most people and online calculators would tell you 10k steps equate to a distance of 5 miles. What they are not really telling you is the situation. You know, 10000 steps walking is not the same miles as 10k steps running or jogging.

In another way, ten thousand steps on the treadmill are not the same as 10000 steps on the outdoor pavement. How many miles is 10 steps?

1. Step length/Stride length

A stride length is the distance from heel to heel, which measures how far you go when you make each step. Step length is used interchangeably with stride length. If you request your stride length with a pedometer, it would probably give the foot to foot distance.

Stride length varies from person to person and from one situation to another. The longer your stride length, the more distance you can cover walking or running at a given speed.

A man with a stride length of 2,3 feet walks more miles than a man with only 2 feet as stride length. If you want to know your own stride length, it takes just a few minutes to measure and have the most accurate data.

2. Your Height

Your height determines your step length as well as your stride length. A tall person has longer legs and longer strides, whereas a shorter individual has shorter steps and shorter stride length.

It is then normal that a 6.5 feet tall guy would cover many miles than a 5.5 feet short adult if they both have to walk 10,000 steps at the same pace.

3. Kind of Activity and the pace

It is running and walking activities that require you to make steps, but you got to place the steps at different rate (frequencies).

The walking pace and the speed of running account hugely when calculating the distance you walked. The stride turnover is fast when running, and fewer when walking.

So 1000 steps walking will cover a few miles while 10000 steps running will complete more distance (in miles or kilometers)

You can either walk or run faster, moderately or slowly. There are only two ways to go faster: you increase your stride length or increase your stride turnover or cadence (steps per minute)

4. Gender man/woman

According to a school report from Arizona State University, on average, a man’s walking stride length is about 2.5 feet (30 inches) while a woman’s average stride length is approximately 2.2 feet (26.4 inches).

Now you see, that for the same 10000 steps, the number of miles a male athlete walks or runs is greater than the miles a female athlete will walk or run.

5. Fitness level

You know, people with higher fitness levels, like athletes, marathon racers, would normally and comfortably walk more miles for the same 10k steps as a trainee. Developing a perfect walking form comes from frequent walking practice.

It is true for any other physical activity. People who walk their way around for at least an hour or at least a mile in a day will grow stronger leg muscles, improve their cardiovascular endurance, and increase their fitness level.

As a result, a serious racer would probably cover more miles walking or running 10000 steps than a beginner would .


Converting 10,000 walking steps to miles

how many miles in 10000 steps walking and running - distance

Let us work out how many miles they are in 10,000 steps, whether you are walking, jogging, running and whether you are short, tall, woman or man.


how many miles is 10000 walking steps?

Making 10,000  steps walking is equal to completing 5 miles distance.

Short people walking 10,00 steps at a brisk pace (4mph) to cover 5 miles, while tall people have to be stepping at a medium walking pace of 3.5mph to finish the same 5 miles. If the tall and the short man both have to take the same medium walking pace of 3.5mph, a 5 feet 4’ man would cover 4.8 miles, while a 6feet 4’ man covers 5.2 miles.

Table: how many miles is 10000 steps of walking?

Height (feet)Leisure walking pace (3mph)Average walking pace (3.5mph)Brisk walking pace (4mph)
5’4”4.4 miles4.8 miles5.1 miles
5’8”4.5 miles4.9 miles5.3 miles
6’0”4.6 miles5.1 miles5.4 miles
6’4”4.5 miles5.2 miles5.6 miles


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how many miles is 10000 for a woman walking?

Let us look at how many miles are in 10000 steps a woman can walk. We will still consider the slow pace, moderate and brisk pace walking for both short ladies, medium height women and tall females.

A 5 feet female athlete has to walk at 4mph brisk pace to cover the same 10k steps and miles as a 6 feet tall woman walking at walking at moderate pace (3.5mph).

At a normal walking pace of 3.5mph and same number of steps (10,000 steps) a 6 feet tall lady would finish 5 miles distance while a 5 feet short woman makes only 4.5 miles.

Table on how many miles is 10000 for a woman.

Woman’s Height (feet)Slow walking pace (3mph)Average walking pace (3.5mph)Brisk walking pace (4mph)
5’0”4.2 miles4.6 miles4.9 miles
5’4”4.3 miles4.7 miles5.0 miles
5’8”4.4 miles4.9 miles5.1 miles
6’0”4.5 miles5.0 miles5.4 miles
6’2”4.6 miles5.1 miles5.5 miles

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how many miles is 10000 step for a short woman walking

Shorter women are less than 5feet 10 in tall. So they have much shorter strides and steps than tall ladies. Let us estimate their number of miles in 10  steps at various walking speeds–3miles per hour(slow pace), 3.5miles per hour (moderate pace) and 4miles per hour (fast pace).

If we do all approximations, we find that shorter women have to walk at brisk pace so that their exact 10,000 walking steps make 5 miles.

Short Woman’s Height (feet)Slow walking pace (3mph)Average walking pace (3.5mph)Brisk walking pace (4mph)
5’0”4.2 miles4.6 miles4.9 miles
5’2”4.27 miles4.65 miles4.94 miles
5’4”4.30 miles4.70 miles5.07 miles
5’6”4.40 miles4.80 miles5.10 miles
5’8”4.45 miles4.85 miles5.15 miles
5’10”4.50 miles4.90 miles5.25 miles


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how many miles is 10000 steps for a 5’2 woman walking?

From the calculations we have above, a 5’2 woman is pretty short and would make shorter walking and running steps. At her slowest walking pace, a 5’2 woman would only make 4.3 miles in her 10000 steps.

At a moderate walking pace, she would go a little faster and her 10000 steps would make around 4.6miles. A shorter woman of great fitness level would walk faster. Considering a brisk pace (4mph), her 10000 steps would equate to 4.9miles (almost 5 miles) distance.


how many miles is 10000 steps walk for a man under 6 feet

Males have more developed and powerful leg muscles than women. It is therefore no surprise how fast a man can walk. Given the same body frame size, a man would walk more distance than a woman.

For example, a 5’4” tall man would walk 4.8 miles distance by making 10000 walking steps, whereas a woman of same height 5’4” would finish only 4.7 miles by walking the same 10k steps at the same pace (3.5mph).

How many miles is in 1000 steps is different for a man and a woman, given they for the same height, and walk the same pace.

Table: how many miles is 10000 walking steps for a man under 6 feet

Short Man’s Height (feet)Slow walking pace (3mph)Average walking pace (3.5mph)Brisk walking pace (4mph)
5’4”4.37 miles4.80 miles5.10 miles
5’6”4.45 miles4.85 miles5.15 miles
5’8”4.50 miles4.91 miles5.25 miles
5’10”4.55 miles4.98 miles5.35 miles
6’0”4.60 miles5.05 miles5.40 miles


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how many miles is 10000 steps of running?

how many miles in 10000 steps walking for a woman (1)

Running 10000 steps? It is no news that people run 10k steps in less than an hour. But what is so peculiar with running is that the individual stride length increases when running.

What I am simply saying is that, when you run 10000 steps, you will travel more miles (larger distance) than when you walk the 10k steps.

So how many miles is 10000 running for women and men? There are different paces of running. Jogging is the slowest running pace (5mph), there is moderate run (6mph) and there is a fast run (7.5mph).


how many miles is 10000 running steps for a woman?

A 5’8” tall woman running 10000 steps at an average running speed of 6mph would cover as much as 6.2 miles. A female athlete around 6’2’’ of height at a running pace of 6mph would cover 6.5 miles in her 10000 running steps. These number of miles would be largely different if she makes the 10000 steps at a fast running speed (7.5miles per hour)

Distance in miles for 10000 steps of running for women

Woman’s Height (feet)Jog – Slow running pace (5 mph)Run – Average running pace(6 mph)Fast run rate (7.5 mph)
5’0”5.4 miles5.8 miles6.2 miles
5’4”5.5 miles6.0 miles6.4 miles
5’8”5.7 miles6.2 miles6.7 miles
5’10”5.8 miles6.3 miles6.8 miles
6’0”5.9 miles6.4 miles6.95 miles
6’2”6.0 miles6.5 miles7.1 miles


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how many miles is 10000 running steps for a man?

A 6’2” tall man running at a jogging speed of 5mph would complete 6.1 miles with 10000 steps. This looks too slow, so if the male athletes go at an average running speed 6 mph, his 10000 steps would equate to a distance of 6.65 miles. A male marathon runner really goes at a high speed – fast running pace(7.5mph), so his 10000 steps at that high speed will be equivalent to 7.25 miles.

Distance in miles for 10000 steps of running for males

Men’s Height (feet)Jog – Slow running pace (5 mph)Run – Average running pace (6 mph)Fast run rate (7.5 mph)
5’4”5.65 miles6.10 miles6.60 miles
5’8”5.80 miles6.30 miles6.80 miles
6’0”6.00 miles6.50 miles7.10 miles
6’2”6.12 miles6.65 miles7.25 miles
6’4”6.23 miles6.75 miles7.40 miles


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how many km is 10000 steps walking?

If your step length is 0.81 meters, to calculate how many km is in 10,000 walking steps, multiply 10000 * 0.81 = 8100 meters = 8.1km

The number of km in 10000 steps depends on whether you are walking or running and of the span of your steps. According to Wikipedia, the average human step length when walking normally is about 0.75m (75cm. This means, 10000 steps are equivalent to 7.5km (10000*0.75m = 75000m).

The number of kilometers in 10000 running steps would be much higher than for walking. To estimate, 10k steps running can be in the range 8.5km to 10km.


Wrap Up + FAQs

On average, walking speed of 3.5mph, 10,000 walking steps for a 6 feet persons equates to 5 miles approximately. For the same height, individual running moderately at 6mph, 10,000 running steps is equal to around 6 miles. It all depends on the person’s stride length or step length.


How many steps is 10,000 miles?

20 million steps

To find how many steps is 10 000 miles, consider a 6’5” tall runner or walker with 1,992 steps per miles on average. Then 10,000 miles would have 10,000 *1,992, which equates to 19,920,000 steps. If his walking cadence is 2000 steps per mile, there would be 2o million steps for every 10,000 miles distance.


Will walking 10000 steps help you lose weight?

Will walking 10000 steps help lose weight? Yes. Some people lose weight by walking, other shed fat and get skinny by running and dieting. On average, if you walk 10000 steps a day to lose weight, you are going to burn off around  350 to 500 calories a day. That means , if you keep walking 10000 steps per day for one week (7days), you lose a 3000-3500 calories or one pound of flesh. If you choose a treadmill, check how to walk 10000 steps on a treadmill for weight loss.


What happens to your body when you walk 10000 steps?

Most people only walk 3000-4000 steps. But when you push your limits, and gradually walk up to 10k steps per day, the health benefits are just many to count.

  • Improved cardiovascular health and heart performance
  • Low risk of high blood pressure
  • Reduce chance of getting type 2 diabetes
  • Reduced stress and depression
  • Strengthens leg muscles and tones of your whole body


how long to walk 10000 steps?

How long would 10000 steps take to walk? Range of time to walk 10k steps: 90 minutes to 2 hours. A fast walker, going at a brisk pace of 4mph or, say, 120 steps per minute, would make 10,000 steps in 83 minutes (1 hour 20 minutes). A slow to moderate walker, 10000 steps on a treadmill for close to 2 hours.

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How do I measure my step?

To measure and get your average step length, use a pedometer or fitness tracker for about a week. Here is a simple way to measure your steps and strides.

  • Wear a pedometer or a step counting fitness tracker everyday morning till bedtime
  • At the end of each day, record your daily step in a notebook
  • Keep wearing for 5-7 days of the week. I prefer you pick 7 days for better accuracy.
  • At the end of the week, sum up all the daily steps and divide by the number of days (7 for one week)
  • Surprised? How many, or how few, are your daily steps?


How to walk 10000 steps per day?

The best way is to gradually train yourself up to walk 10000 steps each day. The reasonable strategy is to aim for an average number of steps each week, then increase it by 500 steps per day until you log in 10000 steps per day.

  • Week 1: set a goal to walk 3000 steps each day of the week
  • Wee 2: increment your daily walks to 3500 steps per day
  • Week 3: set your number walking goal to be 4000 steps per day

Continue to increment your daily steps for each until you average 10,000 steps per day. I am pretty certain, if you keep it up every week, you will reach 10k steps in the week 14.

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how many miles is 15,000 steps?

About, 7.5 miles for walking and 9 miles for running.

We can deduce the number of miles in 15,000 steps of walking and 15,000 steps of running from the tables above.

On average pace of 2000 walking steps per mile, there should be 7.5 miles in 15,000 steps walk. The steps are fewer when you run one mile.

With about 1667 running steps per mile at an average running pace, you will get up to  9 miles in 15,000 running steps.


how many miles is 5,000 steps?

2.5 miles of walking and 3 miles of running.

At a pace of 2000 walking steps in one mile, there are 2.5 miles in 5000 walking steps. Also, at an average running pace of 1667 running steps per mile, the distance in 5000 running steps is equal to 3 miles.


how many miles is 4,000 steps?

About 2 miles when walking and close to 2.4 miles when running.

Someone walking 2000 steps in a mile will have to cover 2 miles when he makes up to 4000 steps. When you’re running, the step lengths and strides are much longer, so at a pace of 1667 steps run per mile, your distance got 4k steps would be approx. 2.4 miles.


how many steps in 1 mile?

Averagely, 2000–2400 steps in one mile if you’re walking, but when you’re running, you there are fewer steps in a single mile. It is around 1600-2000 running steps per mile.

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