How long does it take to walk 5 miles on treadmill? [Surprising & Reliable Estimate]

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How long does it take to walk 5 miles on treadmill? It depends on many factors. However, walking 5miles is a considerable distance, especially if you haven’t walked to exercise before. In that case, it would take a considerable amount of time to complete the 5 miles.

If you are walking the 5 miles, or even 5km distance in a day, that is a serious fat burner and belly sliming workout. You can lose weight by walking 5 miles a day, you can maintain your health, and beautiful shape and BMI, by walking 5 miles a day.

But if you can’t, at least, walking one mile on a treadmill or outdoors is the best place to start. But how long does it take to walk a mile on a treadmill at home? And, how long does 5 miles on a treadmill take? let us go find out.


how long does it take to walk 5 miles on treadmill? iot depends but 1 hour to 2 hours is a perfect estimate for slowest to moderate walking people


Is walking 5 miles on a treadmill good?

Walking is a natural exercise. It’s a great way to burn calories, lose weight and stay active and in shape. Walking 5 miles a day, for instance, has many benefits you can’t imagine.

At a pace of 3.5 mph (miles per hour), a 120-pound athlete can burn up to 200-220 calories per hour. A person with more weight, say 185-pound, can burn about close to 300 calories in an hour, according to Harvard Health

If the 120 pound guys increases his walking pace to 4 miles per hour, covering 5 miles in about an hour and 15 minutes, he will burn approx. 338 calories while the 185-pound burn 473 calories per hour. At brisk pace or high speed, there is more calories per step when walking.

You now see that regular walking is a great way to manage weight and get an active heart health. I don’t know if a long outdoor stroll is better than walking 5 miles a day on a treadmill, but don’t ignore their many benefits.

If you’re looking for faster ways to lose weight, then start counting your daily steps with a pedometer, and make sure you walk 5 miles a day (even 10,000 steps)

Walking Cardio benefits – Is walking 5 miles a day enough?

Here are few benefits of walking 5 miles a day.

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression[CDC]
  • Improves heart health, provides cardiovascular endurance
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Good at high blood pressure lowering
  • Limits the risk of getting diabetes or becoming obese
  • Walking long distance like 5 miles is a low-impact activity that is perfect rehabilitation.


How long does it take to walk a mile on a treadmill?

How long to walk 1 mile on a treadmill? According to experts, average treadmill walkers should cover 1 mile in 15 to 20 minutes when walking at a moderate to a brisk pace. But how long does it take to walk a mile on a treadmill as a woman?

How long does it take a woman to walk a mile?

The average time a normal weight, healthy woman will take to walk a mile on a treadmill is somewhere between 15 and 22 minutes. A female of 20-28-years can comfortably walk a mile on a treadmill in around 15 minutes. A 40-49-year-old lady at normal walking pace can over a mile on a treadmill in around 16 minutes to 22 minutes.


How long does it take to walk 5 miles on treadmill?

How long do you have to walk on a treadmill to walk 5 miles? The time to walk five miles is dependent on how fast you walk. Most treadmill users who can walk briskly at  3mph to 4mph (miles per hour), on average, usually make 15-20 minutes per mile. This means a 5 mile walk on a treadmill will take as much as 1 hour 40 minutes. 

If you increase your walking pace to say, 4mph, you are gonna walk the 5 miles pretty faster (in 1 hour 15 minutes). This is equivalent t to walking one mile in 15 minutes, although many factors can make the time larger or shorter.

Walking pace on treadmill Av. Time to cover 5 miles
1 mile per hour(mph)5 hours (300 minutes)
2 miles per hour (mph)2.5 hours (150 minutes)
3 miles per hour(mph)1 hour 40 minutes (100 minutes)
4 miles per hour(mph)1 hour 15 minutes (75 minutes)
5 miles per hour (mph)1 hour (60 minutes)



How long does it take to do 5km on a treadmill?

5km is about 3.1 miles distance. But sometime, it is worth it to know how many steps is 5km on a treadmill. There are up to 6,500 – 6600 steps if you are walking 5k. But when you are going to run, the number of steps will significantly drop to less than 5000 steps.

Your number of steps is going to be different from another person’s step counts. So the actual number of steps in a 5k distance varies based on speed, body height, age, gender, health, and fitness level.

First, can you do 5K on a treadmill? Yes, if you are running, jogging or walking.

how long does it take to run 5km on a treadmill?

Beginners often take between 25-40 minutes to run a 5 miles on the treadmill.  Average treadmill runners would probably spend less than 30 minutes, but at least 20 minutes to run 5km on a treadmill. A really experienced runner can take 15-20 minutes to cover the 5 kilometers on the treadmill.

How long does it take to walk 5k on a treadmill

How long does it take to walk 5k on a treadmill? With a walking pace of  3mph, you can cover a 5km(3.1 miles) in 45 minutes. A slower walker can walk 5 kilometers on a treadmill in at least 1 hour. The time will be greater than this if he is an older adult, has weak muscles, joint pains, and poor overall health.

An average walker can finish a 5K distance on a treadmill within 45 to 60 minutes. But at a brisk walking speed, the time to cover 5k on a treadmill can greatly be reduced down to 20-35 minutes.

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how long does it take to run 5 miles on treadmill? how long does it take to run 5km on a treadmill?how long does it take to walk 5 miles on treadmill - How long does it take to walk 5 miles on treadmill? [Surprising & Reliable Estimate]
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How long to walk on a treadmill depends on several factors

How long it takes to walk up to 5 miles on a treadmill depends largely on your walking pace. If your brisk walking rate is 3 miles per hour (mph), and your treadmill walking goals aims for 5 miles, that will take more time.

Your fitness level plays one of the largest part, as your maximum heart rate does. Except you are training for running, walking at 5-6mph is enough time to allow you log 5 miles on a treadmill walking exercise.

A treadmill workout that takes over an hour is already too much cardio workout. You need to be extremely careful when you are already exercising on a treadmill for more than 30 minutes.

Fatigue may set in, and with tired and weak leg muscles, your pace will drop significantly, limiting your plans to cover a distance of 5 miles in a shorter time.

For more details, here are analysis of factors that determine how long to walk on a treadmill.



Can you walk 5 miles on a treadmill?

Yes, you can walk 5 miles on a treadmill not in a day, but in a few hours. For those looking to slim belly fat, you can’t just start walking and want to see fat burning results. You must drive your muscles to be able to walk some distance before they can burn the required amount of calories you want. If walking is the best aerobic weight loss exercise for you, let us go make a plan.

The question is, how do you get to walk 5 miles per day on a treadmill? You must make a perfect walking plan and stick to it for 1-2 months. If you first train yourself to walk from beginner to 5 miles on a treadmill, losing weight by walking 10000 steps a day is going to be pretty easiest activity for you.

Just imagine how many calories can you burn walking 5 miles in a day, then how much weight loss can you achieve walking that same 5 miles each day, continuously for a week?

5 miles Treadmill Walking Plan

Week 1: Walk on your apartment treadmill only for 30 minutes. Use a step or distance monitoring watch. Walk 30 minutes every day for 5 days.

Weak 2: Start your treadmill and walk for 45 minutes, no incline. Do it for 5 days of the week. If you walk 2 miles in 45 minutes, you have got a great start.

Week 3: Walk on the treadmill for 60 minutes(1 hour). Try if you can. Track your heart rate and rest when it gets faster.

Week 4: Keep walking on the treadmill. Check if you can walk a mile on the treadmill in 20 minutes. If you cannot, keep trying until you get to this pace.

Week 5: Walk many miles on a treadmill is already normal to you. Try if you can log in 4-5 miles in 1 hour. Ig you can, you are ready to walk even 10,000 steps or 5 miles in a day.

You need to understand how much calories you need per day to lose weight


Wrapping Up Time to walk 5miles on treadmill.

How long you walk 5 miles or 5km on a treadmill, even in the outdoor depends on your own ability. Your cadence (steps per minutes), step length, walking speed, and overall body health play a vital role on how much time you cover 5 miles on the walking cardio machine.

Don’t aim to finish 5 miles if you cannot walk 2 miles when starting out. Stary from 1 mile, then 2 miles, then 3 miles. When you can comfortably walk 3 miles, 5 miles is your next goal. At the end, you may walk 10 miles.


how long to walk 5 miles on a treadmill for weight loss?

If you are walking on a treadmill to achieve basic active health, 150 minutes per week or 30 minutes per day of treadmill walking exercise is recommended.

But then how long to walk on a treadmill if you aim to lose weight covering 5 mile distance every day? 1 hour is average for most people. Because of extra weight loads, obese and overweight people will walk slowly, and take longer than an hour to complete a 5 mile treadmill distance.

For beginners, I wouldn’t recommend setting a lofty fitness goals like walking 5 miles on a treadmill. That is the best way to fail. Leave the 5 miles for athletes who want to train for a marathon. The best time is 30 minutes for beginners, at the right intensity.

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Is walking 5 miles a day too much?

No. There is no defined number of miles walked on a treadmill, which is considered too much. Fitness experts usually recommend you start small, walk short walks, and when you are confident and capable enough, you adjust to brisk walking and increase to high speeds.

As a beginner walker, 5 miles may seem too much, but as your fitness level increases, 5 miles becomes a 30 minute brisk walk. My advice : don’t walk too much when you’re not not capable of if your aerobic capacity does not allow it.


Will walking 5 miles a day tone legs?

Will walking 5 miles a day tone legs and thighs? YES. Walking at a brisk pace on a treadmill is a good cardio workout to work muscles. Just 30 minutes of brisk walking on the treadmill daily can burn enough calories, reduce excess fat around the thighs and slim the legs if you want to lose weight.

Walking, like jogging and running, is a good exercise to tone and strengthen your legs muscles and improve locomotion. No one can refute it, that brisk walking on a treadmill or outdoor can help to tone your legs and reduce thigh fat.


Is walking 5 miles outside the same as walking 5 miles on a treadmill?

No. Both treadmill and outside walks consume calories, but which burns more calories, walking on a treadmill or walking outside walks? Outdoor walking workouts burn slightly more calories than indoor treadmill walking.

The outdoor terrain(ground, hills, and wind) is uneven, the pavement is not really smooth, and every one that walks will always do so at constantly changing pace. The little bumps along the road can make runners and walkers alter their stride lengths.

All these adjustments make outdoor walks a little more challenging, more calories consuming, activate and engage more muscle. Unfortunately, treadmills function at constant speed.

Treadmill workout is a bit easier, since the moving belt carries a fraction of your weight and runs at constant speed. A treadmill simply helps to push you. In the outdoors, you must carry every pound of your body on every step you make.

While a home walking exercise on a treadmill is a great way to watch your favorite TV show, and you can do it even at bedtime, outdoor walks supply you with sunlight and fresh air.

To compensate for the treadmill, the unusually high speed settings, and the incline level, can give a more challenging cardio workout. Most often, trainers recommend 2-5% incline settings.


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