How big is apple watch on your wrist? – Apple Watch Actual Size

7th March, 2021

How big an apple watch is, determines how it wears on your wrist. But if you don’t know the apple watch actual size, you may pick a smartwatch you will regret later. The watch dial, face and case dimension is crucial to having the right apple watch on your wrist. You may be having big wrist, or you may have skinny wrists and since apple has shifted its smartwatch design to standard watch sizes – 40mm and 44mm, some people get confused which apple watch model should go for their wrist size.

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You can see that the first three generations of these smartwatches from Apple watch brands are in 40mm or 44mm medium-sized to normal men’s standard case dimensions. The exception is the apple watch Series 3 that is designed with case sizes of 38mm and 42mm.

So if you want an apple watch but you aren’t certain of which Apple Watch can size your wrist, then, here is where to start. If you are tight on budget, you definitely would start eliminating the high-end smartwatches from the list above. Again, if you have a thin wrist, you would start eliminating the 44mm models and vice versa.

Whatever is the apple watch size for the case, the first step is to learn an accurate way how to determine your wrist circumference, and then also know the watch band sizes for each apple watch model. It shows here that the main and the key differences between the smartwatch models is their case sizes.

If you intend to pick your apple watch with a particular feature, then look here how to choose a smartwatch that will leave you with no regrets. But an apple model can either have a GPS, cellular connectivity or both, in addition to other built-in features or app functions.


how to change apple watch to military time


How to measure wrist size for an Apple Watch

Before you know what size apple watch to get, here is a quick way how to measure your wrist size. For more accurate ways, check our wrist and watch band size guide.

To know how big your wrist is, you pick up a flexible plastic tape from a local store or from a seamstress and wrap it around your wrist, but over the wrist bone(the largest portion of your wrist). Bring the ends of the tape closer and read the difference between the numbers on the tape. The value can be in inches, millimeters or centimeters, it depends on which scale on the tape, you used to size up your wrist.

If your wrist circumference falls less than 6.5 inches, you have small wrists. if you get reading from 6.75 inches to 8.0 inches, that is pretty mid-size to large wrists. With the accurate wrist dimension, you can easily pick the best apple watch, with a near-perfect or the right apple band size. With a thin wrist under 6.5 inches, you can choose the older apple smartwatch models Series 3 or lower which has 38mm and 42mm protective casing.

The total length of the apple watch band length should be at least an inch over the value of your wrist size, Just so that it doesn’t go too tight or too loose and become uncomfortable on your wrist. Note that the apple watch’s heart rate sensor won’t give a reliable value if the band goes too long and too loose on your wrist. So how loose should your watch be, is an important point to consider when determining watch band length and wrist sizes.


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How big is 38mm, 42mm , 40mm or 44mm apple watch? – Apple Watch sizes

How an apple watch wears on your wrist does not only rely on case diameter, how wide and long the straps are, also plays a role in the smartwatch fit.

When you see an apple watch size of 38mm, 42mm, 40mm or 44mm, The newer Apple Watch Series 4 – Series 6 models come in 40mm and the 44mm – understand that it describes the watch case or the bezel size. This always has some approximates appellations like watch dial size or the watch face dimension.

This case diameter is measured vertically, and this is a strategy on how to tell what size your apple watch has, which is very different from that of other smartwatch brands.

For example – here are some apple watch sizing guide

The 44 millimeter cased apple watch models have

  • case diameter : 44mm
  • case width: 38mm
  • case thickness : 10.7mm
  • case weight : 36g
  • Screen : 368×448 pixels, 326 dpi
  • Display area :977 sq mm

The 40 millimeter dial apple watch models have

  • case diameter : 40mm
  • case width: 34mm
  • case thickness : 10.7mm
  • case weight : 30g
  • Screen dimension : 324×394 pixels, 326 dpi.
  • Display area : 759 sq mm

The 38 millimeter face apple watch models have

  • case diameter : 38mm
  • case width: 33mm
  • case thickness : 10.5mm
  • case weight : 30g
  • Screen size : 272×340 pixels, 326 dpi
  • Display area : 563 sq mm

These apple watch sizes would immediately tell which apple watch face is smallest and which apple watch case is the largest. From there, you can easily see which watch dial size is best suited for wrists.

In addition, if you have the right material and the best apple watch band, then the comfortability depends on the tightness you allow. You can use this watch size chart to know more.


How big is an apple watch case diameter in inches?

To convert from mm to inches, divide the millimeters by 25.5.

  • 44mm – 1.73 inches
  • 42mm – 1.65 inches
  • 40mm – 1.57 inches
  • 38mm – 1.50 inches


apple watch screen dimension - display area - watch face sizes - dial area - case diameter


Apple Watch Display Area – Screen dimension

You may think of readability of text, visibility of icons when shopping for apple watches. The small case apple watches have a smaller display than the big brothers series 4, 5 and 6. It can be nicer if you want to downsize to a smaller smartwatch but, you should consider the display area for legibility.

The Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, and Apple Watch Series 6 have two different display screen dimensions. Their Retina screen is of good quality, but a bigger apple smartwatch has more pixels

That is why we have the 40mm cased Apple Watch with a display area of 394×324 pixels while the larger 44mm Apple Watch has a display size of 448×368 pixels.

Many people don’t know that this makes any difference at all. The more the pixels, the bigger are the text, images and icons on the screen. If you want an easy to glance display, you should consider larger screen sizes.


Height, Depth Or Thickness

Apple watch is somehow uniform in making their watches. Apple watches have more than one height options and two display densities, but what never changes significantly is their case thickness. The thinness remains approximately the same for Apple Watch with 40mm and 44mm casings.

This is not the case with the usual traditional wrist watches. With the retina display, battery and sensors all housed inside one thin case, all the Apple Watches can best fit under the tight cuffs of your shirt.


how big is apple watch - measure apple watch dial size with iPhone


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How to Get Your Actual Apple Watch Sizes from your iPhone

Another way to determine how big is an apple watch model is by using a smartphone – iPhone of-course. The Apple Store app comes with a practical and easy to use the handy function to show the actual size of your apple smartwatch.

The display feature is found in each Apple Watch designed. All you need is to use the feature to know the exact physical size of the wearable device.

The best way to actually do this is to visit an Apple Store, before making a purchasing decision. Go to the store, pick the watch models you want to choose from, and try the following steps. Since you are going to need an iPhone, let us see how to do it right away.

  • use your iPhone
  • Got to Apple Store app and install it on your phone
  • Launch the Appl store from your phone
  • Press on the watch graphic icon on the top
  • At the right corner press view pricing
  • Tap on Compare Case Sizes

From there, you can switch between 38 millimeter and 42 millimeters to see the real watch size displayed on your smartphone screen
then it’s just a matter of finding the right place in the Apple Store application.


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So how big is the 38mm apple watch on your wrist?

To know how big a 38 mm apple watch can wear on your wrist,

  • follow the procedure to get the actual watch size as shown above
  • While you are on Compare case sizes
  • tap to toggle to 38mm
  • then Hold the smartphone on the wrist to wear the watch.

This gives you the best idea of which apple watch model to pick and wear on that arm. The same method goes if you want to know how big is 42 mm watch on your wrist.


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The difference between apple watch 38 and 42mm

To compare apple watch 38mm vs 40-42mm, lets see how they differ. Although both the apple watch 38mm and apple watch 42mm share the same features and functions, there are some differences to note.

  • the 42mm apple smartwatch is a big size that clearly offers a larger screen display than 38mm cousin.
  • the 42mm costs $50 more for the base Apple Watch for Sport as compared to its 38mm model
  • 42mm is a slightly larger model, which may have a slightly larger and longer battery life than the slim 38mm watch.

Whatever Apple Watch fits your wrist, you will see that the bigger or larger apple watches are also more costly. It seams the apple smartwatch dimensions are pricing and budget dependent, a big surprise to me.


If your Apple watch screen dimension is small and not readable!

The easies way to see the watch face clearly is to make your icons bigger if the screen is too small to display icons or text. You can adjust text size and other visual settings on Apple Watch:

To Adjust Text Size

  • Going to Settings app on your Apple Watch.
  • Go to Display & Brightness
  • Tap Text Size,
  • Tturn the Digital Crown to adjust

You can  make text bold, use grayscale, and also set other options to change the appearance of items on the apple watch screen


To Turn on Zoom

With a small apple display screen,  you can make icons and fonts bigger  and easy to read on a smaller dial Apple Watch. Here are ways  how to zoom out a small face Apple Watch to see more icons display.

  • Open the Settings app  on your Apple Watch.
  • Go to Accessibility
  • Tap on Zoom, to turn it on

There is another way to improve apple screen legibility using zoom. You can also use your iPhone to turn on Zoom for your Apple Watch

  • open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone,
  • tap My Watch,
  • tap Accessibility,
  • then tap Zoom.



apple watch band sizes


Apple watch bands

There are huge varieties of bands and style variations when you buy an apple watch. I think you understand the importance of picking the right band because they actually affects how comfortable the piece wears on wrists.

There many places where to choose apple watch bands if the one you have needs to be taken off. Sometimes, bands that fit apple old models of apple watches also fit in the latest models. Besides, there are also third-party replacement Apple Watch bands – small straps for 38mm, 40mm and large bands for 42mm and 44mm watches.

40mm-specific bands:

  • Modern Buckle
  • Hermès Single Tour (certain colors)
  • Hermès Double Tour

44mm-specific bands:

  • Leather Loop
  • Hermès Single Tour (certain colors)
  • Hermès Single Tour Deployment Buckle


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Apple Watch Size FAQs

Why does a person wear an apple watch upside down?

When it comes to wearing apple watches, technically, we are not talking of wearing watch inside wrist. We mean, simply rotating the apple watch to let the button align with your thumb. See why do people wear watches upside down.

Having an apple watch means you will probably be making a lot of  tapping, swiping, and pressing the button. The way apple watch is designed, and considering the default apple watch orientation and the position of the apple watch button, you’ll need to constantly move your finger front and back between the display and the watch dial, which is kind of uncomfortable.


which hand should i wear my apple watch?

Which wrist should you wear an apple watch on? Right or left. It depends on the watch design and which arm is dominant.

The apple watch has the crown that is accessible conveniently if you have right arm as dominant.  So the watch goes on the left wrist if your left arm is less dominant. The default orientation of apple watches in this position makes it easier to tapping, swiping, and pressing the button with right hand fingers.

However, if you are kind of people whose right arm is less dominant, you will wear your watches on the right wrist. A left handed person can constantly move the left hand finger front and back between the display and the watch dial comfortably.

Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down? – 7 Incredible and Compelling Reasons.


What’s the biggest apple watch size?

The 44mm Apple Watch is the largest Apple Watch we have in the market currently, which was a replacement for the 42mm versions on the Apple Watch Series 1 through Apple Watch Series 3.  The Apple watches with 42mm diameter actual size are the latest models with more official bands available.


Which apple for small wrist?

How a 40mm watch on man’s wrist wears depends on his wrist size and the watch size. A 40mm Apple Watch has a medium screen size that’s just slightly bigger than that of the 38mm Apple Watch Series 3. However, the 38mm watch size is suitable for people with thin wrists.

Some apple users have confirmed having a 40mm watch on tin wrist, which wears very flexibly. Although the 40mm apple watch model has a display that is so much larger than 38mm, they both can fit slender wrist and medium-size wrist.

Also Check out these best smartwatches for small wrist people


Is a 44mm watch too big?

All depends on the size of your wrist. If your wrist size falls in the range 5inches to 6.5 inches in circumference, 38mm and 40mm apple watches may fit, except you have got extra small wrists.

A wrist dimension over 7-inches, is considered mid-sized to large and the more suitable apple watch face for it is 44mm apple smartwatches. Obviously, a 44mm smartwatch from apple will look comically over-sized on thin wrists.

How big is the 44mm Apple Watch

The 44mm Apple Watches series 5 has about 1.78 inches screen dimension with a resolution of 448 x 368 pixels. If you take a 40mm Apple watch series 5 with a display of 1.6-inch and a resolution of 394 x 324 pixels, you notice that the 44mm model’s has a large display that is about 30% larger than 40mm model.


Is Apple Watch 5 44mm too big for a woman?

Every woman should know that there are two sizes for the Apple Watch Series 5 – the 40mm and the 44mm case diameters. Since ladies have small to mid-sized wrist, the 44mm apple watch looks over-sized and may be hanging oh her wrist.

Likewise, is a 40mm watch too big for a woman? 40mm is suitable for skinny to medium wrists under 6.5 inches and 36mm – 40mm watches wear with a perfect fit for a woman’s wrist.

The question if a woman can wear the 44mm Apple Watch is obviously – it would look absurdly bulky and massive on her arm. Except she has got pretty large normal size mens wrists.

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