Home Depot Survey With Irresistible Reward At www.homedepot.com/survey

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Does Home Depot do customer surveys? Like many other client-focused businesses in US, the Home Depot carries out a customer satisfaction survey. One of such customer feedback surveys is at www.homedepot.com/survey – an online survey designed by The Home Depot to get their customers to give feedback on services and products the home improvement company offers to them. They have enticed the customers’ sincere and genuine feedback in the home depot survey with a reward for participation – a change to win a $500 Home Depot gift card.

Home depot has been so generous with a lot of discounts, pay-zero services, and savings on some purchases. They have totally been alert to their employee health check, and that is why they got this covid health check app for their home depot workforce.

They are so successful is because they never stopped looking into customer satisfaction and their employee health care. The idea is to get feedback on how customers perceive their home improvement products and services. 

So, Home Depot came up with a customer satisfaction feedback survey online. To access the home depot survey on the Home Depot’s official website, go to www.homedepot.com/survey.

home depot survey - home depot customer satisfaction feedback survey
home depot survey – home depot customer satisfaction feedback survey


is home depot survey legit or a scam?

The official sponsor of the customer satisfaction feedback survey at homedepot.com/survey is Home Depot themselves and there shouldn’t be any doubt. When the home depot survey results are announced, winners receive their home depot survey reward directly from the company and nowhere else.

However, there are many thieves around who can be trying their luck to steal from you by pretending to be Home Depot. Beware of these black-hat guys, when you go to take part in answering the Home depot customer satisfaction questionnaires, and when you receive emails.


What’s In the Home Depot Survey?

When you land of the home depot survey page (homedepot.com/survey), you will have some questions to answer. In the case of answering, you are going to sincerely share your experience of dealing with the company, using their home improvement products and services and how satisfied you are when they get your problems solved.

As it is always the case with interviews, and this kind of online surveys, the home depot survey team wants to find problems that can be hindering their customers’ experience with Home depot company, and tackle them.

You have to follow the whole process to complete the home depot survey. When you successfully give the feedback on the survey form, you are eligible to win Home depot $500 gift card.

Of course, you don’t just walk in the door of their home depot webpage and start taking or answering the questionnaire. Before you engage in the home depot customer satisfaction feedback process, you have to follow some rules and pass the home depot survey eligibility criteria.

Since participating in the home depot survey online can make you win a $500 gift card, no one will hesitate to fulfill or satisfy the requirement or conditions.

The home depot $500 gift card survey details

This is a cheat sheet showing the details of the home depot business survey for customer satisfaction.

Company Name :  Home Depot

Participation Activity :  Home depot survey

Activity Mode : Free Online participation

Activity Platform : www.homedepot.com/survey

Benefits / Price to win : A 500 dollar gift card

Exclusivity Residence : You must be an American

Minimum Age is Limited to : 18 and above

Language : English or Spanish

Main Rules for feedback survey at home depot.com

Home depot is not doing general information collection from any person. Rather, Home depot wants to have customers provide their genuine and sincere experience with the company.

Of course, if you are not a regular customer with the American home improvement business, you have little to say in the customer feedback survey at homedepot.com.

Genuine reviews from their customers will help the company improve their customers’ care, convenience and experience. That is why they set some simple, basic rules participants have to follow to provide genuine feedback.

  • One person can submit only one receipt
  • The winning price can’t be transferred
  • Only American citizens or people residents in America can participate
  • Teenagers are not allowed. The customer must be in the 18+ age group.
  • Home depot service workers, employees and associate are not eligible


Home Depot survey Reward

home depot survey reward - win home depot gift card after taking home ddepot survey - home-depot-gift-card
home depot survey reward – win home depot gift card after taking home depot survey – home-depot-gift-card

The golden treasure reward for participating in the Home Depot Survey is irresistible. The reward for the home depot survey Feedback is not an inexpensive one.

Each participant that answers the survey questions, follows the rules and regulations, and successfully completes the online survey process, automatically becomes eligible to win a whopping $500 gift card at home depot.



Basic Requirement For Home depot survey

You can not qualify based on the rules alone. You must have some basic requirements to participate in the feedback survey platform at homedepot.com/survey. Here are the requirements for home depot survey.

  • You must have a receipt of home depot visit
  • Get a pretty good internet connection
  • You must have a smartphone, or PC, or laptop, tablet or iPad. Any gadget that will allow you to browser their webpage.
  • You need to spend at least 20 minutes sincerely and clearly answer the survey questions
  • You must be able to read and write good English or Spanish language
  • Lastly, your email address is required




how do i get a home depot survey (homedepot.com/Survey)

The Home depot survey process
The Home depot survey process

How to take home depot survey? The survey process is so simple. Here is how to get started and go through the process.

Step 1: Open the internet browser in your device

Step 2: Go to Home depot official website or Login through homedepot.com/survey

Step 3: Choose your primary language–English or Spanish?

Step 4: Read and confirm (click “I Agree”) the home depot survey terms and conditions on the page the comes up

Step 5: Click Continue or Next Tab. Just press the right side button to load more steps.

Step 6: You will have a page come up with various questions that need your feedback

Step 7: Towards the end, fill in your email address, home address, and mobile telephone number

Step 8: Click “Submit button” to validate that you are done answering the questionnaire

Step 9: Wait and check if you will receive a response email message confirming the survey you just submitted



A successful qualification and submission of the home depot customer feedback survey form means you have also qualified to win the feedback survey reward–a 500 dollars gift card.

Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021

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 The Home Depot–American Home Improvement Retailer

The Home Depot Inc. is a company that was founded in 1978 and is based only in the America. Its main activity is to provide home improvements products, service, including tools all over America.

Their stores are present in all the states of the United States and have branches outside USA like in Canada and Mexico. The company is also publicly listed on the famous New York Stock Exchange.

If you want to understand more, visit customer support, send them a mail or call them by phone.


Home Depot Headquarters

The listed address of this company is 2455 Paces Ferry Road NW in Atlanta, GA.

Home Depot Official Website


Home Depot Customer support Email Address.

Here is the home depot shopper survey email : Customer_care@homedepot.com

Home depot Customer Care Number

1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337) or 1-800-430-3376


More about Home Depot

  • Home Depot Health Check App
  • Home Depot Insurance
  • Home Depot My ESS


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who’s sponsoring the customer satisfaction feedback or home depot survey stakes?

The sweepstakes are under sponsorship of Home Depot Store Support, the parent company, even though it has independent administrator – American Sweepstakes & Promotion Company with offices located in Rochester, New York.

2. When does the home depot customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes start?

Last year in 2021, the Home Depot second quarter US home depot survey sweepstakes began on November 1, 2021. It has just ended, at the time of writing this article, ends on January 31, 2022. If you are interested, check their site on the official announcement for the next survey.

3. Who is eligible to participate in the homedepot.com survey?

Every adult living in America and has permanent legal US residents within the 50 states is eligible to join the sweepstakes.

4. Who is not eligible for the survey?

If you live in the districts of Columbia, Guam, and US Virgin Islands, and parts of Puerto Rico, you are excluded. Also, the employees and associates of the home depot, its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, dealers, advertising agencies, are not eligible to participate. If you are even a family and household members of any one of these home depot partners and workers, you are also deemed ineligible.

5. How are Home depot survey winners selected?

Home depot survey winners are picked by a random draw from entries in the consumer survey category. This is done by the Home Depot’s representative, who can make decisions on their personal discretion.

Moreover, the list of home depot survey winners can be published on the website and interested parties may also request a printed copy of the winners list. See the home depot survey winners 2021.


6. How does a Home depot Survey winner claim a prize?

Potential Home depot survey winners are notified by the sponsor by a phone call or email. This is done within 5 days after the random draw and winners are also allowed to respond within a set time period.

7. Why do some people fail to get the Home depot survey reward

If they later find any ineligibility in your participation, you get a disqualification. If you are notified by email, it is likely that you will not receive the Home depot survey reward if the notification email enters directly to your spam folder.

Home depots email filtering system may also send the message directly to their spam folder and you never get to receive anything.
To receive the price, winners have to complete some paperwork and if they fail, they get no reward.



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